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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (4/16/19)

Will the Age of Alexander survive Oney Lorcan?



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

The Cruiserweight Division was also privy to the Superstar Shake-Up, and now the Soul of 205 Live is going Raw! Will Alexander have a victorious good-bye?



  • Fatal 4 Way: Gran Metalik VS Ariya Daivari VS Mike Kanellis w/ Maria VS Akira Tozawa; Daivari wins.
  • Cedric Alexander VS Oney Lorcan; Lorcan wins.


The Cruiserweight Champion speaks!

“Welcome to 205 Live. Last week, I sent shockwaves through the Cruiserweight Division when I did the impossible. Tony Nese beat Buddy Murphy for the title at Wrestlemania! The Premier Athlete’s dream has come true, and then it happened again when he defended and retained the title in a rematch the 205 Live After Mania! Nese would love to sit back and relax, but a new era has begun. He promises to be a fighting champion on the most competitive brand in the WWE. Nese looks forward to his next challenger. Whether it’s his old rival, Drew Gulak, or a former champion like Kalisto or Akira Tozawa, or someone brand new, Nese is ready. Who will step up tonight in the Premier Era of 205 Live?


Drake Maverick joins commentary!

The General Manager of 205 Live is excited for the main event. Cedric Alexander was sent to Monday Night Raw via the Superstar Shake-Up, but only time will tell if this is the last night we see him on Tuesdays. He faces a mean and bitter Oney Lorcan, but will the Soul of 205 Live survive to make it to next Monday? Whatever the future holds, Maverick thanks Alexander for everything he’s done in and for the Cruiserweight Division.


Fatal 4 Way: Gran Metalik VS Ariya Daivari VS Mike Kanellis w/ Maria VS Akira Tozawa!

As has become tradition, the resident luchadors welcome the fans to the show, in their best French! And who is ready for the Lucha House Party~? Montreal seems ready! And Metalik will tear the house down, because it’s #LUCHATIME! The King of the Ropes goes to the ring and awaits his opponents to make their way out. Which superstar will take the win and a huge step towards challenging the Premier Athlete for the title?

Drake Maverick notes that everyone in this match, from Metalik to the Privileged Persian Lion to the “Opportunist” to The Stamina Monster, could be the #1 contender. When asked why THE Brian Kendrick wasn’t in this match, Maverick says Kendrick could easily become a contender the next time out. As for why Kendrick isn’t ringside, it’s perhaps because he trusts Tozawa can win this on his own. The bell rings and we begin this crucial Cruiserweight Fatal 4!

Fans chant “AH! AH!” for Tozawa but Daivari bails out. Daivari wants to take his time with this match, so Kanellis worries about Tozawa and Metalik. Metalik and Tozawa double kick, whip and dropkick Kanellis down! Kanellis bails out and Metalik immediately kicks Tozawa. Metalik headlocks but Tozawa powers out. Things speed up and Tozawa avoids the handspring. Metalik keeps going, handspring arm-drag sends Tozawa to a corner. Metalik runs in but Tozawa boots him away. Tozawa hops up and headscissors Metalik out! Tozawa takes aim and builds speed, but Daivari returns with a clothesline! Daivari stomps away while Kanellis is lurking.

Metalik springboards and dropkicks Daivari down! Kanellis attacks Metalik and CHOPS him to a corner. There’s that opportunist element. Kanellis whips Metalik corner to corner but Metalik reverses. Metalik runs in but Kanellis puts him on the apron, only to get a swing kick. Kanellis staggers into Daivari and Metalik climbs up, to LEAP onto them both with a crossbody! Metalik bounces off and Tozawa tilt-o-whirls to the Iron Octopus! Metalik stays up, but Daivari and Kanellis both SUPERKICK Metalik and Tozawa down! Kanellis and Daivari work out an alliance, and they stomp a man each. Daivari puts Tozawa in a corner and grinds in a knee while Kanellis brings Metalik around for elbows.

