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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS Results: Wrestling Dontaku 2019 Part 1!

Wrestling Dontaku 2019 begins!



NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2019

AXS begins coverage of NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2019!

Dragon Lee will defend his IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship against Taiji Ishimori 1v1! Who will be THE top Junior Heavyweight in NJPW?


Coverage of NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2019 will be as broadcast by AXS TV.

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  • Kazuchika Okada & Tomohiro Ishii VS EVIL & SANADA; EVIL & SANADA win.
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship: Dragon Lee VS Taiji Ishimori; Lee wins and retains the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship.


NJPW and AXS TV set the scene for Wrestling Dontaku 2019!

The Golden Week tradition continues! The Bone Soldier lost his IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship in a fast and furious Triple Threat at G1 Supercard! When the dust settled, CMLL’s Dragon Lee pinned ROH’s Bandido to take the title! But Taiji Ishimori gets a 1v1 rematch to see if he can take that title back! Who sets the pace for the Summer’s Super Junior tournament?

But first, it is Chaos VS Los Ingobernables de Japon in a tag match with major implications! It was in the New Japan Cup that Kazuchika Okada defeated Sanada to win it all! The Rainmaker then finished his road to redemption by taking the IWGP Heavyweight Championship back from Jay White! And now, Okada will keep his promise to the Cold Skull that his very first defense will be against him! But Okada VS Sanada happens next time! Tonight is a preview as Okada has the Stone Pitbull by his side while Evil joins Sanada! Tomohiro Ishii has a fight with the King of Darkness next time as well, so which duo gets the most out of this 2v2 before they all go 1v1?


Kazuchika Okada & Tomohiro Ishii VS EVIL & SANADA!

We skip the intros to get to the action! Okada has to keep Ishii back so that he can start against Sanada. The bell rings and fans are already thunderous with dueling! Sanada and Okada give us the preview of the title match already as they circle and feel it out. They tie up and Okada wrenches Sanada to a wristlock. Sanada reverses the wrench but Okada reverses it back. Okada headlocks and grinds Sanada, but Sanada fights with body shots. Sanada powers out but Okada runs him over! Fans cheer as things speed up. Sanada hurdles and Okada leaps, but then they each dodge clotheslines. Okada kicks and whips but runs into an elbow. Sanada moonsaults but Okada gets under it only to run into a dragon sleeper!

Okada arm-drags free and reels Sanada but Sanada dodges the Rainmaker to try and steal it! Okada ducks it to get a dragon sleeper! Sanada slips out to a roll up, TWO! Fans exchange this amazing opening exchange, and both men take a breath. Okada and Sanada circle, but Ishii and Evil want in. Their partners oblige and now Ishii and Evil collide! Neither backs down so Ishii fires forearms. Ishii runs but Evil tanks the shoulder again. Ishii goes again and Evil rebounds to come back with another shoulder. But Ishii does the same only to run into Evil’s forearm. Evil runs but Ishii stays up! They start throwing forearms and CHOPS! Ishii dodges and runs to bump and then finally runs Evil over!

Ishii drags Evil up but Evil throws forearms. They do nothing to Ishii, so now they start trading shots again. Ishii hits, Evil hits, repeat! They pick up speed as fans rally behind them! Ishii and Evil finally slow down, but throw even bigger forearms. Ishii staggers! But comes back to stagger Evil! Evil stays up to hit back, so Ishii hits and runs. Into Evil’s sidewalk slam! Sanada hits Okada for good measure, classic LIJ tactics. Chaos is in trouble while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as Sanada whips Okada into railing! Evil stomps Ishii then CHOPS him. Ishii eggs Evil on so Evil CHOPS him again. And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Ishii still wants more so Evil CHOPS him off his feet! Evil stomps a mudhole into Ishii but the ref backs him off. Ishii slowly stands but Sanada tags in. Sanada elbows Ishii but then Ishii hits Evil! Sanada rakes Ishii’s eyes and tags Evil back in. Evil stomps Ishii down then drags him up for a scoop slam. He drops the senton, too! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer but Evil tags Sanada. Sanada stomps Ishii and then brings him to a corner. Sanada CHOPS Ishii a few times, but Ishii springs up. Ishii takes more CHOPS, then gives CHOPS! He backs Sanada down but gets a European Uppercut for it.

Sanada whips Ishii corner to corner but runs into a boot. He staggers away but dropkicks Ishii’s legs. Ishii staggers, and still gets Sanada for a powerslam! Fans rally up as both men crawl, hot tag to Evil! Evil drags Ishii away just in time, then goes after a leg. Evil fisherman but Ishii counters to his own suplex! Both men are down and Ishii tags in Okada! Okada rallies on Evil with forearms and elbows! He whips but Evil reverses, but Okada dodges to elbow Evil down! Evil bails out but Okada slingshots out onto him! Okada gets on the announce desk to fire up with the fans! He goes back to Evil and puts him in. He runs in corner to corner for a big elbow! And then a kick to DDT! Cover, TWO!

Okada keeps his cool as he looms over Evil. Evil slowly stands and Okada lifts him. Evil resists and turns but Okada elbows out. Okada boots but Evil sends that to the ref! Evil mule kicks Okada in the gut! Tag to Sanada and he brings Okada up. Okada kicks but is countered with a takedown. Okada kicks Sanada away but runs into a fireman’s carry. He rolls through to a sunset flip but Sanada rolls through, too. Sanada grabs the legs but Okada shoves him away. Sanada runs back in, but into a flapjack! Okada drags Sanada up and scoop slams him down. He goes to the corner, but Sanada gets under. Things speed up again and Sanada dropkicks Okada! Then hits Ishii for good measure. Sanada HIGH back suplexes Okada! Cover, TWO!

Sanada keeps his cool as he drags Okada back up. He wants the dragon sleeper, but Okada fights with his legs. Okada reaches but Sanada drags him away. Okada keeps kicking, but Sanada pops him to chicken wings. Sanada lifts but Okada escapes the tiger suplex for a cobra clutch! Sanada endures and arm-drags out, but runs into a gut wrench! He slips out to a dragon sleeper! But Okada lifts for the air raid neckbreaker! Both men are down but Okada heads over, tag to Ishii! Ishii runs but Sanada ducks. Ishii bucks Sanada off but runs into a kick, only to roar! Sanada knees low then whips but Ishii reverses. Sanada tumbles out and springboards in with a missile dropkick! He takes Ishii down and tags Evil!

Evil hits Okada first then aims at Ishii. Evil runs but Ishii blocks the clothesline. Ishii swings but Evil counters and whips. Evil blocks the boot but not forearms, yet still gives a clothesline! Fireman’s carry, Darkness Falls! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives but Evil doesn’t let that scare him. Evil slashes the throat and drags Ishii up. Spin to STO but Ishii fights out! Ishii saido suplexes Evil down! Both men are on the mat but crawling to opposite corners. Ishii runs in but Evil dodges, and Sanada hits Ishii with an elbow! Feed to mule kick, front kick and LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! The Stone Pitbull survives but LIJ vows to end this! They drag Ishii up, but Ishii fights out of Magic Killer to German Suplex Evil! Okada dropkicks Sanada!

