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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS TV Report: Wrestling Hi no Kuni 2019!

NJPW heats things up in Kumamoto!



NJPW Hi no Kuni

NJPW Wrestling Hi no Kuni returns for another year! But will The Switchblade be able to defeat The Fierce Warrior now that he’s no longer champion?


Coverage of Wrestling Hi no Kuni 2019 will be as broadcast by AXS TV.



  • IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Guerrillas of Destiny VS Toru Yano & Togi Makage; Guerrillas of Destiny win.
  • Jay White VS Hirooki Goto; White wins.


NJPW and AXS TV set the scene for this fiery event!

The Road to Wrestling Dontaku takes a stop in Kumamoto for the tradition of Hi no Kuni! And after failing his first defense of the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, Jay White looks for redemption! But a fierce and familiar face stands in his way! Hirooki Goto lost to White in tag team action, but he vows not to lose 1v1. The Fierce Warrior wants redemption as badly as the Switchblade, but who is the one to grit out a main event comeback?

But first, the Guerrillas of Destiny became even greater tag team champions when they retained the IWGP Heavyweight Championships AND took the ROH World Tag Team Championships for their own at G1 Supercard! However, the Clown Prince of Chaos pulled quite the prank on Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa when he literally stole the belts away! GoD calls BS on YTR, but will they get revenge on two-thirds of the team that took their NEVER Openweight Six Man titles? Or will Yano & the Unchained Gorilla make those heavyweight tag titles theirs officially?


IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Guerrillas of Destiny VS Toru Yano & Togi Makage!

Jado leads the way for the dual tag team champions, who were already surly over the chaos and controversy of that G1 Supercard Fatal 4 Way Tag. But this match could ease some of that tension. Will it be easy for GoD to bring those belts back where they belong? Or will the Clown Prince have some tricks up his sleeves?

The introductions are made, the belts are presented, and GoD jumps Yano & Makabe! Tama and Loa beat them down, then throw Makabe out. They focus on Yano with a double whip. Yano holds ropes then ducks their clotheslines to run for a buckle pad! Makabe returns to double clothesline GoD while Yano unties the pad! Yano kicks that aside to bring Loa up and whips Loa into those exposed buckles! Loa writhes while he falls. Makabe brings Tama around for Yano, assisted piledriver to the floor! Yano brings Loa to the crowd! The Clown is not playing around as he bowls Loa into chairs! Makabe keeps Tama down while Yano throws things onto Loa.

Makabe whips but Tama reverses to send Makabe into railing. Yano brings Loa back to ringside to throw him into the post. Yano gets back in the ring and a ring count finally begins. The NJPW 20 count reaches 10 by the time Loa gets back in. Yano stomps Loa down then even kicks him to ropes. Yano brings Loa up to whip but Loa reverses to send Yano into the exposed buckles! Then Loa rams Yano into them! And then into another open corner. Tama runs in for a big corner splash! Tama throws Yano out and throws hands before whipping Yano into railing. Jado tells Tama to keep on Yano so he does. Makabe and Loa brawl while Tama puts Yano in the ring. Cover from Loa, TWO!

Fans cheer for Yano but Loa mocks them. Loa stomps Yano then scoops him for a slam. Loa drops a leg and covers, TWO! Tag to Tama and GoD double suplex Yano down. Cover, TWO! Yano gets to ropes but Jado trash talks him. Tama stomps Yano at the ropes while Loa and Jado applaud. Red Shoes counts and Tama backs off. Tama drags Yano up to club him down then sits Yano up to drive in elbows. Tama stands Yano up to whip him into the exposed buckles! Yano writhes again, paying for his own idea. Tama hits Makabe just because before tagging in Loa. Tama scoop slams then Loa slingshot sentons. Cover, ROPEBREAK! Loa stomps Yano’s legs for it! Loa grinds his foot into Yano’s face but backs off at Red Shoes’ reprimand.

Makabe protests but Loa taunts him. Loa hauls Yano up and tackles him into the GoD corner. He rams his shoulders into Yano but fans rally for Yano. Tag to Tama and GoD double headbutt Yano down. The champions are in control while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as Tama taunts Makabe. Tama chokes Yano but Yano has a ropeabreak again. Red Shoes counts but Tama lets up, to whip Yano into the exposed buckles again! Yano writhes again and Tama drops an elbow on him. Cover, TWO!! Yano still lives but Tama drags him up to tag Loa. GoD whip and back elbow Yano down, then Loa mocks Makabe more. Loa drags Yano up to the open corner and stomps away. Fans rally but Loa pretends not to hear them. Loa whips Yano corner to corner but Yano reverses only for Loa to reverse! Yano gets the exposed buckles again, and Loa mocks the cheering fans, only for Yano to yank his hair! Yano brings Loa down but he also falls with him. Makabe reaches, and gets the hot tag!

