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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (8/13/19)

The Big Dog is confronted by the Best Kept Secret!



SmackDown cover image

It’s the SmackDown After SummerSlam!

But Kofimania is only the W, W, E, World, Heavy, Weight, CHAMPION~ because he refused to let up on The Viper. Will Randy Orton have grounds for a rematch? And what happens when Buddy Murphy confronts Roman Reigns over the beatings he’s been taking?



  • Ember Moon VS Charlotte Flair; Flair wins.
  • Roman Reigns VS Buddy Murphy; Reigns wins.
  • Kevin Owens VS Samoa Joe; Joe wins.
  • The New Day VS The Revival; changed to…
  • Six Man Tag: The New Day VS Randy Orton & The Revival; Orton & The Revival win.


Kevin Owens is still here!

And that’s because he beat the “Best in the World” to keep his job! Everyone in Toronto cheers for his triumph, and Kevin himself feels pretty good about it. He picks up a mic as fans chant his name. Kevin takes in the moment before speaking.

“Yesterday marked the five-year anniversary of the day I signed my WWE contract.” And over those five years, Kevin has created unforgettable memories and had amazing experiences. He stepped foot in the ring with people he looked up to his entire life, and against some of the absolute best in the business. Sunday, he was in the ring with someone who thinks he’s the Best in the World. That is as far from reality as possible, but SummerSlam will still be a night Kevin remembers forever. For one, his entire family was there to watch and be part of the experience. They got to share seeing a sold out arena begging Kevin to kick Shane McMahon’s ass! And the best part, that’s what he did! In fact, Shane’s ass isn’t the only thing Kevin kicked. But what Kevin remembers most is giving Shane that Stunner in the middle of the ring. The fans will be why he remembers it for the rest of his life!

Now with that done, Kevin sets his sights on something else: The King of the Ring 2019! Kevin said it before and will say it again: he’s been a WWE fan for life. The KOTR was his favorite thing, so he is thrilled to have it back and to be even just one of the competitors! Winning KOTR would mean as much to him as winning any of those titles. Look at the list of winners over the years! Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Edge, Bret Hart, OWEN Hart, and many more! Kevin wants to be on that same list! But here comes Shane… Fans boo and Kevin falls to his knees. “Why?” Shane says this is all nice for Kevin as he enjoys the “tainted” victory and announcing how he’ll move forward. Shane is here to speak, but the fans call Shane “A**hole!” But Shane says they shouldn’t say that to Kevin. He has footage of the low blow from SummerSlam. Fans cheer seeing it again! “You Deserve It!”

“Is that what you call ‘competition,’ Kevin?” Is that what makes Kevin a man? If Kevin is going to be lectured about being a man, it won’t be from the leader of the Mean Street Posse. Being a man is doing what it takes to win when your life depends on it! And standing up for what you believe in! But when it comes to this situation, being a man just means shutting Shane’s stupid face. Shane says Kevin is no man, he is a low life and will always be a cheater. Kevin will have to go through life like that. Shane is so upset, really. HE shouldn’t even be looking at Kevin, Kevin should be looking for a new job. But Shane is getting heated enough to fight Kevin again. Is that so? Well Kevin’s got his “fighting boots” on! Shane says he’s holding himself back, eh won’t “soil” his hands. But Kevin does have a match tonight. Bring it! Shane will let Kevin know who he’s up against later.

But this is some serious talk. There is more footage, as to what Kevin did to Elias. The chair shots on the “special enforcer” were thunderous and frequent. Shane gives Elias the night off so he doesn’t even have to worry about his 24/7 Championship being taken. But think about what you just did, Kevin. Kevin was attacking Elias, but what was Elias wearing? A WWE referee uniform. Elias was therefore an official for that match. And as competitors, they can’t be attacking officials, no matter what. Ever! So in order to keep officials safe, Kevin will face repercussions. In US dollars, Kevin is fined ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND! Fans boo and Kevin is furious! This is a joke! That might be nothing to Shane, like a new car or something, but for Kevin, it’s his kids’ college and a down payment on a house. If Shane is a man, then reconsider this “crap!” Shane’s response: “NOPE!” Shane may not have taken Kevin’s job, but he’s going to ruin Kevin’s life. And who is Kevin even facing later tonight?


Kevin finds Shane’s office.

