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NXT UK Coverage


Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (4/3/19)

NXT UK rolls on towards Wrestlemania Weekend!

NXT UK may be sending Dunne and Walter to New York, but the battle rages on across the pond! Will Trent Seven show Joe Coffey who’s the real dead weight?



  • Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan VS Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner; Williams & Jordan win.
  • Kay Lee Ray VS Isla Dawn; KLR wins.
  • Trent Seven VS Joe Coffey; Coffey wins.


Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan VS Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner!

The Luckyan finally got the Bhangra Badboy to be serious about training, but now they’ll have to face a team that is no laughing matter. Will Kenny & Amir stand a chance against the European Alliance? Or will Barthel & Aichner end the fun and keep the ring sacred?

Teams sort out and we begin with Amir and Barthel. They circle as fans chant “NEIN! NEIN!” Amir and Barthel tie up and Barthel brings Amir down with a chinbar. Barthel wrenches the arm to a wristlock then a hammerlock. Amir scrambles around but Barthel keeps on him. Barthel gets the free arm and wrenches it, then SLAPS Amir on the back! Barthel grinds his knuckles and forearm in, but Amir gets up. Amir rolls through the wristlock then handsprings and breaks free to dropkick Barthel! And again! Then he dances to taunt Barthel. Barthel throat chops Amir down! Barthel drags Amir over and tags in Aichner. Aichner CHOPS Amir against the ropes then slaps him around.

Aichner snapmares but Amir handsprings through. Kenny tags in as Aichner whips Amir. Amir slides under and Kenny slingshots in. Aichner pops Kenny up and blocks the huricanrana with pure power! But Kenny slips out to a sunset flip! Aichner stays up so Kenny kicks and huricanranas Aichner out! Fans fire up as Kenny builds speed. But Amir tags in as Barthel blocks Kenny’s path. Barthel says “NEIN!” but Amir and Kenny dare him to fight. Barthel backs down, because Aichner clobbers both Kenny and Amir from behind! The Euro Alliance then throw Kenny out and mug Amir in the corner. Aichner stomps a mudhole into Amir but lets up at 4. Fans boo and jeer as Aichner boasts. Amir fights back but Aichner clubs him into the corner.

Tag to Barthel and Barthel puts Amir in a cravat. Barthel snapmares and scrapes Amir’s face! Fans boo as Barthel poses. Barthel drags Amir up for a stiff European Uppercut, then right hands in the corner! The ref backs Barthel down but Aichner gets a cheap shot in as he hangs Amir upside down! Tag to Aichner, and then the Europeans meet in the middle with dropkicks! Fans boo as both men pose with pride. Fans chant “NEIN! NEIN!” as Aichner drags Amir up. Aichner gives EuroUpper then tags in Barthel. The Europeans mug Amir with more mudhole stomps, then Barthel taunts Amir. Amir fights back with body shots but gets a big knee and elbow for it. Barthel covers, TWO!

Barthel keeps on Amir with a chinlock. Kenny gets the fans fired up as Amir endures. Amir fights his way up and out, but Barthel kicks him down. Barthel whips but Amir dodges! Barthel hits buckles so Aichner runs in. Amir dumps Aichner out and tags in Kenny! Kenny rallies on Barthel with furious forearms. Barthel shoves but Kenny hurdles to springboard back elbow! Kenny runs in corner to corner for a forearm smash on Barthel. Barthel denies the bulldog once, but not the second time! Kenny sees Aichner and missile dropkicks him away. Kenny wheelbarrows, but Barthel denies the victory roll! So Kenny shifts and hits the inverted DDT! Cover, TWO! Barthel survives but Kenny has a wild grin on his face.

Kenny fires up with Coventry as he goes after Barthel. Barthel uppercuts and puts Kenny in a corner. Kenny goes up and over but sees Aichner again. Springboard back elbow takes the Italian out! Kenny builds speed and wrecks Aichner with a dropkick. Kenny skins the cat but Barthel dropkicks him out! Amir climbs up and aims at Aichner for a leaping crossbody! But Aichner catches Amir! And drops him on the apron! The Europeans coordinate on Kenny, pop-up Spinebuster to Penalty Kick! Fans boo as Aichner & Barthel pose again. Aichner backs off while Barthel boots Amir! Barthel puts Kenny in the corner and tags Aichner. Barthel tosses Kenny at Aichner for the stalling suplex, but Kenny fights out! Kenny rolls Aichner, Kenny & Amir win!!

Winners: Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan, Williams pinning

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They won!! Even Amir and Kenny are shocked! Will these underdog sensations suddenly find themselves contending for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships?


Backstage interview with Rhea Ripley.

The Mosh Pit Kid declared herself the most dominant female in NXT UK, but now that Piper Niven is here, will that title belong to her? “Really, Radzi? Piper Niven?” Rhea let Piper off easy in her TV debut, but NXT UK will not be a dream come true. It’ll be Piper’s living nightmare. Piper the Viper makes her debut in the ring next week, will Rhea make sure it’s ruined?