Okada kicks Sanada further out and Ishii runs to LARIAT Evil! Cover, TWO!? Evil survives but Ishii just grits his teeth. He drags Evil up, suplexes, but Evil fights out. Ishii forearms while Sanada whips Okada into railing. Evil swings into Ishii’s spin, but it’s Evil who suplexes! MAGIC KILLER!! But Evil’s not done with Ishii, he puts on the leg lock with a Scorpion Deathlock! Ishii endures the Sharpshooter, a move his own mentor helped popularize. Ishii crawls while Sanada keeps Okada out. Evil drags Ishii away! Sanada has Okada in the dragon sleeper, and SKULL END! Dual submissions are on but Okada and Ishii both endure! Fans rally both ways as Ishii powers his way back up, only to fall back down. Ishii is out, LIJ wins!

Winners: Los Ingobernables de Japon, by referee stoppage

Ishii didn’t give up, but it was too dangerous to continue. Will Evil make Ishii truly give up in their 1v1 match next time? As for Okada and Sanada, will the Cold Skull get Skull End on again to truly become the best in NJPW? Or will Okada make it rain once again?


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship: Dragon Lee VS Taiji Ishimori!

The Bone Soldier Reborn issued an open challenge for the title to any Junior Heavyweight in the world. And he didn’t just get one challenger, but two! It was NJPW VS CMLL VS ROH, and CMLL won! But now Dragon Lee will give Ishimori a fair rematch that’s just 1v1. Will Lee stay the best Junior in NJPW? Or will Ishimori get the belt back to add it alongside the stolen mask of Lee?

The introductions are made, with Lee wearing one of Hiromu Takahashi’s masks as a shout out to his friend and rival. The belt is then presented and we begin!

Fans cheer as Lee and Ishimori circle. Lee offers a handshake but Ishimori kicks it away. They tie up and Lee waistlocks. Ishimori standing switches but Lee headlocks, only for Ishimori to slip down to a single leg and headlock of his own. Lee slips out to a float over but gets a headscissors. Lee pops out and fans cheer this fast opening. They go again and Lee gets a takedown to toehold. Ishimori goes after the arm but Lee blocks and turns to lace the legs to a lock. He floats to a headlock but Ishimori stands. They roll and Ishimori wristlocks, but Lee handsprings and arm-drags. Ishimoari arm-drags but Lee sweeps, only for Ishimori to sweep. They both handspring and fans applaud this second, even better exchange.

Ishimori and Lee circle as fans rally up. They tie up and Ishimori kicks low. Ishimori headlocks and grinds but Lee fights with elbows. Lee is free and headlocks back. Ishimori powers out but Lee runs him over. Things speed up and Ishimori hurdles while Lee leaps. Ishimori handsprings and headscissors to a neck crank! Lee writhes but Ishimori takes a moment to adjust his pads. Ishimori stands Lee up to CHOP him in the corner. He whips Lee corner to corner but Lee reverses to hit a helluva kick! Lee throws forearms then runs corner to corner but Ishimori follows! Ishimori gets Lee with a clothesline! Ishimori runs in again but blocks boots. He turns Lee sideways to kick him in the back. Ishimori runs but Lee slingshots, dodges and whips. Ishimoari handsprings but Lee follows to huricanrana!

Lee keeps moving to FLY! Direct hit takes down the Bone Soldier! The referee checks on both men but they’re okay to continue. Lee stomps Ishimori and stretches him out as the 20 count reaches 10. Lee puts Ishimori in at 12 and then climbs up top. Fans rally as he slingshots and somersaults to a shotgun! Lee fires forearms on Ishimori in the corner, then goes corner to corner for a basement dropkick! Lee shouts out Shibata with the cross-leg sitting pose. Fans cheer as Lee toys with Ishimori. Lee dares Ishimori to get up but goes after him with a knee smash! Ishimori writhes but Lee goes after the leg again, knee-to-knee smash! Lee drags Ishimori up for underhooks but Ishimori drops to block. Lee clubs and whips but Ishimori handsprings to enziguri!

Fans cheer while both men are down. Ishimori sits up then gets his legs working. He goes back to Lee to bring him up in a cravat. Lee endures but Ishimori gives sharp knees into him. Ishimori hoists Lee up and climbs up behind. He goes after the mask! Red Shoes counts and Ishimori stops that. But he puts Lee in a Tree of Woe for a corner to corner basement dropkick! Lee flops out but Ishimori brings him up for a back to back backbreaker. Cover, ONE! Ishimori keeps his cool while Lee writhes. Ishimori drops a knee right to the head, then covers, ONE! Lee continues to survive but Ishimori snapmares him into a chinlock. Ishimori grinds Lee down but Lee fights his way up. Lee fights out but runs into the sleeper. Ishimori throws Lee down and has the chinlock again.

Lee endures and drags himself over, ropebreak! Ishimori lets go but keeps his cool. Lee gets to a corner and Ishimori runs in, but blocks the boots again. Another kick, and Ishimori runs side to side, Sliding German Suplex! Ishimori comes back but Lee flops out. Fans rally up while Lee catches his breath. But Ishimori runs to the corner, triangle moonsault! The Bone Soldier has control while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as Ishimori fetches Lee. He puts Lee back in the ring and then covers, TWO! Lee lives and fans cheer but Ishimori grows annoyed. Ishimori drags Lee up but Lee resists the suplex. Lee dodges but Ishimori follows, but Lee sees him coming! He catches Ishimori with a wheelbarrow roll-up! TWO, and Ishimori shotgun dropkicks Lee to a corner! Ishimori runs corner to corner for double knees! Ishimori drags Lee to a cover, TWO! Lee is tiring but he still isn’t done. Ishimori isn’t done, either, and he drags Lee up. Lee slips out of the suplex but Ishimori elbows him back. Ishimori runs, but into an STO! Both men are down but fans rally up. Lee gets up first and goes after Ishimori. He full nelsons but Ishimori breaks free, so Lee gets the straitjacket German instead! Bridging cover, TWO!

Lee stands up again and fires up with the fans. He goes to Ishimori in the corner to CHOP! And then he stomps away before whipping corner to corner. Ishimori goes Spider-Man to slide under and around and shoulder in. He springboards but into Lee’s arms! Lee suplexes to a fireman’s, but crucifix driver!! Cover, TWO!! Lee escapes by the skin of his teeth but Ishimori just grits his. Ishimori kicks but Lee rolls him, to a deadlift sit-out powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Ishimori survives but Lee is too tired to be frustrated. Ishimori rolls away but Lee follows. Lee runs and leaps to huricanrana Ishimori to the floor! But Lee still had a rough landing, too. He still stands and whips Ishimori into railing. And then back into the ring, but Ishimori handsprings to arm-drag Lee into railing!

Both men are down so the 20 count returns. It passes 10 before either man sits up. It passes 15 before either stands, and it’s at 19.9 that both men get back in! Lee and Ishimori crawl towards each other and they start brawling on the mat. Ishimori hits but Lee responds, and repeat. Neither one backs off, they only stand up. Ishimori hits, Lee hits, repeat. They pick up speed, but then Ishimori is dazed! Lee drags Ishimori back up to keep throwing forearms. Ishimori comes back again, and then gets the edge. Lee back kicks Ishimori down! Lee whips but Ishimori handsprings, into a German Supelx! But Ishimori lands on his feet!