He barges in and Shane gets off the phone. Shane wants Kevin to keep calm, he is an official right now. If 100,000 is a lot, if Kevin hits Shane and he’ll sue Kevin into the ground. “It had to be done.” It was an official. This is to set an example. Fine, make it 105! He smashes Shane’s screen with his end table! Shane smirks because he’s getting to Kevin, but is Shane going to push Kevin too far?


Ember Moon VS Charlotte Flair!

The War Goddess failed to Eclipse Bayley and take the SmackDown Women’s Championship while The Queen of ALL Eras proved she is even greater than the great Trish Stratus! But with Clash of Champions on the horizon and the Huggable One needing another challenger, will this match go a long way to determining a contender?

The bell rings and Toronto echoes with “WOO~!” as Charlotte and Ember tie up. Charlotte wristlocks and wrenches, but Ember handsprings and reverses. Charlotte pulls hair and throws Ember down! Charlotte gets a headlock and grinds Ember to the mat. Fans rally and duel, and Ember powers out. Charlotte bumps her but Ember stays up. They two stare down and Ember blocks a forearm to give a forearm. Charlotte resists the waistlock and elbows out hard! Charlotte looms over Ember and posts, but Ember kicks her. Ember speeds things up, hurdles and goes perpendicular to headsicssor and dropkick Charlotte down! Ember is on Charlotte with a whip but Charlotte holds on. Charlotte breaks free and bails out, but Ember glares. Ember dares Charlotte to come back but Charlotte won’t.

Fans duel hard, and Charlotte encourages them to get loud. She keeps trolling Ember, and then wants the fans to get louder. Ember runs in but Charlotte baited her into a forearm! But then Ember comes back with a dropkick! Charlotte steadies herself and Ember builds speed again, to go from corner to OUTSIDE! The crossbody takes Charlotte down and Ember is fired up! Ember brings Charlotte up and in then covers, ONE! Charlotte bails out again but Ember gives chase. Ember clobbers her at the barriers but Charlotte hits back. Charlotte rams Ember into the LED apron then throws her into the barrier! SmackDown goes picture in picture as Charlotte soaks up the heat.

Charlotte toys with Ember and puts her in the ring. Charlotte takes her time stalking Ember, and bumps her off buckles. She whips but Ember reverses to then handspring forearm smash! Ember scoops Charlotte but Charlotte’s too tall for that. Charlotte slips off to forearm Ember down, then stomp her down for good measure! The Queen gloats again before stomping Ember more. Charlotte drags Ember up for a scoop, into a dragon sleeper! She pulls back and Ember flails, only for Charlotte to add a backbreaker. Charlotte keeps hold of Ember, but Ember endures as she reaches. Charlotte drops down for another backbreaker, then holds Ember there. Ember knees free! But Charlotte elbows Ember down! Charlotte grins as she drags Ember up to forearm her in the head. Ember gets mad, but Charlotte scoops her for the Exploder! Is that Charlotte doing Tranquilo?

Charlotte kips up to style, profile and CHOP Ember! And another CHOP! Ember ducks the third but not the kick. Charlotte back suplexes but Ember lands on her feet to kick. Charlotte blocks and spins, but Ember tilt-o-whirls around to a sunset flip! Cover, TWO! Charlotte kicks Ember’s legs out, and takes a moment to catch her breath. Charlotte stomps away on Ember in a corner, then puts her leg on the ropes. Charlotte springboards but Ember avoids the knee drop! Ember forearms Charlotte down from the apron, but Charlotte kicks Ember’s legs out! Ember clutches that knee but Charlotte just catches her breath again. SmackDown returns to single picture as Charlotte goes out to fetch Ember.

The ring count passes 5 but Charlotte puts Ember in. Charlotte stomps Ember down and wants that leg. She knees away on the hamstring, but Ember kicks with the good leg. But Charlotte stomps Ember down, then turns her for a Boston Crab! Ember endures being bent back, and claws at the mat. Ember gains some ground, and gets the ropebreak, but only for a second! Charlotte jams the knee between her legs! Ember writhes but Charlotte “WOO~” to then springboard sit-down on the leg. Charlotte tries again but Ember gets out of the way! Ember kicks from the mat! Charlotte CHOPS again but Ember European Uppercuts back! Ember uses the ropes for help in the dropkick! Then she avoids the boot to mule kick, front kick and knee away on Charlotte’s chest! ROLLING ELBOW! Ember fires up and runs to BOOT Charlotte back down! Cover, TWO!

