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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS Results: Sengoku Lord in Nagoya!

NJPW’s newest event has a golden debut!



NJPW Sengoku Lord 2019

NJPW brings a new event to life with Sengoku Lord! The IWGP Intercontinental AND United States Championships are on the line in Nagoya!


Coverage of this event will be as broadcasted on AXS TV.

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  • IWGP United States Championship: Juice Robinson VS Bad Luck Fale; Robinson wins and retains the IWGP United States Championship.
  • IWGP Intercontinental Championship: Kota Ibushi VS Zack Sabre Jr; Ibushi wins and retains the IWGP Intercontinental Championship.


NJPW and AXS set the scene for this inaugural event in Nagoya!

The Golden Star follows in the footsteps of The Ace and the King of Strong Style as he finally becomes Intercontinental Champion at G1 Supercard. But just as he begins his ascent, another wants to drag him back down. The Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion has gone back and forth with Kota Ibushi between the New Japan Cup and the G1 Climax. Will Ibushi break the tie and retain his new title? Or will Zack Sabre Jr. become a champion between two promotions?

But first, the Flamboyant Juice Robinson has been proudly building up his second reign, and was almost screwed by some Bullet Club foul play. The Rogue General took out Juice and vows to make that title his own. Will Bad Luck Fale be too big and too bad for Juice? Or will the United States Champion find a way to survive?


IWGP United States Championship: Juice Robinson VS Bad Luck Fale!

AXS jumps right into the action as Fale has Juice down on the mat. Fale stalks Juice to a corner and drags him up to his feet. Fale pushes and forearms Juice hard in the back! Juice falls to his knee but Fale doesn’t let up. Fale shoves and forearms Juice again, then drags him up again. He shoves Juice a third time for a third forearm to the back. Fans cheer Juice on but Fale toys with him. Fale brings Juice up for a fourth shove, but Juice throws a big left! Juice fires up to throw more forearms, but Fale stays on his feet. Fale swings but Juice ducks and chicken wings Fale around. Fale spins through and breaks free, but Juice waistlocks, so Fale backs Juice to a corner. Fale’s free again but misses in the corner!

Juice grits his teeth as he gets up and runs back in for a clothesline! Juice gives point-blank lariats over and over, then fires up with Nagoya. He hobbles to the other end, and runs back in for one more clothesline! Juice sweeps the legs out to sit Fale down. Juice holds his bad back but powers through the pain for the cannonball! Fale is down but Juice’s back keeps him from covering. Juice goes to the apron and then up top. Fale stands and staggers, but he catches Juice out if the air! Juice fights out of the grip and manages a scoop, but Fale’s too big. Fale scoops but Juice slips out to chop block! Nagoya fires up again as Juice pumps up. Juice aims at Fale but Fale denies the Left Hand of God!

Fale lifts but Juice denies the Grenade, to get the scoop! But Fale’s weight topples Juice over to a cover! TWO, but barely! Fale and Juice slowly sit up. Juice rolls and crawls to a corner while Fale stands. Fale runs in corner to corner, for a big corner splash! He throws Juice down for a falling splash! Cover, TWO!! Juice escapes and fans cheer but Fale grows frustrated. Fale drags Juice up but he’s dead weight. Fale gets Juice up but Juice breaks free to jab! And jab, and jab, then bob ‘n’ weave to jab some more! Juice ducks again to dropkick Fale! Fale stays on his feet but Juice fires up again. Fans rally behind him as he runs, but into a SPEAR! Fale drags Juice up and loads up, GRENADE! Cover, TWO!? Juice lives and Fale can’t believe it!

Fale drags Juice up again but he’s dead weight like before. Fale prepares a bomb but Juice falls to the mat. Red Shoes checks on Juice but Fale drags Juice up. Fale has Juice up in the crucifix, but Juice escapes and boots. Fale blocks and pulls Juice in for the fireman’s carry. Juice fights out, LEFT HAND OF GOD! Fale flounders to the ropes and Juice climbs up top. Fans rally as Juice LEAPS for the crossbody! But Juice isn’t done there, he pumps up and throws another Left Hand of God! Juice scoop slams Fale!! Juice keeps going and hooks Fale for PULP FRICTION! Cover, Juice wins!

Winner: Juice Robinson, by pinfall; still IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion

And the Flamboyant reign continues! Juice shows incredible strength and endurance as he fells Fale! Is this the end of Bullet Club coming after Juice? Or will another one be gunning for Juice’s gold?


IWGP Intercontinental Championship: Kota Ibushi VS Zack Sabre Jr!

It is once again #ZackSabreTime in NJPW. As always, Taka Michinoku wants to know who fans think will win. Ibushi is an amazing wrestler, but he is up against “the man who will become champion with a win today, the British Heavyweight Champion,” the Submission Master, Zack Sabrrrre, JUNIORRR~! Will one of ZSJ’s infinite holds make Ibushi #JustTapOut? Or will Ibushi keep ZSJ from going up to three belts at one time?

Ibushi makes his entrance, the belt is presented, and we begin this fifth-time-around tiebreaker, after the break!

NJPW on AXS returns with the ring of the bell. Fans are strongly behind Ibushi but ZSJ shrugs it off. Ibushi and ZSJ circle and Ibushi keeps his distance. ZSJ keeps pressing and gets Ibushi on the ropes. Red Shoes calls for the break and SJ gives Ibushi a pie face. Ibushi kicks ZSJ right in the leg! ZSJ backs off quick but Ibushi waits for him to return. They circle again and ZSJ reels Ibushi in for a shoulder hold. Ibushi slips out and around but ZSJ slips back onto him. ZSJ flips Ibushi to the mat but Ibushi slips through. They go around and ZSJ keeps on top of Ibushi. ZSJ ghost pins, ONE, but ZSJ keeps on Ibushi to get a toehold.

ZSJ reaches for an STF but Ibushi resists so ZSJ goes full after the legs. He comes up over the top but Ibushi backs out. ZSJ wants the arms now and gets them to bring Ibushi into a stretch. Ibushi stands and works to turn ZSJ around. He gets the stretch on ZSJ but ZSJ pries free to throw a European Uppercut! Ibushi responds with another swift and sharp kick! ZSJ hurries away and out of the ring. Taka checks on ZSJ while Ibushi dares him to come back. ZSJ takes his time to stretch and walk it off before returning. Ibushi and ZSJ circle again, then tie up. ZSJ gets around but Ibushi works against him. ZSJ has the wristlock and flips Ibushi down to a headscissor. Ibushi blocks with a leg but ZSJ floats on top while keeping the wristlock.

