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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (8/20/19)

A HUGE 10-Man Tag main event!!



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

Two teams wage war!

Last week’s rematch was not enough to settle things! Drew Gulak and Oney Lorcan have assembled teams, but which one wins?



  • 10-Man Captain’s Challenge Elimination Match: Team Gulak VS Team Lorcan; Team Lorcan wins.


205 Live has another first-ever match!

The Cruiserweight Champion, Drew Gulak, and his most recent challenger, Oney Lorcan, have already faced off twice in the last two weeks. The controversial ending to their SummerSlam match brought about a rematch last week, but a scrap when cameras were off is what brought on this “Captain’s Challenge” elimination tag match!

Gulak chose men who would bring about change. He is familiar with each man on his team, but he is very curious about the unknown within each of them. Ariya Daivari has proven a loyal confidant, but will he have the rage needed to win? Mike Kanellis’ grudge with Drake Maverick aside, can Mike can be diabolical when there’s nothing left to lose? Angel Garza’s own cousin, Humberto Carrillo, already casts a shadow in the Cruiserweight Division. Can Garza do what he must to take back the family spotlight? And Gulak knows better than anyone what Tony Nese is capable of, but he wants to see what Nese is willing to sacrifice to have another chance. Until then, Oney, Oney’s team and everyone must admit Gulak is the law.

As for Oney, being team captain usually means a big motivational speech to rally the troops. Oney doesn’t know anything about that stuff. But what he does know is that he has a team ready to destroy Gulak. Carrillo may have the looks, Isaiah Scott may have the swerve, Akira Tozawa may have the stamina and Jack Gallagher may have manners, but Oney dos have the fury. This is 205 Live’s BIGGEST match ever, and Oney’s team is ready to send a message loud and clear: Drew Gulak’s days as champion are numbered. But even if that’s true, will Gulak’s team be the one to lose? Or can differences be put aside for the sake of victory?


10-Man Captain’s Challenge Elimination Match: Team Gulak VS Team Lorcan!

There’s no time to waste! The Persian Lion, Opportunist of Love, Premier Athlete and even an NXT Breakout were chosen by the Philly Stretcher to counter Ultimo Ninja, the Stamina Monster, the Extraordinary Gentleman and another NXT Breakout! But being that every man on one side must be eliminated, who walks away the survivors, or even sole survivor in this massive match?

The two teams stand face to face times five, but the referee wants them to choose a starting man. No one backs down, but Gulak shoves Daivari and Nese at Carrillo and Swerve! The brawl is on times five, too! Gallagher throws out Kanellis, Tozawa throws out Garza, Swerve rocks Daivari, Carrillo tosses Nese and of course, Oney gets Gulak! Team Lorcan has the ring and fans fire up as Gallagher gives everyone an umbrella! William III and his extended family join the fight! Gallagher sends each man to a corner with umbrellas open, for a QUADRUPLE MARY POPPINS! Fans are loving it!

Kanellis was the only one to avoid the bit of god fun, and he also avoids Gallagher’s swing! This match isn’t even official yet as Oney and his team regroup. Gulak’s team also regroups, and Gulak demands those umbrellas go away. The umbrellas are put aside and the two teams finally sort out. We start with team captains, Oney and Gulak, and the bell finally rings!

Gulak and Oney tie up and go around. Fans are on Oney’s side as he waistlocks and half nelsons. Gulak resists the suplex but ends up in the corner. Swerve tags in and he wrenches Gulak to the wristlock. Swerve has Gulak on the mat but Gulak gets up. Swerve wrangles him back down, but Gulak gets up and pulls hair. Gulak puts Swerve in an open corner and honors the break, only to sucker punch and CHOP him! Gulak wrenches and whips but Swerve reverses, only for Gulak to reverse back. Swerve goes up and over and rolls Gulak back to then Eddy Gordo huricanrana! Swerve kips up and throws hands on Gulak! Gulak boots back and throws a headbutt low. Gulak scoops and slams Swerve then drags him to the corner. Tag to Garza, but Garza walks into the arm-drag! Swerve wrenches Garza’s arm and wrist, then tags in Carrillo. The cousins match up as Carrillo stomps the arm!