Daivari bumps Tozawa off buckles and Kanellis suplexes Metalik for a suplex! Now Kanellis and Daivari both work on Metalik, and Kanellis gives another big suplex! Daivari keeps on Metalik with a rain of rights while Kanellis stomps Tozawa. Kanellis goes back to Metalik to put him on the rope and throw a big right hand! Daivari drags Metalik up to feed him to Kanellis’ SPINEBUSTER! Daivari drags Tozawa up and Kanellis runs in, but Tozawa dodges to send that SUPERKICK into Daivari! Tozawa fires off on Kanellis and fires up! Montreal fires up with him as he whips. Kanellis reverses to elbow Tozawa then bring him up in a fireman’s carry. Kanellis throws Tozawa down with a Death Valley Driver, cover, but Daivari drags Kanellis off! The alliance is tense already, but Daivari apologizes. Only to attack Kanellis from behind!

Kanellis is stuck on the apron, Daivari brings him down with a powerbomb to the floor! Daivari roars then goes after Tozawa. He drags Tozawa up, hammerlock lariat misses! Tozawa’s rolling roundhouse hits! Cover but Metalik breaks it! Metalik and Tozawa go at each other, Tozawa swings, spins and slides to a German Suplex! But Metalik lands on his feet! Metalik eggs Tozawa on and boots away the clothesline to then hit a Sling-Dog! Cover, but Kanellis breaks it up! Kanellis drags Tozawa up to a fireman’s carry but the bad back is bothering him. Tozawa fights his way out, too, to shove Kanellis for a huricanrana! Tozawa adds the shining wizard, and then climbs up top. Kanellis stands and Tozawa hits him down with a missile dropkick! But Metalik springboards for a swanton on Tozawa! Daivari flies in with a Lion Splash! Cover, TWO!! All four men are down!

A standing count begins and Daivari is up first. He brings Metalik up to a corner and whips corner to corner. Metalik reverses but Daivari goes to the apron. Daivari shoulders in but Metalik kicks him back. Metalik goes corner to corner to leap and headscissor Daivari down at Kanellis! But Tozawa DIVES onto Metalik! The Tozawa Torpedo hits and now all four men are down on the outside! Maverick is fired up with Montreal watching this great match! Tozawa puts Kanellis back in the ring and stalks him from behind. Kanellis reaches ropes but Tozawa waistlocks. Kanellis resists so Tozawa clubs him down. Tozawa lifts but Kanellis resists and elbows free. Kanellis clutches that bad back but he still chops Tozawa. Tozawa gives back the chop, so Kanellis gives another. Montreal lets out a “WOO~” with each chop as Kanellis and Tozawa keep going back and forth.

Tozawa fires up and even takes the mouth guard out, to fake Kanellis out! He hits the JAB and Kanellis staggers! Tozawa runs but into a boot! Kanellis runs but into a boot! Tozawa blocks the Superkick into a German Suplex! Kanellis is in the drop zone and fans fire up as Tozawa climbs up. But Maria gets on the apron! Mike rocks Tozawa with a right and a chop! Mike Kanellis climbs while Maria Kanellis cheers him on. But Tozawa fights back, and fans rally up as Tozawa gets control. Tozawa punches Kanellis down and then takes aim, SUPER SENTON hits knees!! Kanellis drags Tozawa up, spinning facebuster! Cover, but Metalik springboards! Kanellis gets clear and lets that elbow drop on Tozawa! Kanellis then throws Metalik out but Daivari throws Kanellis out! Daivari covers Tozawa, Daivari wins!

Winner: Ariya Daivari, by pinfall

The Opportunist got beat by an even more opportunistic opponent! Daivari snatches Kanellis’ victory for his own, will this be the moment he becomes a contender?


Oney Lorcan speaks.

“Since the Cruiserweight Division was reborn three years ago, no one has been more important in building this division than Cedric Alexander.” During good times and bad, Alexander was the anchor of 205 Live. “But everything comes to an end.” Lorcan wants to lead 205 Live into the future, so that’s why he’s after Alexander. If he can’t beat Alexander, Lorcan isn’t worthy of leading.

Cedric Alexander also speaks.

“I’ve been drafted to Monday Night Raw. And it’s a huge opportunity for me to face new competition and build my legacy.” Because that’s what this has always been about: building legacy. After Alexander is gone, his legacy remains. Alexander will always have pride over the blood, sweat, tears and soul he poured into 205 Live. He told Lorcan that one day he would lead the division. But Lorcan thinks that day is today. Well if so then give everything you’ve got, because Alexander ain’t going down without a fight. Will Alexander leave 205 Live with a lasting impression? Or will Lorcan lead the way into a new age?


