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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (8/7/19)

Is Dave Mastiff more gallus than Joe Coffey?



NXT UK Coverage

Two tanks collide on NXT UK!

After defying Gallus, “Bomber” Dave Mastiff looks to completely overthrow their “kingdom” by taking Joe Coffey head on! Will Mastiff be the one to muzzle the Iron King? Plus, Piper Niven helps Xia Brookside go up against the devious duo of Jazzy Gabert and Jinny!



  • Noam Dar VS Ashton Smith; Dar wins.
  • Jinny & Jazzy Gabert VS Piper Niven & Xia Brookside; Jinny & Gabert win.
  • Dave Mastiff VS Joe Coffey; Double Count-Out.


NXT UK mourns the loss of Harley Race.


Noam Dar VS Ashton Smith!

The Scottish Supernova is still riding high after cheating and beating former friend, Kenny Williams. But can he do the same to the Prestige of Manchester here tonight?

The bell rings and Dar circles with Smith. They tie up and go around, and Smith powers Dar to a corner. Dar pushes him away and Smith backs off. Fans duel and sing as Dar circles with Smith again. Dar gets Smith’s arm and wrenches it to a wristlock. Smith rolls and kips up but Dar catches him to a takedown! Dar slaps the hand then brings Smith around for an armlock. Dar wrenches but Smith rolls through again. Smith reverses the wristlock while on the mat, and then backwards monkey flips Dar down! Dar gets up fast and gets a ropebreak. Smith backs off but sees the sucker punch coming. He can’t do anything about the low headbutt and shoulder tackle, though. Dar runs but Smith keeps up to dropkick Dar down! Cover, TWO! Smith has Dar in a corner but Dar resists the whip. Smith wrenches and rams his shoulder, then whips. But Dar reverses, only to run into a stiff back elbow!

Smith hops up but Dar says his eye is damaged. But again, Dar is known to play it up. Smith runs in and Dar puts him on the apron! Dar ducks the lariat to sweep the legs! Then he dropkicks Smith off the apron and to the floor! Dar gets the better of Smith, even with Smith seeing through his fake. The ring count isn’t fast enough for Dar, though, he puts Smith back in. Dar stomps Smith’s legs then wrenches the arm to a shoulder breaker. Dar grinds Smith down and tries a ghost pin, TWO! Fans duel as Dar tries a normal cover, TWO! Dar has Smith in the armlock but fans rally up. Smith fights his way up and out, but Dar blocks one kick, and catches the enziguri into an ankle lock! Dar backs to a corner but Smith rolls and throws him off! Smith runs and lariats Dar down!

Fans fire up as Smith fires up. The dueling continues, but Smith counter punches Dar with big body shots and uppercuts. Smith whips but Dar reverses again. Smith dodges to BOOT Dar, then runs to come back with a big knee! And then a shotgun dropkick! Cover, TWO! Smith keeps going, bringing Dar back up. Dar slips out of the underhooks to sweep the legs, run and clobber Smith from behind! Cover, TWO!! Dar grows frustrated with Smith showing his grit! Dar prepares to end this. He takes aim, but Smith is still down. Dar drags Smith up, but Smith tricks Dar! Cradle, TWO! SUPERKICK! And then Smith climbs, but the leg lariat misses! Dar runs back out, NOVA ROLLA! Cover, Dar wins!

Winner: Noam Dar, by pinfall

Dar’s tricks didn’t work on Smith, but Smith’s trick didn’t work on Dar, either. Will Mr. 11 find himself fighting for gold after Cardiff? Or does he have a lot of work still to do before getting another title shot?

In-ring interview with Noam Dar.

Another victory for quite the run in NXT UK. Dar tells Radzy that when he put the transfer request in, he could’ve gone anywhere in the WWE. The only reason the “dafties” get to see Dar here is because of the “big, fat, delicious” contract NXT UK offered him. By the way, that same contract comes with many benefits. The best one is a guarantee to be a star player in the “big games,” which means Cardiff will see the “golden boot” Supernova in action! Dar has a match on the biggest night for NXT UK yet, but who is going to be the lucky opponent benefiting from Dar’s guarantee?


NXT UK Media catches up with Tyler Bate.

The Big Strong Boy was seeing the UK Performance Center’s trainer doctor when he is asked about his thoughts of making it to Cardiff. Bate knows he’s outnumbered with Trent Seven not medically cleared and Pete Dunne somewhere else. But Bate is 100% now, and Walter will not disrespect the title anymore. In Cardiff, Walter VS Bate is 1v1, and Bate vows to become the first-ever two-time WWE UK Champion. Is this determination enough for the original champion to become the new champion?


The Grizzled Young Veterans are here!

