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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (5/25/19)

It’s Lethal VS The K I N G King! (King…!)



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ROH Wrestling Television, Episode 401

Episode 400 is in the books, here’s to 400 more! Will Kenny King finally show that he’s better than Jay Lethal and become the new Franchise Player in ROH?



  • Flip Gordon VS Karl Fredericks; Gordon wins.
  • Best of Three Series, Match One: Kenny King VS Jay Lethal; King wins and leads the series 1-0.


Flip Gordon VS Karl Fredericks!

ROH and NJPW continue their relationship as one on NJPW’s Young Lion from the LA dojo looks to show us what he’s got. But Captain Flip is surely sore over being screwed out of the ROH World Championship in the historic episode 400. Will Flip snap back from that defeat to head back towards the top?

The Code of Honor is upheld and the bell rings. Flip circles with Fredericks and the two tie up. Fredericks powers Flip tot he mat and gets an arm. Flip holds on with a monkey grip and slips out. Flip makes it a cover, TWO, and the two stand off. Fans cheer as they circle and tie up again. Flip headlocks and gets the takeover, but Fredericks headscissors. Flip pops out and rolls reverse. Fredericks has the takeover but Flip rolls him back. ONE, and Fredericks holds onto the hold. Flip powers out but Fredericks runs him over, only for Flip to kip back up! Flip nods in respect, but Fredericks gives him a little push. Fredericks runs but Flip runs him over!

Flip runs and Fredericks drops, but Flip handstands and comes back to headscissor Frederick out. Flip kips up again and builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit sends Fredericks into barriers! Fans fire up for Flip while we go to break.

ROH returns Flip goes Matrix to mule kick and PELE Fredericks down! Flip springboards but into a SPINEBUSTER! Fredericks gets mad and starts stomping Flip. Flip gets to a corner but Fredericks stomps him more. Fredericks stands Flip up to CHOP! He CHOPS Flip off his feet and covers, ONE! Fredericks keeps Flip down with knees then scoop slams him. He stomps Flip more then covers, ONE! Fredericks grows frustrated and CHOPS Flip more. Flip CHOPS back and they start CHOPPING away on each other. Flip forearms Fredericks now, but Fredericks shoves and dropkicks Flip down!

Fans rally up as Fredericks runs in corner to corner for a big splash! And a hip toss to elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Flip lives and Fredericks grows further frustrated. Fredericks lifts Flip but gets a jawbreaker. Flip runs in but is put on the apron. Flip shoulders back in and slides under to sunset flip. He skins the cat to swing kick Fredericks, then springboards for a missile dropkick! Fredericks flops to a corner, and Flip lets his hair down. Flip goes corner to corner but blocks boots. He turns Fredericks sideways on the ropes, then goes out to slingshot blockbuster! Fans fire up as Fredericks flounders to his feet for a SUPERKICK! Fredericks staggers into the wheelbarrow facebuster! Flip keeps Frederick’s leg hooked for an STF! Fredericks taps, Flip wins!

Winner: Flip Gordon, by submission

Fredericks does indeed STF, Submit To Flip! Flip’s arsenal grows, will it be what he needs to finally get that world title? Flip offers the handshake, and Fredericks takes it. They honor the Code of Honor, but Fredericks promises to be back again.


ROH looks back to War of the Worlds Toronto!

In his home country, PCO challenged Matt Taven for the ROH World Championship! PCO proved time and again to be inhuman, but Taven proved himself worthy of that title with the fight he gave PCO. But The Kingdom of course supported their leader, and a purple railroad spike was used in an attempt to put the last nail in PCO’s coffin! The champion retained his title because he’s Matt Taven, but how long can he run away from his challengers?

As for the ROH World Television Championship, NJPW’s Hirooki Goto joined the Notorious Hitman, Shane Taylor, and Villain Enterprises’ Brody King in challenging the Hawaiian Juggernaut, Jeff Cobb in a Fatal 4 Way! And while Brody took a Tour of the Islands, he also got Greetings from the 216! Shane Taylor made sure to get Cobb out of the picture to take the title! Cobb had to admit defeat, but will he be back for the Hitman’s head?


ROH looks back at the G1 Supercard Honor Rumble!

Kenny King CHOSE to be number one in this massive match, that featured huge stars across ROH and NJPW, such as Minoru Suzuki, Jushin Thunder Liger and even THE GREAT MUTA! It looked to be down to just the two masked legends, Muta and Liger, but Kenny wasn’t actually eliminated! He threw both legends out in one fell sweep and won his shot at the ROH World Championship, but he would get some karma in the way of Muta’s mist!

