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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (5/15/19)

Who else joins the WWE UK Championship Fatal 4 Way Contenders match?



NXT UK Coverage

NXT UK continues in Glasgow!

And we have two more Fatal 4 Way qualifying matches! Who among The Ace, The Light, The Bomber and Wolfie are contenders to the WWE United Kingdom Championship? Plus, the NXT UK debut of Ilja Dragunov!



  • Piper Niven VS Jamie Hayter; Niven wins.
  • WWE United Kingdom Championship Contender’s Qualifier: Jordan Devlin VS El Ligero; Devlin wins and advances to Fatal 4 Way Contender’s match.
  • Ilja Dragunov VS Jack Starz; Dragunov wins.
  • Killer Kelly VS Xia Brookside; No Contest.
  • WWE United Kingdom Championship Contender’s Qualifier: Dave Mastiff VS Wolfgang; wins and advances to Fatal 4 Way Contender’s match.


Piper Niven VS Jamie Hayter!

The Scottish Viper is back home in Glasgow! And she’s looking to build momentum towards not just the NXT UK Women’s Championship, but towards finally having it out with the bully, Rhea Ripley. But are #HaytersGonnaHate and ruin the homecoming?

The bell rings and Glasgow is of course behind Piper. Hayter isn’t surprised, and scowls as she circles with Piper. They tie up and Hayter wrenches and goes after the shoulder. Hayter chinbars but Piper pries free. Piper powers Hayter around to a cobra clutch! Hayter reaches back and grabs hair! The ref counts but Hayter SLAPS Piper. Piper headbutts Hayter! Piper runs and crossbodies Hayter down! Glasgow fires up with Piper as she goes corner to corner for the cannonball! Piper drags Hayter up, scoop to Michinoku Driver! Cover, Piper wins!

Winner: Piper Niven, by pinfall

And that’s all it takes for Piper to dominate! Will she give the Mosh Pit Kid much of the same when they finally meet in a match?


NXT UK Media catches up with Toni Storm.

The NXT UK Women’s Champion heard what Nina Samuels had to say about her last week, and it was all very personal. Her response? “I never had a problem with Nina Samuels, but you’re playing Russian Roulette if you think you can talk about my family and get away with it.” Toni tells Nina that if you mess with her head, she will become wild and dangerous. Nina shouldn’t think that’s a good thing. Toni wants this match more than Nina now, and it will be for the title. If Nina wants her 15 minutes of fame, she’s got it. Will Nina regret ever trying to take the spotlight?


NXT UK Assistant General Manager, Sid Scala, arrives.

Next week is one of the biggest matches in NXT UK history: Walter VS Dunne II, the rematch for the United Kingdom Championship. His thoughts? “Well without question, it’s one of the biggest matches in NXT UK history”, but Sid is even more excited for this week’s qualifiers. But Kassius Ohno interrupts “Savvy Sid”. How’s he doing? Ohno’s not great, by the way. Why does the audience love NXT UK so much? Because of the authentic British wrestling. That’s why Ohno is here. Yet he’s not scheduled for a qualifier? What can Sid do to fix that? Sid will speak with Johnny Saint and then they’ll have an answer next week. Ohno looks forward to it. Will the Wrestling Genius be in for the final qualifier next week? Or will Sid’s and Saint’s decision disappoint?


WWE United Kingdom Championship Contender’s Qualifier: Jordan Devlin VS El Ligero!

The Iron King of Gallus, Joe Coffey, awaits three other men in the coming Fatal 4 Way. The Ace feels he shouldn’t even need this, but he did lose his non-title match to Walter while in New York. As for the Luchador of Leeds, he wants to prove he’s just as worthy as anyone. Who proves themselves tonight to take the next step towards the title?

The bell rings, and Ligero circles with Devlin. They stare down as fans duel. They tie up and Devlin gets the wristlock. Devlin wrenches but Ligero works against the hold. Ligero rolls and handsprings to wrench and flip Devlin! Devlin backs off while fans cheer. Devlin uses the ropes as defense so Ligero stays back. Ligero lets Devlin come back and they tie up again. Devlin kicks and clubs Ligero down, then headlocks. He brings Ligero to the mat and covers. TWO as Ligero gets an arm up. Devlin tries again, TWO as Liger brings the other arm up. He tries a third time, TWO as Ligero bridges. Devlin grows frustrated and sweeps the legs, TWO as Ligero bridges again. Devlin goes to put his whole weight on Ligero, but Ligero pushes up to then climb and roll with a sunset flip bomb! Cover, TWO!

