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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (3/13/19)

Can The Bruiserweight and WALTER coexist against the Coffey Brothers?



NXT UK Coverage

Gallus still looks to take over NXT UK! The Coffey Brothers called out BOTH Pete Dunne and Walter, and will have their tag team battle tonight!



  • Flash Morgan Webster VS Wolfgang; Wolfgang wins.
  • Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan VS Tyson T-Bone & Saxton Huxley; Williams & Jordan win.
  • Kay Lee Ray VS Candy Floss; Kay Lee Ray wins.
  • The Coffey Brothers VS Pete Dunne & WALTER; Dunne & WALTER win.


NXT UK Media catches up with Johnny Saint and Sid Scala.

The brand has been going great, what can everyone expect going forward? Well first, a huge debut as Kay Lee Ray finally hits the NXT UK ring, and a huge main event in The Coffey Brothers VS Pete Dunne & WALTER! The head and assistant GM’s head inside to get to business.


Flash Morgan Webster VS Wolfgang!

Gallus won’t just be active in tag team action tonight as the Last King of Scotland will take on The Modfather to open the night! Will Flash send Wolfgang howling back to the Coffey Brothers? Or will all of NXT UK be Gallus?

The bell rings and they go right at each other! Flash dodges to fire off haymakers and a knee trigger! Flash has Wolfgang in the corner but Wolfgang pushes him away. Wolfgang pushes and throws Flash but Flash comes back with more punches! Flash boots, dodges, and springboards, but is caught! Wolfgang long darts Flash into buckles then flips him upside-down with a clotheslines! Fans boo as Wolfgang rains down rights on Flash. Wolfgang stomps Flash to a corner then throws in body shots. Wolfgang stomps a mudhole but backs off to shout at the referee. Fans boo more as Wolfgang grinds his boot into Flash. Wolfgang whips Flash corner to corner hard, then watches him fall to the mat. Wolfgang looms over Flash and drags him up for a facelock. He cranks hard but fans rally for Flash.

Flash powers up and fights out, but Wolfgang clubs him back down. Wolfgang drags Flash up again for a suplexes, but Flash slips out. Flash jawbreakers and jumps over Wolfgang from the corner. Things speed up and Flash headscissors Wolfgang out! Wolfgang gets up but gets a triangle dropkick! Flash builds speed to DIVE! He sends Wolfgang right into barriers but he’s not done. Wolfgang staggers around the corner, and Flash DIVES again! Fans cheer and sing for Flash as they want “One More Time!” Flash builds speed and FLIES! He takes Wolfgang out at the ramp but he keeps pursuit! Wolfgang crawls while Flash climbs, Swanton to the back! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang survives but Flash keeps his cool.

Flash brings Wolfgang up for a double underhook, but Wolfgang back drops out. Flash lands on his feet but runs into an elbow. Wolfgang hops up but Flash enziguris him out! Fans fire up again as Flash goes to the apron. Flash builds speed and swings around the post! But Wolfgang catches him, to ram him into the post! Wolfgang glares as he slams Flash into the barriers again and again. The ring count passes 5 but Wolfgang powerbombs Flash into post then onto apron! Wolfgang goes in at 9, but he’s not done with Flash. He drags Flash up for a deadlift fisherman, the Caber Toss! Cover, Wolfgang wins!

Winner: Wolfgang, by pinfall

Gallus is on a roll to start the night! Will Wolfgang use this to get himself another championship opportunity? Will this also give the Coffey Brothers the confidence to take down Pete Dunne & Walter in the main event?

Wolfgang adds insult to injury as he rains down more rights on Flash! Fans boo but Wolfgang barks at the ref. The ref gets Wolfgang to leave Flash alone, but Wolfgang leaves on his own time. Is Wolfie going to be a wild card in the NXT UK Division?


Kassius Ohno speaks.

“It is absolutely, without a doubt, mind-boggling” that the guy to show NXT UK that authentic UK style is an American. The Knockout Artist has had a rough return to NXT, and told Full Sail that he was done with them. He moves on to NXT UK to start fresh. Ohno has stood toe-to-toe with some of the British legends, past and present. “These guys are good, these guys are talented”, but they’re just copies of Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels. They want to claim this is their brand? They don’t realize the opportunity they were handed! NXT UK has time to show what British Wrestling really is, but it’s just a tribute. Learn what real British strong style is against the wrestling genius, Kassius Ohno.


Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan VS Tyson T-Bone & Saxton Huxley!

