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Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Report! (5/27/19)

Who is the Beast’s new prey?



WWE Raw Cover image

Brock Lesnar returns to Raw again!

And as promised, The Beast in the Bank will declare which top champion he promises to cash-in on! Will it be Seth Rollins or Kofi Kingston? Plus, who will step up to the Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch?



  • Shane McMahon w/ Drew McIntyre VS Lance Anoa’i; Shane wins.
  • Becky Lynch & Nikki Cross VS The IIconics; Lynch & Cross win.
  • Ricochet VS Cesaro; Ricochet wins.
  • WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match: The Miz VS Braun Strowman VS Bobby Lashley VS Baron Corbin; Corbin wins and moves on to Super Showdown to face Seth Rollins for the title.
  • WWE 24/7 Champion: R-Truth retains the WWE 24/7 Championship.
  • Seth Rollins VS Sami Zayn; Rollins wins.


WWE and Raw celebrate Memorial Day.

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather, we should thank God such men lived.” – George S. Patton.

The United States of America is the land of the free because of the brave who fought, and on this day, we remember and thank those who gave their lives in that fight.


Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman ARE here on Raw!

The Beast in the Bank and the Advocate leave their dressing room to head for the stage.


But Kofi Kingston is on Raw, too!

The WWE Champion again uses the Wild Card Rule to bring positivity and pancakes to Mondays! He wants to know just exactly who Brock Lesnar is after, because Paul Heyman taunting him with the MITB briefcase is the reason Dolph Ziggler was able to blindside him on last week’s SmackDown! The Show-Off would cite his own bitterness as to why he ambushed and brutalized Kofi, but Kofi kept his promise to walk out of the arena on his own two feet. And now, not even a full week removed, Kofimania is up and walking around in the ring!

Fans cheer for Kofi as he gets himself a mic to speak. “Man, I love y’all, man.” SmackDown took out Big E’s knee last week, and after his match with Sami Zayn, Kofi was attacked by Ziggler. Ziggler tried to end Kofi, but he didn’t finish the job because he’s still standing! And when the time’s right, Kofi will go after Ziggler. But tonight, Kofi is here for Mr. Money in the Bank. Heyman promised tonight, Lesnar chooses his opponent. Kofi considers himself not just a fighting champion, but he wants to become the greatest WWE Champion of all time! And that means beating Brock Lesnar! Kofi wants Lesnar to come out and just cash-in already! But instead of The Beast, it’s the Beastslayer! Seth Rollins and his WWE Universal Championship are here to #BurnItDown!

Rollins joins Kofi in the ring, a flip-side to last week when Kofi hopped in on Rollins. Rollins picks up a mix to tell Kofi that he’s not Lesnar, he’s better. But he likes where Kofi’s head is at. Rollins doesn’t want to wait! He wants to know who Lesnar is after, right now! WWE Champion, Universal Champion, we’re just missing Mr. MITB! Rollins demands Lesnar get out here and give them his decision! And here comes The Beast! With a remix, even. Lesnar is having almost too much fun with his Money in the Bank boombox. But to rub salt in the wound, the boombox starts playing New Day music. Kofi takes that as a green light, but then it changes to Rollins’ music! Heyman rocks out with Lesnar, but Lesnar gets him to calm down and get to business.

Rollins doesn’t care, he just leaves. But Kofi sticks around. Kofi dares Lesnar to cash-in, put his briefcase where his mouth is. Heyman figures Rollins would just pee on the parade. His client, Brock Lesnar, was going to say right here, right now, his choice to cash-in, but then Rollins went and ruined the #BrockParty. And don’t you boo! Don’t blame Lesnar, blame Rollins. And the decision is NOT announced, we’ll have to wait another week. But then Ziggler attacks Kofi AGAIN! Ziggler wants to finish the job after all! Zig-Zag to the ramp! And he gets a chair! Ziggler goes back to Kofi, but Xavier Woods makes the save! Xavier throws hands and Ziggler runs away! Will we see Ziggler get some form of comeuppance at the hand of The New Day?


Raw returns to Kofi being helped to the back.

But Ziggler returns! And he goes after Xavier! Xavier brings the fight to Ziggler and punches him down the ramp! Xavier drags Ziggler to the ring to put him in! The fight continues as Xavier throws hands, but Ziggler yanks Xavier out of the ring. Ziggler rakes Xavier’s face with his fingernails! Fans rally for Xavier but Ziggler throws him into barriers. Ziggler drags Xavier up but Xavier throws more hands! And he dumps Ziggler into the crowd! Then he climbs up, to LEAP for ax handles! Fans cheer as Xavier drags Ziggler back to ringside to dump him out the other side! Xavier headbutts Ziggler and knocks him into a trash can. But Ziggler fights back, only to get shoved into railing.