Devlin swings but Ligero blocks and whips. Devlin runs him over with a shoulder, then speeds things up. Ligero hurdles and rolls to flip Devlin again! Ligero dropkicks Devlin up and out, then slingshots! Direct hit wipes Devlin out! Glasgow fires up with Ligero as he drags Devlin up and in. Ligero covers, TWO! Ligero keeps his cool as he drags Devlin up. Snapmare and basement dropkick! Fans rally behind Ligero as he drags Devlin up for forearms. Ligero whips but Devlin reverses and trips Ligero to drag him outside. Devlin rams Ligero into barriers, then the apron, then puts him in the ring. Devlin gives Ligero the atomic backbreaker! Ligero writhes while Devlin stomps him out.

Devlin drags Ligero up to drive elbows into his head. Devlin drags Ligero up to whip and elbow him down! Glasgow boos and jeers the Irish Ace as he springboard stomps Ligero. Devlin digs his heel in but the ref counts, so Devlin backs off at 4. Devlin drags Ligero up to club him more. Ligero hits back and CHOPS and kicks! Ligero runs but Devlin dodges to get him with the urenage to standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Ligero lives but Devlin grits his teeth. Devlin drags Ligero up to drive his elbow in. Then he drives his knee into Ligero’s back before dropping the knee onto Ligero’s chest. Devlin toys with Ligero then sits him up for a stretch. Fans rally as Ligero endures. Devlin clubs away on the ribs while wrenching back at the shoulder.

Ligero refuses to quit but Devlin digs his knuckles and elbow in. Fans still rally and Ligero feeds off the energy. Ligero gets up and elbows Devlin. Devlin reels Ligero in for a back suplex but Ligero crossbody counters! Both men are slow to standing, but Ligero rallies with lariats! Ligero runs into the corner for forearms! He hops up and leaps at Devlin for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Fans duel as Devlin survives and Ligero struggles to stand. Ligero still gets himself to a corner and climbs up top. Ligero aims but Devlin runs in! Devlin misses as Ligero cartwheels away, then Ligero cradles Devlin to the dragon’s lair, to a ghost pin! TWO as Devlin just barely escapes! Ligero SUPERKICKS Devlin down! Ligero climbs again, and leaps for a splash, onto knees! Cover, TWO!! Devlin is furious that Ligero lives!

Devlin drags Ligero up and scoop slams him hard. He heads for a corner and climbs, to moonsault, onto boots! Ligero gets Devlin back but Devlin flops all the way out of the ring. Ligero hurries to fetch Devlin and put him in. He climbs up slowly and steps up on the ropes, but Devlin trips him up! Devlin then steps up and drags Ligero up, deadlift suplex blocked. Ligero slips inside and powerbombs Devlin! Cover, TWO!! Devlin lives again but Ligero won’t let up! Ligero steps up, springboards, splash! Cover, TWO!! Devlin again survives and fans are fired up! Ligero gets up again and drags Devlin up. Ligero runs but Devlin enziguris his springboard! Devlin then yanks Ligero off, Devlin Saido! Cover, Devlin wins!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by pinfall; advances to the WWE UK Championship Fatal 4 Way Contenders match

The Ace trumps Ligero and is now the second of four in that Fatal 4!

In-ring interview with Devlin.

He is just the second man to qualify for that #1 contenders match. He cuts Radzy off right there to tell the fans something. “This match shouldn’t have happened tonight.” Devlin doesn’t need a qualifier, he doesn’t need a contender’s match, he IS the #1 Contender! Glasgow disagrees. But Devlin doesn’t care about Coffey, he doesn’t care about who else joins in, it doesn’t matter. Jokers and Kings still fall to the Ace!


NXT UK takes a look at Walter and his training.

“Might be the case that there’s more pressure on the champion than the challenger,” but the Ring General is not the usual case. He is in charge, he doesn’t feel pressure. It felt great to win the WWE UK Championship at NXT TakeOver: New York. Anything else would’ve been disappointing. Walter enjoyed the challenge Dunne posed in their match. Dunne is one of the most versatile opponents he’s ever faced, and Walter gave Dunne this rematch because he came up and asked him for it. Walter appreciates guts like that. He knows Dunne is training harder than ever, and that’s good. Walter wants to face the best Dunne possible, and is honored to be the man that brings it out of him. Both men will be prepared, but who will be the winner of this epic rematch?


NXT UK Media talks with Moustache Mountain.

What are Trent Seven’s and Tyler Bate’s thoughts on the rematch, Dunne VS Walter. “Next week on NXT UK,” the “Bruisermate” will surely win back that WWE UK Championship in perhaps the biggest rematch ever. Up to this point, that is. There will be an even bigger rematch that hasn’t happened but must happen. Grizzled Young Veterans should do the right thing and put those NXT UK Tag Team Championships against them, Moustache Mountain. Rematches are where it’s at. It’s just a matter of time. When and where, if at all, will we see GYV VS Moustache Mountain Volume 2?