The Luckyan isn’t ready to dance with the Bhangra Bad Boy, but he will still team with him. But can this team’s luck be tested against the King of the Gypsies and Divine Beast?

The teams sort out and Williams starts against Huxley. T-Bone fires Huxley up before he circles with Williams. They tie up and Williams gets a headlock. Huxley powers out and runs Williams over, then drags him up to lift. Williams wheelbarrow rolls, TWO! Williams gets Huxley’s arm and manages to bring him down, to drop a leg on the arm! He keeps on Huxley and tags in Jordan. Jordan uppercuts the arm but Huxley wrenches back. Jordan handsprings through then baits Huxley in. Things speed up but Huxley sits on Jordan, ONE! Jordan has the cover, TWO! Huxley scrambles and tags in T-Bone. Jordan dodges and dropkicks T-Bone, then dropkicks again. Jordan runs but is caught! T-Bone tosses Jordan but Jordan sunset flips. T-Bone stays up, breaks free, but misses the sit down senton! Jordan crossbodies, TWO!

Jordan gets T-Bone in a chinlock but T-Bone powers him to the corner. T-Bone runs into a boot but Huxley distracts and T-Bone’s right on Jordan! Tag to Huxley, and T-Bone feeds Jordan to Huxley’s knee. Huxley rams in more knees then scoops Jordan for a BIG slam! Cover, TWO! Jordan survives but Huxley is on him with right hands. Huxley drags Jordan up and over to the corner. Tag to T-Bone and they mug Jordan in the corner. T-Bone suplexes and holds Jordan up, before dropping him down. Cover, TWO! T-Bone grows frustrated and he goes after Jordan with a cobra clutch. Jordan endures as fans rally up. Jordan fights up but T-Bone shoulders him down. T-Bone stomps Jordan then wraps the clutch back on.

Fans rally up again and Jordan endures. Jordan powers up and dodges the shoulder to roll up! TWO, and T-Bone runs in only to miss in the corner! T-Bone catches Jordan’s crossbody again, but Jordan manages to tip T-Bone over! Jordan crawls but T-Bone is on him. Jordan enziguris T-Bone away, and hot tag to Williams! Huxley tags in but gets a missile dropkick! Williams hits a big forearm smash in the corner but Huxley denies the bulldog. Huxley bucks Williams off but Williams comes back to springboard back elbow! Huxley staggers while T-Bone gets in. Williams boots T-Bone out but Huxley back suplexes. Williams lands out of it, buckle bulldog! Huxley gets shoveled out and Williams builds speed. Williams wrecks T-Bone with a dropkick, skins the cat, and Jordan comes in for both of them to DIVE! Jordan takes out T-Bone while Williams hits Huxley!

Fans fire up as Williams coordinates with Jordan. Tag and Williams wheelbarrow facebusters Huxley. Jordan leaps for a swanton! Cover, Jordan & Williams win!!

Winners: Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams, Jordan pinning

Their second ever victory! Was this lightning striking twice? Or are Williams & Jordan finally getting some momentum? Will they turn this into a shot at the NXT UK Tag Team Championships?


NXT UK Media interviews Jinny.

The Fierce Fashionista claimed that it wouldn’t matter if it was Rhea Ripley or Toni Storm- Oh wow, is this interview really only happening because Toni isn’t available? Jinny is “sick and tired of hearing that girl’s name.” It’s #ToniTime? Jinny doesn’t care. She only cares about the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Having that title makes you the center of attention, and the only person worthy of the spotlight is Jinny. If they have anything else to ask, go find Toni Storm. Will the Spoiled Princess promote herself to NXT UK’s Queen after facing the champ?


Eddie Dennis speaks.

“Next week, I return from exile when I take on Ligero”, a man who has been a mainstay of UK wrestling for 20 years. Ligero is a man who Dennis respects, but warns is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Dennis vowed to take down the roster one by one, and Ligero is “just the first victim in a long line”. Will the Light be dimmed by the malevolent Welshman?


Noam Dar returns to NXT UK!

The Scottish Supernova is back from his return to 205 Live to return to this other rising brand. Dar says “Hello, hello, hello.” It feels so great to be back, “and this time, the Scottish Supernova is here to stay.” Fans like the sound of that! While Dar was traveling all over showing 205 Live and the WWE his many, many talents, he’s been keeping his eye on NXT UK. This place has been doing pretty good, right? Fans agree with that. Dar feels it’ll do even better when next month, this show finally goes to the most beautiful place in the UK. They will go to Glasgow, Scotland! The British fans aren’t as excited for that, but Dar mocks them. “Oh he said where we’re not from~.”

