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AAA’s Review & Results: Rey de Reyes 2019

The King of Kings show from AAA brought to you by our personal Luchasaurus Joe!



The King of Kings show from AAA brought to you by our personal Luchasaurus Joe!

Rey de Reyes live on Twitch

(Mixed Tag Team Championship) Nino Hamburguesa and Big Mami (Champions) vs Villano III Jr and Lady Maravilla

Maravilla and Mami push each other. Maravilla pretends she likes Nino. Mid promo Maravilla gets the jump on Mami and then they work over Nino. Maravilla and Villano continue to work on both till Mami hits them both out of the ring. She goes for a dive but gets pulled out. Mami holds both and Nino hits a middle rope flip dive. Nino comes back in to the top but Maravilla and Villano meet him up there and go for a superplex. Mami interrupts it. They then do a tower of doom spot. Nino and Mami have an interaction regarding Maravilla. Mami power bombs Maravilla then hits a leg drop. She goes for another attack but Nino says no. Instead she shoulder blocks Villano and Nino splashes him off the top. Nino leaves the ring, there’s dissent. He’s upset she went after Maravilla hard. Nino Hamburguesa pins Villano with a top rope splash. 

Nino takes his title then carries Maravilla to the back. Uh oh. Mami is upset.

Winners: Nino Hamburguesa and Big Mami

Cody comes out. Cody says Hugo will be the Spanish ambassador. He claims Jericho and Omega will be in AAA. Konnan says you must come to him to make an announcement. Taurus and Rey Escorpion, and Texano beat on Cody now. Taurus spears Cody and Psycho Clown makes a save. Cody did challenge Taurus tonight but I still feel like that won’t happen.

(Reina de Reinas Championship) Lady Shani (Champion) vs La Hiedra vs Keyra vs Chica Tormenta

Match starts with them all charging each other. We get some light brawling and Hiedra and Shani are left in the ring. Chicka brings a table into the ring, this is a street fight they said on the preshow. Shani and Hiedra continue to exchange strikes. Chicka then nabs Shani and softens her up and suplexes her through a table. Keyra enters and hits a hurricanrana on Chicka then sets up a chair in her face in the corner and hits a drop kick followed by a vader bomb for a two count. Keyra then does a move and drops Hiedra on her head on a chair. Keyra argues with ref and Hiedra hits a power slam. Hiedra goes for a dive on Keyra but she hits her with a chair, then DDTs her on the apron. Chicka then power bombs Keyra on a chair and Shani smashes Chicka with a chair. Hiedra victory rolls Shani for a two count, then argues with the ref and then is hit with a shotgun drop kick off the top. Keyra breaks up the pin. Keyra and Chicka fight on the apron then Keyra does a spanish fly off the apron onto a table. Shani then power bombs Hiedra for the win. Lady Shani pins Hiedra with a power bomb.

Faby comes out now after the match. The heel ref lays out Faby mid promo. Faby fights back and hits an arm drag then a back breaker. Keyra and Chicka come out to beat her up. Taya comes out from the back to save her. This will likely set up something in the future. Whenever their next show is.

Winner: Lady Shani

Taya Valkyrie, Daga, and Joe Lider vs Mocho Cota Jr, Carta Brava Jr, and Tito Santana

They start the matches brawling. Perros del Mal vs Poder de Norte. Lider tosses Brava int Cota. Daga takes out Carta and takes his shirt off to the women’s delight. Daga then head scissors Santana to the outside. Taya comes in and takes out Cota then works over Carta. Santana attacks her from behind when she poses. They take out Daga and Lider with chairs and team on Taya. Santana and Cota hold Taya’s legs up and Brava drop kicks her private parts. They continue to beat on Taya. Taya makes her own come back hitting knees to the corner on Santana and Brava. Daga chops down Brava then hits a death valley on Santana. Daga then hits a dive over the top on Cota. Taya hits a german suplex on Brava for a close two. Brava gets up and hits a modified back breaker on her but Lider hits him with a cookie tray. They all trade moves in the ring and Daga hits a snap German for a two count. Poder gets Daga down in the corner and they all hit him with consecutive attacks. Lider gets them all to the outside and Taya hits a top rope splash on Santana to the outside. Lider sets up Cota on a ladder. Daga comes in the ring and hits Lider with a chair. Then death valley’s him into the ladder. Daga has turned. Santana then hits a drop kick to the butt with a chair in the way on Lider for the win. Tito Santana hits a drop kick to the butt from the top on Lider’s butt with a chair in the way.

Now Taya is getting beat on and Chicka and Keyra come out to lay the boots. Now Faby is coming out to make the save. Faby signals for a handshake but while that happens Poder de Norte throws Lider off the stage into a table. Poor Joe Lider.

