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Mitchell’s NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff Results & Report! (8/31/19)

The time has come to take over!



NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff

Cardiff is NXT!

And all the gold is on the line! From the WWE United Kingdom Championship, NXT UK Women’s Championship and NXT UK Tag Team Championships, who wins in Wales?



  • Noam Dar VS Travis Banks; Dar wins.
  • Open Challenge: Cesaro VS Ilja Dragunov; Cesaro wins.
  • NXT UK Tag Team Championship Triple Threat: The Grizzled Young Veterans VS Gallus VS Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster; Andrews & Webster win and become new NXT UK Tag Team Champions.
  • Last Man Standing: Dave Mastiff VS Joe Coffey; Coffey wins.
  • NXT UK Women’s Championship: Toni Storm VS Kay Lee Ray; KLR wins and becomes the new NXT UK Women’s Champion.
  • WWE United Kingdom Championship: WALTER VS Tyler Bate; WALTER wins and retains the WWE United Kingdom Championship.


It’s the TakeOver Kickoff Show!

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness and Aiden English will lead us into all the action with recaps and predictions!


Backstage interview with Cesaro!

The Swiss Cyborg promised to be in Cardiff, and now he’s here! What did he mean by his “hands on” approach? What does Radzy mean what does he mean? Cesaro is making an OPEN CHALLENGE to the NXT UK Roster! Who will step to the European Uppercut machine!?


War will be waged in Wales!

Imperium is absolute power, and vow to bring us all to a better NXT UK. The mat is sacred, and they are not here to play around. But as two behemoths battle until one can’t stand. As three teams fight for tag team glory. As a grudge is brought to the surface and finally settled. Only one man will atop the mountain of NXT UK! What happens when NXT UK takes over?


Noam Dar VS Travis Banks!

The Scottish Supernova claimed he was “guaranteed” a match on the card, but that was not so. However, the Kiwi Buzzsaw wants to finally be part of such an event, so he was more than happy to give Dar this fight. Will Dar shine like the star he thinks he is? Or will he be cut down by Banks?

The bell rings and fans are rallying for Banks. Banks and Dar circle and tie up. They go around and Dar powers Banks to a corner. The ref counts and Dar lets off with pinkies out. Banks wants after Dar but Dar backs off more. The two tie up again and fans rally. Banks powers Dar to a corner now and the ref counts. Banks smirks as he lets up, but Dar shoves. Dar uses the ropes for defense and then grins at Banks. Dar and Banks circle again and tie up. Dar gets the arm as fans start dueling. Banks rolls and handsprings to work on Dar’s wrist. Dar resists and they end up on the ropes. Dar snapmares Banks but Banks rolls up. Things speed up, Dar gets Banks’ leg but Banks throws Dar off. Banks misses his boot but avoids a leg sweep. Dar holds ropes to avoid a roundhouse, then he dodges and table tops Banks down. Banks catches Dar’s boot and throws him down! Dar dodges the Buzzsaw’s buzzsaw, and fans applaud as they stare down.

Dar mockingly applauds Banks and offers a handshake. Banks knows better than that, and catches the sucker punch! Banks DECKS Dar, then starts kicking the leg! Dar has had leg problems just like Banks, so Banks uses that to his advantage. Banks whips but Dar slips out. Dar hurries around the corner but Banks comes over with a Penalty Kick! Banks puts Dar in and covers, TWO! Banks keeps his cool as he follows Dar to a corner. Banks goes side to side but Dar falls back and crawls away. Dar gets Banks with a back suplex to hang him out on the top rope! Dar then goes to a corner for a BIG lariat! Cover, TWO! Dar is annoyed but he keeps on Banks’ bad leg with stomps. Fans rally up for Banks as Dar stomps the arms. Dar drags Banks up and slaps him around. Banks hits back with big body shots! Dar snapmares Banks into ropes, legs first! Cover, TWO!

Banks shakes feeling into his legs and arms, but Dar is on him again. Dar drags Banks into a corner while fans duel again. Dar throws forearms but Banks gives them back! Dar kicks out the bad leg, then drops an elbow on it! He keeps on Banks’ bad arm with a mounted armlock. Fans rally up and Banks fights up. Banks throws forearms but Dar gives the bad arm a shoulder breaker. Dar whips but Banks stops himself to kick out Dar’s legs! Banks goes side to side for a basement dropkick! And a deadlift German Suplex! Bridging cover, TWO! Dar lives and fans rally as Banks goes up top. Banks leaps, but has to roll through as Dar dodges. Banks gives Dar an uppercut in the corner, then whips him corner to corner. Dar goes up then under then around to a waistlock. Banks switches but Dar drops to kick away on Banks’ face! Then he reels Banks into a hammerlock!

Dar wants the other arm and elbows away until Banks gives it up! Fans rally and Banks makes it a cover, TWO! Dar has his own cover, TWO! Banks gets Dar down into a crossface! With a bit of straitjacket in it! Dar scrambles and rolls and gets a ropebreak! Banks lets go and Dar catches his breath. Dar calls to the ref, and the ref checks on him. Banks knows that trick so he goes after Dar anyway. Dar SLAPS Banks away! Banks just gets mad! But Dar baits him in to kick the legs out! Fans duel as Dar spins Banks around and around for a Fisherman Suplex! Cover, TWO! Banks lives and Dar grows frustrated. Dar goes to a corner and takes aim. Dar runs back out, to get Banks’ BOOT! Banks springboards, Slice of Heaven into a Champagne Super Kneebar! But Banks turns it over and starts throwing forearms with Dar. Fans rally and duel as each man throws big strikes. Both men knock the other down! Cardiff is loving “NXT! NXT!” for this great opener!

Both men rise at the count of 3, and Banks runs in at Dar. Dar puts him on the apron, but Banks dodges. Dar sweeps the legs then dropkicks Banks off! Dar snapmares Banks into steel steps! Dar puts Banks back in, takes aim again, clothesline to the back! Cover, TWO!! Banks survives again and Dar is beside himself. Fans continue to rally and duel as Dar drags Banks back up. Dar gives quick kicks to Banks’ chest, but Banks grows stronger! Banks whips, Dar goes up but Banks knew he’d go under! Dar sees he’s caught, Banks dropkicks Dar down! LEAPING STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Dar survives but Banks won’t let up. Banks runs as Dar bails out, Banks DIVES! Kiwi TORPEDO busts Dar down! Banks throws Dar back in but Dar comes back out with a big left! Dar tells people to clear out, as he throws Banks at barriers! Banks uses the barriers for SLICE OF HEAVEN! Banks puts Dar back in then climbs up top. Banks leaps, DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Dar survives Banks’ coup de grace, and Banks cannot believe it.

Cardiff continues to rally as Banks and Dar stand. Banks throws a forearm and Dar wobbles. Dar comes back with a forearm, but so does Banks. Dar hits again, but Banks returns with more! Banks gets the edge but they start throwing kicks! Dar uppercuts and again! But Banks rebounds with a rolling elbow! Banks runs in but misses in the corner. Dar bicycle BOOTS Banks! Banks blocks Dar’s second try, to get a shining wizard! Fans fire up with Banks as he vows to end it. Another springboard but he gets tripped up! Banks hobbles and Dar runs out, NOVA ROLLA!! Cover, Dar wins!!

Winner: Noam Dar, by pinfall

The Scottish Supernova makes good on his “guaranteed” TakeOver match! Like him or not, Mr. 11 was the better man tonight. Will this help Dar find his way to the top of NXT UK?


Backstage interview with Cesaro.

As Cesaro said earlier, he issues an OPEN CHALLENGE to the NXT UK roster. but it doesn’t matter who it is, Cesaro just wants a fight. And the man to step up to him backstage is Ilja Dragunov! It seems the Swiss Cyborg has found his fight!


Open Challenge: Cesaro VS Ilja Dragunov!

The Swiss Cyborg takes on the Moscow Madman in both men’s NXT UK TakeOver debut! Will Cesaro be able to stop UNBESIEGBAR? Or will the raging Russian prove he’s more than ready for the big time?

Ilja takes to the mic to say, “Ilja Dragunov is HERE! Cesaro! I’m waiting!!” And so, Cesaro appears and Cardiff goes wild!

The bell rings and Ilja runs right at Cesaro with a BOOT! Ilja fires off hands and CHOPS! Cesaro turns it around to CHOP back! And CHOP! Ilja flounders on the ropes but Cesaro CHOPS him again! Cesaro puts a headlock on but Ilja powers out. Cesaro runs Ilja over but Ilja is up fast. Cesaro puts on another headlock but Ilja powers out. They dodge each other and Ilja forearms, only to run into Cesaro’s arms! Cesaro pops Ilja up but Ilja slips out and avoids an uppercut. Cesaro avoids a chop, but Ilja has his dukes up to say, “Bring it!” Fans are loving NXT UK all over again. Cesaro gives a big EuroUpper and he rocks Ilja! Cesaro rocks Ilja again, but Ilja enjoys it! Ilja sits up for Cesaro to CHOP! Ilja CHOPS back, so Cesaro just CHOPS harder! Ilja CHOPS, boots, and CHOPS again! Senton dropped! Cover, ONE! Cesaro is right up but Ilja clotheslines him in the corner.

Ilja whips corner to corner but gets caught again, and TOSSED out of the ring! Cardiff is thunderous for Cesaro as he dusts off his hands. Cesaro goes out to fetch Ilja and brings him up, to drop him on the barriers! Ilja staggers away but Cesaro puts him in the ring. Cesaro takes his time returning as Ilja is in the corner. Ilja pushes Cesaro but Cesaro BOOTS Ilja! Cesaro scoops, slams and drops a leg! Cover, TWO! Ilja checks his throat but Cesaro wraps on a chinlock. Fans rally up and Ilja fights to his feet. llja elbows free, then runs, but back into the sleeper hold! Cesaro then back suplexes Ilja down hard! Cover, TWO! Cesaro keeps his cool as he watches Ilja. Fans want a “SWING! SWING!” and Cesaro obliges! But Ilja scrambles to ropes, so he gets a rope guillotine! Cesaro drops springboard stomps and wraps the chinlock back on.

