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Top 5: Wrestler Schedules For WrestleMania Weekend

That’s a lot of bookings!



Pentagon Jr

Steve Cook takes a look at the craziest non-WWE weekend of the year, WrestleMania Weekend! Who has the biggest schedule? Check it out below.

As we all know, there’s a lot more to WrestleMania weekend than what WWE presents us. This may change next year, as WWE is trying to work with Tampa in keeping all these pesky pro wrestling companies out of the area. Part of me doesn’t blame them. I’d be mad if a bunch of people were leeching off of my work in building a brand that draws people from around the world.

At the same time, I feel like WWE are a bunch of damn narcs that need to cut it out. They should let the fans enjoy all the wrestling they can handle. Also, as people that love to boast about job creation, WWE should be happy that they’ve helped create all of these places for people to work on WrestleMania Weekend.

There’s a lot of wrestling going on this weekend/week. I’ve gone to the trouble of looking at all of these cards and digging out the five most interesting wrestler schedules.

5. Swoggle

  • Streetfight vs. Dan Maff (WrestlePro “Does Funny = Money?”)
  • vs. Sexxxy Eddy (Interspecies Wrestling “Boner Jam IV: Balls Out”)
  • vs. Scott Steiner (AIW “Slumber Party Massacre”)
  • vs. Nick Gage (Black Label Pro “Adventures in Wrestling”)

I’ve never claimed to be the biggest fan of Swoggle, even going back to his days as Finlay’s leprechaun. Not really my cup of tea. The guy works hard though, and WeeLC still rates as the best WWE Kickoff Show match ever. Take a look at the collection of experienced talent he’ll be working with. Maff was big in early ROH. Eddy was the first of the IWS guys to get over in CZW. Steiner of course is a living legend, and Gage is a maniac.

None of these matches should stand out as workrate classics, but they’ll more than likely entertain the audience. You definitely need entertainment on these weekends.

4. Eddie Kingston

  • w/Joe Gacy vs. Konosuke Takeshita & MAO for EVOLVE Tag Team Title (EVOLVE 125)
  • vs. Shinjiro Otani (AIW “Slumber Party Massacre”)
  • w/Joe Gacy & Shane Strickland vs. Lucky Kid, Marius Al Ani & Bobby Guns (WWN Supershow 2019: Mercury Rising)
  • w/Joe Gacy & Shane Strickland vs. Sami Callihan, Dave & Jake Crist (Wrestling Revolver “Pancakes & Piledrivers III”)
  • vs. Matt Macintosh & Sonny Kiss for Capitol Wrestling Championship (Capitol Wrestling “Ready or Not”)

Kingston’s been Unwanted for most of his wrestling career. WWE’s never seemed interested. TNA/Impact used him here & there. ROH had him for a minute. He’s turned that feeling into a stable, and the Unwanted will be a big part of WrestleMania Weekend. When you’re working five matches in this span of time, it helps that most of them are tags & six-mans. I would guess that his personal highlight will be wrestling Otani for AIW, and he’ll be at the top of his game for that.

3. LAX

  • vs. Jurn Simmons & Alexander James (wXw Amerika Ist Wunderbar)
  • vs. Ricky Martinez & Low Ki (Impact Wrestling “United We Stand”)
  • Gauntlet match for Wrestling Revolver Tag Team Championship (Wrestling Revolver “Pancakes & Piledrivers III”)
  • w/Low Ki vs. The Great Muta, Pentagon Jr. & Tajiri (House of Glory “Culture Clash”)
  • vs. The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express (GCW presents Joey Janela’s Spring Break III, Part 2)

Ortiz & Santana have received a ton of hype for their work in Impact & other promotions, earning the LAX moniker bestowed upon them by Konnan. They’ll have some legendary figures standing across the ring from them this weekend & a big chance to impress. Ricky & Robert might be in their 70s at this point, but it’s still an honor to work a match with them. Muta & Tajiri don’t make their way over here very often, & the inclusion of Ki & Pentagon will put a lot of eyes on that match.

2. Nick Gage

  • King of Crazy Championship Fans Bring The LEGO Deathmatch vs. Addy Starr, Jeff Cannonball & Matt Tremont (Interspecies Wrestling “Boner Jam IV: Balls Out”)
  • vs. Mance Warner (AIW “Slumber Party Massacre”)
  • vs. Swoggle (Black Label Pro “Adventures in Wrestling”)
  • vs. Shinjiro Otani (GCW presents Joey Janela’s Spring Break III, Part 1)
  • vs. Ultramantis Black (GCW presents ‘Orange Cassidy is doing something or whatever…’)
  • vs. Matt Tremont vs. The Green Phantom (IWS Wrestling “Unstoppable”)

Since Gage has been allowed to return to wrestling, promoters love booking him in off-the-wall matches. It’s a way to draw attention to your show. Nobody ever thought they’d see him against Swoggle, Otani or Ultramantis. Also nice to see a Green Phantom appearance on Gage’s schedule, as I haven’t heard that name in years. Gage opens & closes the weekend with deathmatch type stuff, and I really have no idea what to expect from the other matches. Should be fun!

1. The Lucha Brothers

  • Pentagon Jr. vs. LA Park
  • Fenix confirmed talent (MLW “Rise of the Renegades”)
  • Both confirmed talent for Wrestlecon Supershow
  • vs. Rob Van Dam & Sabu (Impact Wrestling “United We Stand”)
  • Both participants in MLW Battle Riot II
  • vs. Taya Valkyrie & John Morrison (Wrestlecon “Joey Ryan’s Penis Party”)
  • Pentagon Jr. vs. Simon Grimm
  • Fenix vs. Matt Cross, Luchasaurus, Teddy Hart, Cortez Castro & Mecka Wolf (Blackcraft Wrestling “No Apologies”)
    Pentagon Jr., The Great Muta & Tajiri vs. Low Ki & LAX
  • Fenix vs. Amazing Red (House of Glory “Culture Clash”)
  • Gauntlet Match for Wrestling Revolver Tag Team Championship (Wrestling Revolver “Pancakes & Piledrivers III)

Pentagon Jr. & Fenix have been in high demand across the globe ever since loosening the shackles of AAA & Lucha Underground. It’s easier to keep track of promotions they don’t work for than promotions they do. With Impact & MLW both in town for the weekend, other promotions knew they’d be in town, and everybody got on the list.

I have no idea how these gentlemen are going to make all of these shows. There’s some damn good talent listed against them though, so I hope it all works out. If you want some Lucha Bros this weekend, you can get them somewhere.

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