After that, Kenny King would return to ROH, though “blinded,” and still bragging about how he told us all he’d “molly whop all them other chumps” to be the first man to win the Honor Rumble from number one. He needed emergency ocular surgery, but promised Jay Lethal that both eyes would be on him. However, he obviously never needed surgery, and he proved that on Episode 400 when he blindsided Jay Lethal on stage! With these two finally having it out tonight, can the K I N G make The Franchise #BendTheKnee?


Jeff Cobb is here!

As we saw, The Hawaiian Juggernaut is no longer ROH World Television Champion, only because Shane Taylor took advantage of his hard work on Brody King. Cobb was still a good sport about it at the time, but now he has a mic to speak.

“The last couple of weeks haven’t been good for good ol’ Jeff Cobb here.” Cobb lost his ROH World TV Championship. Cobb points out Shane Taylor did not pin nor submit Cobb. No one in ROH has been able to do that! So Cobb tells Taylor that he’s probably shaking in his little boots and wetsuit, but sleep easy for one more night knowing that Cobb isn’t here for a rematch. Cobb wants the man bragging about being the best world champion in ROH! Yes, Cobb wants Matt Taven! More importantly, Cobb wants what Taven has, aka the ROH World Champoinship! Speak of the devil, Matt Taven appears! Taven holds the world title up high, and also has a mic in the other hand.

“Oh, Jeff, relax. Relax a little bit, alright?” Taven likes Cobb, he’s like an “adorable Hawaiian Buddha.” Cobb’s here in ROH and has been very impressive. But Taven IS the greatest ROH World Champion in history. In the short time he’s had the title, he beat Flip Gordon, Mark Haskins and even PCO. So what makes Cobb think Taven is worried, when Cobb couldn’t even keep the title he had? Taven walks down to the ring and says he fears no man. Because he is Matt Taven. Taven has no problem defending the title against Cobb anytime, anywhere, even here in Chicago. Chicago deserves this match, right?

Taven goes to the ring, but then says there’s one thing. It’s just not tonight. “Take care of the mic, will ya, Melvin?” He throws the mic at Cobb but it bounces off him. Taven is the cockiest he’s ever been, but will he be the most regretful he’s ever been when Cobb finally gets in the ring with him?


Kenny King speaks.

“Hello? Who’s there? Where am I?” Just kidding! Kenny can see clearly now the rain is gone. He was blind but now he sees. Muta misted and blinded Kenny, and Kenny used that to take advantage of Jay Lethal. Kenny knows everything about Lethal, and knows what Lethal will do before Lethal does it. So does Kenny doesn’t really care about a Best of Three Series! He knows all! Bring out the broom, this is gonna be a sweep! King says he’s not just a step ahead, he’s “already around the damn block.”


Jay Lethal responds.

“Kenny King, I get it.” The best of three series is the need and want to be in the ring with the best of the best. It is about elevating and proving yourself to the world! Lethal also knows that King always has an angle, and he’s ready for it. The first match in this best of three will end the same as the rest: Lethal leaves the winner, and King is just leaving the ring.


ROH State of the Art is on the horizon!

June 1st and 2nd will see a huge event, culminating in a Defy or Deny match! Matt Taven defeated Mark Haskins, PCO and Flip Gordon separately, but now he’ll have to deal with them all at once! If Taven manages to win, the man he eliminates last can NEVER challenge Taven again! But if not, the man that survives to the end is guaranteed a future title shot! Can Taven come away clean? Or will one man earn himself a rematch with the champion?


ROH shares highlights from War of the Worlds’ ROH World Tag Team Championship match!

The Guerrillas of Destiny became dual tag team champions back at G1 Supercard in a furious Fatal 4 Way involving Villain Enterprises, Los Ingobernables de Japon’s Evil & Sanada, and The Briscoes. But neither GoD or #DemBoyz were satisfied, so they went 2v2 in Toronto!

Despite how bitter they felt about winning them, Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa were not going to give up the ROH tag titles without a fight, and a fight they got! The two teams went back and forth and move for move. GoD used trickery and straight-up cheating to retain, keeping the titles with a NJPW team! What does this mean for the ROH Tag Team Division?!


Silas Young is here!

The Last Real Man leads the way and has a mic. “Now obviously you all know who the Last Real Man in Pro-Wrestling is, but I’m sure you’re asking yourself, ‘Who’s this gangly, ugly young fella standing next to me?'” Silas explains that this skinny boy is Baxter Bellafonte. Baxter is a young Milwaukee “green horn” but don’t worry, Chicago, this is no match. No, this is a little different. This will be a seminar of sorts. Some catch-as-catch-can wrestling. Bobby Cruz, please join them in the ring. Fans cheer for Bobby as he follows Silas and Baxter into the ring.

