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Chris King: Fantasy Booking The Undertaker & Sting Joining Forces At WrestleMania 36

WWE Reimagined got everyone talking about the potential for The Undertaker vs. Sting, but Chris King has another idea: both icons teaming up at WrestleMania?



WWE Reimagined got everyone talking about the potential for The Undertaker vs. Sting, but Chris King has another idea: both icons teaming up at WrestleMania?

Two icons from two separate companies, “The Phenom” The Undertaker and “The Icon” Sting. Two mysterious forces who traveled similar paths in two separate companies. During the 1990s, both WWE and WCW battled head-to-head competition in the Monday Night Wars. For over two decades the world of professional wrestling has begged the question will these two legends ever face each other one-on-one  inside a WWE ring? What if they joined forces at next year’s Shows of Shows? Last week WWE sent out another tease, to add to the speculation that this fantasy could soon become a reality. This was obviously debunked as a teaser for the upcoming WWE Reimagined series. In the world of professional wrestling one thing we know, that is certain is never say never!

The First Sighting Of The Vigilante In WWE

At the 2014 Survivor Series pay-per-view; Sting made his official WWE debut by allowing Team Cena to defeat Team Authority in the main event, thus putting The Authority out of business and control of the company.

Sting would enter into a lengthy program with HHH, which culminated at WrestleMania 31. All-the-while, Undertaker was also preoccupied with his own dancing partner, at Shows of Shows in the form of Bray Wyatt. Despite Sting’s loss against HHH; this was not his final appearance in the WWE. Sting would return later that year to challenge Seth Rollins for his WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions.

Credit: Dailymotion

Scary Bump Led To Retirement From The Squared Circle

Towards the middle of his first and only WWE championship contest with Rollins; Sting would whiplash his neck during back-to-back bucklebombs in the turnbuckle.

On December 9, 2015, Sting was a guest on WOOOOO Nation With Ric Flair where he answers Flair’s question about his overall health following Night of Champions.

“Yes and no. Obviously that night I had some problems. Both buckle bombs were not Seth’s fault. I have no idea what I did. My neck whiplashed on both of them. On the second one, he picked me up and i’m having a casual conversation in my own mind as I’m hoisted up on his shoulders and I’m thinking ‘ok Steve, tuck your chin and do what you know what to do.’ I wasn’t worried at all even though on the first one I had a shock going down the left and right thigh down to the finger tips. You can see me in the ring trying to get feeling back in my hand. The second time, for whatever reason, I clicked out or checked out. I don’t know what happened and I did the same thing and this time it affected my leg. There was no strength and the power in my legs was kind of going away. I felt like I didn’t have control. I had temporary paralysis and for a few minutes I thought ‘I don’t think I can continue.’”

His comments rang as a resounding no; for the upcoming WrestleMania 32 that took place in Texas, the home state of both Undertaker and Sting. The next year he was a guest on the original series on the WWE Network ‘Legends with JBL’ to promote WWE’s brand-new mobile game WWE Champions. Sting was not silent about his inability; to wrestle the one opponent that has alluded his pro wrestling career Taker. Here’s what he had to say.

Ultimately Sting would be entered into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016, during his speech he announced his retirement from the squared circle. Fast Forward to last week; when WWE lit the WWE Universe on fire with yet another ominous clip, where Undertaker is inside of a WCW ring back in the 1990s.

Coming off the heels of Super ShowDown in Jeddah Saudi Arabia; where for the first-time-ever Undertaker went one-on-one with WCW’s Goldberg. Next year would be the best time to announce a blockbuster announcement that “The Vigilante” and “The Phenom” will team-up to battle with two top heels at WrestleMania 36. Since both men are not in the best of shape; yes the one-on-one dream match has been fantasized for over two decades but, at this point in their illustrious careers sharing the ring in a tag team match will be just as “Iconic” and provide the WWE Universe a special moment!

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Steve Cook: Are The New Day the Best Wrestling Trio Ever?

Steve Cook isn’t afraid to explore the tough topic and see if New Day is wrestling’s best trio ever.



WWE The New Day

Steve Cook isn’t afraid to explore the tough topic and see if New Day is wrestling’s best trio ever.

One of my pet peeves about sports media coverage is the idea that everything happening now is the Greatest of All Time. We no longer revere history as a people. Things that happen on our viewing devices now are what matter.

Indeed, the athletes of today do some amazing things and smash through inconceivable records. But to suggest that Mike Trout is already one of the greatest baseball players of all time strikes me as a slap in the face to guys like Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio & Willie Mays. Even though I wasn’t alive to watch these gentlemen in person, I read about their feats as a youngster and listened to the old heads that told me that these were the greats of the game.

Even if Trout’s WAR is on track to surpass everybody ever and his exit velocity angle blows theirs away, he’s still got some work to do before we hail him as the GOAT. Sure, Cecil Fielder hit 51 home runs when I was seven years old, but he wasn’t on Hank Aaron’s level all-time, and anybody suggesting such would have been laughed off of television and print media. Now? It’s all good.

Wrestling fans do the same thing.

People out here talk all the time about how pro wrestling is better than it’s ever been. Matches these days get two more stars from the critics than anything from thirty years ago. Most wrestlers are doing their part, with crazier movesets and kicking out of anything remotely resembling a finish. Maybe fifteen Meteoras are more aesthetically pleasing than a good old-fashioned sleeperhold.

People will tell you that the Okada/Omega series blows Flair/Steamboat out of the water. I think they’re out of their minds, but a lot of people think this is true. They’ll tell you that The Miz has been one of the greatest heels of all time, that the Young Bucks are easily the best tag team ever, and that Corey Graves is the most hilarious & informative commentator ever. OK, nobody’s saying that last one. I don’t think so, anyway.