Xavier dumps the trash on Ziggler! Then he drags Ziggler back to ringside to throw him back over the barriers. Fans fire up as Xavier hops over, but Ziggler kicks out Xavier’s leg! Ziggler drags Xavier up to bump him off steel steps! Referees appear to get Ziggler to back off, but he just gets another chair. Ziggler aims at Xavier and SMACKS him on the back! And again! Xavier is reeling from that chair shot, but Ziggler grins as he rakes Xavier’s eyes again. He puts Xavier in the ring and brings the chair along. Ziggler laughs as he SMACKS Xavier on the back again! Then he chokes Xavier with the edge of that chair, before opening it up. Ziggler puts it around Xavier’s head like he did to Kofi last week!

But Kofi returns, with his own chair! Kofi runs Ziggler off for good this time, and we go back to break again. Is this the last we’ve seen of Ziggler tonight on Raw?


Raw returns again, with Kofi and Xavier both in the ring.

The New Day stands tall, but Ziggler is on stage! He speaks into a mic and says he thought he knew Kofi better. But Kofi just wastes his time on Lesnar’s cash-in, when he should be worrying about Ziggler. In 11 days, WWE Super Showdown, that world title is on the line against Ziggler. Ziggler only asks for one thing going into that match: celebrate like you’ve never celebrated before! Show the world what Kofi accomplished as the best champion in recent memory! But every time Ziggler sees the title with Kofi, he can’t help but think that it should’ve been him.

Ziggler admires Kofi, really he does. But for so long, Kofi has had friends watch his back every step of the way. Some people said Kofi was nothing more than a B+ Player, but Ziggler defended him! Ziggler knows how damn good Kofi is for the world title! But what happens when he doesn’t have that title anymore? What happens when Ziggler takes the title from him?! The millions of fans that have looked up to him, what happens to them when Ziggler takes that title from him? It took longer than Ziggler wanted, because Wrestlemania should’ve been his. But at Super Showdown, it will be Ziggler! Will Ziggler back up his bitter words when WWE goes overseas?


The rest of the Raw roster celebrates Memorial Day with a barbecue!

Superstars from Titus O’Neil to the Usos are eating their fill and having a ball! They even have a DJ! Jimmy grabs a mic and has everyone wish happy birthday to Natalya! And also, thanks for coming out to hang out with the Usos! Even the Revival? HELL NAW! But time to turn up! The Uso Block Party is on!


Backstage interview with Shane McMahon!

The Best int he World is competing tonight? Yes, he needs a warm-up for Roman Reigns at Super Showdown. He’ll beat The Big Dog down just like he is tonight’s opponent. And he heads to the ring with Drew McIntyre as his back-up. Is McIntyre feeling good? Shane’s feeling good. But who is getting the #BestintheWorld beating tonight?


Shane McMahon w/ Drew McIntyre VS ???

Raw returns as Shane is finally done with his warm-ups. Shane speaks about the parallels between teh mcMahon Family and the Samoan Dynasty. These two pillars of WWE and their feud all come down to one thing: respect. It was grilled into Shane but not into Roman Reigns. How else could you explain Roman punching down the “patriarch of the WWE,” the benevolent Vince McMahon. What kind of man can hit another man’s father? Shane is again hypocritical, but Shane talks about “the high chief, Peter Maviah,” grandfather of The Rock. Yokozuna, the Head Shrinkers, the Usos, and on and on. But the most feared were the Wild Samoans, Afa and Sika.

Shane grew up knowing Afa and Sika, and perhaps knows them better than Roman does, given his front row seat to their matches, and their mistakes. Shane won’t disparage them, because that’s not in him. It’s not part of his DNA. Vince was always there to clean up Afa’s and Sika’s mistakes. But who from the Samoan Dynasty will appear to face Shane tonight? Because they’re going to lose to the Best in the World. Who will answer this Open Samoan Challenge?

Raw returns again and Shane’s opponent is Lance Anoa’i, a distant cousin to Roman. But McIntyre drags Lance out to ram him into barriers then the apron and back again! And then steel steps! Shane says that’s enough. But McIntyre doesn’t stop, he rams Lance into a post and tosses him overhead! Shane insists McIntyre stop but McIntyre rips Lance’s shirt off to CHOP! Oh that’s gonna leave a mark. Put Lance in here. McIntyre will be reprimanded later, but might as well ring the bell. The match actually starts now, and Lance manages to stand, only to get knees and punches.

Shane puts Lance in a corner for body shots. He backs off at the ref’s count of 4, then kicks Lance down. Shane keeps hitting Lance but Lance hits back! Shane body shots and clubs Lance then throws more hands. He toys with Lance but fans say “This is Awful!” But then Lance fights back! Lance CHOPS and dropkicks Shane down! Lance dares Shane to stand, and then goes for a superkick, only to get an elbow! Shane grounds ‘n’ pounds Lance over and over, then drags him into a triangle hold. Lance taps, Shane wins!

