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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (6/26/19)

Can the Kiwi Buzzsaw cut down WALTER?



NXT UK Coverage

It’s an NXT UK David VS Goliath story!

Walter came, saw and conquered NXT UK, but now he is the target. Will he make quick work of Travis Banks? Or will even absolute power fall to a buzzsaw?



  • Mark Andrews VS Joseph Conners; Andrews wins.
  • Xia Brookside VS Killer Kelly; Brookside wins.
  • Ligero VS Noam Dar; Ligero wins.
  • WWE United Kingdom Championship: WALTER VS Travis Banks; Walter wins and retains the WWE United Kingdom Championship.


NXT UK Media caught up with Travis Banks.

“I know I’m the underdog against Walter. But when Walter beat Pete Dunne, he boasted that he was prepared. Well, Walter, tonight, the Kiwi Buzzsaw is prepared, too.” Banks looks to take down the Austrian Anomaly and establish his own era!


Mark Andrews VS Joseph Conners!

The High-Fiving, Stage-Diving Welsh Rockstar returns to NXT UK, but against an angry Righteous Killer. Can #MAndrews continue to fly high? Or is Conners going to finally gain some ground?

The bell rings and Andrews circles with Conners. They tie up and go around as fans chant for Andrews. Conners powers Andrews to the mat and wrenches the wrist. Andrews works on an escape and rolls to hook a leg. Conners spins through to keep the wrench, but Andrews spins and handsprings to sweep the leg! Cover, ONE, and things speed up. Andrews hurdles Conners to arm-drag him down! Fans cheer as the two stand. Conners pulls hair to then whip Andrews to a corner. Andrews goes up and over and shoves off. Andrews blocks Conners’ kick to sweep the other leg. Conners dodges the Penalty Kick and rolls Andrews, but Andrews slips out, only to get a chancery snap!

Conners stomps Andrews to the ropes and a corner, then bends him back against the ropes. The ref counts and Conners lets up at 4. Conners drags Andrews up for a neckbreaker, then covers, TWO! Fans still rally for Andrews, but Conners mocks their cheers. Conners puts Andrews in a corner to throw back elbows. Conners stalks Andrews to a corner for more elbows and a spinning clothesline. Then he reels Andrews in for a big lariat! Cover, TWO! Conners stomps Andrews’ hands and head to keep on him, but Andrews body shots back. Andrews throws forearms but Conners knees low. Conners drags Andrews up for a snap suplex, floats to a cover, TWO! Conners taunts Andrews and mocks the waving before stomping Andrews down. Fans still cheer for Andrews as Conners drags him to the apron.

Conners bends Andrews’ neck against the apron edge! He lets up at 4 but then turns Andrews over to pull him into the edge! Conners lets up at 4 again to stare at the booing fans. Conners slingshots in but Andrews denies the DDT! Andrews CHOPS and punches back! He backs Conners down, whips, but Conners reverses. Andrews slides under to PELE! Fans fire up with Andrews as he whips and Northern Lights to a standing- No, Conners rolls Andrews! Conners runs but is sent right out! Andrews DIVES and takes Conners down! The Download Festival is loving “NXT! NXT!” as Andrews hits that standing moonsault! Cover, TWO!

Conners crawls but Andrews runs at him for a 619 to his back! Andrews springboards, but Conners gets under to come back, sunset flip buckle bomb! Then back suplex to facebuster! Cover, TWO!! Andrews lives and Conners is furious! Fans are loving it, though, and continue to cheer Andrews on. They tell Conners “You Suck! You Suck!” as he drags Andrews up. Andrews cradle counters, TWO! Conners swings but into a backslide! He rolls through to suplex, but gets Stun-Dog Millionaire! Andrews hurries to a corner and the top rope! Fall to Pieces shooting star! Cover, Andrews wins!

Winner: Mark Andrews, by pinfall

And the return is a success! The fans sing and wave along with the music, but will Andrews be able to bring the spotlight to him?


NXT UK Media finds The Hunt in a rage.