ZSJ hooks Ibushi’s head as he holds onto the Kimura, but Ibushi reaches back with his legs for a ropebreak. Fans applaud while ZSJ lets go. Ibushi checks his arms as he gets back up. He and ZSJ go again, and ZSJ reels Ibushi in for a wristlock to vicious wrenching. Ibushi gets up to spin, flip and kick ZSJ again! Ibushi kicks but gets caught into a Bow ‘n’ Arrow, but he pops out to huricanrana ZSJ down! ZSJ bails out and fans fire up with Ibushi. Ibushi slingshots but ZSJ gets clear to knee him low. ZSJ whips but Ibushi reverses to send him into railing. Ibushi runs in but ZSJ tosses him over, and Ibushi hits the second row of barriers. Fans are almost bowled over, but ZSJ boots Ibushi back. ZSJ has Ibushi in a hanging triangle on the railing!

Ibushi ends up tumbling back to ringside with ZSJ’s weight, and ZSJ holds on tight. Red Shoes tells him to get this back in the ring, so ZSJ lets Ibushi go. ZSJ puts Ibushi’s head through railing to pull him back against the top bar! He also hooks Ibushi’s face and makes it part abdominal stretch! Red Shoes reprimands then counts and ZSJ lets Ibushi go at 4. ZSJ puts Ibushi in the ring only to neck crank him on the apron! ZSJ holds onto Ibushi’s neck to use his feet for a cravat, that drags Ibushi off the apron! Ibushi is down while ZSJ is in the ring. Red Shoes checks on Ibushi but Ibushi is okay to continue. Red Shoes begins his 20 count and it climbs to 10 before Ibushi stands. Ibushi slowly gets in at 14 but ZSJ is on him again.

ZSJ grinds his knee in, then traps Ibushi’s arm while cranking the head and neck. ZSJ stomps Ibushi’s head into the mat! Ibushi still sits up and punches back, sitting ZSJ down! ZSJ grits his teeth and quickly half hatch suplexes Ibushi down! ZSJ grabs an arm and drags Ibushi up for EuroUppers and kicks against the ropes. Ibushi just gets mad and throws more body shots. ZSJ kicks Ibushi but that stomach shot still hurts. ZSJ drags Ibushi around for an Indian Deathlock, then sits up for the butterfly stretch. Ibushi endures, but ZSJ grabs the arms to make it a double stretch and cover! TWO, and ZSJ can’t believe Ibushi escapes. He toys with Ibushi but Ibushi only gets mad again. ZSJ throws more EuroUppers, but Ibushi fires forearms. ZSJ headbutts and snapmares Ibushi to a cravat.

Ibushi fights and endures as ZSJ cranks the neck. ZSJ even traps an arm in the cravat, but fans rally up for Ibushi. Ibushi scoops and slams ZSJ! Then kicks him right in the back! ZSJ scrambles to a corner but Ibushi runs in, only to get caught into an abdominal stretch! Ibushi falls to a knee and then the mat as ZSJ wraps him up. But they’re in the ropes so ZSJ lets go. Ibushi crawls while ZSJ catches his breath. ZSJ digs his elbow and knuckles into Ibushi’s neck and spine. ZSJ grabs a leg and twists the foot before pulling all the way back! Ibushi endures the modified Half Crab as ZSJ also traps one arm. ZSJ has Ibushi in the Crab deep but fans give Ibushi strength. Ibushi crawls and gets the ropebreak! ZSJ lets go in frustration while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns and ZSJ stalks Ibushi. ZSJ drags Ibushi up but Ibushi fires off hands. Ibushi forearms away but ZSJ wrenches and PELES the arm! ZSJ roundhouses and runs, but into Ibushi’s dropkick! Fans fire up while both men are down. ZSJ bails out but Ibushi slingshots to wipe ZSJ out! Ibushi grits his teeth and drags ZSJ up into the ring. Ibushi aims from the apron and springboards to missile dropkick ZSJ down! Fans fire up while Ibushi whips ZSJ corner to corner. ZSJ reverses but Ibushi goes up and over to get ZSJ with the powerslam! Then he moonsaults, but onto knees! ZSJ reels Ibushi into the triangle! Ibushi powers up and deadlifts ZSJ, but ZSJ grabs a foot! ZSJ sits up and reels Ibushi in deeper with a double armbar!

Ibushi endures as fans fire up. Ibushi reaches with a foot for another ropebreak! ZSJ lets Ibushi go again but stalks behind him. ZSJ drags Ibushi up in a full nelson, but Ibushi breaks free to arm-drag ZSJ. Ibushi deflects the boot to fire off a strike fest! Ibushi waits for ZSJ to sit up before he swings another kick. ZSJ ducks it to try a school boy, but Ibushi spins to sit on it! TWO and ZSJ has the European Clutch! TWO and Ibushi bridges back for a Japanese Clutch, TWO, into a straitjacket! But Ibushi rolls back to reverse it onto ZSJ! ZSJ wiggles it down but Ibushi uses that for a straitjacket German Suplex! Bridging cover, TWO! But Ibushi still has the wrists! ZSJ uses that to reel Ibushi in for a sunset! TWO, into a butterfly neck crank!

Ibushi endures all over again as ZSJ slips a foot under the throat. But Ibushi again uses his own feet for a ropebreak! ZSJ holds on until Red Shoes starts counting. Red Shoes reprimands ZSJ while Ibushi makes it to the corner. ZSJ runs in for a big EuroUpper, then snapmares Ibushi down. ZSJ aims at a groggy Ibushi, Penalty Kick misses! Ibushi boots ZSJ then swings another kick, but ZSJ catches it into an Ankle Lock! ZSJ uses that to waistlock Ibushi into the Half ‘n ‘Half! Bridging, TWO!! Ibushi escapes again and ZSJ is furious. ZSJ Penalty Kicks Ibushi down! Cover, TWO! ZSJ can’t believe Ibushi stays alive but fans are behind the Golden Star!

Ibushi crawls towards ZSJ but ZSJ slaps him away. ZSJ toys with Ibushi again, then kicks him in the chest. Ibushi eggs ZSJ on so ZSJ kicks him back down. Ibushi sits up with a smile on his face so ZSJ kicks him down again. But Ibushi sits up again, with grit teeth. ZSJ kicks but Ibushi sits right up! ZSJ bops and boops Ibushi with his foot but then boots, only for Ibushi to catch it. Ibushi stands and ZSJ just slaps him over and over. Ibushi puts the foot down, and ZSJ gets cocky. CHOP and ZSJ falls off his feet! ZSJ flounders and now Ibushi toys with him. Ibushi sits ZSJ up for forearm after forearm into his face. Ibushi starts kicking ZSJ right in the face but Red Shoes pulls him away. Red Shoes reprimands Ibushi but Ibushi is kicking ZSJ all the while!

