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Andrew’s Stardom 5 Star GP Blue Stars Ratings & Analysis: Day 6 & 7

It feels good to be mostly caught up now! Stardom Blue Stars Day 6 & 7! 



It feels good to be mostly caught up now! Stardom Blue Stars Day 6 & 7!

So Mathew and I have nearly caught up with the calendar! Day 6 and 7 are September 8th and 14th (afternoon and night show).

There we go! Granted, Blue Stars is missing Utami Hayashishita because she injured her hand, so that’s one of my favorites now out for the tournament. The whole block remains fairly close, so it’s still anyone’s game!

Let’s see what we’ve got to work with for this article.

Blue Stars Day 6 Ratings:

  • Jungle Kyona vs Kagetsu: Kyona wins via Kinniku Buster @11:30 – *** 1/2
  • Arisa Hoshiki vs Andras Miyagi: Arisa wins via Shining Impact @9:45 – ** 1/2

Blue Stars Day 7 Ratings:

  • Konami vs Jamie Hayter: Jamie wins via Falcon Arrow Neckbreaker @7:45 – **
  • Bea Priestley vs Kagetsu: Kagetsu wins via Death Valley Driver @11:30 – *** 1/4
  • Jamie Hayter vs Jungle Kyona: Jamie wins via Boston Crab @7:15 – * 1/2


Blue Stars Day 6 Analysis:

Jungle Kyona vs Kagetsu – Not a lot was said in the promos to kick things off, but there’s plenty of history between the two. Plus Kyona still has that choke artist aura that she has been slowly chipping away at since joining Tokyo Cyber Squad. So now we get to see if Kyona can keep her comeback train rolling.

They start the match quick and almost immediately head to the crowd. Kyona gets whipped around and thrown into the post. Kagetsu runs towards her, and amusingly, Kyona just screams and looks scared, but Kagetsu stops and spits water into her face. Kyona ducks, avoiding a kick and Kagetsu hits the ring post. Following that up with an Apron Powerbomb, Kyona starts getting some of the momentum on her side.

When they roll back in, Kyona works a few Cross Armbars and tries to wear down Kagetsu. It looks to be working, but when she tries the Jungle Splash, Kagetsu gets her knees up. In this tournament Kagetsu has had this pattern of taking a lot of punishment, firing up at the right point and pulling wins out of nowhere. So between no selling  a suplex, and just generally sprinting around to try and finish the match, it nearly looked like another one of those Kagetsu surprise wins.

Kyona pulls off a Hammer Throw Powerbomb even though Kagetsu tried to fight it. Kagetsu kicks out of the Powerbomb, so Kyona goes to her big baddie finish after dodging the Green Mist beautifully. Kagetsu gets reeled into the corner, placed on the top turnbuckle and Kyona pulls off the Kinniku Buster! Muscle Buster for those unaware of the Japanese name.

Fast and hard hitting match! Good stuff!

Arisa Hoshiki vs Andras Miyagi – Arisa realizes that she can’t afford another loss and Andras is…well…different. So I’ll admit that I’m not excited for this match, but that’s mainly because Andras matches don’t do much for me. So let’s see what kind of match we get!

This was a surprising back and forth, but Arisa never really seemed to be out of control in the match. She took a few beats to poke fun at Andras’ unique hair style or just smile at the crowd, but Andras would just fire up in these weird spurts. The most believable moment for Andras was right after Arisa missed Shining Impact, and Andras hit a  Fisherman Driver and an attempted Reverse Tombstone, but Arisa wouldn’t let that happen. A few quick strikes, and her top rope Round Kick won her the pinfall.

A little bit of a flat finish, but that could also be because of my general disinterest in Arisa’s opponent.

Blue Stars Day 7 Analysis:

Konami vs Jamie Hayter – Jamie comes out in full condescending and cheeky form. She’s clapping to force the crowd to clap for her. She even walks through most of the audience imploring them to clap for her. The huge smile on her face makes it great and how she toys with the audience is great.

Konami came out fast and relentless. She smacked around Jamie early, Twisting Neckbreaker through the ropes, and just general manhandling. Watching Jamie’s smarmy swagger disappear pretty quickly was interesting. One noticeable thing was that they seemed to not be on exactly the same page. A few stumbles, extra steps and balks in pacing hurt the work a little bit, but it wasn’t bad.