And of course, the fans troll with “If you hate Gibson, shoes off~!” But Zack Gibson still takes the mic to introduce himself and James Drake, the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions. A little bird has told them Gallus wants a title shot in Cardiff. Those Gallus boys have “been on quite an impressive streak.” But while they were beating Joe Blokes and Johnny Kickpads, the GYV have defended against the very best teams in the world! But before Gibson can say more, Gallus comes out! Mark tells Gibson, “We’ve not been petitioning. We’ve not been campaigning. Hell, we’re not even asking. We’re taking our championship match!”

But wait, it’s Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster! The Welshman Air Force is reunited as they join GYV and Gallus in the ring. “Whoa, guys. Alright, I’ll admit, you’re two of the best teams in the world right now. I’ll give you that.” But before talking title matches, don’t think that you can just show up in #Mandrews’ and the Modfather’s hometown and not have a TakeOver without them! Gibson asks “what on Earth makes you two melts that you deserve a shot at these titles?!” At least Gallus wins instead of being held together by tape. Gallus actually agrees. “Pipe down, junior. The big boys are talking.”

Flash refuses to be silenced. He knows he and Andrews can beat Gallus, and they can beat GYV. Gibson keeps the peace as Gallus gets heated. Before all of this gets going, the GYV are not here to compete. To diffuse the situation, it’s pretty obvious to everyone, GYV gets to go to Cardiff either way. But the others can argue until the cows come home, it’s ultimately up to Johnny Saint. Fans chant for Saint, but GYV says they’re going to leave everyone with this thought: “When NXT UK came ot Liverpool, I earned my spot.” In Blackpool, Drake earned a spot. In Glasgow, Gallus earned a spot. So if the Welshmen want to be in Cardiff, earn it! Either way, the titles remain grizzled. A big challenge put in front of Andrews and Webster, will they earn a spot in their hometown show?


NXT UK reflects on the rise of this brand.

From humble beginnings over two years ago to being on par with the rest of the WWE, everyone on the UK roster knows that TakeOver means everything. They all want to be on the show to prove to the rest of the WWE that they are the best.

Mark Andrews would be living a 15 year long dream to be in his hometown for such an event. Xia Brookside would love to get Cardiff to #FlywithBrookside. Even the PC coaches know the intensity and determination gets dialed up. El Ligero worked 18 years just to get here, so he wants to make it to that stage and inspire future superstars. Nina Samuels wants to be the leading lady but Killer Kelly wants to showcase what she’s all about. Jordan Devlin wants to know why he isn’t already the main event of Cardiff, but Travis Banks vows to not miss this TakeOver. Rhea Ripley succeeded once at a TakeOver already, so she wants to take things tot he next level. Who takes over in Cardiff?


NXT Media finds Travis Banks coming out of the GM’s office.

What was the Kiwi Buzzsaw talking with Johnny Saint about? Well first, Andrews and Webster come by to have their own talk with the boss. But back to Banks, it sucked he missed out in Blackpool. He promised himself to get to Cardiff, and talking with Saint, he has to earn his spot. Banks will earn his spot, but heard about Dar’s “guaranteed” spot. Saint confirmed to Banks that Dar was exaggerating. Dar still has to earn a spot, and he doesn’t work nearly as hard as the Buzzsaw. Will Banks cut Dar off on the road to Cardiff? Or has Dar found that opponent he needs?

Webster and Andrews return now!

That chat was fast. What did Saint tell them? Well after what GYV said, the Welshmen have to admit Gibson was right, even they need to earn a spot. Now the High-Fiving, Stage-Diving Rockstar has been on quite the tear, while the Modfather only just got back. They’re excited to reunite, and their goal is to get onto TakeOver. Therefore, they’ll use what time is left to rack up wins to prove themselves worthy. That opportunity is all that they need. Will they be able to earn a spot in the three weeks that remain?


Jinny & Jazzy Gabert VS Piper Niven & Xia Brookside!

The Spoiled Princess and the Alpha Female have been working together for the common goal of taking over the NXT UK Women’s Division. However, the Scottish Viper and the young star aren’t going to let them just have their way. Will Piper and Xia be able to down the dreams of this devious duo?

The teams sort out as the bell rings. Fans taunt Jinny as the “Spoiled Princess” as she starts with Xia. Jinny and Xia circle, then Jinny runs at Xia, only to get a dropkick! Xia clubs away on Jinny’s back, then whips her to the corner. Forearm smash and a tag to Piper and Jinny gets a splash! Tag back to Xia and Piper snapmares Jinny for Xia’s kick! Xia covers, TWO! Xia whips Jinny to a corner but runs into an elbow. Jinny runs at Xia for a big huricanrana! That sends Xia into the corner, and she backs off seeing Jazzy standing there. Xia turns around into Jinny’s STRONG right! Cover, TWO! Jinny stomps Xia viciously as fans boo and jeer. Jinny drags Xia up and tags in Jazzy. Jazzy throws big hands on Xia, then brings her out for clubbing forearms. Jazzy taunts Piper before going to Xia. She scoops Xia and spins around before slamming Xia down!