Backstage interview with Johnny Saint & Sid Scala.

The NXT UK head and assistant GM’s are very proud that the WWE United Kingdom Championship is being defended on TakeOver: New York. “This is a huge opportunity for NXT UK.” Sid agrees with Saint, but then Jordan Devlin comes in to conduct his own interview. Devlin wants to know how Walter can just walk in here looking like “an over-sized baby”, then just slap around a bunch of losers, to be gifted this title match while the MVP, him, the Irish Ace who pushed Dunne further than anyone, is left off? He puts the mic quite literally in Sid’s face. Sid understands how Devlin feels but the contract has been signed. The match is happening. Devlin accepts that. But know one thing: the Ace will be watching very, very closely. Will Devlin be first in line for a shot no matter what happens in New York?


Kay Lee Ray VS Isla Dawn!

The White Witch is proud to have more Scottish females on the roster, but the KLR doesn’t want her getting ideas of them being pals over it. Will Isla be slapped back to reality? Or will she show KLR a little magic?

The bell rings and KLR circles with Isla. They tie up and KLR gets the wristlock. She gives Isla a quick shoulder breaker then another. KLR wrenches more but Isla spins through to reverse it onto KLR. KLR spins through but misses her forearm. She bucks Isla off the waistlock, but Isla shows off her flexibility. Isla baits KLR in and rolls her up! ONE, and KLR trips Isla for a cover. ONE as Isla slips out Matrix style. Isla Oklahoma Rolls KLR, TWO! KLR gets Isla’s arms but Isla reverses. They fight over backslide control, but KLR swings Isla out for a knee to the stomach. KLR hammerlocks and throws Isla into the corner. KLR puts Isla’s arm against the ropes while fans rally.

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The ref counts and KLR lets up at 4, but then comes back for a hammerlock using her legs! She brings Isla down for an armbar, then turns to twist the arm while doing push-ups! KLR makes it a cover, TWO! KLR has wristlocks and pushes Isla down but TWO as Isla nips up! Isla shows her strength but KLR kicks her low. KLR whips and trips Isla, then drags her to the apron. She spins Isla around for a stiff forearm! Fans applaud that, and then KLR drags Isla out. Isla powers out and throws KLR into the apron! Isla drags KLR up but KLR rakes her eyes. KLR still ends up back in the ring, but quickly DIVES out onto Isla! KLR puts Isla in and covers, TWO!

Isla clutches her arm but KLR is on it with a seated stretch. KLR drives her elbow in, too, but fans rally up. Isla endures and fights out, but KLR is right back on her. Isla reverses to a saido suplex! The White Witch fires up and hits a knee trigger! Cover, TWO! KLR lives but Isla keeps her focus. Isla drags KLR up to a fireman’s carry, but KLR slips out. KLR CHOPS Isla, then SUPERKICKS! Underhooks into the Gory Bomb! Cover, KLR wins!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray, by pinfall

The killer KLR continues to be successful in NXT UK with an impressive 2-0! Will she find her way to the NXT UK Women’s Championship in the near future?


Backstage interview with Toni Storm.

The NXT UK Women’s Champion defends her title next week against the Spoiled Princess and long time rival, Jinny. How confident is she feeling? Toni’s said all she has to say about Jinny. And here comes Jinny now! The two brawl immediately, but referees hurry to pull them apart. Jinny gets loose and decks Toni with a right! Jinny throws Toni into trunks, then promises that the title will be hers! Is the Lightning from Down Under going to recover in time for when she puts her title on the line? Or is the Spoiled Princess about to become NXT UK’s queen?


Travis Banks speaks.

“Ten years ago, I used to look up to people like Kassius Ohno.” Travis respected and even emulated him. But just look at Ohno now. Ohno is just bitter, but thinks he’s better? In that case, Ohno should get in the ring with the Kiwi Buzzsaw and prove it. Will the Knockout Artist accept the challenge? Or is he smart enough not to run into a buzzsaw?

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The Grizzled Young Veterans are here!

The NXT UK Tag Team Champions are dressed for business because they have some business to address in regards to those titles. Fans taunt Zack Gibson with “If you hate Gibson, shoes off~!” but James Drake keeps Gibson focused on their business. “I am Liverpool’s Number One, Zack Gibson!” And beside him is Mr. Mayhem, James Drake. And together they are the Grizzled Young Veterans, the very first NXT UK Tag Team Champions! But as you can see, they’re not dressed to compete. The fans still taunt Drake for being “Ass Face” in his ring gear. Gibson says they’re not going to compete because Gibson is not medically cleared after Oney Lorcan damaged his ear drums. But regardless, the GYV will still be the NXT UK tag champs. And why they’re out here is because they need to address some issues Gibson has.