For anyone who doesn’t know, Dar was here at the very start of this brand, showing what a true superstar looks like. And since then, Dar’s been watching from afar, “while all these dafties in the back” try to fill Dar’s big, golden boots. Yes, big golden boots. No one has, though. The UK roster has been doing okay, maybe a 4/10 at most. But NXT UK needs Dar. The deal’s done, the contract’s signed, this isn’t just a special guest appearance like when Kenny Williams and Flash Morgan Webster came and went from 205 Live, or like Mark Andrews getting dropped on his head by Buddy Murphy, “riding out on his wee skateboard.” They weren’t ready for action in the States, but NXT UK wont’ be ready for the blinding light of a Supernova.

But Mark Andrews begs to differ! The Welsh Rockstar hits the ring and Dar tries to say it was just a joke. Dar wants Andrews to keep his cool, but then he tries to sucker punch him! Andrews gets Dar first with an enziguri! Andrews looks ready for Dar, when and where will these two meet in a match?


Xia Brookside speaks.

The second-generation superstar is proud to be a Brookside. Though it has it’s own difficulties. Coming from a wrestling family got Xia bullied, but she learned to stand up for herself. She hates bullies, and the biggest one here is Rhea Ripley. Rhea has bullied Xia and others since day one, but Xia won’t stand for it anymore. This isn’t the same Xia from before. The next time they meet in the ring, Rhea learns that the hard way.


The Hunt begins very soon.

The Wild Boar and the Primate are on their way back. Who will be their prey next week?


Kay Lee Ray VS Candy Floss!

The Scottish Daredevil makes her NXT UK in-ring debut against the sugary sweet young superstar from London. Will KLR take over NXT UK?

The bell rings and fans cheer for KLR. She and Candy tie up and KLR gets the arm. She wrenches and kicks to bring Candy around for a shoulder breaker. KLR wrenches more but Candy rolls through to reverse the wristlock. KLR slips through to forearm Candy down! Fans cheer as KLR circles and toys with Candy. KLR brings Candy up for a double wristlock and rams her into the buckles. She brings Candy up to wrap and pull the arm against the ropes. Fans sing for Kay Lee as she swings on Candy. Candy dodges and rolls her, TWO! Candy runs but into KLR’s dropkick! KLR stomps away on Candy at the ropes but backs up at 4. Fans rally as KLR drags Candy up. Candy throws body shots and forearms but KLR shoves her back. KLR CHOPS and SUPERKICKS Candy, then Gory Bombs! Cover, KLR wins!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray, by pinfall

Putting the K L R in killer, Kay Lee Ray puts Candy away without breaking a sweat. Will she do much of the same to the other women of NXT UK?


Moustache Mountain speaks.

“So, the first round of the Dusty Cup is done, and dusted, thank you.” Trent Seven & Tyler Bate put the Street Profits out of business and they’re moving on against the Forgotten Sons. But these two haven’t forgotten a thing in NXT UK. They want a rematch with Grizzled Young Veterans, but know Zack Gibson has a bad toe. Or at least a bruised ego. But James Drake is ready, so Bate will talk with Johnny Saint to get a match. The Big Strong Boys are busy, but they’re ready to take both tag team divisions. Will Bate get his match with Mr. Mayhem? And make sure to watch tonight’s American NXT to see how Moustache Mountain does against Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake!


Johnny Saint & Sid Scala speak on Tyler Bate’s request.

Bate VS Drake is an amazing match-up, so they’ll make it happen! It’ll be next week’s main event! And speaking of, head and assistant GM are ready to watch tonight’s main event right now!


The Coffey Brothers VS Pete Dunne & WALTER!

Joe and Mark have wanted to make NXT UK their kingdom from the first day they arrived. They want to dominate from singles to tag team wrestling, and look to do both at once against the WWE United Kingdom Champion and the Austrian Anomaly. Will Gallus get its way against the Bruiserweight and the Ring General? Or will Dunne and Walter be united against common enemies?

Teams sort out and Dunne starts against Mark Coffey. The bell rings and Dunne circles with Mark. They tie up and Mark pushes Dunne to the ropes. Mark lets up at 3 but fans chant for the Bruiserweight. Dunne and Mark tie up again and Dunne gets an arm. Dunne wrenches to a keylock and brings Mark to the mat. He works the arm from wrist to elbow but Mark endures. Mark gets up and arm-drags Dunne off but the two stand off. Fans cheer as Mark and Dunne circle again. They tie up and Mark wrenches Dunne’s arm now. Mark gets a wristlock but Dunne rolls and handsprings through to a reversal. Dunne has Mark’s arm for a hammerlock stomp! Dunne grabs the arm and Walter calls for a tag. He gets it! Dunne wrenches Mark and hands him off to Walter.

