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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (6/12/19)

Two big matches on one episode!



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NXT has a double main event!

The Time Splitter and Philly Stretcher go one more time in a Submissions Match, while Lorcan & Burch take on Strong & O’Reilly! Who makes good on these epic rematches as NXT hits Baltimore?



  • Candice LeRae & Io Shirai VS Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir; No Contest.
  • Submission Match: KUSHIDA VS Drew Gulak; KUSHIDA wins.
  • Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS The Undisputed Era; Lorcan & Burch win.


Candice LeRae & Io Shirai VS Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir!

At TakeOver: XXV, Mrs. Wrestling helped the Genius of the Sky keep the Horsewomen at bay, though it didn’t stop Shayna Baszler still getting the drop on her challenger. Now Candice and Shirai take on Jessamyn and Marina in the ring to send a message to the Queen of Spades!

The teams sort out and Candice says she’ll start. Jessamyn rushes her with a boot but Candice gets under to roll her up! TWO, but Candice dropkicks Jessamyn down. Jessamyn scrambles and tags Marina. Marina swings but gets a dropkick from Candice, too! Candice elbows Marina in the corner then snapmares her out for a neck snap! Jackknife cover, TWO! Marina bails out and regroups with Jessamyn, but Candice slides to wreck them with a dropkick! But Marina throws Candice back in, only to get a swing kick this time! Candice puts Marina in now, then climbs up top. Jessamyn distracts and Marina kicks Candice down! Candice falls to the mat and Marina drags her up. Shayna stays on the stage to watch this as Marina tags Jessamyn. Jessamyn knees and clubs Candice to the mat as fans boo and jeer.

Jessamyn ax kicks Candice down! Cover, TWO! Jessamyn stays on Candice with a push and a kick to the back! Tag to Marina, and Marina drags Candice up for shoulders and a judo hip toss! Cover, TWO! Marina drags Candice up for a modified stretch! Candice endures and fans rally up. Candice fights out and swings to arm-drag Marina. Marina kicks Shirai to keep her from tagging in! Then Marina kicks Candice to the Horsewomen corner to tag Jessamyn. Jessamyn stomps a mudhole into Candice to Shayna’s liking. Jessamyn knees Candice hard then covers, TWO! Fans rally but Jessamyn gets Candice in an armlock. Candice slips out and reaches for Shirai, but Jessamyn whips her away. Candice fights out of the corner, and pushes towards her corner. She switches and throws Jessamyn into Marina!

Shirai sees Jessamyn coming and ducks the attack. Candice slips under, but Jessamyn grabs her foot. So Candice enziguris Jessamyn HARD! Tag to Shirai! The Genius rallies and throws big ax handles! Shayna looks unimpressed as Jessamyn gets the Tiger Feint! Shirai springboards but Marina trips her up. Shirai kicks Marina away, then springboards to missile dropkick Jessamyn down! Fans fire up as Shirai drags Jessamyn around. Shirai shouts out Shayna with a hammerlock stomp!! Shayna finally tastes some of her own medicine with that one! Shirai then runs in to Meteora Jessamyn in the corner! But she’s not done there, she hops up and up, only for Shayna to save her Horsewomen. So Shirai MOONSAULTS onto Shayna!! And stomps her out!

The Horsewomen go to save Shayna but Candice DIVES onto them both! Shirai will not stop beating down Shayna, she puts her into the steel steps! The ref has to call this off from the chaos at ringside!

No Contest

Candice throws Marina into barriers, but Jessamyn brawls with Candice. Shirai throws Shayna into the crowd! Then she goes after her! Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” and fight they do! Shirai throws Shayna into railing while Candice is fighting two Horsewomen all the way to the stage! Security rushes out to end the scrapping on stage, but Shirai and Shayna are still fighting towards backstage! Will order be restored in Baltimore?!


NXT North American Champion, Velveteen Dream, shares a video.

“It’s beautiful. It’s solid. It can go forever. And it deserves the spotlight.” Dream isn’t talking about the title. But who is ready for the next experience? You’ll just have to #DreamOn.


NXT, Damian Priest is coming.

Do not let the glitz and glam of his daily life fool you, this Priest is no saint. Who will face punishment when Damian debuts?


Submission Match: KUSHIDA VS Drew Gulak!

The last time these two tied up in NXT, the Time Splitter proved he could out maneuver the Philly Stretcher, and won with a spectacular cradle cover. But Gulak being the (self-proclaimed) best submission specialist in the WWE today would call Kushida a coward for not trying to tap him out. Obviously Kushida took offense, and now we’re having a rematch where Gulak can put his money where his mouth is! Who will make the other simply tap out?

