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Charlotte Ronda WWE RAW


The Good, Bad and Ugly: WWE Monday Night Raw (04/01/2019)

Was the final WWE Raw before WrestleMania good, bad, or ugly?

Coming off of one of the worst editions of Monday Night Raw we have seen in recent memory (and that is saying something) we are at the take home WrestleMania Show.  No excuses, no b.s., it’s all business from here on out.  Everything needs to click and anything but Good, in fact, anything but Great is a disappointment.  Let’s Get this party started!


Stephanie McMahon

The week of WrestleMania is a time where anything can happen.  Some predictable, some not so much.  This seems to edge toward predictable as McMahon had breaking news.  April Fools of course she “added herself to the match.”  However in the spirit of the magically time around the biggest event in Sports Entertainment, she did have a purpose and announced, that “All Titles will be on the line” for the Women’s Championships.  This was short and no one is surprised by this announcement.  They had to make it official and this served its purpose.    

Universal Champion Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

Lesnar as always got a reaction.  He is full on hated by everyone and Seth Rollins is his polar opposite currently.  Heyman did his part as the hype man to perfection, talking up his guy and talking down Rollins. Heyman laid it on thick and Rollins had enough.  Seth Freakin Rollins made his entrance and didn’t falter.  Rollins marched right up to The Beast.  Rollins made his stand and made it clear that he is going to rid the WWE of their most hated person.  Anything can happen in the WWE and Rollins feels that this a lock.  Rollins did the best thing he could, he hit Lesnar with a low blow but got German Suplexed by Lesnar who recovered.  Rollins then hit another “low blow” followed by a kick and “the Stomp” making a point and leaving the Champ down in the ring.  Good Promo! 

Boss N Hug (Tag Team Champions), Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs. Nia Jax, Tamina Snuka and the IIconics

This match was set up to be a disaster but it surprisingly was not.  We had a decent showing especially the returning Glamazon Beth Phoenix.  Phoenix stole the show, literally pie facing her team mate Sasha Banks and stealing the tag in before completely dominating all of her opponents and finally ending the match with a Glamslam to Peyton Royce for the victory.  Good match and the crowd was into it!  Hope to see more success to come from this. 


No question, everyone is pretty excited to see “The Animal” Batista back home even if just for WrestleMania.  Batista is a decorated, well established talent and has become a major fame on the big screen as well.  He can work and has some mic skills as well.  This time around we got a promo video hyping the bad blood between him and HHH.  These vicious alphas have beaten the hell out of each other with Gold at stake, but this time it is even more important ramifications.  His message on Raw, “Hunter Kiss my Ass.”  This will be Good, and promo did its job well. 

Kurt Angle’s Last Monday Night Raw

Angle was spilling his heart out and getting the love right back.  Angle’s video was amazing and he has touched the sport like no other.  The most hated person alive (except Charlotte Flair) Baron Corbin who has been on fire lately interrupted.  Whether you like Corbin or not he gets so much heat.  The crowd just cannot stop hating him constantly and for that we must applaud.  No one in WWE has this much heat, so much hate all the time.  He doesn’t even try and gets it done like no other person can.  Angle finally challenged Corbin to an exhibition match against Corbin and just as Baron Corbin was to enter the ring, he retreated, claiming he wants him full steam at WrestleMania.  Unexpectedly, Rey Mysterio made a run in and challenged Baron Corbin himself for a match on Raw.  Mysterio and Angle had some fun throwing Corbin around before ending the promo.  Good promo, and good hype. 

Apollo vs. Jinder Mahal w/ The Singh Brothers

Filler, hype crap for the Andre The Giant Battle Royal which has really become a bit of a shame as of late.  This is now filled with the entire WWE Tag Team Division which makes no sense.  As a match this nothing special but it wasn’t Bad either.  Crews is impressive and took full control and the victory against former Champion Jinder Mahal.  After the match all participants who surrounded the ring during the contest went crazy in the ring and fought it out!  The whole thing is a bit of a joke but the match was Good. 