They both clothesline, but Lee SUPERKICKS and Ishimori BOOTS back! Ishimori runs into a REBOUND German, but he’s up again for a running DESTROYER! Ishimori runs but Lee is right up for a Northern Lights to Falcon Arrow! Both men are down but the fans are thunderous! Lee crawls to a cover, TWO! Ishimori still lives, but both he and Lee are exhausted. Fans rally up and Lee stands first. Lee drags Ishimori up and to a corner. He puts Ishimori on the top rope then climbs up from the other side. He throws forearms to put Ishimori in the Tree of Woe. Lee hits Woe Stomps!! Cover, TWO!? Ishimori survives and Lee is beside himself! Fans rally as Lee drags Ishimori up. Lee pops Ishimori up but Ishimori huricanranas! And covers! TWO!!

Lee gets up right away to kick and whip Ishimori, but gets a tilt-o-whirl takedown to a crossface! Ishimori pulls Lee back but Lee endures. Lee drags himself towards ropes but Ishimori rolls him way! Lee is far away from ropes now as Ishimori just cranks back! He refuses to quit and drags himself along. Lee reaches but Ishimori rolls him away again! Fans rally and scream but Lee refuses as he reaches out with a leg, ROPEBREAK! Ishimori lets go and Lee is almost motionless. Ishimori drags Lee up and to a gut wrench, BLOODY CROSS! Cover, TWO!? Lee lives and Ishimori can’t believe it! Fans rally while Ishimori takes aim. Ishimori says BANG, then drags Lee up. Lee escapes Bloody Sunday but gets a knee! To give a knee! REVERSE-RANA! Ishimori’s right up! But into a Snap German!

Lee fires up again, knee trigger! Cover, TWO!! Ishimori keeps surviving and fans keep cheering! After all, this is to be THE best Junior in NJPW! Lee drags Ishimori up to another lift, DESNUCADORA!! Cover, Lee wins!!

Winner: Dragon Lee, by pinfall; still IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion

His first defense is successful! Lee is the best Junior in NJPW today, and we’ll have his celebration after the break.


NJPW returns once more…

And fans are chanting Lee’s name as he takes up the mic. Lee says hi to his pals, Rocky Romero and Kota Ibushi, at commentary, then hi to Japan and the fans in attendance. Lee is happy, and fans are happy he’s happy. He dedicates this win “with lots of love” to Hiromu Takahashi. Lee holds onto the old Kamaitachi mask, along with this belt, because he awaits Hiromu’s return! Because he wants “More, more, more!” Lee thanks Japan for all the love, “domo arigato”. The fans cheer Lee as the confetti streamers fly! Dragon Lee is perhaps the best Junior in NJPW and CMLL, but what will we see out of him and the rest of the Divison in the 2019 Super Juniors Tournament?


NJPW Media Backstage Interviews

“Gracias, domo arigato, and also thanks to the people of Japan.” For the cards, the gifts, the chants in support of a wrestler not of your land. Lee is very thankful Japan loves him, because he loves them very much, too. And because of that support, he has been able to complete a dream here in NJPW. But will his dream continue to come true through the Summer?



My Thoughts:

NJPW never ceases to deliver. Just two matches for this hour, which is standard for them, but both were really strong matches. Okada & Ishii VS Evil & Sanada was a great tag match, all four men are big stars and in the case of Evil and Sanada, they’re only getting bigger. Ishii VS Evil will be great but given Okada VS Sanada in the New Japan Cup for the cup being amazing, Okada VS Sanada for the top prize in NJPW will be amazing, I can’t wait. But even the Junior Heavyweights are amazing and allowed to be amazing in NJPW. Lee VS Ishimori was incredible, and it shows the strength of the working relationship between NJPW and CMLL. Lee’s interview after was very much the reality, that the Japanese audience is learning to love foreigners because they know it’s all about talent, period.

Everyone is hoping, maybe even expecting, Hiromu to return in the Super Juniors Tournament this year, and I really want that, too. Hiromu going through that tournament will make for a ton of great rematches and moments, and who knows, he might even win it to give us a title rematch with Lee at Dominion. And even if he doesn’t, it’ll just be great to have him back so that he can go after the winner from Dominion or whenever.

My Score: 8.5/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (5/22/19)

What will become of the NXT Tag Team titles?



NXT cover image

The NXT Tag Team Championships are VACANT!

Even after the Viking Raiders retained them against the Street Profits, Erik Rowe & Ivar Hanson have left NXT for Raw. What will GM William Regal say about the tag titles’ future?



  • Mansoor VS Sean Maluta; Mansoor wins.
  • Candice LeRae VS Reina Gonzales; LeRae wins.
  • Johnny Gargano & Matt Riddle VS reDRagon; reDRagon wins.


The Raid moves on.

After dominating the NXT Tag Team Division since showing up almost a year ago, and then appearing on Monday Night Raw in the Superstar Shake-Up, The War/Viking Raiders are leaving WWE’s premier developmental behind. Though, they did get egged into one last match with the Street Profits for the titles. Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins gave Erik and Ivar a fight, but that fight was interrupted by the jealous and bitter Forgotten Sons! Jaxson Ryker, Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake didn’t get much done before being downed by War Beard Ivar, then Ford & Dawkins jumped in, and then so did Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch!

Four teams fought, one team stood tall! The Street Profits got the “pin” on the Raiders, but they’re not the champions! And then the champions wrecked everyone who was left, but they still gave up the belts! What does that mean for the future of the titles?!


NXT General Manager William Regal speaks.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to NXT.” He knows last week’s finish was rather chaotic, and that leaves us without champions. The Street Profits pinned the Viking Raiders but not during a match. There are many deserving teams, so Regal has the solution. At NXT TakeOver: XXV, it will be Street Profits VS Forgotten Sons VS Oney Lorcan VS The Undisputed Era’s reDRagon, Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish, in a LADDER MATCH!! Which duo ascends to new heights to become the new NXT Tag Team Champions?!


The Undisputed Era is here!

And all four of them, at that. Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly are united again after Strong took out Matt Riddle on Cole’s behalf. And now they’re even more excited because Fish & O’Reilly are going for tag title gold! The four hit the ring, hitting their Undisputed team pose, and Cole takes up the mic.

“We’ve heard the whispers in the NXT locker room. All you morons probably wondering if the rumors are true.” Guess what: the Undisputed Era is going nowhere! They’re stronger than ever, and they’re all on the same page. This is a statement to everyone else on the roster: it may say NXT superstar, but the Era owns you! And they won’t stop until they’re running Full Sail. They will take what they want, when they want, and as they said before, they’ll be draped in gold. In fact, that begins at TakeOver. Bobby & Kyle WILL regain the NXT Tag Team Championships while “yours truly” will take the NXT Championship off Gargano. The Undisputed Era- is interrupted! Johnny Gargano makes his way out, belt on his waist and mic at the ready.

“I’m gonna save you some time, Cole, okay.” Cole wants the title shot? He has it. But Gargano wants Cole to do something: tell the truth. The real reason the boys are back together is because Cole can’t win on his own. Cole wants a time-out. What kind of idiot is Gargano? Cole beat Gargano in that first fall! Yes he keeps saying that. But what kind of idiot is Cole to not understand math? He didn’t shock the school system, that’s for sure. So Gargano will explain this very, very slowly: In a 2 out of 3 Falls match, you need to win 2 falls. Cole only won 1. Gargano won 2, which means he is the champion. “Do you understand, buddy?”