Winners: Mocho Cota Jr, Carta Brava, and Tito Santana

Pagano, Drago, and Puma King vs Averno, Chessman, and Super Fly

Super Fly is dressed like Venom and Averno like Batman. The match starts with them immediately brawling. We have weapons involved so this is another hardcore match, though like ECW i feel like every match is hardcore unless otherwise told. The OGTs get the advantage to start and team up on everyone. They rip Drago’s mask. They beat on Pagano next and Puma tries to make the save but fails. Drago dodges a double team attack then Pagano clotheslines two of them followed by a drop kick by Puma King. Chessman back drops Drago to the outside but he turns it into a dive on Averno. Pagano then dives through the middle rope on Chessman. Puma King and Super Fly go back and forth until Puma hits a flapjack then a super kick. Chessman and Averno enter to team on him. Puma King kicks Averno in the groin then dives on Super Fly. King and Pagano then do the fusion dance. Back in the ring Pagano and Chessman go back and forth and Pagano hit a hurricanrana. He tries to hit a swinging neck breaker I guess on Super Fly but they go different ways. Spot after spot is done, it’s completely chaos. Drago does a Canadian destroyer to Super Fly. After constant chaos we get a tower of doom spot. Puma King sun set flips over Super Fly on the apron and power bombs him but he misses and the edge of his head hits the table. Fuck. Pagano then botches a cutter on Chessman. Pagano and Chessman are on the top rope and they get pushed off by Averno into tables. Chessman is bleeding. In the ring Averno hits a face buster off of the top on Drago for the win. Averno pins Drago with a top rope face buster.

Winners: Averno, Chessman, and Super Fly

(Cage Match) Psycho Clown, Maximo, and Mamba vs Jeff Jarrett, Killer Kross, and La Mascara

The technicos get jumped during the introductions. Super Porky is outside cheering on his family. The inside of the ring was laced with weaponry. Psycho Clown is going to town with a cookie sheet. There is a lot of waffling with weapons going on here. A lot of working on Psycho Clown’s groin. Maximo and Mamba try to escape but they get stopped. Mascara works over Psycho Clown in front of Super Porky. Kross rolls out of the ring through the door. Does this count as an escape or was it something we weren’t supposed to see. Jarrett waffles Maximo with a guitar. Maximo is bleeding like a pig…a porky. Jeff Jarrett climbs to the outside of the ring. For some reason his teammates didn’t follow. He taunts Ms. Pena. Jarrett is kicking Super Porky’s walker. Psycho Clown conveniently climbs out to help. Clown just goes back in the ring. Mamba smartly climbs out. Kross drops Maximo on his head with a Saito suplex. Kross does it to Clown then Mascara hits Clown with a chair. Half of Clowns mask is ripped off. Mascara tells Kross to escape. He’s got it handled. Bad move i think. Mascara is getting cocky. He can escape whenever he wants. Mascara back drops Clown into a table. Maximo runs up the ropes and scales the cage and escapes. It’s just Psycho and Mascara. Clown rips his shirt off and they exchange strikes. The crowd is totally into it now, behind Psycho Clown. Mascara hits a back stabber and then unties Clowns mask a little. Clown sets up a table then smashes Mascara with a cookie sheet. Mascara then does the Rush corner drop kick and does the Ingobernables pose. He was a member once. He puts Clown’s mask on after demasking him. Maximo slides Clown a new mask. Clown depants Mascara as he climbs the catch, he catches him and power bombs him through the table. Clown escapes. Psycho Clown escapes to secure the win for his team.

Winners: Psycho Clown, Maximo, and Mamba

Backstage Faby Apache is being interviewed. The interviewer is talking to her about the ref.

Blue Demon Jr is coming out now. Blue Demon is just complaining about whatever. It’s gonna be Sunday when this main event starts. He basically said he doesn’t need the fans. They probably did this because he came across as a baby face during the last show by accident.

Rey de Reyes Tournament: Laredo Kid, Hijo Del Vikingo, Jack Evans, Sammy Guevara, Australian Suicide, Taurus, Golden Magic, Aerostar, and Myzteziz Jr