The Gorilla ends up fighting both Guerrillas! Tama whips Makabe but Makabe reverses to send Tama into exposed buckles! Makabe runs to clothesline Loa, then Tama, then back to Loa. He roars and climbs to punch away on Loa’s head! He laughs as he gets all 10, then he lifts Loa. Loa resists the Northern Lights and roars back. He also flips the middle finger before he runs. Loa and Makabe both clothesline, but neither man falls! They go again, but still they stay standing. Loa kneels and Makabe runs, but into a German Suplex! Tag to Tama and the Guerrillas double whip. They double dropkick the Gorrilla, then cover, TWO! Fans cheer Makabe on but Tama throws hands. Makabe grows stronger from the fan rally and eggs Tama on. Tama headbutts, then runs, dodges one clothesline but not the other!

Fans fire up as Makabe crawls for Yano, hot tag to the Clown Prince! Yano brings Tama up but Tama whips him. Yano reverses and Tama gets the exposed buckles again! Tama staggers into the fireman’s carry takedown! And then into a belly2belly! Yano fires up with the fans, “Y T R” shrug. He runs, but Loa trips him! The ref reprimands Loa but Tama says “F U B*tch!” Tama runs but Makabe trips him! Yano tags to Makabe and they whip Tama to a corner. They start a train of back elbow and clothesline, feed to the atomic drop. Catapult into the exposed buckles, then a big overhand chop! Makabe runs but Tama grabs Red Shoes so that he doesn’t see Jado SMACK Makabe on the back! Loa runs in and blasts Yano!

GoD regroup on Makabe with a whip and uppercuts. Loa passes Makabe to Tama, elevated inverted DDT, aka Guerrilla Warfare! Cover, TWO!? Makabe survives and GoD is shocked! But they keep going, each getting to a corner. They climb and Loa drops a headbutt, then Tama hits the splash! Cover, TWO!! Makabe still lives! But GoD won’t stop here. Loa lifts Makabe and tackles him to the corner. Tama hits a corner splash then holds onto Makabe a Loa comes in. Yano comes in to save Makabe, but then gets a flying clothesline from Loa! Tama intimidates Red Shoes and keeps him from seeing Loa using Makabe’s own chain! But Red Shoes also misses Yano giving Loa a LOW BLOW!

Tama runs at Yano, but the Gun Stun is denied! Yano chop blocks Tama’s legs out, then gives Makabe the chain! Makabe gears up while Red Shoes is down, CHAINED ax bomber! Cover, TWO!? Tama survives but Makabe scoops and slams. Makabe climbs up, King Kong Knee! Cover, but Loa breaks it in time! Makabe goes after Loa and clotheslines him out. But Jado has the stick! Makabe blocks the kendo shot to punch Jado out! Tama rolls Makabe!! And has tights!! The Guerrillas win!

Winners: Guerrillas of Destiny, Tama pinning; still IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions

Not only does Tama borrow a trick from Yano, but he and Loa get their belts back! They didn’t lose them, but will they ever really lose them while also being ROH World Tag Team Champions?

Backstage Interviews

Tama Tonga says, “You don’t have to be strong in this game, you just have to be f***ing smart.” And everyone missed that when he told them GoD are geniuses. Their mamas didn’t raise no dummies. GoD is double champs, dos campeones, and Jado has never let them down. Will the Guerrillas ever come down from this tag team high?


Jay White VS Hirooki Goto!

The Switchblade was so confident he’d be IWGP Heavyweight Champion for a long time, especially because he had defeated The Rainmaker time and again before. But in Madison Square Garden, it all fell apart. Now he has a long climb back to the top of the mountain, will he be kicked down even further by the Fierce Warrior?