Fans cheer for Kushida already with the bell. Gulak and Kushida go around and Kushida tries a leg guard. Gulak gets a leg but Kushida slips around but then so does Gulak. They roll and Gulak has the waistlock but Kushida slips out. Fans cheer this already great technical exchange. Kushida and Gulak go again, and go shoulder to shoulder. Kushida hops on for a body scissors but Gulak keeps the guillotine away. Gulak tries a cover but Kushida rolls for an armbar attempt. Kushida then shifts to get a leg then floats to a facelock. Gulak keeps his cool as he rolls around. Kushida holds on then floats all over Gulak, and pats him on the back! Fans love this second exchange even more than the first!

Gulak grimaces as he and Kushida tie up. They end up on the ropes but Gulak keeps hold as the ref counts. Kushida escapes and they tie up again. Kushida avoids a leg takedown to get a leg, but Gulak blocks that. Gulak wants the ropebreak but Kushida rolls him away to gator roll to an armbar! Gulak blocks with a strong grip and they roll around. Kushida has the hammerlock, and then pulls on the far arm. Kushida steps over and around to torque the arm, to then fall back and tweak the arms! Gulak winces but punches back. Gulak puts Kushida in a corner to CHOP! He whips Kushida corner to corner but Kushdia slides out. Kushida gets in and Gulak gives chase, only to get the handspring heel kick!

Fans are fired up behind Kushida as he fetches Gulak. Kushida puts Gulak in and is right on him for another armlock. Gulak stands but Kushida wrenches. Kushida wrenches agani but Gulak scoop slams hard! It was an inverted slam so Kushida lands on his face! Gulak does it again! Gulak drags Kushida up for a gut wrench into a Gory Especial! Kushida endures as Gulak pulls the arms way back! And the legs, too! Gulak makes it a back slide, but that’s only for a DEEP Boston Crab! Kushida rolls to throw Gulak away, but the damage has been done. Gulak goes right at Kushida grabs an arm for a hammerlock, but Kushida rolls around. Gulak gets Kushida down for a headlock and armlock, and also blocks headscissors.

Fans rally and Kushida sits up, but Gulak throws him down! Gulak grinds a forearm into Kushida’s face. Fans rally up and Kushida fights again. Gulak knees low then wrenches to go after the shoulder. Kushida endures as Gulak leans on him with all his weight. Kushida still fights up and throws forearms. Gulak wrenches again but Kushida starts kicking! Kushida breaks free and starts rallying with forearms! He whips and hip tosses Gulak down! Gulak gets to a corner and Kushida runs in, but Gulak dodges. Gulak runs into another hip toss, and Kushida handspring dropkicks Gulak down! Kushida fires himself up as Gulak goes to the corner. Kushida goes to the apron, and runs to enziguri Gulak down! And then steps in for a tornado DDT! Into an armbar!

Gulak flails and reaches, but Kushida pulls back! Gulak gets a ropebreak with his feet! Kushida lets Gulak go, but vows to get him next time. He wrenches the arm to shoulder breakers, then kicks! But Gulak avoids it, and runs and rolls to sunset flip Kushida! Kushida rolls through to jackknife, but Gulak rolls through to do the same. These pins aren’t going to matter, but Kushida uses it all to get an ANKLE LOCK! Gulak rolls to get one of his own! Kushida reaches but Gulak pulls him away. Gulak stomps Kushida down to then sink that lock in DEEP! This is some Pancrase stuff right here! Kushida crawls as fans rally behind him, and he gets a ropebreak! Gulak holds until 4 to do more damage. Kushida takes shelter under the bottom rope, but both he and Gulak go to the apron.

Fans rally again as Gulak kicks at Kushida. Kushida kicks back, but into Gulak’s Electric Chair! But Kushida huricanranas Gulak into the ring! Both men land a bit badly, but are able to continue. Kushida sits up first and gets some space. Fans build to another rally as both he and Gulak head for each other. They throw forearms from the mat and then to their feet. Gulak throws more, but gets the FAST BALL! Kushida runs into a dropkick! Gulak whips but Kushida handsprings to back elbow! Kushida takes aim, and Penalty Kicks the arm out! And then runs again, to tilt-o-whirl takedown to the Hoverboard!! Gulak taps, Kushida wins!!