Silas says that part of the wrestling process is learning what it’s like to have certain holds put on. Silas has Bobby hold his mic as he explains the wristlock. He puts Baxter in the lock and applies pressure. Baxter clearly feels the pain as Silas shifts up to more of an armlock, and applies more pressure. Baxter will one day learn how to reverse such a lock, but he should know the opponent might grab his hair, which Silas does. Grabbing hair is frowned upon by referees. Another thing frowned upon is a fish hook. Silas hooks Baxter’s mouth, and holds on until 4, which is technically legal because it is in the referee’s purview to make a judgement call.

Another thing frowned upon is a poke to the eyes, which Silas also demonstrates on Baxter. A thumb into the eyes for a count of more than 5 is definitely a disqualification. Now Baxter, you did great, this is just part of the learning experience. But Silas wants Baxter to know that something you should never, ever, EVER do is the “low blow.” Relax, Baxter, Silas knows we all know what that is. We don’t need a demonstration. But Silas still gives it! You gotta learn what it’s like, after all. The “Technician of Honor” thanks the fans for letting Silas explain the “pure” rules of wrestling. Silas strikes a proper wrestling pose, but it’s all tongue in cheek given how he’s cheated Jonathan Gresham to win in their recent matches. Will the Octopus come back to shut Young up?


Best of Three Series, Match One: Kenny King VS Jay Lethal!

This isn’t just a grudge match, but a match to prove who is worthy of being the face of ROH! And it won’t just be once, it could be up to three times! Who takes the lead in this series of ROH’s brightest stars?

Kenny wants the Code of Honor, and Lethal reluctantly takes it. The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up and Kenny gets a waistlock. Lethal slips out to a wristlock but Kenny kicks Lethal down. Both men get up fast and fans cheer the stand-off. The two circle and tie up again. Kenny headlocks but Lethal powers out, and things speed up. Kenny blocks the hip toss for a fireman’s carry takedown, then rolls to a bridge, ONE! Fans cheer as both men back off again. Lethal and Kenny circle again and Kenny welcomes fans cheering for Lethal. They tie up again, and Lethal wristlocks. Kenny hooks the ropes for the ropebreak and Lethal lets him go. Fans boo as Kenny takes his time returning, so we go to break.

ROH returns again and Kenny finally returns at the count of 8. Lethal and Kenny circle again and they tie up. Kenny gets the single leg takedown then rolls Lethal to a headlock. Lethal powers out but Kenny runs him over! Kenny speeds things up but Lethal hip tosses and cartwheels, but Kenny trips him up! Kenny drags Lethal into a LaBell Lock! But Lethal flails and gets to a ropebreak! Kenny lets Lethal go but Kenny shows he really does know Lethal’s moves. Fans still cheer Lethal on as Lethal catches his breath. Lethal and Kenny circle but Kenny kicks low. Kenny throws haymakers and bumps Lethal off buckles hard! He stands Lethal up for a CHOP! Lethal turns it around but Kenny ducks the chop to give a CHOP! Lethal tries again, but Kenny again dodges!

Kenny CHOPS so Lethal punches, and the two brawl. Kenny whips but Lethal reverses, but then Kenny reverses back. Lethal holds ropes and puts Kenny on the apron. Lethal springboards but Kenny ducks the triangle dropkick! Again, Kenny knows all the signatures! And he even copies the pose. But Kenny’s arrogance costs him! Lethal dropkicks Kenny down, then takes aim. Lethal builds speed, and DIVES, but into Kenny’s arms! Kenny rams Lethal into a post! “That’s right! I’m the K I N G!” Lethal writhes as Kenny brings him up to throw him into barriers! The ring count climbs but Kenny looms over Lethal. Kenny rams Lethal into the apron then refreshes the count. Kenny stomps Lethal and follows him around the corner. He puts Lethal in the ring, then covers, TWO!

Kenny keeps his cool as he keeps on Lethal with a knee to the back. Kenny puts Lethal in a chinlock, and fans rally up. Lethal endures as Kenny pulls back on his arms. Lethal powers up to his feet but Kenny kicks low. Kenny clubs Lethal then runs, but into a hip toss! Kenny still knows the dropkick is coming, so he scoots back. Lethal has to step forward, and he gets caught into a takedown! Kenny floats to a King Camel Clutch! Lethal endures and works out of the hold. Kenny just sits deeper! But Lethal crawls and gets the ropebreak! Fans cheer but Kenny holds on until 4. Kenny mocks if the fans can see him clearly. Lethal crawls away but Kenny goes after him with a chop. Cover, TWO! Kenny grows frustrated with Lethal while we go to one last break.

