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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (10/16/19)

Darby Allin, YOU’RE ON THE LIST!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

Chris Jericho has his first AEW title defense!

Darby Allin defeated Jimmy Havoc then defied the Inner Circle! Chris Jericho will accept his challenge for the AEW World Championship, in a STREET FIGHT!



  • AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: SoCal Uncensored VS Best Friends; SCU wins and advance to the semifinals.
  • The Inner Circle VS Alex Reynolds & John Silver; The Inner Circle wins.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Riho VS Britt Baker; Riho wins and retains the AEW Women’s World Championship.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: Jurassic Express VS The Lucha Brothers; The Lucha Brothers win and advance to the semifinals.
  • Hangman Page & Kenny Omega VS Jon Moxley & PAC; Page & Omega win.
  • AEW World Championship Philadelphia Street Fight: Chris Jericho VS Darby Allin; Jericho wins and retains the AEW World Championship.


AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: SoCal Uncensored VS Best Friends!

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian represent “The Pride of the West, SCU!” against Trent Baretta and Chuckie T in this opening round match-up! Will Best Friends be able to get over an Addiction to face The Dark Order?

But wait! The Lucha Brothers, Pentagon and Fenix, attack first! They had their confrontation that turned physical last week, but it seems there is no mercy to go along with Cero Miedo! Fenix even rams Kaz into a cameraman! And then a post! Pentagon has Daniels on the ramp, and Fenix brings Kaz over to join him. CERO MIEDO! PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! Daniels gets steel! Fenix has Kaz, but here comes Scorpio Sky to save his friends! The Lucha Brothers retreat, and Scorpio asks for medical help for SCU. The ref says it is a no go, Daniels is not in good shape. The medics help Daniels onto the back board and strap him in as fans are concerned. Even the Young Bucks and Cima come out, concerned for their long time rivals and friends.

The medics get Daniels up off the ground, but there is no way The Addiction can represent. Well, Scorpio is still SCU, can he sub in? Yes, he can! Scorpio will have to get ready quick, but can he focus on this match after what just happened?

The teams sort out, but even Chuckie T and Trent are feeling uneasy about what Pentagon and Fenix did to Daniels. Even so, the Kentucky Gentleman starts against Kaz with the bell. Kaz fires off fast hands on Chuckie and puts him in a corner. Kaz whips corner to corner but Chuckie T goes up and over to forearm back. Chuckie T whips Kaz hard into buckles, then tags in Trent. Chuckie hits Scorpio and Trent whips Kaz into the scoop. LONG DART CUTTER! Cover, TWO! Best Friends keep going, Chuckie hits Awful Waffle and Trent adds a basement knee! Cover, but Scorpio breaks it in time! Chuckie stomps Scorpio for it, and so does Trent. Trent deadlift German Suplexes Scorpio! Chuckie takes Scorpio’s shoe off to throw it away! And then he bites Scorpio’s toes?! So much for being a gentleman.

Chuckie and Trent bail out and Trent rams Kaz into the apron. Chuckie throws Kaz into railing, and then Trent rams Kaz into the apron. Chuckie throws Kaz into barriers again, but Scorpio hurries over. Best Friends mug Scorpio, then Chuckie hops up onto the apron to dumdum stomp Scorpio on the back. Chuckie doesn’t slow down, he forearm smashes Kaz against barriers, then whips him into Trent’s SPEAR! Fans are fired up as the Best Friends high five. Trent and Chuckie put Kaz in the ring as fans cheer. Trent clubs Kaz and forearms him to the corner. Trent chops Kaz, then hoists him up top. Trent climbs up to join Kaz, but Kaz resists. Kaz throws hands and then headbutts. Trent and Chuckie are both wobbly, but Chuckie helps Trent get up with an Electric Chair. ELECTRIC SUPERPLEX! Trent covers Kaz, TWO!!

Scorpio is back on the apron, even with one shoe. He watches as Kaz crawls. “This is Awesome!” already as Trent puts Kaz back in Best Friends territory. Trent trash talks Scorpio before hitting a forearm smash and giving Kaz a CHOP! Kaz elbows back then fights. He goes up and over and hot tags Scorpio! Scorpio rallies on Best Friends, and dropkicks Trent down! He boots then whips Chuckie but Chuckie reverses, only for Scorpio to double stomp him back! Scorpio clotheslines Trent out and has Chuckie in the corner. Fans cheer, “He’s Got One Shoe!” as Scorpio slingshots, but Chuckie knocks him out of the air with a haymaker! Chuckie builds up speed and FLIES, but onto Trent! Scorpio uses Best Friends against each other! Kaz slingshots to huricanrana Chuckie down! Scorpio takes aim as fans rally with “SCU! SCU!” Scorpio, one shoe and all, FLIES! Direct hit takes out both Best Friends! Scorpio takes off his second shoe on his own! And Philly loves it! The shoe returns!?