Fans rally up again and Ilja again fights up and out of the hold. Cesaro whips Ilja but Ilja holds ropes to kick back. But he still runs into the sleeper! Another back suplex but it turns into Ilja’s crossbody! Cover, TWO, but Ilja uses the 619, only to get caught into the Swiss Swing! The fans count to 10, no 20, no 30, FORTY!! Even Cesaro got dizzy off that one! Cardiff is thunderous as Cesaro finds Ilja for a cover. TWO, into a crossface! Cesaro has Ilja caught, but Ilja drags himself over to ropes. Ilja has both arms free, but his face is still caught. Cesaro gets the arm again and rolls Ilja away from the ropes! Ilja starts fading, but he rolls to a cover, TWO! Cesaro JABS Ilja, then runs. Ilja 6-1-LINES! Both men are down and Cardiff is still loving this. Ilja and Cesaro go to opposite ends and Ilja runs in for a big knee! Then he keeps running, misses one clothesline but not the other! Cesaro is rocked and Ilja fires up.

Ilja lifts Cesaro in a fireman’s carry but Cesaro slips out. EuroUpper countered to a backslide, but Cesaro blocks with that superhuman strength. Ilja slips around to enziguri! Then Ilja waistlocks, but Cesaro blocks the half nelson! Cesaro twists that arm, so Ilja just goes under! Cesaro fights the lift, but Ilja still hits the overhead suplex! Cesaro bails out but Ilja runs to DIVE! One Moscow Torpedo hits, and fans are fired up again! Ilja puts Cesaro in the corner then climbs to the other. Ilja goes Coast2Coast for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Cesaro survives and shakes his head. Perhaps even Cesaro is shocked Ilja is pushing him this far. Ilja is up first and he CHOPS Cesaro. And CHOPS! Cesaro just powers up and CHOPS back. We have a CHOP fight! Cesaro JABS but Ilja fires off more CHOPS! So many chops!

Ilja fires up but gets a headbutt! Cesaro trophy lifts and drops Ilja with a Go To Swiss! Cover, TWO!?! Cesaro hits a BASEMENT Uppercut! Cover, TWO!!! Cardiff gives “NXT! NXT!” another ovation for this action! Cesaro looms over Ilja and brings him up. Cesaro spins but he gets caught to a backslide! TWO, and Ilja steps over to knee and lift! Death Valley into the corner! “This is Awesome!” Cesaro is down and Ilja heads up top. Ilja leaps, SUPER SENTON! Cover, TWO!! Cesaro survives again but Ilja has one last thing to try. Ilja fires up and fans join in with the “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!” But Cesaro counters Torpedo Moscow with a POP-UP UPPERCUT! GOTCH NEUTRALIZER!! Cover, Cesaro wins!!

Winner: Cesaro, by pinfall

The Swiss Cyborg is victorious in Cardiff! A surprise debut, a surprise match-up, but perhaps not a surprise win. Is this a sign that Cesaro is going to stick around?

But what’s this? Cesaro returns to the ring and waits for Ilja to stand. Fans anticipate something even more devastating, but Cesaro actually just offers a handshake. Ilja takes it, and Cesaro even hugs the young Russian superstar. Fans love that even more! Is this Cesaro’s seal of approval on the Moscow Madman’s WWE career?


NXT UK Tag Team Championship Triple Threat: The Grizzled Young Veterans VS Gallus VS Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster!

The hometown heroes won their way into this homecoming match in an unconventional way, but the Modfather did beat Mark Coffey and #MAndrews did beat Mr. Mayhem. They are the underdogs like never before, can they make their people proud while making history? Will these tag titles SOON belong to the sinister Scotsmen? Or will the titles stay with James Drake and Liverpool’s Number One, Zack Gibson?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and per Triple Threat tag rules, the match begins with just two men. Gibson and Andrews begin as fans chant for “WALES~! WALES~!”

Gibson tells Andrews to tune out the crowd and focus on him. Andrews is focused, even as fans taunt Gibson with song. The two tie up as fans take shoes off. Gibson wrenches one way then the other to arm-drag Andrews to the mat. Gibson gets both hands for a wristlock cover, TWO! Gibson powers Andrews back down, but Andrews bridges. Andrews monkey flips up to a sunset flip, TWO! Andrews wheelbarrows to arm-drag, but Gibson reverses right there! Gibson hammerlocks, wrenches and tags in Drake. Andrews gets free and arm-drags Drake once. Drake blocks, but gets the arm-drag on the other end. Andrews mule kicks then tags in the Modfather. The Welshmen double drag Drake, then hit a moonsault senton combo! FMW covers, ONE, but he keeps on Drake with a wrench and whip. He hits a forearm in the corner, tag to Andrews.

The Welshmen combine for a basement dropkick. Cover, TWO! Andrews keeps on Drake but Drake shoves him to the Gallus corner. Wolfgang tags in and goes after Drake while Coffey drags Andrews out! Wolfgang whips but Gibson saves Drake. Fans boo as Gibson has Wolfgang stay back. Everyone regroups and Drake returns to circle with Wolfgang. But then Drake tags out to FMW! FMW fires off on Gallus but Wolfgang hits back. Wolfgang shoves FMW but FMW comes back with a knee! FMW tilt-o-whirls to a sunset flip but Wolfgang sits on it. GYV shoves Wolfgang off and now all six men are in the ring! Fans are fired up as Coffey keeps Wolfgang calm. The Welshmen and GYV cool off, too, and Coffey tags in. Coffey waistlocks and slams FMW to then swing on Drake and Gibson! FMW comes back and huricanranas Coffey into GYV’s corner! Gibson tags in but FMW dropkicks him out!

Andrews hits Wolfgang, and Wales’ team has the ring! Andrews fakes out Coffey and Gibson, to then hop and boot Coffey! FMW comes around the corner, both he and Andrews wipe out Gibson and Coffey! FMW puts Gibson in and hits a moonsault! Cover, but Wolfgang breaks it. The ref reprimands Wolfgang but this is only proves to distract the ref. FMW hits Coffey but the GYV tag. Gibson and Drake work together, Mayhem in Motion! Gibson gives a stomp on the way out before Drake drags FMW up for haymakers. Drake rocks FMW out of the ring then tags back to Gibson. Gibson has FMW up, slingshot splash backbreaker combo! The Grizzled Young Veterans soak up the heat before putting FMW back in. Gibson scoop slams FMW hard then covers, TWO!

Gibson smothers FMW into a chinlock, and then shifts to a seated cobra clutch. Fans rally up for FMW as he fights up. But Drake tags in, and Gibson reels FMW out for Drake’s forearm! Drake stares down with Gallus while Cardiff calls him “Ass Face!” Drake scoops FMW up for another backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Drake drags FMW around to drive his knee in. Drake puts on another cobra clutch but FMW fights up as fans sing. Jawkbreaker! Coffey tags in and WOlfgang drags Drake out! COffey forearms then suplexes, but FMW escapes! FMW boost then enziguris! He crawls and shoves Mark away. Gibson tags in and throws Mark out. Gibson drags FMW away to throw EuroUppers. Wolfgang talks trash, and FMW goes up and over! Hot tag to Andrews! Andrews fires off on Gibson! Then on Drake! Gibson swings, misses, enziguri from Andrews! Andrews runs, victory rolls Gibson, but tornado DDT’s Drake! But Gallus wrecks everyone!

Wolfgang feeds Andrews but Andrews double PELES! The Welshmen FLY onto Gallus! Then they get back in to FLY onto GYV! Cardiff is thunderous as Andrews puts Gibson in. FMW knee triggers Coffey away! Then he helps Andrews 450! Cover but Drake breaks it! Drake throws FMW out then stomps Andrews. But FMW returns to Rude Boy Block the GYV! Gallus returns and Coffey tags off Gibson. Drake gets a double attack but Andrews gets run over. Coffey full nelson slams FMW, then double CHOPS Andrews! Tag to Wolfgang and Gallus gang up on Andrews. Catapult fireman’s carry, Samoan Drop! Wolfgang covers, TWO! Andrews survives but Gallus is still on him. They feed Andrews to a scoop, but FMW FLIES in! FMW takes out Coffey then boots Wolfgang. Andrews runs but is caught, but pops up, knee-trigger POISON-RANA! Cover, TWO!! Toast to 3 AM didn’t do it, but Cardiff is still cheering their boys and “NXT! NXT!”

Andrews goes up while FMW DIVES to take out Drake! But Coffey is saving Wolfgang while Gibson trips up and tags off Andrews. But Coffey is right on Gibson with a trip and a right hand. Coffey climbs up after Andrews while Wolfgang brawls with Gibson. Andrews resists and fights back. Andrews headbutts Coffey onto Gibson! Then he LEAPS onto everyone with a SHOOTING STAR! Cardiff is thunderous again for that insane dive! Andrews revives and drags Gibson up. Andrews puts Gibson in, and Gibson flounders. Drake anchors Andrews and Gibson clotheslines Andrews down! Gibson brings Andrews up, suplex, STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE! FMW is up top, SWANTON!! Cover, TWO!! Gibson survives and shocks the Welshmen! But “WALES~! WALES~!” still echoes out.