Red Shoes gets Ibushi to stop, but then ZSJ gets up to SLAP Ibushi. Ibushi SLAPS ZSJ back and ZSJ wobbles. ZSJ slaps but Ibushi SLAPS. Ibushi fires off slap after slap, and ZSJ does his best to keep up. ZSJ catches Ibushi and then gets mores shots in, only to run into a CLUBBING clothesline! Ibushi fires up and drags ZSJ into the bomb. ZSJ slips out to guillotine then drops down a triangle hold! Ibushi stays on his feet and deadlifts ZSJ into the Last Ride! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ lives and Ibushi grows frustrated. But he still goes for another, but ZSJ escapes to scoop into the Zack Driver! But ZSJ can’t cover, he’s too exhausted! Fans are thunderous as Red Shoes checks on both men.

Ibushi and ZSJ slowly stir and head for each other. ZSJ grabs Ibushi and cranks the neck! But Ibushi roars and sits up. ZSJ throws EuroUppers but Ibushi throws forearms! They trade shots while on their knees. Ibushi guards his bad arm while throwing with his good arm. ZSJ matches him and they go faster and faster. Ibushi gets the edge and dares ZSJ to sit up again. ZSJ throws EuroUppers again but Ibushi evades to Snap Half ‘n’ Half! ZSJ ends up under the bottom rope but Ibushi crawls over. Ibushi drags ZSJ up on the apron, waistlock and deadlift, but ZSJ slips out to bring Ibushi around in the facelock! ZSJ climbs but Ibushi drops, so ZSJ has a hanging guillotine! Red Shoes counts and ZSJ lets go at 4, only to get a PELE!

Ibushi crawls away while Taka coaches up ZSJ. Ibushi shouts out the King of Strong Style, but ZSJ dodges! ZSJ rolls up and bridges, TWO!! But he quickly hooks and rolls, but Ibushi blocks the EuroClutch! ROUNDHOUSE! Fans are thunderous again as Ibushi drags ZSJ up, LAST RIDE! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ is gasping for air but Ibushi brings down the knee pads as he gets back up. Ibushi drags ZSJ up by his wrists, but ZSJ dodges Kamigoye to crucifix into the Octopus! Ibushi reaches but ZSJ shifts, only for Ibushi to power out to a tilt-o-whirl, GTS! He sits ZSJ up, KAMIGOYE!! Cover, Ibushi wins!!

Winner: Kota Ibushi, by pinfall; still IWGP Intercontinental Champion

The first defense is successful for the Golden Star! Will Ibushi continue to rise to the level of his wrestling idols, Tanahashi and Nakamura?

NJPW on AXS returns once more as Red Shoes helps Ibushi put on the belt. Ibushi celebrates, but here comes Tetsuya Naito! The former champion and one of Ibushi’s greatest rivals returns and joins Ibushi in the ring. “The next challenger for the IWGP Intercontinental title… I’m here to throw my hat in the ring.” Fans like the sound of that. Naito notes that if he doesn’t say what he’s thinking, then no one will know. “If there is any other wrestler out there that wants that belt, he should climb into the ring right now.” Naito waits to see if anyone else steps up. No one? Well that’s too bad. But then it’s decided: Naito is next! To all the people gathered in Aichi, what is Ibushi’s answer?

Ibushi takes up the mic, and as fans cheer him on, he says “TRANQUILO~!” Just stop talking. But Ibushi’s real answer: “Si! Let’s do it!” Naito eyes the belt then stands face to face with Ibushi. Naito then takes his leave while Ibushi addresses the fans. “Sorry about that.” Ibushi follows the two men he refers to as wrestling gods, and vows to surpass them! He has an announcement to make. Ibushi has officially signed full-time with NJPW! Nagoya is excited to hear that! He hopes they continue to support him in his quest. Ibushi assures his fans he’s here to stay, and the streamers fly for the true celebration! But with a rematch with Naito coming, will Ibushi’s reign last much longer?



My Thoughts:

A pretty great premiere for this new NJPW event, and NJPW knew to do it up big with two big title matches. We didn’t get to see as much of the IWGP United States Championship, but what we got was still good story telling of Fale the bigger man being a challenge for Juice. Great to see Juice pull off the victory, that grows both his power level but also the title’s. I wonder if there’s even anyone else in Bullet Club to challenge Juice. Perhaps their newest member, El Phantasmo, will make his debut soon and step up to Juice. Then the Intercontinental Championship match, in full, was incredible! But what else would we get from Ibushi VS ZSJ? Between Ibushi being fully signed to NJPW and it being too much for even ZSJ to have the Intercontinental and two different British titles at once, of course Ibushi wins.

Ibushi VS Naito again so soon sounds great, because again, they’re not going to have a bad match. It was a good touch for Naito to expect someone else to get in their way, and it made for a comical moment when no one did. I would think Ibushi wins again because he’s too big to lose in his second defense, and Naito’s already had the Intercontinental title enough lately. Maybe Naito should go for his dream of having both belts by starting from the top and go after Jay White and the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Then he can circle back around to the Intercontinental Championship and bring us a big Winner Takes All title for title match, since that’s all the rage these days.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (6/19/19)

Time for an Undisputed Celebration!



NXT cover image

The Undisputed NXT Champion returns to Full Sail!

Adam Cole now reigns over all of NXT! But will his celebration alongside his pals go smoothly? Or will someone crash the party looking for their own shot?



  • Damien Priest VS Raul Mendoza; Priest wins.
  • Taynara Conti VS Xia Li; Li wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Undisputed Era VS Velveteen Dream, Tyler Breeze & Matt Riddle; The Undisputed Era wins.


The Undisputed Era is back!

And not only are they sporting new gear, Adam Cole has THE NXT Championship around his waist! TakeOver: XXV was when he finally took over and defeated Johnny Wrestling decisively in one fall! The Undisputed Era form up in the ring, BAYBAY, and are in a great mood. Roderick Strong gets the mic for Cole and Full Sail is thunderous for their new champion. Cole says, “I told you so.” Cole said that 2019 would be the year the Undisputed Era is draped in gold. This is just the start of finally fulfilling that prophecy.

The Era does not start at the bottom and hope their work pays off. They start by attacking the top. They start by doing and taking whatever they want. And for anyone who stands in their way, they will regret it. Starting with THE title, the Era will remake NXT into an #UndisputedImage. Fans chant “Undisputed!” to echo that sentiment. As a matter of fact, Cole says the show should start like this: a highlight reel of JUST the Undisputed Era! Fans love that as much as the Era. The Era has a group hug. Kyle takes credit for throwing that together in one night. Cole says that is why they run NXT. They have all the power. It is #UndisputedPower.

So a message to the NXT North American and NXT Tag Team Champions: shine those belts up so they’re nice and pretty for Roddy, Bobby & Kyle. 2019 isn’t over and the Era will surely have all the gold, all the power and they won’t stop until they do. No one will be able to touch them. Not even Triple H himself! “The Undisputed Era will have every once of power that NXT has to offer.” But wait! Here comes NXT North American Champion, Velveteen Dream! Fans cheer for Dream as he responds to the Era. “Adam, no one can touch you? I’d like to touch you.” It’s adorable that the Era thinks they’re why NXT has risen to new heights. The NXT Experience growing is thanks to #DreamOver.