Tag to Jinny and Jinny is on Xia with furious forearms. Fans rally up but Jinny whips Xia to the corner. Xia elbows Jinny away then fights Jazzy off. Xia ducks and rolls to tag Piper! Piper clobbers Jinny with double ax handles! Piper scoops Jinny for a slam of her own! She glares at Jazzy before running in at Jinny. Jinny dodges and runs back, but the huricanrana is blocked! Piper buckle bombs Jinny into the corner! And dares Jazzy to tag in! Jazzy does, and now these powerhouses throw big forearms! Piper headbutts! And sits Jazzy down for the crossbody splash! Cover, TWO! Tag to Xia, and she becomes the human weapon, wheelbarrow splash! Piper adds a back senton! Xia covers, TWO! Jazzy survives but Xia brings Jazzy up. Jazzy powers out but Xia throws a forearm. Xia whips but Jazzy blocks to reverse. Xia dodges and tilt-o-whirls, but into a sidewalk slam!

Jazzy drags Xia over and tags in Jinny. Jinny stomps Xia and brings her up but Xia fights back! Xia snapmares Jinny but Jinny throws Xia out! Rhea Ripley is spotted coming down the ramp! The Mosh Pit Kid has unfinished business with Piper and Xia, but Jinny is on Xia first. Piper goes at Rhea while the ref isn’t paying attention! Rhea hits Piper from behind, and they end up going backstage! Xia is now alone as Jinny drags her in by her hair blue hair! The ref counts and Jinny lets up at 4. Jinny argues she knows the rules. Xia shoves Jinny, but Jinny ROUNDHOUSES her down! Cover, TWO!! Xia survives but it’s only her and the fans now. Jinny drags Xia up but gets a CODE BREAKER! But Xia has no one to tag to! Jinny crawls after her and grabs hair again. Jinny throws a forearm but Xia forearms back. They go back and forth as they stand.

Xia jawbreakers then runs to hit a facebuster! Xia fires up and runs at Jinny, tilt-o-whirl headscissors! Jinny flounders to a corner, and Xia runs in, Broken Wings meteora! Cover, TWO!! Jazzy shouts for Jinny to get up but Xia keeps moving. Jinny claws at Xia’s hair but Xia still fireman’s carries. But Jinny slips out and tags Jazzy! Xia whips Jinny but Jinny reverses. Xia boots Jinny then crossbodies onto her and Jazzy! Xia fires up but Jazzy blocks the code breaker to a lariat! Then a deadlift lift to the Canadian Rack, DOMINATOR! Cover, Jazzy and Jinny win!

Winners: Jazzy Gabert & Jinny, Gabert pinning

The combination of Alpha Female and Fierce Fashionista works out, but mostly because the Aussie with Attitude took away Xia’s teammate. Will Piper and Rhea settle things between them? Will anyone be able to stop the combination of brains, brawn and beauty of Jazzy and Jinny?


NXT UK takes another closer look at Toni Storm and Kay Lee Ray.

The first time Toni saw KLR, KLR was in ICW. Toni knew KLR was the real deal and wanted to be just like her. Toni started bubbly and eager, and KLR had so much fun competing with and against her. They have wrestled each other more times than any two women in NXT UK. KLR guarantees she knows Toni better than any other woman in NXT UK. Toni fights like her life depends on it, because it does. But KLR knows the keys to taking that title off Toni, and she won’t be stopped until she does.


NXT UK Media catches up with Ilja Dragunov.

But Kassius Ohno interrupts! Oh sorry about that, Unbesiegbar. Ilja is not happy with Ohno, and Ohno leaves for now. Ilja calms himself, but Johnny Saint has made a match for him and Ohno! Will Unbesiegbar unleash his wrath on the Wrestling Genius as TakeOver: Cardiff draws closer?


Dave Mastiff VS Joe Coffey!

The Bomber teamed up with The Hunt to stand against Gallus, but they could not overcome the Iron King and his forces. However, one loss did not break Mastiff, which only angered Joe. Will Joe muzzle Mastiff like he promised at the Download Festival? Or will Plymouth be rocked as Mastiff rolls through?

