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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (5/28/19)

It’s a Money in the Bank rematch!



SmackDown cover image

SmackDown features a Money in the Bank Rematch!

It’s Kofi Kingston VS Kevin Owens II! But not for the title. Even so, can KO even things with Kofimania and earn a second shot? Plus, SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley, takes on Raw’s Lacey Evans in a Wild Card crossover match!



  • Kofi Kingston VS Kevin Owens; Kingston wins.
  • Mandy Rose w/ Sonya Deville VS Carmella; Mandy wins.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship: R-Truth VS Drake Maverick; Truth wins and retains the WWE 24/7 Championship.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship: R-Truth VS Elias, Drew McIntyre & Shane McMahon; Elias wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • Bayley VS Lacey Evans; Bayley wins.
  • Roman Reigns & R-Truth VS Drew McIntyre & Elias w/ Shane McMahon; Reigns & Truth win.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship: R-Truth VS Elias; Truth wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.


Everyone is targeting #Kofimania.

Paul Heyman used The Beast in the Bank as a way to pull Kofi’s attention, before the Show-Off returned to attack Kofi down! Dolph Ziggler claims #ItShouldBeMe in Kofi’s place as WWE Champion, and takes his shot at WWE Super Showdown. But Kofi Kingston won’t let himself be stopped so easily. Will Kofi make it to and back from Super Showdown?


Kofi Kingston VS Kevin Owens!

SmackDown starts with the MITB rematch! But as we take a quick look back as to how this rivalry began, The Prizefighter gets himself a mic. Kevin waits for the video package to end before speaking.

“Originally, I was going to kick off SmackDown with a Kevin Owens Show, but after being here all day, I can’t think of anything worse than being in the middle of the ring in Oklahoma, giving a Kevin Owens Show to people who are not worthy.” Fans boo but Kevin says the only thing bearable about this is that he gets to beat the hell out of Kofi. Because these past few weeks have really given Kevin a taste for dishing out damage to The New Day. But he assures us he wasn’t the one who attacked Big E last week. Big E thinks it was KO, but he sweats so much it must’ve gotten in his eye. Or he was on Twitter putting out a “hilarious” tweet, but he wasn’t attacked by Kevin. Kevin is a good person, he’d never do something like that.

If New Day wants to blame Kevin for something, it’s something he’s actually responsible for. They can blame him for the pain Xavier Woods has been in. “Poor little Woodsy!” Or maybe they can blame Kevin for ending Kofi’s fairy tale when Ziggler beats Kofi for the title, as a result of how badly Kevin beats Kofi tonight. Then Ziggler, once you win, no need to thank Kevin with a text, just thank him with a title match. “Because it all comes back around to Kevin Owens, because I am the show!” But Kofi appears to throw pancakes and respond to Kevin. “Enough with all these lies!” Stop lying, Kevin! Kevin claims he didn’t attack Big E but we know he did! Kevin claimed he wanted to be in the New Day but he didn’t! He is a liar!

And now Kevin thinks he’s going to soften Kofi up for Ziggler? Kevin’s lying to himself. Kevin won’t soften Kofi up for Ziggler, no. What happens is this: Kofi makes Kevin pay! Kofi may not be at 100%, but he won’t stop for getting Kevin back. He’ll get back at Kevin for hurting Big E and hurting Xavier. But most importantly, Kevin will leave with a clear understanding as to why Kofi is the W, W, E, World, Heavyweight, CHAMPION! Fans fire up with Kofi as this match finally begins!

Kofi goes right at Kevin with a dropkick! And haymakers in a corner! Kevin pushes and BOOTS Kofi down then stomps him down. Kevin dares Kofi to bring that fight before he CHOPS Kofi. He grinds Kofi’s face into ropes but the ref backs him off. Kofi chops but Kevin hits back. Kevin whips but Kofi reverses to a takedown and fast hands! Kevin shoves Kofi away but Kofi comes back with a kick. Kofi whips but Kevin throws Kofi down by his hair. Fans boo but Kevin soaks it all up as we go to break.