Drake drags FMW out, Gibson has Andrews by the tights, TWO! Wheelbarrow, but into a corner, GRIT YOUR TEETH! The dropkick rocks Andrews and Drake goes up, Helter Skelter to a 450!! Cover, TWO!?! Cardiff is reaching a fever pitch for their hometown heroes! The Grizzled Young Veterans are shocked, but they have more to try. Drake returns to the corner to officially tag in. Gibson grabs Andrews and feeds him to Drake. Knee trigger stops Gibson! Drake rocks FMW, but a 2-for-1 headbutt takes the champs out! Those four men are down, but the two left are Gallus! Wolfgang sentons on FMW then feeds Drake to Coffey. Coffey tags before he CHOKE SLAMS Drake! Wolfgang wipes out Gibson then slingshot SPEARS Andrew! Gallus fires up, Coffey runs and Wolfgang TOSSES him onto everyone else! Wolfgang howls and even Cardiff has to admit that was great. Coffey puts Andrews in, feeds him to Wolfgang, pop-up, enziguri power slam!

FMW crawls in but is stomped down. Coffey covers, but FMW breaks free to break it! Cardiff is loving the heart but Gallus clobbers FMW down. They hit Gibson and Drake out but now a brawl breaks out. It’s a lot like NXT UK from Wednesday as the chaos ensues! Gibson, Drake, FMW and Andrews beat down Gallus! But Gallus explodes out! Catapult, DESTROYER!? FMW takes Coffey out! GYV wipe Wolfgang out with an Electric Chair DIVE! A tope suicida Doomsday!? Fans lose their minds over that one! “This is Awesome!” but far from over. The Welshmen and the Grizzled Young Veterans are the only two teams still standing. And the hometown heroes dare the champs to do something! Gibson and Drake slowly return as “WALES~! WALES~!” echoes out again.

Drake tags in off Coffey, and the GYV step through the ropes. They stand face to face with Andrews and FMW, and fans fire up! The brawl is on!! Gibson throws FMW out and Drake suplexes, DOUBLE STUN-DOG! FMW tags back in and Drake is down! FMW is up, 630!! Cover, but Gibson drags out the ref!! Gibson begs this not disqualify the match, but Andrews slingshots out! Gibson throat chops Andrews down! FMW clobbers Gibson, dodges Drake and hits a EuroUpper. But Gibson tags in, and Drake counters the tilt-o-whirl, throat chop, TICKET TO MAYHEM!! But they don’t cover yet, Drake has to DIVE and take out Gallus! But Andrews Falls to Pieces to take out Gibson! Andrews puts FMW on Gibson, CARDIFF WINS!!

Winners: Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster, Webster pinning; NEW NXT UK Tag Team Champions

History has been made! The first ever Welsh champions in WWE history and it happens IN Wales! The party begins now! How long will it last?


Last Man Standing: Dave Mastiff VS Joe Coffey!

The Bomber of Black Country and the Iron King of Gallus went toe-to-toe after a Six Man Tag showdown. That match did not end in the ring, and it didn’t really end at all. So now, they will settle things in a match where you win when the other can’t even stand. Who will be the Last Behemoth Standing?!

But the moment Mastiff sees Coffey, he runs right up the ramp at him! Coffey swings his chain but Mastiff dodges to then throw big forearms! The bell rings and the brawl is on! Mastiff throws Coffey into barriers, then throws him into the ring. Coffey gets up fast to throw forearms, but Mastiff gives haymakers back. Mastiff rocks COffey from both sides, but Coffey comes back all the same! Coffey throws big body shots on the big body of Mastiff. But Mastiff fireman’s carries! Coffey escapes but Mastiff denies the whip. Mastiff whips Coffey hard, and the top buckle unbuckles?! Fans lose their minds and even Mastiff is shocked. But Coffey is down so the count begins. Coffey stirs as Mastiff isn’t sure what to do. Mastiff just figures he’ll use the buckle as a weapon now! No Disqualifications, so that includes the ring’s own pieces! Fans chant “E C Dub!” as Mastiff puts the bar in Coffey’s mouth, and slams him on the mat!

Coffey stands, but into a waistlock. Coffey fights Mastiff off, then runs corner to corner, but stops himself from hitting the other buckle, just in case. Coffey hops up on the second rope, but falls over as it doesn’t support him properly! Mastiff reminds Coffey of that other rope, as he grinds the bar in Coffey’s face! Mastiff grins as he brings Coffey up. Coffey throws big hands again, but Mastiff shoves him. Coffey manages to rebound on the ropes to fight back. Coffey clotheslines but can’t bring Mastiff down. But that saido suplex does! But not for long! Mastiff is up and waistlocks Coffey for a HUGE German Suplex! Coffey falls out of the ring and the ref starts counting. Coffey stirs at 3 but Mastiff is after him. Coffey tackles Mastiff into the apron! Then throws Mastiff into barriers! Coffey grabs a pool cue?! And jams it in Mastiff’s ribs! Coffey goes under the ring to bring out a bag labeled “Gallus”! And he dumps out a bunch of sports equipment?

Mastiff stands but Coffey tackles him down. A count begins but Coffey brings out a table! Fans really like that! Coffey brings the table over to the timekeeper’s area and props it up. Mastiff runs over and Coffey kicks him back. Coffey runs at Mastiff but is back dropped onto the sports equipment! Mastiff picks up the cricket bat, but Coffey ducks it! Coffey throws hands then brings up the cue again. He jabs and SMACKS it on Mastiff to break it! Then Coffey aims with the jagged piece. Mastiff stops that attack and clubs Coffey down. Mastiff has the cricket bat to SMACK Coffey on the back! Coffey is down but fans want “One More Time!” Coffey stands at 5 to get another SMACK! Mastiff sees the table Coffey provided, so he brings Coffey up and throws him over to it. Coffey flounders and Mastiff aims, but Coffey dodges! Coffey rolls and SPEARS Mastiff through the table!! The Glasgow Send-Off has fans cheering again!

A count starts on both men. Coffey stands at 6 and has his chain back. Mastiff is up at 8, and narrowly dodges that iron-clad All the Best! He waistlocks and Germans Coffey again! Another count, but Mastiff is up at 3. Mastiff stalks Coffey, who stands at 5. Mastiff takes that Gallus chain to LASH Coffey’s back! And LASH! And then Coffey’s ribs! Fans cheer “F him up, Mastiff, F him up!” And that Mastiff does as he again lashes Coffey’s back. Coffey hears the count again, but Mastiff brings out a new table! Coffey stands at 7 but Mastiff sets his table up on the other end. Mastiff takes a moment to fetch that chain, but Coffey has the other end. They tug-o-war, but Mastiff just says, “okay.” He lets go and Coffey falls! INTO THE VOID through the table!! Cardiff loses their minds again! A new count begins as both men stir. Mastiff sits up at 4 and stands at 6. Coffey crawls and drags himself up at 9! Then Coffey flops over to the front row.

Mastiff is in pursuit, and has a chair with him. He jabs Coffey then SMACKS him on the back! Fans want more, so Mastiff gives Coffey another SMACK! Mastiff lines it up again, but Coffey punches the chair shot away! Then an IRON All the Best for the Bells! Both men are down but Mastiff crawls away. The ring count climbs to 5, but Coffey stands at 8. Mastiff is up at 9, and dares Coffey to do something. Coffey drops the chain and Mastiff comes back with chairs. Mastiff gives Coffey one! Mastiff wants to do this like men! Coffey leads Mastiff deeper into the crowd and fires himself up. The two run like rams with those chairs, and COLLIDE! Both men tumble away from the impact and Cardiff is loving this! Another count climbs to 5, but both are up at 9.5!

Coffey falls over and retreats but Mastiff is still stalking him. Mastiff runs in but is sent into barriers! They’re right in front of commentary as Mastiff fights Coffey off. Coffey runs back in but is hip tossed into commentary! Fans chant “DAVE! DAVE!” as Mastiff hops the rails. Mastiff clears off the announce desk, then puts Coffey on it. Coffey sits up as Mastiff climbs up to join him. They brawl on the desk, and then Mastiff fireman’s carries Coffey, for a ROLLING SENTON on the desk! The desk stands firm but both men are wrecked! A count begins again and fans are loving this. The count passes 5 but Mastiff sits up at 7. Coffey is up at 8, both these men are superhuman! But Coffey wants to get away, so he climbs over commentary. But Mastiff follows with the steps, and says he’s not getting away so easy.

Fans chant “Please Don’t Die!” as the two brawl on that extra stage! Coffey fires off but Mastiff hits back! Mastiff goes to suplex but Coffey resists for dear life. Coffey hits back, and says “This is MY Kingdom!” But Mastiff headbutts, and they BOTH fall!! Fans lose their minds all over again as the two men crash through extra tables! The referee counts and both men struggle to rise. They drag themselves over whatever is around in a desperate attempt. Coffey kicks out Mastiff’s support! Coffey wins!!

Winner: Joe Coffey

The Iron King more or less survives this demolition derby with Dave Mastiff! But Gallus’ leader wins the day. Is this going to help Coffey climb back up towards the WWE United Kingdom Championship?


NXT UK Women’s Championship: Toni Storm VS Kay Lee Ray!

The Lightning From Down Under thought she had a friend joining her in NXT UK. But instead, the lethal lass says the reason they’re no longer friends is on Toni’s head. KLR claims to know Toni so well, but will she bring #ToniTime to an end? Or has her mind games only unlocked a part of Toni not even she knew existed?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this golden grudge match!

Toni rushes KLR but KLR bails out. KLR won’t let Toni do things her way, but Toni watches KLR closely as they go around the ring. Fans sing, “F her up, Toni, F her up!” but KLR stays away. KLR toys with Toni as she goes in only to slide out. So Toni DIVES to take KLR out! Toni and KLR scrap and club away. Toni throws furious forearms off on KLR as the ring count climbs. Then she throws KLR into barriers! Toni puts KLR in and drags KLR up for underhooks. KLR slips out to SLAP! Toni just fires off back! Toni has KLR in the corner but backs off when the ref counts. KLR boots but Toni whips her to DECK her! Toni kicks away on KLR now, being more vicious than she’s been since joining NXT UK. The ref backs Toni off and KLR gets to the apron.