Wild Boar and Primate are furious over losing to Gallus, but then big Bomber Dave Mastiff comes by. They all have a common enemy. Are they going to let Gallus get away with things? No. Is the Hunt going to become the Hunted? NO! Then tell Mastiff what they are gonna do! Go after Gallus! Does The Hunt have a new pack leader? Will they make Wolfgang and the Coffey Boys their prey?


The Grizzled Young Veterans are here!

But as you can tell by the bags on their shoes, the NXT UK Tag Team Champions don’t want to get dirty in the Download Festival mud. And to be sure their nice suits stay clean, they stay on stage as Zack Gibson speaks.

“I am Liverpool’s Number One, Zack Gibson. This man is James Drake. Together, we are Grizzled Young Veterans, and together, we are the NXT UK Tag Team Champions.” They are champions and locker room leaders, but their GM, Johnny Saint, thinks it’s funny to drag them out “to a muddy field to compete in front of a field of dirty, sweat goffs!” The fans cheer being sweaty goffs. “That was not a compliment!” They don’t care. But Gibson goes on saying these “punters” are happy to spend hundreds on tickets, but not a cent for a bit of deodorant.

“And don’t blame the mud! Don’t blame the rain! Because I have been moving away from you on the bus since before I could even say the word ‘sweat!'” Gibson says this Download is a music festival, but he has yet to hear any music. He’s heard noise and nonsense, but he doesn’t see a single instrument. The GYV don’t want to be here any longer than they have to be, so they will return later to defend the titles against Moustache Mountain. Until then, they will be in their 5-star hotel room, rest and put the kettle on while listening to some Ben Howard so they can prepare. The Grizzled Young veterans, the NXT UK Tag Team Champions, SOON to be recognized as the most prestigious champions anywhere in the WWE. And now they shall leave this “absolute cesspool.”


NXT UK looks back at what’s been brewing between Rhae Ripley and Piper Nivens.

The Mosh Pit Kid and inaugural NXT UK Women’s Champion swears she’s the most dominant woman in the division, but then along came a Scottish viper! Piper chose to interrupt Rhea at that moment because she doesn’t like how Rhea conducts business. Rhea’s not the most dominant anymore! But Rhea was offended by such disrespect. Piper wants to make an impact, but Rhea doesn’t take Piper seriously.

Piper knows Rhea is a bully with how she pushes everyone else around. No one has been big or strong enough to stand up to her, until now. Rhea says she just puts people in their place. Piper better be ready, because Rhea’s theme song is My Brutality for a reason! Piper will make Rhea feel as little as she’s made the others, but will Rhea really get a taste of her own medicine? We find out next week!


NXT UK GM Johnny Saint tweets a match announcement!

Given what he’s seen Gallus do as of late, we will get a major Six Man Tag match in two weeks! Wolfgang and the Coffey Brothers will face the new alliance of Dave Mastiff and the Hunt! Which side comes out the alphas in the NXT UK jungle?


Xia Brookside VS Killer Kelly!

These two had a respectful match not too long ago, but things fell apart when Jinny brought out Jazzy Gabert. The Portuguese pitbull looked to stand side-by-side with the young second generation talent, but then decided to turn tail and run. Now we get to see how their match would’ve turned out. Can Xia get back at Kelly for leaving her high and dry?

The bell rings and Kelly grins as she stares down with Xia. Xia throws forearms right away! She clubs away on Kelly’s back but Kelly hits back with forearms of her own. Kelly throws in knees then throws Xia to a corner. Xia boots back and hops up to huricanrana Kelly down! Kelly scrambles up but gets a dropkick. Xia runs, wheelbarrows, but Kelly grins as she counters to a suplex! Bridging cover, TWO! Kelly rains down rights on Xia, then drags her away to grind a foot into Xia’s face. Fans rally as Kelly pulls on Xia’s arm and stomps her head. Kelly drags Xia up and clubs away to put her into a modified stretch. Xia endures as Kelly pulls the fingers way back. Fans rally again and Xia fights out, only to get an elbow. Kelly pries Xia’s eyes open! Then drives her down in a ghost pin, TWO!

