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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (8/26/19)

Two more matches in the King of the Ring tournament!



WWE Raw Cover image

Raw returns to New Orleans!

And to do it up big, not only will Raw’s opening round in the King of the Ring wrap, The Boss returns to in-ring action! Is there any possible way Natalya wins with a bad arm against the bad-in-blue Sasha Banks?



  • King of the Ring Raw Bracket: Ricochet VS Drew McIntyre; Ricochet wins and advances to the next round.
  • King of the Ring Raw Bracket: The Miz VS Baron Corbin; Corbin wins and advances to the next round.
  • Bayley VS Nikki Cross; Bayley wins.
  • Raw Tag Team Championship 8 Team Tag Team Turmoil Contender’s Match: Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler win and will face Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman for the Raw Tag Team Championships at Clash of Champions.
  • Sasha Banks VS Natalya; Banks wins.
  • Cedric Alexander VS Cesaro; Alexander wins.
  • WWE United States Championship: Braun Strowman VS AJ Styles; Styles wins by disqualification, and retains the WWE United States Championship.


Sasha Banks is in New Orleans!

The Boss will have her first match since WrestleMania 35 in New York, against Natalya, who Sasha brutally attacked not just once, but twice since returning to Raw. But right now, Sasha goes to the ring and grab a mic. “So everybody wants to know why.” Everyone wants to know where Sasha has been. Four months, Sasha was gone. Out of sight, minding her own business. But all she hears is “Sasha Banks, Sasha Banks, Sasha Banks.” But New Orleans cheers for Becky! No, Sasha Banks. Because Sasha Banks “threw a fit.” She did. Because Sasha Banks cried after WrestleMania on the floor. She did. Because Sasha Banks took her ball and went home. Damn right she did. And not for reasons fans thought. Sasha was relegated to a WrestleMania tag team match she cared nothing about, for titles that meant even less, while Becky Lynch main-evented against Charlotte and Ronda.

So yes, Sasha went home, and took an amazing vacation using her WrestleMania paycheck that wasn’t as much as Becky’s. And then Sasha came back to work. But with a plan. Sasha needed the perfect moment, “and there she was. Good ol’ Natalya.” The poor one-armed friend. Sasha “cries” and wipes her tears away with her hair. Sasha gave Natty a hug, and lied straight to her face when she said Natty’s daddy would be so proud. Then look who came to save the day: Becky Lynch! And we saw what happened then. And now Sasha is the center of attention, like she deserves. And why? Because Sasha is the standard! She ran the Women’s Division since day one, because she is The Boss and the talk! She deserves all the glory! As far as Natty goes- Well wait, here she comes! And with her bad arm wrapped, Natty tackles Sasha to the ground! The two brawl and Natty rams Sasha into the apron, then into steel steps!

Natty hammers away but Sasha powers back. Referees rush out with security to separate the two, but the fans want to “Let Them Fight!” Sasha gets at Natty with more hands! Sasha holds onto hair but the referees separate the two, only for Natty to get back at Sasha! Natty won’t let up as she hammers back on Sasha! Sasha kicks Natty away and the referees keep them apart this time. Raw goes to break, will their match still happen tonight?


The Street Profits are pumped for tonight!

The Boss back in action is going to make tonight LIT! Two more King of the Ring matches, and Strowman VS AJ Styles! That’s Phenomenal, and it’s for the title! But what’s even more exciting, the 8 Team Tag Team Turmoil Match! Awesome! But what the heck is that? A tag team gauntlet! And that winner faces Strowman & Rollins for the Raw Tag Team Championships! Whew! Heavy Machinery, The Revival, Lucha House Party, Hawkins & Ryder, The B-Team, The Viking Raiders, and former champions, The OC’s Gallows & Anderson. Those two losing the titles to go through seven teams, that’s hot. Wait who is the last team? Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler! Quite the team right there! But who makes it through the turmoil to head for Clash of Champions?


King of the Ring Raw Bracket: Ricochet VS Drew McIntyre!

The One and Only wants to truly become #KingRicochet by winning this tournament, but he’ll have to first survive the Scottish Terminator! Will Ricochet advance to meet Samoa Joe in the second round? Or will McIntyre make a broken dream come true?

