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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (5/8/19)

It’s the Bro VS Adam Cole BAYBAY!



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Two of NXT’s best go head to head!

The Original Bro and the Undisputed Era’s charismatic leader have it out in the ring! Who will win and prove themselves worthy of the NXT Championship?



  • Mia Yim VS Bianca Belair; Belair wins.
  • Raul Mendoza VS Riddick Moss; Mendoza wins.
  • Matt Riddle VS Adam Cole; Riddle wins.


Mia Yim VS Bianca Belair!

It’s HBIC VS EST to see who is worthy of the NXT Women’s Championship! Will Mia finally end Bianca’s Un-De-Fea-Ted mindset? Or will Bianca seal her next shot at Shayna Baszler with a kiss (of death)?

The bell rings and fans duel. Bianca and Mia circle and tie up, and Mia gets a headlock to takedown. Bianca headscissors but Mia pops out. Roles reverse as Bianca headlocks but Mia headscissors. Bianca pops out and they trade arm-drags. They both go for one at the same time, and then both go for dropkicks. Bianca knips up but fans applaud this even exchange. Real recognizes real, but Bianca kicks Mia low and throws her down by her hair! “Gurl, Uh-Uh.” Bianca insists she’s Un-De-Fea- But Mia kicks her away! Mia dropkicks Bianca down and then shouts, “Who you think you talkin’ to?!” Things speed up and Mia trips Bianca up to then hit a basement dropkick. Bianca’s up but gets haymakers and kicks. Mia adds knees and more kicks, then a falling Pele!

Bianca rolls to a corner but Mia runs in, only to miss her cannonball! Bianca drags Mia out onto the apron to slam her into the edge! The ref counts but Bianca gets in to throw Mia into buckles. Bianca stomps away but backs off at 4. Bianca throws Mia down for a cover, TWO! She keeps on Mia with a cravat, but fans duel. Mia endures and works her way up. Mia fights back with body shots but Bianca throws her down. Bianca runs for a big splash! Cover, TWO! Mia gasps for air but she survives. Bianca stalks Mia to the ropes to club her down. Bianca clubs Mia more, then drags her up for a whip. Mia dodges Bianca but Bianca grabs hair again! Bianca clubs Mia then powerbomb lifts, to alley-oop Mia into buckles! Cover, TWO!

Mia checks her nose while Bianca looms over her. Bianca clubs her back down then drags her from the ropes. Fans rally while Bianca taunts Mia. “You want my spot? Fight me!” Mia swipes but Bianca dodges and talks trash. Bianca shoves Mia down then says “Kiss this.” Mia kicks it instead! Then drop toehold to a Oklahoma Roll! TWO, but Mia rolls Bianca again, TWO! Mia hops on for a guillotine! Bianca stays on her feet as Mia pulls and squeezes with the bodyscissors! Bianca clubs away on Mia’s back then suplexes her right down! Cover, TWO! Bianca goes after Mia with another cravat and thrashes her around. Mia endures and fans rally up again.

Mia gets up and arm-drags Bianca off. Bianca comes back with a shoulder tackle, but then splashes onto knees! Both women are down and fans rally back up. Mia runs at Bianca and rallies with forearms. Mia roundhouses Bianca down then dropkicks her into a corner! Cannonball! The HBIC fires up as she runs back in, but Bianca dodges. Mia elbows Bianca then gets her in the Tarantula! The referee counts but Mia lets go at 4. Bianca flounders into Mia’s knee! Mia slingshots for a sunset, but Bianca stays up to sit down! But Bianca’s hands are on the ropes and the ref sees it! Mia sunsets, TWO! Bianca is sitting on it again, but it’s her ponytail holding the ropes! Bianca wins!!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by pinfall

The EST isn’t just the strongest or fastest, now she can be seen as the sneakiest woman in NXT! Bianca gets away with one, but will she really become a champion like that?


NXT shares shocking security footage!

Just as the NXT Tag Team Champions were taking their leave, a truck pulls up in their way. It was Jaxson Ryker being a distraction for the other Forgotten Sons! Wesley Blake, Steve Culter & Ryker would beat down the Viking/War Raiders right there in the garage area! What will the response from Erik Rowe & Ivar Hanson be when they return next week?


NXT shares footage from Shayna & The Horsewomen.

The Queen of Spades was overseeing her friends’ sparring session in the WWE Performance Center when the Genius of the Sky suddenly attacked! Io Shirai got some revenge on Shayna before Jessamyn and Marina yanked her off. But to back Io up was Candice LeRae! Mrs. Wrestling has had her own issues with the Horsewomen, but before anything more could happen, other training staff and young superstars hurried over to get Io and Candice out. Io wants revenge for Kairi Sane in the worst way, but when and where will she get satisfaction?


Raul Mendoza VS Riddick Moss!

Completely healed and no longer attached to Tino Sabatelli, the “Riddick Regimen” makes his NXT return. Will Moss’ refreshed new self be what he needs to rise up to the top?