Trent gets in, Scorpio has him, and Kaz runs in. Scorpio gives Kaz a boost to tornado DDT Trent! Cover, TWO!! SCU is shocked but Best Friends still live! Fans now chant, “He’s Got NO Shoes!” as Scorpio drags Trent up. Scorpio whips corner to corner, Trent tumbles up then down the buckles, into a leaping uppercut! Tag to Kaz, and SCU drags Trent up. Kaz scoops and slams, then springboards for the leg drop! Cover, TWO! Kaz catches his breath, then brings Trent back up. Kaz whips but Trent holds ropes. Kaz throws haymakers but Chuckie tags in. Kaz whips, Trent slips around for a half nelson, Chuckie feeds Kaz Sole Food into Trent’s Half ‘n’ Half! Scorpio reaches, but he instead intercepts the hug! Scorpio throws haymakers on Trent, then whips him at Chuckie. Trent reverses and Chuckie gives Scorpio a big knee! Trent hits the Psycho Knee! NOW Best Friends hug!

Best Friends have Kaz, Electric Chair and a tag. Trent climbs up top, Best Friends Doomsday knee! Cover, TWO!! Kaz lives and fans are just as surprised as Best Friends! But Chuckie tags Trent back in, and Trent goes after Kaz on the apron. He brings Kaz up, but Kaz resists for dear life! Scorpio saves Kaz a moment, but Chuckie goes after Scorpio. Chuckie whips but Scorpio reverses, Chuckie is sent into railing! Kaz fights Trent off, and back drops him on the apron! That took a lot out of Kaz’s back, but he still gets Trent back in. Fans rally, Scorpio tags in, and SCU coordinates. Powerbomb, and dropkick! Cover, SCU wins!!

Winner: SoCal Uncensored, Scorpio Sky pinning; advances to the semifinals

It wasn’t a pretty win, but there could only be so much style and finesse after that ambush from Lucha Brothers. Will SCU make it through The Dark Order for revenge on Pentagon and Fenix? Will Pentagon and Fenix even make it through their match tonight? And what of Daniels’ condition? Will the Fallen Angel be able to return to the ring?


The Inner Circle is on the move.

Ortiz and Santana walk the halls, a pair of Boricuan bad boys looking for any trouble that might come their way. They go past the interview space without incident, but will they be looking to create one before the night’s over?


The Inner Circle VS Alex Reynolds & John Silver!

Well here’s some of that trouble waiting to happen. Will Reynolds and Silver make Philadelphia proud? Or will “The Beaver Boys” simply be the newest names on the lift of those Ortiz and Santana have beaten down?

The teams sort out, and we begin with Silver and Santana. They circle and back off, but then Silver rushes Santana. Santana dodges to BOOT Reynolds! But Silver throws a roundhouse! It barely budges Santana, despite Silver double gunning. Santana enziguris Silver down with ease! Santana drags Silver up to whip him into the corner, and hit a big back elbow! Tag to Ortiz, and #ProundAndPowerful pop Silver up for a powerbomb, into a Penalty Kick! Santana wrecks Reynolds with a dropkick, and Philly is fired up! Ortiz puts Silver in a corner for a mudhole stomp and a boot wash. Santana throws Reynolds into railing while Ortiz bites the ropes like a mad dog. Ortiz returns to Silver and has the ref hold his gloves. Ortiz claws Silver’s back, then shows his claws to the crowd. The fans like that as Santana climbs up. Ortiz brings Silver up, Street Sweeper! The blockbuster bomb hits! Cover, Inner Circle wins!

Winners: The Inner Circle, Ortiz pinning

A truly impressive win for the Inner Circle’s #ProudAndPowerful tag team! Will they sweep up whoever comes out of the tag title tournament to take those belts for their own?

Chris Jericho congratulates his team via titantron!

“Santana and Ortiz did exactly what I said they would: dominate!” Le Champeon knows champions when he sees them. So not only are Ortiz and Santana ready to “beat the hell” out of AEW, they’re pitbulls amongst pitbulls! They asked Jericho to tell us, they want after THE top tag team in AEW. They want to beat up Nick and Matt Jackson! Full Gear, the Young Bucks VS Ortiz & Santana, two of the most incredible tag teams today! Jericho vows that the Bucks have never been in a fight like this before. Do they accept Le Champeon’s challenge? If they do, they’re going to get their asses kicked.


