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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (7/24/19)

Trent Seven stands up to WALTER!



NXT UK Coverage

Can Trent Seven survive the strongest in NXT UK?

After what Imperium has done to British Strong Style, the Man from Moustache Mountain is furious and ready for a fight! But can he stay standing against the Austrian Anomaly, WALTER? Plus, NXT UK has its first Six Woman Tag match, featuring Women’s Champion, Toni Storm!



  • Kenny Williams VS Noam Dar; Dar wins.
  • Six Woman Tag: Toni Storm, Xia Brookside & Piper Niven VS Kay Lee Ray, Jinny & Jazzy Gabert; KLR, Jinny & Jazzy win.
  • Trent Seven VS WALTER; WALTER wins.


NXT UK Media catches Trent Seven as he arrives.

Tonight, the main event, he has his non-title grudge match with Walter. What’s his mindset? “I’m gonna knock his head off his shoulders.” Seven will not allow Imperium to disrespect the foundation of the brand. Pete’s busy, Tyler’s hurt, but Seven is here. Is Seven still going to be here after he climbs the mountain that is the WWE United Kingdom Champion?


Kenny Williams VS Noam Dar!

The Lucky Yin used to tolerate the Scottish Supernova’s obnoxious attitude and “chancer” ways. But ever since Dar returned again to cheat and trick his opponents, Williams took a stand. What goes down now that these two former friends finally face off in the ring?

The bell rings and Dar circles with Williams. They tie up and push each other around the ring. Williams gets Dar in a corner but Dar barks for the break. Williams gives it, and the two go again. They tie up and Dar rolls to wrench Williams down with a wristlock. Dar brings Williams back up to headlock, but Williams powers out. Dar manages to snapmare Williams through that, but Williams runs Dar over. Williams runs but Dar rolls to trip him up. Dar shifts from toehold to facelock, but Williams gets up to his feet. Williams wrenches out but Dar reels him back in for another facelock. Williams wrenches out again, but Dar reels Williams back in again. Third time’s the charm as Williams wrenches to a whip but Dar reverses.

Williams goes up and over Dar to roll and bait him. Dar falls for it and Williams has a leg for the takedown. Dar rolls and flips out and gets free. Fans cheer as the two lads stand off. Dar and Williams circle as fans duel and sing. Dar headlocks but Williams powers out. Things speed up and Williams hurdles, but his powerselam is faked out. Dar taunts Williams by ruffling his hair. Williams frowns as he and Dar tie up again. Dar gets the arm and wrenches to a wristlock. William rolls and cartwheels to break free and waistlock. Dar standing switches but Williams sees the table top coming. Williams returns the ruffle! Fans cheer while Dar nods and applauds. But then Dar SLAPS Williams and dares him to come back.

William throws furious forearms and whips Dar again, but Dar slides out. Williams just wrecks him with a dropkick! And even skins the cat, to keep moving, but Dar gets clear. Williams slides out to hurry after and club Dar down. Williams puts Dar back in but Dar rebounds to clobber Williams! Dar puts Williams back in and covers, TWO! Mr. 11 keeps his cool while he watches Williams flounder to a corner. Dar is on Williams with stomps and forearms, then throws Williams down to a cover. TWO, but Dar is on Williams with a chinlock. Dar gets in some nose tweaking but the referee reprimands him. Fans rally up and duel again as Williams fights up. Williams jawbreakers free! And rocks Dar with a right! And another! Dar wobbles but kicks low to whip. Williams reverses, Dar goes up and under, but gets a SUPERKICK!

Both men are down but fans fire up. A standing count begins but Williams is first up at 4. Dar is up at 6, only for Williams to rally on him with forearms. Williams whips but Dar reverses, only for Williams to hurdle and springboard back elbow! Dar bails out but Williams DIVES onto him! Williams wipes Dar out but puts him back in. Dar goes to the corner, but Williams springboards for a Kinder Surprise! Then DIVES again! Another hit into barriers, and Williams puts Dar back in. Williams climbs up and Dar staggers to his feet, for the FLYING uppercut! But Williams keeps going, headlock driver! Cover, TWO!! Dar survives but Williams fires up again. Fans fire up with him but Dar catches Williams in a victory roll! TWO, and Williams springboards but FLOPS! Dar drags Williams right up, Fisherman buster! Cover, TWO!! Dar can’t believe Williams survives!