Raw Tag Team Championship Match- The Revival (C) vs. Ricochet and Aleister Black

If it were up to me these guys can all work each other until time runs out.  Ricochet and Black have had a stellar showing on the main roster and haven’t missed to much of a step since arriving.  They have started at the top level, facing the very best teams including the Champs.  These teams contrasting styles have lead to some Good content and this week, was very Good.  Revival isolated their opponents and punished them with quick effective tags and shear brutality.  Ricochet and Black also had their moments of offensive dominance but Revival kept control most of the match. Ricochet flew and Black kicked his way back. Both teams jockeyed for position but it was finally after an underhanded move outside involving Ricochet, The Revival retains and wins by countout.  After the match it was a pair of Black Masses and a 630 for the Champs’ troubles. 

Heavy Machinery vs. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

For some reason there is a lot of heat here with these two teams.  Maybe it is a way for WWE to low key push Heavy Machinery.  The match was going well, and Bobby Roode had full control.  Lacey Evans popped out and did her little walk with her tunes blasting causing a distraction.  Roode still had control until the mighty Otis entered and immediately messed the former champs up.  After Gable got the tag, he was caught by Otis and officially “Compacted” for a victory by Heavy Machinery. 

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The Riott Squad vs. Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair

Riott Squad jobbed out again.  Standing out was Sarah Logan who again showed some Good stuff out there.  Lynch and Charlotte constantly bickering and jawing aways.  Rousey finally tagged in and ended the match in seconds with an arm bar to Liv Morgan for the victory.  Immediately Rousey attacked Charlotte and chaos ensued.  Rousey, Flair and Lynch were arrested but that didn’t stop them from still fighting and beating the hell out of each other almost more viciously.  Lynch and Rousey even kicked each other in the back of the police car destroying the doors and windows.  They couldn’t be controlled or detained.  Rousey lost her shit even ramming the police car.  It was amazing and looked fantastic.  This was yet another Good showing on Raw this week.    

Braun Strowman vs. “Michael Che and Colin Jost” (Not them)

This was a filthy 90’s Saturday Morning squash match from the old days.  Strowman destroyed the unfortunate fill-ins and of course ultimately Won with his mighty double powerslam. 

Intercontinental Champion Bobby Lashley w/ Lio Rush

You have to talk about this match, and it should be Good enough, but this has become an unfortunate after thought.  The two guys are very talented and the title has relevance again.  After Lio Rush did his usual hype which is great by the way, a surprise emerged on the big screen.  A very confident Finn Balor introduced us again to the unbeatable “Demon” who will now be the biggest threat to Bobby Lashley’s Intercontinental run.  Unsure why the Demon is here and missed out on Lesnar but it is safe to say that in Demon form, Finn Balor’s chances or getting the Intercontinental Championship back has just increased immensely.  Another Good solid hype promo for the very successful night. 

Baron Corbin vs. Rey Mysterio

Corbin looked very Good in there and Rey Mysterio worked with ease.  This was a Good clean match.  We saw Mysterio do what he does best and showed off the power and abilities of Baron Corbin.  This looked Good and showed off both guys strengths.  Corbin gained control and brutally beat down his smaller foe.  Mysterio managed to somehow fight back but it was short lived.  Baron Corbin hit a devasting “Deep Six” to end the match and pick up the impressive clean win.


They must’ve read last weeks Good, Bad and Ugly because they got it all out of their systems.  I can’t believe it but a clean Good show. 


  • Good- 12
  • Bad- 0
  • Ugly- 0


GOOD!  ALL GOOD!  This is a major change from last week and it could not have happened at a better time.  From start to finish WWE came out hard and finished well.  It wasn’t the greatest Raw of all time and maybe the fact that last week was so Ugly may have lowered our expectations, but what we had here was Good and it couldn’t have happened at a Better time!  Great Monday Night Raw take home show!

A near Perfect Raw, well what will the ever successful SmackDown do next?  Probably blow us away!  SmackDown is shaping up to be spectacular and this take home show should deliver.  NXT also coming into a huge Takeover WrestleMania weekend, has a lot of work to do and it would be a shock if they struggle this week!  Looking forward to it and so are you!  Catch you after SmackDown Live! 


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