Walter whips and wrings Mark out to then work the arm over. He copies Mark’s hammerlock stomp! The oneupsmanship begins already. Walter puts Mark in a corner but Mark CHOPS! And Walter doesn’t flinch! Joe tags in, saving Mark from Walter’s wrath. Joe trash talks and ties up with Walter, but Walter pushes him back. They tie up again and Joe gets a headlock. Walter lifts Joe up but Joe keeps his hold. Joe grinds but Walter powers out. Walter and Joe collide and both men egg the other on! This is the first time Walter’s said anything. Joe runs and they collide again but still neither man falls. Joe goes again, Walter bounces off, but comes back with a sleeper! But Joe pries his way out fast, only for Walter to run him over!

Walter drags Joe up and puts on a facelock. He tags Dunne, and Dunne takes Joe’s arm for another hammerlock stomp! Dunne wrenches and CHOPS Joe then wrenches again. Walter tags back in and fans want to hear it. Walter CHOPS Joe! And then CHOPS Mark! Both Coffey Brothers bail out, leaving Walter and Dunne to stare down. But Mark and Joe are right back on them and we have brawls! Dunne takes Mark and Walter takes Joe and they all spill out of the ring. The brawling goes around the corners and Joe clubs Walter while Dunne forearms Mark. Walter CHOPS Joe, and then together with Dunne, simultaneous suplexes putting the Coffey Brothers on the apron! Dunne and Walter leave Mark and Joe on the ground and go to the ring. Fans cheer as these two stare down with their favorite poses.

Dunne goes back to the corner while Walter throws hands on Joe. Walter snapmares to a cover but Joe kicks out fast. Walter wrenches Joe and tags in Dunne. Dunne CHOPS Joe and keeps him from Mark. Dunne wrenches and whips but Joe reverses. Joe runs into boots and Dunne hops up for a missile dropkick to take out the leg! Dunne goes after the legs and arms for a surfboard! But he just leaves it at the stomps on the knees. Dunne suplexes but Joe slips out. Dunne bucks Joe off but Mark tags in. The Coffey Brothers bait Dunne into Mark’s German Suplex! Mark rains down rights while Joe goes after Walter! Joe rams Walter into barriers then stomps away. Mark stomps Dunne and Joe joins him in the ring. The Coffey Brothers pose before stomping Dunne more.

Mark rocks Dunne to the corner and tags Joe. The Coffey Brothers mug Dunne then Joe whips him in hard. Joe whips Dunne in again, and again! Fans rally as Joe gives Dunne a backbreaker. Cover, TWO! Joe stalks Dunne back to the corner and stomps away. Tag to Mark and the Coffey Brothers stomp Dunne out more. Mark drags Dunne up and tags Joe back in. Joe runs at Dunne in the open corner but misses! He tags Mark quick but Dunne gets Mark in a German Suplex! Both men are down, hot tag to Joe, who just stops Dunne from tagging Walter! Joe German Suplexes but Dunne lands on his feet! Dunne roundhouses Joe, hot tag to Walter! Walter blasts Mark with a shoulder tackle! Walter runs at Joe but Joe gets around to waistlock. Standing switch and Walter has Joe.

Mark returns and the brothers work together on Walter. They double whip but Walter breaks through. Walter clotheslines Joe and jumps on Mark with a sleeper, to a German Suplex! Walter runs and BOOTS Joe! Then he rolls him out for a seated senton! Cover, TWO! Walter keeps on Joe, wanting a Boston Crab. Joe boots Walter away then runs into the corner for a big clothesline. He reels Walter in for point-blank clotheslines but Walter stays up. Joe clubs away but runs into a waistlock. He standing switches and Germans Walter! Joe spins but Walter blocks All the Best into an exploder! Cover, TWO! Joe survives but Dunne returns. Walter and Joe crawl as fans rally up. Hot tags to Mark and Dunne! The Bruiserweight rallies on Mark, stomping the hands and hitting the buzzsaw!