SmackDown returns and Kofi shoulders back in from the apron. But Kevin hotshots Kofi down! Fans boo but Kevin just soaks it up again. Kevin goes out to drop a back senton on Kofi! He taunts fans in the front row then CHOPS Kofi in front of them. Kevin puts Kofi back in the ring and covers, TWO! Kevin stands on Kofi’s hand and pulls on the other. Fans rally up for Kofi but Kevin knees Kofi down. Kevin taunts Kofi with how the fans love him, before putting Kofi in a chinlock. Kofi endures the squeeze and Kevin’s trash talk as fans rally again. Kofi gets to his feet and fights back with body shots. He runs but into Kevin’s clothesline! Kevin looms over Kofi and rains down forearms. Cover, TWO!

Kevin sits Kofi up to forearm him in the head, then wrap on another chinlock. Kofi endures again and fights his way up. Fans rally up as Kofi pries free and throws haymakers! He backs Kevin down but Kevin kicks back. Kevin throws Kofi down by his hair, then grabs at Kofi’s legs. Kofi kicks Kevin away, then gets up to throw more hands. Kevin hits back, so Kofi mule kicks! Kevin runs in but gets dumped out! Kofi dropkicks Kevin down, then builds speed to FLY! Direct hit wipes Kevin out! Fans cheer Kofi on as he drags Kevin up and into the ring. Kofi keeps on Kevin, but Kevin denies the SOS. Kevin kicks but Kofi denies the stunner and the superkick. SOS!! Cover, TWO!!

Kofi almost had Kevin but keeps his focus. He drags Kevin back up and whips him to a corner. Kevin reverses but runs into boots. Kofi jumps up and up but gets shoved off! Kofi crashes and burns into barriers, and SmackDown goes to picture in picture! Kevin has the ref start counting, and even counts along. Kofi stirs but doesn’t sit up until the count is halfway. He drags himself to the ring, and gets in at 9! Kevin is annoyed that Kofi came back, but he keeps on him by throwing him right back out. Kevin then pursues and throws Kofi into more barriers! He goes back to the count and counts along again. The count passes 5, but Kofi gets up and crawls. Kofi returns to the ring and gets in at 9 again! Kevin mockingly applauds before bringing Kofi up to throw him out again.

Kevin follows Kofi out to throw him into yet more barriers! He leaves Kofi behind again, and dumps the pancakes on the floor! That’s just not right. Kofi crawls at 5 and Kevin insists the ref count faster. But even so, Kofi still drags himself in at 9. Kevin has had enough of Kofi and whips him to a corner. Kevin runs in, CANNONBALL! He drags Kofi to a cover, TWO! Kevin is beside himself as Kofi still survives. He double stomps Kofi, making sure everyone sees it. Kofi grimaces but Kevin drags him around as SmackDown returns to single picture.

Kevin wraps on another chinlock but fans rally up again. Kofi feeds off the energy and fights back again. Kofi throws body shots and haymakers from both sides, but Kevin trips him up. Kevin catapults Kofi out, but Kofi holds on! Kofi skins the cat but gets a SUPERKICK! Apron FROG SPLASH! Kevin leaves Kofi for dead again as another ring count begins. Kofi revives again and gets in at 9.5! But Kevin climbs up again, ANOTHER FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!? Kofi lives and Kevin is shocked! But Oklahoma is rallying behind Kofi as he stirs. Kevin tells the fans to shut up, but they just boo. Kevin climbs up yet again, but Kofi kicks him down! Kofi throws hands then climbs up to join Kevin. Kevin hits back and the two brawl, but Kofi gets the edge with clubbing forearms!

Kofi adjusts and stands Kevin up, but Kevin fights back. Kevin headbutts Kofi and sends him down! SWANTON BOMB! Cover, TWO?!? Kevin loses his cool over Kofi’s resilience! But he’ll finish it, whip and pop-up, but Kofi slips out! TROUBLE IN PARADISE! Kofi crawls to a cover, Kofi wins!!

