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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (6/26/19)

Who breaks out, and who breaks out of a cage?



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NXT makes history yet again!

For the first time ever, the NXT Women’s Championship will be defended inside a steel cage! Will Shayna Baszler escape with her title? Or will Io Shirai fly away with it? Plus, the Breakout Tournament begins!



  • NXT Breakout Tournament Opening Round: Joaquin Wilde VS Angel Garza; Garza wins and advances to the next round.
  • The Street Profits VS The Forgotten Sons; The Street Profits win, by disqualification.
  • Keith Lee VS Nykos Rikos; Lee wins.
  • NXT Women’s Championship Steel Cage Match: Shayna Baszler VS Io Shirai; Baszler wins and retains the NXT Women’s Championship.


The war for the NXT Women’s Championship is far from over.

TakeOver: XXV saw Shayna Baszler push Io Shirai past her limits, but not without a little bit of help from her Horsewomen. Between that, the bullying and blind-siding, not mention what the Queen of Spades did to the Pirate Princess, the Genius of the Sky snapped! Kendo sticks, chairs and a moonsault, oh my! Shayna then got a taste of her own medicine when she had to watch Shirai stomp Jessamyn Duke’s arm out! This fight will not stop, but perhaps it can be contained, in a steel cage! Who leaves the four sides of steel holding the gold?


NXT Breakout Tournament Opening Round: Joaquin Wilde VS Angel Garza!

The newest tournament in NXT begins! Eight men are given a massive opportunity to not only make their NXT TV debuts, but the winner gets to challenge for whatever championship NXT they want! Will it be DJZ or Garza Jr. that moves on to the next round of this incredible opportunity?

Wilde walks out with a great LED version of a Marvel Comics Destroyer cosplay. He survived a live threatening injury to his abs, but he’s proudly showing the scar as he fights for an opportunity of a lifetime. Meanwhile, Angel Garza and all his good looks is ready to represent as a third-generation lucha libre star, and leaves the guys hanging as he charms the ladies. The bell rings and the Breakout begins!

Fans duel as Garza and Wilde tie up. Garza eggs Wilde on but gets to a corner. Wilde has to back off, and Garza gets him in a waistlock. Wilde headlocks out of it, but Garza slips out of the headlock to a hammerlock. But Wilde shows his athleticism as he rises up and snapmares Garza away! Fans cheer and even Garza has to applaud. Garza runs Wilde over then things speed up. Wilde dodges but Garza rolls off his back. Garza leaps over Wilde and sweeps the legs to a cover, ONE! Wilde sweeps and covers, ONE! Wilde handsprings but Garza offers a handshake. Garza grins as he sucker punches Wilde! Garza has Wilde in a corner for a CHOP! He CHOPS more but Wilde shoves him away for a BOOT! Wilde hops up, goes second to third to arm-drag Garza away!

Things speed up, tilt-o-whirl crossbody! Cover, TWO! Garza gets to ropes but Wilde whips him. Garza reverses but Wilde tilt-o-whirls again, into a facebuster! Cover, ONE! Wilde gets to ropes but Garza is on him with a whip. Garza pops Wilde up for a kick! Then boots him down! Fans rally as Garza tears off the top layer!! Garza stomps away on Wilde, then sets him up sideways on the ropes. The ref reprimands him, but he still gives Wilde a knee right in the gut! Fans cheer as Garza drags Wilde up into powerbomb position. But he double pump handles Wilde to swing him out for a facebuster! Cover, TWO! Wilde survives and Garza is shocked! Garza shakes his head and puts Wilde on the ropes to pull his arms, then CHOPS him off! Wilde CHOPS back, but Garza uppercuts back.

Garza whips and calf kicks Wilde down, then covers, TWO! Garza keeps on Wilde with a half straitjacket then a full. Fans rally up as Wilde endures. Wilde works his way up to his feet and powers out of the jacket. He puts it on Garza, but Garza puts it back on Wilde! Garza pulls back harder, then puts both knees in Wilde’s back. Garza pulls Wilde all the way back, but Wilde rolls over to reverse the hold onto Garza! Now Garza endures the full straitjacket! Garza kicks Wilde in the head and Wilde lets go. Wilde boots back but misses the clothesline. Wilde changes directions to clothesline Garza from the side! Fans cheer as Wilde atomic drops Garza, then uses his feet to pop Garza up for double boots! Victory roll, TWO!! Garza still lives and Wilde can’t believe it!