Cole tells Gargano to shut up and listen! Gargano can be as cocky as he wants, but it eats Gargano up that Cole still got that pin by himself! And in two weeks, Cole Baybay does it again. As far as tonight, though, the Era is celebrating. But Matt Riddle attacks from behind! The Bro wants revenge! And the champ helps him out! Gargano and Riddle fight and SUPERKICK the Undisputed Era! They get 2v2 with Cole and Strong! Riddle Bro-Triggers Strong out while Gargano clotheslines Cole! Referees hurry out to stop all this, but that’s easier said than done. Gargano and Riddle bro fist, but will they and the Undisputed Era settle this on the Road to TakeOver 25?


Mansoor VS Sean Maluta!

The Saudi Stud has his second match on NXT TV after losing his debut to the “Rare Breed”, Dominik Dijakovic. Meanwhile, the “Samoan Dragon” makes his NXT return! Who uses this newest opportunity to make the biggest impact?

The bell rings and Manny circles with Maluta. They tie up and Maluta wrenches to a wristlock. Manny rolls and hooks Maluta, but Maluta breaks free to bring Manny to the mat. Manny rolls to his feet then handsprings and cartwheels to then climb Maluta and break free. He runs and huricanranas Maluta to a corner. He dropkicks Maluta down hard! Manny brings Maluta up but gets a spinning heel kick! Maluta runs and boots Manny, then Samoan Drop! Maluta gives Manny a hellova kick then climbs up for a flying Code Breaker! Cover, TWO! Manny survives but Maluta’s on him with a neck wrench.

Fans rally up as Manny endures. Maluta wrenches hard but Manny fights his way up. Manny pries free but gets forearms. Maluta runs but into a forearm! Manny runs but knows Maluta follows, so he stops and boots Maluta, to a waistlock and snap German Suplex! Fans fire up for Manny as he runs in at Maluta. Manny hits a running kick, then blocks to forearm again. He slingshots for a neckbreaker! Maluta fires up as Maluta staggers up. Dragon sleeper, inverted suplex to twisting facebuster! Cover, Mansoor wins!

Winner: Mansoor, by pinfall

Mansoor breaks even in his NXT TV career, but is this first win just the beginning of a Saudi Stud win streak?


NXT Media overhears the Undisputed Era complaining to William Regal.

They’re obviously upset after getting jumped by Matt Riddle and then ran off by both him and Johnny Gargano. Cathy Kelly is there as they storm out, but none of them stick around to talk to her. She talks with Regal instead, and asks how the situation is being handled. Regal informed the Undisputed Era’s recent conduct is not becoming of NXT. Therefore, at TakeOver: XXV, we’re getting Riddle VS Strong! As for tonight, we’re also getting Gargano & Riddle VS reDRagon! Will the NXT Champion and The Original Bro be able to take down one half of the Era before getting the other at TakeOver?


Velveteen Dream returns to NXT!

The NXT North American Champion walks to the ring waving and blowing kisses to the fans while carefully carrying his title. Dream picks up a mic to address the crowd.

“Well I guess you could say the Dream is in high demand.” People want to feel the Dream. People want to touch the Dream. And people want to hold the Dream. But the Dream is the NXT NAC, so you can’t just feel it or hold it. He’s too big to hold. And when you say the name Dream, you better say it right. But wait, is that… It’s TYLER! Tyler Breeze returns to NXT, too! Fans go nuts for Prince Pretty as he struts to the ring while on selfie cam. And Dream is unable what to make of this. Tyler picks up a mic and fans duel between “Breeze is Gorgeous!” “Velveteen!” But fans do give him a “Welcome Home!”

“Prince Pretty is home!” And like The Dream, when Breeze was here, he had everyone talking. But ever since the fashion left NXT, it just feels… lifeless and dull. There’s wannabe impersonators and cheap knock-offs. As flattering as that is, and Dream, it really is, there can only be one Prince Pretty. Dream welcomes Breeze home to Dream’s NXT. And things are different here now. The spotlight wants a real man. Yes, a real man, and not some boy. Especially not some boy who plays cops ‘n’ robbers. “Besides, just because you couldn’t cut it on Monday and Tuesday nights, doesn’t mean you can come to NXT and demand a spotlight.” So run along, Breeze, to where you belong.

Okay, okay, Velveteen. But let’s not confuse “couldn’t cut it” for “uninspired.” Dream inspires Breeze. The North American Championship inspires Breeze. And an inspired Breeze is too much, too big for Dream to handle. “Listen here, dollar store detective.” Maybe he forgot while sitting in catering, but things are very different in NXT. And the line to the title starts way way way outside! But Dream won’t leave a bad taste in Breeze’s mouth. How ’bout a selfie? Hmm, a selfie with the champ… This is a monumental moment, first time these two have been in the ring together. Make up your mind, Dream ain’t got all day. Okay, yes, let’s do one.

The two get close together and the phone feed is on the titantron. Before they take the pic, Breeze has a piece of advice. When you right your phone number on your trunks and no one calls, it’s because no one’s interested. And Breeze DECKS Dream! Prince Pretty gives Dream a five knuckle makeover, but will he be adding that North American title belt to his own wardrobe?


NXT Media finds Tyler Breeze making his exit.

Cathy asks Breeze about his motivations for attacking Dream just now. For those who don’t know, Breeze is an NXT OG, an original guy. And all Breeze wanted to do was introduce Dream to the #Inspired Prince Pretty. Will William Regal be inspired to give us a match?


Candice LeRae VS Reina Gonzales!

Mr. Johnny Wrestling has a match tonight, and at TakeOver, but what about Mrs. Candice Wrestling? The NXT Women’s Championship is already spoken for, but can Candice climb her way to being the next up?

The bell rings and the towering Texan taunts Candice for being comparatively tiny. Candice doesn’t appreciate it, and shoves Reina. Reina shoves her back then shoves her down! Reina drags Candice up but Candice goes for a roll up! But Reina’s too tall and shoves Candice off. Reina walks into Candice’s body shots but swings clotheslines. Candice ducks one but not the other! Reina puts Candice in a corner to stomp and punch. The ref counts and Reina shouts she gets the rules! She scoops Candice for a spinning powerslam! Cover, TWO! Reina keeps on Candice with a grounded keylock. She thrashes Candice but fans rally up. Candice fights her way up but is put in a corner. Reina walks into a kick, then misses as Candice slips out. Candice grabs an arm for an arm DDT!

Candice runs but into another scoop! Reina swings Candice around then back the other way, but Candice school girls Reina out of the ring! Candice takes aim as Reina staggers to her feet. Candice wrecks Reina with a dropkick, then springboards, but into Reina’s arms! Reina pops Candice up, but Candice slips out and shoves Reina into steel steps! Reina crawls into the ring and Candice follows. Candice shoulders Reina away then climbs up top. Candice leaps for flying headscissors! And she fires haymakers and chops! She backs Reina down to a corner! Fans fire up with Candice, as she runs in and hits a back elbow. Candice climbs again and leaps for a missile dropkick! But Candice isn’t done, LIONSAULT! Cover, Candice wins!