The bell rings and they tie up. Moss puts Mendoza in a corner but backs off at the ref’s count of 4. Moss goes back at Mendoza with grinding forearms, but Mendoza gets away. Fans boo as Moss says he’s on Moss Time. Mendoza dares Moss to bring it, and they tie up again. Mendoza gets the wristlock then the saido takedown. Fans cheer as Mendoza flexes on Moss. Moss backs off to fetch his muscle massager. Moss comes back but Mendoza gets him in a waistlock to headlock. He powers out but Mendoza handsprings up and over Moss’ back! Then he slips under and through the tilt-o-whirl to fire off kicks! Moss blocks the whip to reverse it but Mendoza slips to the apron to roundhouse! Then springboard huricanrana! Moss flounders but Mendoza adds a standing Shooting Star! Cover, TWO!

Mendoza keeps on Moss with another wrench, but Moss powers out. Mendoza dodges and springboards, but Moss catches him! Moss does curls before a Fall Away Slam! Moss then meditates before doing some push-ups. He runs in and tackles Mendoza into the corner! Mendoza writhes but Moss lifts him right up for a military press, to spinebuster! Cover, TWO! Moss grows annoyed and says the ref needs to get on Moss Time. Moss toys with Mendoza before throwing big haymakers. He goes back to his corner to have another sip of his water. Moss offers Mendoza a drink, but Mendoza slaps the bottle away! Mendoza then boots Moss and dropkicks the legs out!

Moss hits buckles and staggers around. Mendoza punches away but Moss shoves, only to get an enziguri! Mendoza runs and tilt-o-whirl headscissors Moss back into buckles! Fans fire up as Mendoza goes corner to corner for a running enziguri! Mendoza pushes Moss out then climbs up. Moss runs in but gets another enziguri! Mendoza springboards for a corkscrew splash! Cover, Mendoza wins!!

Winner: Raul Mendoza, by pinfall

Finally! Mendoza is vindicated with a victory! Does this mean bigger and better things await Mendoza in the future?


Kushida will return to NXT!

The Time Splitter made an incredible debut against Kassius Ohno, but he’s only just getting started. Who will be Kushida’s next opponent to be sent Back to the Future?


Matt Riddle VS Adam Cole!

The Original Bro and the Panama City Playboy are both hungry for NXT gold, but had a verbal disagreement about who was next. Riddle didn’t beat The Velveteen Dream while Cole couldn’t crush Johnny Gargano, so now they’ll look to beat each other. Who takes the next step towards a title match with Johnny Triple Crown?

The bell rings as fans duel, and Riddle stares down with Cole. Cole and Riddle circle and approach. Riddle gets Cole with a waistlock and slam! Cole scrambles but Riddle keeps hold to slam him again. Cole flails but Riddle drags him away for a third slam! Riddle rolls Cole but Cole avoids the submission to get out of the ring. Fans cheer while the ref keeps Riddle in the ring. Cole takes his time returning but Riddle is patient. Riddle and Cole go again, and Riddle gets the waistlock back. Cole elbows out hard then throws forearms. Cole headlocks but Riddle rolls and escapes to get the headlock for himself. Fans cheer as Riddle grinds Cole down.

Cole gets to his feet and pulls hair to help him power out. But Riddle runs Cole over to then run again. Cole drops down but Riddle sees it coming, and drops the senton! Cover, TWO! Riddle keeps on Cole with a gut wrench suplex, and then rolls through for another! But Riddle doesn’t stop there, he gets the hat trick! Cole flounders and crawls to a corner while fans rally behind the Bro. Riddle runs in but Cole dodges. Riddle hops up but Cole yanks him off! Cole bicycle BOOTS Riddle down! Cole stalks Riddle while fans duel again. He snapmares Riddle to drive in knees, then wraps on a headscissor hold. Riddle endures and works on a way out.

Cole gets the arms but Riddle bridges to a cover, TWO! Cole clobbers Riddle with a clothesline! He puts Riddle in a corner to stomp but Riddle CHOPS back! Cole fires off furious forearms in return but backs off at the ref’s count. He comes back and drags Riddle up. Cole turns him for a neckbreaker! Riddle writhes while Cole seethes. Cole gets Riddle in a dragon sleeper, but Riddle moves around to resist. Fans rally up and Riddle manages to knee Cole in the head! Cole scrambles away but dodges Riddle to elbow him down. Fans decide instead of dueling, they’ll cheer “Both These Guys!” COle trash talks Riddle that he’s a joke. Riddle CHOPS Cole! Cole forearms but Riddle CHOPS! Riddle fires palm strikes but Cole ducks a kick to enziguri! But Riddle deadlift German Suplexes Cole!

Both men are down but fans are fired up! Riddle and Cole slowly get up and start throwing hands again. Riddle fires off more palm strikes and the boot, then spins Cole for a Pele! Fans fire up as Riddle knips up and starts throwing running forearms! Riddle throws Cole with a Brosploder! Cole dodges the Penalty Kick and the moonsault, but not the senton! Or the next Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO! Riddle keeps his focus as he stalks Cole. He waistlocks but Cole standing switches. Riddle switches but Cole breaks out, only for Riddle to duck the enziguri! And deadlift German Suplex again! Bridging cover, TWO! Cole survives and Riddle gets feeling to his arms.

