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King: The Two Stars Of The Night

Chris King shows why Angel Garza and Raul Mendoza are the stars of the night for this week’s episode of NXT.



Chris King shows why Angel Garza and Raul Mendoza are the stars of the night for this week’s episode of NXT.

The buzz of the NXT Universe may be the shocking news that Johnny Gargano is NXT-4-Life, or Rhea Ripley and the NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler clashing for the first-time-ever. I’m here to tell you that Angel Garza and Raul Mendoza are the future of the WWE and the stars of the night.

The cocky and arrogant Garza faced The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne for the first-time-ever. Nobody expected the young up-and-coming third-generation Lucha Libre superstar to win the match.

Weeks after his impressive showing during the 5-on-5 Captain’s Challenge, Garza had the longest-reigning WWE United Kingdom Champion rocked after delivering a THUNDEROUS SUPERKICK from the ring apron.

Of course, The Bruiserweight would bounce back and ensure the victory but, Garza proved without a shadow of a doubt that he is the future of 205 Live, and NXT.

Later in the night, the ultimate underdog Raul Mendoza would go one-on-one with the grizzly and vicious Cameron Grimes who was seeking retribution for losing the NXT Breakout Star Tournament. Mendoza is a highlight reel of high-octane offense that will captivate any crowd.

You may have seen The Undertaker walk the ropes while delivering some old-school, but I promise you you’ve never witnessed anything like this before.

Mendoza who recently mixed it up with The Archer of Infamy Damien Priest and Riddick Moss continues to impress against the biggest and brightest superstars on both NXT and 205 Live.

The angry Grimes ensured himself the victory after a devastating mid-air Double-Stomp to Mendoza, but Mendoza is also the future of WWE in his own right.

Who would have predicted years ago, high-flying Cruiserweights would be taking over all the brands, with superstars such as. Cedric Alexander, Ali, Garza, Humberto Carrillo, and Mendoza proving that size is only a number!

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