The Rhodes Family is home, but Cody’s mind is somewhere else.

Despite all the business, all the press, and all the details the AEW First Couple has to deal with, Cody can’t seem to focus. He heads out in his truck to clear his air. Brandi knows he is “the single most passionate person” she’s ever known. As soon as he wanted after Jericho for the title, she knew she’d “lose” him for this next period of time. Diamond Dallas Page knows Cody was as driven as a kid as he is right now. Mama Michelle knows Cody pushed himself in every way he could. Maxwell Jacob Friedman, as Cody’s best friend, knows that while Cody is the face of AEW, he is not the champion of AEW, and that eats away at him. Cody wants to prove that him leaving all those other places was not mistake.

Jim Ross knows that while Jericho only has to worry about his match with Cody, Cody will have already gone through an entire day of meetings beforehand. The question of focus is certainly in Jericho’s advantage. Ms. Michelle knows the legacy of Dusty Rhodes casts a large shadow, but she knows Cody has gotten out from under that to make his own path. Tony Schiavone knows Cody is focused on Jericho just as much as everything else. DDP knows Cody has done a lot of “unprecedented” things in pro-wrestling, but in the words of Cody’s own father, “There’th only one thing real in thith buthineth, and that’th that firsth world champthip title.” Cody wants his first, and until he gets it, “there’s always something missing.” Cody trains hard, works hard, and MJF knows this coming match means everything to him.

Cody not only has the Rhodes Family legacy and the AEW business to carry, but he is himself a great wrestler, and wants to show that to everyone. He has this title shot for that reason, and JR knows Cody will be the American Nightmare. MJF knows a legend will be born. Ms. Michelle knows winning that world title will be the “pinnacle” of Cody’s career. Brandi knows Cody needs this, and won’t rest until he’s beaten Chris Jericho. Will Cody be able to finally vindicate himself at Full Gear?


AEW Women’s World Championship: Riho VS Britt Baker!

The Doctor is in, and she wants to make the wrestling idol’s reign historically short! The inaugural champion fought so hard against Nyla Rose, she surely won’t let Britt win so easily. Will history be made with a defense or a title change here tonight?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and Riho’s first defense begins!

Philly is strongly behind Riho with the bell, and Riho circles with Britt. They tie up, Britt powers Riho back to the ropes, but lets up clean. Riho and Britt circle again, and then tie up. Britt arm-drags Riho fast, but lets Riho get up. Riho is getting upset, but she runs into another arm-drag. Fans duel as the two tie up again. Britt full nelsons then snapmares but Riho handsprings through. They speed up, Riho waistlocks, full nelsons then arm-drags Britt back! But Britt holds on, to reel Riho into a cover, but Riho scrambles to ropes before a count can be made. The two separate and start again.

Riho and Britt tie up, Britt headlocks and brings Riho down, to the Rings of Saturn! And as we’ve seen before, Britt wants her new “Lockjaw” submission! Riho knows it, too, and scrambles to get another ropebreak! Britt lets up fast, and Riho gets to the apron. Both women nod, knowing how close that was. Britt runs in but gets forearms, and Riho shoulders in. Britt forearms back and then brings Riho over. Riho blocks the buckle bump to hit back, then climb. Britt stops Riho then climbs up to join her, but Riho resists the superplex. Britt clubs Riho but Riho hits back. Riho sends Britt away, then leaps, crossbody! But roll through, TWO with the Matrix! Riho dropkicks Britt down! Fans are fired up as Riho scoops, but Britt blocks. Britt and Riho fight for control, and Britt throws forearms. Britt scoops but Riho slips out to waistlock. Britt elbows out hard, then runs into a wheelbarrow victory roll, for double STOMPS!

Philly is still fired up as Riho and Britt get to opposite corners. Riho runs corner to corner, big knee strike! Riho goes to suplex but Britt blocks. Riho tries again and manages the snap suplex! She sits Britt in the drop zone and climbs up top. Riho aims, leaps, but has to roll through as Britt dodges. Britt gets Riho with a SLINGBLADE! Britt drags Riho up, fireman’s carry, but Riho slips out again. Riho waistlocks, but Britt resists, so Riho traps both arms, spins Britt around and rocks her with a right hand! Britt still fireman’s carries, to a TKO neckbreaker! Riho clutches her face, Britt shotgun dropkicks Riho down! Cover, TWO!! Riho lives and Britt is growing frustrated. Britt gets up while Riho crawls. Riho ducks the boot to roll Britt, TWO! Riho rolls Britt for a leg capture, TWO! Riho keeps trying, but that cradle is blocked for a fisherman swinging neckbreaker! Britt grits her teeth as she aims, SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!?

