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Chairshot Weekly Brainbuster: Matt’s Power Ranking 10/25/19

Welcome to the end of our first month here at The Chairshot’s Brainbuster Power Rankings!



Welcome to the end of our first month here at The Chairshot’s Brainbuster Power Rankings!

We bring to you the first ever scientific approach to wrestling power rankings, and rank the week of 10/17-10/23! We will be comparing (RAW and SDL), NXT (NXT and NXT UK), and AEW. Who had the biggest week?

These rankings are very much based on momentum, as well as strength of opponent, weighing out “power rankings” based on head to head results. The highest differences of the week will be discussed here. Each week Greg DeMarco and I will compare our lists, giving you all two different types of power rankings!

Drew McIntyre +21 [+20 Overall Score]
Drew McIntyre d. Ricochet, 10/21, WWE RAW

I didn’t think it was possible for McIntyre to make this list, but McIntyre hasn’t done much all year, losing a feud to Roman Reigns, being eliminated from the KOTR tournament from Ricochet and actually had a negative score after his return to RAW this week so here we are. Ricochet was tied for 10th place in the WWE overall standings last week, so this was a huge win for McIntyre. McIntyre makes a statement and heats up for a rumored Royal Rumble win in a couple months.

NXT UK Tag Team Champions Gallus (Wolfgang & Mark Coffey) +18 [+37 Overall Score]
Gallus d. NXT UK Tag Team Champions Andrews/Webster, 10/17, NXT UK

Not the first time an NXT UK talent has appeared here, but this is the first time we’ve seen a championship change hands on NXT UK television, and I do give bonus points for a title change, so Gallus finds themselves on top of the mountain in the tag division, and also on our Power Rankings top list! This victory felt odd though, fresh off Andrews and Webster beating The Young Grizzled Veterans at Takeover Cardiff for the titles, the titles change hands again rather quickly, and without a known Takeover schedule, NXT UK is kind of just doing its own thing quietly. Where does this lead? I’m really not sure. I’m guessing a match against Imperuim.

Joey Janela +18 [-47 Overall Score]
Joey Janela d. Brandon Cutler, 10/22, AEW DARK

This entry was bound to happen as soon as the match happened because neither man had a victory in the company, so the winner was going to gain some big momentum. Remarkably, Janela was even lower than Cutler, so not only did he get his first win, it was mathematically an upset! Janela would go on to lose to Omega on Dynamite on Wednesday, erasing all this momentum gained, but it was enough to catapult Janela into the Top 5 this week! If you haven’t started watching Dark on Tuesdays on Youtube, you really should.

NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong +17 [+18 Overall Score]
Strong d. Lee & Dijakovik, 10/23, NXT

Strong was barely holding on to a positive score when this match was announced after last week, and here he is, defending two men ranked higher than him, and therefor the champion was a underdog, and the win gave him more points than all but two people this week. There was little doubt that Strong was retaining though, heading into his rematch with Velveteen Dream. A victory over Dream will put Strong again on this list, due to Dream having a +122 score, and a 64% chance to win on paper. In fact, a victory by Strong may actually bump him up to #1 overall when and if it happens!

SCU (Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) +17 [+34 Overall Score]
SCU d. The Dark Order, 10/23, AEW Dynamite

The team of Kazarian and Scorpio Sky did it again, advancing to the finals of the AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament against The Lucha Bros (currently +47 Overall). An SCU victory there would give them a huge momentum boost! The match against The Dark Order was good, and this leads to SCU vs Luchas, concluding (or continuing) their new feud. The tag team division in AEW is the best tag division in all of a wrestling, absolutely no question about that. Two weeks ago Private Party made my Top 5, and now SCU also finds themselves recognized by the best power rankings article on The Chairshot!

Runners Up:

6) The Young Bucks +16 [+14 Overall Score]
7) Chad Gable +16 [+50 Overall Score]

That wraps up this week, all in all an exciting week for wrestling, but the biggest news super secedes any win or loss, The Real Rock N’ Rolla is back! That’s right, Finn Balor has fulfilled his destiny, and I am super excited about that! We saw three AEW talents emerge on this list this week (counting Runners Up), which shows the company is turning some wheels as we head for Full Gear in a couple weeks. Coming soon on these Power Rankings, NJPW and Stardom! Looking forward to analyzing those promotions!