The fact that Jamie’s win came out of effectively nowhere was interesting. Catching Konami coming off the ropes in back to back Backbreakers and then fighting out of Konami’s Guillotine choke, just to hit the Falcon Arrow Neckbreaker was a surprise. Jamie showed some resiliency which is normally reserved more for fan favorites and then she had a few words for Kyona after the match.

Bea Priestley vs Kagetsu – Rematch of the World of Stardom match that saw Bea end Kagetsu’s reign! Does the Prime Minister get a modicum of revenge, or will the Top Gaijin remain an arrogant piece of-erhm-positioned strongly in the tournament?

We saw an early flurry of counters and general cat and mouse style games. Since she’s bigger Bea used more of the strikes and power game, where Kagetsu tried to work in a few jabs and submissions. Kagetsu also tried a Superplex to bring Bea back into the ring, and it came out looking a little sideways, landed her flat enough, just obviously awkward.

Both women sold the other’s offense pretty well, and Bea was really channeling her inner Kenny Omega with at least five Bea Triggers and three attempts at Queen’s Landing. One of the Bea Triggers countered Kagetsu’s Green Mist, so that was a cool visual. However, Kagetsu distracted the referee and hit the Red Mist while on the top turnbuckle to hit an Avalanche Michinoku Driver. Hard fought match, just felt more like frantic spots at times and the Omega style redundancy in offense is not a pattern that should be copied.

Funnily enough, it also seems like Kagetsu is working on making the Death Valley Driver her main finish, since she hit the Oedo Coaster, but still felt like the Driver was necessary. In the post-match speech Kagetsu put over Bea and said she wants to be Emperor of Stardom. So Prime Minister no more, she wants to be promoted to Emperor.

Jamie Hayter vs Jungle Kyona – Hayter comes out in her usual adorable cockiness and Kyona actually cut a very simple promo in English. The beauty of Jamie’s style, is that she’s heavy on the quirky heel antics, but she can wrestle when the matches start to go long.

We get some Shoulder Tackle trades and then Jamie gets Kyona in the Camel Clutch/Wet Willy spot, which is great. Kyona tends to sell fear of goofy spots. Like the water with Kagetsu and the Wet Willy now with Jamie, Kyona’s expressions are great. Jamie’s adorable heelish side comes out when she starts explaining to the referee how he counts. She tells him to count faster and then mimics how he does it compared to what she wants, just to insure the language barrier doesn’t mix anything up.

The part that no one was looking forward to comes up and Jamie hits a Backbreaker, then does an Uranage, but Kyona comes down on her right shoulder. Something is obviously wrong, so Jamie stomps the stomach and locks in the Boston Crab. After Kyona has about a minute of discussion with the referee, I guess they both decide she can’t go on and the referee calls for the bell right there. Jamie’s a little confused but figures it out, and tries to continue to play her heelish side, but you can kinda tell she wants to check on Kyona.

This looked like one of those wrestling accidents, Jamie looked to have the move on fine, Kyona just twisted when she took the move. It was a little odd how long the camera stayed on the situation in the ring. Made the whole thing a bit uncomfortable. So the low rating is because it was cut short for injury, not because it was bad.


Overall Score: 6/10

Kagetsu having the only really good matches and Kyona getting hurt in a match with a personal favorite of mine, just puts a damper on these matches. Already losing Utami to injury, and now Kyona, just makes Blue Stars more like…Black and Blue Stars…eh…am I right?

Hey I had to make a joke to help tolerate how some of this went. Kyona has a dislocated shoulder, so thankfully none of the injuries are career ending, just serious enough to put them on the shelf for the remainder of the tournament and maybe a little longer.

I suppose this awkward injury plagued year has allowed for a really close block. So as far as suspense goes…this is pretty good.

Blue Stars Standings:

  • Jamie Hayter 5-2 ( 10 Points)
  • Konami 4-2 (8 Points)
  • Kagetsu 4-3 (8 Points)
  • Arisa Hoshiki 4-3 (8 Points)
  • Bea Priestley 3-3 (6 Points)
  • Utami Hayashishita (6 Points) – OUT INJURY
  • Jungle Kyona (6 Points) – OUT INJURY
  • Andras Miyagi 3-3 (6 Points) – ELIMINATED
  • Natsuko Tora 1-4 (2 Points) – ELIMINATED

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