Fans duel again as Dar gets back to his feet. Dar has pinkies out as he takes aim from a corner. Williams stands but uppercuts the Nova Rolla away! Roll up, TWO! Into a Rings of Saturn!! Williams scrambles around and reaches, but Dar just shifts to get those legs for an Ankle Lock! Williams rolls through to throw Dar off, and they collide with clotheslines! Dar headbutts but into a headlock. Dar slips out to sweep the legs! Then Dar runs, but into Williams’ BOOT! Williams runs but into double chops, headbutt and uppercut! But Williams hits a Lunati- er, Lucky Yin Lariat! Both men are down, and the ref counts as fans declare, “This is Awesome!” The count climbs to 7 but both men stand at 8!

Williams forearms away on Dar, but Dar kicks back. Williams runs but is tossed out. He skins the cat again, but Dar has him for the Kneebar!! Dar grapevines and Williams flails! Williams claws and crawls, but Dar kicks him over and over! Williams still gets the ropebreak! Dar lets go and grows frustrated with Williams. He drags Williams over but Williams kicks him away. Williams’ shoe came off! Dar is a bit surprised by that, but then Williams rolls him up! TWO, and Dar wants to throw the shoe at Williams! The referee says no, that’s technically using a weapon. So Dar gives up the shoe, but the ref doesn’t see him LOW BLOW Williams!! Dar hits NOVA ROLLA! Cover, Dar wins!!

Winner: Noam Dar, by pinfall

Dar did it again! He found something to exploit and he exploited it! But does this really settle anything between the Chancer and the Lucky Yin?


Performance Center interview with the NXT UK Tag Team Champions, the Grizzled Young Veterans.

Radzy found Zack Gibson and James Drake working out, squatting some serious weight. But they did not want to be disturbed. What questions could he possibly have that they haven’t answered in some shape or form? Moustache Mountain tried twice but twice lost! The GYV has beaten everyone and are the locker room leaders and tag team champions of NXT UK, soon to be recognized as the most prestigious champions anywhere in the WWE. So what could he possibly ask them? They don’t even let him ask, because he shouldn’t be wasting time asking questions. He needs to go find the GYV new contenders, since Johnny Saint and “Sid Scaly” haven’t. Go, get! Radzy leaves and the GYV return to their workout. But will there be a team that rises up to step to Mr. Mayhem and Liverpool’s Number One?


Six Woman Tag: Toni Storm, Xia Brookside & Piper Niven VS Kay Lee Ray, Jinny & Jazzy Gabert!

Before the NXT UK Women’s Champion defends her #ShinyShiny against the lethal lass, each woman leads a team in this historic 3v3 match! The first-ever NXT UK Six Woman Tag features some of the biggest and brightest names in the brand today, which trio goes down as the first winners of such a match?

The teams sort out, and history begins with KLR and Xia. Fans rally up as these two circle. But then Toni tags in, only for KLR to scramble away and tag Jinny. KLR continues to play games with the Lightning from Down Under, but Toni just focuses on the Fierce Fashionista. These two tie up and Toni backs Jinny down, but Jinny breaks free to ROCK Toni with a right! Jinny rains down angry rights and then brings her up. Toni breaks free to fight back, then runs to BOOT Jinny down! Fans sing for Toni as she uppercuts and whips Jinny. Jinny reverses but Toni redirects herself to dropkick Jinny down! Jinny scrambles away and tags in the Alpha Female! So Toni tags in Piper the Viper! Fans are fired up as the two stare down.

Jazzy throws a forearm but Piper gives forearms back! Piper runs, but Jazzy runs her over! Jazzy glares as she drags Piper into the corner. She clubs away then tags Jinny, and Jinny stomps away on Piper. Jinny backs off to taunt Xia but Piper comes back to scoop slam Jinny down! Tag to Xia and she becomes a human weapon, wheelbarrow splash! Cover, TWO, but Piper drops a senton! Cover again, TWO! Xia keeps on Jinny with a whip but Jinny reverses. XIa goes up and huricanranas Jinny away! Jinny scrambles to tag in KLR, and KLR blocks Xia’s dropkick. KLR drags Xia up for a gourd buster, then takes time to taunt Toni before stomping Xia. Xia crawls but KLR drags her away to stomp her down. KLR yanks Xia’s leg then covers, TWO!