Philly is fired up as Riho shocks us all again! Britt drags Riho up and wrenches, to then hook the leg. But Riho slips out of the Page Turner to SLAP Britt! And again! Britt ROCKS Riho, reels her out, but spins into Riho’s NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO!! Britt escapes but Riho goes after her leg with a deep Half Crab! Britt endures, grits her teeth, and crawls for ropes, but Riho drags her away! Riho makes it part heel hook but Britt still gets the ropebrek! Riho is up fast, DOUBLE STOMPS to the back! Cover, TWO!? Britt survives the coup de grace and Riho is raging. Riho goes corner to corner, basement meteora! Cover, TWO! Riho won’t let up, she wants another! Britt sits up, but dodges the knees! Riho hits buckles, Britt ripcords for a rolling elbow! Riho flops down but Britt brings her back up. Wrench and hook, PAGE TURNER! To the LOCKJAW!! Riho resists the mandible claw portion, but it finds it’s way in! But Riho rolls it over to a cover!! RIHO WINS!!

Winner: Riho, by pinfall; still AEW Women’s World Champion

Incredible! Riho snatches victory from the jaws of defeat, almost literally! Britt herself is rather shocked, but she has to respect Riho found a way to counter her new move. The two still shake hands, showing respect. Will Britt find her way to another shot? Will Riho be able to keep this reign going in the meantime?


INJURY UPDATE on Christopher Daniels.

Despite that package piledriver to the steel ramp, Daniels only suffered a stinger to his neck, and is up and moving. But will Daniels still be back for some payback on Pentagon and Fenix?


AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: Jurassic Express VS The Lucha Brothers!

Speaking of those two, it is time for the AAA World Tag Team Champions to put up or shut up if they’re to head for the AEW tag titles. But to everyone’s surprise, Luchasaurus isn’t in this match! He unfortunately was not cleared due to a “non-contact” thigh injury, and is being evaluated at a local hospital. So it will be up to Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt to get the Express to the next stop. Private Party watches from the crowd, will they be meeting the boys and their dinosaur or the brothers with Cero Miedo?

AEW returns as the teams sort out. Stunt starts against Pentagon with the bell for this last opening round match! Pentagon honestly can’t take Stunt serious wearing that merchandise shirt. But Stunt steps to Pentagon, so Pentagon wants Stunt to listen. “CERO! MIEDO!” And then he pie faces Stunt to the ropes! Fans boo the bullying attitude, but Stunt shoves back. Stunt wants Pentagon to pay attention, to the flossing! Pentagon takes off the glove, looks to toss it to referee Aubrey Edwards, but then throws it at Jungle Boy! The ref reprimands him for that, but Pentagon just Cero Miedos at Stunt. Stunt takes that hand and bites it! Now the ref has to reprimand Stunt! Pentagon tries to get Stunt to let go, but Jungle Boy comes in as Stunt flies off. Jungle Boy catches Stunt on his shoulders, to then toss him back to Pentagon for a huricanrana!

Fenix runs in to SUPERKICK JB! Then he blocks Stunt’s kick to spin him around. Stunt dodges Fenix to then CHOP. But Fenix doesn’t flinch! Stunt dodges Fenix, tilt-o-whirls multiple times on Pentagon, but Pentagon tosses him at Fenix, only for Stunt to hit Fenix with a DDT! JB rolls Pentagon, somersault to a satellite DDT! The Lucha Brothers bail out and fans fire up for the Express! JB holds the ropes open, Stunt DIVES through to hit Fenix! JB then moonsaults onto Pentagon! Fans are fired up as the Express put Pentagon in. JB uses Stunt as the human weapon, pump handle 450 splash! Cover, TWO! Stunt is frustrated, but he stomps and clubs Pentagon down. Tag to JB, and JB whips Stunt in at Pentagon, 619! German Suplex! Cover, TWO! Pentagon even pulled hair for that. JB hits Pentagon with a forearm smash while Stunt takes the shirt off.