Xia gets up but gets a BOOT! Kelly clubs away on Xia at the ropes until the ref backs her off. Xia pushes back and hits a jawbreaker! Xia runs and gives Kelly a facebuster! Kelly swings but Xia dodges to then come back with a tilt-o-whirl headscissors! Kelly ends up in a corner as Jazzy and Jinny stand on stage. Fans boo as they stare down Xia. Kelly comes up behind Xia and clubs her down! Jinny and Jazzy leave and Kelly grins as she rolls Xia up, TWO! Xia hits a code breaker! Cover, Xia wins!

Winner: Xia Brookside, by pinfall

The distraction by Fashionista and Alpha Female did nothing! Xia gets even with Kelly, but she still has to even the score with Jinny and Jazzy. Will Xia show them what it’s like to #FlyWithBrookside?


NXT UK Media catches up with Toni Storm.

The Lightning from Down Under knows her next challenger will be Kay Lee Ray, but it will be at the time of KLR’s choosing. Toni congratulates KLR for getting her shot at the #ShinyShiny. But KLR has yet to say when and where she wants it. That’s fine because Toni is ready anywhere, anytime, #ToniTime is all the time! It did get her thinking, maybe KLR is all talk. Which is surprising. But until then, Toni promises to be back in action in a few weeks. Will KLR interrupt Toni Time in two weeks?


Ligero VS Noam Dar!

The Luchador of Leeds has been making some progress in the ranks, but the Scottish Supernova is back to being a brash “chancer.” Will Dar find an opening to extinguish the Light? Or will Ligero shine too bright for even Mr. 11?

Dar taunts Ligero with his jacket, “Ole! Toro!” The bell rings and Dar gets a bit more serious as he circles with Ligero. Fans duel as the two tie up. Dar gets Ligero to a corner but backs off at the ref’s count, only to toy with the horns! Ligero swings at Dar but Dar bails out. Dar taunts the horns while Ligero dares Dar to get back in the ring. Dar takes his time returning, and he circles with Ligero again. They tie up and Dar gets the wristlock. Fans duel as Dar wrenches Ligero to an armlock, and he toys with the horns a little more. Ligero gets up but Dar headlocks. Ligero powers out and things speed up, but Dar denies the arm-drag. Dar bails Ligero in for a table top, and then tells him to calm down. Ligero gets up but Dar gets away.

The “Wind-up artist” baits Ligero into some cat ‘n’ mouse but Ligero throws him off. Dar gets a leg but Ligero sits on him, TWO! Ligero tells Dar to calm down as Dar scrambles to a corner. Dar takes his time coming back to circle with Ligero again. They tie up and Dar headlocks hard. Ligero powers out but Dar uses the horns to reel Ligero back in! Ligero endures as Dar grinds him down. Fans duel again as Ligero powers out. Dar again uses the horns to pull Ligero around! Dar has the headlock again, but Ligero powers out. Again, Dar hast he horns, but Ligero breaks free to fire off a strike fest! Shotgun dropkick! Cover, TWO! Ligero keeps his cool and adjusts his mask, but here comes Kenny Williams. The Lucky Yan is a “friend” of Dar’s, and he seems to want a front row seat for this.

Ligero runs in at Dar but Dar puts him on the apron. Ligero hops right back in, ducks Dar and then elbows Dar back. He hops up top but Dar sweeps the legs! Ligero hits the mat and Dar scrambles away. Dar drags Ligero up and gives Ligero’s arm a shoulder breaker. Dar then drags Ligero into an armlock to again toy with the mask. The ref reprimands Dar so he shifts to a cover, TWO! Dar grabs a leg and stomps it. Fans rally up for Ligero as Dar stomps his hands. Dar drags Ligero up but Ligero fights, only to get a European Uppercut! Cover, TWO! Dar grows annoyed with Ligero but fans still cheer. Dar finally spots Kenny, and decides to show him what he can do. He suplexes Ligero up but Ligero fights out! Ligero gets to a corner and Dar runs in, only to get an elbow. Ligero hops up and leaps over the sweep, to shove Dar into a lariat!