Carrillo headlocks Garza but Garza powers out. Things speed up and both men show their agility! Garza springboards and huricanranas but Carrillo handsprings through! Fans cheer as things speed up again. Garza stops Carrillo with a hand, to tear off the pants! Then he offers a hand to his cousin. Carrillo accepts the handshake, but Garza uses it to whip him into the corner! Garza adds a mule kick and drops Carrillo! Garza taunts Oney’s team but this allows Gulak and Daivari to stomp away on Carrillo! Garza grins as he tags Gulak back in. Gulak clubs Carrillo but Carrillo hits back. Gulak CHOPS then snap suplexes Carrillo to a cover, ONE. Gulak puts Carrillo in the corner and tags Kanellis. Kanellis stomps and CHOPS Carrillo then puts him in the open corner for a mudhole stomping!

Mike keeps his cool as he stomps Carrillo’s fingers. He drags Carrillo up for a suplex high and hard! Cover, TWO! Kanellis keeps on Carrillo with a whip, and tags Gulak back in. Gulak taunts Carrillo as he brings him up for body blows. Gulak wraps on a chinlock and twists hard, but fans rally as Carrillo endures. Carrillo fights back but gets knees and another suplex. But Carrillo slips out and rolls Gulak up, TWO! Hot tag to Tozawa! Tozawa boots and spin kicks Gulak out of the ring! Tozawa builds speed only to suddenly stop. Tozawa slingshots to the apron to SUPERKICK Daivari! Daivari falls back and topples Nese and Garza over like dominoes! Then Tozawa CANNONBALLS Gulak into barriers! Fans fire up with the Stamina Monster as he puts Gulak back in the ring. Tozawa climbs up top, Gulak stands, Tozawa hits a missile dropkick!

Kanellis tags in and fireman’s carries, but Tozawa fights out. Tozawa shoves and back kicks. Tozawa swings, slips under and tilt-o-whirls to an Iron Octopus! Kanellis endures the hold while Maria watches backstage. Mike pops out of the hold and spins Tozawa around for a shove, that sends Gallagher flying! Twisted Love facebuster! Cover, Kanellis ELIMINATES Tozawa! And Maria is so proud of him. But he doesn’t see Gallagher slip in! Kanellis turns around for Gallagher to give him a Gentleman’s Headbutt! Gallagher ELIMINATES Kanellis! So much for Maria being proud of him… Gallagher sees Nese rush in and he gets the Premier Athlete with a drop toehold! Gallagher laces Nese’s legs into a figure four. Gallagher shifts to the arm but Nese switches to a facelock. Gulak shouts for Nese to prove himself but Gallagher slips out to a hammerlock. Nese rolls and reverses the hold onto Gallagher, but Gallagher reaches back and slides under.

Gallagher headlocks but Nese powers out corner to corner. Gallagher goes up and uses the headstand to hold Nese back. Nese waits while Gallagher pedals his legs, but he still runs inot the dropkick! Gallagher goes up, only for Gulak to distract the ref! Daivari yanks Gallagher off to hotshot the arm! Nese says he doesn’t need their help, but then Gallagher fires off! Gallagher whips Nese to a corner but Nese dodges the Gentleman’s Dropkick. Gallagher runs at Nese at the apron and forearms him down. Gallagher runs but Daivari dumps him out! The Persian Lion again helps out behind the ref’s back. Daivari feeds Gallagher to Nese’s Premier Buster! Cover, Nese ELIMINATES Gallagher! Now Swerve comes in, and fans chant for him. Gulak tells the fans to shut up, because he still hates chanting.

Nese and Swerve tie up, and the two go around the way. Nese puts Swerve in a corner, but Nese whips him corner to corner. Swerve reverses but Nese stops himself to elbow Swerve away. Nese moonsaults but Swerve gets under. Nese goes Matrix, but so does Swerve! Swerve headscissors Nese, then runs in to uppercut! Swerve rolls Nese to then hit a flying uppercut to Nese’s back! Cover, TWO! Gulak shouts at Nese but fans still rally with “Swerve! Swerve!” Swerve throws body shots but Nese resists the suplex. The two fight and Swerve spins to whip. Nese reverses and trips Swerve up. Swerve is up as Nese slides in and he moonsaults down on Nese! Cover, TWO! Gulak talks trash to Swerve but Swerve keeps Nese away. Swerve suplexes but Nese slips out to shove and body check Swerve down! Nese drags Swerve over and tags in Garza.

The Breakout stars meet again as Garza drops the leg splitting leg drop. Garza taunts Swerve while throwing crossface forearms. Garza slaps Swerve then mule kicks him down! Cover, TWO! Garza wrenches Swerve around to a mounted hammerlock. Garza traps the other arm for a modified camel clutch. Fans rally but Garza pulls Swerve’s hair.