Charlotte flounders to a corner while Ember gets her bad leg moving. Ember runs in but misses in the corner. Charlotte scoops Ember again but Ember slips out. The leg jams but she still hops up for a flying code breaker! Cover, TWO!! Ember is frustrated, clutching that bad leg. She heads up top, but is slow with the bad leg. Charlotte grabs her and yanks her down by her hair! Then runs in, but spears buckles! Cover from Ember, TWO!! SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte still lives and Ember is getting mad. She clubs away on Charlotte but Charlotte hits back. SUPERKICK, then run, but into a BOOT! Charlotte has the leg, spins through, FIGURE FOUR! Figure EIGHT! Ember taps, Charlotte wins!

Winner: Charlotte Flair, by submission

The Queen of All Eras keeps on winning! Will she once again rise to challenge for the throne? Are we just weeks away from #Charlotte10Times?


Daniel Bryan and Rowan are here!

And naturally, given recent events, they are the new prime suspects in the mystery of Roman Reigns’ mystery attacker, or perhaps attackers. Buddy Murphy Bryan stands on stage with a mic, and says, “There is no question no there is someone out to get Roman Reigns. But we had nothing to do with the car accident and we had nothing to do with the horrific backstage accident.” Despite what Buddy Murphy said, Bryan and Rowan had nothing to do with it! Buddy Murphy is a liar. But Bryan doesn’t blame Murphy for thinking so. Because anyone would’ve lied under that kind of pressure from Roman Reigns! Bryan doesn’t blame Murphy for caving. He had to give a name. The problem is, he gave the wrong name. But Toronto is convinced, “It was you!” So they all think he did it!? “YES! YES! YES!”

This is what is wrong with the WWE Universe. This is what is wrong with society. “Somebody tells a lie, it gets spread on social media, and all of a sudden, it becomes the truth!” Sorry to disappoint! But they still had nothing to do with any of the incidents. And they will prove it! But how?


Shane looks at his smashed TV.

But someone visits. Samantha interviews him on who Kevin’s opponent will be tonight. Well for Kevin throwing a temper tantrum… Oh, Samoa Joe walks in. Joe sees Kevin thinks he’s Billy Badass, so maybe Joe will show everyone the only badass is him. Shane likes it! This man will teach Kevin the lesson that he must respect authority. The match is mad, will Kevin survive Joe to make it to King of the Ring?!


Aleister Black speaks.

“I wonder whose got a debt to pay. I wonder who will pay the boatman’s toll, and look their inner demons in their eyes and say, ‘I am done!'” For we all must pay a debt. And Aleister’s shall be paid in his self-inflicted anguish. “For such is my burden. For such is my sin.” But in due time, Aleister finds an end for any man in the locker room and himself. All they have to do is knock… knock… knock. Who knocks on Aleister’s door looking for a fight?


Roman Reigns VS Buddy Murphy!

Regardless of what Daniel Bryan said, and regardless of what Big Red Rowan did on Sunday, the Australian Juggernaut wants to get back at the Big Dog for the bad cop routine last week. Will Best Kept Secret make an impact in Roman’s Yard? Or will Murphy regret standing up for himself?

The bell rings and Roman stares down with Murphy. They circle and tie up, and Roman powers Murphy to a corner. Roman lets off and Murphy smirks as he pie faces Roman. Roman uppercuts Murphy HARD! Roman then tosses Murphy, only for Murphy to come back with the knee trigger! Cover, TWO! Murphy has Roman rocked and in a corner. Murphy stomps away but the ref pulls him off. Roman bails out but Murphy follows him out to throw him into barriers. Murphy throws haymakers as fans duel. Murphy throws Roman into barriers again and Roman gasps for air. Murphy keeps up with throwing Roman into barriers, then bumps him off the announce desk. Murphy returns to the ring to refresh the count, but goes out to get another uppercut!

