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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (6/11/19)

And STILL WWE Champion…



SmackDown cover image

It’s the SmackDown After Super Showdown!

The New Day is back in full force! Big E returns to SmackDown to join Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in battling Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn!



  • The Miz VS Elias w/ Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre; Miz wins and moves on to face Drew McIntyre.
  • The Miz VS Drew McIntyre w/ Shane McMahon & Elias; McIntyre wins but Miz still has a match with Shane McMahon.
  • The Miz VS Shane McMahon w/ Drew McIntyre & Elias; Shane wins.
  • SmackDown & YOLO County Tag Team Championship Unification Match: The Planet’s Tag Team Champions VS AJ Kirsh & Dave Dutra; changed to…
  • YOLO County Tag Team Championships: AJ Kirsh & Dave Dutra VS Heavy Machinery; Heavy Machinery wins and are the new YOLO County Tag Team Champions.
  • Sonya Deville w/ Mandy Rose VS Carmella; Deville wins.
  • Bayley VS Nikki Cross w/ Alexa Bliss; Bayley wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The New Day VS Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn; The New Day wins.


SmackDown opens with Miz TV!

However, it has been noted that the Hollywood A-Lister is hosting this Wild Card edition under protest. Sacramento is happy to see him either way as he shows off a meme shirt with Papa Miz on it. But Miz explains he must “follow the script” tonight. Without further ado, Miz welcomes us to the ground-breaking television event on the Most Must-See WWE Talk Show. Miz’s guest specifically requested to be on the show, so please welcome… Roman Reigns’s Stomping Grounds opponent, the Scottish Terminator, Drew McIntyre. And then “The Pest of the World…” Wait that’s a smudge, but fans seem to agree with it. In that case… “He is, the PEST, of the WOOOOOOOOOORLD~!” Shane McMahon!

Fans boo as Shane, McIntyre and even Elias are heading to the ring. The Pest of the World is still feeling great over his McIntyre-assisted victory over Roman at Super Showdown, as footage recaps for us. Fans boo as Shane shuffles about in the ring and picks up a mic. McIntyre stays between Shane and Miz in case Miz tries anything. Guess that dummy card was too smart for Miz. Shane tells Greg Hamilton to give him the right introduction as the “BEST, in the WOOOOOOOOOOORLD~!” Shane needs a stool for Elias. Miz’s show is great, but there needs to be a musical act. Therefore, the Drifter is here. Elias plays a bit as Shane and McIntyre take their seats. That’s good stuff! But fans say, “You Suck! You Suck!” Shane says they must mean Miz.

That aside, Shane loves the highlight reel of his victory. At Super Showdown, he did what he said: he defeated Roman Reigns, 1 2 3. But fans shouldn’t be upset, Shane is the Best in the World. Elias plays a chord in agreement. Miz points out that Shane’s accomplishments are tainted. Best in the World?! He won one match at the World Cup! And it was thanks to Miz! Miz beat the hell out of Shane in a Falls Count Anywhere, and yet Shane won by a technicality. Miz grated Shane’s face, but Shane won by slipping out of his shirt!! Roman destroyed Shane at Super Showdown, until the Scottish Sycophant helped him. Tomato, tomah-to. But just start the interview. Oh well Miz isn’t the only one. Roman had an interview after Super Showdown, too.

It was the interview we saw on last night’s Raw. Roman knows Shane was handed that win by Drew McIntyre. McIntyre is a dangerous man, but so is Roman. Stomping Grounds will be Roman’s rebound to kick ass and take names, starting with Drew McIntyre. Back in the present, McIntyre responds. This is Roman’s problem: he lets his emotions get the better of him, and they will be his downfall. Roman should know better than anyone that McIntyre is unlike anyone else int he WWE today. When McIntyre hurts people, he enjoys it. He has no remorse, no pity, and loves to do it! He has a weapon no one else has: the boom-stick known as The Claymore. And at Stomping Grounds, McIntyre will kick Roman’s head off! Talk about kicking ass and taking names.

