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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (7/3/19)

It’s a rematch from Blackpool!



NXT UK Coverage


Yes, soon we will see the NXT UK Tag Team Championships defended in an epic rematch from TakeOver: Blackpool! Will the Grizzled Young Veterans stay the first and only tag team champions? Or will the #BigStrongBoys of Moustache Mountain take those titles for their own?



  • Piper Niven VS Rhea Ripley; Niven wins.
  • Alexander Wolfe VS Jack Starz; Wolfe wins.
  • 2v1 Handicap Match: Jazzy Gabert w/ Jinny VS Dani Luna & Mercedes Blaze; Gabert wins.
  • NXT UK Tag Team Championships: Grizzled Young Veterans VS Moustache Mountain; Moustache Mountain wins by disqualification, Grizzled Young Veterans retain the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.


NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool, revisited.

James Drake and Zack Gibson met Tyler Bate and Trent Seven in the finals of the tag team tournament, and won to become the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions. Moustache Mountain has wanted a rematch ever since. And finally, months later, Johnny Saint honors their request. The Grizzled Young Veterans vow to be the most prestigious champions in all the WWE, but they’ll have to prove it at the Download Festival! Will Gibson and Drake keep hold of the belts? Or will the #BigStrongBoys become the big strong champs?


Rhea Ripley storms her way to the ring!

She grabs a mic and tells Piper that they’ve been going back and forth for weeks now, and Rhea is sick of it! Rhea will not let Piper think she’s the most dominant. So instead of waiting for later, let’s do this right now!

Piper Niven VS Rhea Ripley!

Well as Rhea wants it, NXT UK opens with another match that’s been a long time coming! The Mosh Pit Kid was the inaugural NXT UK Women’s Champion, and insists she is the dominant force in the Division even after losing. However, the Scottish Viper begs to differ. They’ve both been waiting to back their words with actions, and now is the time! Who becomes THE dominant woman of NXT UK here tonight?

Piper rushes the ring now and gets right in Rhea’s face. The two jaw and the ref hurries in to keep them back. The bell rings and it begins!

Rhea punches but Piper counters! Piper fires off forearms but Rhea kicks low. Rhea clubs away but Piper fights back with body shots. Rhea powers Piper to a corner, pulling hair. The ref counts but Rhea stomps until 4! Piper comes out with a crossbody! Piper drags Rhea up to whip then clothesline Rhea out! Rhea bumps barriers on her way down, but the ref checks. Rhea is fine to continue, and Piper waits. The ring count begins and climbs to 5 but Piper goes out to fetch Rhea. Piper drags Rhea up by her hair, but Rhea hotshots then drags out Piper. Rhea rams Piper into the apron edge! Piper is down while Rhea shakes the cobwebs out. Rhea stomps Piper then clubs her down. The count returns to 5 so Rhea refreshes it.

Rhea stomps Piper then clubs her against barriers. Piper hits back as the count is again at 5. Piper brings Rhea up but Rhea slips out to shove her into a post! The count reaches 7 but Rhea puts Piper in. Rhea covers, ONE! Rhea is furious so she stomps Piper. Rhea clubs and kicks Piper then drags her up to throw her. Piper ends up in a corner but Rhea stomps a mudhole. Fans duel and rally but Rhea lets up at 4. Rhea drags Piper up and throws big forearms. Piper fights from her knees and waistlocks to a roll-up! TWO, and Rhea clotheslines Piper back down! Fans still duel as Rhea puts Piper in body scissors. Rhea squeezes tight and then clubs away on Piper’s back. Piper refuses to quit and the fans refuse to stop dueling.

Piper works her way back up and elbows Rhea back. She gets free and Rhea staggers away, but comes back with a dropkick! Piper hits the mat then gets to a corner. Rhea gloats but Piper runs out to shotgun dropkick her down! Piper fires up and goes to the corner. Piper climbs as fans rally. Rhea trips Piper up! Piper hits buckles on the way down! Rhea covers, TWO! Piper still lives and Rhea grows frustrated. Rhea shoves Piper around then stomps her down. Rhea grabs the legs, laces them together, and lifts for the inverted cloverleaf! Piper props herself up but she still endures some of the leglock. She crawls to a ropebreak! Rhea lets go but the damage is done. Rhea grimaces as she kicks Piper. She slaps Piper all around then drags Piper up.

“You think you’re good?! Huh!?” Rhea is not impressed, and she SLAPS Piper against the ropes! She goes to whip but Piper holds on! Piper reverses the whip for a saido suplex! Both women are down but the fans fire up for “NXT! NXT!” Piper and Rhea stir and head for each other. They each grab the other but Piper reels Rhea in for a clothesline! Rhea stays up to return the favor! Piper stays up and clotheslines again, but so does Rhea. Back and forth they go, until Piper ducks to reel Rhea back out. But Rhea kick slow and pump handles, but Piper slips out to headbutt! Rhea falls down and into a corner, Piper runs in but misses. Piper dodges Rhea and Rhea gets post! Piper CANNONBALLS to Rhea’s back! But she’s not done there, she scoops Rhea for a Michinoku Driver! Cover, Piper wins!