KLR shoulders then kicks Toni down. KLR stomps Toni around but fans continue to cheer for Toni. KLR chokes Toni on the ropes but lets up at the ref’s count. Toni gets to a corner but KLR bumps her off buckles. KLR CHOPS Toni, and follows her as she staggers away. KLR snapmares Toni to a seated stretch and neck wrench. Fans rally and Toni fights, but KLR throws her down. KLR kicks Toni around then drags her up. KLR suplexes for a gourd buster! Cover, TWO! KLR grows upset already, but she keeps on Toni with SLAPS! Fans boo as KLR slaps Toni all around the head. Toni sobs, but then she bobs ‘n’ weaves to hit back! Toni turns that sadness into fury and she rains down hands!

KLR kicks but Toni yanks her into a waistlock. KLR fights out and springboards but Toni saw that coming. Toni gets under, SUPERKICK to clothesline! Waistlock, BIG German Suplex! Toni runs to LARIAT! Fans fire up with Toni as she drags KLR off the mat. Toni underhooks, but KLR drops down and hits the legs. KLR slips around to chicken wing, but Toni makes it a DESTROYER! Cover, TWO! KLR survives but this is definitely not as easy as KLR thought it would be. Toni stands up and fans fire up with her again. But KLR cradle counters, TWO! KLR kicks Toni but Toni headbutts back! Toni underhooks, STORM ZERO! Cover, TWO!? KLR survives Toni’s best move and she can’t believe it! Cardiff is stunned silent themselves for a moment.

Toni kicks KLR and stands back up. Toni drags KLR up but KLR shoves her away. KLR SUPERKICKS! Then SUPERKICKS! Then GORY BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Now Toni survives KLR’s best! KLR is furious, but Cardiff rallies back up for Toni. KLR hobbles back over and drags Toni up. KLR hoists Toni to the top rope and then SLAPS her. KLR climbs, clubs Toni on the back, then goes for those underhooks. Toni fights back, and now she has KLR in underhooks! But KLR resists and fights Toni into a back drop! But Toni lands on her feet, And gets KLR with a SUPER GERMAN! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Toni can’t believe she didn’t account for that.

Toni kicks KLR in frustration until she’s out of the ring. Then Toni DIVES! The Lightning strikes, but she’s not done with KLR! Toni puts KLR in but KLR knees her back out! KLR goes to the corner, climbs up, and LEAPS! The cannonball takes both women out, but KLR still gets up first. The fans cheer for “NXT! NXT!” as KLR puts Toni in. Toni staggers but headbutts back. KLR mule kicks then chicken wings, for a Gory Hotshot! Then another chicken wing, GORY BOMB! Cover, KLR WINS!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray, by pinfall; NEW NXT UK Women’s Champion

The fans are shocked, but it seems even KLR surprised herself! #ToniTime ends in Wales as the K L eRa begins. How long with the lethal lass lead the NXT UK Women’s Division? What will it take for Toni to climb back up?


WWE United Kingdom Championship: WALTER VS Tyler Bate!

The most menacing champion in this title’s history takes on the prodigious and inaugural champion! Will the Big Strong Boy defeat Imperium’s fearsome leader? Or will the Ring General prove that this sacred mat is only for men?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this battle for dominance begins!

Bate and Walter stare down as fans sing for Bate. Walter and Bate circle and feel out the grapple. They tie up and Walter powers Bate to the ropes. Then he swings a big hand, but Bate gets clear! Bate kicks then backs off. Fans chant for “Big Strong Boy!” as he circles with Walter more. They approach and lock up, but Bate rolls back to get the wristlock. Walter grabs Bate’s head but Bate gets to ropes. Bate gets free to kick at the leg more. The singing gets stronger as Bate and Walter tie up again. The two go shoulder to shoulder in a test of strength. But Walter brings the wristlocks up to lean on Bate. Fans still cheer and Bate bridges as Walter pushes him back. Cover, ONE! Walter drops on Bate, TWO as Bate bridges again! Walter struggles to keep Bate down as the cheering continues!

Walter backs Bate up but Bate turns things around to have Walter on the ropes. Bate gives Walter an elbow grind before backing off. Fans want Bate to “F him up, Tyler, F him up!” But Walter gets Bate and throws a forearm! But Bate gives big hands back! Bate kicks the leg but Walter headlocks to a takeover! Fans rally as Bate endures the grind. Walter cranks back but Bate fights his way up to his feet. Fans sing to troll Walter but Walter throws Bate down again. Walter cranks Bate’s head more, but Bate fights back up. Bate endures more grinding as he crotch lifts Walter! Walter fights that off but Bate throws body shots. Bate powers out but gets run over! Walter has Bate up fast, but Bate slips out of the bomb! Walter back drops out of the driver but Bate lands on his feet. Bate rams his shoulder in, then runs. Walter hurdles Bate, but Bate scoops Walter! To slam him down!

Bate rams his shoulder in and Walter is on the outside! Cardiff is thunderous while Walter is reeling! Bate strikes a pose, brother! Walter gathers himself before getting back in. Bate dropkicks Walter a few times, but Walter swats the last one away. Walter scoops but Bate holds on! Walter rams Bate into buckles, then scoops him up. But Bate slips out to huricanrana Walter out! Bate runs and DIVES! But Walter catches him, pops him off and CHOPS him with those monstrous hands! And then apron WALTER BOMBS Bate! Flashbacks to the Download Festival! Walter leaves Bate for dead while he rests in the ring. A ring count begins and climbs to 5, but Bate is up. Bate climbs in but Walter BOOTS him back out! Walter follows after but Bate throws hands. Walter swats Bate then throws him into barriers. Walter runs in to BOOT Bate almost over! Walter has Bate again, POST BOMB! Bate is wrecked all over again and Walter wants to leave him behind.

The referee checks on Bate but Walter cares more about the count. A medic checks on Bate as fans rally up. Bate says he doesn’t want to lose like this, and fans cheer him on. Bate rises to his feet and this match continues. Fans say “F you, Walter!” as the ring count begins. Bate stands at 5, but has to drag himself in at 7. Bate kicks from the mat but Walter just stomps him back. Walter kicks Bate around but fans rally and sing again. Walter drags Bate up for another scoop slam. The fans still sing as Walter kicks Bate hard in the back. Fans now boo and jeer, but Walter just ignores them as he drags Bate up. Bate can’t stand but he does kick from the mat. Walter stomps Bate more, egging Bate on. Walter drags Bate up and Bate throws body shots! Bate throws hands but Walter kicks him back down. Walter drags Bate up and clamps his hands on for a neck wrench. Bate endures but fans rally again.

Bate feeds off the energy, even as Walter thrashes Bate around. Walter smothers Bate with his weight but fans give Bate the strength to stand, only for Walter to kick him back down! Walter looms over Bate as fans sing both ways. Walter sits Bate up for clubbing forearms, and then wraps on a sleeper hold! Bate endures and gets to the ropes! But Walter breaks the break, only for Bate to get behind him! Bate clobbers Walter with a big left hand! Bate tries to fireman’s carry, but that bad back gives out! Walter falls on top of Bate and clubs away! Then Walter puts on a massive crossface hold! Fans rally yet again and Bate gets the ropebreak! Walter just puts Bate on the ropes to stretch him out and club his chest! And again, and again!

Bate flops out of the ring and to the floor, but Walter just waits in the ring. Fans boo Walter while Bate hears the count. The count passes 5 as Bate forces himself up. Bate stands at 7 and drags himself in just before 8. But Walter is right on him, stretching those arms out and stepping on Bate’s back! The fans cheer for “Big Strong Boy!” and Bate sits up. Walter grinds his knee in now, but Bate keeps standing up. Bate works against the stretch, but Walter headbutts him down to stop the turn. Bate keeps trying, and the fans are still with him. He goes to turn the hold again, and has it, only for Walter to turn it back. So Bate flips and kicks Walter away! But Walter comes back to fall on Bate! Cover, TWO! Bate still lives and it annoys Walter. Walter watches Bate sit up just to boot him back down. Walter drags Bate up for a CHOP! Bate crawls to a corner but Walter looms over him.

Walter drags Bate up to CHOP him down again! Bate still glares defiantly, so Walter stomps Bate in the corner. Walter eggs Bate on, so Bate CHOPS back! Walter still wants more so Bate CHOPS him again! But Walter CLUBS Bate down, then drags him up to ram him into buckles! Walter has Bate on the top rope and he CLUBS Bate! Walter climbs up to stand on Bate! Bate flops out to the apron and Walter goes out to join him. Walter grabs Bate and brings him up. He brings him in, but Bate holds ropes to save his life! Walter clubs Bate but fans chant again. Walter stands Bate up for forearms. Bate catches Walter, for an EXPLODER off the apron! Fans lose their minds as both men crash down! A new ring counts as both men start stirring. Bate is up first, and he goes after Walter again.

Bate rams Walter into the barriers, then the apron. He puts Walter in at 7, then drops on Walter’s back! And then again, and again! Bate headbutts Walter from the mat, then drags him up again. Bate throws EuroUppers, and fans fire up with him. Bate runs into the corner with an uppercut, and keeps Walter there. Walter blocks the whip to reverse it. But Bate boots and knees back. Bate hops up, to leap into a CHOP! Walter puts on a Boston Crab on Bate’s bad back! Bate endures as Walter sits deep, and powers his way up! But Walter puts a knee into Bate’s neck, then shifts to a crossface! Bate endures all this stretching and pulling, and still manages to crawl for ropes. Walter elbows Bate down, then makes the hold a Chancery! Bate still fights, slips out and gets the ropebreak! Walter lets go in frustration, but Bate keeps kicking from the mat.

Walter stands and looms over Bate. Walter stands Bate up to CHOP him down again. Fans have not given up on Bate, even as Walter circles Bate. Walter drags Bate up and goes to suplex, but Bate resists. Bate somehow holds Walter off, and the two start throwing body shots. Bate tries to suplex Walter, but that’s so much to lift! Walter spins out to CHOP Bate again! Walter suplexes Bate but Bate knees free. Bate tries again, and gets Walter up and over! Fans are on their feet for the Big Strong Boy’s big strong heart! The singing begins again and Bate stands. Walter follows but Bate is on him with hands. Bate EuroUppers and Walter staggers about. Bate runs, clotheslines, but Walter stays up! Bate tries again, still not enough. A third time, not yet! Bate tries a fourth, but gets rocked! Only to come back with the rolling kick!