Roman TOSSES Murphy over the announce desk! Murphy hits the floor while Roman catches his breath. Roman fetches Murphy and brings him back to the ring. Roman sees Murphy slump out the side, so he comes around as fans duel. He misses the Drive-By! Murphy rams Roman into steel steps! Murphy hops up those steps to leap, meteora to the floor! Roman writhes and is on the defensive as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Murphy has Roman in a chinlock. Roman endures and fights his way up while fans duel. Roman backs Murphy into buckles but Murphy holds on. Roman tries again, but Murphy still has him. The third time, Murphy uses it to throw Roman into buckles. But Murphy misses a splash and Roman rolls him up! TWO, deadlift powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Murphy survives, but both he and Roman are down. Fans rally up and the two men sit up. Roman heads for Murphy but Murphy punches first. Roman hits back, but Murphy does, too. They go back and forth and Roman ROCKS Murphy! Roman then blocks Murphy to rally with lariats! Roman whips but Murphy reveres, only to get the leaping lariat! Murphy gets to a corner but he gets those point-blank clotheslines! All 10! And then Roman runs, to BOOT Murphy back down!

Roman is feeling it, and he goes to a corner. He locks ‘n’ loads, then runs, but Murphy dodges! Roman elbows Murphy away, but misses in the corner to get the post! Murphy rolls Roan and feet on ropes! TWO!! Roman runs at Murphy but is dumped out instead! Murphy wrecks with a dropkick, then builds speed, to FLY! The Juggernaut topples Roman over! “This is Awesome!” as Murphy gets Roman up and into the ring at 6. Murphy wants this the clean way, and climbs up high. He leaps, another meteora! Cover, TWO!! Murphy and Roman are down again, exhausted from the action so far. Roman gasps for air as he sits up. Murphy is on him first, and he lets off a strike fest! He stomps Roman’s foot then thrusts the knee, bout Roman comes back with a BIG uppercut! SUPERKICK from Murphy! Rebound, SUPERMAN PUNCH! Cover, TWO!!

Roman is shocked but Murphy wasn’t a dominant Cruiserweight Champion for nothing! But Roman pumps himself up, because he isn’t a Grand Slam Champion for nothing. He aims from the corner, “OOAH!” And runs, into a kick! KNEE TRIGGER! AUSSIE-GOYE! BRAIN BUSTER!! Cover, TWO!?! Roman survives and Murphy is in shock! Murphy drags Roman to a drop zone and climbs but Roman trips him up! Murphy still fights back, only for Roman to uppercut him off the top! Murphy hits barriers, Roman comes by for a FLYING SUPERMAN PUNCH! Roman puts Murphy in, FLIPPING SPEAR!! Cover, Roman wins!

Winner: Roman Reigns, by pinfall

The Big Dog just learned what the Best Kept Secret is about, but he still comes out on top! Will Roman have this and more in store for whoever it is after him?


Backstage interview with The Revival.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder are after The New Day because after seeing what happened on Raw, those mindless 24/7 Championship wannabes, the #TopGuys became co-champions. But such a thing was a slap in the face to tag team wrestling. And the reason it happened at all is because the division has become a joke, thanks to the “pancake pushing, video game playing, class clowns of the WWE,” The New Day. The same guys who are supposed to be the foundation of this division! So the Revival will remind The New Day why they’ve never beaten them. And that will be the “punchline” for tonight. Will Dash & Dawson jump ship and earn title shots against the SmackDown Tag Team Champions?


The New Day talk it out.

Xavier Woods is disappointed he didn’t get to be in KOTR 2019. He’s always the king to them. But what do they say to The Revival saying the New Day has “ruined” tag team wrestling in the WWE? They have not ruined a thing! Well, maybe some things. Like that time they ruined dinner. Or that they ruined Christmas by opening gifts early. And that adult circumcision… But NEVER tag team wrestling! They handle their business. Like Kofi has handled business against that “scheming” Randy Orton. Then why did Kofi go off with that kendo stick? People think he overreacted, but when the “Legend Killer” or “Apex Predator” or “Viper” glares at your family, that’s crossing the line. So Kofi would do it all again! #FamilyFirst. And that includes his brothers tonight against the Revival as they prove why they’re the W, W, E, World, Tag, Team, CHAMPIONS~! New Day is fired up, but will that fire be put out against the #TopGuys?


Kevin Owens VS Samoa Joe!

The Prizefighter fought to keep his job, but now he’s losing money because of Shane’s grudge. And the Samoan Submission Machine is willing to do Shane a favor by showing Kevin what it really means to be a manly badass in the WWE. With King of the Ring just a week away, who gains major momentum towards the SmackDown side of things?