Miz admits McIntyre is great, but too bad he’s Shane’s lackey. Miz promises McIntyre that Shane will just use you then stab you in the back. Just look at Miz! They became tag team champions and then when they lost, Shane betrayed Miz. Shane keeps hearing all this talk, he can tell Miz is resentful. But it’s okay, because Miz has something in common with Shane and Roman. Shane has Roman’s number just like Shane has Miz’s! 1-0 on Roman, and 2-0 on Miz! Miz says there is nothing special about Shane: a talent-less hack who won a lottery of being a McMahon. And Miz is the son of a baked potato. Miz gets up but McIntyre is in the way.

Shane likes where this is going. He gets to see that aggression, but maybe there is something left. Miz wants another shot at Shane? Then how about right here and now? Fans want this, but McIntyre gets ready to go. Shane says he’ll do this, on one condition. Or two. First, Miz must beat Elias. And then he must beat McIntyre. And if Miz does that, he’ll get a dream match sequel against The Best in the World. But let’s get started right now! Clean up the set and get SmackDown going! Can Miz run a special gauntlet to get one more shot at Shane?


The Miz VS Elias w/ Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre!

SmackDown returns as the gauntlet already begins! Elias knocks Miz down and asks Sacramento, “Who wants to Walk With Elias?” Then Elias punches Miz around the ring, and brings him to a corner. Elias climbs up and Miz Walks With Elias, to a meteora! Cover, TWO! Miz survives but Elias puts him in a cobra clutch. Fans rally and Miz fights his way up and jawbreakers out! Miz counter punches Elias! Miz backs Elias down then throws It Kicks in the corner! He runs corner to corner, for double knees! And again! And then Elias hits Miz with his knee! Cover, TWO! Elias grows frustrated as he goes after Miz again. Elias hooks the leg but Miz slips out to kick low. Miz misses the buzzsaw, and Elias electric chairs to a POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!

Elias keeps Miz down then hurries up top. Elias leaps, but his Macho Elbow FLOPS! Miz gets Elias in the Finale! Cover, Miz wins!!

Winner: The Miz, by pinfall; moves on to Drew McIntyre

But no time to rest, the Scottish Terminator says he’s up NOW!

The Miz VS Drew McIntyre w/ Shane McMahon & Elias!

Miz has no time to recover as SmackDown goes picture in picture. McIntyre rushes him in the corner but Miz dodges! Miz throws hands on McIntyre and then runs, but into a BOOT! Miz tumbles out of the ring but McIntyre pursues. McIntyre lifts Miz to ram him into barriers, then apron, then barriers again before throwing Miz into steel steps! McIntyre is enraged as he drags Miz up and into the ring. He looms over Miz before standing him up and putting him in a corner. McIntyre CHOPS Miz but Miz CHOPS back! McIntyre clubs Miz then suplexes him! Cover, TWO! Miz survives again but McIntyre puts him in a chinbar and armlock.

Fans rally as Miz endures the hold. Miz works his way up and fights his way out. But Miz runs into a SPINEBUSTER! Jackknife cover, TWO! McIntyre grows further frustrated and stomps Miz out. McIntyre puts Miz in a corner for another CHOP! And then bumps him of buckles before another CHOP! McIntyre reels Miz in for a BIG lariat! Cover, TWO! McIntyre keeps Miz down with that chinbar and armlock, but fans again rally up. Miz fights back up and out, but McIntyre knees low. McIntyre hoists Miz up top and then climbs up to join him. Miz fights back again! He fires shot after shot and McIntyre tumbles back. Miz leaps, into a BIG right from McIntyre! Cover, TWO! Shane keeps coaching McIntyre as he looms over Miz again.

SmackDown returns to single picture as McIntyre stands and CHOPS Miz! Miz falls but McIntyre dares him to get back up. McIntyre stands Miz for a swing, but Miz ducks, kicks and kicks. McIntyre kicks and shoves Miz to a corner, but runs into a boot. Miz dodges McIntyre to send him into the post! Shane checks on McIntyre, but fans fire up for Miz! Miz wrecks McIntyre with a dropkick! Shane backs way off and Miz throws McIntyre into barriers! Miz throws McIntyre back in the ring, then springboards, but falls! He’s still not the best high-flyer and now he’s tired. But Miz still kicks McIntyre to drop the DDT! Fans rally as Miz slowly gets back up. Miz powers up but Shane lurks close. Miz swings at Shane, but gets the Glasgow Kiss from McIntyre!

