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WWE Smackdown Bayley


Tiffany’s SmackDown Takes: ‘Sorry’ Doesn’t Count if You Don’t Mean It.

Tiffany’s Takes for WWE Smackdown: How will the shocking events of RAW affect the superstars of SmackDown and will Daniel Bryan get the apology he thinks he deserves?

Tiffany’s Takes for WWE Smackdown: How will the shocking events of RAW affect the superstars of SmackDown and will Daniel Bryan get the apology he thinks he deserves?

Tiffany has Takes on WWE Smackdown, for 9/3/19:

King of the Ring

GRRR!! I’m not going to pretend that I’m okay with Ali being eliminated from King of the Ring. Ali is someone who needs the push winning King of the Ring could give him, Elias is already established, he doesn’t need the help. It’s bad enough Ali isn’t getting ANOTHER title shot he earned, but they’re not going to keep him in King of the Ring to make up for it.

Chad Gable vs Andrade was the shocker of the week. I certainly had Andrade picked to at least make the semi-finals but Chad Gable BEAT Andrade to advance. I’m not sure who was more shocked: Gable, Andrade, Zelina Vega, or the crowd. I’m not going to pretend that this makes me a huge Chad Gable fan, but he’s definitely getting my vote for going all the way in King of the Ring.

Women’s Division

So, Bayley has officially gone bad and I love it! It’s been no secret that Bayley’s ‘Hugger’ gimmick didn’t translate well on the main roster, so I love that they’re having her being fed up with trying to be the good role model. All that hugging and brightness would’ve driven me nuts way before now. I also love that Bayley doesn’t view herself or Sasha as heels. Sometimes, the best heels are the ones who don’t see themselves as heels, which is what it seems like they’re playing Boss-Hug. They aren’t the bad guys, they’re just fed up with being the best and not being treated like the best. Of course, this could just be a set up for the re-launch of Sasha vs Bayley, but I don’t

I’m also glad Charlotte didn’t automatically fall into the babyface role, but I can see where this could lead to Charlotte and Becky reuniting to take on Sasha and Bayley in the spirit of ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’. Either way, I’m super excited for this storyline.

I believe I’ve said before that I don’t like Mandy Rose. I like Sonya Deville, but Mandy Rose sets my teeth on edge. However, the match against Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross wasn’t awful. I’m a little surprised that Fire and Desire got the pin, but they and Twisted Chaos will probably be anchoring the Kickoff Show for Clash of Champions in a few weeks, but we’ll have to see.

Roman Reigns

Is there any remaining question about whether or not Daniel Bryan is the mastermind behind the attacks on Roman Reigns? Not in my book. Sure, it LOOKS like Rowan has gone rogue, but I still believe Daniel Bryan is the brains behind this nonsense. Protestations of innocence mean nothing, Vince McMahon played the embattled business owner and protective father while using his own daughter to screw over Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H proclaimed his innocence in the attack on Austin right until he could use it to his advantage. I think Bryan’s playing the long game here. However, on paper, Roman Reigns will be facing Erick Rowan and Clash of Champions in a couple of weeks, but I think Daniel Bryan has already shown his hand.

That’s it for Tiffany’s SmackDown Takes! Stay tuned for 205 coverage!

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