KLR drags Xia away to put her in the corner, and tag to Jazzy. Jazzy throws big body shots and then throws Xia with a scoop slam! Jazzy drags Xia up for another scoop slam, then tosses Xia into a corner! The Alpha Female gives Xia point blank lariats, then brings her over to tag KLR back in. KLR throws a stiff body shot, then kicks Xia against ropes. KLR chokes Xia on the ropes but lets up at the ref’s count of 4. She puts Xia back in the corner to club and snapmare and kick! Cover, TWO, and KLR grows frustrated. KLR stomps Xia back down then puts her back in the corner. KLR taunts Toni but Xia fights out! Xia boots KLR away then leaps for a flying tornado DDT! Tags to Toni and Jinny! Toni German Suplexes Jinny once, then twice, but Jinny elbows out! Jinny swings, but into the third German! Toni runs to sliding lariat! Cover, TWO!

Jinny bails out and KLR gets in, but Piper intercepts her with a headbutt! Piper tosses KLR out, then she and Toni both dump Jazzy. Toni runs to DIVE onto them all! KLR got clear, but PIper sees her, and CANNONBALLS off the apron! Piper and TOni gather the others, and Xia FLIES onto them all! Fans are fired up because “This is Awesome!” from the NXT UK Women’s Division! As everyone gets back up, Toni puts Jinny back in, for a Shining Wizard! Cover, TWO! Toni drags Jinny up but Jazzy hurries in. Jazzy saves Jinny from Toni, but Piper CROSSBODIES Jazzy! KLR SUPERKICKS Piper! Toni runs her off, and HEADBUTTS Jinny down! Xia tags in while Jazzy drags Toni out. Xia hops up, kicks Jinny away, but Jazzy yanks her down! Jinny hits the draping facebuster! Cover, Jazzy blocks Toni, Jinny and team win!

Winners: Jinny, Jazzy Gabert & Kay Lee Ray, Jinny pinning

The Alpha Female again helps the Spoiled Princess pull out a victory! They and KLR roll on toward Cardiff, but is this just the beginning of the hell KLR promised to make out of Toni’s life?


Trent Seven VS WALTER!

British Strong Style were founding pillars of the NXT UK brand, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the members of Imperium. They want to make this their brand, and to “keep the mat sacred.” But will the Imperium’s Ring General pay for showing both disrespect to NXT UK and disregard for Tyler Bate’s health?

Seven doesn’t even wait for the bell, he DIVES on Walter the moment he’s ringside! Seven rains down furious hands and haymakers! He CHOPS Walter against the apron while fans sing for “Trent Seven Army~!” Seven throws Walter into barriers then drags him into the ring for this match to truly start!

Walter swings on Seven but Seven ducks to CHOP away! Walter forearms Seven back then shoves him, only for Seven to dump Walter out! Seven runs to DIVE again! But it proves to be double-edged as he clutches his own knee. Seven powers through the pain to club and CHOP Walter more! Walter staggers away but Seven follows. Walter rams Seven into the apron, even as the ring count passes 5! Fans sing but Walter lifts Seven for a bomb! Seven fights back and back drops Walter! Then Seven and Walter scramble up to break the count at 9.5! Seven kicks at Walter from the apron, then drags him in to club away. Fans cheer as Seven rains down hands from all sides! Walter crawls but Seven hops on to wristlock! Seven reels Walter out, but Walter ducks to get a sleeper!

Seven grabs the ropes but Walter slaps his arms away, for a German Suplex! Walter returns those clubbing forearms, but the fans echo Seven’s sentiments from a week ago, “This is OUR Mat! This is OUR Mat!” Seven kicks at Walter more but Walter stomps him. Walter drags Seven up to club again the ropes and EuroUpper him to a corner. Seven still fights back but Walter grinds his foot into Seven’s chest. The ref backs Walter up and the fans sing again. Seven CHOPS Walter again and again, but Walter comes back to scoop slam Seven fast! Walter eggs Seven on, wanting to see more of that fight. Seven gets up with a grimace on his face. Seven CHOPS again, and again, but Walter BOOTS him down.

Fans chant for the “Big Strong Boy!” and it gives Seven the power to move. But Walter grabs Seven through the ropes to club away! Seven falls but fans sing, “Walter is a wanker!” Seven kicks Walter’s leg but Walter grabs Seven’s other leg for a Half Crab! Walter sits down on Seven, and shifts to an STF! Fans rally for Seven and Seven claws his way forward. Walter pulls hair and ears, whatever he can, but Seven still crawls forward. Seven gets the ropebreak! Walter lets go without being asked, but he is frustrated with Seven. Walter kicks Seven while he’s down but Seven gets up with another grimace. Seven CHOPS Walter from legs to chest! Walter shoves Seven back again, to BOOT him in the corner! Seven sits down and Walter eggs him on again.