Joe returns, springboards, but into Dunne’s forearm! Dunne goes to a corner and ASAIS both brothers! Dunne puts Mark in but Mark ax handles Dunne down! Mark drags Dunne up but Water tags in. Mark whips Dunne, Dunne goes up and over, Walter DROPKICKS Mark! Walter butterfly suplexes Mark to a cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Walter keeps moving. Walter gets Mark in the Boston Crap! Dunne intercepts Joe with a Penalty Kick, then slingshots, but into Joe’s toss! Joe CHOPS Walter but Walter holds on to Mark! Walter lets go to block the boot and CHOP Joe back! Mark stands and dodges to PELE Walter! Walter staggers and Mark heads up top. Walter stops him with a big forearm. Joe goes after Walter and the Coffey Brothers coordinate for Doomsday! Cover, but Dunne breaks it!

Mark kicks Dunne out and goes back to Walter. Mark rains down rights but Walter reaches out with one big hand. Walter SLAPS, then sleeper holds! Mark reaches for Joe but Walter brings them both over! Joe holds the ropes but Walter only adds him to the waistlock! Dunne grabs Joe’s fingers and SNAPS them! DOUBLE German Suplex from Walter to the Coffey Brothers!! Cover on Mark, TWO!? Mark survives to keep the Coffey Brothers in this, but Walter looks to end it. Mark slips away and baits Walter in. Walter snaps off the ropes and falls back. Joe returns but Dunne enziguris him down. Dunne boots Mark and runs, but into a pop-up bearhug, but Dunne turns it into a hoverboard wristlock! Walter grabs Mark in a sleeper! Dual submissions for the Coffey Brothers!

Mark fades but Joe reaches out. Joe powers out and slams Dunne on Walter! All four men are down but fans are fired up. Joe goes at Dunne on the outside, “NO MERCY” SPEAR! Joe says this is still his Kingdom as he puts Dunne in the ring. He grabs the UK Championship, but Dunne kicks it away from him. Dunne clotheslines Joe out, then stares a bloodied Walter down. Mark has the belt but Walter boots him down! WALTER BOMB! Cover, Walter & Dunne win!

Winners: WALTER & Pete Dunne, Walter pinning

The Ring General seemingly saves the Bruiserweight from Gallus, but that’s all it was about. Walter and Dunne still stare down because they each want to be the best in NXT UK. Dunne reaches for the belt, but Walter stands on it. Walter reaches down and grabs the belt, takes a long look at it, but hands it back to Dunne. Fans applaud the show of respect, but when and where will these two finally face each other? Will Walter be the man to finally dethrone Dunne?



My Thoughts:

What a great NXT UK! At least it certainly was by the end. Wolfgang VS Webster was a good match, but it made sense later why Andrews didn’t come out to help. Andrews confronts Dar, who is now being Heel by default because he’s Scottish and he was active other places. Andrews VS Dar is going to be a great match, but I’m thinking Dar wins because he’s going to have an extended stay in NXT UK. It also sounds like Kassius Ohno is going to be around for a lengthy amount of time, which is a shame because that apparently means he won’t have a blow-off match with Keith Lee. But Ohno is a good addition, though obviously as a Heel. I wonder if he’ll be someone for Dave Mastiff to make a return off of.

Eddie Dennis is also on his way back, and I’m going to assume he beats Ligero or else his story is meaningless. The Primate and Wild Boar will surely win their return, because why else would they be getting this hype? I was really glad to see Williams & Jordan win again, NXT UK needs more strong Face tag teams. Moustache Mountain may or may not win tonight in the Dusty Rhodes Classic for American NXT, but they’re definitely going to have another shot at the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. I’m thinking Bate & Seven win that rematch, but chances are it won’t happen until the new NXT UK TakeOver. Jinny VS Toni is probably on hold until TakeOver, too. KLR already looks to be a strong choice for contender after that. Xia VS Rhea is going to be great, too, Xia probably loses first to then make a comeback.

Dunne & Walter VS The Coffey Brothers was amazing. It felt like a TakeOver level match, and everyone looked so great. It is just obvious that Dunne VS Walter is for the WWE UK Championship and that will surely be at UK TakeOver. The Coffey Brothers should focus more on tag team wrestling for the time being, and it can circle back around to Gallus VS British Strong Style at a future UK TakeOver. When Dunne VS Walter happens, I’m feeling Walter will win. If Dunne doesn’t lose to Walter, then who ever will take that belt from him? Walter wins to freshen things up, and Walter can run through a string of contenders much like Dunne and eventually give us Walter VS Dunne rematch at whatever UK TakeOver lines up with a Big Four WWE PPV, probably Royal Rumble 2020.

My Score: 8.5/10

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