Cole does look good with the gold but Dream looks better. That top title would look amazing alongside the North American title. Seriously, Dream? Strong says when it comes to the title, what is that saying? It’s so clever but it escapes Strong. Oh yeah, “dream on.” In fact, Dream doesn’t deserve the title he has! Bro… Here comes Matt Riddle! And Riddle asks Strong how hard he got hit at TakeOver. Because let’s be honest: Riddle beat Strong, and he beat Cole, too, baybay. Cole tells Riddle that what he is, is someone who just runs his mouth. He knows, he knows. He’s amazingly good looking and a total stallion.

Fans chant “Bro! Bro!” for Riddle but Cole says he should shut up. What he is, is jealous! Because Cole is the Undisputed Triple Crown, and the others have been champions, all before Riddle! And Riddle is jealous because he’s constantly dropped the ball. So maybe Riddle can go back to writing online reviews for the Attitude Era. Because news flash: that era is over, and Riddle’s era will never come. Because everyone else is living in the Undisputed Era! But wait, here comes Tyler Breeze! Prince Pretty joins Riddle and Dream on stage to say his piece. “Now I was in the back listening to all this while I was talking to Mr. Regal.” Breeze doesn’t care what is Undisputed, or who is better looking, even though it’s him.

What Breeze does care about is the Era trying to take credit for a brand that Breeze helped build before they were even here! Fans chant “OG! WOOP WOOP!” Therefore, Regal is using Breeze’s suggestion tonight: Breeze, Dream & Riddle VS any three Undisputed Era members, in the main event! Dream isn’t so sure about that but Riddle is all up for this #GorgeousDreamBros alliance. Will the Era be able to hold their ground against three top contenders?


Damien Priest VS Raul Mendoza!

Punishment has transformed, and now NXT meets a dark and brooding monster of the night. Will Raul stay above the Mendoza Line? Or will Damien #LiveForever?

The bell rings and Damien smirks as he BOOTS Mendoza down! Damien throws big hands in the corner then whips Mendoza corner to corner. Mendoza staggers out into Damien’s big forearm shot! Damien looms over Mendoza, still smirking. Mendoza hits back but it barely makes Damien flinch. Damien ear claps then clobbers Mendoza down. Damien puts Mendoza in a corner but runs into a roundhouse! But he stays up! Mendoza rolls and fires back shots, then dodges to springboard enziguri! Mendoza whips but Damien reverses. Damien misses in the corner but ducks the springboard. Mendoza escapes the tilt-o-whirl and back kicks to enziguri!

Damien stays up but he grows angry. He puts Mendoza on the apron but Mendoza climbs up and walks the ropes to dropkick Damien out! Damien is angrier still, and catches Mendoza’s DIVE to choke slam him on the apron!! Damien takes aim with his long bow, for a discus boot! Then dragon sleeper to rolling cutter! Cover, Damien wins!

Winner: Damien Martinez, by pinfall

Priest hits his target and gets his first win in NXT! Is it only the beginning of his immortality?


NXT General Manager, William Regal, has an announcement.

“Ladies and gentlemen, at this moment, we have more talent in the Performance Center than ever before.” Therefore, Regal will give eight members of that large talent pool an opportunity in a single elimination tournament, known as the NXT Breakout Tournament. The winner will get to challenge for a title of their choosing!

The eight participants of this incredible opportunity are: Jordan Myles, fka ACH; Boa; Cameron Grimes, fka Trevor Lee; Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, fka Shane Strickland; Dexter Lumis, fka Sam Shaw; Bronson Reed, fka Jonah Rock; Angel Garza, fka Humberto Garza; and Joaquin Wilde, fka DJZ. Regal wishes the best of luck to all eight men, and we have our bracket! Lumis VS Reed, Swerve VS Grimes, Garza VS Wilde and Myles VS Boa! Who makes it all the way to the end to a golden breakout opportunity?


NXT takes a closer look at the HBIC.

The Head Baddie in Charge, Mia Yim, grew up in Southern California, during the ’90s when it was a street war between Black and Korean gangs. But as one of both heritages, she was rejected by both sides. She stood on her own two feet and fought to survive. From Shimmer to the Mae Young Classic, Mia gained a strong following. The fans compelled HHH to sign her, and she owes them so much. She’ll never let the fans down. Mia has already racked up a strong record in NXT, but she’s only just getting started. The rose that grew from concrete is not going to let Shayna Baszler bully the others again. The Blasian Baddie is ready to show “The B*tch of Spades” that she is both the hell and high water that’s coming for her.


Taynara Conti VS Xia Li!

With competition in all divisions gearing up, the Brazilian judoka and “spicy” Chinese martial artist are not going to be left behind. They have a score to settle with each other, so who rises to the challenge and takes a step up the ladder?

The bell rings and Taynara offers a handshake. Li shakes it and this is a respectful match-up. They tie up and go shoulder to shoulder in the knuckle lock. Taynara slips through to roll Li, TWO! Li gets Tanyara to a jackknife, TWO! Taynara rushes back in but Li standing switches with her. Taynara pries out to judo throw Li down. She rolls and pulls Li up but LI dodges the boot to roll Taynara! TWO, and the two go again. Taynara blocks, throws again but Li lands a bit better. Li swings furious kicks and that backs Taynara down. Li bows to Taynara, then dodges and runs to springboard and wheelbarrow to throw Taynara!

Taynara gets to a corner but Li is right on her. Li whips corner to corner but Taynara reverses. Li hops up and pushes Taynara back, to then dropkick her down! Taynara is dizzy but she still dodges Li. Taynara kicks the leg then throws Li down hard by her hair! Fans fire up as Taynara toys with Li. Taynara says “Latinas do it better!” before booting Li down. Cover, TWO! She tries again, TWO! Taynara loses her cool and kicks Li hard! Cover, TWO! Taynara grows frustrated but she keeps on Li with clubbing forearms. “I know what I’m doing!” Taynara whips Li to a corner and runs in for big double knees! Then she monkey flips Li and rolls to a cover, TWO! Taynara hammers away on Li then covers again, TWO! Taynara pulls on Li’s arms and digs her knees in. Li endures and fans rally up.

Taynara pulls harder, thrashing Li around. Fans rally up again and Li powers up. Li gets to a corner but Taynara pushes her into buckles. Taynara eggs Li on, but misses double knees! Li waits for Taynara to sweep her legs! Then Li dodges and boots her down! Li fires up and rallies with more kicks! Li whips but Tayanra reverses. But Li jumps up and over! Roundhouse misses but not the heel kick! Cover, Li wins!

Winner: Xia Li, by pinfall

The kick combo got the better of the Brazilian here! Xia Li stays spicy, but can she get a hot streak going towards the title?