But wait, there is a special enforcer appointed by Shane O’Mac. It’s Elias?! He said he wasn’t feeling like coming to SmackDown tonight! Seems that was just a lie. And of course, the WWE 24/7 Championship is put on pause now. Elias takes his position, and the bell rings, for Kevin to dropkick Joe right away! Kevin fires off on Joe in the corner, taking his anger out on him. But Joe turns things around to throw furious hands and headbutts back. Kevin clotheslines out of the corner! Kevin shouts at Elias but he goes back to Joe, but Joe bails out of the corner. Kevin aims from the apron, but Elias stands in his way. Then Joe sweeps Kevin’s legs! Joe puts Kevin in as SmackDown goes picture in picture.

Joe stomps away on Kevin, circling like a shark. Kevin CHOPS back on Joe, then throws haymakers. He whips but Joe reverses to run Kevin over with an elbow. Elias approves as Joe chokes Kevin on the ropes. The ref counts but Joe lets up at 4. Elias argues with the ref but the ref still reprimands Joe. Kevin kicks back and throws hands from the corner. Joe headbutts Kevin down, then brings Kevin up to CHOP! Kevin still punches back, but Joe rocks him with a right! Joe snapmares Kevin to a neck wrench. Joe traps an arm but Kevin works to fight out of the hold. SmackDown returns to single picture and Kevin frees his arm. Fans rally up and Kevin pulls Joe’s hair. Kevin frees himself and punches Joe back. Joe CHOPS Kevin again, but Kevin CHOPS back! Joe headbutts Kevin down, and Elias mockingly checks on Kevin.

Joe runs in but gets elbows and boots from Kevin. Kevin hops up and missile dropkicks JOe down! Fans fire up as Kevin drops a back senton! Cover, TWO! Kevin keeps his cool as he gets to ropes. He whips Joe but Joe blocks the pop-up to JAB Kevin back. Joe runs but misses in the corner. Kevin runs in but gets thrown down by the urenage! Cover, TWO! Joe glares as he looms over Kevin. Joe drags Kevin up to the top rope, then climbs up to join him. Kevin resists and throws body shots back. Kevin punches Joe down and then adjusts, for the SWANTON! Cover, TWO!! Joe survives and Elias is relieved, but Kevin won’t stop. Kevin waits for JOe to stand, to kick and- Joe denies the Stunner, has the Coquina! But Kevin arm-drags out and pops Joe for the BOMB! Cover, but Elias drags the ref all the way out of the ring! This is worse than SummerSlam! Kevin and Elias argue, but again Kevin has to worry about the fines. Joe rolls Kevin, Elias counts FAST! Joe wins!!

Winner: Samoa Joe, by pinfall

The screwjob succeeds! Elias helps Joe help Shane, and Kevin is about to lose his mind! Again, is Shane going to push Kevin too far?


Bryan and Rowan clear the locker room.

But not Buddy Murphy. Murphy’s been through this before, and is forced to take a seat. Bryan and Rowan sit with him. They know Murphy lied when he said Rowan was around for the accidents. But Murphy needs to admit that himself. So go ahead, the camera’s here, tell the world. Tell the world that you lied. Bryan insists Murphy lied. Does he not see the damage that has been done to their reputation!? Tell them, Buddy, that you LIED! Murphy stays quiet, so Rowan attacks! Rowan tosses Murphy over a table! Then tosses things aside to get at him again! Bryan tells Murphy he just needs to admit he was wrong. Rowan grinds Murphy into the wall, a lot like Roman did to him a week ago. Bryan shouts Murphy is wrong, so Murphy says, “Okay!” No, you need to SAY you LIED!! “I LIED! I LIED!”

Rowan lets up on Murphy, and Bryan just hates liars. The confession wasn’t good enough, so Rowan throws Murphy into the trash! Is this the end of the lies? Or is there more to the truth than what we’ve seen?


Roman Reigns looks for Bryan and Rowan.

A stage hand directs him to their private dressing room. The Big Dog heads that way, will he confront them over everything?


WWE announces the return, of King of the Ring!!

The truly iconic tournament returns for 2019 on the road to Clash of Champions! The field of 16 is: Elias; Ricochet; Drew McIntyre; Cedric Alexander; The Miz; Baron Corbin; Apollo Crews; Sami Zayn; Samoa Joe; Cesaro; Mustafa Ali; Chad Gable; Shelton Benjamin; Buddy Murphy; Andrade Almas; and Kevin Owens! Who will be crowned the King of the Ring?