Fans duel as Garza bails out. Wilde fires up and runs, but Garza gets clear. Wilde gets on the apron to DAREDEVIL DIVE! The tope suicida through the corner hits its target! Wilde drags Garza up and into the ring and then catches his breath before going up top. Garza gets up to PELE Wilde back! Garza throws forearms then climbs up to join Wilde. Wilde fights back but Garza keeps climbing, SUPER SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!? No one can believe Wilde survives! Wilde springs back with a ghost pin, TWO! Garza drops Wilde with BIG basement dropkick! Then he drags Wilde around, double underhooks, but Wilde sprawls to resists. But Garza still picks him up, Butterfly Stunner! Cover, Garza wins!!

Winner: Angel Garza, by pinfall; advances to the second round

Wow! If this is just the opener, is this Breakout Tournament going to redefine NXT? And as for Angel Garza himself, is he going to give us a repeat performance to move ahead even further?


NXT hears from Kushida.

“At this point for me, the position I’m in is interesting.” The Time Splitter knows that not just in NXT, but from Raw, SmackDown and even 205 Live, anyone could become his opponent. And it’s exciting. “This is my first step. Everyone is here. The best in the world. That’s why I’m here.” Kushida wants to face anyone and everyone, because time belongs to him. Will Kushida send star after star back to the future?


NXT shares interview footage of Damien Priest.

After his debut last week, the #ArcherofInfamy was impressive, but said there will be time for questions later. We’ve barely seen anything from him yet. Unlike everyone else, the legacy of Damien Priest will #LiveForever. What more


The Street Profits VS The Forgotten Sons!

Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins are the new NXT Tag Team Champions after TakeOver: XXV’s incredible tag team ladder match, but that was just the beginning. Will they put away Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler with the #CurseofGreatness? Or will the Profits never forget the Forgotten Sons after tonight?

The Profits celebrate with the Full Sail fans, and then each offer the other the first hop over the rail. In the end, Dawkins goes first and then the champs hit the ring. As for the Forgotten Sons, they’re riled up as ever, ready to prove they’re worthy contenders. The fans are clearly on the Profits’ side as the champs get mics.

“Uh, Dawks, did you hear that… chatter?” Yes, Dawkins did here the chatter. It seems the Sons think they can step to the Profits! “Wooooow… That’s above me.” But the Sons think that they can take the titles? “Nah, fam. That ain’t how we livin’.” But it’s the Sons’ lucky day. Because the Profits have been handing out free stuff. And in honor of that, how about they put these titles on the line tonight?! Fans aren’t so sure but the Sons definitely want it. The Forgotten Sons won’t be forgotten, no. They’ll be remembered as the first team to lose to the NEW NXT Tag Team Champions! Is this really happening for the belts?! The teams sort out and the bell rings, Ford starts against Cutler!

Cutler and Ford circle and tie up. Ford gets the arm and holds on tight, but Cutler powers out to elbow Ford down! Cutler stomps away on Ford in the corner and Blake tags in. Blake stomps away now but lets up at 4. He scrapes his laces on Ford’s face then tags Cutler. Cutler holds Ford to then hip toss senton Blake on Ford’s back! Cover, TWO! Cutler keeps on Ford with fists then rams his shoulders in. Blake trash talks, saying “These are our titles!” Blake tags in and Cutler torture racks Ford, they combine for a torture rack neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Dawkins cheers Ford but Blake kicks Ford while he’s down.

Blake drags Ford over to tag Cutler back in, and he torture racks Ford while Cutler swings on Dawkins. Cutler comes back but Ford arm-drags Blake into him! Then Ford ducks under both of them to hot tag Dawkins! Dawkins rallies on the Sons with big clotheslines and haymakers! Dawkins dodges Cutler for a running uppercut! Then he throws Blake overhead with an exploder! Dawkins gives Cutler an exploder, too! Cutler gets to a corner and fans fire up with Dawkins. Dawkins gives Blake a spinning splash, then gives one to Cutler! Ford tags in, SPINEBUSTER to world star frog splash! Cover, but Ryker drags Ford out! Ryker clobbers Ford!