Winner: Kofi Kingston, by pinfall

Kofimania pulls it out! He shows Kevin once and for all that he’s a worthy champion. But Dolph Ziggler is backstage watching this closely. Has the salty Show-Off found a weakness even in Kofi’s victory?


Shane, Drew McIntyre and Elias are backstage on SmackDown.

The Best in the World is planning a “Shane McMahon Appreciation Night” for himself. Will this self-aggrandizing event go off without a hitch?


R-Truth and Carmella arrive to SmackDown!

The FABULOUS Princess helps the WWE 24/7 Champion take a pit stop. They can’t keep this up. It’s been #RunTruthRun ever since he won the WWE European Championship. He’s got people chasing him at airports, malls, picnics and the dentist’s office! You can’t get a cavity filled while running from people. But he hears footsteps! He picks Carmella up and they take off, just before Drake Maverick appears to hang up some wanted posters. Carmella waits until Maverick goes past, and then both she and Truth run the other way.


Daniel Bryan & Rowan return to SmackDown!

The SmackDown and “Planet’s Tag Team Champions” are here! What will they have to say, after the break?

SmackDown returns, and Kayla Braxton joins them in the ring. They want to reiterate their mission statement, so what would they like the WWE Universe to know? “The WWE Tag Team Division is a joke.” And a bad joke, that makes you cringe rather than laugh. Speaking of jokes, Rowan has one. “Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “The SmackDown Tag Team Division.” “The SmackDown Tag Team Division who?” “Exactly!” Get it!? Get it?! Now that’s a joke. But Bryan and Rowan are not jokes. They have ambition and purpose! Not only will they be the greatest WWE Tag Team EVER, but they will dedicate their lives to saving the planet. Unlike the people in Oklahoma, who wasted Memorial Day Weekend eating “the beautiful creatures of this planet.”

These fat, ignorant humans stuffed their faces with things called “hot dogs” without realizing that it was once an intelligent pig named Wiggles. While fans shoved burgers in their mouths, they didn’t realize it was once a cow named Wilbur. People don’t realize that these beautiful creatures have names, but Rowan and Bryan do! The people of Oklahoma are the worst of all! Oklahoma is a leader in hydraulic fracturing, aka fracking. They are a leader in deep oil well drilling. You cheer for the money, but it brings earthquakes! Infinitely more quakes than ever before! So if you want to know about their mission: here it is! #SavetheTagTeamDivision and #SavethePlanet, for they ARE the Planet’s Tag Team Champions!

While Bryan & Rowan may not think much about the other teams on SmackDown, or in the WWE overall, word is that there are teams that wish to challenge them for the titles. And who might they be? Heavy Machinery! Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic are #BlueCollarSolid and raring to go! Fans are pumped up for Otis because he’s pumped up. Tucker says Rowan & Bryan are a great team, no doubt. And as much as Heavy Machinery loves fun, they will get to some serious business. And that business is them SmackDown Tag Team Championships! Otis and Tucker toss the denim vests aside and a referee hits the ring! But Bryan chuckles as he considers their challenge. Challenge accepted! Just not here in “this fracking state of Oklahoma.”

Bryan and Rowan back out and head up the ramp, but this showdown is coming. Will Heavy Machinery bulldoze their way to SmackDown gold? Or will Bryan and Rowan continue to “save” the WWE Tag Team Division?


Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose admire Mandy’s HERS fitness cover photo.

They are both so proud of the Golden Goddess gracing the cover of the fitness magazine. And they decide to hand them out around SmackDown. They know people can use the tips in the magazine. The IIconics get copies, the SmackDown staff gets copies, and… Oh, Ember Moon is reading a book. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Sonya gives a spoiler warning: everyone dies. Mandy laughs as she gives Ember a copy of HERS first. That way, Ember can learn how to be a star. Maybe three, or four copies. Or just all of them. Sonya dumps the stack on Ember, but Ember tosses it off. Will Ember learn more from Jekyll and Hyde than Fire & Desire?