Cedric Alexander VS Oney Lorcan!

Both men have said their piece. Now one will have to make their peace. Will the Age of Alexander grow as he goes to Monday Night Raw? Or will the #StarDestroyer make himself into a star by conquering a former Cruiserweight Champion?

The bell rings and Lorcan stares down with Alexander. Montreal cheers for Alexander as he and Lorcan circle. They feel it out and tie up. Lorcan gets the arm and wrenches but Alexander rolls quick to a takedown. Alexander gets the leg for a toehold, but Lorcan works on getting an arm around him. Fans rally as Lorcan gets a leg and goes for an armbar but Alexander scrambles away to a ropebreak. Lorcan lets Alexander go and the two circle again. Alexander and Lorcan tie up and Lorcan gets a waistlock. Lorcan brings Alexander down but Alexander switches and floats to a facelock. Fans sing “Ole~ ole ole ole~” while Lorcan gets up and puts Alexander on the ropes. Alexander lets go but Lorcan grinds into Alexander. They break with some tension but fans applaud.

Alexander and Lorcan tie up again, and Lorcan reels Alexander into a headlock takeover. Alexander works on an escape but Lorcan wrenches tight. Fans rally as Alexander makes it a cover, ONE! Lorcan wrenches back but Alexander gets up. Alexander tries to power out but Lorcan holds on tight! Lorcan grinds Alexander to a cover, TWO! Alexander endures the deep headlock and fans rally again. They stand up and Alexander tries again but Lorcan still holds on. Alexander rolls Lorcan to a cover, TWO! Lorcan keeps the hold on tight but Alexander gets up. Alexander finally powers out but Lorcan runs him over. Things speed up and Lorcan fakes Alexander out to CHOP him down! Lorcan has Alexander in a corner for another CHOP! Alexander fights back but Lorcan whips him corner to corner hard! Cover, ONE! Lorcan is surprised but keeps his cool.

Lorcan drags Alexander up for European Uppercuts. He whips Alexander corner to corner, but Alexander goes up and over then somersaults and handsprings to headscissor and dropkick! He dropkicks Lorcan’s legs out to dropkick yet again! Fans fire up as Alexander covers, ONE! Lorcan and Alexander are both stinging but Alexander CHOPS Lorcan from the mat! Lorcan gets to a corner but Alexander is on him with EuroUppers of his own. Alexander follows Lorcan to a corner, but Lorcan CHOPS Alexander! Alexander staggers but CHOPS back! Lorcan crawls away but Alexander is on him, only to get another CHOP! Alexander staggers away and Lorcan runs in, but Alexander puts him on the apron to kick him down! Lorcan leans on the apron so Alexander builds speed to DIVE! But Lorcan deflects to send Alexander into barriers!

Lorcan drags Alexander up to throw him into the LED apron! He puts Alexander in to corner, TWO! Lorcan keeps his cool as he looms over Alexander. Lorcan drags Alexander up to CHOP him again. Alexander flounders to a corner but Lorcan is on him for another whip. He follows it up with a clothesline, then whips Alexander again, for yet another clothesline. Lorcan throws Alexander down for a cover, TWO! Lorcan keeps on Alexander with a rear bearhug. Alexander endures the squeeze and fans rally up. Alexander feeds off the energy to fight up, but Lorcan wants the half nelson! Lorcan is denied as Alexander elbows and arm-drags him off. Alexander gets to ropes and he boots Lorcan away. Alexander elbows from a corner, then CHOPS Lorcan again. He whips Lorcan but Lorcan reverses to ram the kitchen sink knee in! Cover, TWO!

Lorcan goes right back to the rear bearhug and Alexander endures the squeeze all over again. Alexander fights his way up and elbows out again. Lorcan kicks low then whips, but Alexander reverses to knee him against ropes. Alexander snapmares and dropkicks Lorcan down! Both men are down and Montreal fires up. Lorcan and Alexander stir, and Alexander gets fans fired up as he knips up! Alexander aims at Lorcan and starts rallying with lariats and elbows! Lorcan’s kick is blocked and Alexander hits a back elbow! Alexander runs in but is put on the apron, to kick Lorcan away! Springboard complete shot! Cover, TWO!! Lorcan lives and Alexander is surprised. Alexander grits his teeth as he drags Lorcan up. Lorcan powers out to chop so Alexander CHOPS back. Lorcan CHOPS, Alexander CHOPS!