Winner: Candice LeRae, by pinfall

The smaller star wins with her bigger heart! But wait, the Horsewomen storm the ring! Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir owe Candice for her part in Io Shirai’s ambush during training. They flank the ring, but Candice takes the fight to them! But that’s a 3v1 fight and it doesn’t favor her! Io Shirai comes to the rescue, with a kendo stick! Io SMACKS away on all three Horsewomen! But especially Jessamyn and Marina! Then she has Shayna all to herself! Shayna tries to run but gets SMACK after SMACK! The Horsewomen save the Queen of Spades but the splintering damage has been done! Will the Genius of the Sky get the best of Shayna once and for all at TakeOver: XXV?


Johnny Gargano & Matt Riddle VS reDRagon!

The rematch from NXT TakeOver: New York is on the horizon, as is a battle between Original Bro and backbreaker master. But before that, #GarganBRO takes on Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish as they reunite ahead of their tag title ladder match! Who gets major momentum towards the momentous 25th TakeOver?

The teams sort out and Gargano reasons with the less than 100% Riddle. Kyle waits impatiently for a “victim,” but Gargano gets Riddle to let him start. Gargano and Kyle circle, and Kyle drops to a floor guard. Kyle stands back up to tie up with Gargano. Gargano gets tthe wristlock but Kyle grinds his forearm in Gargano’s face. Kyle then spins to a drop toehold but Gargano slips out to a facelock. They roll around as fans duel and Gargano goes for a cover. Kyle’s out at zero and keeps his feet guard up. Gargano stands and avoids a kick, and Full Sail applauds. Kyle talks strategy with Fish and comes back. He and Gargano tie up with knuckle locks and go shoulder to shoulder. Kyle body scissors but Gargano stays up. Kyle still pulls Gargano in and gets a triangle! But Gargano rolls and escapes, to a crossface!

Kyle manages to escape before it becomes a GargaNo Escape, then trips Gargano up. Gargano pushes Kyle off and arm-drags him around. Kyle kicks low and brings Gargano over. Tag to Fish and Fish mugs Gargano. The Infamous One snapmares Gargano to a chinlock, but Gargano endures. Fans rally up and Gargano powers out. Fish holds the ropes and baits Gargano into a body shot. Fish throws Gargano by his hair then swings on Riddle. Riddle glares at Fish, but sees Kyle’s flying knee coming! Riddle roundhouses Kyle but Fish clobbers Riddle! The ref reprimands reDRagon, but then Gargano apron SUPERKICKS Fish! Fans fire up for Johnny Wrestling as he fetches Fish. Gargano puts Fish in the ring, and fans chant for the Bro. Gargano tags Riddle in!

Riddle CHOPS Fish as Gargano holds him! Palm strike after palm strike and another big CHOP! Riddle takes aim and gives “Bro Kicks”! RIddle hits Kyle off the apron, then comes back to forearm Fish! Then he goes the other way for another forearm! And an exploder! Kyle runs in but gets caught to a PELE! Riddle drags Fish up but Fish throws forearms. Riddle returns them but Fish spins Riddle to fire off strikes. But Fish gets caught into a gut wrench suplex! Riddle holds on and gut wrenches again! He still holds, but drops him as Kyle runs in! Kyle gets caught, and Kyle gets a gut wrench! Riddle holds on still, but his bad ribs stop that. And then Fish runs Riddle over with an elbow! Fish puts Riddle in the reDRagon corner and tags in Kyle.

Kyle fires off on Riddle’s ribs, then tags Fish back in. Fish brings Riddle up for a boot and body shots of his own. The ref counts but Fish lets up at 4, to taunt Gargano. Riddle gets caught by Fish again, and Kyle tags in. Kyle runs in for a big forearm, then rolls Riddle with a waistlock. Kyle drives in elbows and knees, then runs to slide and knee the ribs! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up for Riddle but Kyle puts him back in the reDRagon corner. Tag to Fish and reDRagon double snap suplex Riddle down. Cover, TWO! Fish keeps on Riddle’s ribs with forearms, but fans still rally for the Bro. Riddle fights back but gets knees and forearms from Fish. Fish snapmares Riddle to then slingshot senton! Cover, TWO! Riddle toughs it out but Fish stomps Riddle back down.

Fish drags Riddle up for crossface forearms, then brings Riddle back to the corner. Tag to Kyle and Kyle gives Riddle more shots to the rib. Kyle snapmares and laces the legs for a modified abdominal stretch. Riddle endures as Kyle pulls him back. Fans rally up again but Kyle makes it a cover, TWO! Riddle CHOPS Kyle so Kyle forearm back. They go back and forth, but then Riddle fires off palm strikes. Kyle blocks the roundhouse to kick and roll Riddle. Riddle rolls through to powerbomb lift, but Kyle slips out to a guillotine facelock! But Riddle slips out and wristlock ripcords Kyle for a Bro Trigger! Riddle flounders while Kyle crawls, hot tags to Gargano and Fish! Gargano slingshots and rallies on Fish! Gargano also hits Kyle with an overhead suplex!

Kyle and Fish end up in opposite corners, so Gargano starts a CHOP train back and forth! Gargano gets the bulldog-clothesline combo! Fish stands to get a mule kick, then Gargano uses Kyle as a step for the tornado DDT! Cover, TWO! Fish survives but fans fire up with Gargano. Gargano hits Kyle off the apron but Fish spins and fireman’s carries. Gargano slips out but Kyle tags in. Fish mule kicks, Kyle suplexes and Fish adds a roundhouse, brainbuster! #ChasingtheDragon!! Cover, TWO!! Gargano survives with his superhuman heart, and Kyle grows frustrated. Kyle tags Fish and reDRagon prepares the other finisher. But Gargano fights out to enziguri Fish! Kyle gives Gargano Ax ‘n’ Smash! Riddle waistlocks Kyle but Kyle standing switches to hit a German Suplex!

But Riddle stands right up! Riddle German Suplexes Kyle! But Kyle stands up for a roaring elbow! Riddle rebounds to Penalty Kick! And all four men are down! Fans are loving this as the team regroup. Gargano dodges Fish and Riddle tags in. School Boy Kick misses, as does the Penalty Kick and standing moonsault. But Gargano SUPERKICKS Fish, and the Bro-Ton is dropped! Riddle climbs, Floating Bro! Cover, but Kyle breaks it up! Gargano goes at Riddle and hops the sweep to buzzsaw. Riddle roundhouses Kyle, and then Gargano long darts Kyle into the Bro-Trigger! Fish runs Gargano over but Riddle fires off those palm strikes. Fish blocks then roundhouses Riddle back. But Riddle blocks the next one to lift Fish in a BOMB! Then flip over, Final Flash knee! Cover, but Kyle drags Fish out!

Riddle goes to the apron to Penalty Kick Kyle! Riddle fetches Fish but here comes Cole! Gargano DIVES on him! Gargano fires hands off on Cole, but that leaves Riddle alone to get Strong’s strong knee! X-Plex to the apron! Strong feeds Riddle to TOTAL ANNIHILATION! Cover, reDRagon wins!!

Winners: reDRagon, Kyle O’Reilly pinning

The Undisputed Era cannot be stopped when it’s always four opponents at once! And now they can’t be stopped from beating down Gargano and Riddle! They stomp and stomp and stomp, and then Strong picks Gargano up for Cole. Cole aims, Last Shot shining wizard! “Time’s almost up, buddy.” “This is the Undisputed Era. That NXT Championship is going to be mine!” Is this just a preview of a golden Undisputed Era?