Mandy Rose w/ Sonya Deville VS Carmella!

SmackDown returns as Fire & Desire makes their entrance and everyone gets to see the HERS cover. The Princess of Staten Island is already in the ring, will she get to finish what she started last week before the 24/7 Championship related disruption?

The bell rings and Carmella ties up with Mandy. They go around and Mandy throws Carmella to ropes. Mandy shows off the hard copy Sonya had, but Carmella says it’s no big deal. Carmella doesn’t want to look like Mandy anyway! She kicks the magazine away! Then dodges Mandy’s punch for a Thesz Press! Carmella rains down hands but Mandy gets away. Mandy gets to a corner but Carmella is on her with stomps and forearms. The ref pulls Carmella off, but Mandy pulls Carmella into buckles! Mandy drags Carmella up for forearms and stomps of her own, but backs off at 4. Mandy snapmares Carmella into a chinlock and thrashes her about. Carmella endures while Sonya shows off “what a superstar looks like, baby!”

Mandy trash talks Carmella on top of thrashing her around, but Carmella endures. Carmella fights her way up to jawbreaker out. Carmella rolls Mandy, TWO! Mandy runs and dodges, and hits Carmella with Kiss from a Rose! Cover, TWO!! Mandy is shocked so she tries another cover, TWO! Carmella crawls away while Mandy grows frustrated. Mandy has Carmella in a corner but gets a headscissors! Carmella bumps Mandy off her boot, then moonwalks! FABULOUS Bronco Buster! Cover, TWO! Carmella keeps her cool but Sonya distracts on the apron. Mandy dodges the FABULOUS Kick and rolls Carmella up! High stack, Mandy wins!

Winner: Mandy Rose, by pinfall

Fire helps Desire and they get the win over Carmella! Will Mandy keep adding accolades on the way to WWE Stomping Ground?


Meanwhile, R-Truth is still hiding backstage.

He watches his back on his own while Carmella is ringside. But Jinder Mahal gets him! Roll up but Truth rolls through! Truth slams Mahal into doors and shoves him away. Truth runs and hides in a photo booth. And just in time as The B Team, Apollo Crews, Matt Hardy, and even 205 Live’s Akira Tozawa, Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari come looking. They go right past the booth, and Truth slips away. But he bumps into Drake Maverick! #RunTruthRun!


SmackDown hears from Aleister Black.

“If we look at the heretic ways of man and all he has done, isn’t it obvious that… Look, I get it. I get it. You are simply waiting for me to throw out a name. To pick a fight with somebody. Anybody. But there lies our conundrum. See, I am sitting here, waiting patiently for somebody, anybody, to pick a fight with me.” Will the Embodiment of the End get the fight he wants?


Shane McMahon heads to the ring!

And he’s not alone, as both The Drifter and Drew McIntyre follow behind. The Best in the World prepares for Super Showdown, by celebrating himself. We’ll see more of “Shane McMahon Appreciation Night” after the break.

SmackDown returns and Greg Hamilton makes the official announcement, and the official introduction for the “BEST, in the WOOOOOOOOORLD~, SHAAAANE! McMAAAAAHON!” The Best in the World Trophy returns, too! When Shane’s good buddy, Drew McIntyre, came up with this idea, Shane was a little hesitant. He never considered himself a hero. Shane doesn’t do this day after day, night after night, for a trophy or adulation, let alone a celebration. Shane just enjoys his life. He just enjoys being in front of the WWE Universe as a humble man. Shane came home to run the family business. The greatest adulation is looking at the fans, seeing smiles on faces. So whether here in attendance or at home, Shane promises that after SmackDown goes off the air, there will be smiles on your faces.