Gibson hears some people “slagging us off”, from NXT UK fans all over social media all the way to the NXT UK rosters and even that “dweeb” Vic Joseph. “You wanna know why we have a chip on our shoulder?” Because for YEARS, the GYV watched while promoters and fans alike always “backed the wrong talent”. They watched the old guard abandon the locker room, the flood gates open, and came in “outlaw wrestlers” and the “flippy skinny boys”. There is talent so eager to use every shortcut possible to leap frog the GYV. Fans still taunt “Ass Face”. But Gibson says the GYV weren’t going to wait any longer. That’s why they took their spot in Blackpool to become the champions!

“Oh but now, I’m hearing some more rumors.” Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan scored one lucky win, and they’re already acting like they’re contenders? How?! How are those two “divs” even contenders when they’ve barely been here five minutes? They’ve yet to endure even a fraction of what the GYV have. “The old guard may have turned their back”, but this is the new guard! The GYV run the locker room, and everyone will answer to them! Zack Gibson, James Drake, Grizzled Young Veterans, NXT UK Tag Team Champions, “SOON to be recognized” as the most important champions anywhere in the WWE. Fans boo but the message has been sent. Will Gibson & Drake establish themselves atop not only the NXT UK Tag Division, but the entirety of WWE tag team wrestling?


Trent Seven VS Joe Coffey!

The Man from Moustache Mountain has climbed down from the mountain to prove to the Iron King that he’s not the dead weight of his stable. Will the Seven Stars align for Trent tonight? Or will Joe just be too gallus?

The bell rings and fans are already singing for “Trent Seven Army~!” Coffey and Seven tie up and go around onto the ropes. Seven backs off but Coffey gets a headlock. Seven powers out but Coffey runs him over with a shoulder. Coffey keeps moving but Seven keeps up, only for Coffey to whip and catch Seven. Seven slips out of the toss and shoves Coffey to chop, but Coffey’s too sturdy! Seven dares Coffey to bring it, but Coffey blocks the next chop to give big body shots. Coffey whips Seven into a corner but Seven comes back with chops! Seven chops more and more, but gets Coffey with the feint for a DDT! Cover, TWO! Seven keeps on Coffey with a fast scoop slam and leg drop as fans sing. Cover, TWO!

Seven goes after the legs but Coffey kicks Seven away. Coffey bails out but Seven pursues. Seven ducks the clothesline for a full nelson but Coffey powers Seven into barriers. Coffey back suplexes Seven onto barriers! Then Coffey presses Seven backwards and shouts at the fans, “You see this, you boys?!” Coffey clubs Seven down while fans boo and jeer. He drags Seven up and into the ring, then stomps Seven in the corner. Coffey drags Seven around to the apron and bends him backwards into the post! Fans boo and the ref counts, but Coffey lets go at 4. Seven slumps out of the ring but Coffey drags him back up for a CHOP! Coffey puts Seven in the ring at the ref’s ring count of 5, then covers, TWO! Seven has life but Coffey puts him in a half nelson.

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Fans rally up as Seven endures but Coffey drives in a knee. Seven still holds on and fires up. Seven throws body shots and breaks free, but his bad back keeps him down. Coffey paces before he drags Seven up for a bearhug. Coffey squeezes the bad back but Seven fights with elbows and forearms. Seven SLAPS Coffey but Coffey squeezes tighter. Coffey then shoves and belly2belly suplexes Seven over head! Seven crawls to a corner while fans sing again. Coffey runs in corner to corner but Seven dodges! But Coffey comes back around for forearms and a waistlock takedown. Coffey stomps, drops knees and even a leaping elbow! Seven crawls and Coffey takes aim, but again Seven dodges! Seven back drops Coffey, then runs in for a CHOP! And more CHOPS! Seven reels Coffey in, snap Dragon Suplex!

But Seven doesn’t stop, adrenaline helps him hit a suplex to side slam! Cover, TWO! Coffey is up but Seven is running, to clothesline Coffey out hard! Seven keeps moving, and DIVES! Fans are thunderous for Seven as he drags Coffey back up and in. Seven climbs back in then climbs up top. Phoenix Senton flops! Seven gets up and narrowly dodges one clothesline, but not the other! Then another! Cover, TWO!! Seven survives both the northern and sourthern clotheslines, but Coffey deadlifts Seven for a German suplex! Coffey keeps moving to POUNCE Seven into buckles! Coffey still isn’t done, powerbomb and high stack, TWO!! Fans cheer for “Moustache Mountain!” while Seven and Coffey stir.