The bell rings and Ricochet waistlocks but is thrown right off. Ricochet bobs ‘n’ weaves but McIntyre throws him to a corner. Ricochet dodges and rolls to handspring but McIntyre gets clear to CHOP Ricochet down! McIntyre throws Ricochet overhead across the ring! McIntyre stands Ricochet up to CHOP him back down! Then he shoves Ricochet, but Ricochet dodges to sends McIntyre into rope.  Ricochet chops but McIntyre shoves. Ricochet throws McIntyre out then gets on the apron, for a corner moonsault! McIntyre gets clear but Ricochet lands on his feet! Ricochet tilt-o-whirls but McIntyre powers through to give Ricochet a backbreaker on the barriers! McIntyre drags Ricochet off to head up the steel steps! McIntyre gives Ricochet an arpon backbreaker! Ricochet is writhing while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns as McIntyre bends Ricochet back in a Bow ‘n’ Arrow stretch. But Ricochet pops out to a cover, ONE! Ricochet CHOPS, ducks and chops again. McIntyre clubs back and clubs Ricochet down. McIntyre urns but into the dropkick-flip and enziguri! Both men are down but New Orleans fires up! Ricochet heads for a corner while McIntyre gets to ropes. McIntyre runs in but Ricochet dropkicks the legs out. Ricochet goes tot he apron to kick McIntyre from the corner! McIntyre staggers and Ricochet springboards for a missile dropkick! McIntyre bails out but Ricochet roars as he builds speed! Ricochet FLIES and takes McIntyre out! Both men are down on the outside but Ricochet is up first. The ring count reaches 5 as Ricochet gets McIntyre back in the ring.

Ricochet slides in at 7 but he can’t fireman’s carry McIntyre up. He spins and kicks instead, then jumps up, but McIntyre blocks the Poison-Rana, into the INVERTED ALABAMA! Cover, TWO! Ricochet survives and McIntyre grows frustrated. McIntyre hauls Ricochet up to SLAP him back down. McIntyre trophy lifts Ricochet but Ricochet slips out, only to get an elbow. McIntyre runs in but Ricochet catches him!? He adjusts to a Northern Lights! Roll through, but McIntyre Falcon Arrows Ricochet down! McIntyre runs over but Ricochet kicks and flips to the apron to kick again! Ricochet springboards, flying clothesline connects! Fans fire up as Ricochet hits the standing shooting star! Cover, TWO!! Both men are down again, but Ricochet wills himself back up first. “This is Awesome!” as Ricochet drags McIntyre to a drop zone.

Ricochet climbs but McIntyre stands. Ricochet hops down but his kick is caught! McIntyre DECKS Ricochet off the apron! McIntyre drags Ricochet back up, and whips him at steps. Ricochet leaps over, and triangle kicks back! Ricochet catches his breath as the ring count climbs past 5! Ricochet leaps into a GLASGOW KISS! McIntyre refreshes the count and drags Ricochet back in. McIntyre aims from a corner, Ricochet stands, SUPERKICK from Ricochet! McIntyre staggers, but Ricochet kicks the legs out. Ricochet kicks away, but runs into a LARIAT! Deadlift sit-out powerbomb! Cover, TWO!? McIntyre can’t believe Ricochet still lives! McIntyre stands up as fans are thunderous for Ricochet. McIntyre hauls Ricochet back up into a fireman’s carry, and then climbs the ropes! Ricochet fights, slips out, and trips McIntyre up!

Ricochet runs but is tossed to the ropes, to come back with a RECOIL! McIntyre is down, Ricochet climbs up, Ricochet leaps for the 630!! Cover, Ricochet wins!!

Winner: Ricochet, by pinfall; advances to the second round

The King of Flight survives and wins against the Scottish Terminator! But will Ricochet be able to survive the Samoan Submission Machine?


Raw shares a backstage interview from last week with Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins.

The unlikely duo beat The OC, but now this brings in a new conundrum. The Clash of Champions PPV requires Rollins to defend both his titles. But that’s how it goes. Any team that wants after Rollins and Strowman can go ahead and try. Right, big guy? But Strowman stares at the Universal Championship. The Monster Among Men agrees to defending the tag titles, but what about said Universal title? There is a long list and the most talented locker room. But Strowman doesn’t care about that, does he? Is Strowman going to challenge him for THE title? Oh c’mon, they only just won the tag titles together. But yeah, he is. Well it won’t be fun, but Rollins won’t back down. Challenge accepted. The two tag partners shake on it, but will one title cost Rollins the other?


King of the Ring Raw Bracket: The Miz VS Baron Corbin!

The Hollywood A-Lister could truly become king of Castle Marmiz, but will this tournament still be awesome after tonight? Or will the Lone Wolf take one step closer to adding a new accolade to his long list?

Raw returns as Miz takes to the mic. “In my 13 year WWE career, I have accomplished a lot.” All the titles, all the movies, his reality show which has its season finale tomorrow night. But fans always ask, what does Miz still want? Miz wants it all! Miz brings the fans along on a quest onto the Iron Throne! Miz could become… KING AAAAAAWESOOOME! But now Baron Corbin makes his entrance, and this match begins!