With that, video rolls to highlight Shane’s career, both in and out of the WWE ring. But most importantly, it points to him becoming Best in the World at the WWE World Cup tournament, and how he wants to solidify it by beating down Roman Reigns. Fans boo instead of cheer. Shane compliments the production team and Kevin Dunn. Hey, don’t boo Dunn. But that video was not just entertaining but educational, especially for Roman. Just in case Roman didn’t learn when seeing cousin Lance get beat down. Shane won’t let Roman think he’s the one in charge, no. The McMahons have put food on the Anoa’i table for generations! And when Roman punched Vince, that was biting the hand that feeds. Roman better hear this: at Super Showdown, Shane wont’ just beat you, he’ll beat respect into you.

Elias compliments Shane on his powerful speech. In honor of Shane, Elias has a song just for him. “You’re the Best int he World, the Greatest Man I Ever Saw! You’re better than the best, just like Texas is better than Oklahoma!” But here comes Truth!? The 24/7 Champion and Drake Maverick, with a ref, hit the ring from the crowd! Maverick finally has Truth where he wants him, but Truth hits Maverick first! Lie Detector! Cover, Truth WINS!

Winner: R-Truth, by pinfall; still WWE 24/7 Champion

What an instant classic! Truth is still only the third-ever champion, but uh… He realizes he kinda interrupted something. Shane is upset, so he and McIntyre just beat Truth up! Elias, too! They all gang up on the champ! Shane drags Truth up for Elias to hit #DriftAway! And then they set Truth up for McIntyre and the CLAYMORE! Elias covers, Elias wins!!

Winner: Elias, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

The reign that looked like it would never end, ENDS! Elias celebrates alongside Shane and McIntyre! He has his first gold in WWE!

Shane talks to Truth. Truth popping in on Shane’s moment is a no-no, but it did give Shane an idea. Elias, the new 24/7 Champion, should team up with Drew McIntyre to take on whatever is left of Truth and… Oh, Roman Reigns! But Shane will use his authority to pause the clock on the 24/7 Championship. No one can touch him until after the tag match. Because that’s how it’s going to go. “Good luck, Truth.” Will Shane O’Mac’s abuse of power make Elias the longest reigning 24/7 Champion?


Backstage interview with Lacey Evans.

The Sassy Southern Belle does not appreciate being called “wild”, despite being a Wild Card Rule user tonight. Does anything about her formal tea party look wild to you? Charlotte Flair says it’s tea for two. They’re going to spill some tea, aka the truth. Starting with how The Man wasn’t quite man enough to beat Charlotte at MITB. And if it wasn’t for Bayley cashing in so rudely, Charlotte would still be SmackDown Women’s Champion. The Lady and the Queen both know Becky and Bayley are the most crass, classless and arrogant superstars in the WWE today. But now that Becky got her beatings, Bayley will get kicked back to the kiddie pool where she belongs. Charlotte will drink to that. But will they be sipping tea with some humble pie after tonight?


SmackDown announces a Super Showdown, well, showdown!

After being beaten down at Money in the Bank and retaliating on the Raw after, the Lucha House Party looks to settle things with Lars Sullivan! Will Kalist, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik be able to overwhelm the Leviathan in a 3v1 Handicap match? Or will Lars destroy them all together and ruin the fiesta?


Bayley VS Lacey Evans!

The SmackDown Women’s Champion won’t be giving out hugs any longer, she’s ready to throw down and show everyone how legit she is. Will Bayley deny Lacey her Woman’s Right to keep on rolling after MITB? Or will the Model Soldier be looking at two belts to go after?

SmackDown returns and Charlotte has appeared on commentary. She promises that when she goes for the title again, #CharlotteNineTimes will go up to 10. Lacey makes her entrance, and we begin the Wild Card crossover!

Lacey and Bayley tie up and Lacey puts Bayley in a corner. Bayley powers out and grabs a leg, but Lacey gets to ropes. Bayley lets her go but Lacey insists she back off. The ref has Bayley step back, and Lacey rushes her with a waistlock! Bayley standing switches and trips Lacey to a headlock. Fans rally for Bayley as Lacey switches. Bayley spins to a headlock but Lacey powers out. Things speed up and Lacey hurdles, but gets caught in a cover! TWO and Lacey knees Bayley low. Bayley forearms back and backs Lacey down but Lacey throws Bayley by her hair! The ref reprimands Lacey but Lacey elbows Bayley down. Lacey grinds Bayley into ropes but backs off at 4. She pushes Bayley to a corner and clubs her with more forearms.