McIntyre demands Miz rise. Miz staggers up, into a CLAYMORE!! Cover, McIntyre wins!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by pinfall; gauntlet ends

The Best in the World celebrates with McIntyre, and tells Miz that maybe they should still have a match. He’s having this trilogy match anyway!?

The Miz VS Shane McMahon w/ Drew McIntyre & Elias!

Shane shuffles circles around Miz to then throw fast jabs! But Miz hits back! Miz throws big body shots, then gets Shane down on the ground! Miz has the full nelson but Shane manages to hotshot Miz off. Shane boots Miz down then puts on the Best Triangle Hold in the World! Miz taps, Shane wins!

Winner: Shane McMahon, by submission

Put another asterisk by Shane’s victory. He may be 3-0, but he had two other men do 90% of the work. Will Miz ever get revenge on Shane O’Mac? Will McIntyre be the one to kick ass and take names at Stomping Grounds?


Fire & Desire find Ember Moon backstage again.

Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville tease her for being wrapped up in kiddy land. Read up on a real-life superhero. More like villain. Fire & Desire had to attack Carmella in last week’s Triple Threat. Carmella didn’t deserve to fight for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. And you’re about to see Sonya tear it up all over again. Sonya SLAPS the Nintendo Switch out of Ember’s hands! Fire & Desire leave just in time to avoid Ember’s rage! Will the War Goddess have something to say about the bad attitude of Mandy & Sonya?


The Planet’s Tag Team Champions return to SmackDown!

“The New” Daniel Bryan and Rowan return to SmackDown, ready to save this division. But will they just continue to spew insults and platitudes instead? Find out, after the break.

SmackDown returns as Bryan and Rowan have mics. “Ladies and gentlemen, you are in for a real treat tonight. Because the Planet’s Tag Team Champions are putting their titles on the line, against the YOLO County Tag Team Champions,” AJ Kirsh & Dave Dutra. It will be a “title unification” match!!

SmackDown & YOLO County Tag Team Championship Unification Match: The Planet’s Tag Team Champions VS AJ Kirsh & Dave Dutra!

Sacramento chant “YOLO! YOLO!” for their own, but then Heavy Machinery appears! Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic know Bryan and Rowan are “elitist cowards” ducking them. The #BlueCollarSolid boys are hard-working, determined, but also, they like having a damn good time! That’s why if they faced Bryan & Rowan, they’d be the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions! Cool speech, guys, but they haven’t done anything to earn shots. Maybe they can earn the shot against the YOLO County champions! Challenge accepted! Wait, what?

YOLO County Tag Team Championships: AJ Kirsh & Dave Dutra VS Heavy Machinery!

Sacramento’s own didn’t think they’d be facing competition this big. The bell rings and Tucker blasts Kirsh with a lariat! Then Dutra jumps in but gets a hip toss! Tucker clotheslines Dutra out and tags Dozer in. Tucker whips Dozer in and Dozer squashes Kirsh! Kirsh falls and Dozer pumps it up! Dozer gives Sacramento the Caterpillar! The elbow drops and Dozer tags Tucker. Tucker whips Kirsh to pop up to Dozer’s catch! Then, COMPACTOR! Cover, Heavy Machinery wins!

Winners: Heavy Machinery, Tucker pinning; NEW YOLO County Tag Team Champions(?)

The #BlueCollarSolid boys win, but Bryan has to hold Big Red Rowan back! Tucky & Dozer proved themselves by winning “titles,” but Bryan says now is not the time to defend their titles. When and where will these two teams finally throw down for the Planet’s (aka SmackDown) Tag Team Championships?


The WWE 24/7 Champion is backstage on SmackDown!

R-Truth is staying hydrated but Carmella has her own match to prepare for. Truth is exhausted. He lost his belt on an airport tarmac over the weekend! And then won it back mid-flight at 49 thousand feet Celsius! Then they get stuck in an elevator, bonds with the contenders, but then gets betrayed! His life has been marked by traumatization ever since the 7/11 Championship can into his life! Carmella understands, but what can they do? Truth doesn’t want to give it up. Someone’s coming! Get int he trunk! Don’t lock him in! Carmella plays it cool, and then… Uh oh, it locked!! And her match is up next! Carmella promises to come back after her match. But Mahal hears Truth in the trunk!