Fans fire up with Ligero while Dar is dazed. Ligero fireman’s carries to a Widowmaker and buzzsaw! Cover, TWO!! Dar survives but Ligero doesn’t lose focus. Fans sing for Ligero while Kenny looks “concerned” for Dar. Ligero drags Dar up, runs, springboards, but Dar gets under. Dar blocks the kick then catches the enziguri to an ankle lock! Ligero rolls through to throw Dar off, then fires off haymakers! Dar sweeps the legs! Fisherman buster! Cover, TWO!! Ligero still lives! And Dar grows frustrated. Fans chant “Mamma Mia!” for that last exchange while Dar takes aim. Dar runs at Ligero, but Ligero mule kicks him back! Ligero grabs Dar, dodges the sweep but not the lariat! Dar runs, into a BOOT! Then an enziguri! Both men are down but fans are loving it!

A standing count starts as fans chant for “NXT! NXT!” The count reaches 5 before Dar gets to ropes. It gets to 8 but Ligero is up first. Ligero runs but misses at the ropes, Dar sweeps the legs again! Dar goes to the top rope, leaps, but misses the stomps! Dar’s knee buckles! The bad knee that gives him trouble. But at the same time, Dar has used that history to his advantage. He could be faking. Ligero wants to know, but Dar motions to Kenny to give him his chair?! It is a fake-out! Dar plays in pain when the ref is watching, but then asks Kenny for the assist when the ref turns around. Kenny considers it, but holds tight to the chair! Kenny just tricked Dar! And Ligero wheelbarrows to a cover, Ligero wins!

Winner: Ligero, by pinfall

Kenny shows his “friend” why he shouldn’t cheat. Ligero moves up, but will Dar move on from Kenny’s little trick?


WWE United Kingdom Championship: WALTER VS Travis Banks!

The Austrian Anomaly took this title from the Bruiserweight in New York, while the Kiwi Buzzsaw earned this opportunity while in Glasgow. But now they will do battle to see who brings this title to NXT UK TakeOver in Cardiff, Wales!

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this internationally flavored main event!

Banks circles with Walter as fans duel. Banks throws kicks but Walter doesn’t flinch. They tie up and Walter headlocks to throw Banks! Banks gets up fast and goes to a corner. Banks comes back with more kicks, and he starts to get Walter to stagger. But Walter grabs Banks and puts him in a corner! Banks dodges the chop to give more kicks! Banks gets caught again, and spun around to a waistlock. But he standing switches, only to get a big elbow. Walter runs but Banks leaps, into Walter’s arms! Walter puts Banks up top to club away! Then Walter climbs and steps ON Banks to bend him back! Banks flops to the floor, gasping for air. Walter leaves him to the mercy of the ten count.

Fans rally and duel as Banks sits up at 4. Banks stands at 6 and gets in at 7. Walter stomps Banks out the second he’s back! And then clubs him again! Walter stalks Banks to ropes, and brings him up, but Banks fights back! Banks chops but gets a BOOT! Walter dares Banks to stand but Banks is completely dazed. Walter drags Banks up for big European Uppercuts. Then he drags Banks to stomp the hand and wrench the wrist. The Ring General has a double knuckle lock to lean on Banks, but fans rally up. Banks powers his way up and kicks at those legs again! Walter kicks low and bends Banks back. Banks bridges so Walter stomps him out! And then tweaks the neck! Cover, TWO! Banks survives but he is truly on the ropes.

Walter toys with Banks while fans rally. Banks swings back but misses, and Walter kicks him back down. Walter drags Banks up and wrenches the arm, but Banks kicks again. Banks keeps going after the leg, then dodges a chop to fire off more! Walter is going around the ring as Banks fires off! Banks has Walter off his feet! Fans cheer as Banks catches his breath. Walter slowly gets up but Banks is on him with chops. Walter shoves but Banks comes back with a forearm! Banks runs, but Walter hurdles! But Walter’s leg slows him down and Banks dropkicks it out! Then Banks runs for a shining wizard! Walter is down again!