Winner: Piper Niven, by pinfall

The dominant woman is the Viper, Piper Niven! It took a lot more than either expected, but will this end the feud between these fierce forces?


NXT UK Media catches up with Kenny Williams.

What was going through the Lucky Yan’s mind when he swerved his “friend,” Noam Dar? To be honest, Kenny went down thinking he’d do one thing, but ended up doing another. But then Dar attacks from behind! Kenny hits some hard dirt as Dar looms over him. Dar shoves Kenny into the dirt as he says, “I always knew you were a dafty, Kenny Boy!” But now he’s where he belongs! Kenny is unlucky for crossing the Scottish Supernova, but will Dar make Kenny regret it in the ring?


NXT UK, Unbesiegbar will return!

Ilja Dragunov was on a roll since his debut, will he keep it going when he returns to action next week?


Alexander Wolfe VS Jack Starz!

The Ax Man lost his SAnitY but regained power by joining Imperium! Now he makes his NXT UK in-ring debut! Will he prove a valuable fourth man? Or will Starz finally be shining bright?

The bell rings and Wolfe stares down with Starz. They tie up and Starz goes for an arm. Wolfe hooks Starz’s face as Starz wants the arm. Wolfe wrenches to a wristlock but Starz works his way back up. Starz rolls but Wolfe wrangles him down. Wolfe grinds the arm down and pulls way back! Wolfe pulls hair but the ref reprimands him. Fans rally and Starz fights his way up. Starz uses the ropes to flip and roll and handspring to then go for a Northern Lights! But Wolfe blocks to a German Suplex! Starz writhes while Wolfe stomps him down! Wolfe drags Starz up for European Uppercuts and then hooks him for a chinbar. He rakes Starz’s face then drives an elbow in.

Starz is reeling but Wolfe steps on his foot. Wolfe drags Starz up and whips him hard into buckles. Then corner to corner! Wolfe runs in but Starz hits back! Starz runs but into a BOOT! Wolfe drags Starz up to a corner and stomps away. Wolfe scoops and slams Starz hard! Starz grits his teeth in pain but Wolfe drags him up. “This guy?” Wolfe vows to end it, but Starz throws body shots! Wolfe fireman’s carries but Starz wiggles free. Starz dodges in the corner and throws uppercuts of his own! Starz runs and blasts Wolfe! Wolfe is still up and he puts Starz on the apron. Starz hits back then climbs up, then leaps over. Starz comes back, but gets caught into a fireman’s carry, Death Valley Driver! Wolfe drags Starz up again, strikes a pose, then sit-out powerbombs! Cover, Wolfe wins!

Winner: Alexander Wolfe, by pinfall

Imperium’s four pillars are all standing strong now! Will Wolfe be the ace Imperium needs to truly take over NXT UK?


NXT UK Media catches up with Gallus.

Wolfgang tells them to get in the dressing room already. Mark Coffey makes sure the camera is listening. “Since the inception of NXT UK, we’ve had one home game.” And this is as much of an away game as Gallus can get. The Hunt are going on about hunting them, and that’s second to the conditions they’re in. Joe Coffey says they can’t even wear good clothing. They’re tromping around in wellies! But Gallus will send The Hunt into the Loch with the goffs, the scum and the great unwashed. Dave Mastiff will be put back in the mud. Gallus doesn’t fear Mastiff or The Hunt, because is still their kingdom. Now go on, cameraman, off with ya!


NXT UK will have #ToniTime again!

The Lightning from Down Under returns next week to keep herself fresh. Who will she face? And will she stay strong while she waits for her #1 Contender, Kay Lee Ray, to name a time and a place?


2v1 Handicap Match: Jazzy Gabert w/ Jinny VS Dani Luna & Mercedes Blaze!

The Alpha Female does a lot of the Spoiled Princess’ bidding lately, but they both want to teach every other woman not to get in their way. Will she make the debuting Luna and Blaze examples for everyone else to follow?

Luna starts with the bell, and is very wary of Jazzy. They tie up and Jazzy scoops Luna and slams her hard! Jazzy stomps Luna and drags her up for a big clothesline! She throws Luna to the corner and dares Blaze to tag. Blaze does and Jazzy grabs her right away for a toss! Blaze scrambles away but Jazzy clotheslines her into the corner! Then throws point blank lariats! Jazzy throws hands but Luna runs in to save Blaze. That only angers the Alpha Female. Luna keeps throwing forearms but Jazzy shoves her away. Luna leaps but bounces off! Jazzy drags Luna up and throws her right out! Jazzy glares but Jinny gets her focused back on Blaze. The Alpha Female gives Blaze a DOMINATOR! Cover, Jazzy wins!