My Thoughts:

A great episode with a lot of progress made towards TakeOver: XXV. A lot of people, including myself, were hoping we’d get a Fatal 4 Way for the NXT Tag Team Championships, and not only are we getting that, we’re getting that with LADDERS! Now obviously the Viking Raiders have officially left NXT to be on Raw, but it was great to add O’Reilly & Fish in their place. Basically any team other than the Forgotten Sons will be a choice fans will accept, but it’d be even more explosive a cheer if it’s between Profits or reDRagon. We got a good match of Mansoor VS Maluta, it will be interesting to see where Manny goes post-XXV.

It was great to see Breeze return, and he and Dream had a great back and forth. Those lines were just so good. For those wondering what happened to Dream VS Dijakovic, Dijakovic’s out with injury which is unfortunate because he was likely going to have a great match with Dream. But at the same time, Dream VS Breeze is going to be a great match, too. If Breeze is sticking around for a long time, it’d be quite the move if he won the title, but I’m thinking Dream retains. We got a good match out of Candice VS Reina, but clearly there’s a lot of story with the Horsewomen involved. Io did and looked great in her save, but it’s a shame we’re not getting a Six Woman Tag go-home. Hopefully Candice keeps Jessamyn & Marina from ruining Shayna VS Shirai, and Shirai needs to get that belt.

Speaking of the go-home, we’ll be getting great though also filler matches with Yim VS Belair II and Kushida VS Gulak. I’m pretty sure Mia Yim wins to keep their feud going, while I’m thinking Kushida wins as Gulak might just be doing another quick one-off in NXT. The story of Gargano, Riddle and the Undisputed Era was great. Starting the show with the Era getting jumped to end with them standing tall was a good move, it keeps them strong going towards all three matches. The Era might not be able to help each other with their own match concerns, so there’s a good chance Riddle and Gargano could both win against Strong and Cole respectively.

My Score: 8.5/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (5/22/19)

Witness Walter VS Pete Dunne II!



NXT UK Coverage

NXT UK gives us the epic sequel to TakeOver: New York!

Arguably the biggest match in the young history of NXT UK, Pete Dunne demanded a rematch and Walter obliged! Who will be the WWE United Kingdom Champion after tonight?



  • WWE United Kingdom Championship Contender’s Qualifier: Travis Banks VS Joseph Connors; Banks wins and advances to Fatal 4 Way Contender’s match.
  • Naom Dar VS Mark Andrews; Dar wins.
  • WWE United Kingdom Championship: WALTER VS Pete Dunne; Walter wins and retains the WWE United Kingdom Championship.


The Big Apple, revisited in Glasgow!

NXT UK was represented by two of the best, but only one could be THE WWE United Kingdom Champion. A historic reign ended by a flying Austrian Anomaly, but the Bruiserweight isn’t out yet. The Ring General shows no fear, but will he know pain in tonight’s main event?


WWE United Kingdom Championship Contender’s Qualifier: Travis Banks VS Joseph Connors!

While the future of the title is being determined in the main event, so is the future of its contenders! Will the Kiwi Buzzsaw or Righteous Killer take the last spot in the #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way?

The bell rings and the two tie up. Banks waistlocks as fans cheer him on. He gets Connors to the mat but Connors gets a ropebreak. Banks lets him go and they circle again. They tie up and Banks gets the wristlock. Connors grabs at hair but Banks wrenches to a standing armlock. Banks wrenches again but Connors spins through, only to get thrown down with an arm-drag. Banks keeps on Connors’ arm, but Connors breaks free to SLAP Banks! They speed up and Banks blocks the boot to then run and hit a shotgun knee! Fans cheer as Banks kicks away on Connors leg. He kicks Connors off his feet then kicks away on the knee.

Connors shoves but Banks puts him on the apron. Banks runs but misses, Connors shoulders in. Connors runs but into a roundhouse! Connors bails out but blocks Banks’ apron kick! He trips Banks and then Snake Eyes off the steel steps! Connors puts Banks back in and rains rights down in the corner. Banks covers up and the ref counts, Connors lets up at 4. Connors drags Banks to whip and headbutt him down! Cover, TWO! Connors grows frustrated but fans rally up. Banks CHOPS away on Connors then runs, but into a back elbow. Connors drags Banks back up to scoop slam and cover, TWO! Connors keeps his cool as he stands Banks up for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Connors keeps on Banks with a chinlock. Banks endures and fans rally up.

Banks gets up and jawbreakers free! He runs in but into Connors’ boots! Connors covers, TWO! Connors grows frustrated and takes it out on Banks with stomps. Fans still cheer Banks on as Connors drags him up by his ears. Banks breaks free to fire off! Banks throws big hands from both sides and backs Connors to a corner! He stomps away but stops at the ref’s count. Fans fire up but Connors dodges. Connors runs back in but Banks sweeps the legs, Connors hits buckles! Banks dropkicks Connors’ arm! Connors bails out, but gets the Penalty Kick! Banks keeps moving and DIVES onto Connors! Direct hit, but his knees may have paid the price. Fans still cheer as Banks puts Connors back in.

Banks runs and springboards, but Connors gets under. Connors slips out and bumps Banks on buckles. Slingshot bulldog! Sunset flip bomb into the buckles! Cover, TWO!! Fans cheer but Connors is furious. Connors slaps himself back to focus and drags Banks up again. Connors suplexes but Banks cradle counters! TWO, and Connors rolls. Banks sits on it, TWO! Connors has the sunset flip, TWO! Banks sits back on Connors, TWO! Connors pops out, but his boot is blocked again! Banks runs, but into a lariat! Cover, TWO!! A fast exchange and both men are down! Glasgow applauds and rallies up for the Kiwi Buzzsaw. But Connors is up first, and he rains down rights and lefts.

Connors tells the Kiwi Buzzsaw who he is, and scoops him. Banks slips out and shoves Connors, but Connors goes up and over to sunset flip! Banks rolls through, runs, springboard, Slice of Heaven enziguri! And Kiwi Krusher!! Cover, Banks wins!

Winner: Travis Banks, by pinfall; advances to the Fatal 4 Way

And we have our field of four! The Kiwi Buzzsaw will meet The Bomber Dave Mastiff, the Iron King Joe Coffey, and a familiar foe in the Irish Ace Jordan Devlin!

In-ring interview with Travis Banks.

The final man in the Fatal 4 in just two weeks time, how does he fancy his chances? Joe Coffey hurt Banks at the Royal Albert Hall. Jordan Devlin took him out of NXT UK TakeOver. And Dave Mastiff, well, he’s actually a good guy but just really big. It doesn’t matter who you are, the Buzzsaw will be the NEW #1 Contender!


Nina Samuels speaks.

“Toni Storm, NXT UK Women’s Champion, in spite of all the skills you possess as a competitor, you really were the easiest puppet to manipulate in my latest masterpiece.” Nina didn’t even have to ask for a title shot. All she had to do was find Toni’s weakness, and she played right into Nina’s hand. Toni even requested “to become the latest cast member of the Nina Samuels Show.” As fine as a performer as Nina is, she’s an expert director, completely in control. And Toni has lost all control. That is a very dangerous place to be when her NXT UK Women’s Championship will be on the line.

Nina’s fans have obviously been sending congratulatory gifts, because they know the finale before it even begins. Nina’s newest crowning achievement: the next NXT UK Women’s Champion. This match happens next week! Will it be a grand finale or a major flop for the Rose Pink Devil?