Winners: The Street Profits, by disqualification

Now it doesn’t really matter if it was for the belts, because the Sons lost to their temper. Ryker runs into the ring and brawls with Dawkins. Cutler and Blake clobber Dawkins from behind and it ends up 3v1! Blake and Cutler drag Dawkins up to feed him to Ryker’s double ax handles! But here come Lorcan and Burch! The brawlers brawl with the Forgotten Sons! Fans chant for the “One Two!” as Lorcan and Burch throw Blake and Cutler out! Ryker runs but gets a SPEAR from Dawkins!

The Forgotten Sons are in retreat as Ryker holds Blake and Cutler back. They still shout, “Those are OUR titles!” but Lorcan and Burch pick the belts up. Fans aren’t sure what to make of this as Lorcan is reluctant to give the belts over. Burch is the bigger man and gives the belts over. “But remember, you owe us.” Will the Profits have to repay the Brit-Am Brawlers with their own title opportunity?


Someone reviews film.

And not just any film, but shocking real-life footage. It’s Killian Dain!! Is the Beast of Belfast headed back to NXT?!


NXT hears from #BorneBougie.

“Wow. What a truly heart-warming, inspiring, sad, sad story Mia Yim told about her life.” Vanessa Borne can’t stop thinking about it. Aliyah says it’s so sad and pathetic. It is such a shame that these two can’t relate. When does anyone get applauded for being poor and coming from nothing? As pretty, privileged and generous as these two are, they must come to terms that no book can help “that.” Aliyah is beyond grateful to finally put that “lower” in her place. And then they’ll show Mia why she should’ve stayed in the streets. They want Mia to keep the bandanna and hat on to cover up as much as possible. But will Aliyah have to cover up the bruises she gets from a beating at the hands of the Head Baddie in Charge?


Keith Lee VS Nykos Rikos!

The Limitless One takes on the “modern day Spartan,” but will that change the fact that we will all #BaskinHisGlory?

The bell rings as fans sing and Lee conducts. Rikos wants him to put those arms down, but those arms are too strong to move. Rikos CHOPS Lee, but Lee just smirks. Lee DOUBLE CHOPS Rikos then runs to POUNCE! Rikos his ropes and then the mat, out cold! Lee drags Rikos up with one hand as fans chant “KEith Lee! WOOP WOOP!” Lee fireman’s carries, and says this is HIS NXT! Limit Breaker!! Cover, Lee wins!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall

There is still no limit for Keith Lee! Does that mean he’ll be going for gold at any moment?


NXT Champion, Adam Cole, begins his BAYBAY Celebration Tour!

The Undisputed Era’s charismatic leader heads for the Download Festival in the UK. The champion travels the world and defends the title all over the world. “Johnny Gargano knows nothing about this. Traveling with class, traveling in style.” Gargano certainly never got a private jet. That’s just the life of a star like Cole. Cole flies to Leicestershire, England, and hangs out with Slipknot. He even has an NXT Championship title defense against Dave Mastiff! Cole clearly retains, and his #BaybayChampionshipTour has only just begun.

Cole calls ahead to Roderick Strong, hopefully “that order” is working out. Cole will call again after his next stop. The driver heads out and gets Cole to… Gargano’s?! The family sub shop in Ohio!? What is Cole planning visiting Johnny Wrestling’s hometown? And speaking of Roddy, he takes on Prince Pretty 1v1! Will Strong prove himself worthy of challenging for the North American Championship by racking up another win? Or will Tyler Breeze head for a second chance against The Dream?


NXT Women’s Championship Steel Cage Match: Shayna Baszler VS Io Shirai!

The steel structure awaits the Queen of Spades and the Genius of the Sky. Shirai withstood all she could until she couldn’t stand anymore, is this finally when she gets to stand tall as the champion? Or will Shayna still hold tight to her title?