Winner: Kushida

That’s 2-0 between Kushida and Gulak, and even at Gulak’s own game! Kushdia is respectful, applauding Gulak’s effort. But Gulak doesn’t seem to accept Kushida’s handshake, because he wants to offer it himself. Kushida takes it, and Gulak leaves, both men having won each other’s respect. Will Kushida use this momentum to head for a title opportunity?


NXT Media catches up with #BorneBougie.

“It is our favorite time of day, guys.” After all their hard work, both Aliyah and Vanessa get to go home. But guess who thinks they’re next in line for an NXT Women’s title shot? Mia Yim. It hurts to say that. That is not right! Aliyah and Vanessa are more deserving! Head Baddie in Charge? In charge of just bringing down the division! That “lower” doesn’t look, act or talk like a champion. She’s probably illiterate.

Speaking of, “The Highers” got her some books. The Fashion Bible, English for Everyone, Grammar for Dummies. She needs those for both her looks and her social media. Maybe then Mia can level up to a caliber closer to Vanessa and Aliyah. Because only then will they have a match with Mia, because they do not have matches with trash. Will Mia make Vanessa and Aliyah eat those words when she makes them Eat DaFeet?


NXT GM William Regal decides on a HUGE match for Shayna and Shirai!

Since brawls keep breaking out between these two and their friends, the Queen of Spades and Genius of the Sky will be in a match to keep them in and everyone else out. Yes, in two weeks, it will be a steel cage match, for the NXT Women’s Championship! Will Shayna manage to escape the steel with title still around her waist? Or will Shirai walk out having finally dethroned the Queen?


Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS The Undisputed Era!

While neither team came away from that demolition derby of a ladder match the NXT Tag Team Champions, there is always a chance they can become #1 contenders. However, reDRagon is again separated as Bobby Fish goes down with a new injury. Will Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong then be back in line for a shot at the Street Profits? Or will the BritAm Brawlers punch their ticket to take on the #CurseofGreatness?

Both teams are fired up even before the bell but the ref keeps them back. The teams sort out and Kyle starts against Lorcan. The bell rings and they tie up immediately. Kyle waistlocks but Lorcan standnig switches. Kyle switches but Lorcan switches, but Kyle switches back to bring Lorcan down for a leg lock. Lorcan kicks Kyle off but then Kyle kicks him. Kyle throws forearms to back Lorcan down. He starts kicking and throws more forearms, but Lorcan CHOPS back! Kyle turns things back around, but so does Lorcan, for another CHOP! Lorcan lights Kyle up with chops, but Kyle headlocks. Lorcan powers out, but Kyle runs Lorcan over. Kyle runs but Lorcan stays low. Kyle rolls to boot Lorcan, but Lorcan European Uppercuts back! Lorcan takes Kyle’s boot to CHOP him again!

Kyle and Lorcan grit their teeth as they start throwing forearms back and forth. Lorcan gets the edge, but Strong runs in, only for Burch to be right on him! We have big brawls going, but the Undisputed Era ends up outside the ring. Lorcan FLIES to take them both out! He puts Kyle back in to tag Burch. Burch runs in to give a corner clothesline and enziguri, then feeds Kyle to the Half ‘n’ Half! Knee trigger from Burch, cover, but Strong breaks it! Burch rocks Strong with a right hand, and Lorcan tags back in. Burch stomps Strong and Lorcan has Kyle. They use each other to make the run in and out to clothesline the Undisputed Era. And then again! Burch and Lorcan go for a third, but Strong boots Burch to throw him into Lorcan! Kyle staggers out and starts kicking Lorcan.

Tag to Strong and Strong puts Lorcan in the corner for CHOPS of his own! Strong stomps a mudhole, then scoops Lorcan for a backbreaker! Strong drags Lorcan to the corner and tags in Kyle. The Undisputed Era CHOP and kick Lorcan over and over! Kyle waistlocks and wrangles Lorcan down to elbow and knee the ribs! Kyle runs and slides to ram Lorcan’s ribs even harder! Fans fire up for both sides as Kyle tags Strong. Strong stomps Lorcan more, then catapults him into the bottom rope! Lorcan gasps while Strong swipes at Burch. Strong goes after Lorcan but Lorcan throws hands, only for Strong to dropkick him down! Cover, TWO! Strong smothers Lorcan with a facelock and gator roll. Fans rally up both ways and Strong pulls Lorcan back in a camel clutch.