Winner: Shane McMahon, by submission

Apparently the Best in the World isn’t satisfied with this. He tells McIntyre to sit Lance up for him to punch back down! Then Shane puts him back in the triangle. Shane trash talks Sika, he’d be doing this to Sika, too! Shane won’t let Lance go. The biggest mistake Sika ever made was having Roman Reigns! But speaking of, here comes Roman!! The Big Dog doesn’t care if he’s a Wild Card or not, he’s storming to the ring! SUPERMAN PUNCH for McIntyre! Shane sees Roman snarling at him. And runs away! Roman runs after and gets him at the barriers! Roman clubs away but Shane throws an elbow. Only to get a FLYING SUPERMAN PUNCH!

Roman puts Shane in the ring, and takes aim from a corner. He lets out the battle cry, but McIntyre drags Shane out to save him. Roman will have to wait for Super Showdown to get his revenge. Will Shane learn to shut his mouth once and for all?

Speaking of, Shane and McIntyre hurry to the parking lot to get out of here. Will Shane also learn to stay away once and for all?


Brock Lesnar comes back out!

The Beast in the Bank is going to try again now that he’s cheered up. And there’s a ref in the ring? Heyman takes up a mic to introduce himself and Mr. MITB 2019. And Heyman has the contract in his hands as he says they are going to inform the world which champion Lesnar wants. And now Rollins returns! Lesnar laughs as Rollins storms his way back into the ring. Rollins explains something to Lesnar. This belt here is Rollins’ life. And he sees the “boombox” so shut up! Rollins works for this every single day! But Lesnar comes out and makes a mockery out of it! Lesnar makes jokes, because he IS a joke! Rollins stomped Lesnar out at Mania, and he’ll do it again here!

Lesnar used to be the most feared man in fight sports, but now he’s a coward! A shell of his former self! If Lesnar wants to prove him wrong? Cash in tonight!! Heyman shows the referee the contract. The contract itself says Lesnar chooses when and where, and which title to challenge. The contract lasts for a full year from MITB 2019 to MITB 2020! But Lesnar is done with the legalese. He realizes he has a YEAR to cash in, and slaps Heyman around. Rollins tosses his shirt, but Lesnar says he has a YEAR to use this. “Rollins, screw you.” Lesnar takes his leave, because he’ll do what he wants to who he wants, when he wants! But when, where and who will that be?

Wait, the 24/7 Champion runs in! R-Truth runs away from Robert Roode, Cedric Alexander, and EC3! Eric Young rolls R-Truth up! But EC3 breaks it! Alexander springboard crossbodies EC3 and Young down! But Drake Maverick leaps at Truth! Truth dodges him, Luke Gallows AND Karl Anderson! Carmella gets him to the crowd, and he carries her to the back! Will Truth make it to the end of Raw with that belt?


Backstage interview with AJ Styles.

The Phenomenal One is hurt, the only reason he’s not in tonight’s Fatal 4 Way match. Baron Corbin takes Styles’ place, but what happened? Styles hurt himself in that Money in the Bank PPV match. He could say he’s ready to go but that’s not the truth. Styles wanted to face Lashley, Miz and Strowman if it meant getting back to a title match. Not tonight, at least. How long will he be out for? More tests have to be run, and according to doctors- Baron Corbin sucker punches Styles! Corbin grins because he has Styles’ spot. Will he use it to the best of his ability to go after Rollins at Super Showdown?


Becky Lynch & Nikki Cross VS The IIconics!

The Man isn’t #BeckyTwoBelts but she will hold onto her Raw Women’s Championship with everything she has. Can she and crazy Nikki Cross defeat Peyton Royce & Billie Kay just like they did last week?

Raw returns as the IIconics make their entrance. Nikki is already beside Becky as teams sort out. Billie starts with Nikki as the bell rings. Nikki and Billie tie up and go around. Billie puts Nikki in the corner and Peyton tags in. Nikki dodges the besties and dares them to bring the fight. Peyton circles with Nikki and tie up. Nikki arm-drags Peyton but Peyton holds on to throw Nikki. Peyton and Nikki keep locked up as they go to ropes. The ref calls for a break but they don’t, and Nikki waistlocks. Peyton works against the hold and wrenches Nikki to a wristlock. She brings Nikki to a knee and hammerlocks the arm. Nikki endures and works her way up as fans rally. Nikki rolls Peyton, TWO!

Peyton knees low and headlocks Nikki. Nikki endures the squeeze and pries her way out. Nikki headlocks Peyton but Peyton slips out to another wristlock. Billie coaches Peyton but Nikki rolls and handsprings, only to get thrown down. Peyton taunts Becky, and drags Nikki up. Nikki fights out to arm-drag Peyton down! Nikki has Peyton down and reaches for Becky. Peyton knees low and drags Nikki back. Tag to Billie and Billie grins as she grabs Nikki. But Nikki grabs Billie for a headlock takeover! Nikki has Billie down but Billie stands up and lifts Nikki. Nikki headlock takeovers again! Fans rally as they stand up again. Nikki trips Billie and stomps her down. Billie gets mad and runs in, but is thrown out.