The introductions are made as Shirai and Shayna step inside the cage. Shayna even has her old MMA gloves back on to make this cage feel more like the other cage. The belt is raised and the bell rings to begin this gritty grudge match!

Fans are actually divided as Shirai rushes Shayna. Shayna gets clear to kick and throw hands. Shayna taunts as she throws more hands, then throws Shirai. Shirai stops herself from hitting steel to grab Shayna’s arm. Shirai drags Shayna down but Shayna rolls and slips around to get a sleeper. But Shirai slips out, only for Shayna to get her in a front hold. Shayna wrenches but Shirai slips out, only for Shayna to get a rear mount. Shirai rolls but Shayna wants the clutch! Fans duel and rally as Shirai turns around to throw hands from both sides! Shayna picks a leg and pulls way back! Then she lets Shirai go to stomp her head! Shayna grins as she walks for the door, but Shirai trips her up to kick her in the head! Shirai eggs Shayna on, then speeds up. She handsprings and dropkicks Shayna down, then kips right up!

Shayna kicks but Shirai blocks to SHOTEI! Shirai staggers to a wall and starts to climb! Shayna chases after to yank her off then throw her at the opposite wall! Shirai bounces off steel and hits the mat! Shayna drags Shirai up to throw her in again but harder! Shirai falls between wall and ropes as fans duel harder. Shayna soaks it all up as she waits for Shirai to stir. Shayna then drags Shirai up to grind her into the steel. She lets up to let Shirai slump to the mat. Shayna drags Shirai up and ties her legs up before going for a neck wrench. Shirai endures even as Shayna hammers her fist in. Fans rally up and Shirai fights out of the holds. Shayna throws Shirai hard into steel again! Shirai grows frustrated in her pain and hits back, only for Shayna to snapmare and kick her in the back! Cover, TWO!

Shayna keeps her cool as she goes back to the neck wrench. But Shirai cradles, TWO! BIG lariat from Shayna! Shayna drags Shirai up to throw her into steel once again! Shirai slumps down but Shayna stands on her! Shayna has Shirai against the steel again, really grinding her in. She even throws forearms and body shots. Shirai gasps and sputters but Shayna drags her up for more hammering fists. Cover, TWO! Shirai grabs at Shayna but Shayna ties her up again. Shayna puts the neck wrench on again but fans rally up. Shirai fights up and out again, and throws back elbows. She snapmares Shayna but Shayna comes back with body shots. Shayna throws Shirai but Shirai stops herself, to sidestep and send Shayna into the wall! Shirai runs to shotgun dropkick Shayna hard into steel! And then again! Now Shayna is down and fans fire up!

Shirai gets up a third time and runs, for meteora into the steel! She drags Shayna up, German Suplex! Bridging cover, TWO! Shayna barely gets out of that one, and now both women are down. Fans build to another rally and Shayna throws hands. Shirai ducks and Greman Suplexes again! Shirai can’t hold on and Shayna gets to a corner. But Shirai runs corner to corner, corner meteora! She walks on Shayna and hops up top, and then all the way to the top of the cage! Shayna hurries up to stop her and drag her back down with a sleeper! The Kirafuda might be coming! Shirai fades out and falls to the mat! Shayna grins as she starts climbing, but Shirai is right back on her! SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX!! Both women are down but Full Sail is loving this! Shirai crawls to a cover, TWO! Shirai keeps her cool as she crawls.

Fans rally and Shirai seems to want the door. But the Horsewomen rush out to keep it shut! Not this again… Shirai wants to get out but Shayna has her again! Kirafuda Klutch, but Shirai kicks the door open! It hits the Horsewomen, and the referee! But Shayna still has Shirai! Shirai slips out and double stomps Shayna! Both women in the ring are down, but now Marina LOCKS the door! “Not today, baby girl!” Shirai can’t walk out, so she has to climb! She reaches the top, but Marina hurries to meet her! Marina rams Shirai into steel! But then Candice LeRae runs out! Candie blasts Jessamyn and kicks Marina off the wall. She climbs the rest of the way to help Shirai, but Jessamyn unlocks the door. Jessamyn drags Shayna up and over! But then Candice LEAPS onto Jessamyn!!

