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The Good, Bad and Ugly: NXT (4/3/19)

After a rare Bad week, NXT is about to take it home.  Not much is needed to say but this week looks action packed and lots to see.  Takeover is days away and NXT this week should reflect the importance of the coming days.



After a rare Bad week, NXT is about to take it home.  Not much is needed to say but this week looks action packed and lots to see.  Takeover is days away and NXT this week should reflect the importance of the coming days.  Let’s get to the action!


NXT Tag Team Champions War Raiders vs.

War Raiders are super over right now and rightfully so.  Congrats to Hanson who I got to work with in New England.  Rowe and Hanson are legit but the two “jobbers” they faced were not so lucky.  War Raiders absolutely crushed, “what were there names?”  This was an appetizer for the big Takeover show.  Surprisingly, a second team was up Bononi and Jaoude, the outcome, another squash match.  Raiders dominate again.  The match was entertaining and showcased the absolute dominance surrounding this exciting duo.  The match should be Good at Takeover.  The content this week on NXT was also Good. 

Oney Lorcan w/ Danny Burch vs. Jaxson Ryker w/ Forgotten Sons

Oney Lorcan is absolutely amazing.  He is by far one of the most talented people on the roster and has unreal matches.  Lorcan is a legit force in NXT that goes untapped sometimes.  On the other spectrum Ryker and Forgotten Sons have had quite a bit of time as of late and haven’t shown much for it.  Ryker seems to be the strongest of the trio and this match should be physical and brutal.  This was intense the entire time.  Ryker simply no sold and hit back twice as hard.  Lorcan is not a push over but simply had trouble getting momentum as Ryker just wouldn’t quit.  Lorcan was on the receiving end of a rare ass kicking.  This match was Good, in fact Ryker’s best.  Lorcan came back with everything he had but it just wasn’t enough.  Ryker hit a match ending “chokeslam sitdown powerbomb” and got the very impressive victory.  We need a lot more Oney Lorcan!  He is amazing in there!

Kairi Sane vs. Bianca Belair

This is one hell of a non-PPV match.  What a preview for the insanity that will be the NXT Women’s Championship Fatal 4-Way.  That match will deliver and shatter expectations.  Any amount of Kairi Sane is a Good thing, you can’t actually get enough of her.  Belair has been very impressive and has been rising at a ridiculous pace in NXT so far.  Hell of a contest with contrasting styles.  These two complement each other well.   Belair is so powerful and agile, she really is one of the best “athletes” in NXT.  Sane is pure dynamite always about to pop.  This was a Good showing from both amazing ladies.  Belair does everything with such authority and a certain amount of malice.  Sane got destroyed at times but would always be a step away from a comeback.  Bianca Belair looked to have the match won after a series of dominating moves.  Out of nowhere all hell broke loose.  NXT Women’s Champion made the run in with the Horsewomen and attacked Sane and Belair.  Io Shirai then made the save and everyone just was beating the hell out of each other.  The Women’s Division full locker-room got involved and everyone went at it trying to gain control.  Again it was Belair standing tall until Io Shirai woke up and crushed everyone including Belair.  Io Shirai closed out the show with the Gold in hand.  This was awesome and the Fatal 4-Way looks to be epic!

BAD and UGLY-  Not this time!


Good- 3

Bad- 0

Ugly- 0


GOOD week.  Oney Lorcan helped push this over the top as he always does.  That kid is a star!  This was a Good week and Takeover is the next chapter.  Takeover should be fantastic and most likely will out perform WrestleMania.  That isn’t a jab at WrestleMania, it’s just that NXT is always that Good. 

It’s all said and done.  The books are shut, the matches are set and now all that is left is to wait.  The WWE will continue to put in work and hype until the big nights but we are all ready and waiting!  It’s finally time for WrestleMania Weekend!  Happy Holidays Everyone!  It is time!

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