Lorcan endures as Kyle talks trash and Burch coaches him up. Fans rally and Lorcan fights his way up. Lorcan reaches for Burch but Strong clobbers Burch first! Strong stomps Lorcan then tags Kyle. The Undisputed Era work together, gutbuster and knee drop! Kyle grinds Lorcan down while also throwing hands. Kyle chinlocks but Lorcan fights back, only to get a knee. Then Kyle ties up the legs and clubs the back to then go for an abdominal stretch. Lorcan endures as Strong taunts him now. Fans rally again and Lorcan fights his way up. Kyle makes it a cover, TWO! Lorcan blasts him with a EuroUpper!

Kyle is back with haymakers, but Lorcan forearms back. They hit back and forth, but then Kyle kicks low. Kyle goes for a guillotine but Lorcan slips out to CHOP back! Lorcan hits Strong down before giving Kyle a blockbuster! Hot tags to Burch and Strong! Burch rallies with big hands and a back drop! Burch keeps rocking Strong with haymakers, but Strong whips, only for Burch to shotgun dropkick him down! Then an exploder! Burch kips right up, and rocks Kyle as he comes in. Strong fireman’s carries, but Burch slips out, Kyle tags in as Strong bucks Burch off. Bruch throws Strong out but gets Kyle’s knee. He avoids ax ‘n’ smash to HEADBUTT! And then powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! To a Crossface!! Kyle flails but Strong saves him. Burch swipes at Strong but walks into Kyle’s big forearm. Burch hits Kyle back, Kyle lunatic- er, pendulum lariats!

Tag to Strong, and Undisputed Era coordinate on Burch. Strong CHOPS Burch for their version of Chase the Dragon! Cover, but Lorcan barrels through Kyle to break it! Fans are thunderous as all four men are down! The teams regroup as fans chant for “NXT! NXT!” Lorcan and Burch glare at the Undisputed Era and vice-versa. Burch even grins as another brawl starts! The fans duel as both teams hit back and forth. Kyle punches Burch but Lorcan CHOPS Kyle! Lorcan boots but Strong blocks, Kyle kicks and Strong KNEES Lorcan out! Burch comes back with haymakers, only to get a knee. Ax and DOUBLE SMASH! But everyone is down! Fans are on their feet, but then Jaxson Ryker shows up!?

The referees try to keep the Gunner away while Strong tags Kyle. Ryker wrecks security! But in the ring, Burch disrupts Strong Annihilation to roll Kyle up! Burch & Lorcan win!!

Winners: Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan, Burch pinning

Ryker meant to ruin the match, but he helped the One Two Combination come away with the win! Ryker stays back, but clearly he hasn’t forgotten what happened to him and the Forgotten Sons. Will the Undisputed Era have to deal with the relentless Ryker before going for gold?



My Thoughts:

What a great episode for NXT, especially with them on tour. The opening tag was really great, but obviously this didn’t lead to my predicted Six Woman Tag. Technically, this didn’t lead to a historic Extreme Rules type match, either. All that brawling and the hitting with the chairs and kendo sticks, and instead we get a Steel Cage match. It’s for the title, though, but the cage is really only for Shirai to do a SUPER moonsault off of. I can’t be sure Shirai wins now if it’s just a cage match, because I feel like the world of wrestling has done all it can with the cage. At least, one cage. I don’t see this story of Shirai, Shayna and the Horsewomen lasting all the way to WarGames 2019 in November, but a Women’s WarGames might not be so bad.

While Vanessa Borne & Aliyah delivered their promo well, the promo itself was obviously written to be all self-centered Heel stuff because no, they’re not more deserving than Mia Yim. I don’t know if Mia will face them both in turn or get a tag partner to take them together, but I’m thinking Mia comes out on top while she waits for her turn at the title. While I don’t want Kushida getting stuck on 205 Live, if he and Gulak keep having Submission matches, I’d be for it for just a bit. But Gulak is busy on 205 Live so he might not be on NXT again for some time. Kushida is going strong, so I wonder if he’ll be headed for the NXT North American Championship next. Maybe once TakeOver: Toronto draws near, we’ll see that build.

The NXT Tag Team Division has really sprung back faster than I expected. It is a shame Fish is out with a bad arm, because I would’ve loved for reDRagon to finally get to do things. But Kyle & Strong are teamed up again and they had a great match with Lorcan & Burch, as expected of these four. I did not think Ryker would show up to distract, but it obviously worked out for Lorcan & Burch. If the Undisputed Era really starts feuding with the Forgotten Sons, that has to turn the Undisputed Era Face, right? Or can the Era be a true Tweener group for NXT? Fans love them no matter what, so perhaps that’s where they can go in this pursuit of all the gold. And while fans may not like the Sons, I feel like Ryker could be over as an individual because he’s just a beast.

My Score: 8.7/10

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