Wait a moment, there is an argument going on backstage. THE Brian Kendrick is upset about Tozawa being eliminated so soon and is accusing Gallagher of purposefully having Tozawa run into him? Tozawa does think something was fish about that, and asks Gallagher what his “problem” is. Gallagher says he has a problem with Kendrick! Tozawa must’ve missed the part last week where Kendrick messed up Gallagher’s ropebreak. That’s the only reason Tozawa won. Tozawa is shocked and Kendrick says Gallagher is completely wrong. The only thing Kendrick is guilty of is cheering Tozawa on, as Tozawa beat Gallagher. But if Gallagher has an issue with Kendrick, they can settle this next week. Kendrick challenges Gallagher to a match, is that okay with him? It is, and it will definitely be okay with GM Drake Maverick. Tozawa is a bit dumbfounded, but will Gentleman VS Man with a Plan have a clear and controversy free finish?

In the ring, Swerve fights his way up but Garza kicks his legs out. Garza tags Nese back in, and Nese scoop slams Swerve. Nese covers, TWO! Nese keeps on Swerve with his signature body scissors squeeze. Swerve endures even as Nese clubs away. Fans rally and Swerve fights against the hold. Swerve gets free of the legs but Nese has the facelock. Swerve throws body shots but Nese trips Swerve and tags Garza back in. They double whip Swerve but Swerve kicks Garza. Swerve whips Nese but Nese whips him out to the apron. Swerve dumps Nese out then jumps over Garza. Swerve elbows Daivari but Garza uses the skirt to trip Swerve up! Garza throws Swerve into steel steps then into the ring. Garza tags Daivari and they keep Swerve from his team. Daivari covers, TWO, but Daivari stays on Swerve in the open corner.

Daivari throws big hands on Swerve, then stomps him down. The ref counts and Daivari lets up to then whip Swerve corner to corner hard! Cover, TWO! Daivari drags Swerve away and tags Gulak in. Gulak stomps Swerve down then wrenches the wrist. Swerve resists but Gulak thrashes to get the keylock. Gulak wrenches around to a hammerlock and he pulls on hair. The ref reprimands Gulak so he drags Swerve over and tags Garza back in. Garza takes the hand-off and has the hammerlock as he leans on Swerve. Swerve endures the twist and stretch as Garza goes into the abdominal stretch. Fans rally and Swerve endures to club Garza off. Swerve hip tosses free, but walks into a CHOP! Garza CHOPS Swerve more, but then Swerve ducks and CHOPS back! Garza ducks to SUPERKICK! Swerve spins to lariat! Both men are down and fans rally up! Hot tag to Nese, and Nese blasts Oney’s corner!

Nese has Swerve with a German into buckles! But Oney sneaks a tag! Nese doesn’t see it, he gives Swerve the Premier Knee! Only to get a Half ‘n’ Half! But Nese lands on his feet to stomp Oney, cover, TWO!! Oney glares at Nese as Nese CHOPS him. Oney CHOPS back, so Nese CHOPS again. Oney gives European Uppercuts but runs into a forearm! Nese Alabamas Oney but Oney rolls through to a sunset, TWO! Jackknife roll from Nese to get the Alabama, but Oney fights free to lift. Nese slips out but into a Half ‘n’ Half! Cover, Oney ELIMINATES Nese! The team captain evens things as we’re now 3v3! The Fury of 205 Live dares Gulak to take him on, captain to captain again. Gulak tells Garza to get in instead. Fans boo Gulak and Oney says Garza will have his cousin! Carrillo tags in and Garza wants everyone to hush. Garza rushes Carrillo but Carrillo dodges, sweeps and standing moonsaults! Cover, TWO!

Carrillo keeps on Garza and tags in Swerve. They whip Garza and double hip toss, then double cartwheel and double mule kick! Gulak rushes in but is sent right back out to get kicks. Swerve has Gulak’s fingers and pulls! Then Swerve haymakers Gulak down. Garza runs in, sunset flips but Swerve rolls through to calf kick! Swerve goes back to the apron to give Gulak double stomps! Daivari rushes but gets tripped up, for a Tree of Woe KILLSTOMPS! Swerve returns to targeting Garza for an apron BOOT! Swerve puts Garza in then climbs up top, KILLSTOMPS! Cover, but Gulak breaks it up!  Gulak crawls back to his corner and drags Garza over. Fans rally as Gulak tags in, and Gulak boots Swerve. Gulak CHOPS but Swerve wrenches and suplexes, only for Gulak to pull hair. Swerve pulls hair back! Swerve SLAPS but Gulak shoves. Daivari trips Swerve and Gulak hotshots Swerve into the torture rack! CYCLONE CRASH! Cover, Gulak ELIMINATES Swerve!