Mahal confirms it’s Truth by pretending he’s Mella! “Mella” tells Truth to take short breaths. Mahal, er, Mella, will go get a crowbar! Be right back! Truth freaks out, but he has to be careful not to breathe all the air! Will Carmella finish with Sonya fast enough to get back before Mahal does?


Sonya Deville w/ Mandy Rose VS Carmella!

Fire & Desire bullied Ember earlier, now they look to do more to the FABULOUS Princess. Will picking on superstars help them rise to the top of the Women’s SmackDown and Tag Divisions?

SmackDown returns with the bell, and Carmella takes the fight right to Sonya! She dropkicks Sonya then feeds her to her foot. Carmella huricanranas Sonya then tackles her down. Sonya gets away and to a corner. Carmella cools off but runs in, only to be put on the apron. Carmella bobs ‘n’ weaves but gets a kick and knees through the ropes! The ref counts and Sonya lets up at 4. Sonya drags Carmella in for a cover, TWO! Sonya keeps her cool while Mandy watches like a hawk. Carmella gets up but Sonya chokes her on the ropes! The ref counts and Sonya lets off to throw more knees. Fans rally for Carmella but Sonya puts her in a chinlock and body scissors. Carmella pries her way out but Sonya drags her back down.

Sonya puts a squeeze on Carmella with the legs, but fans rally again. Carmella fights up and around to throw hands! Sonya shoves Carmella away, then kicks and hits a BIG sliding wizard! Cover, TWO! Sonya keeps her cool then trash talks Carmella. She pie faces her around, but Carmella SLAPS her back! Sonya boots Carmella then jackknifes, TWO! Code of Silence! But Mandy puts Sonya’s foot on the ropes for the ropebreak! The ref didn’t see the assist, but Carmella has a good idea what happened. Mandy plays dumb but the chase is on! They end up in the ring, Sonya knees Carmella down! Oklahoma roll, TWO!! Carmella crawls away but avoids Sonya’s attack! Carmella builds speed, to DIVE! She takes out BOTH Fire & Desire!

Fans fire up with Carmella as she brushes Mandy aside to get at Sonya. But then Mandy grabs at Carmella! To get a FABULOUS Kick! Carmella gets back in the ring, to get a standing Shining Wizard! High stack cover, Sonya wins!!

Winner: Sonya Deville, by pinfall

When you fight one, you fight both. Fire & Desire help each other out again, but will this help either of them get towards the top? Or are those WWE Women’s Tag Team titles still on the horizon?


The Goddess is backstage on SmackDown.

And so is Nikki! They both use the Wild Card, but Alexa is surprised to see Nikki. Why? Nikki didn’t hear? What? What’s going on? Well better this comes from a friend… After Nikki bumped into Becky and cost Bayley, Bayley participated in social media bullying. Alexa blocked Bayley so she can’t prove it, but obviously Bayley isn’t the huggable friendly girl she pretends to be. She is no better than those that would call Nikki weird, and friendless, and- Oh, sorry. Words hurt. But they can get payback! Alexa set up a match of Bayley VS Nikki. Nikki should use Bayley as the face of those who were mean to her. And don’t hold back. Is Nikki really falling for Alexa’s manipulation? And will she soften the SmackDown Women’s Champion up for Alexa this close to Stomping Grounds?


Awwww~ Sacramento~! The New Day returns to SmackDown at full force!

And it’s time to celebrate! Not just the Super Showdown victory, but Big E’s return! Kofimania throws pancakes and Xavier Woods plays the trombone while we go to break.

SmackDown returns and the positivity is still flowing. And “ya boys the NEW~ DAY~” speak on the extremely important day everyone has been waiting for. Today is the true return of Big E! Sacramento chants “Welcome Back!” and Big E says he IS back! Again. The way things went, if Big E had a title for every return, he’d be Charlotte Flair. #BookingJoke. What? No, uh, booking as in a flight… But to get down to business, the boys are back together and will be in a match! They will end the match quickly so Woods can get back to E3. But against “Sam Zayn,” Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler, three men who went against the New Day one time or another.

