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WWE Tweets Gone Wild!!

WWE went nuts on Twitter this week…



Becky Lynch Ronda Rousey WWE Tweets

WWE talent went a little crazy on Twitter this week, and Rob brings it to you in the first ever WWE Tweets Gone Wild!

Yeah so this past Thursday was a wild day for Wrestling Twitter.  Ronda Rousey wand Becky Lynch got into it again, and it went about as well as you expect.  Depending on how you feel about Becky her tweeting is either the greatest thing ever or it’s try hard to the point of being annoying.  Ronda is just not good at tweeting, period, and she’s especially not good at taking a ribbing and firing back so we got Ronda saying Becky’s Dis-Arm-Her finisher was fake and looked she wanted to have a d*ck, Becky responding by putting a shot of Ronda’s husband’s face at the end of Ronda’s arm, and then this response from Ronda:

Well, that sure escalated quickly.  Using the word fake is a major no no, and Becky’s response was clearly intended to piss Ronda off (at least from where I’m sitting).  And judging by Ronda’s all too scary response (I damn sure would not want responding to anything I said that way), it worked.  And it wasn’t over with Ronda and Becky’s back and forth.  Rusev, always up for a good ribbing via social media, chimed in:

Tyler Breeze had some fun with it, too:

Luke Harper, on the other hand, was not amused:

What in the hell is going on here?  If I had to guess there’s going to be a meeting sometime in the near future, as soon as Vince gets wind of all this, and there might be some serious guidelines put in place regarding use of social media.  Lot of WWE wrestlers use their twitter accounts to boost their upcoming matches and ongoing angles, but this is a first in terms of how severe it got.  It was a perfect storm of Ronda being bad at this stuff and Becky continuing to dig and dig and dig at her.  How is it for business, though?

If I’m Vince McMahon I would be livid at both of them.  Ronda just needs to quit tweeting if she’s not going to just promote herself and the match.  Trying and failing to fire back at someone who has perfected, for better and worse, the art of being a twitter troll has her reverting to her base instincts and potentially embarrassing the company.  The last thing anyone there wants is to get a bunch of questions about Ronda being previously accused of being transphobic and whether or not some of her current tweets are confirming that.  I get that as a fan or just a human being you may want that dug up and exposed for the world to see, but if you ran the company you damn sure would not want that on the eve of your biggest show of the year.  Anything she does that makes that more of a possibility is a major fail on her part, aside from holding those actual views.

But Becky’s not off the hook here, either.  As much fun as this might all be for her and as much as her fans may be enjoying it, it’s getting to point of potentially hindering the match promotion.  Ronda isn’t responding well to the ribbing, and she along with Charlotte are Becky’s dance partners for this match.  All three of them are responsible for getting this thing across the finish line and that includes not hindering each other’s ability to do the work.  If Becky’s ribbing, no matter the intentions, are putting a monkey wrench in that then she needs to fall back, period.  Likes and RTs aren’t worth fumbling the ball on promoting what could go down in history as the biggest women’s wrestling match in American history.  Some things are bigger than happy fun time on Twitter, and ‘my opponent got pissed and punched me out for real, throwing the match away in the process, but I got 20,ooo likes on all my tweets giving her the business’ isn’t exactly the way you want to punctuate the highest point of your career.

Then again, there’s a the possibility that this is all a work and they just got a little too loose with some of the language.  In that case they’ll just be told to watch some words and keep it moving.  It’s pro wrestling, you can never rule that out.  And if it is then a lot of the deep, serious takes that I and a lot of other people have been espousing on this are going to be eating some major crow.  This latest one from Ronda has me thinking that this probably is a work because God help Becky if it isn’t:

All that clowning is great right up until the real life MMA fighter wants to hurt you for real.  No matter where you come down on all this stuff, I think it’s a safe bet that are going to be some rules in place for tweeting about work related stuff put in place.  Work, shoot, or somewhere in between there’s the potential for things to go sideways real fast.

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