Winner: Jazzy Gabert, by pinfall

Jinny smiles as her powerful cohort dispatches of two women at once. Will this combination of beauty, brains and brawn take over NXT UK?


NXT UK hears from Kassius Ohno.

“If you ask me, NXT UK is in a state of emergency.” The Wrestling Genius says that in order to protect the legacy NXT UK and the integrity of British wrestling, you need him. Kassius Ohno has been mostly unstoppable in NXT UK. The “Founding Five” have resumes that speak for themselves, from British Strong Style to Wolfgang, but it’s Mark Andrew who stands out by not standing out. Does anyone think Andrews is an authentic British wrestler? No, he’s a follower. Andrews is the kind who throws a superkick because of HBK, without realizing it was invented by British wrestler, “Gentleman” Chris Adams.

Andrews is the disappointment of NXT UK. He hasn’t realized his potential and has completely forgotten British wrestling. There is no one as passionate about the style as Ohno. Ohno is THE best at British wrestling, but will he be better than the rest in general?


NXT UK Tag Team Championships: Grizzled Young Veterans VS Moustache Mountain!

It is time to see if Liverpool’s Number One and Mr. Mayhem can repeat history! Will they still be the first and only NXT UK Tag Team Champions? Or will Trent Seven and Tyler Bate be the ones leaving the Download Festival with the titles?

Introductions are made, the belts are raised, and fans cheer as Bate starts with Gibson!

Gibson and Bate tie up and go around. Gibson waistlocks and spins Bate for a takedown. He goes after the arm and wrist as fans sing for Bate. Bate works his way to a kip-up and then spins to roll to pedal and kip-up again. Bate wrings Gibson out then dropkicks him down! Drake distracts and dodges Bate’s dropkick, letting Bate hit the mat. Gibson staggers over to tag and Drake headlocks. Bate powers out and things speed up as Bate hip tosses Drake down! And an arm-drag! Fans taunt Drake because “He’s got his own~ ass, on his face!” Bate drags Drake up to wrench the arm and brings him over to tag in Seven. Seven wrenches “Ass Face” to a fireman’s carry and throws him down. Bate climbs and uses Seven for the knee-board senton! Seven covers, ONE!

Seven keeps on Drake but Drake wraps a headlock on. They go to ropes and Seven powers out, only for Drake to run him over. Fans rally for Moustache Mountain as things speed up. Drake whips but Seven crossbodies! Cover, ONE, and Gibson shields Drake in a corner. Gibson gets Drake to their corner and tags in. Seven and Gibson circle and tie up. Gibson wrenches but Seven breaks free to CHOP! And CHOP! Seven fires up, fakes Gibson out, but Gibson sees the DDT coming. Gibson whips but Seven reverses to run in and CHOP! Seven suplexes Gibson down and covers, TWO! Seven keeps on Gibson as fans rally behind him. But Gibson kicks low and headlocks. Drake tags in and Gibson whips Seven. Seven jumps over but gets Mayhem in Motion!

Drake stomps Seven out and grinds his foot in. Fans still taunt with their song, but Drake ignores them as he throws Seven out. Drake tags to Gibson and Gibson goes after Seven. Drake slingshots to knee drop on the backbreaker! Bate coaches Seven up but the GYV tell him to go back to his corner. Gibson drags Seven up for a CHOP and a European Uppercut. He puts Seven in at 4 to cover, TWO! Gibson keeps on Seven with a grounded armlock and grinding forearms in the face. Fans rally up for “Big Strong Boys! Big Strong Boys!” Seven endures the cobra clutch and fights his way up. Drake tags in and Gibson reels Seven out for Drake’s forearm! Cover, TWO! The singing returns to taunt Drake as Drake goes at Seven.

Drake snapmares and drives his knee in before wrapping on a chinlock. Fans sing for “Trent Seven Army~” now as Seven endures. Seven reaches out but can’t get to ropes. Seven powers his way up but Drake throws him hard into buckles. Drake throws haymakers on Seven in the corner, but backs off to whip him corner to corner. Seven reverses to send Drake face first into buckles! Both men are down but crawling, hot tag to Gibson! Gibson stops Seven but Seven breaks free to back hand! Hot tag to Bate! Bate rallies on Gibson with furious EuroUppers! Fans fire up as Bate whips, but Gibson reverses. Gibson blocks a boot but gets a knee! Bate leaps for a flying EoroUpper! Bate dropkicks Drake and then catches Gibson! Gibson tries to fight out but Bate still throws him with an exploder! Bate kips right up to the Standing Shooting Star!