Gulak scrapes Swerve out, and now he stands with his team as Oney and Carrillo both hop in. The teams sort out again, and we again get cousin against cousin. Garza tried to send Daivari at Carrillo but Daivari got him first. Garza wants Carrillo to keep calm, but then he sucker punches Carrillo! Garza CHOPS but so does Carrillo! The two cousins brawl, Garza mule kicks and throws Carrillo by his hair! Garza whips Carrillo but Carrillo reverses. Garza bails out and ducks Carrillo’s slide. Carrillo runs, handstands on the apron, but gets a SUPERKICK! Garza grins as he covers Carrillo, TWO! Garza kicks his cousin to the corner and tags Daivari. Daivari drags Carrillo up for a neckbreaker, covers, TWO! Daivari wraps a wrenching chinlock, but Carrillo endures.

Lucha House Party is watching backstage, and we hear from them. Lince Dorado feels like they were just in a telenovela. He thought Carrillo attacked Gran Metalik but he had an alibi. Kalisto knows it wasn’t Carrillo, because it was Daivari! Lince could see that, but there’s no proof. The proof is in the pudding, and there ain’t no pudding. Well pudding aside, next week we settle things! Kalisto will beat a confession out of Daivari! Daivari will spill the beans, and rice! Metalik likes the sound of that. Next week, “iiiiiIIIIT’S LUCHA TIME~!” But will Daivari really be found guilty of the ambush?

In the ring, Carrillo fights his way up but Daivari throws him down by his hair. Daivari wraps on a new chinlock and thrashes Carrillo around. Carrillo endures and fights his way up and out of the hold. Carrillo runs but into a LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Carrillo lives and Daivari grows frustrated. But Daivari drags Carrillo over and tags Gulak in. Gulak drags Carrillo up into a Camel Clutch. Carrillo endures the stretch as Gulak stares Oney in the corner. Fans rally and Carrillo fights free of the hold! Carrillo arm-drags Gulak away but Gulak body checks him down! Cover, TWO! Gulak glares at Oney before he tags Garza back in. Garza CHOPS Carrillo then toys with him. He eggs Carrillo on then whips, but Carrillo dodges, and the two collide with crossbodies! Both men are down but fans rally up. Carrillo and Garza crawl, hot tag to Gulak! Hot tag to Oney!

Oney rallies with CHOPS on all of Gulak’s men! Oney hits back elbows on each man, then goes for a Half ‘n’ Half. Gulak standing switches but gets a STIFF elbow! Garza and Daivari both kick Oney then whip. Oney DOUBLE Blockbusters! Fans fire up as the Fury builds! Oney aims outside, and FLIES onto Gulak! Oney drags Gulak up and throws him over the desk! Daivari comes by and starts brawling with Oney! Oney hits Garza and sends him nito steps! Oney fires off on Daivari and fans are loving this. Gulak returns but gets EuroUppers. Daivari brawls again but gets rocked. The referee wants Oney to get back in the ring, but Gulak has a chair! Gulak jabs and SMACKS Oney! Gulak ELIMINATES himself!! There are still disqualifications in a match like this, so Gulak’s team is without their captain. But since Gulak already got himself thrown out of the match, he SMACKS Oney again, against the post!

The cruel Cruiserweight Champion gets in the ring with the chair but the referee shouts at him to stop. Gulak doesn’t as he SMACKS Oney again! The referee finally takes the chair from Gulak but Gulak looms over Gulak. Gulak doesn’t care, he just wanted to hurt Oney. Gulak takes his time leaving, and makes sure to fetch his title on the way out. Meanwhile, Daivari and Carrillo step in for their teams, and Carrillo dodges Daivari to handspring back elbow! Carrillo takes a moment to catch his breath while Daivari backs away to the corner. Carrillo runs in but Daivari puts him on the apron. Carrillo hits Garza before knocking Daivari away. Carrillo then climbs up, only for Garza to trip him up! Daivari walks over and crosses Carrillo’s arms, ICONOCLASM!