New Rankings (Men, Women, Tag)

WWE Men:

Kofi Kingston 205 (-)
Universal Champion Seth Rollins 199 (+10)
Roman Reigns 177 (+12)
Braun Strowman 140 (+14)
WWE Champion Brock Lesnar 129 (-)
Buddy Murphy 114 (-)
Aleister Black 110 (+8)
Ricochet 81 (-21)
Corbin 64 (-)
IC Champion Shinsuke Nakamura 53 (-12)

WWE Women:

RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch 189 (-)
Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley 160 (-)
Charlotte 77 (-)
Natalya +3 (-)
Nikki Cross -1 (+13)
Sasha Banks -18 (-)
Lacey Evans -19 (-13)
Mandy Rose -36 (-13)
Sonya Deville -72 (-13)
Carmella -85 (-13)

WWE Tag Team:

RAW Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders 156 (+7)
SDL Tag Team Champions The Revival 50 (-)
Heavy Machinery 23 (-)
Ziggler & Roode 14 (-)
The Street Profits 10 (+10)

NXT Men:

NXT UK Champion WALTER 172 (-)
Tommaso Ciampa 162 (-)
Pete Dunne 129 (-)
Velveteen Dream 122 (-)
Matt Riddle 102 (+15)
NXT Champion Adam Cole 98 (-)
Joe Coffey 94 (-)
Damian Priest 85 (-)
Tyler Bate 84 (-)
Travis Banks 84 (-)

NXT Women:

NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler 262 (-)
Toni Storm 129 (-)
Rhea Ripley 105 (+14)
NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray 102 (-)
Jinny 70 (-)
Mia Yim 69 (-)
Piper Niven 64 (-)
Io Shirai 54 (-)
Bianca BelAir 23 (-14)
Tegan Nox 12 (-)

NXT Tag Team

Imperium 47 (+14)
NXT Tag Team Champions The Undisputed Era 41 (-)
NXT UK Tag Team Champions Gallus 37 (+18)
The Forgotten Sons 32 (-)
Young Grizzled Veterans 28 (-)

AEW Men:

AEW Champion Chris Jericho 48 (-)
Cody 45 (-)
PAC 33 (+0)
Jon Moxley 31 (+0)
MJF 16 (-)
Kenny Omega 14 (+15)
Adam Page 13 (-)
Darby Allin 0 (-)
Shawn Spears -30 (-)
Joey Janela -47 (+3)

AEW Women:

AEW Women’s Champion Riho 60 (-)
Britt Baker 17 (+16)
Jamie Hayter -16 (-16)
Nyla Rose -30 (+16)
Leva Bates -33 (-16)

AEW Tag Team:

The Lucha Bros 47 (+15)
SCU (Kazarian/Sky) 34 (+17)
The Dark Order 16 (-17)
Ortiz & Santana 16 (-)
The Young Bucks 14 (+16)

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NXT Minus 6: The Most Pointless Match Ever

There are some things Brad really enjoyed, and others that made no sense. Do you agree with his assessments?



Not just pointless. It was Charles Barkley turrible. 

Dexter Lumis - NXT Entrance (15-04-20) - YouTube

6. Dexter Lumis is in dire need of a makeover. Since his debut two years ago, the only thing that’s changed is the possible addition of new arm tattoos. Great athlete. Deceptively agile. No depth to his character. He is the worst thing you can be in wrestling. Boring. 

POLLOCK'S REVIEW: NXT UK 10/24 feat. Fans revolting on Zack Gibson

5. Zack Gibson strikes again. Drake Maverick & Killian Dain are Shrek and Donkey. Savage! Gibson is on the mic what Wade Barrett needs to be. I like watching him wrestle. I love listening to him talk. 

NXT Next Week: WWE Women's Tag Team Titles Will Be On The Line 4. How good was it to hear Shayna Baszler’s music again in NXT? I am cranked to 11 for the women’s tag team title match. So many stories. Baszler and Dakota Kai have a long history. Raquel Gonzalez and Nia Jax, the two biggest, baddest bitches in WWE are out to prove who is the alpha bitch. Titles on the line. Baszler’s homecoming. Kai’s shot at validation. I’m smelling MOTY contender.

Xia Li reacts after gruesome double attack on this week's WWE NXT

3. I am fully and deeply committed to the notion that Xia Li is the baddest person in the entire NXT locker room, male or female. Madame Li, I will never get on your bad side. If I accidentally cross that line, I will change my name and flee the unidentified state in which I currently reside. Un-Lished.  

2. That thing between Santa Claus Ice Cream Bar and Doomsday Saito was possibly the most pointless match ever. The feud was based on nothing. Why is a heavyweight going after a cruiserweight? Why do they continue to pretend Ice Cream Bar is a cruiser when he clearly isn’t? How does Saito survive a 3-on-1 beat down to pop up fresh as a daisy and get the victory? It dragged on and on and on and on and on and on and on, clocking in at just under 92 hours. Let us never speak of this match again. No, it doesn’t get a pic. 