Bate waistlocks, but Walter swings an elbow, only to end up in another EXPLODER! Bate somehow kips up!? And hits a standing shooting star! Cover, TWO!! Walter survives and Bate cannot believe it. “This is Awesome!” but far from over. Bate drags Walter up and wants the underhooks! But Walter resists, spins out and gives a EuroUpper. Bate gives one back, then turns Walter’s retaliation into a backslide! That he just flips over to underhooks! But Walter back drops out to deny the driver. Walter runs in, Bate goes up and over, but Walter dropkicks Bate in the back! Bate rebounds off buckles, into Walter’s powerbomb lift, only to make it a DESTROYER!! Cover, TWO!?! Walter almost lost for the first time in NXT UK! Fans cheer for “NXT! NXT!” again as Bate crawls his way to the apron.

Bate heads for a corner as fans declare “This is Wrestling!” Bate slowly climbs while Walter is still down. Bate reaches the top but Walter crawls to the apron. Fans boo but Bate just adjusts and stares down with Walter. They brawl, and Bate clubs Walter. Walter throws body shots and climbs up. Bate clubs him back, and sees where they are. Fans anticipate what’s coming, but Walter does, too. Walter fights and clubs back, then gets back to the apron. Walter CHOPS Bate off the top rope! Bate is in the drop zone and now Walter climbs up top. But Bate jumps up to headbutt! Bate fires up with the fans as he climbs up again. But Walter goes to chop, only for Bate to shout out the Bruiserweight! SNAP goes the fingers! SUPER EXPLODER!! Bate crawls to the cover, TWO!?! Walter still lives and Cardiff can’t believe it! Both men are down but fans are singing for Bate.

Walter sits up but Bate follows. Bate throws hands from the mat, showing that boxing training. Walter kicks Bate over but Bate kicks back. Walter CHOPS Bate, but Bate kicks a leg out! Bate tweaks the ankle, but Walter still stands. Walter throws a BIG forearm and Bate falls. But Bate is up again to throw hands! Walter CHOPS Bate, but Bate still rises! Bate throws more hands but takes another CHOP! How is Bate getting up again!? Walter doesn’t care, he welcomes Bate rising again. Walter CHOPS, but Bate grits hits teeth. Walter CHOPS and CHOPS, but Bate dodges. Walter sees through Bop to CHOP! But he still gets BANG! But then Walter falls on Bate’s body! It’s not a pin but Walter looks out cold! Bate gets free, and both men are down again.

Fans give another rally, and Bate feels his chest stinging. Bate and Walter can barely move, but they refuse to stop. Walter slaps Bate down but Bate kicks Walter. Walter forearms down but Bate drops a short elbow. Walter clubs, Bate CHOPS, and fans are still singing. The two men find the power to stand but Walter gives sumo palm strike! Bate fires off kicks on the leg, then dodges to rebound, into Walter’s Exploder! Cover, TWO!! Walter has had enough of Bate, powerbomb lift but scorpion kick! Bate tries, and somehow fireman’s carries Walter, for the AIRPLANE SPIN! They go around and around, but Walter grabs ropes to stop it. Walter climbs off but Bate kicks the legs! Bate has Walter stuck and just clubs away. Bate then brings Walter out on a torture rack, for a shout out to Trent Seven, with that BURNING HAMMER!! But Bate can’t cover, he’s too exhausted!

Bate crawls but Walter crawls to retreat! The fans hope they “Fight Forever!” at this point. Walter flounders about on the outside until he just topples over. Walter gets up again but so does Bate. Fans rally as Bate kicks Walter down! Bate runs, DIVES, and topples Walter over again! Bate staggers back into the ring and tries once more, and FLIES! Another direct hit, and Bate puts Walter back in. Walter is crawling and Bate is on him. Bate waistlocks, and deadlifts Walter for a German Suplex!! Bridging cover, TWO!! Bate won’t stop to wonder how Walter survives, he underhooks. But Walter back drops to a cover, TWO!? Underhooks, TYLER DRIVER ’97!!! TWO!?! No one knows what to make of this! Bate hurries up top, leaps, corkscrew senton! Cover, TWO?!? “This is Awesome” all over again, but what will it take to finish it?

Bate just forces himself to sit up while Walter stirs. The wrist tape comes off, and Bate wants Walter to stand. Bate starts throwing those hands! He has Walter reeling again, and in a corner. The referee reprimands Bate but Bate just fires off! The ref backs Bate off, Walter SLAPS and CHOPS and BOOTS! And into a sleeper hold with body scissors! Walter even rolls onto Bate’s back to smother him. But Bate again shows his Herculean heart as he stands up with Walter on his back! For a BACKPACK SENTON! But Walter rises like the dead to wrap back on! Bate is caught by the Austrian anaconda, but fights back up again. Cardiff gives Bate everything they have, and Bate uses the ropes to climb up, only for Walter to shove him out. Walter drags Bate up to club away, then put on a sleeper! But Bate drags Walter over with him!

Walter still has Bate in the hold, but Bate elbows free. Walter CHOPS Bate on the back! Sleeper Suplex to the apron!! The referee checks but Walter drags Bate in as fans lose their minds once again. Walter climbs up, LEAPING SPLASH! Cover, TWO!?!?!? This is insane! Walter sleeper holds, another suplex! Cover, TWO!! Walter just SLAPS Bate around, then hits the WALTER BOMB! High stack, ONE?!?! Just what is Tyler Bate?! Walter is in utter shock as Bate drags himself up, but then he CHOPS Bate again. Fans are going to lose their voices cheering for Bate. Walter runs to Clothesline from Hell! Cover, Walter wins!

Winner: WALTER, by pinfall; still WWE United Kingdom Champion

Walter has the toughest match in his NXT UK career, in this title’s history, and perhaps all of WWE 2019! And still, he reigns atop the UK brand. If Bate couldn’t dethrone him after all this, will anyone ever end the reign of the Ring General?

Imperium is there to greet Walter on the ramp. They all stand together, is it only a matter of time before Imperium completely takes over NXT UK?

As for Tyler Bate, fans still sing for this more-than-superhuman effort. And both Trent Seven and Pete Dunne come out to join him. British Strong Style still stands together, even in defeat. Fans cheer as Dunne and Seven help Bate get to his feet, and then cheers the trio. And the three of them salute with their mustache tweezing sign. Will British Strong Style ever again stand tall in the brand they helped build?



My Thoughts:

What an amazing event. NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff raised the bar on all the rest of the WWE for 2019 and maybe even 2020 already. There was just so much to this. Dar VS Banks was a fun opener and yet it still ends up one of the lesser matches. I was expecting Banks to win but this makes good for Dar now that Dar is more dedicated to NXT UK. Then Cesaro VS Dragunov raised the bar on the entire show, it was such a great match that we got out of nowhere. I was just as surprised to see Cesaro win this match. I really do wonder if this means Cesaro will be sticking around for some UK tapings when he doesn’t have much on Raw or SmackDown to do. At the same time, Ilja has lost to both “Kings of Pro-Wrestling,” the team Cesaro and Kassius Ohno were on the indies. I dare to dream that Ohno and Cesaro will be reunited thanks to NXT UK to go for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.

And speaking of, that Triple Threat for the tag titles was exactly what it should’ve been, especially with the hometown team winning. I knew that the only way to outdo the Cesaro-Dragunov match in action was to give the fans what they want in their hometown heroes winning, and that’s what happened. It is so great for Andrews and Webster to be the team that makes history like this, and I really wonder where things go from here. Same goes for KLR taking the title off Toni. That was about as expected, too, with a pretty good match that almost killed Cardiff’s enthusiasm. I think when KLR survived Toni’s finisher, the audience understood Toni wasn’t winning. KLR as champ freshens things up a bit, and we know that with Rhea Ripley in NXT USA being Face, it’s probably Piper Niven who wins the “post” UK TakeOver episode and then moves up to face KLR.

The Last Man Standing match was incredible. It was innovative using those less than likely sports equipment items. That cricket bat needs to be the equivalent of the sledgehammer for NXT UK. And then with them going through three tables, I was glad to see that very creative ending. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like taking out the support an opponent was using. Coffey winning might be to extend the feud, because I don’t see him fighting for a title after what we witnessed in the main event. That main event alone, of Tyler Bate being some kind of British superhero in real-life, is what helped TakeOver: Cardiff be this amazing.

Some might think this was too much, but I felt it was just right for Bate. Bate is the Big Strong Boy, the original WWE UK Champion, a perfect David to Walter’s Goliath, and for just a moment there, it felt like he was going to pull it off. But Walter still wins, and though that deflated the crowd for a moment, this feels like the right thing in the end. Dunne’s in NXT USA, and who knows, maybe Moustache Mountain’s destiny is still those NXT UK Tag Team Championships, after a new Heel team gets them. For all we know, maybe all of British Strong Style is going back to NXT USA in time for the live television premiere. Either way, I agree with the Cardiff crowd: #ThankYouTyler.

My Score: 9.7/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (11/26/21)

The Island of Relevancy awaits.



Coverage SmackDown 2021

Who will earn their shot at Roman Reigns?

The WWE Universal Champion was SmackDown’s shining Survivor Series win, but it’s back to business. Who wins a battle royal to become #1 contender?


  • Drew McIntyre & Jeff Hardy VS “Happy” Corbin & “Mad Cap” Moss; win.
  • Ridge Holland w/ Sheamus VS Cesaro; wins.
  • WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal: wins and will challenge Roman Reigns for the title.


Kayla Braxton is in the ring!