Fans rally as Riddle drags Cole up. Cole powers Riddle to a corner then baits Riddle into a fireman’s carry. Riddle fights out and CHOPS Cole. Riddle runs but into a boot! Cole fireman’s carry, Ushigoroshi! Cover, TWO! Cole drags Riddle up again and suplexes, but Riddle denies the brainbuster to give a Bro Trigger! Riddle drags Cole to a fireman’s carry but Cole pops out to a backstabber! Cover, TWO!! Riddle survives on instinct and Cole is beside himself! Cole crawls over to Riddle to throw haymakers. Riddle CHOPS back, and now they brawl on their knees. They slowly stand as they throw more hands, but then Riddle grabs Cole by the chin. But Cole stomps Riddle’s bare foot! Cole superkicks, into an ankle lock!

Cole flails and reaches but Riddle drags him away from ropes! But Cole turns and kicks, only for Riddle to reel him into a Bromission! Cole counters to a cover, TWO! Riddle roundhouses Cole! Fisherman Buster and float over, to another! But Riddle goes for another hat trick, only to get Last Shot brainbuster! Cover, TWO!! Riddle survives and Cole is in shock! Full Sail hopes they “Fight Forever!” but this has to end somehow. Cole crawls away to a corner while Riddle slowly sits up. Cole comes back but gets more of those palm strikes! He shoves and fakes Riddle out to mule kick a knee!

Cole hops up, leaps, Panama City Sunrise denied! But Riddle’s Dude Buster is denied with a sunset! Riddle rolls through but misses the kick. Cole rolls him again but Riddle rolls through to powerbomb lift. Cole slips out and ducks a kick to SUPERKICK Riddle in the back! Last Shot shining wizard!! Cover, TWO?! Only Johnny Gargano has done this! Fans cheer for “NXT! NXT!” while Cole has flashbacks to New York. Cole and Riddle slowly stand, and Cole brings down the knee pad. But Riddle reels Cole in, only to get an enziguri. Cole runs but into a Bro Trigger! Bro To Sleep! Powerbomb, to Kami-BRO-ye!

But Cole flops out of the ring! And the Undisputed Era finally arrive to help. Strong helps Cole up despite being dead weight, but Riddle hops on the apron. Riddle Penalty Kicks Strong down, then gets Cole back in. Riddle slingshots, into a SUPERKICK!! Cover, TWO!? BROMISSION!! Cole taps, Riddle wins!!

Winner: Matt Riddle, by submission

The Undisputed Era is furious! How did Strong’s help backfire?! But that’s besides the point, as the Original Bro now rolls on with another win. Will this give Riddle pole position towards NXT TakeOver XXV?

Cole is obviously upset with Strong but Strong says he was just trying to help. Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly keep the peace, but the cracks in the team’s foundation are clearly getting bigger. Some fans wants to see this Undisputed Civil War, while others want them to #HugItOut. Strong leaves one way while Cole leaves the other. Is the only thing undisputed right now is that things are falling apart at the seams?



My Thoughts:

This was a great episode of NXT! Very little time wasted, as always, and Mia VS Bianca was a great match. Bianca is clearly leaning back to Heel with that dirty pin. She may have won but unless Io gets that belt, Bianca’s not getting a match yet. The WWE PC vid segment was great, though Io could’ve been smarter about that attack. She should’ve waited for Jessamyn and Marina to be out of the way. It was good to throw Candice in, too. I’m hoping she and Kacy Catanzaro can move up in the Women’s Tag Division, possibly with a match against Marina and Jessamyn, to then go after the IIconics and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Though, Candice really should’ve been in the mix for the Women’s Championship by now.

Good to see Moss back from his injury, but it was even better to see Mendoza get a big win! Mendoza’s hovered in that lower mid-card, hopefully they can start thinking about bringing him up a little higher. I’m sure something can bring about a rematch, or even multiple rematches, but I’m thinking that’ll end up going Moss’ way. It’s disappointing to see NXT being affected by the name changes to the War Raiders, but it was bound to happen with Vince being the WWE overlord. Forgotten Sons are obviously going for those tag titles, and they’ll probably win (with cheating) so that the Raiders can go full time on Raw.

The main event was amazing! Riddle VS Cole was definitely worthy of at least title contention, and it did some great story-telling with the parallels of Riddle and Gargano surviving Cole’s moves. The Undisputed Era dysfunction is growing and that just has to result in Cole VS Strong at some point. And with TakeOver XXV announced, there has to be talk of Gargano’s opponent, or perhaps opponents. With Gargano going above and beyond his usual superhuman heart, it would probably take a Triple Threat or Fatal 4 Way to beat him. Plus, if this is the 25th TakeOver special and WWE is hyping it up like they are, going big for the NXT Championship is appropriate.

My Score: 8.5/10

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