The bell rings and these two stare down while fans rally. Fans are strongly on Goto’s side but White trolls them all as he slips out of the ring. White takes his time returning and circles with Goto. They tie up and Goto pushes White back. White turns it around to have Goto on the ropes. White lets up but Goto hits first! Goto fires forearms and whips White, but White bails out again. White takes a breather but Goto doesn’t let him have a long one. Goto slides out but White slides in. Goto slides in but White slides out. White grins at Goto, and Goto moves for the ropes. White slides back in, but Goto tricked him! Goto kicks White and whips again. White reverses but Goto counters the hip toss into a hip toss! Goto runs and runs White over with a shoulder!

Fans cheer as Goto paces. White slips out but Goto pursues again. Goto elbows White then stalks him as he crawls. Goto whips White to barriers! White writhes but Goto stomps him. Goto drags White up for elbows but Gedo gives him a push! Goto glares at Gedo but White blindsides Goto! Saido suplex to the floor! The Switchblade takes control thanks to his manager, as usual, and we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as White leaves Goto to the mercy of the ring count. Red Shoes starts the count and Goto stirs at 3. Goto gets in at 7 but White stomps him and throws him back out. White rams Goto into railing right in front of commentary, then into the apron. Then back into the railing! Then back into the apron! White drags Goto into the ring and covers, but Red Shoes won’t count? Red Shoes doesn’t approve of what White just did, so White gives Goto a neckbreaker. Cover and now Red Shoes will count, TWO! White and Gedo argue with Red Shoes, but White keeps on Goto with a Half Crab. Goto endures but White makes it a Full Crab. White mocks Goto is like a Young Lion, but Goto is certainly not that. Goto drags himself over and gets the ropebreak!

White holds on until Red Shoes counts, and lets go at 4. White drags Goto around to catapult guillotine him with the rope! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer Goto on but White stands Goto up. White CHOPS Goto to a corner then CHOPS him some more. White brings Goto out to whip and elbow him down. Cover, TWO! White keeps on Goto with a chinlock, but Goto endures. Fans rally up again and Goto powers up. White shifts to put a knee in Goto’s back, but Goto keeps fighting. Goto elbows free but White clubs him down. White toys with Goto but Goto just glares. Goto fires palm strikes over and over, but White blocks the whip to punch him back down. White drags Goto up but it’s Goto who snap suplexes White! Both men are down but White crawls to a corner. Goto runs in but misses! Saido Suplex!

White toys with Goto now, but fans rally. White brings Goto up to chop again, then whip. Goto reverses but White reverses, only to get a roundhouse! Goto clears out the cobwebs while White crawls to a corner. White stands and Goto fires off forearms. Goto whips corner to corner and hits a big clothesline. Goto wants a saido of his own but White blocks, so Goto shoves him back in the corner. White staggers into another roundhouse! Goto gets his own saido suplex! Cover, TWO! Goto keeps his focus as he looms over White. He drags White up to a fireman’s carry but White fights. Goto still gets White up but White escapes. White boots from a corner, but runs into the fireman’s carry! He escapes again but Goto elbows him. Goto goes to run but White reels him in. Goto elbows again, then buzzsaws White down!

Fans fire up with Goto as he runs. White staggers and falls to the ropes, so Goto goes after him with stomps. Red Shoes backs Goto off but Goto brings White up for elbows. Goto tries again but White runs to a corner. Goto stomps and kicks White then drags him back up. He gives White another elbow then tries a third time. White just drops to his knees. White grins, but gets a buzzsaw for it! Goto runs but now Gedo swipes at him! White gets Goto for a BIG Urenage! Both men are down but they crawl to opposite corners. White runs in for a European Uppercut! And then fireman’s carry to Goto for a the DVDDT, the Death Valley DDT! Cover, TWO! Goto survives and White grows frustrated but the fans cheer.

White drags Goto up by a facelock and fishes a leg. Goto fights so White CHOPS him. White runs but Goto follows, only for White to still catch him into a complete shot! White deadlift Germans Goto to a bridge! TWO, and Gedo is frustrated for White. White seethes as he sits up. He drags Goto to his feet, fisherman, but Goto knees out of the lift. Goto lifts White but White slips out. White CHOPS Goto again, but Goto spins and clotheslines back! Both men are down again and go back to opposite corner. Goto runs in now, and blocks the boot to give the clothesline! He fires off on White but White blocks the kick to saido suplex Goto up and out of the ring! Goto crashes and burns while we go to break!