It’s an NXT Tag Team Championship edition of #StreetTalk!

Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins sport those tag team titles as they walk the Full Sail campus. The Street Profits are about to party, but first, they’ll be taking on the Forgotten Sons. The grind don’t stop! Ford loves it, right up until he drops his crown. Full Sail is there for the Street Profits championship parade. “This right here? This don’t happen without the fans!” Never stop doing what you do, Full Sail! Because if they never stop, the Profits will never stop! But will it all stop when they take on the savage Blake & Cutler?


Six Man Tag: The Undisputed Era VS Velveteen Dream, Tyler Breeze & Matt Riddle!

When it comes to NXT, all roads lead to titles! Strong, O’Reilly & Fish want at the North American and Tag Team Championships. As for the #GorgeousDreamBros, they’d each love to be competing for THE NXT Championship. Which trio makes the better case for their golden ambitions with a win here tonight?

The teams sort out, and to everyone’s surprise, Cole is in the match instead of Kyle. The belts are put aside and Riddle convinces his teammates that he’ll start against Cole. Fans are divided all over the place even before the bell. The bell rings and Riddle circles with Cole. Riddle gets Cole in a waistlock and slams him fast! Cole scrambles but gets thrown down again! Riddle drags Cole up, rolls him, and has the kneebar! Strong jumps in but backs off as Riddle lets Cole go to go after Strong! Cole kicks Riddle and puts him in the Undisputed corner for stomps! Tag to Fish and he throws forearms and body shots.

Tag to Strong and Strong CHOPS Riddle in an open corner. But Riddle gut wrenches and suplexes Strong! And again! Strong rolls but Riddle covers, ONE! Riddle has Strong in a facelock and Dream tags in. Dream drops ax handles on Strong! Dream swivels the hips but Strong whips him. Strong misses the clothesline and gets Dream’s dropkick! Dream baits Strong into a haymaker, then climbs up fast. But Dream jumps into a body shot! Tag to Fish and Fish throws knees into Dream’s stomach. Fish trash talks but Dream comes back with haymakers. Fish kicks and boots Dream but Dream elbows Fish. Dream jumps up to ax handle Fish down. Dream runs at the Undisputed corner but they all get clear.

Fish runs at Dream but Dream dodges to give him a bulldog! Dream keeps moving, LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Fish’s face got the worst of all that, but Dream is on him with haymakers. Tag to Breeze and Breeze has a facelock. Fish powers Breeze to the Undisputed corner and Cole tags in. Cole throws haymakers on Breeze and knocks him down. “You don’t belong here, Tyler!” Cole runs into Breeze’s gorgeous dropkick! Breeze drags Cole up and tags in Riddle. Riddle kicks Cole hard, then fisherman suplexes him! Bridging cover, TWO! Riddle keeps on Cole with knees to the ribs, then spins him around for a waistlock. Cole fights out of the lift, but Riddle reels him in. Cole breaks out again but misses his Pele. Riddle waistlocks then wristlock ripcords to a Bro Trigger!

Strong runs in but Dream tosses him out. Fish runs in but gets Breeze’s SUPER MODEL KICK! Dream leaps out onto Strong with ax handles while Breeze pushes Fish out. Riddle goes side to side to give Cole forearm shots, then an exploder suplex! Riddle misses the Penalty Kick and the moonsault, but not the Bro-ton! But on the outside, Strong whips Dream into steps! Kyle distracts and that allows Fish to blast Riddle with an elbow! Cole tags Strong and Strong gives Riddle a backbreaker! Then a CHOP! Strong drags Riddle around to CHOP in the corner again, and give another backbreaker! Tag to Fish and Fish drags Riddle up for fast hands. Riddle hits back but Fish kicks the legs out. Fish kicks Riddle down then tags in Cole.

Cole drags Riddle up to a snapmare and drives his knee in over and over to the back. Cole wraps on a chinlock and cranks hard. Fans rally up for Riddle and Riddle fights back. Riddle fireman’s carries but Cole fights out, only to get a roundhouse! Riddle suplexes, but Cole counters with a backstabber! Cover, TWO!! Riddle survives and Cole is furious. Cole drags Riddle over and Strong tags in. Strong stomps Riddle out then drags Riddle up. Strong gives Riddle a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Strong clubs away on Riddle all over, then tags in Fish. Fish slingshots for a senton! Cover but they’re too close to ropes. Fish drags Riddle up for a snap suplex then covers, TWO! Fish drags Riddle around into a body scissors. He grinds a forearm into Riddle’s face but fans rally up.

Riddle pries his way out and throws elbows, but Fish rakes the eyes. Fish stomps Riddle down then tags Cole. Cole gives Riddle stomps then taunts him. Cole hits Dream hard just because! Riddle CHOPS Cole and throws big hands from all sides! But Cole stomps the bare feet. Cole fakes Riddle out with the muel kick, but leaps into a Bro Trigger! Hot tags to Fish and Breeze! Breeze rallies on the Undisputed Era! Forearm, forearm and SUPER MODEL KICK! Fish mule kicks and runs but into an enziguri! Fish flounders and Breeze hits another forearm. Breeze reels Fish in but Fish counters to a fireman’s carry. But Breeze slips out to give Fish a Beauty Shot! Cover, but Strong drags Fish to safety! Or so they think, as Breeze builds speed. But Dream tags in!?

Dream and Breeze argue and they don’t see Strong tag in. Cole SUPERKICKS Riddle down! Breeze and Dream double SUPERKICK Cole! But Strong’s super knee hits Breeze into Dream! Then Strong drags Dream up for End of Heartache!! Cover, the Era wins!!

Winners: The Undisputed Era, Roderick Strong pinning

Strong not only takes this for his team, he gets a pin on the North American Champion! Is the takeover of NXT truly on its way for the Undisputed Era?



My Thoughts:

Another great episode here! The opening segment was so great, with the Undisputed Era giving their promos, then the back and forth of them and the Faces. It definitely seems like we’ll be getting a later match of Dream, Breeze and Riddle to determine Cole’s challenger at TakeOver: Toronto. The Six Man Tag tonight was incredible, especially with the swerve of Cole being in for Kyle, who really does need some rest after that TakeOver ladder match. Seeing the dysfunction in the Face team felt right this time, since Dream was teaming with former challengers of his own. Strong getting the cover also makes sense, he’s the guy for the midcard title while reDRagon will focus on the tag team titles.

The Street Profits VS Forgotten Sons next week will be really good, but given Jaxson Ryker costing the Era against Lorcan & Burch before, expect them to return the favor and cost the Sons. Tayanra VS Li was a great match, and I recall Taynara winning before, so Li winning here is to keep them even. However, it is clear Mia Yim is moving into contention next with that solid video package giving us more about herself. Next week’s Steel Cage match will be great, but now it feels like Shayna will still find a way to win and have Mia challenge her in Toronto. Damien Priest, formerly known as Punishment Martinez, had a good debut against Raul Mendoza. It was very reminiscent of his early days in ROH, so expect him to move up fast towards the North American title, assuming Dream retains.