What happened when Kofi faced Sami? “I beat him.” And then at MITB, against Kevin Owens? “I beat him!” And uh, Ziggler at Super Showdown? “Everybody know I beat that boy!” And at Stomping Grounds, we do it all again, in a Steel Cage! No sneak attacks, no hit and runs, because Ziggler won’t get away from Kofi. And Kofi will remain THE W, W, E- Ziggler interrupts! The Show-Off says he put Kofi on a pedestal and told the world that Kofi earned everything he got, and Kofi betrayed that! Kofi betrayed the WWE Universe, “you coward!” And worst of all, Kofi betrayed himself. There is only one reason Kofi is still champion, and it’s Xavier Woods. Woods did attack Ziggler from the outside, but only because Ziggler hit Woods first. Not that Ziggler cares about the context.

But even now, Kofi must admit it should’ve been Ziggler! But at Stomping Grounds, there will be no where for Kofi to run and hide, and no one to save him from Ziggler! Ziggler and Kofi will be locked in that cage, and then the world will know the truth! That without The New Day and the easy way out, Kofi can NEVER beat Ziggler! Kofi points out the part Ziggler left out: kicking Woods in the face! Did Ziggler not think Woods would retaliate? But now, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn come out! “If there’s one thing that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn can’t stand, it’s injustice!” That is what is going on here in SmackDown!

Be honest, folks. If Sami kicked Kofi in the face to help Kevin win, everyone would’ve demanded justice for Kofi! Yet for some reason, when things are turned around for Woods to kick “poor, poor Ziggler” so Kofi wins, fans are okay with that?! That tells Sami that the “disgusting people” of the WWE Universe don’t care about justice. They have no morals or ethical code! All that matters is who you like and don’t like! But these two don’t care about what fans like, so shut your mouths! Sami and Kevin will right this wrong. And to be honest, Kevin and Sami enjoy every chance they get to beat up the New Day. Well speaking of enjoyment, the New Day enjoyed seeing Rollins wear Sami’s narrow behind out with that chair on Raw!

Don’t you talk about Sami’s behind! Because if it was anyone else in that referee outfit, Rollins would be fined or worse. But the fans are hypocrites! And the biggest one is the one with the title. Big E says that despite all their talents and ambitions, this WWE Championship run is not about them! It’s about the man who walked through fire to show he is the BEST! Ziggler says Kofi is a coward? But Kofi is gonna kick ass and take names, and that name will be Dolph! And then he’ll remain W, W, E, World, Heavy, Weight, CHAMPION~! And before all that, we get a free preview! “BECAUSE~! New, Day Rocks!” The Six Man Tag will be the main event, but will the New Day really roll into Stomping Grounds?


Backstage interview with Smackdown Women’s Champion, Bayley!

Does she have a response to Alexa Bliss’ accusations? Consider the source. Bayley doesn’t have anything against Nikki Cross, but if she’s getting caught in Alexa’s wicked web, so be it. Hopefully Alexa likes watching ringside, because Bayley will beat Nikki, and then give Alexa a Moment of Bliss she won’t ever forget. Will the Twisted Sister keep believing The Goddess’ twisted truth?


Aleister Black speaks.

“For the men and women of SmackDown, there is so much conflict, yet so little resolution. Another week goes by, and I offer both, and it’s so simply.” The conflict is someone picks a fight with him, the resolution is Aleister fights that person. Yet there is no one at his door. We don’t have to fight over trivial things like the love of a woman or man or ideology or turf. It could be so much more simple. Aleister wants someone to open his door. The door opens, and Aleister shouts out through it! “Will somebody, anybody, please please I bet of you, PICK A FIGHT, WITH ME!?” But there is no response. Will the Embodiment of the End get the resolution to his thirst for conflict?


Bayley VS Nikki Cross w/ Alexa Bliss!

SmackDown returns as Nikki and Alexa make their entrance together. Nikki goes right at the ring, wild as ever. The bell rings, and we begin.