Nikki wrecks Billie with a dropkick, and Peyton hurries to her BFF. Nikki LEAPS to crossbody them both! The Loony Lass is fired up as we go to break!

Raw returns and Billie has Nikki down in a chinbar. Nikki fights her way up as fans rally. Nikki throws forearms but Billie knees low. Billie then hits Becky down! The IIconics laugh at Becky but Nikki rolls Billie! The ref doesn’t see it and Billie gets free. Billie facelocks Nikki and powers her back, but Nikki powers Billie back the other way! Nikki reaches but Billie headlocks and kicks at Becky. Billie whips Nikki to a corner, but misses! Nikki crawls while Billie tags Peyton. Hot tag to BeckY! Becky rallies on Peyton, leaping forearms from the second rope! Becky hits Billie, too! Boot and kicks to Peyton, then Becksploder suplex! Fans fire up as Becky runs in for the Straight Firearm! And stomps!

The ref stops Becky at the count of 4 but Becky snapmares Peyton. Becky hops up and hits the leg drop! Cover, but Billie drags her off. Billie hits Becky into buckles then BOOTS Nikki down! Peyton bulldogs Becky onto Billie’s knee! Cover, TWO!! The IIconics are furious, but Becky gets Peyton’s arm! Nikki drags Billie down and tackles her! Peyton rolls Becky, TWO! Becky gives Peyton a urenage! Cover, Becky & Nikki wins!

Winners: Becky Lynch & Nikki Cross

But before The Man can celebrate, the Sassy Southern Belle struts out here. Lacey Evans just wants to taunt Becky, and then leaves. Becky reminds Lacey she’s still Raw Women’s Champion, but will Lacey’s Woman’s Right change that?


The Uso Block Party continues!

Tamina returns! But family is family, so all is forgiven. But the #TopGuys, Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson, are here to say they appreciate the class shown from the Usos in inviting them here. First off, no one invited them! But Naomi says this is a party, so there won’t be any brawling. The four need to squash the beef. Dash does, literally. But figuratively, this party should be about being friends. Yes, let’s party. But they spill the chips. Have hot dogs and cool off.


Ricochet VS Cesaro!

The One and Only lost to the Swiss Cyborg last week, but he won’t let that slow him down. He’s 100% now, will it be a different story this week?

The bell rings and Ricochet runs right at Cesaro. He’s put on the buckles but he comes back with headscissors! Cesaro boots but into a roll up, TWO! Cesaro knees and uppercuts Ricochet, but runs into a dropkick-flip and another dropkick! Ricochet aims at Cesaro on the outside, and FLIES! The King of Flight is rolling as we go to break!

Raw returns and Cesaro clubs away on Ricochet’s back. Cesaro is seeing just how healed up Ricochet is as he pulls him backward sin the modified abdominal stretch. Ricochet endures and pops out, then rams his shoulder into Cesaro. Cesaro shakes off the haymakers and shoves, but Ricochet sunset flips. Cesaro stays up and yanks Ricochet up for a deadlift overhead suplex! Cover, TWO! Cesaro drops double stomps! Cover, TWO! Cesaro clubs and chinlocks Ricochet again. Ricochet knees out but gets an elbow drop. Cover, TWO! Cesaro grows frustrated but Ricochet crawls to ropes. Ricochet slowly stands but Cesaro is on him with body shots to the back.

Cesaro shoves but gets an uppercut from Ricochet! Ricochet boots but is blocked! Cesaro yanks Ricochet up but he lands on his feet! Cesaro backslides but Ricochet slips out to SUPERKICK! Ricochet gets up as fans rally behind him. He runs in for a shoulder tackle, then goes to the apron to springboard clothesline! Cover, TWO! Standing Shooting Star! Cover, TWO! Ricochet catches his breath as he works on what to do next. He drags Cesaro around to a drop zone, then climbs up top. But Cesaro intercepts with an uppercut! Cesaro uppercuts Ricochet again, then climbs up top. He lifts but Ricochet fights out! Ricochet somehow lands on the apron to sweep and knee Cesaro back. Cesaro falls, and Ricochet heads back up! Ricochet 630!! Roll through, EUROUPPER!! Cover, TWO!!

Cesaro can’t believe Ricochet survives! He drags Ricochet up to a torture rack, and flips him, but Ricochet looks to huricanrana! Cesaro blocks, but gets a DESTROYER! Cover, TWO!? Ricochet drags himself to ropes, as does Cesaro. Cesaro runs and blasts Ricochet out. But Ricochet handsprings, climbs up to an Electric Chair, and hits a Huricanrana Driver! Cover, Ricochet wins!!