WWE NXT results – 24/02/2021 (No DQ match, NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai in action) » FirstSportz

1. This week’s That’s Why I Love Wrestling goes to…unidentified camera man! I’m on my couch, digging Leon Ruff’s entrance. BTW, his music kicks all kinds of ass. Ruff is hanging on the ropes, loving life, when BAM! Kick to the head from Swerve Scott. I was genuinely surprised, never saw it coming, because the camera man was fully focused on Ruff, and so was I. Nice work, unidentified camera man.  

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Cook’s Top 5: Miz Moments

Cook brings the most must see Top 5 of the week! Is it obvious or a MIZtery?



The Miz WWE

This week is all about our new WWE Champion, The Miz!

Let’s be honest, Miz might not hold the Championship for too long. He’s got a big match with Bobby Lashley next week. We wish him luck, and maybe something unlikely will happen resulting in Miz holding on to the title longer than anybody expects. Still, I feel the need to get this particular edition of the Top 5 out there as soon as possible.

Here are the Top 5 Miz Moments!

5. Main Eventing WrestleMania

The match itself…not so great. Miz was obviously the third most important person in the match. He also suffered a concussion. But the guy still main evented WrestleMania and beat John Cena, which is something that not too many other people can say. This will remain Miz’s biggest WrestleMania match unless they get Bad Bunny to wrestle him this year.

4. A Ladder Match with Dolph Ziggler

Miz & Ziggler have quite a bit in common. Both hail from the Cleveland area. Both prefer to think of themselves as being from Hollywood. They’re both egotistical characters that make up for what they might lack in size with ego. They’ve been in WWE forever with limited changes to their character, pretty much on the same level of the card. Naturally, they get along pretty well & have good chemistry.

2016 saw the best incarnation of their on-screen issues, with Miz & Ziggler trading the Intercontinental Championship back & forth. The Ladder Match ending the feud at TLC is considered by most to be Miz’s best match. I don’t have a ton of other options off the top of my head, so we’ll go with that.

3. The First MITB Cash-In

You always remember your first. At this point in time, much like here in 2021, Miz wasn’t seen as the most believable choice to be WWE Champion. However, the man had a briefcase, and, importantly, this was back before the briefcase gimmick was completely run into the ground. So when Miz ran down at the end of Raw to cash in on Randy Orton, it got a tremendous reaction.

People were either really happy or really angry. I was on the angry side of the spectrum, especially since I had a cold and was writing a news column during all of this. Man, I remember when the week or so a year I would a cold was the only time I really felt like crap.

What can I say, Miz has grown on me over the years.

2. Feuding with The King

A lot of old school wrestling fans found it hard to believe that The Miz had become WWE Champion when more deserving wrestlers from their childhood never had been. Heck, Jerry Lawler, a God of Memphis rasslin who piledrove Andy Kaufman into oblivion, had never even gotten a shot at that title, even though he’d worked for WWE for nearly twenty years. Seemed wrong to a lot of people, but nobody expected that wrong to be addressed.

Lawler was celebrating his sixty-first birthday the week after Miz defeated Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. One thing led to another, and Lawler got his very first WWE Championsgip opportunity. In a TLC match! They got the fans believing that Lawler could win the title…until that pesky Michael Cole kept Lawler from climbing further up the ladder.

It was nice to see the King get another important run on WWE television long after we thought it was possible. A large part of the reason it was possible? The Miz. He portrayed himself as just beatable enough that the title change could happen. Also held up his end of the bargin in the promos, which was never easy for Lawler’s opponents.

I know everybody likes a title change, but this was the best work Miz did during his first WWE Championship reign by a wide margin.

Honorable Mention: Marrying Maryse

You knew I had to mention this, right?

1. Talking Smack to Daniel Bryan

I’ve always been a Daniel Bryan guy. Back when he was Miz’s “rookie” on NXT, I thought the idea that Miz would have something to teach him was a bit outrageous. It was an interesting pairing though, and the Miz/Bryan relationship/rivalry has provided plenty of compelling moments over the years.

None moreso than the night where Miz did something that a lot of people didn’t think was possible: make himself seem right & Daniel Bryan seem wrong. The way Miz defended himself in this tirade was pretty much impossible to argue with. Maybe Miz doesn’t wrestle the way that hardcore wrestling fans would like, but he is pretty much the prototypical WWE Superstar of his era. He always works hard, is never hurt, and you don’t have to worry about him embarrassing himself or the company.

This promo raised Miz’s character to another level at the time, and definitely added some fuel to the fire for Bryan’s eventual return. If you want to see one Miz promo that sums up who he is & was, this would be it.

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There are some things Brad really enjoyed, and others that made no sense. Do you agree with his assessments?

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