However, I’m starting to wonder if, in fact, something from this era we’re currently living in is the greatest of all time. They’ve won six tag team championships, including a reign that ranks as the longest in WWE history. They currently hold the WWE Championships & SmackDown Tag Team Championships. If you go to the mall (I know lol who goes to the mall right) you can find their merchandise in pop culture stores, at a higher rate than anybody else in WWE right now.

It’s been five years since they got together, and they’re still going strong. The question has to be asked…

Are The New Day the greatest trio in wrestling history?

There are four obvious contenders for this title from where I sit. You have to mention the original nWo trio. Hollywood Hogan, Scott Hall & Kevin Nash definitely set the world on fire and took WCW to a whole new level. I don’t rate them ahead of New Day because they had a hundred people join their group after a very short period of time.

There’s also the Shield. Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins both became top stars. Dean Ambrose was for a minute before he got tired of it. They won every championship in the company at one point or another. The only problem: they accomplished more apart. The first year & a half was amazing, but the reunions never quite captured the same magic. Mostly because Reigns went out of action right after each reunion. It wasn’t meant to be.

Then we have the Fabulous Freebirds. Michael “P.S.” Hayes. Terry “Bamm Bamm” Gordy. Buddy “Jack” Roberts. The men that feuded with the Von Erich family for years & built the World Class territory bigger than it had ever been. They got together in Bill Watts’ Mid-South territory in 1979 & bounced around there, Texas, Georgia & even brief stints in the AWA & WWF over the next seven years.

The New Day even inducted them into the WWE Hall of Fame!

If I was to come up with a weakness for the Freebirds, it’s the fact that their WWF stint was only for a cup of coffee. Wikipedia tells me its because the WWF brass wanted to split them up. Other wrestlers around at the time will tell you its because of the heat they engendered in the locker room. Regardless of which story is true, the fact of the matter is that the Freebirds didn’t become one of the top acts in the biggest promotion in the country. World Class was big, but it never got to the level of the WWF.

The Freebirds also appeared in WCW later on, but that was the version with Hayes & Jimmy “Jam” Garvin. They were fun in their own way, but not really part of this conversation.

Can New Day surpass the Freebirds?

They can. If they stay together and remain interesting for a few more years near the top of WWE, they should. There’s still some shelf-life there. People online complain sometimes and wish they’d split up, but the people attending the shows seem to love them.

I think there’s one thing missing for me to raise New Day to the top slot. When you think Freebirds, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The Von Erichs. Who are New Day’s greatest rivals? The Usos? OK. There’s been some great matches there. But are people going to talk about Usos vs. New Day in forty years the way people still talk about Freebirds vs. Von Erichs today? I don’t think so. There just isn’t the storytelling there, outside of the great matches on PPVs.

The Freebirds are still the best. But it’s getting closer by the day.

New Day needs a really hot feud to set them apart from the pack. They’ve got all the gold right now, so there should be plenty of people interested in being in that really hot feud.

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Tiffany’s Takes: WWE 205 Live (7/16/19)

Tiffany’s Takes asks the important question after WWE Extreme Rules: Who will step up to challenge Drew Gulak?



WWE 205 Live Chad Gable Jack Gallagher

Tiffany’s Takes asks the important question after WWE Extreme Rules: Who will step up to challenge Drew Gulak?

I still don’t like Drew Gulak as champ. He’s a great athlete, but his gimmick is too much like watching politics and he’s very generic.

I like Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick as a team, they just make an odd amount of sense. My love for the Singh Brothers is pretty much established, even though they do look like cut rate strippers and I never remember which is which. Pants Singh was in the hot seat against Tozawa this week. I love that WWE is getting back to making guys look like legit stars even in defeat, but I would like to see the Singhs win clean, BUT I do like them being sore losers and beating up Kendrik and Tozawa. I’m not here for this feud to be about a trophy that the Singhs won.

I know WWE would really like for us to all get behind Humberto Carrillo as a top babyface, but he just doesn’t work for me. I want him to, I want to like him SO much, but I just…can’t.

FINALLY, Mike Kanellis vs Drake Maverick is getting somewhere! I loved every second of that in ring segment! Problem is that the writing of Mike Kanellis has been so inconsistent. He only has his balls and his spine on 205 Live. On RAW, he’s Maria’s henpecked husband who can’t win for losing and Maria is written as every man’s nightmare pregnant wife. Still, that was FUN. 205’s Austin vs McMahon is taking shape and it’s going to be a wild ride. I can imagine that there’s going to be six kinds of hell to pay next week, but it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch.

I’m so glad Chad Gable vs Gentleman Jack Gallagher is getting a Part 2 after the unsatisfying end to their match a few months ago. Also, I hope Gable can write the time he’s spent in a tanning bed off on his taxes because it’s clear he’s been in one a LOT. This match was SO good, it should’ve been for a title, because those guys literally went until they couldn’t anymore, giving the match a very old school feel that WWE’s been missing. Gable and Gallagher got a well-deserved standing ovation from the audience, the commentators, and yours truly. I will say that Gallagher looking out at the crowd almost seemed like a goodbye, which I hope isn’t true.

I’m going to assume a discussion of what was next for the Cruiserweight Championship was scrapped in favor of Gable vs Gallagher because we’re four weeks from SummerSlam and nothing was really said or put in motion to decide who would take on Gulak in Toronto. I don’t remember who on the roster is from Canada that they could plug in that spot, hopefully we’ll get something next week and the build for SummerSlam won’t be the same hurried one they had for WrestleMania. I’m betting Kanellis vs Maverick will happen on 205 and NOT at SummerSlam, but I wouldn’t put it past WWE either.

That’s it for Tiffany’s 205 Live Takes! Tune in tomorrow for NXT!

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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