Shayna BOOTS Candice down, but Shirai is climbing! Shirai is standing, to SUPER ASAI onto Shayna!! As Mauro puts it, a moonsault from the Moon! Full Sail hits a fever pitch for “NXT! NXT!” But all the superstars are down and fans chant “Yowie Wowie!” Shirai stirs and heads for the open door. Shayna pursues, and gets one foot! She drags Shirai back to club her down, but Shirai returns the favor! Shayna drags Shirai away again but Shirai shoves Shayna away! Shirai heads for the door! She is halfway out, but Shayna drags her in! Kirafuda Klutch with the ropes! But Shirai uses the crossbar to knock Shayna off! Shayna revives and drags Shirai back into the Klutch! Shirai fades out again, even as fans rally. But wait, she gets new life, and RAMS the door on Shayna’s head! But Shayna falls to victory!?!

Winner: Shayna Baszler, by escape; still NXT Women’s Champion

Shayna survives Shirai and the cage! Shirai is stunned, as are many of the fans in Full Sail. Shayna barely stirs as the belt is brought to her, and Shirai pleads that this has to be a mistake. The Horsewomen regroup, battered yet victorious. With Jessamyn, Marina and uncanny luck on her side, is there anyone who can dethrone the Queen of Spades?

As for Shirai, Candice tries to comfort her, but Shirai attacks!? Why Io Why!? What did Candice ever do to you!? Shirai perhaps may have lost her cool and took her frustration out on the wrong person, and she realizes that. Shirai leaves the cage, only to get a chair from under the ring! She brings it back into the cage to JAB and SMACK Candice down! Shirai gives Candice chair shot after chair shot!! The Genius has truly snapped as she sits the chair up and drags Candice over. Shirai shouts many things at Candice in Japanese, before giving Candice a suplex to the chair!! Shirai laughs as fans boo her betrayal. But Shirai says “I don’t need a friend,” and leaves Candice down and out inside the cage. Is this the beginning of an Evil Genius in NXT?



My Thoughts:

WOW! What a crazy good episode of NXT! The Breakout Tournament got an amazing start to open the night. Wilde VS Garza set a high bar for the rest of the tournament, I can’t wait to see how the other matches rise up to meet it. Garza already has a great Heel personality going, it’s only going to get better from here. Especially with his version of the tearaway pants like NJPW’s Taichi. The Street Profits make some good Face progress saying they would’ve put the titles on the line (still not sure if that was official or what). Their match with Forgotten Sons was good, even with Ryker “ruining” it. The brawl was great, and with Lorcan & Burch still wanting one more go at the tag titles, I wonder if we’ll just end up with some form of a rematch from TakeOver: XXV, throwing reDRagon in the mix, too.

Nykos Rikos was going to job to Keith Lee the moment we learned his name was Nykos Rikos. Between his name and his costume looking like someone cut up Cody Rhodes’ old Stardust gear, of course Rikos was losing. Lee is limitless, and he could easily bulldoze his way into the North American Championship scene regardless of what else is going on. Roddy Strong VS Tyler Breeze for next week will be solid, and I would love if the NXT NAC gets a huge match for Toronto. This Adam Cole championship “tour” sounds great, I hope NXT UK gives us that Cole VS Mastiff match just because. And next week, whatever antics Cole will have at the Gargano’s Deli should be great stuff. Also Yim should wipe the floor with Aliyah unless Vanessa Borne interferes.

I have been souring on steel cages lately just because they have been so formulaic in WWE. But then NXT went and did this one and it was amazing! They were creative with their normal moves, with the cage, but not necessarily the Horsewomen interfering. If only there was a way for the GM to say those two were banned from ringside… But anyway, Candice helping Shirai again was a good move to go with the Horsewomen interfering. And we even got that Super Asai spot I was expecting, preceded by Candice’s own great cage spot. Shirai going Heel on Candice, I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t really her fault but Face-to-Heel turns tend to be misguided anyway. Evil Genius Shirai will be interesting, but this also furthers that Candice will likely face Shayna next, and maybe dethrone her in Toronto? We can only hope.

My Score: 8.8/10

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