Lacey whips but Bayley reverses. Lacey goes up and over and rolls Bayley, but Bayley rolls through to knee Lacey down! Cover, TWO! Bayley keeps on Lacey by putting her on the apron. Lacey pops out to sweep the legs! Lacey slingshots for the elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Bayley slumps out of the ring while Lacey flexes. Charlotte gets up to check on Bayley, and we go picture in picture.

Lacey takes her time going out to fetch Bayley. She bumps Bayley off the apron, then smothers her with the apron skirt! Lacey lets up at 4 and puts Bayley back in. She covers, TWO! Lacey keeps on Bayley by dropping knees to the arm! Bayley crawls away but Lacey looms close. Bayley kicks Lacey but Lacey elbows her back down. Lacey shoves Bayley to the ropes and grinds her boot into her. The ref counts but Lacey lets up. Lacey brings Bayley up but Bayley jackknife covers! TWO and Lacey stomps Bayley down! Lacey wraps Bayley up in a cobra clutch and brings her to the mat. Lacey uses all her weight to put pressure on Bayley. Bayley endures and fans rally up. Bayley fights her way back up, but Lacey wrings her out to bring her down.

SmackDown returns to single picture as Bayley endures the knee grinding into her head. Bayley fights her way back up and fans fire up. Lacey shoves but Bayley comes back with a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Bayley gets up but gets a kick right to the stomach! Lacey covers, TWO! Charlotte isn’t impressed with Bayley while Lacey bumps Bayley off buckles. Bayley blocks another bump but Lacey just throws her down by her hair! Charlotte takes offense that Bayley is the only Triple Crown Women’s Champion, when Charlotte has had all the singles titles possible. Does the tag team titles keep Charlotte from being a Grand Slam or something?

Meanwhile, Lacey stomps Charlotte into the corners. Lacey wipes the sweat and throws the tissue at Bayley. Then she hits her swinging bronco buster! Cover, TWO! Lacey grows frustrated with Bayley, and stomps her at the ropes. Lacey goes to the apron and slingshots, but into a forearm! Bayley drags Lacey in for the hotshot! Lacey slumps to the floor, and Bayley comes out around the corner, daredevil dropkick! And a BIG lariat! Charlotte gets right up to get in Bayley’s face. Bayley throws Lacey in, tot hen forearm Charlotte down! Bayley gets in the ring but Charlotte chases after. But Lacey rolls Bayley up! But the ref doesn’t see it, TWO, and Bayley rolls Lacey! Modified bridge, Bayley wins!!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall

Not even The Queen’s presence could take a win from Bayley! Will #BayleyTripleCrown continue rolling like this into the Summer?

As for Charlotte and Lacey, the friendship is over! Lacey attacks Charlotte and then Charlotte BOOTS Lacey back! Does this mean no more tea time?


Carmella gives Truth a pep talk.

Truth may have gotten beat up and his title taken, but he can get payback with Roman by his side. Is Truth up to this fight for revenge?


SmackDown returns with a backstage interview with Andrade Almas and Zelina Vega.

At Super Showdown, El Idolo will face The Demon, Finn Balor. Finn gave some exclusive comments to WWE just days after MITB. Almas powerbomb’d Finn through a ladder. Corbin choke slammed Finn on a ladder. McIntyre suplexed Finn on a ladder. Doctors told Finn it was not a good idea to compete last week. IN the present, Almas tells Finn that “you didn’t just get powerbomb’d on a ladder. I powebomb’d you on that ladder.” Finn will find that inner demon when he steps to Andrade.


SmackDown presents a new episode of Firefly Fun House!

