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Mitchell’s Women of Wrestling Results & Report! (9/7/19)

The Women of Wrestling return for a new season!



WoW Season 2

WOW returns for Season 2!

The Women of Wrestling are back to WOW the world with another season! But how long will Tessa Blanchard’s reign as world champion continue?


  • Jessie Jones VS Fire; Jones wins.
  • Sassy Massy VS “The Disciplinarian” Robyn Reid w/ Samantha Smart; wins.
  • WOW Tag Team Championship Series: The Psycho Sisters w/ Mezmeriah VS Princess Aussie & Reyna Reyes; The Psycho Sisters win and advance to the next round.
  • WOW World Championship Triple Threat Elimination #1 Contender’s Match: The Beast VS Jungle Grrrl VS Jessicka Havok; No Contest.


Welcome BACK to WOW!

The Superheroes ushered in a new era of in-ring action, to the roar of fans from around the world. The Born Legend came in demanding the title, and would not stop until she had the Women of Wrestling World Championship. “You can line these b*tches up and I’m going to know them down.” But The Beast was the biggest and the baddest woman to yet fight for that title. And at the same time, the living legend was pinned for the first time, but that would not stop Jungle Girl’s hunt for the gold. And as Season 1 came to a close, Tessa Blanchard felt Beast, Jungle Girl, and another newcomer in Jessicka Havok closing in. Will Tessa be able to survive such fearsome competition? And who else in the WOW locker room is just waiting to step up and make themselves into a legend?

Tessa Blanchard heads for the ring!

The WOW World Champion is introduced by David McLane, but then interrupts him because “they already know who I am.” And Tessa says she’s world champion because she says what she’s going to do and does what she says. This isn’t just something she says, this isn’t just some gimmick. She IS undeniable. It is in her DNA, ti is her life, it is what makes her one of the best in the world, and the biggest star in women’s wrestling today. She IS “the baddest b*tch in the building.” But wait, The Beast returns! And she goes right to the ring to stare Tessa down. David asks Beast speak her mind rather than attack Tessa. Beast tells Tessa that she’s only world champion because Beast lets her be. David keeps the peace, their fight isn’t happening just yet. Fans want to see them fight, but Tessa just holds up the title to taunt Beast.

Hold on, the former WOW World Champion, Jungle Grrrl, returns! And she tells Beast to not get ahead of herself. And as for Tessa, this is so “cute” how she remembers that title match. JG says it took both Beast and Tessa to beat JG down for a pinfall. Tessa says she’s already taken care of JG, but David still keeps them from fighting. Tessa tells David that her challengers should fight each other, because Tessa is done for the night. The champ does things on her terms and scuffs dirt as she heads out. But in her way is the Monster of Madness! Havoc scares Tessa back to ringside! Tessa says this is fine, she WILL defend her title, but next week! For tonight’s season premiere, David needs to figure out who her #1 contender is! Will David #FigureItOut? Oh he will. There are three big names after the title, and so Beast, Havok and Jungle Grrrl will have a main event TRIPLE THREAT ELIMINATION #1 Contender’s match!

Jessie Jones VS Fire!

The Baroness of Bardstown vowed in Season 1 to #MakeWrasslinGreatAgain, but she might not be going about things the right way. However, her win-loss record can’t be denied, so will she keep winning her way up towards the title? Or will her Kentucky spirit be put out by the fire inside Fire?

Jessie snatches the mic to say, “I don’t care what y’all think.” Not anyone in the crowd, not anyone in the locker room, and not anyone of the limo-riding, safe space hiding, “disbelievers” watching at home. Jessie has proven time and time again that she don’t need any of y’all to #MakeWrasslinGreatAgain. She proved it against Stephy Slays, against “Chinchilla” Chantilly Chella, and against “Speedy Gonzales” Azteca. So go ahead and send out the next “wannabe bimbo” so Jessie can put a beat down and get her check. With that, Hotlanta’s superhero heads out to the ring and this match begins!

