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WWE 24/7 Championship Results & Report! (8/16/19)

Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.



WWE 24/7 Championship

Who Wants to Walk With Elias?!

The Drifter just wants to be left in peace to record a new set of songs, but that’s not so easy when he’s WWE 24/7 Champion.


  • WWE 24/7 Championship: Elias VS Drake Maverick; Elias wins and retains the WWE 24/7 Championship.


Elias sets to record a new track.

“Hello I am Elias. And I wanted to give everybody a quick look at a new project I’m working on.” Ever since his debut album’s success, everyone’s been wanting more. So he’s working on something here, here’s your sneak peek. Elias strums his guitar and has his pianist join in. But he’s not very good… Elias goes over to talk to the man, and the pianist moves aside. Elias shows him how it’s done, but a referee comes in! The pianist is Drake Maverick! But he can’t get the roll-up! Elias yanks Drake right up and can’t believe this is going on in his studio! He throws Drake down then kicks him out, and then they go into the recording room. The soundproof wall keeps us from hearing how badly he’s beating down Drake right by the machines! Elias cools off and comes back into the recording room. With that taken care of, Elias returns to his music.

My Thoughts:

And so it begins! Elias’ first on-location “match” is a natural place to be for the would-be musical sensation. Now, given Shane’s abuse of authority on Elias’ behalf, I have a feeling there will be kayfabe “suspensions” of the 24/7 Rule while he tries to have performances on Raw or SmackDown, and probably during Elias’ matches in the King of the Ring tournament, but there really should be an attempted house show concert that draws any number of superstars after him. He can have them go after each other and then whoever gets closest to him gets a guitar smash, that’d be a great segment for Elias.

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