Corbin goes at Miz and stomps him into a corner. The referee backs Corbin off, and Corbin gloats that the throne will be his. But Miz throws hands and has Corbin in a corner. Miz climbs up and rains rights down. Miz kicks and boots Corbin, then clotheslines him out! Miz runs but Corbin dodges the dropkick to ROCK Miz with a right! Corbin drags Miz up and bumps him off the apron. Miz staggers around the corner but Corbin rams him into barriers! Then he brings Miz around to ram him into more barriers! Corbin puts Miz in but Miz throws counter punches! Miz throws hands from both sides then whips. Corbin reverses but then Miz dodges. Corbin slides out, slides in and LARIATS Miz down! Cover, TWO! Corbin keeps his cool while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns as Miz dodges a boot to give Corbin the A-List combination! Fans are fired up for Miz as he fires himself up. Miz stands and goes at Corbin with more counter punches! And then more haymakers from all sides! Miz gives Corbin It Kicks! Miz goes corner to corner for double knees! And again! And then the A-List Lariat hits! Miz climbs up and leaps for ax handles! Cover, TWO! Miz keeps his cool as Cedric Alexander watches backstage. Alexander faces the winner of this match in the next round, so he wants to be ready. Corbin avoids the Figure Four and kicks Miz away. Miz runs back, but into Deep Six! Cover, TWO! Corbin can’t believe Miz survives, and grows frustrated. Corbin argues with the referee, but he cools off to run at Miz. Miz boots Corbin away! Then wants the full nelson, only for Corbin to back suplex. Miz lands on his feet, and avoids the choke slam with a sunset flip! TWO, and Corbin knees low.

Corbin reels Miz in but Miz flips through! Low DDT! Cover, TWO!! Corbin survives and now Miz is surprised. Miz catches his breath as fans rally up. Miz gives Corbin more It Kicks! Miz powers up the buzzsaw, but Corbin ducks it! Corbin rolls Miz, TWO! Corbin runs in but slides out. Corbin slides in, but into the FINALE!! Cover, TWO!?! Corbin survives the Skull-Crushing Finale?! Corbin gets under the bottom rope and out of the ring to flop to the floor. The ring count begins but Miz goes out to fetch Corbin. Miz throws Corbin into barriers! Then back into the ring, and Miz climbs up to springboard! Corbin gets under and reels Miz in, END OF DAYS! Cover, Corbin wins!

Winner: Baron Corbin, by pinfall; advances to the next round

The quarterfinals won’t be awesome after all. Corbin catches Miz at the right moment, and now he heads for the next round. But will the Age of Alexander keep Corbin from the throne?

Corbin goes to the throne, and tries the crown on already. He also raises the staff and takes a seat before speaking into the mic. “When I showed up tot his building today, I was asked about some ridiculous poll where the WWE Universe voted.” The fans wanted anyone but Corbin to win, but he doesn’t care what the fans think. “None of you actually matter to me!” And that’s because on everyone’s very best day, they couldn’t do what Corbin has. Corbin is where he is today because of one person: himself. And after he is coronated, everyone will hear, “All Hail King Corbin!”


Backstage interview with The OC!

Gallows and Anderson lost the Raw Tag Team Championships to Rollins and Strowman, and must survive seven other tag teams in order to have a rematch. What is their mindset going into that? Last week, Strowman and Rollins “earned’ a title match, but now eight teams must fight to earn one? It doesn’t make sense and it’s not fair. But the OC rights some wrongs to show everyone why Raw belongs to the official, the original and the only club that’s ever mattered. But will Tag Team Turmoil be Too Sweet by the end of tonight?


Bayley VS Nikki Cross!

The SmackDown Women’s Champion visits Raw to settle things with the loony lass over her crashing of A Moment of Bliss. Bayley likely has the Queen of All Eras on the card for Clash of Champions, but can she keep momentum on the way there?

Raw returns as one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions makes her entrance. The bell rings and we begin as Nikki shoves. Bayley punches and Nikki kicks, but Bayley trips Nikki up. Bayley gets a headlock then whips, but Nikki rolls over and runs, only for Bayley to get her with a back suplex! Nikki bails out but Bayley goes to dropkick. Nikki has the feet but Bayley kicks her away. Nikki trips Bayley up and then rams her into the apron! Nikki drags Bayley up into the ring and then goes after the arm. She drops knees and then wraps on a body scissor! Bayley endures as Nikki talks trash in Bayley’s ear. Bayley works against the hold and elbows Nikki. Nikki clubs back and then rolls Bayley for a cover, TWO!