Yay~! Bray Wyatt wears a “mask” as he welcomes us to the show. did you enjoy his secret? YES~! He knew he would. That’s “The Fiend.” But don’t worry, he’s a friend! People say and do all sorts of horrible things. It’s hard to find your confidence. It’s hard for Bray to be brave. Especially when he’s alone. But when he puts on the mask, he can be anything he wants to be. Sister Abigail doesn’t get it. He’s just trying to hide that he’s a sicko. He’s not a sicko, Abby. You know that. Is Bray a doctor now? Hmm… Why yes! Dr. Bray says the diagnosis is as he suspected: Abby’s a bully! Boo~! Abby just wants to rest. Never! Abby doesn’t want to be in limbo anymore. Yowie Wowie! Did someone say limbo~?

Fiesta time~! Kids hold up a limbo pole for Bray. He will always light the way. All we have to do is let him in. Bray spider walks to clear the limbo pole. Will you let Bray in?


Roman Reigns & R-Truth VS Drew McIntyre & Elias w/ Shane McMahon!

The odds sure seem stacked against The Big Dog and Truth, but that hardly ever bothers Roman. Will he and Truth manage to overcome the abuse of power to shove it all in Shane’s face?

SmackDown returns and Elias blindsides Truth! McIntyre joins in but Roman comes running after. Roman uppercuts Elias but McIntyre throws Roman into barriers. Roman throws McIntyre into a post! Elias whips but Roman reverses to send Elias into barriers! Shane hurries to a safe distance before Roman puts Elias in the ring. The bell rings, and Roman gives Elias a rain of right hands in a corner. Roman gets to 6 before Shane distracts on the apron. Shane runs away and Elias sucker punches Roman. Elias stomps and punches Roman in a corner then tags McIntyre. McIntyre stomps Roman down then stomps him to the ropes. He keeps stomping then grinds Roman down with a facelock. McIntyre deadlift suplexes Roman, then covers, TWO!

Tag to Elias and Shane’s boys mug Roman. Shane applauds as Elias throws a big forearm to knock Roman down. Elias sits Roman up for a neck wrench, and Shane likes what he sees. Roman endures but fans rally up. Roman fights his way up but Elias knees low. Elias runs, but into a Samoan Drop! Roman can’t cover, he’s too tired. But Truth is there, and tags in! Truth goes after McIntyre and then Elias! But McIntyre gives Truth a Glasgow Kiss! McIntyre shoves Truth out of the ring to then throw into barriers! And then gut wrenches him to slam on the apron! Shane’s crew is in control while we go to break.

SmackDown returns once more, and Truth fights out of Elias’ chinlock. Truth throws haymakers but Elias whips. Truth kicks Elias away then runs, but into a big clothesline! Elias asks “Who wants to walk with Elias?!” before he drags Truth over to tag McIntyre. McIntyre and Elias mug Truth more, then McIntyre puts Truth in a corner to CHOP! And throw overhead! Cover, TWO! Truth still lives and Shane is actually impressed. McIntyre stands Truth  up to throw forearms but Truth throws counter punches! But McIntyre shoves and runs Turth over, tot hen snap suplex up and down! McIntyre rains down rights and stomps, and then taunts Roman. Roman glares as McIntyre tags Elias.

Elias stomps Truth out then drags him back up. Elias scoops and slams Truth, to then hit his pose. Fans boo and Roman just glares harder. Elias stands Truth up again, to CHOP towards the corner. Elias CHOPS more but Truth fights back! Truth gets caught with a kick and McIntyre tags in. McIntyre CHOPS Truth off his feet! McIntyre drags Truth around for a chinbar and armlock. He grinds Truth down but fans rally behind Truth! Truth fights his way back up and out, but McIntyre shoves and stomps and CHOPS Truth in the corner. Tag to Elias and the mugging just gets worse! Elias tags McIntyre back in and they double whip. Truth kicks McIntyre away, then tosses Elias into a post! Truth tosses McIntyre out, but he falls over! Fans fire up as Roman reaches for the tag!

