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The IIconics Are Flopping As Tag Champions

In a time when many seem to prioritize workrate over character wrestling – are the IIconics dropping the ball as Women’s Tag Team Champions?



In a time when many seem to prioritize workrate over character wrestling – are the IIconics dropping the ball as Women’s Tag Team Champions?

It’s been three weeks since The IIconics won the Women’s tag titles at WrestleMania, which came to a shock to the WWE Universe. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce were eventually going to hold the championships, but nobody expected them to win them so soon.

The titles were introduced in February when Bayley and Sasha Banks won them at Elimination Chamber. Bayley and Sasha have campaigned hard for the tag team championships, and being the inaugural champions was a huge moment for them.

But their reign was cut short when they lost the belts in a Fatal Four Way match at WrestleMania. WWE fans were stunned by the loss and having The IIconics win has been met with mixed reactions.

So for today’s article, I question whether WWE made the right decision to make Billie and Peyton the new women’s tag champions.

The IIconics were stars in NXT, however like many stars before them, they’ve suffered the main roster curse. Once they’re called up, creative has little for them and they take a backseat to the other stars. Their momentum heated up when they called out Bayley and Sasha, challenging them for the tag titles.

Everyone knew they’d be big stars in the women’s tag division and it was only a matter of time before they won the championships. They finally saw their dream come true on the biggest stage of them all, it was an iconic moment for the two.

However, their booking since their win has been less than stellar. One of their first matches was against two jobbers, which they won. Yet, over the next few weeks they scored losses to Naomi and Kairi Sane. This week The IIconics weren’t even featured on RAW or SmackDown, instead they were on WWE Main Event competing in a match against Tamina and Alicia Fox.

Their booking the past few weeks has shown that Billie Kay and Peyton’s momentum is waning along with the importance of the women’s tag titles.

When Bayley and Sasha lost the tag team championships, I was disappointed. I felt that the two women should’ve had a longer reign, and they could’ve built up a feud with The IIconics during the summer. But I was willing to give The IIconics a chance as champions. If WWE put the belts on them, it meant they must’ve had something huge in store for them.

Boy, was I wrong.

WWE could use the opportunity to establish Billie and Peyton as heel champions. Having them cheat to hold on to the titles would’ve gained heat with the audience and kept their momentum going. Yet, every week they’re made to look like a joke.

With other teams in the women’s division stepping up, it’s only a matter of time before The IIconics lose the championships. Once they lose the titles, I fear that the girls will be treated like an afterthought.  It’s a shame because Billie and Petyon had potential, yet WWE has once again screwed up to their lack of creative booking.

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