The bell rings and these two collide like rams! Neither falls and so the forearms start flying! Coffey throws body shots and then whips Mastiff, but Mastiff holds ropes. Mastiff sees Coffey coming and hip tosses him down! Cover, ONE! Msatiff is on Coffey in the corner and throws more hands. Coffey hits low then throws uppercuts. Coffey runs in but is put on the apron. He hits Mastiff first, then slingshots in, only for Mastiff to catch him! Coffey elbows out of the waistlock but Mastiff hits back. Mastiff waistlocks again, but Coffey holds ropes for dear life. Even the buckle! The buckle pad comes free and Coffey goes flying in the German Suplex! Coffey goes to the opposite corner, and Mastiff takes aim! But as Mastiff goes to the corner, Coffey runs out to SPEAR Mastiff into that bare buckle! It gets Mastiff right in the lower back!

Mastiff still throws hands, but Coffey’s body shot takes him down! Coffey goes after the gut and hips, but the ref counts as they’re against ropes. Coffey lets up just long enough for the ref to check. Mastiff refuses to quit so Coffey bumps Mastiff off buckles. Coffey throws more body shots then whips Mastiff into the buckles! And again! And then he manages a pendulum backbreaker! Coffey drops elbows on the bad back! Cover, TWO! Coffey drags Mastiff up, wrenches and locks an arm. Fans rally for “Dave! Dave!” and Mastiff powers up. But Coffey hits low and wrenches the arm again! Mastiff scoops but can’t keep Coffey up with that bad back. Coffey knees away and says “This is MY kingdom!” Mastiff headbutts point blank! And manages that scoop slam! But Mastiff collapses for the pain in his torso.

Coffey is up but it’s Mastiff who throws fast hands and uppercuts! Mastiff blocks and turns Coffey around for another German Suplex! But Mastiff is slow to stand. He still back drops Coffey! Mastiff has to catch his breath, but the hands keep flying! Mastiff clobbers Coffey and Coffey rolls out. Coffey checks his jaw, but he wobbles from perhaps being hit in the ear. Mastiff hurries to follow, but Coffey shoves him away. Mastiff clotheslines Coffey into the post! That might be another shot to the ears! Mastiff gasps from his bad back while Coffey tries to steady himself from bad ears. The ref has gloves because there’s blood in Coffey’s ears. Mastiff puts Coffey in and shows no mercy as he traps the arm to elbow away on the ear! Mastiff lets up and Coffey staggers away.

Fans rally for both men as they grit this out. Coffey manages an elbow shot, then hops up, but he wobbles! Mastiff throws him down, big back senton! Mastiff covers, TWO!! Coffey survives but he’s not doing any better than Mastiff. Mastiff runs and clotheslines Coffey onto the apron! Then Mastiff joins Coffey out there. He lifts Coffey but that bad back stops him from suplexing. Coffey SPEARS Mastiff into the post! Both men crash and burn to the floor, gasping and writhing! A ring count begins but neither man sits up until 5. Coffey and Mastiff go at each other, and throw one more big hand each! They both fall, and the count reaches 10!

Double Count-Out

Neither man cared about getting in the ring, they just wanted to destroy the other! Fans aren’t pleased, and neither Mastiff nor Coffey are satisfied. They refuse medical attention, but Gallus comes out to help their Iron King leave to fight another day. Sid Scala does his best to keep the peace, but Mastiff is chomping at the bit! Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” but when and where will that be?



My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode for NXT UK, with lots of good story progress for Cardiff. Dar VS Smith was a good opener, and of course Dar wins. And it’s pretty hilarious for Dar to claim he’s been given one of, if not the, cushiest contracts in NXT UK’s short history. But with the TakeOver: Cardiff hype promo with all the superstars speaking on what it means, and with the segment right after where Banks is looking to prove himself worthy of a spot, Dar VS Banks has to be happening. That match could go either way, and make for a solid feud as NXT UK continues forward. The NXT UK Tag title match takes a nice twist. I’m a little disappointed that they aren’t daring enough to go Heels VS Heels, but throwing Webster and Andrews in makes a lot of sense. Cardiff will get pumped knowing their hometown heroes are in the match, and a Triple Threat is the kind of match that can allow them to win and it not bury the other teams. Just not sure if the Welshmen do win, though…

The women’s tag match went as I expected. There was no real conclusion to Rhea’s and Piper’s story, so it was smart for them to use this story of Xia, Jinny and Jazzy to bring it back around. And maybe we get a second-ever Six Woman of Jinny, Jazzy and Rhea against Xia, Piper and Isla Dawn, as it felt like there wasn’t much of a conclusion for Isla’s part in the story. That would make a great “post-TakeOver” match for NXT UK. Ohno VS Ilja sounds like a great match for next week, and could go either way. And then we got a great match between Mastiff and Joe Coffey. The bad back for Mastiff, the ears for Coffey, and the double count-out were all great. These two guys could again be slugging things out for a midcard title, but at the same time, I want a new Six Man of Gallus VS Mastiff, Modfather and #Mandrews at some point given overlapping stories.

My Score: 8.2/10

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