The New Day VS The Revival!

AWWW~ Toronto~! Get ready for two great tag teams to face off once more! Will Xavier Woods and Big E keep things rolling after Kofi Kingston retained the W, W, E, World, Heavy, Weight, Championship? Or will the #TopGuys get the better of them by staying serious?

But wait! The Viper, Randy Orton, appears. He has a mic to speak to Kofi. “How is it that you can come out here and cheer-lead on the sidelines for your boys when you ran away from a fight?” Orton knows why, though. All the fans know why. Kofi knows why. It is because Kofi can’t beat Orton! He never has for 11 years! And he never will. And worst of all, Kofi ran from the fight in front of his wife and kids! One day, Kofi’s boys will grow up and ask daddy, “Why is it that you took the easy way out? Why is it that you ran away from that big bad, scary man?” And Kofi will look them in the eyes, and tell them the truth: Kofi can’t beat Orton. But Orton gives Kofi one more chance to prove him wrong. Instead of cheering on the sidelines, let’s make this a Six Man! Kofi’s answer: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!


Six Man Tag: The New Day VS Randy Orton & The Revival!

SmackDown returns once more, and the #TopGuys are willing to work together with The Viper! Will this killer combination help Orton, Dash and Dawson all earn title shots the old fashioned way?

The bell rings and Orton starts with Kofi. Orton and Kofi circle as fans rally with “New! Day rocks!” Kofi and Orton approach, but then Orton tags out to Dawson. Dash tries to start a “Top! Guys rock!” chant but Kofi ties up with Dawson. Kofi headlocks but Dawson powers out. Kofi dodges and monkey flips Dawson down! Then dropkicks him back down! Cover, TWO! Tag to Big E, and he holds Dawson for Kofi’s Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO! Big E tags Woods, and then Woods runs to be the human weapon wheelbarrow splash! Cover, TWO! Woods goes at Dawson but Dawson pulls hair! Dawson puts Woods in a corner to CHOP! Dawson tags Dash and Woods gets knees. Dawson puts Woods on the mat to stomp, then Dash uppercuts and clotheslines Woods in a corner. Dash whips corner to corner but Woods goes up and over and speeds up to a tilt-o-whirl headscissor! And dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Woods waistlocks but Dash fights out. Woods chops but Dawson tags in as Woods rolls Dash. But Woods sees Dawson coming and ducks to roll him up. Dash reels Woods in for the armbar DDT! Dawson looms over Woods before dragging him around. Dawson clubs that arm, but fans rally up. Dawson snapmares Woods to a thrashing keylock. Fans rally up and Woods fights to his feet. Dawson wrangles him down and tags in Dash. Dash stomps away on the bad arm, and stays between Woods and the New Day corner. Dash mounts for an armlock, and even gets a chinbar. Woods endures and arm-drags free, only for Dash to shove him. Woods comes back with the rolling elbow! Dash tags Dawson and Dawosn intercepts Woods. Tag to Orton but Woods fights! Dawson yanks the bad arm to whip Woods out of the ring! And then Orton has Woods, back suplex onto the announce desk! Woods writhes while we go to one last break.

SmackDown returns once more, and Woods endures as Dawson grinds him down in a hammerlock. Fans rally and Woods fights up. Woods throws elbows and reaches for his corner, but Dawson pulls him back in for a back suplex! Cover, TWO! Dawson looms over Woods, and mocks him with the New Day claps. “Clap! Clap with your hand!” Dawson pulls on the bad arm and thrashes it about in a new keylock. Woods refuses to quit, even as Dawson pulls as hard as he can. Woods feeds off the energy from the fans, but Dawson has the hammerlock. Dawson whips but Woods reverses to send Dawson all the way into the post! Both men are down and carwling for their cornesr, tag to Dash, tag to Big E! Big E throws Dash overhead! ANd then htis Orton for good measure. he throws Dash again! And then the belly2belly!