Hijo Del Vikingo is out first in this match where the rules have yet to be explained. Myzteziz is out next. Seems like it’s royal rumble style. Both these guys start. They’re tag team partners by the way. Vikingo does a dive over the top so it’s not an over the top battle royal. Myzteziz then does a huge tornado dive over the top. Eclipse Jr  comes in next. They just keep playing Eclipse’s theme. Finally stops 40 seconds into it. Eclipse does a dive onto Vikingo. This is chaos. Taurus is in next. He head butts Myzteziz and runs into Eclipse. He hits a Samoan drop on Myzteziz. He does a running shoulder block to Vikingo. Eclipse does a moonsault to the outside. Laredo Kid comes out next and accidentally hits the sword and it falls. Kid hits a big dive through the middle rope on Taurus. Kid works on Eclipse in the ring while everyone is laid out. Sammy Guevara is out next. He stares down with Laredo Kid. They throw rapid strikes. Guevara plays to the crowd well as a heel. Young Jack Evans is out next and does a handspring elbow and falls out of the ring but lands on his feet. Guevara and Evans do some poetry in motion. Evans does a 450 splash. Golden Magic is out next. Match is chaos. Taurus hits the Taurus driver on Eclipse and pins him. Golden Magic hits a cutter on Vikingo. Magic hits a hurricanrana off the top on the apron on Myzteziz. Aerostar head scissors Taurus to the outside and runs up the ropes and hits a flip dive. Myzteziz tries his double asai moonsault but goes 1.5 rotations. Laredo Kid does a crazy corkscrew dive. Golden Magic does a tornado dive onto the pile. Vikingo now does an imploder 450. So earlier AAA said there was 11 people in the match but there isn’t. No Suicide he was replaced by Eclipse. Back in the ring Evans hurricanrana’s Vikingo onto the pile. Guevara hits a dive to the outside. Jack Evans then hits an asai moonsault. Taurus then does a flip dive through the middle rope. Taurus spears Myzteziz and then hits the Taurus driver. He grabs Golden Magic and Taurus drivers him for the elimination. Evans counters Taurus’ and kicks him. Evans hits the 630 and Vikingo kicks him. Vikingo crotches Evans and hits the double stomp in the corner. He hits an imploder 450 for the pin. Aerostar hits double knees to Vikingo’s back but Guevara intercepts and hits a GTS. Guevara leaps off the ropes and Kid hits a cutter then a 450 on Guevara for the pin. Aerostar, Kid, and Vikingo team up on Taurus. Taurus fights back with a clothesline then drops Aerostar on his head. Taurus gets Kid on his shoulders then catches Taurus for a double fall away slam. But Taurus poses and Kid catches him with a reverseranna, Vikingo hits a frog splash and Aerostar hits a splash on Kid’s shoulders. They all pin him. Taurus eliminated. And then they were three. The two tag partners Kid and Vikingo beat up on Aerostar. Kid gets Aerostar up for a vertical suplex and Vikingo shot gun drop kicks him into a double team attack. Aerostar gets his feet up on Vikingo then dodges Kid making him fall out of the ring. He then hits a middle rope diving head butt on Kid. He hits a code breaker on Vikingo then hits a splash off the top. Vikingo eliminated. Vikingo gets helped out so he might have gotten head butt by Aerostar. Kid kicks him and hits a flipping DDT for a close two. Kid hits a Michinoku driver and goes to the top and hits a 450 for a two count. Kid puts him on the top rope but gets knocked off and code breakered. Aerostar hits a big splash off the top for a close two. Aerostar goes to the well too many times. But he fights off Kid and crotches him. He hits a code breaker from the top then rolls into a cutter for the win. Aerostar wins with a rolling cutter.

Winner, Rey de Reyes: Aerostar

(AAA Tag Team Championship) Rey Escorpion and Texano Jr (Champions) vs Pentagon Jr and Fenix

Fenix and Pentagon kick Texano and Rey to the outside and then hit over the top dives. They get Texano down and double super kick him. Pentagon code breakers Rey and Fenix double stomps his back. Well this is a tornado tag if you needed confirmation. Fenix hits an over the top dive on Rey who just gets up and no sells it and whips Fenix into the barricade. Texano slams Pentagon for a close two count. They double crotch Fenix on the ring post. Pentagon gets teamed up on. Texano and Escorpion do a fusion dance too. Pentagon throws Rey in the ropes and Fenix kicks him. Pentagon hits the Penta driver on Texano for a close two. Pentagon then hits a package pile driver with a double stomp from Fenix for a double team attack. Fenix then flies to the outside and lands in the crowd. Pentagon pins Texano. Pentagon Jr pins Texano with a package piledriver double stomp with help from Fenix.

Winners: Pentagon Jr and Fenix

Konnan storms out now. Pentagon says he has Cero Miedo. Lights go out now. The Young Bucks appear in the ring. They’re dressed to wrestle. They super kick Konnan.

(Tag Team Championship) Young Bucks vs Pentagon Jr and Fenix (Champs)

Bucks super kick the Bucks to the outside and Nick hits a dive on Pentagon. The Bucks hit a neck breaker on Fenix. Nick punts Fenix on the outside. Matt rolls into a sharpshooter on Pentagon. Now Nick gets Fenix in a sharpshooter as well. Fenix tries to fight back. Fenix finally does fight back with strikes. Pentagon hits two sling blades. Fenix hits a double cutter. Fenix hits a flip dive over the top on Matt. Pentagon hits the Pentagon driver on Nick for a close two. The Bucks kick them to the outside and hit an indie taker on Fenix. Matt did the Pentagon driver on Pentagon and Nick stomps on him and then Nick hits an over the top dive on Fenix. Matt gets a close two count. They set up Pentagon for the Meltzer driver and pin him. Matt pins Pentagon with the Meltzer Driver.

Winners: Nick and Matt Jackson, The Young Bucks

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