Jessie and Fire circle but fans are already fired up for Fire. They tie up and Jessie powers Fire to a corner. She lets up only to shove Fire hard. But Fire comes back with a Thesz Press and fast hands! Fire dropkicks Jessie around, then mule kicks to a snapmare. Fire runs for a basement dropkick! Matchbox cover, TWO! Fire keeps her focus as she runs in, but she misses the kick. Fire dodges the roundhouse to waistlock, but Jessie pries free with power. Jessie has a keylock and just drives Fire down! The arm is trapped, and Jessie stomps it! Jessie slams the arm on the mat, but fans rally up as Jessie drives an elbow into Fire’s elbow. Jessie knees the arm then hammerlocks it, to throw it into the buckle!

Fans cheer for Fire as Jessie rams her shoulder into Fire. Jessie backs off to run back in, but Fire goes up to sunset flip! Cover, TWO! Jessie uppercuts hard to the throat! Fire sputters back but Jessie is on her again. Jessie wrenches and rams her shoulder into the arm. Jessie keeps going, another wrench and another shoulder. Jessie hits a third, but wants to keep going. Fire is ready for the fourth  and dodges, but Jessie runs her over! The referee checks but Jessie shows no mercy. She jumps for an elbow drop but Fire dodges to SUPERKICK back! Jessie is rocked and fans fire up with Fire! Fire aims, dodges, and hits a back elbow! Fire rallies on Jessie just like that, then wrenches Jessie to a snapmare and SUPERKICK!

Jessie is reeling as Fire runs corner to corner for a big clothesline! Then a back elbow! Then side-to-side for a sideswipe dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Jessie survives the flurry from Fire, but Fire keeps her focus. Fire drags Jessie up but Jessie SLAPS her! Jessie grabs the arm, grinds her knee in, but Fire has a ropebreak! The ref calls Jessie off and Jessie is furious. Fire rolls her up, TWO! Jessie SLAPS Fire again, then reels Fire back in. Jessie leans on Fire for that vicious Second Amendment “right to break arms” armbar! Fire taps and Jessie wins!

Winner: Jessie Jones, by submission

Jessie makes Fire suffer a little longer before letting go. “I thought I told y’all.” You may not like how she says it or how she does it, but Jessie Jones is going to make wrasslin’ great again. Will she continue to break down and beat up opponent after opponent on her way to the top?

WOW takes a closer look at Azteca.

“All my life, I always lived as one person on the inside, but a different person on the outside.” One life for her family, the other for her dream. Her parents are strict, conservative and religious people who wanted her to pursue a practical job like nursing, but that is not Azteca’s calling. Her passion is to be a professional wrestler. Against those wishes, she became Azteca to find herself in the ring. And coming to WOW was so surreal. So much energy and noise, and so many great opponents. She wore her Azteca costume in hopes of achieving great heights, but even that was not her truest self. So now, Azteca sheds her cocoon to fight as the person she is inside. Reyna Reyes is finally ready to be herself, The Pearl of the Philippines!

Growing up in the Philippines was amazing. So different, so humid, but so friendly and vibrant. She was taught to be quiet, but she wants to be vibrant. She will mix styles to keep her opponents guessing. She will be forever grateful to Azteca, but now everyone will see her shine as her truest self. But can she and Princess Aussie begin a journey together towards the returning WOW Tag Team Championship series?

WOW reviews the storied history of their Tag Team Division.

Women’s Tag Team wrestling has been thrilling fans since the 1950’s, when Ella Waldek and THE Mae Young were the first ever champions. Then Donna Christinello and Toni Rose took over in the 60’s, while Vicki Williams and Joyce Grable dominated the 70’s. The 80’s raised the level of competition as Joyce Grable continued on alongside Wendi Richter, then passed the belts on to Princess Victoria and Velvet McIntyre. Then it was Judy Martin and Lelani Kai, the Glamour Girls! They were the longest reigning champions at 909 days until finally losing to Japan’s Jumping Bomb Angels. However, 1989 saw the disappointing discontinuation of women’s tag team wrestling, until the year 2000! Women of Wrestling revived the tradition when Caged Heat, Loca and Delta Lotta Pain, dominated like no other!