NXT UK reviews Noam Dar VS Mark Andrews.

The last time the Scottish Supernova and the Welsh rockstar met in the ring, it was an incredible and fast-paced match, but with a terrifying ending. Both men went down with leg injuries, and we hadn’t seen Dar for two months. But Dar returned to surprise the Glasgow fans a few weeks ago, and now both he and Mark Andrews will settle things! Will we get a true conclusion in the rematch?

Naom Dar VS Mark Andrews!

The bell rings and Glasgow of course sings for Dar. Dar and Andrews circle and Andrews offers a handshake. Dar takes it and they tie up. The Supernova puts the rockstar in the corner but backs off with pinkies up. Andrews shrugs that off as they circle again. They tie up and Dar gets a headlock but Andrews powers out. Things speed up and Dar holds ropes to fake out Andrews’ flip. Dar misses his pump kick but dodges Andrews’ arm-drag. He misses the Penalty Kick but denies Andrews’ wheelbarrow move. Dar ducks Andrews’ buzzsaw kick and Glasgow cheers as they stand off. Andrews and Dar circle, and Andrews headlocks. Dar powers out but Andrews flips over.

Things speed up again and Andrews headscissors Dar. Dar flounders but avoids the Penalty Kick, only for Andrews to standing moonsault onto him! Cover, TWO, but Andrews goes after Dar with a wristlock. Andrews wrenches and gets Dar to the stretch. Dar powers his way up but Andrews kicks low. Andrews whips but Dar reverses then ducks the crossbody! Dar spins Andrews around and around and to the backslide! TWO and Andrews staggers off in a daze. Dar brings Andrews back for a takedown and armlock. Andrews endures and works his way around. Dar puts him in a corner but backs off, only to run back in, into a forearm! Andrews puts up a boot and gets an enziguri! Andrews hops up and 450’s, but Dar gets clear! Dar swings but Andrews slides and goes to Pele, but into an ankle lock!

Andrews rolls and throws Dar off, but Dar comes back with that BOOT! Cover, TWO! Dar keeps his cool as he takes aim from a corner. Andrews stands up and Dar runs, but into a roll up! TWO, and Andrews slides again. He dodges Dar’s clothesline to enziguri! Andrews runs but into chops, headbutt and uppercut! Dar brings Andrews up, suplexes, but gets Stun-Dog Millionaire! Dar bails out and Andrews builds speed to FLY! Direct hit wipes out Dar! Dar crawls, holding his leg. Andrews drags him up but Dar pushes past to get in the ring. Is his leg bothering him again? Andrews shows concern as he follows, but Dar gets to a corner. Dar walks it off, and Andrews whips. But Dar’s leg gives out! Andrews stays nearby while Dar and the ref check his leg.

Fans rally up as Dar and Andrews shake hands. But then Dar sucker punches Andrews! It was all an act! Dar even reels in, hook, line and sinker. And he hits Andrews with a Nova Rolla! Cover, Dar wins!

Winner: Noam Dar, by pinfall

Not only is Dar back to 100%, he’s back to his old ways! He teases Andrews with the reel, then takes his leave. Will Andrews get Dar back for taking advantage of his sportsmanship? Or will Dar move on to bigger fish?


The Grizzled Young Veterans arrive.

Radzy catches up with the NXT UK Tag Team Champions, Zack Gibson & James Drake, to ask them about Moustache Mountain calling them out. The NXT UK fans want to see the rematch, what do they say to it? James Drake speaks, wondering if this is a popularity contest. “Is this NXT UK’s Got Talent?” Gibson says “Joe Blogs, Johnny Kickpads and every other local Glasgow competitor” would love a title shot. But the superstars don’t make the matches, the fans don’t make the matches, the GYV decide when they wrestle and against who. Now stay by the door, Radzy, and keep lurking for interviews. GYV has a point, but they’re forgetting who really makes the matches. Will the NXT UK GM decide if Trent Seven & Tyler Bate are worthy?


Rhea Ripley returns to NXT UK!

The Mosh Pit Kid makes her way to the ring and grabs herself a mic. “I know! I know, guys, I know.” She knows Glasgow would love to see her in action, but too bad, it’s not gonna happen. Rhea heard that Piper Niven is somewhat of a big deal in Scotland. The fans cheer but she tells them to shut up. Fans tell HER to shut up! To Rhea, “Piper is nothing but a wannabe superstar that reeks of fear.” Piper so desperately wants to be the most dominant woman, but all she does is talk about Rhea. Because she obviously wants to be Rhea. The truth is, when you step into the ring with Rhea Ripley, “Nightmares become reality.”

The Aussie with Attitude drops the mic but still talks trash to Glasgow, but will she have to eat her words when she finally steps into the ring with Piper the Viper?


Kassius Ohno finds an NXT UK cameraman to talk to.

The Wrestling Genius wants the cameraman to follow after. Ohno was trying to get word from Johnny Saint all week but no such luck, so Ohno will visit the NXT UK GM in person. Ohno knocks on the door, but then just barges in. He finds Sid Scala instead. Weren’t they supposed to talk today? Sid confirms and asks Ohno to have a seat. Ohno takes Sid’s seat and asks “Savvy Sid” about that big news. Sid and Saint had hoped to tell him together, but sure, why not now? Ohno wants his opportunity to prove he’s the greatest at British wrestling. He’ll do that next week against Gentleman Jack Gallagher.

Yes, Mr. Gallagher. A great star on 205 Live, and this will be a great first-time-ever. Kudos, Sid. Tell Johnny he said hi. Pleasure doing business with you. Ohno leaves the office in a good mood, but will he truly prove himself THE best British style wrestler in NXT UK?


WWE United Kingdom Championship: WALTER VS Pete Dunne!

It’s finally time! NXT UK fans waited weeks for this rematch, but so have the Ring General and Bruiserweight. Who will show they made the superior adjustments from the first time around and come away with the WWE UK gold?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin the epic sequel!

Fans duel as Walter and Dunne stare down. Walter makes sure his fingers are okay before tying up with Dunne. They push each other around, and Walter puts Dunne in the corner. Walter backs off and they circle again. Dunne gets the arm and goes after those fingers anyway, then wrenches through. Dunne twists the wrist but Walter reverses and whips. Walter wrings Dunne but Dunne reaches up to headscissor. The two separate and fans applaud. Dunne and Walter go around again and tie up. They both go to the mat and Dunne stands on Walter’s left hand! Dunne goes after the right, then gets the left in a Fujiwara armbar. Dunne hammerlocks the arm, but Walter avoids the stomp! Walter wings but Dunne avoids the infamous chop!

Fans applaud again, both men clearly learned a lot from their first match. They circle again, and Walter eggs Dunne on. Dunne headlocks, but Walter pries free. Dunne kicks at Walter’s leg but Walter still gets through to a headlock and takeover. Fans still duel while Dunne works his way back up. Dunne powers out and things speed up. Dunne hurdles but Walter goes for a sleeper! But Dunne blocks and gives Walter a shoulder breaker. Dunne runs but Walter hurdles! Walter’s boot is caught, and into a dragon screw! Walter bails out and fans fire up. Dunne stalks Walter on the outside, but Walter CHOPS Dunne off his feet!

