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The Good, Bad and Ugly: NXT (3/13/19)

The usually good NXT product gets put to the test again. Does it remain good, or is there a chance for some bad and ugly?



Here we Go NXT once again and this time a HUGE NXT Takeover, on WrestleMania Weekend!  This week is nothing different, a lot of potential of a Good report.  Let the Good times roll!


#1 Contenders Match- Io Shirai vs. Bianca Belair

This match was legit!  Bianca Belair is a star, Io Shirai is phenomenal.  We had fireworks this week here.  Belair used her power and beat down the smaller foe, but not without a ton of offense by Shirai as well. We had a ton of back and forth, and a ton of action.  This really was a strong showing by both respected athletes.  Shayna Baszler who was at the Announce Table, had enough getting heated with the Announce Team and attacked Io Shirai.  Io Shirai Wins by DQ but Baszler without hesitation attacked Belair as well, knocking her out.  Kairi Sane ran in for the save but was wasted by Baszler.  Io Shirai again tried to fight back but again was down and out by Baszler.  The Champ made her statement and by far is the most dominant female in Professional Wrestling. Fatal 4-Way at NXT Takeover for the strap, it’s on now!  That will be sick!  Takeover is going to be amazing. 

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic (Semi-Finals)- Ricochet and Aleister Black vs. DIY

“This is Awesome.”  If you have ever seen these guys work before, you already know, this was insane.  DIY was on point, Gargano just a freakishly Good talent.  Black and Ricochet shined and absolutely killed it!  These two teams are not only two of the best in NXT but two of the best in the business.  Although Black and Ricochet are different they work well, and DIY are naturals together.  DIY got the edge after a rocky start, as Black and Ricochet had a successful opening drive.  Back and forth these guys can’t help but try to outdo each other.  Every single move is awesome and strong.  Every single time they go full steam.  DIY kept getting the edge but just as easily the tide turned.  NXT is at their best in these type of matches.  It could have gone to either team but Gargano seemed to have tweaked his knee leaving the NXT Champ on his own against Black and Ricochet.  Ricochet and Ciampa just went off on each other, the buildup and heart were there the entire match.  Just like Magic, “Black Mass” followed by a “630” on Ciampa for the WIN!  This was AMAZING!  Such a sick match!  This is NXT!  Don’t ever stop!  DIY worked so hard and came up short but such a fantastic treat for the wrestling world!  It looked like DIY was back to being boys again as Ciampa was helping is partner walk but in true Ciampa fashion went for the heel turn, but it was Gargano playing possum.  Gargano got his revenge and 1 up’d his heated rival by not only tricking him but being one step ahead.  This was Gold! 


Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic- Forgotten Sons (Cutler and Blake w/ Ryker) vs. Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate)

Tyler Bate spent a decent amount of time early on both killing it and getting beat down by the larger Forgotten Sons team.  Bate was very impressive and showed he has some Good stuff.  Seven finally got the much anticipated tag and went off on his opponents, however was overpowered after some impressive offense.  There was a lot of “wrestling” here surprisingly as it would have been thought that we would have had a brawl.  Bate got the hot tag after Seven was beaten down.  Bate and Seven do some very unique things and sometimes over the top fantastic moves.  This match however was odd with a lot of Bad moments.  We may have a rare feat as the Bad column finally got some company.  Forgotten Sons got the Win! Onto the Finals. 

UGLY- No getting a Bad was shocking and traumatic enough!  Think of the children!


Good- 2

Bad- 1

Ugly- NO!  Get out!


GOOD!  What? Did we have a Bad on NXT, why yes we did!  It wasn’t Main Roster Bad but it wasn’t Good for sure.  It certainly did not meet NXT standards.  Especially when you consider the epic Tag Match that was spotlighted in the Main Event this week.  That match was everything.  NXT is the Best! 

Closer and closer WrestleMania and Takeover Await!  Every week, matters from here out and only time will tell if it was all worth it!  WrestleMania here we come!  See you soon!

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