Loca and Lotta brought charisma, skill and attitude, along with their orange jumpsuits, to the ring. But now, a new era in women’s tag team wrestling begins with WOW’s Tag Team Championship Series! Who will enter and attempt to climb atop the WOW Tag Team Division?

Sassy Massy VS “The Disciplinarian” Robyn Reid w/ Samantha Smart!

The debuting Boston badgirl wants to make an impact, but is she going to be taught a harsh lesson at the hands of the strictest teacher from South Carolina?

The bell rings and Reid already sneers at Massy’s sassy sequins. They tie up and Reid shoves Massy down. Smart mocks Massy but Massy shrugs it off to circle with Reid again. They tie up and Massy waistlocks but Reid elbows out hard. Reid snapmares and shoves Massy around, but then backs off to ropes when Massy gets more than sassy. Reid comes back with a kick and clubbing, then whips Massy to ropes. Massy holds those ropes, then gets Reid on the ropes, for a crossbody! Massy reels Reid in for a clothesline! Cover, ONE! Massy has the fans on her side as she goes up the ropes. Smart distracts and Reid trips Massy up! Reid takes a moment to stretch before she stomps Massy around. She grinds Massy into the ropes but the ref backs her off. Smart gets a cheap shot with her yard stick! The referee doesn’t see it because Smart and Reid are too smart.

Reid slams Massy on the mat, then covers, TWO! Reid keeps her cool as she kicks Massy to a corner. Reid grinds her boot into Massy’s chest, but lets up at the ref’s count. Reid drags Massy up to whip corner to corner, but Massy slips around to roll her up! TWO, but Massy hits a basement complete shot! Cover, TWO! Massy runs into a BOOT from Reid! The Disciplinarian sneers now as she drags Massy up. Two-hand choke, but Massy endures, until she’s THROWN down! Fans boo and jeer at Reid but she’s back on Massy with a sneering suplex. Suspension Gourd Buster! Cover, but she pulls Massy up?! And then she puts on the rear chinlock! Fans rally for Massy as she fights her way up. Massy breaks free to fire off forearms and counter punches! Reid is dazed and Massy runs in, big corner splash! And then a hip attack, to a crossbody splash! Cover, TWO!!

Massy is beside herself as Reid survives. But Massy brings Reid up, only for Reid to fight out and hit a CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Massy lives and Reid is furious! Smart can’t believe it, either! Reid bounces Massy’s face off the mat again and again, and Smart tells her to finish this. Reid drags Massy up, fireman’s carry, but Massy fights out! Massy runs, crucifix to a sunset flip! Massy WINS!

Winner: Sassy Massy, by pinfall

Sassy Massy avoids Expulsion, and has gotten the better of the teachers! Smart and Reid are furious, but what will they do to get back at the new girl?

Sassy Massy is feeling pumped after that win!

She is so excited to have won her debut! She celebrates with Chantilla Chilly, but then they hear the tantrum being thrown just down the hall. The Disciplinarian is taking her anger out on a wet floor sign, so Samantha Smart slams the door shut. Will that sign be the first of many victims of Robyn Reid’s wrath?

WOW Tag Team Championship Series: The Psycho Sisters w/ Mezmeriah VS Princess Aussie & Reyna Reyes!

Razor and Fury are accompanied by their third “sister,” The Jester, as they all seek to be the first to have the brand new WOW Tag Team titles. But the Vanguard of Violence and Daughter of Darkness have a message for everyone here tonight. Razor says that when these three heard the tag team tournament was coming, they knew those belts were as good as theirs. And Fury properly introduces the new sister, Mezmeriah. Mezmeriah says she just has one question for you: “Who’s ready to get PSYCHO~?!” It seems the city of LA doesn’t mind getting crazy with these three. But the shimmering combination of the Outback and the Philippines are ready to be stronger together than alone. Will this new bond be stronger than thought possible? Or will Razor and Fury break Aussie and Reyna already?

