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Sasha Banks Bayley WWE NXT


Good, Bad And Ugly: WWE NXT (2/27/19)

NXT had an “ugly” match? Go figure!

Bobby finishes the WWE trifecta this week with WWE NXT–was it Good, Bad, or Ugly? (Really, has it ever been ugly?)

NXT as expected is on fire at all times.  The roster even has brought insanely Good content to the Main Roster and are being used accordingly destroying Main Roster figure heads.  No more talk!  Let’s see how long NXT can rock out!


Johnny Gargano

The match last week with Dream was stellar!  We saw pure Gold and were left satisfied.  Gargano even after losing the gold is still completely money!  Johnny Wrestling was doing well on the mic and completely is the total package even with his smaller size.  He is just amazing!  Just as things got real for Gargano, out comes DIY brother and recent ally NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa.  With the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic coming up looks like team DIY may whats best for business.  What are Ciampa’s intentions as they are always loaded?  It looks like his motive is more gold.  Will we see some DIY in the near future in NXT? The answer is yes!  Handshake and all, DIY is back and look to take over the upcoming tournament.

Ricochet Promo (Backstage)

This was very short but very noteworthy, as following the trend with DIY, Ricochet announced his upcoming involvement with the Tag Team Tournament with his WWE Tag Team Partner, Aleister Black.  This is All Good News here!

Limitless Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic

Major size in the ring in this one.  Both guys can move well below their respective weight classes as well.  This was textbook big guy vs big guy.  Irresistible Force vs Immovable object for you Gorilla Monsoon enthusiast.  No respect as Dijakovic pushed Lee away from a handshake, then “monkey flipped” Keith Lee who landed on his feet.  Dijakovic then hard chopped Lee but got a receipt for it.  This was stiff and full on physical from here out.  Back and forth, chest puffed out and pure powerhouse action.  This could have gone either way.  Dijakovic hit a sick sitdown chokeslam but couldn’t finish off the big guy Lee.  Dijakovic also kicked out after being spiked to the canvas.  This was a Good, solid match.  Again surprises galore, Dijakovic really showed off his skill set flying through the air with a huge Asai Moonsault but this proved to be too much for both men as they were to hurt to continue and resulted in a double count out.  Unfortunately the officials stopped them from continuing but this was still a Good match even with the disappointing ending.    

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions – Sasha Banks and Bayley

If there was a Great Category here, this would fall into it!  NXT Royalty and Women’s Division trailblazers, not to mention fan favorites in the house!  This is the type of magic that this show brings, huge surprises literally bringing superfans to tears.  NXT was bumping and praising the Champs.  They were there for a reason though.  They made it known that the Tag Team Championships will be up for grabs in NXT as well.  This is great news and may lead to some mega matches in the near future!

Non-Title Match – NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler vs. Mia Yim

Mia Yim is a badass but Baszler is a bigger one.  This was set up to be violent.  Very physical it delivered.  The crowd giving it up for Mia who had her hands full.  Yim beat the champ in and out of the ring, taking no prisoners and using everything in her arsenal to take control.  It was short lived though as Baszler countered and took advantage.  Baszler is so violent and physical. She is a tremendous talent.  Mia Yim almost took this one several times taking advantage of Baszler hurting her hand earlier in the match.  Over and over Yim had the Champion down and out but couldn’t put her away.  Baszler being the warrior she is, sucked it up and locked in a Kurifuda Clutch for the hard fought victory.      

BAD- No but definitely an Ugly moment.


Vanessa Borne and Aliyah vs. Taynara Conti and Xia Li

The new trend of the women’s tag matches is a Good trend overall, but this really had some potential for disaster before it ever started.  Xia Li is Good though.  Borne is quite the Sensational Sherri and that is a Good thing.  Conti really put forth an effort, working hard to be unique and give the fans a show.  Overall however the crowd was dead, the pace was off, and when a slap is the highlight of the match it says a lot about how Bad it is.  Aliyah entering the match didn’t help anything get better, although the crowd woke up behind Conti during her long beatdown.  Finally Li got in there.  Things picked up literally as Xia Li is much better than the rest of the talent in this match.  Li did some great strikes and utilized her athletic background to perfection.  This match was just horrible though, especially Vanessa Bourne.  If it couldn’t get worse the end spot was cringe worthy.  Bourne and Aliyah Win. 


  • Good- 5
  • Bad- 0
  • Ugly- 1


Good!  Not a perfect score this time, but a damn Good Show.  NXT continues to dominate and it’s the fans that are winning.  The product is the best around, and every week is a huge success.  NXT is the standard that everyone else needs to watch and learn from!  Awesome show!

Another week in the books, not as strong as the trends as of late.  Raw literally let us down, but an okay SmackDown and another amazing NXT, and we have had a decent week of WWE action.  One things for sure, we will continue watching.  Enjoy!   

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