Bayley gasps for air but Nikki drags her up to whip and ram a knee in. Nikki keeps that up and Bayley falls down. Nikki covers, TWO! Bayley hits back but Nikki clubs Bayley and then hoists her into a corner. Nikki has Bayley in the Tree of Woe and stomps away! Nikki then runs to ram into the ribs! Bayley falls out of the tree, cover, TWO! Another try, TWO! Nikki drags Bayley up but Bayley punches first. Nikki headbutts low then whips, but Bayley goes out tot he apron. Bayley slides in, rolls Nikki, TWO! Nikki goes to headbutt but gets caught into a snap suplex! Bayley tosses Nikki tot he apron and rams her knee! Then hits the hotshot! Nikki flops down and Bayley covers, TWO! Nikki hits then runs, but Bayley scoops Nikki for a spin-out sidewalk slam! Bayley hurries up top, leaps, and hits a Macho Elbow! Cover, Bayley wins!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall

Bayley wins again, sending Nikki limping back to Alexa. Will Bayley keep strong towards Clash of Champions and her fight with The Queen?


Backstage interview with Braun Strowman.

The match has been made, so for the first time, tag team champions defend their titles only to face off for a singles title that same night! And the Monster Among Men gets another shot at the United States Championship tonight! Strowman is up for a historic night as he defends the tag titles, the US title, then takes the Universal title from Rollins. Now THAT is Winner Takes All. And Styles will only #GetTheseHands when he’s all alone tonight. Will Strowman get his hands on all the gold?!


Raw Tag Team Championship 8 Team Tag Team Turmoil Contender’s Match!

Erik and Ivar start the turmoil and will have the biggest challenge of all eight teams! But who will start this unique gauntlet with them?

Raw returns, and the first team to face the Viking Raiders is the B-Team! Curt Axel and Bo Dallas used to be Raw Tag Team Champions, perhaps they can make the climb back to the top here tonight.

The Viking Raiders VS The B-Team

Teams sort out, and Erik starts against Axel with the bell. Erik gets Axel down and roars at him. Erik runs but Axel throws an elbow! Axel stomps Erik in the B-Team corner to the beat of their chant, “B-Team! B-Team! GO GO GO!” Bo tags in to keep the cheering and stomping going. Axel tags back in to do more stomping, and then Bo tags in again. Bo hits a clothesline, a knee and feed Erik to Axel, only for Erik to rock Axel with a right! Erik hauls Bo into the corner and tags in Ivar. Bo gets knees from Ivar then from Erik. Erik hits Axel back out, then Ivar feeds Bo to Erik who feeds Bo to THOR’S HAMMER! Cover, and the Viking Raiders ELIMINATE The B-Team! But now they face The OC!

The Viking Raiders VS The OC

Erik and Ivar are ready as the Club storms their way to the ring. Gallows starts with Ivar but he sucker punches Erik! Ivar attacks but Anderson joins in. The OC double shoulder and stomp away on Ivar. Anderson hits Erik back down then Gallows throws big shots! Anderson hits a rocket kick and Gallows hits a splash! The OC goes after Erik and clubs away. But Ivar builds speed to DIVE! The War Bear wrecks Anderson and Erik! Gallows mugs Erik while Ivar has Anderson back in the ring. Anderson fires back and Gallows saves Anderson. Erik attacks now, and the referee can’t get either team to settle this! The referee DISQUALIFIES both teams!! Erik, Ivar, Gallows, Anderson and New Orleans are disappointed, but this turmoil starts fresh! And first out… the GLORIOUS Robert Roode and his new friend, The Show-Off, Dolph Ziggler! But who will they face after the break?

Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler VS Lucha House Party

Raw returns and it is the Cruiserweight trio that faces Roode and Ziggler! Lince Dorado fights with Roode and give shim a jawbreaker to a CHOP! But Roode whips Lince to the corner. Licne boots back then hits Ziggler. Lince fights and tilt-o-whirls to throw Roode down! Roode tags Ziggler in, and Ziggler keeps Lince from Gran Metalik. But Lince enziguris and uses his head to tag Metalik! Metalik springboards and handsprings around, and then goes again to elbow Ziggler down! Fans fire up as Metalik runs the ropes to hit a springboard missile dropkick! Cover but Roode just breaks it! Lince leaps back in with a huricanrana! Lince then climbs again, only for Ziggler to send him down! Metalik rolls up to sunset flip bomb Ziggler! Cover, TWO! Metalik kicks then handsprings again, into a SUPERKICK! Cover, Ziggler & Roode ELIMINATE Lucha House Party!!

But now the #TopGuys are next. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder want their way back to the Raw Tag Team Championships, but Roode and Ziggler look ready.

Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler VS The Revival

Dawson starts with Ziggler and the two circle. They tie up and Dawson puts Ziggler in the corner. Dawson gets the headlock takeover but Ziggler gets a headscissor! The referee misses the unique cover, but Dawson slips out to get a facelock. Ziggler uses that amateur ability to roll Dawson up, ONE and Dawson gets the ropes. Dawson elbows Ziggler away and Ziggler bumps into the referee. The referee lets it slide given the scrappy situation. Ziggler and Dawson tie up again and Ziggler headlocks. Dawson pulls hair but Roode tags in. Roode and Ziggler mug Dawson, then Roode CHOPS Dawson in the corner. And again! Dawson turns it around to CHOP away on Roode! Dawosn whips but Roode reverses to then back drop Dawson down!

Roode drags Dawson up and tags Ziggler back in. Ziggler throws hands and then Ziggler headlocks. Dawson pulls hair again and Dash tags in. Ziggler hurdles Dawson but Dash blasts him down! Dash hits Roode then tags Dawson back in. Backbreaker leg drop combo! Cover, TWO! The Revival are furious, but they cool off as they tag again. They grab a leg each and catapult Ziggler into ropes! Cover, TWO! Dash keeps his cool as he wraps a waistlock for a rear bearhug. Ziggler endures and scrapes a forearm in Dash’s face. Ziggler gets to his feet and elbows free, only for Dash to ram his shoulder in low. Tag to Dawson, and Dawson brings Ziggler around to put on the apron. Dawson kicks and punches away, then Dash gets a cheap shot in. Roode protests but Dawson slingshot suplexes Ziggler down! Cover, TWO! Roode was late on helping out but he does reach for the tag.

Ziggler fights back against The Revival, but Dawson kicks low to bring Ziggler for a back suplex. Ziggler slips out, elbows Dawson and tags Roode! Ziggler SUPERKICKS but Dash turns that into a tornado. Ziggler denies the DDT part, FAMOUSER! Ziggler leaps at Dawson but Dawson shoves him away. Dawson forgot it’s Roode that’s legal as he gives Ziggler the BRAIN BUSTER! But Dawson escapes the Glorious DDT once, only to get it again!! Cover, Roode & Ziggler ELIMINATE The Revival!? The newest team on the block takes out the #TopGuys, but they meet the next team after the break.

Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler VS The Major Bros

Raw returns as Curt Hawkins rallies on Roode and Ziggler, and hits the bulldog clothesline combo! Hawkins dropkicks Ziggler then dropkicks Roode! Ziggler swings into a neckbreaker! Tag to Ryder, and Ryder hops up. Hawkins fireman’s carries Ziggler, blockbuster Samoan Drop combo! cover, but Roode breaks it! Roode throws Hawkins into the post hard but Ryder clotheslines Ryder out! SUPERKICK from Ziggler! Cover, Ziggler & Roode ELIMINATE Hwkins & Ryder!! Another former Raw Tag Team Championship team goes down to the GLORIOUS and the Show-Off! But that means the last team they face is… Heavy Machinery!

Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler VS Heavy Machinery

After fighting multiple teams, Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic might be the worst team to go against! Will Roode and Ziggler survive their first night teaming together? Or will they be steamrolled on the road to Clash of Champions?

Ziggler and Roode call a timeout, but there are no timeouts in wrestling. Tucker throws big hands on both Roode and Ziggler! Tucker feeds Ziggler into the ring, then runs. ZIggler dodges but Tucker goes up and crossbodies! Cover, TWO!! Tucker was so close to finishing this fast, but he drags Ziggler over to a standing suplex. Tag to Otis, and he takes the hand-off while keeping Ziggler up! Otis holds Ziggler for a little longer before dropping him down. Cover, TWO! Ziggler survives again but Otis tags Tucker back in. Otis helps Tucker slingshot for the senton! Tucker wants Ziggler to stand, and he runs, but Roode dumps Tucker out hard! Ziggler tags Roode and Roode throws Tucker into barriers. Then into steel steps! Roode puts Tucker back in, covers, TWO!

Roode keeps on Tucker and scrapes his laces off Tucker’s face. Roode drops a knee, covers, TWO! Tucker is tough but Roode keeps on him. Roode drags Tucker over and tags Ziggler. Ziggler throws hands and Roode adds on. Ziggler drops Tucker with a neckbreaker, covers, TWO! Ziggler keeps on Tucker with a sleeper hold! Fans rally as Tucker endures. Tucker fights his way up to his feet but Ziggler is a backpack. Ziggler throws Tucker down by his hair, then dares him to stand. The leap is caught and catapulted into post! Both men are down and fans come to life for Otis! Hot tags to Roode and Otis! Otis rallies and bulldozes both Roode and Ziggler! Otis squashes Ziggler then scoops and spins and slams Roode! The Dozer runs corner to corner to squash Roode! Roode falls, and Otis pumps it up! Ziggler runs in but he gets TOSSED!