ROH returns once more, and Kenny drags Lethal up. Lethal CHOPS back but then Kenny pulls the ol’ “Look over there!” trick to poke Lethal in the eyes! The referee reprimands Kenny, he knew what happened! Lethal staggers into Kenny’s whip to the corner. Kenny goes corner to corner but misses the big forearm smash! Lethal throws haymakers and CHOPS, then whips. Kenny holds ropes so Lethal CHOPS again. Lethal whips but Kenny holds ropes on the other side. Kenny tosses Lethal out, then steals the triangle dropkick! Lethal goes down and Kenny says he’s gonna steal another move. Fans boo as Kenny builds speed, only to fake everyone out.

Kenny struts after Lethal but won’t let him get back in the ring. So Lethal kicks and DDT’s Kenny to the floor! Both men are down and a ring count begins. The count reaches 5 of 20 before Lethal sits up. Kenny slowly follows but neither really gets up before 8. The count hits 9, both men finally stand. Lethal and Kenny crawl into the ring at 11 and head right for each other. Kenny JABS but Lethal haymakers back. They go back and forth and fast and furious! Lethal CHOPS and punches Kenny more, then whips. Hip toss and dropkick finally hits! Kenny gets to the apron, but Lethal finally hits the triangle dropkick! And Lethal DIVES to finally hit Kenny down! Fans fire up as Lethal puts Kenny back in the ring.

Lethal climbs up top and fans fire up even more. Lethal aims and leaps, Hail to the King! Cover, TWO!! Kenny survives and Lethal grits his teeth. Kenny crawls but Lethal drags him back from the ropes. Lethal spins Kenny and ducks the Dragon Whip, then handsprings! But Kenny trips him up to reel him in for a backbreaker. But he’s not stealing the Lethal Combination, the second half is a Blue Thunder Bomb! Cover, TWO!? Lethal narrowly escapes and Kenny can’t believe it! But fans are loving “ROH! ROH!” for giving them this action. Kenny shakes his head, and drags Lethal back up. Kenny demands Lethal stand, but Lethal fights back with body shots. Lethal throws haymakers but Kenny knees low.

Kenny fireman’s carries to spin, but Lethal lands on his feet! Lethal boots and enziguris Kenny down! Fans fire up and Lethal builds speed for the handspring! But Kenny catches him in a waistlock! Lethal standing switches but so does Kenny. Lethal elbows out and handsprings, again, but Kenny dodges. Kenny misses but lets Lethal’s handspring slide off his back. Lethal swings but Kenny dodges and Lethal almost hits the ref! LOW BLOW! Kenny shows his new move, is the stolen Lethal Injection!! Cover, Kenny wins!!

Winner: Kenny King, by pinfall; leads the series 1-0

The new move is just a knockoff! The K I N G brags that he beat the hero of ROH, but he’s far from the winner yet! Will Lethal be able to snap back in the second match? Or is the sweep happening on Kenny’s journey to the world title?



My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode for ROH here. Obviously a lot of recap for War of the Worlds so the television audience can get caught up, though obviously the internet is good for that, too. It was a lot of filler but at least the two matches we got were really good. Flip VS Fredericks the Young Lion was good, Fredericks definitely has promise and it’d be interesting to see where this guy goes. Flip has that Defy or Deny match coming up, but I’m not sure he, Haskins or PCO will win another title shot through it. Taven has been using the Kingdom to survive, I’m thinking they’ll do something at State of the Art to help Taven again.

But that’s okay, because Jeff Cobb is moving on up! The Hawaiian Juggernaut becoming the top guy in ROH would be great, mostly for ROH. This also frees up Shane Taylor to take on any number of Faces wanting that World Television Championship, which can also spark something for ROH. LifeBlood needs to start going for gold, so one of their guys going after Taylor might be a good move. Bandido had a great match and a great victory over Taylor, maybe Bandido can do it again for the gold. Meanwhile, ROH needs to figure out their tag team division. Just who is going to take those titles off of Guerrillas of Destiny when Guerrillas of Destiny are just that good?

Silas Young is clearly a top Heel in ROH. I knew almost immediately he was just going to torture poor Baxter. Really hoping to see Gresham come back and finally beat Silas in a match. Then to get a Best of Three Series of Lethal VS King, that sounds amazing! This first match was incredible, the story was brilliant with Kenny just knowing everything about Lethal’s moveset. It was even brilliant for Kenny to still need to cheat because Lethal’s that good. I would think Lethal wins the second one, with a callback to this one, such as Lethal stealing Kenny’s Royal Flush.

My Score: 8.3/10

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