Ilja Dragunov VS Jack Starz!

NXT UK finally sees #UNBESIEGBAR in person! Will this Moscow madman make mincemeat of poor ol’ Jack Starz?

The bell rings and Starz circles and ties up with Dragunov. Dragunov wrenches and whips Starz to a corner for a clothesline. Then he brings Starz over to another corner for buckle bumps and back elbows. Dragunov stomps and punches and bumps Starz off more buckles. He clubs away on Starz back, then stands him up to whip corner to corner. Dragunov runs in but Starz boots him back! Starz throws European Uppercuts but Dragunov just smiles! Dragunov kicks and clubs Starz hard again! Fans fire with Dragunov as he aims corner to corner. Dragunov runs in for one clothesline, then another, then runs. Starz dodges the third but gets the fourth from the left!

Dragunov grins again as he stalks Starz. Dragunov runs, Starz dodges but Dragunov hits back from the apron. He skins the cat to clobber Starz! But Dragunov still isn’t done. He waits for Starz to stand, but Starz dropkicks back! Starz puts on a half nelson chinbar, aka the Gator Hold, but Dragunova pries free. Dragunov reels Starz in for a CHOP! Then a big back senton! Dragunov is all fired up and so is Glasgow. Starz flounders around but Dragunov hits shouts, “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!” He runs out and hits the Torpedo Moskau, the running headbutt! Cover, Dragunov wins!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by pinfall

Dragunov wins his debut, but surely this is just the beginning! Will he have a Torpedo Moskau with the WWE UK Champion’s name on it?


Backstage interview with Mark Andrews and Noam Dar.

The last time these two were in a match together, they both got stretchered out because of dual leg injuries. But it has been decided that next week, they’ll do it all over again. What’s the mindset going in? Dar says that “it’s very fitting that we are doing this rematch in Glasgow”, because that last match ended like a bad night in town. Dar knows, he’s seen things. But he’s been running around not being the nicest guy. Dar is solid, but his time away made him realize he really does want to be in NXT UK and facing the best. He looks forward to this rematch. Andrews says neither of them was happy with that finish, so now they can have a true conclusion to Dar VS Andrews. May the best man win!


Killer Kelly VS Xia Brookside!

With all the talk of titles and contenders, the Portuguese spitfire and the second generation superstar don’t want to be left out. Is Glasgow gonna #FlyWithBrookside? Or will Double K bring Xia crashing down?

The bell rings and Kelly circles with Xia. They tie up and Kelly wrenches to a wristlock. Xia rolls but Kelly blocks the reversal. Kelly bends Xia back and brings her to the mat. Xia knips up and hooks Kelly with a leg and a chinbar. Kelly still gets Xia down again. Xia knips up again and wrenches, and fans rally as the two keep battling over the wrist. Xia uses the ropes to flip through and reel Kelly in for a headlock takeover. Kelly headscissors back but Xia endures the squeeze. Xia moves around and pops out. Fans cheer as the two go again. Kelly headlocks and gets the takeover but now Xia headscissors. Kelly bridges back and rolls to pop out. Fans cheer as the two shake hands.

But wait, is that Jinny? What is the Spoiled Princess doing coming out now? Jinny struts down the ramp, but then she presents… Jazzy Gabert!? And she’s on Jinny’s side? Kelly and Xia are ready for a fight as Jazzy gets to the ring. But then Kelly leaves Xia high and dry!? Xia’s all alone as the German Juggernaut stares her down! Jazzy grabs Xia and brings her in, Canadian rack to Dominator Slam! Fans boo as Jinny and Jazzy stand tall. What does this alliance of fashion and ferocity mean for the rest of the NXT UK Women’s Division?

No Contest


NXT UK General Manager, Johnny Saint, tweets a huge announcement!

After talking with Toni Storm, the match both she and Nina Samuels want is coming! The NXT UK Women’s Championship will be on the line in two weeks! Will the Rose Devil take over as the leading lady of NXT UK? Or will the Lightning From Down Under strike her down?


WWE United Kingdom Championship Contender’s Qualifier: Dave Mastiff VS Wolfgang!

The Bomber and the Last King of Scotland wanted to have a go since a confrontation backstage in New York! This isn’t just to settle who is the biggest and baddest, but to see who is the third man in that Fatal 4!