Otis has Ziggler up and throws him at Roode. Otis runs back in, and he sandwiches them both! Both men are down, but Ziggler stays in the drop zone. Otius hits the CATERPILLAR! But Ziggler isn’t the legal man, Roode comes in and rolls Otis up! TWO!! Roode gets a powerslam! Cover, TWO!! Otis tags Tucker, and they get Roode up. Ziggler SUPERKICKS Tucker down! And ZIGZAGS Otis onto him! A reverse Compactor! Roode winds it up and has Tucker, GLORIOUS DDT!! Cover, Roode & Ziggler win!!

Winners: Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler, by pinfall; NEW #1 Contenders for the Raw Tag Team Championships

Unbelievable! The freshest tag team around, and they’ve won the Tag Team Turmoil! Will this unlikely duo defeat the unlikely tag team champions in Rollins and Strowman?


Sasha Banks VS Natalya!

The Boss and the Queen of Hearts brawled earlier tonight, but now things will be settled in the ring. Will there be any rust on Sasha with her four months off? Or will Natty’s bad arm make Natty too vulnerable?

Natty wants at Sasha right away but waits for the bell. then she tackles Sasha down! Natty and Sasha scrap again, and Sasha sends Natty out. Sasha slides but Natty dodges to ram Sasha into barriers! Natty drags Sasha up for a snap suplex! And another! Natty throws Sasha into the ring at 5, then rains down rights. Sasha pushes Natty away but can’t get away as Natty puts her in a corner. Natty fires off but the referee backs her off. Sasha elbows back, then kicks the bad arm! Sasha runs, wheelbarrows, but Natty slips out to a BIG German Suplex! Sasha has a rough landing, but Natty drags her to a cover. TWO, but Natty has Sasha’s legs. Sasha shoves Natty away and slides out of the ring but Natty grabs the “little snake.” But Sasha throws Natty into the post! Then into the timekeeper’s chair!

Sasha drags Natty up and whips her into the post! Natty clutches that arm but Sasha puts her in at 6. Cover, TWO! Sasha grabs at Natty’s arm and stomps away. The referee backs Sasha off to check on Natty but Sasha won’t let up. Sasha sits Natty up but Natty SLAPS her back! Sasha puts Natty in a corner to stomp the arm! And then wrap the arm around the ropes. The referee counts and Sasha lets off at 4, only to kick the arm again. The referee makes Sasha back off, abut Sasha runs in! The meteora misses and Natty rolls her up! TWO, but Natty wants the legs. Sasha powers out and hits the back stabber! Into Bank Statement crossface! Natty reaches, but her arm gets trapped! Sasha pulls the other arm for a straitjacket modification! Natty taps out, Sasha wins!

Winner: Sasha Banks, by submission

The Boss shows no rust and no mercy in her return to the ring! But she’s not done, she puts Natty back in the Bank Statement! The referee shouts for her to stop, but Sasha grins as she tortures Natty! Sasha lets Natty go, and finally leaves. Sasha’s back in blue and bad to the core, but will she be leaving all her opponents black and blue on the way back tot he top?


Backstage interview with AJ Styles!

The Phenomenal One lost by disqualification, so Strowman gets his rematch tonight. But this is a bunch of bull to Styles. Gallows and Anderson were screwed out of the tag titles! And everyone knows Styles can win without The OC ringside. Strowman intimidates everyone but Styles. Strowman won’t walk out of Clash of Champions with all the gold, because he’s not winning tonight or any night! Styles gives Strowman what he deserves: nothing. Will Styles deny Strowman at least one belt on the way to Clash of Champions?


Cedric Alexander VS Cesaro!

The King of the Ring tournament continues for one of these men, but the Swiss Cyborg wants to prove he could still have beaten the former Cruiserweight Champion. Who wins in a sampler of what could have been?

The bell rings and Cesaro circles with Alexander. They tie up and go around, and Cesaro puts Cedric in a corner. The ref counts but Cesaro gives a clean break, only to shove Cedric. Cedric shoves back, but Cesaro blasts him with EuroUppers! Cesaro whips corner to corner but Cesaro stops himself to CHOP back! Cesaro knees low then whips Cedric, but Cedric goes up and over and rolls to handspring and heascissor and dropkick Cesaro out! Cedric builds speed, and DIVES into a EuroUpper! Cesaro pushes Cedric back in and then drags him up in a gut wrench for a suplex! Cover, ONE, but Cesaro keeps on Cedric with a chinlock. Cedric endures and fights his way up. Fans build to a rally but Cesaro throws Cedric out. Cedric boots back then steps in for the complete shot!

