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King: Recap & Reaction For WWE 205 Live 08/06/19

Who would challenge the sadistic and ruthless Drew Gulak for his WWE Cruiserweight Championship at SummerSlam? 



WWE 205 Live Oney Lorcan

Chris King gives a recap of the captivating high-flying cruiserweights each week. This week, the biggest question was who would challenge the sadistic and ruthless Drew Gulak for his WWE Cruiserweight Championship at SummerSlam? 

A relieved GM Drake Maverick opened the show, announcing that his issues with Mike Kanellis were handled last week in a brutal Unsanctioned match. His first order of business is to ensure Drew Gulak a challenger for the cruiserweight championship. Tonight there will be a First-ever Six-Pack Challenge pitting Tony Nese, Oney Lorcan, Akira Tozawa, Jack Gallagher, Kalisto, and Ariya Daivari.

Ahead of this spectacular six-pack challenge, all six competitors delivered a backstage promo, claiming they would be the new number-one contender.

Chris’s Highlights:

Lince Dorado VS. Humberto Carrillo

Lince Dorado faced the young up-and-coming Lucha Libre superstar Humberto Carrillo, stemming from Lince’s harsh words from last week claiming Carillo only talks about his Lucha while the Lucha House Party wears it. This was an incredibly fun sprint of a match, with both competitors going counter to counter and pulling out everything in their arsenals. The match ended in a no-contest when Carillo made to the apron, and a visibly frustrated Lince tripped him up to prevent the victory.

Oney Lorcan VS. Akira Tozawa VS. Ariya Daivari VS. Jack Gallagher VS. Kalisto VS. Tony Nese (Drew Gulak’s SummerSlam Opponent)

The match began with all six competitors having a stand-off, The Persian Lion rolled outside and Tozawa hits a suicide dive. Back in the ring and all six competitors land some wicked chops, Tozawa executes a fakeout punch and kicked Daivari to the outside, that’s when the chaos erupted. In the middle of the match, while Nese and Lorcan got into a battle of knife-edge chops and uppercuts, The Fury of 205 Live wiped out the competitors on the outside! Next came Nese, followed by Gallagher with an umbrella in tow off the top-rope. Lastly, Kalisto landed a Springboard senton, but was caught by all five competitors and launched right over the announce table!

A chain of submissions gets locked in when Gallagher executed the Gentleman’s Death-lock, followed by Tozawa tilt-o-whirls into the Iron Octopus and finally Nese locks in the Last Chancery.

Of course, The Persian Lion wasn’t having any of that and broke it up to keep “his” opportunity within grasps. Towards the end of the match, The Premier Athlete hits a sunset driver on Lorcan but Tozawa breaks up the pin… caught into a vicious powerbomb right through Lorcan! The finish came when Kalisto hit his jaw-dropping SALIDA DEL SOL on Daivari, Tozawa with a Devastating Senton Splash, Nese German suplexes him into the turnbuckle. Nese off the ropes hits The Running Nese, Lorcan hits the Half-and-half!!!

Here comes the Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak, staring a hole into his latest challenger while hoisting up his coveted title to close out the show!

Chris’s Reaction: 

I hate to even write this, but in my opinion this week 205 Live blew Raw and SmackDown Live pertaining to the wrestling aspect. It will be intriguing to see where this new level of intensity propels Lince outside of his Lucha House Party members. During a backstage segment, Daivari attempted to coerce him to leave “the dead weight”, at first Lince immediately shot it down but after he brought up Kalisto into the six-pack challenge the vibe changed.

Over the last month, Lorcan has had some of the hardest-hitting encounters with his adversary Daivari, culminating with a highly-intense anything goes match. If The Fury of 205 Live brings the fight to the vindictive and ruthless Gulak, the champ will be reeling. Here’s to hoping this match at SummerSlam isn’t a one-off, these brawlers could have an explosive feud!

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