The bell rings and Glasgow is naturally on Gallus’ side as Wolfgang ties up with Mastiff. Mastiff headlocks but Wolfgang powers out. Mastiff and Wolfgang collide, but Wolfgang manages to stay on his feet. So Mastiff just keeps moving and he runs Wolfgang over. Things speed up but Mastiff catches Wolfgang’s leap to a powerslam! Cover, TWO! Mastiff keeps on Wolfgang with EuroUppers. He waistlocks but Wolfgang blocks and powers Mastiff to a corner. Wolfgang throws elbows and clubbing forearms. Wolfgang whips corner to corner but Mastiff reverses. Mastiff runs into Wolfgang’s elbow, then Wolfgang hops up to hit a leaping shoulder! Glasgow cheers as Wolfgang covers, TWO!

Wolfgang keeps on Mastiff and pulls on the arm. Mastiff resists but Wolfgang still gets the full nelson! Wolfgang thrashes Mastiff around, but Mastiff endures. Mastiff breaks free but Wolfgang clubs him in the back. Wolfgang gets the full nelson back on, but Mastiff endures again. Mastiff manages to lift Wolfgang but Wolfgang holds onto the hold. Mastiff flips Wolfgang off his back and then drops a senton! Wolfgang writhes from being squashed, but Mastiff keeps on him. Wolfgang powers Mastiff to a corner and rams shoulders in over and over! Glasgow fires up as Wolfgang crossbodies Mastiff in the corner! Wolfgang climbs up and leaps for double ax handles! Mastiff staggers but Wolfgang manages a fireman’s carry! Wasteland slam, and Wolfgang fires up!

Glasgow fires up with him as he climbs up again. Wolfgang leaps, but the Howling flops! Mastiff runs and crossbodies Wolfgang! Then he waistlocks to German Suplex Wolfgang into the corner! Wolfgang is down and Mastiff runs corner to corner, Into the Void! Cover, Mastiff wins!

Winner: Dave Mastiff, by pinfall

Glasgow isn’t happy that the Fatal 4 Way is only one-fourth Gallus. But Mastiff isn’t upset that they’re upset, because now he’s literally the biggest man in that match. Will Mastiff throw someone else Into the Void to become the next #1 contender?

But before Radzy can interview him in the ring, the rest of Gallus attacks! Glasgow cheers the Coffey Brothers as they go after Mastiff! Mastiff fights back but gets a boot from Wolfgang! And a forearm from Mark! And All the Best from Joe! Gallus stands tall but they’re not done. Wolfgang climbs up as Glasgow chants “We Are Gallus!” HOWLING SWANTON! The Bomber is down, but he’s not the only one who should worry. Will Gallus use any means necessary to make NXT UK their Kingdom?


NXT UK relives NXT TakeOver: New York and the WWE UK Championship.

The Bruiserweight and the Ring General went back and forth, chop for CHOP and move for move. But in the end, it would all come crashing down for Pete Dunne as Walter came crashing down with a huge splash. Walter is only the third-ever WWE UK Champion, but will Dunne become the first-ever two-time UK Champion? These two make history all over again next week!



My Thoughts:

A great episode for NXT UK’s second night in Glasgow. We got some great women’s division action, though mostly filler on the road to Toni Storm’s next title match. Piper squashes Hayter to keep strong towards the inevitable grudge match with Rhea Ripley, and Jazzy Gabert gets quite the debut in attacking Xia Brookside. It is an interesting move to have Jinny be Jazzy’s manager, but maybe this leads to Jinny using Jazzy as a proxy to take the title off Toni. Toni VS Nina is coming, and looks to be good, but I’d expect Toni to win when Nina’s barely done anything but talk trash. Toni VS Jazzy will be great, hopefully part of a UK TakeOver, as well.

Jack Starz made for the perfect jobber to Ilja Dragunov. He’s just the right size and is already the jobber of all NXT UK. Ilja will surely climb the ranks quickly given his resume from the European indies, and is just another reason I wish NXT UK could have a midcard title. Both qualifiers were great, and the right choices won. Devlin has been red hot even in losing, and he’ll make a great addition to the Fatal 4. Mastiff wins to give us the first Face in the match, and Glasgow already got their win when Joe Coffey qualified last week. But of course, Glasgow still gets to cheer as Gallus stands tall to end the night. Obviously this is also a tease that in the Fatal 4 Way, where there are no disqualifications, nothing can stop Gallus from making it feel more like 3v1v1v1.

The question is, who is the fourth man? Ohno makes a play to Sid, so he should at least be one option, but it might be whoever he faces in a match. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if the rematch of Dar VS Andrews is suddenly made into that qualifier, they’re both great Faces and it’d prompt Ohno to be upset and move into a program with whoever doesn’t qualify for the Fatal 4. I’m not even sure it matters about dynamics of Face and Heel, because I’m pretty sure Walter retains. Walter can be seen as a Tweener, so going against a Heel like Devlin or Coffey or a Face like Mastiff doesn’t change that he and his future opponent can have a great match.

My Score: 8.4/10

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