Cesaro bails out again and fans rally as Cedric builds speed. Cedric FLIES and takes Cesaro down! Cedric drags Cesaro back in the ring then climbs up. Cedric springboards and clotheslines Cesaro down! Cover, TWO! Cesaro gasps for air but Cedric is on him. Cedric reels Cesaro in but Cesaro hits back with more EuroUppers. Cedric runs and crossbodies Cesaro and himself out of the ring! Both men are down on the ground while we go to break.

Raw returns again, and Cedric fights Cesaro’s leg lock off, only for Cesaro to drop a leg! Cesaro throws more EuroUppers, then big body shots! Cesaro puts the legs on the rope and pulls but the ref counts. Cesaro lets up at 4, to come back running! Cedric elbows Cesaro away, and again. Cedric throws forearms and chops but Cesaro knees low. Cesaro whips but Cedric handsprings for the Neuralizer enziguri! Cedric scoops Cesaro on one leg for a Michinoku Driver! Cover, TWO! Corbin watches backstage, knowing he has Cedric next. Cedric and Cesaro slowly stir, and Cedric gets to the corner. Cedric stands as fans build back to a rally. Cedric springboards again, but that bad leg slows him down. He has to punch Cesaro away, then he climbs up, But Cesaro dropkicks the legs out! Cesaro climbs up to join Cedric now, for a deadlift SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO! But into a Half Crab!

Cesaro tortures Cedric as he sits deep on the hold! Cedric endures and reaches for ropes, and gets the ropebreak! Cesaro lets go and hobbles away, still sore on his own end. Cesaro dares Cedric to stand, and Cedric does. Cesaro runs, but into a SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!! Cesaro shocks Cedric! Cedric stands up on his good leg as fans rally again. Cedric grabs Cesaro but can’t lift. Cesaro elbows Cedric so Cedric forearms back. Cedric lifts but Cesaro makes it a crossbody, TWO! Cesaro has both legs for the Crab! Then the Half Crab on the bad leg! Cedric reaches but Cesaro pulls harder. Cedric slips out to get to his feet! He climbs up Cesaro for a victory roll! TWO, and Cedric elbows Cesaro. Cedric runs as best he can, handspring but he misses! ANKLE LOCK!

Cesaro has the bad leg and Cedric flails. Cedric rolls to send Cesaro out! Cesaro’s back in, LUMBAR CHECK outta nowhere! Cover, Cedric wins!

Winner: Cedric Alexander, by pinfall

The former Soul of 205 Live survives, but will his bad leg be a liability against the Lone Wolf? Or will the Age of Alexander never see its End of Days?


Backstage interview with Roode & Ziggler!

This new team came together because Ziggler finally found someone with that special twinkle in their eye. Ziggler and Roode found that common bond, and sure a random team-up like Rollins and Strowman as tag champions, they’re going to be focused on their Universal Championship match. The real main-event is right here! When this opportunity came along, they both realized there was no better partner than each other. It’s like they’ve been teaming for years. When you’ve got it, you’ve got it! this isn’t just a whim, this is destiny! The most talented, most athletic, best looking in the WWE will be the next Raw Tag Team Champions! And yes, it will be absolutely… Glorious.


The Street Profits check in.

Raw has been… LIT. Ziggler and Roode are changing the game at Clash of Champions! The same night Strowman and Rollins will face off for the Universal Championship! Is it possible for Architect and Monster to hold it together? Dawkins is too busy enjoying himself some early Mardi Gras. Focus, Dawkins! He is. On the after party on Bourbon Street, bro! Dawkins borrowed a vest from Corbin to make a voodoo doll. Yes, but before that, the big event tonight is Strowman VS Styles! Who you have, fam!? Dawkins has- Oh, Strowman is walking by. Probably should choose him, because that match is up after the break.


WWE United States Championship: Braun Strowman VS AJ Styles!

Gallows and Anderson helped The Phenomenal One retain a few weeks ago, but that didn’t sit well with anyone. So now, Styles has to do things by himself in order to deny Strowman at least one more title belt. Will the Monster Among Men #GetTheseHands on his second title belt on his way to facing Rollins for his?

The introductions are made, the United States Championship is raised, and the match begins!

Strowman grabs Styles and throws him out of the ring! Then Strowman goes out and comes around the corner to run Styles over! But Strowman keeps going, and doe a full lap to run Styles over again! Strowman puts Styles back in the ring, and runs into boots. Styles gets on the apron and forearms Strowman away. Styles then springboards, but Strowman grabs him for a CHOKE SLAM! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Styles survives and gets to the apron, but Strowman BOOTS him down! Styles is down on the outside and realizing what he’s gotten himself into while we go to one last break.