Winner: Ricochet, by pinfall

The One and Only evens the score with Cesaro! With such innovation, is Ricochet going to find his way to a title?


Samoa Joe appears!

The Samoan Submission Machine comes near the commentary table to tell them and everyone that he knows Rey Mysterio promises to “do the right thing” next week, by relinquishing the WWE United States Championship. Joe will be there, too, to take back what is rightfully his. Will next week’s Raw be the night Mysterio gives up the title?


Raw returns to Corn Holing!

The Usos and The Revival play the game of beanbags. Dash scores big for the #TopGuys! But Jimmy… ties it up! Will this game end on friendly terms?


The Miz speaks.

“There was a time in my life when I would tell all of you that I should be Universal Champion.” Miz thought he just deserved it, but things have changed in his family. He’s closer to his dad than ever before, and the second Miz Baby is going to be another girl. And now it’s time to earn the right to be champion, and it will be AWESOME!

Braun Strowman speaks.

“In just a few moments, you’re going to witness what happens when three superstars willingly get in the ring with the Monster Among Men.” Lashley will #GetTheseHands, Miz gets a congrats on his new baby girl, and Strowman will NOT let Corbin get a title shot. And that match, is next!

WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match: The Miz VS Braun Strowman VS Bobby Lashley VS Baron Corbin!

Only one man will go to Saudi Arabia to challenge the Architect! Will the Monster Among Men end up pulling double duty at Super Showdown? Will the Rocky Mountain Machine be doing a double header instead? Or will the A-Lister have a golden opportunity? “Kansas City’s Favorite Son” might also have a say in this.

Raw returns with the bell, and Corbin and Lashley both rush Strowman. Miz picks his spot to go after Lashley. Strowman brawls with Corbin while Miz gets caught in Lashley’s complete shot. Strowman uppercuts Corbin then clotheslines him out of the ring. Lashley throws Miz out, and now he’s alone with Strowman. A preview of Super Showdown as they two tie up! Lashley headlocks but Strowman powers out. They collide but neither falls. Lashley bumps Strowman then hurdles, but gets caught in Strowman’s hand! He manages to power out, but not for long! Corbin clobbers Strowman to throw hands. He bumps Strowman off the buckles then Lashley joins in to stomp and mug Strowman in the corner.

Corbin and Lashley throw Strowman into the post! But then Miz returns to club away. Miz gives Corbin the backbreaker, and boots Lashley to finish the A-List combination! Fans rally behind Miz as he aims at both men. Miz unleashes the It Kicks! He kicks Corbin, then Lashley, and repeat! Miz prepares the buzzsaw, but misses Corbin! Lashley kicks Miz and Corbin gives Miz a back suplex! Cover, TWO! Lashley and Corbin work together again to mug Miz. Miz grits his teeth as Lashley stands him up for a neckbreaker. Cover, TWO! Corbin drags Miz up and puts him in a corner. Lashley keeps on Strowman, ramming him into barriers. Corbin hoists Miz up top and throws hands, but Miz fights back.

Miz headbutts Corbin down but Lashley throws hands on Miz. Lashley hops up and Corbin goes after Strowman. Corbin dumps Strowman into the front row but Miz fights Lashley off! Lashley clubs Miz but Miz stays up top. Corbin joins in and they both go up to get Miz. But Strowman joins in, TOWER OF DOOM! He powerbombs and pins Lashley, TWO! Strowman gets up, getting his arms to work. Corbin and Lashley stand but they get a double shotgun from Strowman! Strowman roars and clubs Corbin! Everyone is on the outside, so Strowman starts taking laps! But it’s Lashley who POUNCES Strowman!

Miz kicks Lashley but Corbin clubs Miz. Corbin and Lashley both whip Miz into barriers! They high-five their teamwork as they go back to Strowman. Fans boo as these two mug Strowman. They double suplex him onto the ramp!! The Monster Among Men is down and out while we go to break.

Raw returns and Miz endures more mugging from Corbin and Lashley. Corbin puts Miz in a corner and Corbin throws hands. Miz counter punches! Miz fires off haymakers from both sides! Corbin ducks and rams Miz into buckles! Lashley keeps Strowman down with haymakers while Corbin back suplexes. Miz slips out and rolls Corbin up! TWO, but Miz dumps Corbin out. Lashley runs in and clobbers Miz from behind. Lashley lifts Miz up for the Vertigo Suplex! Cover, TWO! Miz still lives and Lashley is frustrated. Lashley drags Miz up to choke him on the ropes. Lashley holds for as long as he wants, there are no disqualifications. He drags Miz up but Miz hotshots him back. Miz slides under but Lashley drags him up again. Lashley suplexes but Miz slips out, to boot him back.