Speaking of “formerly known as,” so many of those Breakout Tournament competitors had name changes. But either way, it’s great to see ACH, Trevor Lee, Shane Strickland, Garza and the others debuting via this tournament. For that matter, this tournament is a great idea and already makes for a great tradition. Just wondering where Shogun Brennan Williams is, though… At this point, I can’t say one way or another who wins, but I would think the winner goes right for THE NXT Championship. With eight participants, that’s seven matches, and with this tournament starting next week, they could do a match a week and still put the finals at TakeOver: Toronto. Pretty sure the schedule will be different from that, but either way, the winner will have a great moment Summerslam weekend to launch their NXT career.

My Score: 8.5/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (6/19/19)

Who wins themselves some #ToniTime?



NXT UK Coverage

Everyone wants at the NXT UK Women’s Champion!

But only one woman can have her! The entirety of the NXT UK Women’s locker room competes in a Battle Royal to determine Toni Storm’s next opponent!



  • Kenny Williams VS Kassius Ohno; Ohno wins.
  • The Hunt VS Gallus; Gallus wins.
  • NXT UK Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal: Kay Lee Ray wins and will face Toni Storm for the title, at a time of her choosing.


NXT UK may have a new ruling power.

Imperium and British Strong Style fought it out in an incredible Six Man Tag main event last week, but a new face would sway the balance. Alexander Wolfe, formerly of SAnitY, pledges allegiance to Imperium as he helps them down British Strong Style! Will this fearsome foursome take over all of NXT UK?


NXT UK is at the Download Festival!

The formation of the brand owes a lot Derby, England and this three-day-weekend musical event! However, Nigel McGuinness opts out, so the Drama King, Aiden English, joins Vic Joseph on commentary!


Kenny Williams VS Kassius Ohno!

The Lucky Yan goes solo while Amir Jordan is still out of action! But can he #StayLucky against the Knockout Artist and Wrestling Genius?

The bell rings and Ohno stays back in the corner a moment. He eventually comes out and ties up with Kenny. Ohno wrenches and drags Kenny to the mat, steps through and has the wristlock. Fans cheer for the technical prowess, but Kenny rolls and hooks a leg. But Ohno gets both of Kenny’s arms to pull back in the motorcycle stretch. Ohno steps through to hook the arm, but Kenny works his way to a facelock. Fans rally but Ohno wrenches the arm again. Kenny brings Ohno back in for a facelock, but Ohno powers out to again wrench the arm. Ohno spins through to throw Kenny down to the mat. He keeps on the arm at the elbow joint, but Kenny endures. Kenny gets up and hops up to headscissor! Ohno stays up, and gets to the ropes. The ref calls for the ropebreak and Kenny honors it.

Fans cheer as Ohno is allowed to come out of the corner. Ohno ties up with Kenny and gets that arm again! Kenny endures but drops to a knee. Ohno wrenches more but Kenny jumps up and out! Kenny hurdles Ohno and rolls him up but Ohno rolls through. Kenny gets to a corner, shaking out the bad arm. Ohno runs in but Kenny goes up and over to then roll and bait Ohno in. Ohno falls for it, and Kenny rolls to get the leg. Kenny has Ohno on one foot as he hops up to get the headlock. Ohno powers Kenny to ropes but Kenny uses them to go up and over! Kenny hurdles to a sunset flip, but Ohno stays up. Ohno yanks Kenny up and shoves him, to catch him upside-down in the ropes!

Ohno laces the legs for a pseudo Tree of Woe, and he stomps Kenny into the apron! The ref counts and Ohno lets up to untie Kenny. Ohno yanks Kenny into the ropes by his feet! Kenny flounders to a corner but Ohno is on him again. Ohno throws a SLAP of a haymaker! Kenny is rocked but Ohno clubs away. Ohno puts Kenny in a corner for a CHOP! Kenny is sent reeling and Ohno kicks Kenny down. Fans want “One More Time!” and Ohno grins as he snapmares to a cover. TWO, but Ohno is on Kenny with a chinlock. Ohno shifts to an arm surfboard, but fans taunt, “Please don’t eat him!” Ohno gets annoyed, and he hauls Kenny up to a fireman’s carry for a rolling senton! Fans cheer while Kenny writhes and flounders.

Ohno stomps Kenny to a corner but Kenny pushes and chops back. Ohno shoves Kenny then snapmares him, for a big back senton, onto knees! Kenny gets Ohno there, but it really only angers Ohno. Ohno gets up but walks into Kenny’s uppercut! And CHOP! Kenny keeps chopping from both sides! Ohno whips to CHOP Kenny back, then brushes himself off. Ohno keeps Kenny against the ropes, takes off the arm band, then runs. Kenny catches Ohno in a wheelbarrow, but Ohno blocks and pops him up for a back suplex. Kenny lands on his feet! He waistlocks and rolls Ohno back, TWO! Pendulum Penalty Kick! Ohno rolls out of the ring but fans rally up. Kenny builds speed to wreck him with a dropkick! Kenny skins the cat to DIVE! And down goes Ohno!

Fans cheer on “NXT!” as Kenny gets Ohno in. Kenny climbs up as Ohno stands. Kenny leaps for a flying back elbow! Cover, TWO! Kenny can’t believe it, but he fires himself up as he goes to Ohno. He fires off headbutts and clubbing forearms, but his springboard is tripped up! Dream Crusher elbow! Ohno drags the floppy Kenny to a cover, Ohno wins!

Winner: Kassius Ohno, by pinfall

The Wrestling Genius takes care of Kenny’s miscalculations and gets another victory! Will Ohno prove he is the best at UK wrestling despite being American?


Imperium is here!

Ohno makes sure not to be in the way of Walter, Wolfe, Aichner and Barthel as the four walk out on stage. The four of them head to the ring, but for what? We find out after the break.

NXT UK returns with all four men in the ring, and fans chanting “Walter~! Walter~!” But the one to speak first is Marcel Barthel, which gets a lot of boos and “What?!” chants. Barthel waits until they’re over. “Apparently, you people think we are here to entertain you.” But Barthel assures them, they’re not. Imperium stands on the mat that is sacred, to restore honor to this sport. Aichner takes the mic to speak next, but fans chant “We Want Wrestling!” Aichner says that as we saw last week, “our numbers have increased. Our unit is now complete.” Fans troll Aichner with “Who Are Ya?” Aichner says fans will respect Imperium’s values. NXT UK will obey. Fans now chant, “We Want Peter!” and “Bruiserweight!” in reference to Pete Dunne.