She welcomes us to this post-Thanksgiving edition of Friday Night SmackDown, and says rumors continue to heat up that Brock Lesnar’s indefinite suspension- Roman Reigns interrupts! The Head of the Table, Paul Heyman carrying the Universal Championship for him, stands on stage, then is handed the belt for the pyro. Roman then continues down to the ring, Heyman holing the title up as a banner. And then Roman holds the title up in the ring for more pyro. Heyman allows Kayla to step forward, but has her hand over the mic. “Rumorssss? Rumors about Brrrock. Lesnarrr. That’s the best you got? Rumors? We don’t do rumorsss on the Island of Relevancy.”

That’s Kayla’s problem! She parades around here like she’s a journalist with breaking news about Lesnar’s suspension when she knows it’s personal to Roman and Heyman, but she just wants the spotlight for herself. Heyman tells fans not to boo her, they can’t judge any of them in the ring. Heyman defended Kayla because she’s a coworker but he’s disappointed in her. She needs confirmation, denial, or facts! That’s what Roman deals in. Heyman used to like Kayla because people said she’s pretty. But Kayla is living her life through an Instagram filter. But there is no filter that makes you a legit journalist. Until she is one, this is her cue to leave Roman’s ring. Thank you for your time, good night.

Kayla storms off, but fans chant, “We Want Brock!” Roman gets the mic and asks Heyman, “Do you want to know the problem with rumors? Rumors give loses false hope. And compared to me, everyone’s a loser around here.” Roman’s beaten them all! And Lesnar is the number one loser around here. Roman beat him and it wasn’t even in ideal conditions. Roman flew all around the world and smashed Lesnar. Roman doesn’t care about rumors and that’s the facts. Y’know who else is a loser? Big E, the WWE Champion, is a loser cuz he got smashed at Survivor Series. But they’re just part of a long list! Roman’s beat them all. Roman’s running laps, it’s getting embarrassing!

What did management do? What’s that thing for tonight? A Black Friday Battle Royal to determine a #1 contender for the Head of the Table? C’mon…! Battle royal, elimination match, gauntlet, three way, four way, five way, it don’t matter. Just let three or four of them win and he’ll smash ’em all! Roman can do that because he’s the best of the best, the Universal Champion, the Head of the Table, YOUR Tribal Chief, and the Greatest of All Time. When Roman’s days are down, which could be sooner than later, the whole world will acknowledge him. Roman doesn’t care who wins tonight, but will he take that winner seriously when it’s time to take that person on?


Drew McIntyre & Jeff Hardy VS “Happy” Corbin & “Mad Cap” Moss!

The Scottish Warrior watched the Charismatic Enigma’s back before Survivor Series, and now has his back here against the hyenas. Will Hardy Country also become Claymore Country here in Greensboro? Or will Corbin & Moss become insufferable with a win here tonight?

SmackDown returns as Corbin & Moss make their entrance. The teams sort out but Corbin attacks Hardy from behind! Corbin stomps Hardy, gloats then drags Hardy up to whip him to a corner. Hardy dodges then atomic drops and trips Corbin up for the leg splitting leg drop! Basement dropkick, then a wrench. Corbin clubs and ROCKS Hardy, then tags in Moss. Moss mugs Hardy with knees, then runs and runs to run Hardy over! Moss keeps moving, Hardy hip tosses him down! Cover, ONE! Hardy tags McIntyre in and fans fire up as they double whip Moss to double elbow and fist drop splash combo! Cover, TWO!

McIntyre keeps on Moss and CHOPS him in the corner. Fans fire up, but Moss throat chops McIntyre. Moss whips, McIntyre comes back and CLOBBERS him! McIntyre drags Moss up, wrenches and tags in Hardy. Hardy hops up, double ax handles to Moss’ arm! Hardy wrenches Moss, grinds the shoulder, but Moss powers out. Hardy sends Moss out and wrecks him with a dropkick! Hardy ducks Corbin’s clothesline to hotshot him down! Hardy goes to the apron to FLYING LARIAT Corbin down! But Moss CLOBBERS Hardy into the timekeeper’s area! Moss laughs it up while SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Corbin fires off body shots on Hardy in a corner. The ref counts, Corbin lets off and whips Hardy corner to corner. Corbin runs, Hardy dodges, but Corbin slides out then slides in to DECK McIntyre! Corbin puts Hardy in the corner, Moss mugs him while Corbin taunts McIntyre and the ref is busy with him. Moss tags in, but Hardy kicks back! Moss slips out of the Twist, DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES bring both men down! Fans fire up, Moss and Hardy crawl, hot tags to Corbin and McIntyre! McIntyre rallies with big lariats, then a whip to an elbow! McIntyre gets Corbin in a corner, OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Moss runs in but into a NECKBREAKER!

McIntyre dodges Corbin, Corbin slides out and in but McIntyre dodges to NECKBREAKER! And kip up! Fans fire up with McIntyre as he calls for the countdown! The fans count it down but McIntyre has to hit Moss first! Corbin gets McIntyre for a DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO! Corbin is furious but he drags McIntyre over to tag in Moss. They mug McIntyre, Moss scoops and Corbin goes up. Hardy saves McIntyre and then McIntyre ROCKS Moss! McIntyre dodges Corbin, Corbin jumps into Hardy’s kick! Corbin blocks the Twist and shoves Hardy out! McIntyre clotheslines Corbin out! Moss forearms but McIntyre HEADBUTTS! McIntyre then dodges to CLAYMORE Moss down!

Fans are thunderous and McIntyre tags in Hardy! Hardy throws off the shirt, climbs up top, SWANTON BOMB! Cover, Hardy & McIntyre win!

Winners: Drew McIntyre & Jeff Hardy, by pinfall

Greensboro is red hot for their hometown hero and the Scottish Warrior! But will this be the last either of them has heard from the chuckle headed Corbin and Moss?


Aliyah talks with Kayla backstage.

She wants to know as much as anyone about the rumors, but then Heyman walks over. Aliyah hurries off and Heyman asks Kayla if she got any updates on the rumors. See, this is what Kayla needs to do. She needs to get a confirmation or a denial. But the thing is, there are no rumors about Lesnar, because he got himself suspended. He put his hands on Adam Pearce not once but twice to leave the WWE no options. But Lesnar is hiding behind the suspension because he fears Roman Reigns. Think that’s a rumor? Call Lesnar. Oh, wait, Heyman doesn’t have his new number, and neither does Kayla.

And that’s another problem. If Kayla doesn’t have a confirmation or denial by the end of tonight, Kayla’s GONE. Or at least, that’s what Heyman’s pushing for. Or maybe it’s just a rumor. Heyman walks off, but what will Kayla do about his not so veiled threat?


Ridge Holland w/ Sheamus VS Cesaro!

Northern Grit made quite the impression on his hero, The Celtic Warrior, in helping Sheamus get the win last week to join Team SmackDown at Survivor Series. Now Holland looks to make an even bigger impression taking the Swiss Cyborg on himself! Will the Fella love what he sees from his brand new protégé?


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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (11/25/21)

Will the Thunderstorm finally taste gold?



Coverage NXT UK 2021

Sam Gradwell wants to shut up the Heritage Cup Champion!

It may be Thanksgiving in the US, but it’s just another Thursday in the UK! And it’s a battle of big mouths between Noam Dar and Sam Gradwell!


  • Jordan Devlin VS Mark Andrews; Devlin wins.
  • Isla Dawn VS Aleah James; Dawn wins.
  • Dani Luna Jinny VS Angel Hayze; Jinny wins.
  • NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship: Noam Dar w/ Sha Samuels VS Sam Gradwell; Dar wins and retains the cup.


Jordan Devlin VS Mark Andrews!

The Irish Ace says to only care about yourself in order to get ahead. But the high-fiving, stage-diving, skateboarding rockstar of Subculture does things his way. Will Andrews win his way, too? Or will Devlin get ahead at Andrews’ expense?

But Andrews is stressing out backstage? Flash Morgan Webster hurries over, they don’t know where Dani Luna went. But they can’t worry about that now, Andrews has his match. The two head out without her, will Subculture be alright?

The bell rings and the fans rally up as the two circle. They tie up, Devlin waistlocks, slams Andrews down, then slaps him around! Andrews gets to ropes and Devlin gloats. Devlin and Andrews circle and tie up again, Devlin knees low and clubs Andrews down. Devlin pushes Andrews. “You worried about your little friend?” Devlin SLAPS Andrews and tells him to be worried about who he’s in the ring with! Andrews blocks a punch to give forearms and CHOPS on repeat! Andrews whips, Devlin reverses but Andrews ducks and slides to tilt-0-whirl headscissor! And dropkick! Devlin whips but Andrews reverses to hurdle and monkey flip!

Andrews CHOPS Devlin, and Devlin staggers! Devlin turns around into a RANA! Cover, TWO! Devlin bails out, Andrews gives chase. They go into the ring, Devlin gets to the apron to then trip Andrews and slingshot splash! Fans rally up but Devlin CLUBS and CHOPS Andrews in the corner. Andrews CHOPS back, throws forearms and CHOPS again, then headlocks. Devlin powers out, hurdles, drops and kitchen sink knees Andrews down! Devlin scowls, drags Andrews up to JAM an elbow into his forehead! Devlin kicks Andrews to ropes, drags him back up and wrenches to a back suplex BACKBREAKER! Devlin asks, “Who’s the man?” and fans say, “Not you!”

Devlin stomps Andrews down, digs his heel into Andrews’ back, then drags him back up to whip to a corner. Andrews staggers into a scoop and BACKBREAKER! Devlin scrapes his boot on Andrews’ face, then stomps him in the corner. Devlin digs his boot in, the ref counts and Devlin lets off. Devlin says he knows the rules, then throws a haymaker. Andrews forearms and CHOPS back! Devlin BOOTS then LARIATS Andrews down! Cover, TWO! Another try, TWO! Devlin argues the count, but brings Andrews up to snapmare and drop an elbow. Devlin drags Andrews into a chinlock and digs a knee into his back.