Lashley runs into counter punches! Miz throws more haymakers from the left and right, then It Kicks in the corner! Miz runs corner to corner, double knees! And again! And then the A-list Lariat! Lashley staggers but Corbin intercepts Miz. Miz hits Corbin, springboards but misses, DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO!! Miz still lives and Corbin is furious! Fans rally as Strowman returns! Strowman rallies on Corbin and Lashley with big hands! And bigger corner splashes! Strowman hits Corbin twice, then Lashley twice! Fans fire up as Strowman takes that lap! Strowman scoops Miz to slam him on the apron, then runs Corbin over! Strowman blasts Corbin into the timekeeper’s area! Lashley dodges and leaps onto Strowman!

Lashley takes aim at Strowman and run, into a scoop! But Lashley escapes, to run back in, only for Strowman to toss him into the crowd! And Strowman pursues! They fight in front of the fans but what about the match? Lashley kicks Strowman but Strowman uppercuts back. Strowman shoves Lashley to the back, leaving Miz all alone. Corbin walks over but gets caught to a cradle! TWO, choke slam to sunset flip! High stack, TWO! Miz fires off kicks fast and furious! Then runs for the double knees! And again! And the A-List, END OF DAYS!! Cover, Corbin wins!?

Winner: Baron Corbin, by pinfall; will face Seth Rollins for the title at Super Showdown

The Monster and the All Mighty eliminated themselves by disappearing, so now the Lone Wolf will be taking on The Architect! But can Corbin take the title from Rollins before The Beast in the Bank does?


Heyman and Lesnar are still backstage on Raw.

What is the point of The Beast hanging out if he decided to take the whole year to decide? Or will he perhaps change his mind before Raw goes off the air?


The Raw Uso Block Party continues!

And just as Jimmy tosses the beanbag, Dawson swats it! That’s illegal corn holing defense, man! The Usos and Revival argue, but Truth runs in! He ain’t here, though, so just- Kalisto rolls Truth! ONE, and Anderson tries! Gallows breaks it !Maverick runs in but is pushed away. EC3 and Eric Young run in, and the party becomes a brawl! Titus wants his second reign, but Truth gets away! The chase continues, but will Truth be caught?


Raw presents a new episode of Firefly Fun House!

Yay~! Bray Wyatt wears a “mask” as he welcomes us to the show. did you enjoy his secret? YES~! He knew he would. That’s “The Fiend.” But don’t worry, he’s a friend! People say and do all sorts of horrible things. It’s hard to find your confidence. It’s hard for Bray to be brave. Especially when he’s alone. But when he puts on the mask, he can be anything he wants to be. Sister Abigail doesn’t get it. He’s just trying to hide that he’s a sicko. He’s not a sicko, Abby. You know that. Is Bray a doctor now? Hmm… Why yes! Dr. Bray says the diagnosis is as he suspected: Abby’s a bully! Boo~! Abby just wants to rest. Never! Abby doesn’t want to be in limbo anymore. Yowie Wowie! Did someone say limbo~?

Fiesta time~! Kids hold up a limbo pole for Bray. He will always light the way. All we have to do is let him in. Bray spider walks to clear the limbo pole. Will you let Bray in?


Raw presents the premiere of Corey Graves’s new talk show!

Nothing is going to be off limits in… The Electric Chair! Sami Zayn heads out to be the first ever guest! Who will get their questions answered, after the break?

Raw returns and Corey Graves joins Sami in the ring. There is no bigger challenge than the truth. And sitting in the Electric Chair, the superstars must answer the questions. The WWE Universe will get to ask Sami whatever they want! Charly Caruso finds a fans to ask a question. Eric of Kansas asks Sami something quite simple: When will he retire? Sami answers with his own question: Are his parents related? This is Kansas City, right? Charly finds Izzy, and asks if Sami misses the Ginger Snaps from Mixed Match Challenge? You mean, teaming with Becky Lynch? Izzy says, “Duh~!” Where are her parents? They did a terrible job. And he’s not joking. She has no manners. Corey wants to move on, but Sami wants to know if Izzy means Becky, or Seth.

Moving on, Mike asks, “How does it feel when Strowman destroys you?” Sami would rather get out of this chair, go over the rail and punch Mike in the face. Mike doesn’t scare Sami, but the only reason Smai doesn’t do this is because we’re in America. If Sami obliterated Mike, Mike wouldn’t fight back, he’d just use litigation because it’s what Americans do. Sami also wont’ do it, because Mike would be in crippling debt from poor healthcare. Sami is disappointed. Fans could ask all these other personal questions, like his love life. He’s a very tender lover, by the way.

Moving on, Thomas asks Sami about his plans for the Universal Champion. Sami hopes fans step the questions up. Sami could go after the title, but he’s not interested. He’d rather hold fans accountable for their crap. They could be asking him anything, like about A E W!! GASP~! Okay, Sami did mention Rollins before, so hypothetically speaking, if Sami had that match, how does that go? Well here comes Seth Rollins! Rollins gets in the ring but Sami gets right out. Rollins takes the electric chair and chucks it! He dares Sami to make a move, but they’ll be having a match after the break!