But Wolfe speaks third, saying, “When I saw the opportunity to join Imperium, I had no doubt at all. It felt right to join Imperium. It felt right because this unit treats professional wrestling with respect.” Wolfe says that this brand, NXT UK, is not a playground. And Imperium WILL protect the legacy of this sport. Walter takes the mic now and speaks. “Talking about kids on the playground, Travis Banks. You may ahve a WWE United Kingdom Championship opportunty, but things will be done the way we want them to be done!” Therefore, Johnny Saint made the match for next week! But look at the group of men in the ring with Walter! They put Pete Dunne away, so Travis may be a brave young man, but he is a fool if he thinks he stands a chance! “We are Imperium! And this mat is SACRED!”

But here comes the Kiwi Buzzsaw to respond! Travis Banks is on stage with a mic of his own, to tell Imperium that if they want to do this next week, he has no problem. He has worked years for such an opportunity! Walter faces the Buzzsaw, and Banks promises Walter will need to bring everything he’s got! Will Banks tear down Imperium already? Or is not even years of hard work enough to overcome an Austrian Anomaly?


NXT UK Media catches up with Noam Dar.

The Scottish Supernova finishes up a call with his mum as reporters asked about his recent behavior, such as tricking Mark Andrews into thinking their rematch was a friendly one. What does he say to those claiming he’s “taking a dive?” Dar is offended! He just came back from a career-threatening injury! He should be getting a medal for this! Dar then says hey to his pal, Kenny Williams. Well things aren’t going his way, so Dar will give him some advice. It’s about time Kenny… How to put it? Dar illustrates it by holding up his arm. This is a wing, and there’s plenty of room for Kenny to be under it. Kenny tells Dar that this wing is gonna the way his knee did acting like this.

Dar tells Kenny to calm down. He’s just trying to help a friend. Maybe Kenny can become the perfect support act, and then his luck will turn around. Just think about it. Talk soon, bye bye. Kenny lets his “friend” head off in the wind, but will this attitude problem blow over between them?


The Hunt VS Gallus!

Just as Wild Boar and Primate returned victoriously to NXT UK, Wolfgang and Mark Coffey made it clear the Tag Team Division would be their kingdom! But now, Gallus will have to face these wild animals fair and square in the squared circle! Will Mark and Wolfgang survive The Hunt?

The teams sort out, and Primate starts against Mark Coffey. The bell rings and the brawl is on! Mark and Primate don’t back down so Wolfgang and Wild Boar rush in! Brawls all over the ring, the referee isn’t sure what to do! He tries to get them to sort out, but Gallus gets thrown out! The Hunt fires up and DOUBLE DIVE! The brawling just continues against the barriers! Primate clobbers Wolfgang then goes after Mark. Primate puts Mark in the ring but Mark comes back with forearms. Mark and Primate continue to brawl, but Primate powers Mark to the corner. Boar tags in and he stalks Mark to drop a back senton! Boar drops another, and fans cheer his wild style.

Wild Boar drags Mark up for big haymakers but Mark gets to ropes. The ref tries to get Boar back but Mark gives Boar a sucker punch! Mark boots Boar then full nelsons to a slam! Tag to Wolfgang who hits Primate before giving Boar a flying splash! Wolfgang keeps on Boar with furious hands while Primate protests. The ref keeps Primate back and Wolfgang wrenches Boar’s neck. Wild Boar endures and fans rally up. Wild Boar works his way up but Wolfgang shoves him to the Gallus corner. Tag to Mark and Wolfgang whips Boar back in. Mark throws body shots and kicks, then clubs Boar down. Cover, TWO! Mark stomps Boar and drops knees. Fans rally up for “Boar! Boar!” but Wolfgang tags in.

Gallus mugs Boar and Wolfgang wraps Boar in a half nelson. Boar endures while fans duel, “Let’s Go, Gallus!” “Gallus Sucks!” Wolfgang thrashes Boar around in a grounded full nelson! Boar still endures, and works his way back up and powers Wolfgang to the corner. But Mark tags in and boots Wolfgang down! Mark drops knees then wraps on a chinlock and half nelson. Mark almost has a cobra clutch but fans rally up. Boar fights but Mark knees him back down. Tag to Wolfgang and Gallus mugs Boar more. Wolfgang puts on another full nelson, then throws Boar hard into the corner. Tag back to Mark and the mugging continues. Tag to Wolfgang, and Mark feeds Boar to his scoop. But Boar slips out to shove Wolfgang into Mark! Hot tag to Primate!

Primate rallies on Gallus as fans cheer! He stalks Wolfgang to a corner to fire off hammering fists! Primate whips corner to corner for a BIG clothesline, to an exploder! Primate fires up with the fans, but he has to hit Mark down first. Wolfgang hits Primate then whips, but Primate reverses to back drop! Primate wants Wolfgang to stand, and fans bark, but Wolfgang tosses Primate out! Mark tackles Boar into steel steps! Gallus gets Primate in and Mark tags. Mark feeds Primate to Wolfgang’s scoop, enziguri powerslam! Cover, Gallus wins!

Winners: Gallus, Mark Coffey pinning

The Hunt is downed by the divide and conquer strategy! Gallus rolls on, but will they truly make the NXT UK Tag Team Division their kingdom?

Joe Coffey comes out to celebrate with his team, but then sees Wild Boar getting up. Gallus goes after Boar, 3v1! Fans boo as Mark and Wolfgang hold Boar up for All the Best for the Bells! Primate revives but the Coffey Brothers punch and stomp him down. But here comes Bomber Dave Mastiff! Mastiff owes Gallus for costing him a title shot! But Gallus runs away! When and where will Gallus have to answer to the big bad Bomber from Black Country?


Backstage interview with Moustache Mountain.

It is official! After hearing out the fans, GM Johnny Saint grants Trent Seven and Tyler Bate a rematch with Grizzled Young Veterans for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships! Seven and Bate are happy that this is finally happened. It was back in January that they had that first match. But to be fair, Moustache Mountain has been busy. Where is their focus going into this match? “If you want to be the absolute pinnacle and the absolute peak of your industry, then there’s gonna be certain distractions.” Their plate was full, with Gallus and now Imperium. But the tag titles are now their focus. They will prove to the NXT UK Universe and the world that Moustache Mountain is the best. Will it be Seven & Bate who are soon to be recognized as the best team on NXT UK?


NXT UK Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal!

The Lightning from Down Under is still THE NXT UK Women’s Champion, but after dealing with Nina Samuels, there’s plenty of #ToniTime to go around. Nina still has a shot in this battle royal, but so does Xia Brookside, Candy Floss, Killer Kelly, Isla Dawn, Rhea Ripley, Piper Niven, Kay Lee Ray, Jinny and The Alpha Female, Jazzy Gabert. With such fierce competition in the ring, who is the last woman left to go after Toni Storm’s “Shiny Shiny?”