Fans rally as Andrews fights up and hits a JAWBREAKER! Devlin whips, scoops, but Andrews tilt-o-whirls through to DDT! Both men are down, fans rally up and Andrews crawls then stands. Andrews counter punches again, then fires off more forearms and CHOPS! Andrews whips, Devlin reverses but Andrews slides and PELES! Andrews keeps moving, victory roll to STOMP-182! Fans fire up with Andrews and he runs in at the corner to forearm smash! Andrews keeps moving, catches Devlin for a SIT-OUT POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO! Devlin gets himself to a corner again, but Andrews is on him. Devlin shoves Andrews away, goes up but Andrews GAMANGIRIS!

Andrews climbs up and sits Devlin up but Devlin slips out! Andrews elbows Devlin away, pops Devlin to the apron, but Devlin slingshots in to CUTTER! Cover, TWO! Andrews crawls while Devlin grows frustrated. Fans chant, “Devlin Sucks!” but Devlin bumps Andrews off buckles. Devlin CHOPS, hoists Andrews up top, throws haymakers, then climbs up top. Devlin brings Andrews up but Andrews fights with body shots! Andrews clubs Devlin again and again, adjusts, and SUPER POISON-RANAS!! And then hops on, DESTROYER!! Cover, TWO!?! Devlin survives but Andrews hurries up top! FALL TO PIECES onto knees! Cover, TWO!!

Devlin gets Andrews up, suplex, STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE! Devlin is down and Andrews hurries back up! But Devlin manages to roll out of the ring. Andrews adjusts to ARIHARA MOONSAULT! Fans fire up for “NXT! NXT!” while both men are down. A ring count starts and climbs to 5 of 10. Andrews is up but Devlin pulls him back and RAMS him into barriers! Devlin is in at 8, Andrews is in at 9.5! Andrews staggers into a HEADBUTT! Devlin has the arm, ripcord, DEVLINSIDE! Cover, Devlin wins!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by pinfall

The Irish Ace only cares about himself and he won here tonight! Those things aren’t necessarily connected, but if it works for Devlin, will he continue to fight only for himself in NXT UK?


Sid Scala has an announcement.

He is pleased to confirmed that the #1 contenders to the NXT UK Tag Team Championships, Moustache Mountain, will have their title match in two weeks. Get ready for Pretty Deadly VS Tyler Bate & Trent Seven, round 2!


NXT UK hears from Gallus.

Joe Coffey punches a locker and Mark calms him down. Wolfgang says he’s sick and tired of the “cobble gangsters.” Joe asks, “How did we not see this coming?” Mark says it’s cuz “on what planet does Charlie Dempsey fit in with Teoman and Rohan Raja?” Well congratulations, they pulled one over on Gallus. No, don’t congratulate that. If they wanted a fight, the three of them have been right here. Joe says there’s even numbers now, and there’s nothing they love than a square go. Dempsey, if you want to run with that crew, that’s fine. If you want to have weird, candlelit family dinners, that’s fine. But you got your one cheap shot. Now, you get your heads kicked in.


NXT UK Media hears a lot of noise.

They find it’s coming from Room 1414, and then Sam Gradwell comes storming in from his room. Gradwell bangs on the door, it’s 3 in the morning!! Of course it is Noam Dar and Sha Samuels partying. How did they get a penthouse? Duh, they’re winners! Gradwell says when Dar is ready to come back to work, he’ll knock the party out of him! What? Gradwell wants a match with Dar? You bleeding know he does! Well that’s easy money for Dar and they can get back to the party. Gradwell snatches their champagne and says Dar has a date with oblivion. Just keep it down! Hey, does the camera crew wanna party? Just leave the camera outside, yeah?


Sid Scala has another announcement.

But it’s interrupted by Sam Gradwell barging in. He’s been looking with Sid all over. Why is the match with Dar not a Heritage Cup match? Dar’s been celebrating nonstop, it’s ridiculous! But then Sha and Dar walk in and accuse Gradwell of scheming. Win matches, Gradwell! That’s the rules! But then Johnny Saint walks over! The NXT UK GM says they do what Sid says. Then the main event is now for the NXT UK Heritage Cup! Gradwell says that makes sense and the party is over! Dar welcomes Mr. Saint back, but Sha assures us that is sarcasm. Will Dar and Sha be feeling any better after the showdown with the Thunderstorm?


Isla Dawn VS Aleah James!

The Wicked Witch has been taking trophies from every woman in the division, and her opponent this week was her most recent victim. But will Aleah make Isla take an L to keep her new winstreak going?

The bell rings and fans rally as the two circle. They tie up, Isla powers Aleah to a corner and then pie faces her as she lets off. Aleah comes back, ties up, but Isla wrenches an arm to a wristlock. Aleah endures, cartwheels and wrenches to YANK Isla’s arm! Isla turns through, Aleah wrenches back. Isla throws a body shot, wrenches Aleah, fans rally and duel as Isla hammerlocks. Aleah flips, powers through and headlocks! Isla throws body shots, powers out but Aleah goes up, only to turn around into a snapmare! Aleah gets up but Isla runs her over! Things speed up, Aleah hurdles and dropkicks Isla down! Isla goes to the apron, Aleah grabs her hair but Isla hotshots Aleah away!

Isla grins as she gets in and stomps Aleah down. Isla stomps Aleah to the corner, pushes her against ropes then whips her to kitchen sink knee! Isla rains down forearms, runs, then PENALTY KICKS! Cover, TWO! Aleah elbows Isla from the mat but Isla CLUBS her down. Isla digs her boots into Aleah in the corner then lets off as the ref counts. Isla whips Aleah out then right back into the corner to clothesline! Isla whips Aleah in again but Aleah goes up and over and schoolgirl with bridge! TWO, and Isla sweeps the legs! Isla digs claws into Aleah’s shoulders, then grabs the arms for a cobra clutch!

Aleah endures, fights, then JAWBREAKERS! Aleah dodges a forearm to rally with big shoulder tackles, and a CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Aleah reels Isla in, Isla throws body shots and suplexes, but Aleah makes it a cradle! TWO, and Aleah hurries up. Aleah run sin but is put in the corner for a ROUNDHOUSE! Isla fireman’s carries for a SWINGING SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, Isla wins!

Winner: Isla Dawn, by pinfall

Aleah’s winstreak is cut very short, and Isla snaps her own losing streak! Are fortunes changing for the Wicked Witch? Wait, she goes to her mysterious box full of her treasures. She takes a peek inside, and returns the scrunchie she stole from Aleah? Has Isla gotten something even better now that she’s won?


Xia Brookside visits Sid Scala’s office.

She wants the update on the title match. Sid didn’t make a promise but she says he did. And daddy said he was gonna talk to Sid about it, since it seems Sid doesn’t want her on the wall “with all the nice, shiny champions.” Just because Sid doesn’t want her as champion doesn’t mean she shouldn’t get her shot! Sid stops her there and says congratulations, she gets her opportunity next week. No! That’s too soon! She needs more time to prepare and train for Meiko! It’s that or not at all! FINE! Xia storms out, but will her spoiled attitude be what dooms her against the Final Boss?


Moustache Mountain is excited!

Trent Seven and Tyler Bate hug it out. They’re refocused, they’ve found their Zen, they’re ready to take the tag titles. Finally! They cannot lose this one. They will not lose this one! They’re Moustache Mountain, and they owe it to themselves and the fans! Pretty Deadly, that’s it! You’ve got two weeks until Seven & Bate become NXT UK Tag Team Champions!

Pretty Deadly responds.

Sam Stoker asks Lewis Howley, what would be sweeter than beating Moustache Mountain once? Beating them twice! But this time, the NXT UK Universe will be live and in person to see with their own eyes that Pretty Deadly is the best tag team in NXT UK history. But will that be the case when the rematch happens in two weeks?


Dani Luna VS Angel Hayze!

Subculture’s Punk Rock Powerhouse was MIA earlier, has she appeared since the start of the show? It doesn’t seem that’s the case, and out walks Jinny. “Well, well, well. Dani Luna isn’t coming, and I’ve made sure of that.” Her sincerest apologies to Mark & Flash. They’ll have to be without her for a very long time. Jinny is handling things on her own from now on, and her business relationship with Joseph Conners is over. Fans actually cheer that news. Jinny goes into the ring and says tonight, she’ll get her winning streak back on track, starting with the “little girl,” Angel Hayze.

Jinny VS Angel Hayze!

The bell rings, the change is official and the two tie up. Jinny wrenches, puts the arm on the ropes and knees away on Angel! The ref counts, Jinny throws forearms then snapmares Angel to stomp her down. Jinny stalks and stomps Angel more, then drags her up. Angel throws body shots, Jinny ROCKS her with a forearm then whips to CLOBBER Angel with an elbow! Fans boo but Jinny KNEES Angel down! And again! And again! Jinny throws more knees, then lets off to wrap on a chinlock. Jinny thrashes Angel but fans rally as Angel endures. Jinny puts as much weight and pressure as she can on the hold but Angel still fights up!

Angel moves around, throws body shots but Jinny KNEES her low! Angel spins Jinny around to fire off forearms and a sobat! But Jinny kicks a leg out! Jinny drags Angel up to short arm LARIAT! Fans rally for Angel but Jinny drags her up by her hair. Jinny ROCKS Angel with a right, then puts her in a corner. Jinny puts Angel in the ropes, SLAPS her, and SLAPS her and SLAPS her, before the MAKEOVER! Cover, Jinny wins!

Winner: Jinny, by pinfall

The Fierce Fashionista lived up to that nickname, and she gets a win after a long drought. Will she fight her way back to the title all by herself?


The Nina Samuels Show returns.