Nikki and Bayley tie up and go around, and Bayley puts Nikki in the corner. Bayley throws fast hands, but backs off, only to get a crossbody from Cross! Nikki thrashes Bayley around then goes to the apron. Bayley dropkicks Nikki off it! Bayley hurries out to come around and daredevil dropkick Nikki down! She puts Nikki back in and covers, ONE! Nikki gets out of the ring and Alexa checks on her “Friend”. Bayley tries the dropkick again but gets caught into the apron! Nikki clubs away on Bayley until she drops to the floor! Nikki puts Bayley in the ring and wrenches her to an inverted DDT! Cover, TWO!

Bayley crawls but Nikki is on her as SmackDown goes picture in picture. Alexa cheers on Nikki as she headbutts Bayley down. Nikki wraps Bayley up in a straitjacket chinlock, but Bayley arm-drags out, only for Nikki to knee her down! Bayley bails out and Nikki wrecks her with a dropkick! Nikki drags Bayley up and into the ring, and then covers, TWO! Bayley gets away but Nikki is right on her with another straitjacket! Nikki thrashes Bayley around, but fans rally up. Bayley fights out by stomping Nikki’s feet, but then Nikki kicks low to hit a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Alexa grows frustrated but Nikki keeps on Bayley with a half nelson chinbar.

Bayley endures again as fans rally up. Bayley fights her way up but Nikki wrangles her back down. Nikki covers, TWO! Nikki drags Bayley to the corner while SmackDown returns to single picture. She puts Bayley in the Tree of Woe to stomp away! Alexa taunts Bayley but Bayley kicks out of the Tree! Bayley catches Nikki in a hotshot! Bayley gets in and dodges Nikki to then hit a side-to-side knee! Nikki staggers but Bayley rallies with lariats, and a rolling splash! Cover, TWO! Nikki gets up but Bayley tightens that ponytail. Bayley grabs Nikki but gets an elbow! Nikki swings but into a saido suplex! Alexa gets on the apron to distract, Nikki cradle catches Bayley! TWO, and Bayley knees Nikki down again!

Bayley glares at the Goddess before spinning Nikki around. Bayley has Nikki in the drop zone and she climbs up high. She makes sure Alexa sees the Macho Elbow! Cover, Bayley wins!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall

The Goddess glares back because her puppet failed to win. Will Bayley defeat Alexa to keep the SmackDown Women’s Championship on SmackDown?


Jinder Mahal and a referee return to the hall!

But where is the trunk with Truth?! They loaded them on the truck. Truck!? Mahal hurries with referee and crowbar, and there are two trunks! The trunks have to go to Raw in LA next week. Okay then, Mahal will just meet them in LA! But wait, Truth IS still in one!! And Carmella just misses him, too! Is Truth going to stay WWE European 24/7 Champion? Will he even be alive by the time he arrives in Los Angeles?!


SmackDown presents a new episode of Firefly Fun House!

Bray finishes putting up a new sign. “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Exit Here.” That sounds familiar… But then Bray notices the audience! Kon’nichiwa, everybody! Bray’s doing some handiwork around here. But Mercy and Rambling Rabbit are fighting! Well Mercy’s tryin’ to eat him again! He ain’t food, dude. Yeah but it’s law of the jungle, dumb bunny! Oh, Mercy. Does Bray have to get The Fiend? Yeah didn’t think so. So how about letting fate decide? Bray covers his ears and… It’s Rambling Rabbit’s lucky day. He may have the floor!

Rambling Rabbit’s got a lot to say, dude. Don’t eat your friends, no matter what! He doesn’t feel safe here anymore. He needs to tell the fans what’s really going on in the Fun House, yo! Bray grabs Rambling Rabbit by the head. “Now why did you have to go and do that?” Bray throws Rambling Rabbit down, and has a mallet! No not the mallet, dude! SMASH! SMASH! And yes, SMASH! Oh is he okay? Doesn’t look it. Bray takes a taste. Yowie wowie, he’s delicious! Which reminds Bray. Today’s sponsor: Rambling Rabbit’s Bohemian Breakfast Spread. Start every morning, with a smash! Now remember, Fireflies. Bray will always light the way. You just have to let him in. Okay bye~!

Is this truly the last we’ve seen of that wascally wabbit?


Backstage interview with Apollo Crews.