Banks and Walter get to opposite corners, and Banks runs in to shotgun dropkick Walter back. Walter tries but misses his own! Banks hurries up top, leaps, double stomps!! Cover, TWO!! Walter survives but Banks doesn’t lose focus. Banks brings Walter up as fans rally, and Banks springboards, but into Walter’s arms! Walter puts Banks in the Boston Crab! Walter sits deep but Banks still gets the ropebreak! Banks gets to the apron as Walter lets go but Walter drags him up. Walter clubs away on Banks’ chest over and over! Banks flops back into the ring, and Walter drags him back up. Fans duel and Banks fires back forearms and chops. Walter tosses Banks into buckles but misses the boot. Banks sweeps the legs! Then springboards, Slice of Heaven! But Walter escapes to the apron!

Banks won’t let this stop him, either, and he drags Walter up through the ropes. Banks has Walter tied up for kicks! The ref counts but Banks lets up, to run back in for a shotgun dropkick! Walter falls to the floor! Banks keeps moving, to DIVE! Direct hit sends Walter to the barriers! Fans rally for “NXT! NXT!” as Banks drags Walter up into the ring. Banks hurries but gets another BOOT! Walter hurries out to CHOP Banks! Banks is dead on his feet, but gets an apron powerbomb!! Walter puts Banks back in the ring while fans lose their minds. Walter isn’t done with Banks, he gives him a proper WALTER BOMB! Cover, Walter wins!

Winner: Walter, by pinfall; still WWE UK Champion

The Ring General conquers the Kiwi Buzzsaw, but by the skin of his teeth! Banks almost chopped down the tree trunk legs, but it wasn’t enough. Does anyone stand a chance of taking down Imperium’s leader in Cardiff?



My Thoughts:

A pretty solid NXT UK right here. We get a lot of good action, though slightly filler. Andrews VS Conners was definitely filler but a good match to open the hour. Again, without a micard title, there isn’t really much for the midcard guys to do other than wait and hope for an opening. Dar VS Ligero was another good match, and obviously things are building with Dar and Kenny Williams. I really thinks this feud can go places for both guys, both in NXT UK and 205 Live, and by extension the rest of their WWE careers. As for Ligero, he benefits by getting the win, and is also among those waiting for a turn. The Six Man Tag of Gallus VS Mastiff & The Hunt is going to be a lot of fun, and could go either way to me.

Xia Brookside VS Killer Kelly was good, but I’m not sure why Jinny and Jazzy appeared if their distraction wasn’t going to help Kelly? Letting Xia win with no spotting of Jinny and Jazzy would’ve been better, and then they come out to silently remind Xia after that they’ve got unfinished business. But obviously Jinny and Jazzy will win a tag match with Xia and Isla Dawn to keep things going. Good promo from Toni Storm to point out it’s on KLR to say when and where they have their title match. I suppose KLR could choose to wait all the way until Cardiff, but that’s two months away. Meanwhile, Piper VS Rhea is coming, and that’s going to be a lot of fun. I’d expect it to also act as an unofficial contender’s match, so that we could get something like KLR VS Piper.

Zack Gibson gives us another great promo to up his and James Drake’s Heel heat, though at the same time, fans just seem to embrace the insults he throws at them because of how they sound. That aside, GYV VS Moustache Mountain is coming, it’s going to be amazing, and could go either way. I would think the fans would love seeing Seven & Bate finally get those belts and bring them all the way to Cardiff. The WWE UK Championship match was really good, Banks got to put up a hell of a fight. But Banks losing was a foregone conclusion, Walter is probably not losing the belt for a long time, either. Certainly not at Cardiff, though I expect Walter VS anyone will be great.

My Score: 8.3/10

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