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WWE NXT Velveteen Dream Roderick Strong Pete Dunne
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NXT Minus 6: Storytelling Magic

There is magic in the air at Full Sail. Bradley Jay shares it in this NXT Minus 6!

There is magic in the air at Full Sail. Bradley Jay shares it in this NXT Minus 6!

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6. Poor Kacy Catanzaro. Not only does she get dropkicked into next week by Io Shirai, but apparently she’s forced to use the same hair stylist as Rhonda Rousey.  Kacy, please, weave it alone.   

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5. As Granny used to say, you could have knocked me over with a feather when Pete Dunne’s music hit. THAT is why I don’t read spoilers. Welcome back Bruiserweight. He came back to screw with Roderick Strong‘s North American title shot against Velveteen Dream, the same Roderick Strong who screwed Dunne out of the NXT tag team titles. Storytelling magic. Life is so very good.

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4. I’ve seen people questioning the stipulations for the upcoming Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole match. I love it. Adam Cole wants to beat Johnny Wrestling in a wrestling match. Not only does Cole want to beat him, he also wants to steal his nickname. That is storytelling magic. I hope they don’t announce the third stipulation until it’s necessary because I want William Regal in ring at Takeover Toronto. 

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3. The first semi-final match for the Dusty Rhodes Everyman Classic was good, not great. It felt like something was missing, like they cut it short 5 minutes on the fly. Jordan Myles is impressive, but he’s no Angel Garza. He was my pick to win it all. Now I’m rolling with Cameron Grimes. C’mon Grimey!

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2. We need to be talking about Killian Dain versus Matt Riddle. I didn’t mention it last week, but Dain putting Riddle through the stage was unexpected, brutal and crazy fun to watch. I’m going to enjoy watching these two kick the absolute crap out of each other. Pretty boy tough versus war torn street tough. Storytelling magic.     

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1. Keith Lee delivers a 2 Ridiculous match and still loses. Shitballs. Nobody that big should hit a spinning heel kick. Then, Damian Priest leaps over the top rope out of the ring and Lee catches him in a powerbomb position. That should not be possible. The damn shame of it all is Lee didn’t even get to hit the powerbomb. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m afraid Lee is Kassius Ohno 2.0. He is arguably the best big man in the world. He deserves better. 


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