Tag to Garza, and Garza drags Carrillo to the corner. He and Daivari set Carrillo up in a wheelbarrow on the ropes, for Garza to dropkick the knees out! Garza covers, TWO!! Carrillo shocks his cousin with his toughness! Garza throws forearms but Carrillo gives them back. The cousins go back and forth and start throwing CHOPS! They return to forearms and Garza whips. Carrillo springboards for a flying headbutt! Both men are down and fans rally up again, because Oney is returning! Hot tags to Daivari and Oney! The Boston Brawler rallies on the Persian Lion, a familiar foe! Running EuroUpper! Oney gets going again for another back elbow. And then another! Oney wants the hat trick, but he runs into a SUPERKICK! Daivari climbs up, leaps, but his Lion Splash FLOPS! Oney has Daivari in the Half ‘n’ Half but Daivari standing switches. Daivari hammerlocks, Lion Lariat misses! Oney roll Daivari up, Oney ELIMINATES Daivari!

Now Garza is all alone, and Carrillo tags in. Carrillo has to deal with Daivari, who also doesn’t care that he’s out. Carrillo rolls Daivari then hits him with a big enziguri! Garza finally comes in, with a leaping crossbody! But Carrillo rolls it through, TWO!! The cousins speed up again, Carrillo mule kicks, knee lifts, flying enziguri! Cover, TWO!! Garza shocks himself, but the two go to opposite ends. Carrillo runs in, springboards, but Garza makes it a flapjack! Cover, using the ropes! The ref sees it in time and stops the count. Garza is furious, but Carrillo rolls him up, TWO! Carrillo almost had Garza but Garza escapes. The two reset, and fans rally up. Garza whips Carrillo corner to corner but Carrillo reverses. Carrillo runs in but is put on the apron. Carrillo SLAPS Garza first, then climbs to leap! But into a dropkick!

Both of them are down, but Garza crawls to a cover. TWO, but barely! Both men are exhausted but they still have something to give. Fans rally with “SI! SI!” as Garza shakes his head. Garza drags Carrillo up, dragon sleeper, inverted rebound suplex! Dropkick on top, cover, TWO!! Garza is furious! Garza drags Carrillo over to a drop zone and climbs, vowing to end this with style. He moonsaults, but flops! Carrillo gets to the apron, and kicks Garza as he comes over. Garza enziguris back, but Carrillo roundhouses! Carrillo climbs, leaps, and dropkicks Garza now! Garza is in the drop zone, Carrillo goes to the top rope again, twisting splash! Cover, Carrillo wins it for Team Oney!!

Winners: Team Oney, Humberto Carrillo pinning

What an epic showdown! Ultimo Ninja and Captain Lorcan survive this 5v5 challenge, having avenged Swerve, Tozawa and Gallagher! But what does this mean for Clash of Champions’ Cruiserweight Championship match?



My Thoughts:

One episode, one hour (give or take) and one match made for one amazing 205 Live! I was not expecting anything remotely like this 10-Man Elimination Tag, this was like Survivor Series come extra extra early and it was amazing! I also enjoyed that they were able to sprinkle in stories here and there, and even promos during “rest hold” segments. Kendrick VS Gallagher will be a great match, and again brings some intrigue into how this is going to play out with Tozawa more or less caught in the middle. Kalisto assumes Daivari attacked Metalik, and that is going to make the eventual turn from Lince all the more surprising to the team.

The match in itself was incredible, too. Everyone got to shine, which was of course the perfect way to do this. No need for other matches, let this match breathe. The opening brawl was great, the simultaneous Mary Poppins umbrella dives were great, Nese being the only Face on Team Gulak and therefore not wanting to go along with how the Heels were doing things was also great. It was also a brilliant move for Gulak to get himself disqualified since this match really only matters towards finding potential contenders. He obviously wanted to just do damage to Oney after everything they’ve been through, but he also surely felt his team could handle this on their own. That of course backfires, and we got a great closing sequence between Carrillo and Garza. Oney’s team wins with him and Carrillo to throw some doubt onto who is the next contender, and that is where we can go with this on the way to the PPV.

With the changes coming to WWE, like NXT going two hours and joining Raw on USA, as well as the rumored cancellation of this program to lump the Cruiserweights in with NXT, it is good that they’re at least giving us things for that now. Garza and Carrillo fighting as cousin VS cousin can totally lead to one day having them team up as cousins for NXT Tag Team Championships or a main roster title shot. I hope Vince’s “control” of NXT isn’t as much as it seems, such as him letting Paul Heyman do most of the writing for Raw now. In other words, Vince “controls” NXT by letting Triple H still do all the things he’s been doing. That aside, if these are the last days of 205 Live, this was an amazing match to get because of it.

My Score: 8.5/10

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