Walter makes sure his leg is okay before going back to Dunne. He brings Dunne around to CHOP again, but the ring count passes 5. Walter swings but Dunne ducks, the chop goes into a post! Dunne refreshes the count and goes after Walter’s hand! He slams it on the steel steps! Walter falls and Dunne brings him back up to Penalty Kick the arm! Dunne refreshes the count again, only to walk into Walter’s BOOT! Fans cheer again while Walter checks his hand. Walter drags Dunne up and throws big European Uppercuts. Now Walter refreshes the count to then shotgun dropkick Dunne into barriers! Walter drags Dunne back up and back to the steel steps! He sets Dunne on them to stand and bend him back! Fans boo this dirty play but Walter wants Dunne to pay.

Walter leaves Dunne and Dunne drags himself up. Walter BOOTS Dunne again! Dunne holds onto the ropes so Walter toys with him. Dunne drags himself back up and fans rally up. Walter comes over to club, but Dunne grabs the arm! And the fingers! Dunne bends them back, but Walter CHOPS Dunne again! But Dunne manages to get back in the ring instead of falling to the floor. Walter kicks Dunne while he’s down, and then kicks him back down. He dares Dunne to get up and fans rally. Dunne sits up but Walter turns him over to ram knees into the back. Cover, TWO! Walter keeps Dunne down with a half camel clutch. Walter pulls Dunne back while fans duel again. Dunne endures and works his way up. Walter knees low then again.

Walter toys with Dunne and Dunne gets angry. Dunne blasts Walter with a forearm! Glasgow cheers for Peter as he tries to whip. Walter reverses but Dunne goes up and over! Dunne enziguris Walter down! Dunne fires up like a wild man, and hops up for a dropkick to the knees! Walter staggers up, blocks the kick but not the jab! Dunne rolls Walter to a kneebar! Dunne grapevines as fans duel. Walter endures and works his way out to turn and club Dunne! Then he German Supelxes! But Dunne lands on his feet to buzzsaw Walter in the back! Dunne ties Walter up in an Octopus stretch! And he takes off the finger tape! Dunne has the pinkie and pulls! But Walter powers out, only for Dunne to hit a crucifix driver! Cover, TWO!!

Glasgow keeps cheering as both men stand, Dunne stomps the hands! And buzzsaws Walter again! Then pump handles, but Walter pries free to LARIAT! Walter runs, but into another big forearm! Only to come back for an exploder! Cover, TWO!! Walter keeps on Dunne with a Boston Crab! Dunne endures the back pain as fans rally back up. Walter turns Dunne back over but Dunne kicks him. Walter wants a single leg but Dunne kicks him down! Dunne Penalty Kicks and Danielson Stomps Walter out! Then he rolls Water to a hammerlock, and bends the other arm! From finger to elbow, even! Dunne has a unique leg nelson but Walter refuses to quit! Walter uses his long legs for a ropebreak! Dunne lets Walter go and fans duel again. Walter rolls to the apron, but Dunne pursues.

Dunne drags Walter up and brings the hand to a buckle. He tucks it into the buckle pad? And then stands on it! Walter screams but the ref counts, so Dunne lets up at 4. Walter CLUBS Dunne off the top rope, then climbs. Dunne SUPERKICKS the arm! Walter sits down on the top rope and shakes his hands out. Dunne climbs up and CHOPS Walter. Dunne stands up, for a hanging triangle! The ref counts but Walter clubs away! Walter lifts Dunne, but to a SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO!! Walter just gets free, and fans are loving this! Dunne and Walter slowly stir and sit up. Fans rally as Dunne stands, and Walter follows. Dunne kicks but Walter CHOPS! Walter shakes his hand and hobbles on one leg as he stalks Dunne. He drags Dunne up to throw forearms but Dunne kicks.

Walter CHOPS again, but Dunne holds ropes to deny the German Suplex. Dunne switches and German Suplexes Walter! But then runs into a big LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Dunne survives again, and Walter grows frustrated. Walter climbs up as Glasgow says, “This is Awesome!” Walter reaches the top and leaps, into another BIG forearm! Dunne pump handles and lifts, BITTER END! To the triangle hold! Walter resists to a cover, ONE! Dunne has a mounted triangle! And he SNAPS the fingers! But Walter refuses to quit! Wait, is that Fabian Aichner? Aichner is pushing the bottom rope towards Walter’s foot! Walter gets the ropebreak but the ref still sees it was Aichner! Aichner and the ref argue, but that’s so Marcel Barthel can CLOBBER Dunne with the title belt! Walter doesn’t see that, so he doesn’t hesitate hitting the WALTER BOMB! Cover, Walter wins!!

Winner: WALTER, by pinfall; still WWE United Kingdom Champion

Does the Ring General have new troops behind him? Barthel and Aichner join Walter in the ring, and fans boo as the three stand together! Is the European Alliance going to take over NXT UK?!



My Thoughts:

What a wild episode of NXT UK! And I didn’t realize it’d still be in Glasgow. I don’t know why we haven’t gotten a second NXT UK TakeOver, but I bet a lot of this will lead to something for NXT TakeOver: XXV. I was hoping we’d get an announcement of who the final two qualifier contestants would be. Ohno should’ve expected a part in the tournament, only for Sid to explain why it’s Banks VS Connors. For one, Banks got the win over Ohno a few weeks ago, so that alone is why it’s Banks and not Ohno. Not sure why it was Connors, other than Connors is a good worker and Banks as the Face would win. Now the Fatal 4 will have an even split. Ohno VS Gallagher will be great, too, but Ohno’s overall story still seems aimless.

As for that Fatal 4, it will be great to have two hosses and two Cruiserweights for the variety of style. I would have to give it to a Face, though, given what we saw in the main event. Banks makes for a great underdog against Walter, but seeing Mastiff step up would be great to see a pair of behemoths fight over the belt. Coffey still has the NXT UK Tag Division with brother Mark, and Devlin being Heel needs to wait for another Face champion to come along. I was surprised James Drake got to speak for the GYV promo, but he did his part well. Obviously GYV VS Moustache Mountain II is happening, whether their characters think so or not. That has to go Moustache Mountain’s way to give us Face champions to take on the coming Heel contenders.

Toni VS Nina next week will be pretty good. It’ll probably allow Nina to really show fans what she’s capable of, but I can’t see Nina taking the title. She came a bit out of left field acting like she’s a contender, so she’s probably a holdover while other women build themselves up. For one, Kay Lee Ray and Jazzy Gabert are each making their start in NXT UK’s Women’s Division, I’d expect one of them to come closer to taking the title. Meanwhile, Rhea VS Piper has to be happening soon or else the build will get tired. I’d think Piper wins to be a strong Face for when a Heel takes the belt.

Dar is an evil genius with that swerve. At first it looks like another match gets called off, but then surprise! Dar back to Heel just makes sense, so that he and Andrews will surely have a third match to finally settle this. A feud like this, the Devlin VS Banks feud before, and even what Ohno is doing, are all still reasons I want a mid-card belt for the NXT UK men. That way they wouldn’t have to worry about waiting in line so much. Especially if Walter is going to have back-up now. Walter VS Dunne II was great right up until that point, so I’m a little mixed on this development. It’s great in that Dunne isn’t really weakened, but it might weaken Walter. At the same time, now we can have trios battling it out between British Strong Style, Gallus and the European Alliance.

My Score: 8.5/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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