His match with El Idolo never happened on last week’s SmackDown, only because Andrade Almas attacked before the bell! Apollo still suffered La Sombra, in order to send a message to Finn Balor. Apollo’s response is that he’s not here as someone’s afterthought. He won’t forget what Almas did, so the first chance he gets- “Will be the last mistake you ever make,” Zelina Vega says. She says Almas is in a bad mood, and advises Apollo not to anger him. Or else Almas will make sure Apollo never has another match in the WWE. And apparently Chad Gable is taking notes? On what? And will either Apollo or Almas make good on their word?


Six Man Tag: The New Day VS Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn!

We heard both sides say their peace earlier, but who backs up words with a win? Find out after one more commercial break!

SmackDown returns once more, and The New Day once again makes their trio entrance. The teams sort out and Woods starts against Ziggler so they can settle their own business from Super Showdown. The two circle and tie up. Ziggler wrenches the wrist but Woods turns it around. Ziggler gets to the ropes and tells Woods to get back. Woods backs off and the two circle agian. Ziggler gets the leg and then the waistlock on the mat. Woods powers his way up and pries free to another wristlock. Woods yanks the arm then jams it, but keeps on Ziggler. Ziggler punches Woods away, then brings him to the corner to tag Sami. Sami mugs Woods and goes after Woods’ arm now. Sami wrenches Woods to the mat, but Woods fights his way back up.

Woods rolls, breaks free and dropkicks Sami down! Sami goes to the New Day corner and ends up in the Unicorn Stampede! Tag to Kofi, then Big E, then Kofi again. Big E whips Kofi in for a basement dropkick to top it off! Cover, TWO! Kofi whips Sami corner to corner then runs in, but only gets buckles! Kofi tumbles right out of the ring, and Ziggler goes right at him with a BIG lariat! Woods protests but Ziggler gets away with it as he jogs away. The ref counts but Kofi stirs at about 4. Ziggler tags in so he can fetch Kofi into the ring.

Ziggler wraps Kofi up in a sleeper hold and taunts him to tag his friends. Fans rally up and Kofi fights his way up. Kofi fights out with body shots and forearms, but Ziggler shove and dropkicks Kofi out of the ring! Kevin drops a senton behind the ref’s back! Kofimania is in trouble as we go to one more break.

SmackDown returns once more, and Ziggler has Kofi back in the sleeper. The fans rally up and Kofi fights his way up, only for Ziggler to wrangle him back down. Ziggler tags Kevin in and holds Kofi down for Kevin to stomp. Kevin taunts Kofi before standing him up, to only clothesline him down! Fans rally with “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” but Kevin laughs as he picks Kofi up. Kofi fights back but Kevin clubs him and whips him. Kofi goes up and dropkicks Kevin down! Kevin and Kofi both crawl for their corners, hot tags to Sami and Woods! Woods hits Ziggler then dodges Sami to forearm Sami down! And again! Mule kick to front kick to whip. Sami reverses but Woods dodges to slide to roaring elbow!

Fans fire up with Woods as he runs and wrecks Sami and Ziggler with a dropkick! Woods puts Sami back in and then climbs up, but Kevin distracts for Ziggler to trip Woods up! Sami tags Kevin, and Kevin clubs away on Woods! Kevin dropkicks Woods in the back and Woods slumps to the mat. Kevin taunts Big E but fans boo as the ref has to keep Big E back. Ziggler and Sami return to their corner as Kevin puts Woods in. Kevin throws hands then tags Ziggler. Kevin mocks the fans chanting “USA” because now Ziggler is in. Ziggler drags Woods around to rake the eyes against the rope! He lets up at 4 and taunts Kofi with a superkick feint. Sami gets a cheap shot on Woods, but then Ziggler keeps Woods down with a sleeper hold and body scissors.

Woods reaches for ropes but Ziggler keeps him away. Fans rally again and Woods fights up. Woods fights out of the hold, but Ziggler scoops. Woods slips free to roll Ziggler, TWO! Ziggler keeps Woods anchored away from his corner! Woods claws but is still dragged away by the grapevine. Tag to Sami and Sami stomps Woods out. Sami grins as he drags Woods up for crossface forearms. He drives his knee into Woods’ back then puts on a chinlock. Woods endures again and fans rally up for him. Woods gets up and fights out, and CHOPS Sami back! And again, and again! Sami haymakers and Woods falls. Sami rains down rights then SLAPS Woods around! Fans boo but Sami does back off to tag Kevin.