Seth Rollins VS Sami Zayn!

Raw returns and the bell rings on this impromptu match. Sami runs away from Rollins to focus himself. We check backstage, and yes, Lesnar is still here. Rollins wants Sami to get back in the ring, but will he still have to worry about the Beast in the Bank?

Sami finally does return to the ring, and he circles with Rollins. They go around but Sami ducks back out. Rollins doesn’t wait this time, he chases Sami around the ring. They go back inside and Sami headlocks. Rollins powers out and things speed up. Rollins elbows Sami down! He keeps on Sami with CHOPS in the corner! Rollins throws Sami back out, and Sami bumps barriers. Rollins CHOPS Sami again! He pushes Sami around and bumps him off more barriers. Rollins puts Sami in the ring but Sami flounders right back out. Rollins goes out and runs him over! Fans cheer Rollins as the ring count climbs. Rollins puts Sami back in and Sami calls for a timeout. Rollins doesn’t give Sami that, and goes after the fingers!

Sami endures as Rollins twists and pulls and brings Sami to the mat. Sami avoids the cover as Rollins tortures his wrist. Rollins has Sami in a corner and he stomps away. The ref backs Rollins off but Rollins goes back for more. The ref again pulls Rollins off, and Sami sucker punches Rollins! Sami throws more hands and has Rollins reeling. He clubs away but now the ref backs Sami off at 4. Rollins gets to a corner, and Sami brings him out for haymakers. Sami knees low then knocks Rollins down. He puts Rollins right in a thrashing chinlock. Fans rally for Rollins and Rollins fights his way up. But Sami wrangles Rollins down by pulling hair and tights. Sami keeps on Rollins but fans rally again. Rollins fights his way up but Sami body shots and whips. Sami clotheslines then covers, TWO!

Sami keeps his cool as he looms over Rollins. He brings Rollins up for many kicks to the face! Sami grins as fans boo and jeer, and he drags Rollins back up. He throws more hands but Rollins CHOPS back! Sami kicks and punches Rollins to the ropes then whips, to clothesline Rollins down! Cover, ONE! Sami keeps on Rollins, kicking him while he’s down. Fans rally again as Sami toys with Rollins. Rollins grits his teeth as Sami CHOPS him to ropes. Sami whips but Rollins dodges and clotheslines Sami down! Rollins kicks Sami out of the ring, then goes after him on the outside. But Sami shove shim into a post! The Architect is down while we go to break!

Raw returns once more as Sami drives elbows into Rollins’ face. Sami pulls hair but stops at 4. Fans rally up for Rollins as Sami stalks him. Sami punches away but Rollins punches back. They punch back and forth but Sami kicks low and snap suplexes. Cover, TWO! Rollins grits his teeth as Sami brings him back up. Sami suplexes but Rollins slips out to a waistlock. Sami standing switches but so does Rollins. They keep going back and forth, Sami elbows out but gets a SUPERKICK! Both men are down, but Rollins stirs. Fans fire up as Rollins gets to his feet. Rollins throws hands on Sami, then CHOPS. He CHOPS and forearms then whips. Sami reverses but Rollins dodges to Slingblade! Rollins boots Sami from the corner then hops up, for a BLOCKBUSTER!

But Sami rolls out! Rollins misses his chance to cover, but he takes aim… to DIVE! Direct hit takes Sami down! But Rollins won’t stop there, he DIVES to hit Sami again! Rollins gets up and hobbles a little. But he’s still good to continue, and he drags Sami into the ring. Rollins kicks and is on one leg as he powerbomb lifts. But the leg gives out! Sami DDT’s Rollins down! Cover, TWO!! Rollins lives and Sami is growing frustrated. Rollins drags himself to ropes and fans check on the leg. But Sami goes after it! Rollins kicks him away, then buckle shots Sami down! Fans fire up as Rollins mule kicks Sami! Rollins gets back up, gets that leg moving, and goes for the stomp! Sami dodges and trips Rollins up, Figure Four!!

Rollins endures leg pain but works against the hold. Sami cranks back but Rollins refuses to quit. Rollins works to turn the hold over! Sami resists, but Rollins gets it over! Sami endures and gets the ropebreak! Rollins and Sami untangle but the damage has been done to both men. Sami stands first and drags Rollins from the ropes. Rollins lands on his feet, but the bad leg slows him down! Sami wants Blue Thunder but Rollins fights out, PELE! Ripcord but the knee misses, BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Sami is beside himself over Rollins’ resilience. Sami stalks Rollins and drags him up to SLAP away! He then hoists Rollins up top and climbs. Fans rally as Rollins resists! Rollins headbutts Sami down!