NJPW on AXS returns as White fetches Goto. White puts Goto in then stands him up. White fisherman to the Kiwi Krusher! Cover, TWO!! Goto still lives! Gedo is furious, but White slashes the throat. White brings Goto up but Goto spins through to suplex. White knees out then knees Goto in the head! Goto starts to fall as White just keeps ramming knees into him. Fans rally up for Goto but White stands him up. Goto breaks free to CLOBBER White! Both men are down but not crawling to corners this time. Fans continue to rally as Goto and White head for each other. Goto and White brawl with forearms on their knees. They brawl with forearms to their feet! They pick up speed! Goto rocks White off his feet!

Goto brings White up for another shot and White falls over again. Fans fire up with Goto as he brings White back up. White hits first! Then CHOPS! And CHOPS! White CHOPS Goto to ropes then whips, but Goto reverses. Goto then follows, White dodges but Goto follows again. Another dodge but now White follows, only to get Goto’s clothesline! White goes back to a corner but so does Goto. Goto runs in for a spinning heel kick! He puts White up top and brings him out, draping neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! White lives but Goto won’t let up. Goto climbs up top but White stops him. White rakes Goto’s eyes! White climbs to join Goto, but Goto fights back. Goto manages to fireman’s carry White, but White fights back.

White forearms Goto but Goto hits back. They brawl up top, Goto headbutts White! Goto stands, SUPER DESTROYER!! Cover, TWO!?! White survives and Goto can’t believe it! Fans are thunderous as Goto stands! Goto focuses but Gedo runs into the ring? Gedo gets out as Red Shoes reprimands him, but it’s so White can get a chair! White runs at Goto but gets caught! Goto hits White with a backbreaker, then throws Gedo into the ring! Gedo begs for mercy but Goto gives him USHIGOROSHI! White’s up and CHOPS Goto. White whips but Goto reverses to another USHIGOROSHI! Goto is feeling it as fans reach a fever pitch! He aims at White, THE buzzsaw kick! And then the dragon sleeper, but White fights back. Goto merely gets annoyed and headbutts White! Inverted GTR! Cover, TWO!?

Goto can’t believe White still lives, but he vows to put White away now. White still fights off the dragon sleeper, and snapmares out. White gets Goto but Goto spins out. Goto fireman’s carry, Ushigoroshi just for the dragon sleeper! But White slips out again, but Goto denies Blade Runner again, but then White denies GTR for the snap Half ‘n’ Half suplex! But Goto gets to his feet?! Goto runs into another Half ‘n’ Half! White won’t end it there, he drags Goto up for BLADE RUNNER! Cover, White wins!

Winner: Jay White, by pinfall

The Switchblade pulls it out in Kumamoto! Gedo again helped out, but it was still White’s win. And as such, White takes to the mic. “Hey! Are you not happy?” Is Kumamoto not happy with that? Apparently not. Is it because Goto let them down again? White is seeing double right now, but what he sees clearly is that Goto is still an embarrassment to Chaos. Goto’s going to go home to his disappointed family again. White may not have the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, but this is still the Cutthroat Era! And whether it’s Okada or Sanada, NJPW will still breath with the Switchblade! White calls his shot for the top prize, who will have it after Dontaku?

Backstage Interviews

White sits down to say, “In a few more days, Okada and Sanada will fight over my belt, to see which one of them” gets to be his target. But it doesn’t matter to White, because they’re just going to lose to him. Will White reclaim the title to continue where he left off?



My Thoughts:

A great selection for this hour of NJPW on AXS! AXS helps keep the stories from G1 Supercard going by spotlighting the Guerrillas and the tag team titles. Yano & Makabe gave GoD a great match, and I really liked how Yano had some serious moments in this. But because of GoD’s story with ROH, the Briscoes, and maybe even nZo and CazXL at this rate, GoD wins to retain and stay strong, though I was surprised by a cheat spot. Getting Makabe off guard with a Gun Stun would’ve made them even stronger in that win, but maybe GoD is helping Yano, Makabe and by extension Taguchi look stronger by having to steal a win.

White VS Goto was a great match, especially for something non-title. But at the same time, this was tantamount to a contender’s match so it still makes sense for them to go this far. They did pretty good in making it seem like Goto could pull it off. But White wins in his usual fashion, but that’s juts fine by now. White wants after the title, naturally, and White VS Okada again or a fresh match-up of White VS Sanada would be great no matter what. It would be amazing to see Sanada get that top title, but something tells me it’s still not the right time. I suppose we’ll see next week when AXS has Wrestling Dontaku.

My Score: 8.5/10

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