Elias hurries to the corner and McIntyre hurries back in, hot tag to Roman! Roman rallies on Elias! He whips but Elias reverses, only to get the leaping lariat! McIntyre gets a big uppercut! Elias gets point-blank clotheslines in the corner! Roman gets all the way to 10, then runs to BOOT Elias down! Fans fire up as Roman locks ‘n’ loads in the corner. Roman sees McIntyre coming, SUPERMAN PUNCH! Elias runs but gets thrown out. Roman pursues, Drive-By Dropkick! Fans fire up more as Roman puts Elias in. But Shane goes at Roman, only to get an uppercut! Roman has Shane, but gets clear as McIntyre flies in! McIntyre’s Claymore only gets him announce desk! Shane runs away as fast as he can!

Roman goes back to Elias but Elias comes running, only to get a SPEAR! Cover, Roman and Truth win!!

Winners: Roman Reigns & R-Truth, Reigns pinning

The Best in the World just got bested! He and McIntyre get out of town, but Shane will have to face the consequences in Saudi Arabia.

But wait! The pause on the 24/7 Championship is off! Roman eyes Elias, lets out the battle cry, and SPEARS him again! Then he beckons to Truth! Truth sees his opening, and covers! Truth wins the title back!!

Winner: R-Truth, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

Poetic justice! Truth makes history as the second-ever WWE 24/7 Champion, and having gotten the title back the same night he lost it! Will Truth make more history by having the longest combined reigns?



My Thoughts:

Raw may have disappointed fans, but SmackDown saves the week! SmackDown does the exact opposite of what Raw did, and we go right into a match to start things. Well, Kevin and Kofi still have promos to set things up, but at least we got a match before the half hour mark. And Kofi VS Kevin was incredible, especially for an opener. I really thought Ziggler would interfere and turn this into an impromptu tag match with Xavier Woods on Kofi’s team, but nope, we got a real finish and no ambush from Ziggler. That’s probably for the best, we got plenty of that between last night and last week. The go-home might give us one last thing, but it was actually good for there to be just this match.

It’s good for Mandy to get a win over Carmella, and obviously the whole thing was to plug her magazine cover shoot. Though, it would’ve been better if SmackDown used this time to have the IIconcis vent about their losing streak, maybe give the Kabuki Warriors, Kairi Sane & Asuka, more time for main roster fans to learn about who they are as people, just something more than a plug. Good to see Ember, though. We just need to see her in the ring more, too. But we did great a really great match and moment out of Bayley, Lacey and Charlotte. Just as it looked like the Lady & The Queen were becoming best friends, they’re at odds, which is great for everyone since now they won’t be helping each other against Becky and Bayley. Maybe they’ll end up competing to see who gets first crack at one or both champs.

I really like that Aleister Black’s promo here started cryptic but then purposefully changed course to talk more candidly. I also like that Aleister is daring someone to step up, it’s a good move for his character. We haven’t seen Shinsuke or Rusev in some time, I would hope one of them goes looking for that fight. Meanwhile, SmackDown is at least trying to salvage their tag division, by using reverse psychology where Bryan & Rowan claim there isn’t a good one. Heavy Machinery works against them as both character foils and capable hosses who can definitely keep up. Just not sure they’d be able to take those titles from Bryan & Rowan the first time, though. We really need to see those organic belts before Bryan & Rowan lose the titles.

Shane clearly has a Mean Street Posse II now. McIntyre is always around thanks to the Wild Card Rule, with Elias as his dedicated SmackDown guy and possibly Lashley as the Raw guy. That video package was good, but it was a great idea to bring Truth out and actually “defend” that belt against Maverick. And while in the moment it was totally awful for Shane, McIntyre and Elias to beat Truth up and take the title from him, it worked in the favor of Roman and Truth despite “the stacked deck” they faced. It’s getting a bit obvious and tired always having this Shane VS Roman story, I hope it just ends with Super Showdown one way or another. But hey, at least Truth is racking up 24/7 Championship credits.

My Score: 8.2/10

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