The teams sort out and Princess Aussie starts against Razor. Razor and Princess tie up, and Princess gets the headlock. Razor pulls hair and gets out to a waistlock. Princess pops out to wrench the wrist. Razor grins as she throws a forearm then reverses the wrench onto Princess. But Princess rolls and spins to reel Razor down to the mat! Princess uses her legs to trap Razor’s arm in a short scissor! Razor endures to pull hair and put Princess in a headscissor! Princess fights the hold, moves around, and turns Razor over for a Queen Angelito. Princess shifts to a headlock but Razor fights up to club Princess down. Princess kicks back then tags in Reyna. The new combo whips Razor and double elbows her down. Reyna covers, TWO! Reyna keeps her cool and brings Razor up. Tag to Princess and they double whip again, for a double hip toss! Cover, TWO!

Princess keeps on Razor with a facelock, then brings Razor around to whip to a corner. Princess hits a big forearm smash, then climbs up to rain down rights. But Fury distracts the ref so that Mezmeriah can attack Princess! Fury backs off before the ref counts her out, but Razor drops a big back senton on Princess! Cover, TWO! Razor keeps on Princess by pulling her hair and throwing her down. Razor drags Princess over to the Psycho Sister corner, and CHOPS Princess hard on the chest! Tag to Fury, and they work together to whip and knock Princess down! Fury drags Princess up and has her hold out a hand to Reyna to mock them both. Fury stomps Princess then whips her to ropes. BIG boot, and a cover, TWO! Fury drags Princess around to lace the legs, a Queen Angelito and crossface combo! Princess endures this unique STF but fights free with an arm. Reyna kicks Fury off Princess to set her free!

Fury glares at Reyna, but stomps her frustrations out on Princess. Then she stands Princess to CHOP and knee and club down. Tag to Razor, and Razor grinds Princess’ face on the ropes! The ref reprimands Razor but Razor just clubs Princess. Razor whips, Princess tilt-o-whirl headscissors in return! Then speeds up to hit a STUNNER! Both women are down but the fans are fired up! Princess and Razor crawl, hot tags to Fury and Reyna! The Pearl rallies with big kicks for both Psycho Sisters! Roundhouse for Razor! Fury ducks a roundhouse but gets a heel kick! Cover on Fury but Razor breaks it! Razor gives Reyna a half-nelson facebuster! Princess spins Razor around for a neckbreaker! Fury has Princess for a German Suplex! Mule kick from Reyna, into the basement complete shot! Cover, TWO!! Fury survives and Reyna can’t believe it.

But Reyna keeps her focus, as she stomps up. Razor stands up but gets a forearm. Fury ducks and the SUPERKICK gets Princess Aussie instead!! Fury rolls Reyna, but has the tights! The Psycho Sisters win!

Winners: The Psycho Sisters, Fury pinning; advances to the next match in the series

Fans boo as the Psychos steal that one from the Princess and the Pearl. But Razor asks who else wants to be a Psycho Sister. But there is no other team in WOW that can stop them! Mess with the sisters, and the sisters mess with you! Who will they meet in the next round?

WOW World Championship Triple Threat Elimination #1 Contender’s Match: The Beast VS Jungle Grrrl VS Jessicka Havok!

The Born Legend found her way to the title, but she has a huge target on her back. Three incredibly talented wrestlers are aiming for Tessa Blanchard, but only one will be left standing to take her on! Who survives when the biggest and baddest do battle tonight?

But wait, Tessa returns? She said she didn’t want to be here. But again, the world champion does what she wants when she wants, so she wants to join commentary. David McLane makes room and then throws it to Shaul Guerrero to finish the introductions. With all three contenders in the ring, this #1 contender’s match begins!