NXT UK returns as KLR makes her entrance, followed by Piper Niven. Piper eyes Jazzy as she’s already in the center of the ring. But then Piper’s attention turns to the instigator, the Mosh Pit Kid, Rhea Ripley, as she makes her entrance. Rhea and Piper have wanted at each other in the ring, this might be their opportunity to do just that. With all the participants in the ring, the bell rings and the fight is on!

Jinny goes at Isla while Jazzy seems completely untouched. Perhaps no one wants to challenge the Alpha Female’s power just yet. But then Candy Floss and a pair of newcomers from the NXT UK tryouts gang up on her. They’re not enough and Jazzy fights her way out! She mule kicks Rhio McDonnell and back elbows Winona Makanji then lariats Candy down. Jazzy throws and ELIMINATES Rhio! Winona tries again, but then immediately regrets it. Jazzy grabs her with one hand but Winona fights out. Jazzy tries the other hand but again Winona fights out. So Jazzy grabs Winona with both hands to knee her low and throw her out. Winona holds on but gets a CHOP! Jazzy ELIMINATES Winona!

Jazzy turns her attention to Candy Floss for furious strikes! KLR CHOPS Xia while Isla fights off both Nina Samuels and Jinny. Jazzy lifts Candy in the Canadian rack, for a Dominator Slam! And a hard one. Jinny sees this, and takes Candy for herself, to ELIMINATE Candy! The Spoiled Princess gets on the board but with help from Jazzy. Xia headscissors KLR out but through the middle rope! KLR is still in the match. Jinny goes after Xia while Jazzy knocks down Killer Kelly. Rhea goes after Isla while Nina goes after Piper. Jazzy and Jinny regroup and Jazzy clobbers Xia. Jazzy drags Xia up for another, but Xia dodges! Jinny is on Xia but gets a boot while Piper lifts Jazzy! Piper puts Jazzy on the apron, and headbutts her! Xia sweeps the legs and ELIMINATES Jazzy!! The Alpha Female is furious and the Fierce Fashionista is shocked!

Jinny has no choice but to be alone in this. And everyone else knows it. Xia, Piper and Isla give Jinny forearms and kicks, then Piper throws Jinny hard into buckles! Piper splashes Jinny, then feeds her to a double trophy lift from Xia and Isla! Together, they throw Jinny out! Jazzy saves her boss by carrying her to the other side. Referees tell Jazzy to leave, and she finally does. But Jinny runs at Xia to be put on the apron! Xia forearms and ELIMINATES Jinny! Including KLR, who is still down and out on the outside, Xia is among the final seven in this match! Xia goes after Killer Kelly to help out Piper while Nina has Isla in the corner. Rhea is down but crawling to clear space in the ring.

Rhea and Nina work together on Isla, but Piper runs in to pull Nina off. Piper CHOPS Nina while Kelly clubs Xia. Isla elbows Rhea away and Nina hits Piper back. Nina hoists Piper up but Piper gets to the apron. Piper headbutts Nina down, then gets back in with an elbow drop! Nina gasps for air while Kelly brawls with Rhea. Rhea shoves Kelly to then flapjack her on ropes and throw her over! Rhea ELIMINATES Killer Kelly! Meanwhile, Isla and Xia fight with each other, because there are no friends in battle royals. But then the friends realize they have a greater enemy in Rhea! They go after her with forearms and stomps while Nina survives Piper’s shoves. Rhea fights her way out but Isla and Xia are right back on her. Piper and Rhea end up back to back as they fight off Nina, Xia and Isla.

Rhea scoops Xia to ram her into a Tree of Woe! She stomps away but Isla saves Xia. But Rhea hits back, then throws and ELIMINATES Isla Dawn! Piper and Rhea spot each other, but Nina keeps on Piper. Piper throws and ELIMINATES Nina! Now Rhea and Piper can finally go toe to toe! Rhea SLAPS Piper but Piper SLAPS back! Rhea hits again, but so does Piper. The brawl picks up speed but Piper headbutts Rhea down! Piper runs corner to corner, CANNONBALL! She drags Rhea around, then climbs up, but Rhea anchors Piper’s feet! Rhea clubs Piper and shoves her to the apron. Rhea boots but misses! Piper drags Rhea out to join her and they brawl some more! Xia sees this, lines it up, and dropkicks them both! She ELIMINATES Piper AND Rhea! But everyone forgot about KLR!!

KLR gets in, and Xia notices the fans’ change in reactions! Xia turns around, and gets clobbered by KLR! Fans boo but KLR gives Xia a lift and a toss! KLR wins!!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray; NEW #1 Contender to the NXT UK Women’s Championship

They all forgot her again, but now they’ll all have to acknowledge KLR as the next challenger. Will KLR immortalize herself as the woman to dethrone Toni Storm?



My Thoughts:

A really good NXT UK right here! Ohno VS Kenny was a great opening match, Kenny did a lot better than I thought he would. But Ohno wins because one, his own story needs to continue, and two, it pushes Kenny’s story with Dar. Dar VS Kenny is going to be a really good match, too, and perhaps a great rivalry since both can be in the NXT UK and Cruiserweight Divisions. Ohno was also clever in reacting that way to Imperium. Imperium had a decent set of promos, and the fans were pretty rowdy in a good way during it. Travis Banks also has a decent promo, and it’s great to hear that we’re already getting the WWE UK Championship match. This is more of a reason to say Banks is just fodder until a bigger challenger shows up for Cardiff.

The Hunt VS Gallus was solid, but it was great to see Mastiff come to the rescue. I expect a Six Man Tag of Mastiff & The Hunt VS Gallus to happen soon. This also saves Mastiff for Cardiff, he’d be a great challenger for Walter, even if he doesn’t win. We already knew from Grizzled Young Veterans that the Download Festival would have the NXT UK Tag Team Championships on the line, but now we know for sure it’s with Moustache Mountain and not jobbers. This could mean title changes, which would be interesting since there’s still a lot of time before Cardiff. Perhaps that means Cardiff will have Moustache Mountain VS GYV VS Imperium’s Aichner & Barthel in a big Triple Threat. That kind of match could go any which way by my math.

That Women’s Battle Royal, while historic for NXT UK, was booked about any other battle royal tends to get booked. If it wasn’t already obvious KLR was going to be Toni’s next challenger after all the promos, being tossed out through the second rope and completely forgotten by the other competitors was another big indicator. It was great for Xia to eliminate Jazzy, Jinny, and both Rhea and Piper after those two had their own moments, and therefore giving Xia the most eliminations of the match, it was all just to get some Heel heat on KLR when she’s actually a well-liked superstar. I can’t be sure if KLR or Toni is the one to choose the time and place, but it has to be before Cardiff, right? KLR VS Xia could fit in for a fun match that could get KLR even more heat leading into that.

My Score: 8.3/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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