Big E fires up and swivels those hips! He runs, BIG SPLASH! But he isn’t done there, and fans clap along. Dawson distracts and Dash rolls Big E up! TWO, and Big E scoops Dash! Tag to Kofi but Dawson saves Dash! Double DDT for Big E, but Kofi ax handles them both! Kofi fires up and runs, NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop! But now Kofi aims and fans clap along again. Orton is in, but the RKO is denied! Kofi dropkicks Orton out, then tags to Woods. Kofi FLIES to bump Orton tot he desk! Dawson takes Woods’ kick, and his tornado, to feed him to Dash. But Woods back drops Dawson to fight back on Dash! Haymaker, CHOP, repeat! Then CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP! But Dash back suplexes. Woods slips out to mule kick, only for Dawson to tag in. Whip and leap frog, SHATTER MACHINE! Cover, The Revival and Orton win!

Winners: Randy Orton & The Revival, Scott Dawson pinning

And more importantly, the #TopGuys pinned the SmackDown Tag Team Champions! They add insult to injury as they beat down Big E beside Woods. They go to revive an old move from NXT, but Kofi saves the day! Trouble in Paradise for Dawson! RKO FOR KOFI! The Viper strikes Kofi down, and then slowly picks him up. But instead of doing more damage to the world champion, he’ll hurt him through his friends. RKO FOR WOODS! Orton slithers back to Kofi, because there’s still Big E. The Revival help bring Big E up, for the RKO! And then, with Kofi as a rag doll, RKO!! Orton has wrecked the New Day, and again calls Kofi “stupid.” Will Orton make Kofi feel even worse when he comes for the title again?


Bryan and Rowan see Roman storm in.

They’ve been waiting for him to show up. Roman glares at Bryan and at Rowan. Bryan wants Roman to apologize. He apologized to Samoa Joe when he thought wrongly. And now he knows Rowan isn’t the one, either, so apologize. Roman gets heated, but Bryan says “before this turns into a melee and you get hurt,” Bryan has been looking into this. They know who did it. Next week, they’ll reveal this assailant’s identity. Roman reluctantly accepts this proposal, but who will Bryan point the finger to next?



My Thoughts:

A great SmackDown to follow SummerSlam! There was a lot of great story progress for just about everything not yet addressed by Raw. Kevin’s story with Shane is clearly not over, but entering a new phase of aggravation. Then we get a parallel to SummerSlam’s attempted screwjob, except it worked out in Team Shane’s favor. Elias and Joe will both be in the King of the Ring tournament, so perhaps that is how Kevin gets payback. But this has to result in Kevin exploding on Shane, kayfabe fines be damned. That then leads to perhaps a Hell in a Cell match, in a cell, so that Shane can have one last off-the-cell spot before finally just stopping. It’d be amazing if Kevin and Shane recreated Taker shoving Foley off, too.

SmackDown also did a great job of building up some stars, even without them winning. And by that I mean, Ember Moon and Buddy Murphy looked amazing against Charlotte Flair and Roman Reigns, respectively of course. Ember loses twice in a row, but Charlotte did just beat Trish, so a Charlotte that beats Trish shouldn’t lose to an Ember that lost to Bayley. I still expect Charlotte to go for her 10th title reign on the main roster, and that will really test if Bayley is a top champion. As for Murphy, the poor guy is the punching bag for anyone with their name spelled R-O-blank-A-N. But he still gets a lot of points for the match tonight, and can still make a great showing in the King of the Ring. As for Roman’s story, there is still any number of ways this could go, depending on who Bryan accuses of being the culprit(s) next. Hopefully it’s Harper to give him something since Vince is holding him hostage via his contract. Harper VS Roman would be a great, hard-hitting match for a few PPV’s.

Aleister Black still wants to fight, but if he’s not in the King of the Ring, I’m not sure who he’s supposed to get. I wonder if he’s ready for an Intercontinental Championship at Clash of Champions. Aleister VS Nakamura would be so good just on the striking prowess, Black Mass VS Kinshasa as sudden finishers, though both guys do like to be dramatic about it at times. And that’s a match-up that could go either way while bringing out both guy’s aggression. And then that 2v2 turned 3v3 was such a great move. It was a great match-up as all six guys got to shine, but it was a natural move to have the Heels win. The Revival set themselves up for Clash of Champions, and Orton just devastating the New Day should be reason enough for Kofi to give him a rematch at Clash, too. For Orton and Kofi, I hope that things escalate to a No Disqualification match. Clash of Champions isn’t that special of a PPV anymore since it’s just natural titles would be defended, so making a match like Kofi VS Orton more than just a standard match really adds to the gravitas.

My Score: 8.8/10

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