Nina welcomes us back, and has an exclusive with the champion, Meiko Satomura. What can she tell us about her secret techniques for her upcoming title match? Meiko stays quiet and Emilia McKenzie asks Nina leave them alone while they train. Okay… There you have it! That’s the Nina Samuels Show. Meiko’s stare scares Nina off, will Meiko even need any tricks for taking on Xia Brookside next week?


Dar and Sha talk backstage.

Dar says it’s time to make some changes to the Heritage Cup. Tyler Bate? More like, see you later, mate! They cover Tyler’s name up with tape! They also cover up A-Kid! Or as Sha calls him, “A-Mug.” Now Dar’s name is the only one visible. Dar’s feeling spicy for the match, but will Gradwell bring the party to a screeching halt and add a new name to that cup?


Ilja Dragunov speaks.

Rampage Brown made it very clear that he doesn’t need Dragunov’s respect. That’s okay. Because just by standing in front of Ilja, looking him in the eye and punching him to the ground, that was the best showing of respect he could give. Dragunov first fought for the title for himself, but then he realized the responsibility he has as a symbol. People feel something watching him fight. He is a symbol of dedication and the will to fight like there is no tomorrow. Long Live the Czar.

Rampage Brown responds.

He doesn’t like the light being in his face. Are they going to ask him about his feelings for this match or something? Who cares, really? Ilja is the golden boy and that doesn’t sit right with Rampage. Neither does Ilja being NXT UK Champion. Rampage came in the most respected competitor NXT UK had ever signed, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t pay the bills and it doesn’t feed him. Being champion does. There is no respect when it comes to the title. Ilja is just in Rampage’s way. Rampage Brown don’t mess around. “Ilja, I’m gonna smash ya face in, then I’m gonna take ya title. Then I’ll have all the respect.”


NXT UK Media catches up with Mark Andrews.

He lost the match but he’s outside the medic’s room, not for him but for Flash. Flash has an update on his shoulder. But before he can say what’s what, Kenny Williams walks by. Andrews and Flash outside the medic’s room, they should start calling it Subculture’s dressing room. Andrews tells Kenny not to pick with a fight with someone on the sidelines. Plus, Andrews is healthy. Alright, alright. Relax, Mark. You don’t want to get into a fight back here with someone like Kenny. Andrews steps to Kenny and Kenny scurries away, will Andrews look to crush the cockroach in the ring?


NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship: Noam Dar w/ Sha Samuels VS Sam Gradwell!

The Scottish Supernova didn’t want to defend his cup, but he’ll gladly take the bump up in the paycheck! Will Dar be able to do even more with the “easy money” he’s earning? Or will the Thunderstorm ruin those plans for the after party?

The introductions are made, the cup is presented, and ready or not, here we go, yogurts!

The two circle and Dar gives a quick kick. Gradwell stays up, and Dar backs off to get a sip from Sha’s flask. Dar and Gradwell circle and tie up. Gradwell powers Dar to ropes, Dar calls for the ropebreak and the ref counts. Gradwell lets off but Dar avoids his clothesline. Dar taunts Gradwell then uses the ropes as defense. Gradwell backs off, he and Dar circle again. They tie up, Dar waistlocks, then baits Gradwell with a foot to then get a headlock. Gradwell blocks the takeover and powers out, but Dar pulls hair to bring Gradwell into a headlock takeover. Gradwell headscissors, Dar fights those off and gets up, but Gradwell sends him to a corner.

Dar goes up and under, Gradwell runs into an arm wrench! Dar wrenches and wrenches but Gradwell DECKS Dar! Gradwell drags Dar up, reels him in to scoop and SLAM! Gradwell drags Dar up, Dar wrenches and pulls on an ear! Gradwell just laughs it off, and pulls on Dar’s ear! We’re under a minute here in the first, Gradwell CLUBS Dar down! Cover, TWO! Gradwell drags Dar up, Dar gets the leg, but Gradwell throws haymakers, then SMACKS Dar off Gradwell’s knee brace! Gradwell fireman’s carries for the SAMOAN DRIVER! Cover, Gradwell gets the fall!!

Dar: 0; Gradwell: 1

Sha protests, that knee brace should be illegal! Dar is out! Sha drags Dar back to the corner and revives him. Gradwell refreshes and the second round begins! Dar flops down, Gradwell drags Dar up, but Dar cradles! TWO!! Gradwell gets up, Dar jumps on for a GUILLOTINE! Gradwell tosses him and CLOBBERS him! Gradwell whips corner to corner then back drops Dar high and hard! Dar flounders, Gradwell aims to ROLLING ELBOW! But Dar goes flying out of the ring! Gradwell goes to the apron, Sha distracts him, Dar sweeps the legs! Sha laughs at Gradwell, Dar builds speed to BLAST Gradwell with a dropkick!

Dar drags Gradwell up and into the ring as fans cheer him on. Dar gets in to back elbow hard! Dar then aims from a corner, runs in, NOVA ROLLA! Cover, Dar gets the fall!

Dar: 1; Gradwell: 1

And we’re tied up just like that! Dar is feeling a bit better after now, but the third round begins. Gradwell and Dar tie up, Dar goes for a leg but Gradwell throws him off. Dar kicks the leg out! Gradwell blocks the whip, sends Dar to a corner but Dar dropkicks him back! Dar dropkicks the leg out! Gradwell clutches his knee, Dar basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Dar stomps Gradwell, kicks him to the ropes, then wrenches an arm. Gradwell fights up but Dar kicks him. Dar still works on the arm, Gradwell powers up again but Dar knees him low. Gradwell knees Dar back! Dar KICKS the leg, feints to KICK and KICK Gradwell down! Cover, TWO!

Fans taunt Gradwell with “You’re Not Sheamus!” but Gradwell ROCKS Dar! Dar staggers over but Gradwell ROCKS him again! Dar goes for the leg, Gradwell underhooks for a BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Both men are down as we reach a minute left in the third. Sha coaches Dar, fans rally up, Dar kicks but Gradwell blocks! Dar elbow jabs free! Dar then facelocks, but Gradwell guillotines out, only for Dar to drag him down! Dar has to kick Gradwell down, but he has the kneebar! Wait, he’s undoing the knee brace! Gradwell claws at Dar as Dar stomps him down! CHAMPAGNE SUPER KNEEBAR! We reach the last 10 seconds of the round, Gradwell CLUBS away on Dar! Dar pulls harder, but time’s up!

Dar: 1; Gradwell: 1

Gradwell survives to be saved by the bell, but Sha gets Dar back to his corner. Dar is ready to go after the leg while Gradwell takes his brace off. The bell rings and Dar runs in to CLOBBER Gradwell! Dar shoves Gradwell and BOOTS him at the ropes! Dar KICKS the bad leg, then KICKS Gradwell down. Dar stomps Gradwell, the ref counts, Dar lets off. Sha SLAMS Gradwell’s bad leg on the apron edge! Fans are torn but Dar CLOBBERS Gradwell from behind! Cover, TWO! Gradwell is still in this and Dar can’t believe it! Dar kicks the leg, grabs it, but Gradwell boots him away! Gradwell hobbles up and blocks the back elbow to spin Dar for an STO! Cover, TWO!!

Fans are fired up and Sha is relieved. Sha begs Dar to get up but Gradwell is on him. Gradwell fireman’s carries but Dar CLUBS away. Gradwell shoves Dar, KNEES him low, underhooks but Dar slips out! Gradwell avoids the sweep but not the mule kicks! Fans fire up as Dar KICKS. Gradwell stands up? Dar KICKS the leg, but then Gradwell blocks the chest kick! Gradwell ROCKS Dar as we reach a minute, but Dar dodges the rolling elbow to KICK Gradwell in the back! Gradwell falls, Sha sets the leg up for Dar! The ref is suspicious, but Gradwell gets up to grab Dar from the top! Fireman’s carry but Dar holds ropes! Sha uses his scarf as a lifeline for Dar!

Dar holds on, then lets go to use the momentum to roll Gradwell up! TWO!! Gradwell escapes but Dar sweeps the legs! Twenty seconds, Dar runs in to fake Gradwell out! Takedown to CHAMPAGNE SUPER KNEEBAR!! Gradwell just has to last 10 seconds! But he can’t! Gradwell taps, Dar wins!!

Winner: Noam Dar, by submission (still NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion)

Dar makes “easy money” because of the East End Butcher insurance policy! Will Mr. Supernova 11 keep on winning and keep on partying?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode here, what a great adjustment to make the main event big. Gradwell gets a bit of satisfaction in making Dar defend the cup when he didn’t want to, but I figured he was going to lose. Dar has been going pretty hot lately, and though he’s a Heel, he’s got a great following from the fans. Dar covering up the other names with tape was a fairly clever move from him, too. I’m very curious as to what’s going on with Dani Luna and Joseph Conners not being around. Is this COVID concerns they’re keeping under wraps? There weren’t releases for NXT UK, I think those would’ve made the wrestling internet news.

It mostly seems a shame for Conners and Jinny that they’re not working together. He can’t seem to get anywhere, she isn’t really getting anywhere even though she won as Dani’s replacement. Not sure what’s going to be different for Jinny now that she’s solo again. As for Andrews, he lost to Devlin, and I think he’s going to lose to Kenny Williams next week. Isla Dawn winning was a bit of a surprise, as was her giving the scrunchie back to Aleah. Will she now retrace her steps and defeat those she took things from as her build to the title? Hopefully that means Dani Luna is okay to come back because she was one of them.

Xia getting her title match next week is actually a great way to give her what she wants while also giving her some comeuppance because, as she said, she can’t possibly prepare in just a week. Meiko is definitely winning, and I’m thinking Blair Davenport walks out right after that match to call her shot. We got pretty good, pretty quick promos from Moustache Mountain, Pretty Deadly, Dragunov and Rampage Brown. Both those title matches are going to be great but I feel like they’re both going to be wins for the current champions. As much as Seven wants to be a champion, that’s probably going to be why he loses.

My Score: 8.3/10

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