All three stare down as they approach the center of the ring. The fans are all fired up as they duel for their favorites. But it’s Havok who starts things by shoving Beast and JG! So Beast and JG hit back! They take turns throwing forearms, then JG dropkicks Havok into ropes, and Beast BOOTS Havok out of the ring! Now JG and Beast look to settle things between each other from Season 1. They both run and collide, but neither falls. Beast grins as they go again, still neither woman falls. They try again but Havok yanks Beast out to throw forearms! Havok rams Beast into the post! Then she goes after JG. JG runs at Havo, slides under and trips her up! JG drags Havok out but Beast goes after JG! They brawl at ringside but Havoc runs them both over with clotheslines!

Havok glares at Tessa on commentary before putting JG in. Havok stalks JG and even toys with her. But fans rally up and Beast feeds off the energy. JG stands up to stare down with Havok, but Beast SPEARS them both! Beast stomps away on each of them, then drags Havok up. Beast fireman’s carries, but Havok fights off. JG climbs as the two behemoths stare down again. JG LEAPS onto them both! The crossbody wipes them both out! JG dropkicks Havok! Then Beast! Corner splash for Havok! Corner splash for Beast! Cover on Beast, TWO! Cover on Havok, TWO! JG is growing frustrated, but so are Havok and Beast. The three all stand up and glare. Havok kicks JG, Beast kicks Havok and JG kicks Beast. Havok BOOTS JG but Beast boot Havok. Beast gets Havok up! And JG knocks them both down! Fans are thunderous as JG climbs up again! But who is this attacking JG?! And then they go after The Beast!? This is Hazard, Havok’s friend!

No Contest

JG takes someone’s chair and brings it with her to the ring! JG actually defends The Beast! Tessa is fed up with this, and says she’ll choose someone to defend the belt against! Who will she choose? And as for Jungle Grrrl and The Beast, is this the beginning of a strange alliance? Or is it only while they deal with the Monsters of Madness, Havok and Hazard?


My Thoughts:

WOW returns with a new season, but I can’t say they changed anything from the first. And that goes for both good and bad. What Season 1 did well was still good this season. But what they didn’t do well hasn’t improved, either. Their main event, the match that should be the most important and the best, was still a really short and unresolved ending that is meant as a cliffhanger to get us to watch episode 2. It was still a great twist for Havok to now have a friend, and tease a dysfunctional alliance of Beast and Jungle Grrrl, all as the WOW Tag Team Championships are about to return through the season long tournament. I could see Beast & Jungle Grrrl VS Havok & Hazard being part of the series, and even finalists. But to shove all this on top of naming a contender for Tessa Blanchard was a bit much for the time allotted for only an hour of television time.

But again, the matches that were given time were very good. Jessie Jones is a great Heel still playing up the cliche redneck Republican that is the enemy of the Los Angeles/California crowd. Fire did well even in losing, but I wonder who is supposed to give Jessie her inevitable comeuppance. Sassy Massy had a great debut against The Disciplinarian, and seeing as how she’s fast friends with Chantilly Chella, I be they and Reid-Smart also join the tag team series just to fill the bracket while using it for their own story. And I feel like things weren’t quite organized right with Azteca shedding the mask to become Reyna Reyes. There was a lot in Season 1 where Azteca couldn’t quite get going, so it makes sense she would want to transform between seasons. But it put a bit of a damper on her repackage having to lose to The Psycho Sisters. Maybe if she was still Azteca here and then lost, Reyna could emerge from the mask and revitalize herself through her repackage.

At the same time, the Psycho Sisters being in the series, they are probably another team that makes it to the finals, and would make for pretty good Heels to go against the unlikely alliance of Beast and Jungle Girl to give us what I would hope is a proper main event to end the season. Considering all these episodes are already recorded and just need to be released, I really hope WOW considered their formatting and give us main events that actually feel like they matter. I honestly would’ve rescheduled the Jessie Jones match to give the main event more time. Jones VS Fire was just filler to keep Jessie strong, but that could’ve been done in episode two. The season premiere should be for the big things, like a new star (Sassy Massy) and title developments (tag team series and world title story).

My Score: 8/10

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