Bate drags Gibson up but Drake runs in. Drake pulls Bate off but Bate gets clear. Gibson stops short of booting Drake, and Bate huricanranas both Grizzled Young Veterans! Gibson and Drake bail out but Bate builds speed to FLY! Bate wipes them both out! Bate puts Gibson in as fans rally for “NXT! NXT!” Drake hurries after Bate but Gibson gets Bate with a sleeper! But Seven gets Gibson, back suplex bomb! The ref doesn’t see it right away! High stack cover, TWO!! Fans rally as Bate tags Seven. Seven drags Gibson up in the full nelson and Bate runs. Bate rebounds but Gibson breaks free! Gibson catches Bate, Drake adds an enziguri! SUPERKICK to Neckbreaker! But Seven throws Drake out, only to turn into Ticket to Ride!

Drake tags in and Gibson picks Seven up in the Queen Angelito. Drake runs, leap frog leg drop! Cover, TWO!? Seven survives and the Grizzled Young Veterans are furious! Drake stays between Seven and Bate as he dares Seven to get up. Drake hits Seven with a hard left hand, but Seven eggs him on! He ducks Drake’s punch for the Seven Star Lariat! Both men crawl, hot tag to Bate! Bate rallies with boxing punches on Drake! Gibson manages to tag in and pulls Bate off. Gibson powers Bate to a corner, Grit Your Teeth dropkick from Drake! Drake climbs while Gibson holds Bate. But Seven sends Drake down! Cradle counter, TWO!!

Gibson flounders into another knee. Bate hops up but Gibson throat chops! Gibson climbs up but Seven tags in. Bate holds Gibson while Seven powerslams Drake! Seven helps Bate, BANG to the torture rack! Bate walks on top of Gibson to drop a diving headbutt on Drake! Seven throws Gibson onto Drake with the Burning Hammer! Cover on Gibson, TWO!?! Gibson survives and Moustache Mountain is in shock! But the fans are thunderous as Moustache Mountain tries again. Seven lifts Gibson again, but Imperium rushes the ring?! They attack Moustache Mountain!!

Winners: Moustache Mountain, by disqualification; Grizzled Young Veterans still NXT UK Tag Team Champions

Walter, Aichner, Barthel and Wolfe brutalize Seven and Bate! Wolfe and Barthel beat Seven down while Walter whips Bate into steel steps! Then Aichner rams his knee in! The stomping and punching continues but fans chant for the Bruiserweight. Walter puts Bate in a sleeper to make him watch Seven take Wolfe’s BOOT! Fans call Imperium “Walter’s b*tches!” but Wolfe has a pair of handcuffs! Wolfe cuffs Seven with help from Barthel, and then cuff his hands around the second rope! Imperium talks trash to Seven in their respective languages while Walter whips Bate into barriers. Walter then lifts Bate, for an APRON BOMB!

Referees try but can’t get through the Imperium blockade as Walter APRON BOMBS Bate again! They make Seven watch again as Walter gives Bate a bomb to the post! Fans boo while Seven is helpless to help Bate. Wolfe taunts Seven with the key before throwing it to the far side. Imperium stands tall in the ring while Seven shouts for Bate. Is this how it is going to be under their rule? Or can British Strong Style rise up and rebel?



My Thoughts:

A great episode of NXT UK! It was great of Rhea to demand her match at the start rather than the middle of the show. Rhea and Piper had a great match, and naturally Piper wins as the Face and the newer superstar. There’s still time before TakeOver: Cardiff, but whenever Toni VS Kay Lee Ray happens, if KLR wins, I’d imagine Piper steps up next. If not, Jazzy Gabert is making quick progress after winning a handicap match as her first real match in NXT UK. Jazzy VS Toni would make for a good match, too, and fluidity of the title scene is good for intrigue. It was good to see progress for Dar and Kenny with that backstage attack, and I’m sure Gallus had a better promo than it sounded. The conditions weren’t great for recording, especially with Gallus’ accents. The Six Man Tag is next week and will surely be awesome.

Ohno using his promo to call out Andrews is interesting. That sounds like a great match. Wolfe had a good match with Starz, Starz is a good jobber. And obviously he wasn’t done for the night. Grizzled Young Veterans VS Moustache Mountain was an incredible match, worthy of another UK TakeOver, so it really gets some good Heel heat for Imperium to just blow it all apart. The beating was insane, which also makes for good Heel heat and points. I’m sure Johnny Saint and Sid Scala will make executive decisions to remedy this situation. AKA, a Triple Threat tag for the titles, perhaps at TakeOver: Cardiff. I hope in the meantime, Imperium’s Aichner & Barthel against Moustache Mountain and then one time with GYV.

My Score: 8.3/10

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