Raw returns once more, and Strowman scoops Styles. Styles slips into a sleeper hold! Strowman flails as fans duel, and he drops to a knee! Styles holds on tight but Strowman powers his way back up to ram Styles into buckles! Strowman is free, but runs into only buckles! Styles chop blocks Strowman’s leg out! Styles kicks away on the leg as Strowman hobbles around the ring. Then he hits a sliding forearm to Strowman’s back! Strowman is down and Styles goes tot he ropes, for a Lionsault! Cover, TWO! Strowman still lives but Styles keeps moving. Another forearm to the back! Styles drags Strowman into the Calf Crusher! Strowman shouts in pain as Styles cranks backs on the bad leg! Strowman reaches, refusing to give up. Fans rally up as Strowman powers his way to sit up! Styles is shocked, and Strowman headbutts Styles down! Cover, TWO!

Strowman crawls to ropes and uses them to stand. Styles stands but gets run over! Strowman keeps moving and runs Styles over again! Strowman hauls Styles up, scoops him, but Styles slips out of the slam. Styles dodges Strowman and Strowman runs into the post! The referee was almost a casualty. Styles dropkicks Strowman into the referee! Styles fires off but Strowman has him by the throat. Styles rakes the eyes, and LOW BLOW kicks! Fans boo as Styles gets away with that, but then Styles gets himself a chair. Styles SMACKS Strowman’s back while the referee’s still out! Strowman stands and scoops Styles for the MONSTER SLAM! But no ref to count the cover! The OC attack now that there is no one to enforce the ringside band! But Strowman fires off chair shots on The OC! But then the referee comes to and Styles plays possum! Strowman tries to explain but the referee heard something. The referee disqualifies Strowman!!

Winner: AJ Styles, by disqualification; still WWE United States Champion

Strowman fires off out of fury! He SMACKS Styles, SMACKS Anderson, SMACKS Gallows, and SMACKS Styles again! Then Strowman scoops Gallows for a Monster Slam! And Anderson gets a Monster Slam! And Styles gets one more MONSTER SLAM! The Monster Among Men stands tall despite again not being a double champion. But can Strowman turn it all around at Clash of Champions?



My Thoughts:

This was an odd Raw. Still pretty good all things considered, but it also felt odd. For one, there were a lot of recaps for an episode that wasn’t a go-home. That rather hurt some of the pacing and amount of time that could be given to things, especially with Sasha Banks going out to the ring at the same time a recap video was playing. Sasha didn’t really do the best with her promo, but her dabbing tears with her hair was a nice touch in mocking Natalya. It was good to have Sasha bring up the story of her post-Mania “meltdown,” but I’m surprised there was nothing with her and Bayley since Bayley was around. WWE really needs to remember continuity is a thing. But Sasha has a great match with Natty and a great win, though it was obvious she would. Bayley also has a good match with Nikki, but it was clearly filler for the night. There is hope that if things go as I feel they should, Bayley and Banks will be able to argue about the things Sasha said tonight as they go to face off at Survivor Series, should both be champions at the time.

The King of the Ring matches tonight were both great, but I’m surprised at their results. I did not think Ricochet would win, but it was such a great match and fans got behind him so strongly, it felt right. WWE still doesn’t like Heel VS Heel or Face VS Face so it’s a shame that the still mostly Heel Joe gets Ricochet by default. I guess we won’t be getting another match of McIntyre VS Alexander, so they probably had it happen before the tournament for that reason. Miz VS Corbin was good, and while I expected Corbin to win, I thought it would be from some kind of Sami Zayn or Shinsuke Nakamura distraction. But good for Corbin to win clean, and he will have a really good match with Cedric Alexander. Cedric had a great match with Cesaro, though it wasn’t really for anything. The fans seemed rather dead when that match started, but they came to life seeing the match. Corbin had a good promo after his win, I have a feeling he advances somehow into the Raw half of the semifinals.

The Tag Team Turmoil was a great match, especially on paper. It was a bit of a shame the OC and the Viking Raiders cross each other off, those two teams should’ve been the last two teams. But what an effective surprise for Roode and Ziggler to not only team suddenly, but for them to win the match! Two makeshift teams fighting for the tag titles, that seems rather weird. But with Rollins VS Strowman for the Universal title happening, Ziggler and Roode have to be taking those titles to carry towards Hell in a Cell or even Survivor Series. Though this will be the Nth time Ziggler and Rollins meet in a match of some kind just this year… Strowman VS Styles was a pretty good match, but of course Styles wins thanks to shenanigans. Styles pulls an Eddy Guerrero and gets away with it, but this probably goes one more week. Tag titles aside, it would probably be a bit too much for the US VS Universal champion in one match for winner takes all, but continually teasing it is certainly possible.

My Score: 8.2/10

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