Alexander runs but into an elbow. Lorcan hops up and leaps, but Alexander gets clear of the blockbuster. Alexander scoops for the Michinoku Driver! Cover, TWO!! Alexander is shocked! Alexander gets up and takes off the elbow pads. He drags Lorcan up but Lorcan denies the lift. Alexande rkicks away then fires uppercuts. Alexander runs and handsprings, but Lorcan uppercuts the Neuralizer out of the air! Lorcan runs to hit the blockbuster! Alexander flounders up but gets a running EuroUpper! Cover, TWO!! Alexander lives and Lorcan can’t accept it! Lorcan seethes as he drags Alexander back up in half nelson position. Alexander denies the Half ‘n’ Half again, but Lorcan chop blocks a leg! Lorcan drags Alexander up for a powerbomb! High stack, TWO, into Half Crab!

Alexander endures the pain in his back as he crawls for ropes, but Lorcan drags him away! And sits deep! Alexander flails and reaches, but keeps crawling! Ropebreak! Lorcan lets go as Montreal cheers. Lorcan drags Alexander back up for another CHOP! He puts Alexander in a corner for even more CHOPS! Alexander flops around but Lorcan hauls him up to the top rope. Lorcan climbs up behind Alexander, and he wants the half nelson! Alexander holds on for dear life, then elbows out. Lorcan hits the top rope on the way down! Alexander builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit takes Lorcan down! Alexander drags himself to Lorcan and then puts Lorcan in the ring. Alexander hurries to the apron and fans fire up! Springboard, EUROUPPER! Lorcan takes Alexander out of the air but both men are down!

A standing count begins but Alexander goes to the apron. Lorcan crawls to follow and now they’re glaring forehead to forehead. They both stand and start brawling on the apron! They CHOP back and forth, but Lorcan grabs Alexander’s chin to slap, slap, SLAP! Lorcan grits his teeth as he drags Alexander back up. Alexander CHOPS Lorcan, then copies the slap, slap, SLAP! Alexander boots away on Lorcan’s face, but Lorcan blocks and spins Alexander for the Half ‘n’ Half to the apron! Lorcan gets Alexander back in, Alexander flounder up, LARIAT! But then, HALF ‘N’ HALF AGAIN! Cover, Lorcan wins!!

Winner: Oney Lorcan, by pinfall

Oney Lorcan beats the Soul of 205 Live and proves himself worthy of staying! Lorcan does show some strong leadership qualities as he goes to Alexander and offers him a hand. Fans chant “Thank You, Cedric!” as Alexander stands on his own. Lorcan offers him a handshake, and Alexander accepts. There is still respect between these two even after going to war. Lorcan lets Alexander have the ring to say good-bye for perhaps the last time. Is this truly the end of Alexander in the Cruiserweight Division? Is this only the beginning of Lorcan’s legacy?



My Thoughts:

What a great 205 Live! And a great way of handling the first time the Superstar Shake-Up “affected” them, too. Murphy didn’t get to have a final promo here but his introduction package on SmackDown tonight did good enough for the WWE as a whole, I suppose. The opening Fatal 4 Way was great for being roughly 15 minutes and non-stop. I suppose with Tozawa and Kanellis in their own story and then Lucha House Party just being the exciting stars between 205 Live and Raw, it was going to be Ariya Daivari by default. But it was a great bit of booking to make Daivari even sneakier than the “Opportunist”, Kanellis. Daivari will make a good Heel for Face Nese since they have history similar to Nese and Gulak *cough* Enzo */cough* and a solid win for Nese to add to his resume.

Alexander VS Lorcan was incredible, and a good 20 minute match. This was a great send off for Alexander since he’s going to be Raw full-time. Now obviously this is a strange thing since Cruiserweights are supposed to be open to Raw anyway, but considering the two shows are on different days, it’s just easier for Alexander to be only on Raw and not as a part of 205 Live. Alexander will have a great time on Raw, at least I hope, and finally get some good recognition since it’ll be on TV. Lorcan winning is big for him, he’ll probably go back to being Face since he’s more natural as that in his promos. And even if he doesn’t, he’ll have a string of fresh and amazing match-ups on his way to the title.

My Score: 8.3/10

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