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Chairshot Shuffle: Elias, Knobs, McIntyre, Impact and More! (9/11/19)

Get caught up to speed with the latest news on Elias, Knobs, McIntyre, Impact and More!



WWE Smackville Elias

Get caught up to speed with the latest news on Elias, Knobs, McIntyre, Impact and More!

Elias Injured

As seen on Tuesday’s SmackDown, and announced earlier in the day by WWE, Elias was pulled from the King Of The Ring tournament due to injury. According to Wrestling News.Co, the injury is legitimate and appears to be an ankle injury.

Jason’s Take

Hopefully the injury to Elias isn’t serious as it seemed he was finally beginning to get a well overdue push.

Brian Knobs Hospitalized

Former WWF tag team champion and one half of the Nasty Boys, Brian Knobs has been hospitalized. Knobs has a knee infection and will require a total knee replacement. A Gofundme was set up for Knobs that you can view here.

Jason’s Take

Here is hoping for a speedy recovery for Knobs.

Drew McIntyre Dealing With Injury

According to PWInsider, Drew McIntyre is dealing with injury. It appears he had some minor surgery done that will keep him out until October.

Jason’s Take

It doesn’t sound like the injury is too serious, hopefully McIntyre returns so, as he too was getting a well deserved push.

IMPACT To Move To New Network?

Anthem Sports released a press release today announcing that they have acquired a majority interest in AXS TV. Anthem of course is the owner of Impact wrestling. Could a possible move to AXS be in the works ?

“There are some complementary content opportunities but AXS will remain AXS as people know it. We believe there is a lot of content out there that can find a home on AXS, but it has a great brand and we want to keep it as is. We are effectively entering the music/video space, not trying to transform AXS into something we already have. This is an add-on for us.”

Jason’s Take

AXS has done well with the NJPW and WOW promotions, so a move by Impact would make sense. Hopefully the promotion is able to gain a stable network outlet.



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