Fans rally up again and Seven still finds the will to stand. Seven dodges Walter to CHOP him on the back, and hit a Dragon Suplex! Seven roars back to life, and CHOPS Walter hard as he ever has! He reels Walter in, but the lariat doesn’t make him fall. The second one still doesn’t, but the third one shows some promise. But Walter breaks free to uppercut back! Walter runs in, but gets a fourth lariat, and Walter falls!! Walter crawls to a corner and Seven goes to the opposite. Fans chant for “British Strong Style!” as Seven runs corner to corner to CHOP! Seven unloads rapid chops! The ref backs him off, and Walter kicks back. Walter swings, but Seven dodges that chop to give back more of his chops! Again, the ref backs Seven off, Walter CHOPS Seven off his feet! Cover, TWO!! Seven survives and Walter is furious!

The fans have not stopped singing for Seven as he sits up again. Walter kicks Seven and dares him to fight. Seven chops the legs again, but Walter kicks him. Seven throws more hands, but Walter knees him down. Walter still wants to see what Seven has left to give, and Seven does sit up again. Walter kicks but Seven blocks it! Seven stands to club the knee and CHOP Walter again! And again! And again! Seven reels Walter in but Walter boots the lariat away, and SLAPS Seven down! Walter drags Seven around, despite Seven being dead weight. Walter stands Seven up, but Seven back hands Walter out of the ring! Fans rally up again as Seven rises! Seven storms his way to the corner and climbs up top!?

Fans stand up, anticipating what’s coming. Seven reaches the top but Walter is there to club him down! Walter climbs up now, but Seven CHOPS him down! Seven clubs and chops more, but Walter fights back. They brawl as Seven climbs up to join Walter! Walter fights Seven back and adjusts, but Seven holds on for dear life! Walter clubs Seven over and over but Seven SLAPS Walter back! Seven stands Walter up, and hits the SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Seven was so close to finishing Walter! The fans know “This is Awesome!” but it’s not over yet. Seven crawls after Walter to the outside. Seven roars and drags Walter up in the torture rack! But Walter’s too much, he slips out and CHOPS, then BOOTS Seven down! Walter has Seven in position, APRON BOMB! Just like he did to Tyler Bate!

Fans call Walter an “A**hole!” for that one, but Walter ignores them to put Seven back in. Walter drags Seven up again, another lift, and a proper WALTER BOMB! But Walter doesn’t cover? Walter wants to punish Seven, with a SECOND Walter Bomb! But not even that is enough, because here comes the rest of Imperium. Alexander Wolfe, Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner, or as fans call them, “Walter’s b*tches!”, keep guard of the ramp. Walter drags Seven up again, for a THIRD Walter Bomb! And yet, Walter isn’t done with Seven?! The Ring General shows his sadistic side and fans want Peter Dunne to return. But no such luck, as Walter gives Seven a FOURTH Walter Bomb! And then a FIFTH! The ref calls it, this is over!

Winner: WALTER, by referee stoppage

Imperium may have very well broken British Strong Style once and for all. Walter holds up the WWE United Kingdom Championship over the vanquished Trent Seven. Is Imperium going to reign over all of NXT UK now and forever?



My Thoughts:

A great episode for NXT UK right here, and far less filler than these Download Festival episodes have had lately. Williams VS Dar was a great match, which makes sense with their familiarity with each other from even before NXT UK. Naturally Dar wins with some cheating, but this should help keep the feud going all the way to at least the “post” TakeOver: Cardiff episode. If anything, this could even be a TakeOver match to kick the night off with a grudge match, much like many American NXT TakeOvers have done. We got a good promo out of the Grizzled Young Veterans, and it really does bring into question who is facing them for the titles in Cardiff when Gallus and Imperium are Heels, just like them, and Moustache Mountain is out of service.

The Six Woman Tag was a great match for being as fast as it was. It was good story for KLR to avoid Toni, not wanting to give anything away before Cardiff. This also allowed for some good story between Jinny, Jazzy, Xia, and Piper. It definitely feels like what I expected, a 2v2 tag of Jinny and Jazzy VS Xia and Piper to settle the story between Xia and her bullies. KLR promised to make Toni’s life until TakeOver a “living hell,” but she’ll have to do a lot more than play cat ‘n’ mouse to do that. And finally, the main event, Seven sure came out swinging. But in the end, Walter will not be beaten so easily, and he gets some major Heel points for showing no mercy. There has to be something building here, with no contender yet named and no return from Pete Dunne or Tyler Bate.

My Score: 8.3/10

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