Kevin stomps Woods and scoops him for a slam. He goes to the corner and hops up, moonsault hits Woods on the side! Cover, TWO!! Woods survives after not dodging in time, but Kevin keeps on Woods with clubbing forearms. Kevin whips Woods but Woods gives him a DDT! Both men are down and Sacramento fires up once more! Hot tags to Ziggler and BIG E!! Big E throws Ziggler way overhead! And again! And then baits Ziggler into the belly2belly! But Big E keeps moving with the hip swivel and BIG SPLASH! Big E still isn’t done, he gets fans fired up. Ziggler crawls to the apron but Big E runs, into Ziggler’s knee! Ziggler runs in to kick and- No, Big E dodges the Famouser to scoop Ziggler! Tag to Kofi and Kofi climbs up, but Ziggler slips out!

Smai tags in and Ziggler SUPERKICKS Big E! Kofi goes at Ziggler but gets eyes raked. Sami grabs Kofi, but Kofi escapes and lets the SUPERKICK hit Sami! Woods takes the SUPERKICK for Kofi, and then Kofi hits Trouble In Paradise on Ziggler! Another Trouble in Paradise for Smai! Cover, The New Day wins!!

Winners: The New Day, Kofi pinning

And Kofimania has momentum for Stomping Grounds! Will a steel cage be a difference maker in the rematch of Kofi VS Ziggler? Or will Kofi remain the W, W, E, World, Heavy, Weight, Champion?



My Thoughts:

Much like Raw last night, SmackDown shrugs off the disappointment of Super Showdown to head for WWE Stomping Grounds with some good stuff. Again, a lot of recycled material, but SmackDown has the good material. We open pretty strong with a “reluctant” Miz TV to keep Miz’s story with Shane alive. Honestly, it should’ve only ever been Shane and Miz but whatever. Miz obviously gets the worst of it when Shane puts him in a double header, and then adds insult to injury making him have that rematch after all. The trilogy ends not with a bang, but with a lot of Shane Heel Heat that just seems unnecessary to do at this point in time. Once again, WWE should’ve found a way to wait until Extreme Rules, because as I said on Raw, Miz getting to go off like that would be great for everyone.

Given how Fire & Desire are bullying Carmella and Ember Moon, I’m expecting a team-up of Fabulous & War Goddess to get back at them. Which again begs the question, what is going on with the Women’s Tag Team Division? Where are Asuka, Kairi and Paige to call out the IIconics and get that tag title match going already!? Clearly Nikki and Alexa are moving aside for the time being, as Alexa really is the Heel manipulating poor Nikki into doing her dirty work. Bayley VS Nikki was a good match, and would be great if that was for the title, but nope. I still believe Nikki will eventually see through Alexa’s act and they’ll have some kind of match. Pretty sure I said much of this for Raw, but this is how it goes with the Wild Card Rule not so much breaking as blurring the brand split.

Truth is a treasure and he was literally stuck in a trunk after being stuck in an elevator. Obviously now we won’t need to worry about social media posts from the WWE 24/48/7/11 European Television Champion for the week. But it would be the perfect thing if next Monday on Raw, that trunk was opened and Truth popped out with such relief, only to get covered by whoever happened to be there. As great as Truth is as champion right now, it will freshen up things if he’s finally on the hunt. I’m also still waiting for the first female 24/7 Champion to truly make this belt something special.

I was really hoping Bryan & Rowan were going to win those YOLO County tag titles so they could recycle them per their gimmick. But a Heavy Machinery squash match is always fun to watch. These four could easily have a title match at Stomping Grounds, but Washington state is Bryan Country, so I think Bryan & Rowan win there. I wonder if we’d get Planet’s Tag Team Champions VS New Day, especially if the sustainable organic belts arrive to basically recreate Wrestlemania when The New Day threw those away to bring back the current blue belts. Honestly, SmackDown needs more tag teams, maybe the extra ones on Raw come over. I guess Vince just hates tag team wrestling regardless of gender.

My Score: 8.1/10

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