Coffey stands first and brings Seven around. Seven resists the bomb, then trips Coffey up for a Figure Four! Coffey endures and punches at the legs, then drags himself towards ropes. Seven slaps Coffey’s legs but Coffey hits back. Coffey reaches as Seven hammers away, ropebreak! Seven lets go of Coffey at 4, with help from the ref, and both men end up crawling to the apron. Coffey taunts Seven while fans rally up. Seven and Coffey both stand up and start throwing hands and CHOPS! Seven’s back bothers him but he still comes back with a chop. Coffey throws more hands, then wants another belly2belly but Seven ear claps out. Coffey kicks low and wants another bomb, but Seven back drops Coffey to the floor! Seven himself slumps down while Coffey writhes.

Both men clutch their backs while the ring count begins. The count reaches 5 before either man stands. Seven is up first and drags Coffey up. Seven puts Coffey in at 8, but he barely gets in, at 9.5! Coffey crawls after Seven and says this is still his kingdom. But Seven starts bobbing and weaving, and he CHOPS Coffey into the wristlock. Coffey boots the Seven Stars away but Seven dodges All the Best for the Bells! Seven runs into a pop-up EuroUpper! Coffey keeps Seven up, hops up, and leaps, only to flop! Seven runs, big lariat! But he’s not done there, swing out for THE Seven Star Lariat!! Cover, TWO!? Coffey survives and Seven can’t believe it! Coventry agrees, “That was Three! That was Three!”

Seven drags himself up while fans rally again. Seven grits his teeth as he fires up. Coffey stands and Seven goes for the torture rack. But his back gives out! Coffey capitalizes with another powerbomb! High stack, TWO, but into the Boston Crab! Seven shouts, flails and reaches, but Coffey pulls him away from the ropes! Coffey sits down deep, Seven crawls, and fans give him power, but Coffey drags him away again! Seven taps, Coffey wins!

Winner: Joe Coffey, by submission

The Iron King wins, but there’s no way Seven is the weak link of British Strong Style. Either way, Coffey gets himself back on track, but will this be enough to contend for the WWE UK Championship again?


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NXT UK takes one last look at the road to Dunne VS Walter.

“Since May of 2017, at TakeOver: Chicago, one thing has remained the same.” Pete Dunne has been the champion. The Bruiserweight won again and again, against star after star, for a historic 685 days as WWE UK Champion. But then on January 12th, 2019, NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool, a new challenger appeared: The Ring General, the Austrian Anomaly, WALTER! The Bruiserweight wasn’t afraid, but everyone from Progress to wXw to just about anywhere in Europe knew what Walter was capable. So to prove he wasn’t afraid, Dunne demanded Walter be his opponent in New York.

Dunne looks to face his toughest challenger yet, but he vows that the title is and always will be his. But then Walter did the most shocking thing ever: he spoke! He told Dunne in both Austrian and English that Dunne’s time is up, and that era will end. Walter vows to make that title and all of NXT UK his, but what will it take to take over in New York?



My Thoughts:

NXT UK finds itself in a unique place as far as a go-home goes. The ending package for the title match was great, it really catches fans up if they missed anything, especially last week’s contract signing that was basically the real go-home segment. Again, pretty sure Walter wins because that’d make Dunne way too powerful. But that aside, this was just a great episode with great action and story build anyway. Williams & Jordan VS Aichner & Barthel was a great match, and it was great for Williams & Jordan to win. It really builds up the card to have another Face tag team to move up while Moustache Mountain is apparently taking it easy right now. The Grizzled Young Veterans, or rather Gibson, had another great promo that pointed out Williams & Jordan, so maybe that’s the match at the next UK exclusive TakeOver.

KLR VS Isla was a good match, and naturally KLR wins because she just got here and needs to be built up a bit. She and Isla might not be done, but KLR can definitely move into position as a title contender regardless if she’s Face or Heel. Piper’s debut match next week will surely be a success, unless Rhea Ripley interferes or distracts. Rhea VS Piper is going to be fun, and I’m thinking Piper wins out. Toni VS Jinny is next week, too, giving us plenty of reason to watch the post-Mania/TakeOver episode. I would think with how Jinny stood tall in that brawl, Toni wins. It’d be good for Toni to win, too, because her run has still only just begun. Toni can then be the one for fresh match-ups with KLR and Piper and others still waiting for their shot.

Speaking of wanting title shots, Devlin definitely looks primed for his shot after TakeOver. Devlin VS Walter in Progress was apparently incredible, so I’d love to see a rematch of that in NXT UK. Now while Progress Devlin won, I’m not sure NXT UK Devlin wins, but it’d still be great to see. Seven VS Coffey was a great match for the main event, and clearly Seven is over with the fans. But that’s what made Coffey winning even bigger, because he’s the one who needs to stay afloat. Coffey VS Walter would be great, too, but that would definitely be for Walter to get a successful defense under his belt. Win or lose, Dunne VS Walter is going to be incredible, and should hopefully get fans only watching NXT America curious about NXT UK.

My Score: 8.5/10

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