Rollins adjusts, and on one leg, FROG SPLASH! Onto knees! Sami covers Rollins, TWO!! Sami is at his wit’s end, despite Rollins still suffering leg pain. Fans rally as Sami toys and slaps Rollins. Sami haymakers, but Rollins haymakers back! They hit harder and faster! Rollins gets the edge, but Sami gets the leg! Sami trips Rollins but Rollins shoves him out. Rollins sees Sami come back, CURB STOMP!! But he can’t make the cover! Rollins grits his teeth, he aims at Sami. He shouts, “This is my life!!” He gets to a corner, takes aim again, CURB STOMP AGAIN! Cover, Rollins wins!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall

The Beastslayer is still going, but that leg could be a new target in itself. Will Rollins make it to Super Showdown to face Baron Corbin? Or will Lesnar use next Raw to strike?



My Thoughts:

I’ll just say it here to start: Raw was a disappointment. While WWE doesn’t have to acknowledge things outside of WWE, the entire wrestling community knows a big event just happened over the weekend. And yet, this is the Raw Vince thought he should respond with? Even if AEW Double or Nothing didn’t happen, this is not the Raw to continue with on the way to anything, regardless of your feelings toward WWE Super Showdown being another Saudi Arabia show. This was as if Vince literally stretched a two hour show into a three hour one! We started strong with Kofi and Rollins demanding Lesnar choose, but him joking around and Rollins being upset, and even Ziggler attacking here tonight. But that went almost immediately downhill when we had segment, commercial, repeat!

Raw could’ve trimmed the fat and had one big brawl where Kofi gets attacked, Xavier fights Ziggler, Ziggler gets the upperhand but Kofi returns. Then have Ziggler give his promo as he retreats to the stage. Done, move on to a match. Which, the first match was as the fans said: awful. Shane fighting a jobber was gonna be obvious, but I’m not even sure Lance Anoa’i is a real Anoa’i. But obviously it was all to make this personal with Roman, the same as when Vince was “holding Roman down” and bringing up Roman’s family. Pretty sure this means Roman wins at Super Showdown, but I fear we’ll be getting three more segments of them between now and then. And things weren’t made much better when Lesnar returned, only to “realize” there was no rush, thereby swerving us all again.

At least the real matches we got were good. Lynch & Cross VS IIconics was good, and apparently Becky has three finishers: Disarm-Her, Straight Fire Legdrop, and the “Man-Handled” urenage slam. I suppose that’s a sign she’s truly a star in Vince’s eyes. If John Cena has the AA and the STF, Becky can at least have a submission and standing finisher for her moveset. Lacey is obviously up for another Raw Women’s title shot again, by the virtue of her showing up to annoy Becky. Meanwhile, it doesn’t sound like Raw has a single women’s tag team to challenge the IIconics with at this point. Unless Naomi and Tamina are reuniting, given that Usos Block Party moment. Ricochet VS Cesaro was amazing, I really hope the third time around has something at stake, it’s really worthy of that to me.

The Block Party segments were alright, keeps this Revival VS Usos rivalry going without a match. But obviously the best part was that R-Truth crashes the party with his 24/7 Championship and the superstars chasing him. Truth is still great as champion just on his comedy skills, but I’m not sure how much longer it can go before it gets stale. He might have to drop it just so he can do a string of gags as the hunter and not the hunted. The Raw Tag Team Division really needs something, too. Like, oh I dunno, Vince getting out of the way. But until then, it seems like Hawkins & Ryder can just extend the length of their reign without even working.

I don’t get the point of saying the Fatal 4 Way was an Elimination Match if it wasn’t even going to go the distance. Strowman VS Lashley was apparently going to happen either way, too, so Vince really just got himself all turned around. Corbin winning is fine, because he’ll get his shot we all thought was at Extreme Rules out of the way now at Super Showdown, which is really just WWE Filler the PPV anyway. But Vince is already overusing the tease of Lesnar being a threat. Lesnar said he’d use the whole year to decide, why have him backstage still? The Firefly Fun House helped give some understanding to Bray’s new persona, but I just want to see him and “The Fiend” in action already.

I have no idea what to make of “The Electric Chair.” Is this really going to be a talk show segment for the third hour? I did appreciate some of the questions in this segment, because it seemed like it was all shoot. Sami got to show some Heel improv skills, and as I alluded to, they didn’t have to mention AEW, but maybe that’s just Vince weirdly saying he’s not concerned. Which might be a bad thing, because this is the Raw we got because of it. Obviously Sami was meant to find a way to steer things towards Rollins so they could have a match. The match was great, though Lesnar cashing in here would’ve probably salvaged a lot of the crap we waded through to get to the end. But Rollins wins, even with a bad leg that is hopefully more of an exaggeration from good selling.

My Score: 7/10

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