Tag to Stunt, and JB whips Stunt in, to Pentagon’s SUPERKICK! JB runs but Pentagon back drops him, only for JB to headstand on the corner. SUPERKICK takes JB down! Tag to Fenix, and Fenix flips in to run corner to corner, somersault, into JB’s bicycle boot! Stunt runs in at Fenix but is put on the top rope. Fenix CHOPS Stunt, then CHOPS JB. Fenix uses JB to get up to enziguri Stunt down and arm-drag JB anyway! Fans are thunderous for the Lucha Brothers as they work together, TORNILLO! Stunt runs but is put on the ropes. Stunt jumps back but is caught! Pump Handle, PACKAGE DRIVER! Cover, TWO!? Pentagon can’t believe Stunt survives! The ref defends her count, but Fenix throws JB into steel steps. Pentagon waits for Stunt to stand, and KICKS the leg out! Stunt writhes but Pentagon relishes the moment. Then he KICKS Stunt’s let out again as AEW goes picture in picture.

Pentagon revels in the pain Stunt is feeling. He drags Stunt up to put against the ropes, and he hushes the crowd so they can hear his… CHOP! Stunt flounders but clearly fans want more. Fenix brings Stunt back up and onto the ropes, but backs away as the illegal partner. Only to come back and CHOP Stunt anyway! Fans want another, so Pentagon goes after Stunt again. Fenix trips JB up just because, and then Pentagon Penalty Kicks Stunt down! The Lucha Brothers are having too much fun tormenting these boys. Fans rally up with the Lucha Brothers as Fenix Penalty Kicks Jungle Boy! Pentagon then trophy lifts Stunt and carriers him around, with one arm! To then TOSS him at Fenix’s SUPERKICK! The referee has about had it with them, but Fenix finally behaves and goes to the corner.

Stunt is somehow okay to continue, which may actually be a bad thing. Pentagon toys with him now, but Stunt throws hands back! They don’t really hurt Pentagon, and then he KICKS Stunt in the leg again. AEW returns to single picture so TV fans can hear that one. Stunt gets to a corner, Fenix Drive-By SUPERKICKS him! Pentagon drags poor Stunt up again, to whip him corner to corner, But Stunt dodges, ducks and SLAPS Pentagon! That finally rocks Pentagon! Stunt slingshot sunsets in, but lets Pentagon sit up to hit a calf kick! Both men are down and JB is fired up! Fans fire up, too, hot tags to Fenix and Jungle Boy! Fenix misses, JB throws a SUPERMAN Punch! JB tilt-o-whirls on Pentagon, reverse DDT! Fenix misses, and rebounds into an inverted powerslam! Stunt DIVES onto Pentagon! Jungle Boy standing moonsault knee drops! But he drags Fenix to a drop zone to then have Stunt 450!! Standing shooting star for JB! Cover, TWO!!

The time warning is given as JB tags Stunt. Pentagon runs in to hit JB with a DESTROYER! Fenix SHORYUKENS Stunt! Fenix tags to Pentagon, then feeds Stunt to a swing by the hair! Stunt goes around FIVE times before being tossed aside! Pentagon then hearkens back to the Temple, hammerlocking one arm and pulling the other, DARK ARMBREAKER!! But still that’s not enough! Fenix goes up top, DOUBLE STOMP PACKAGE DRIVER!! Fenix DIVES onto JB! Cover, Lucha Brothers win!

Winners: Lucha Brothers, Pentagon pinning; advance to the semifinals

It is mercifully over for the Jurassic Express. But will there be any mercy shown to Private Party in the next round?


Hangman Page & Kenny Omega VS Jon Moxley & PAC!

There are grudges all over this tag match! The Problem Solver and the Best Bout Machine have both faced and lost to The Bastard, while the Death Rider has made things personal with Kenny Omega. Will the Man Gravity Forgot help with the Paradigm Shift that’s coming? Or will this configuration of The Elite get even?

AEW returns as Hangman and Omega make their entrances. Moxley and Omega want at each other already, but the ref keeps the peace. Pac and Page pull their partners back, but Omega gets loose to clobber Moxley from behind, and that sends him into Pac! Pac spills out, Hangman goes after him, and the ref rings the bell just so this is on the record!

Hangman clubs Pac while Omega keeps on Moxley. Hangman sends Pac into barriers while Omega cubs and knees Moxley over and over. Omega puts Moxley in the Elite corner while Hangman bounces Pac off the apron! Moxley turns things around to CHOP away but Omega throws forearms and CHOPS back! Omega whips Mox but Mox comes back with a lariat! Hangman keeps Pac on the defensive while Moxley rains rights on Omega. Philly chants, “F him up Moxley, F him up!” Hangman gets in to clobber Moxley off Omega but then Pac tags in. Pac baits Hangman into a shoulder, then slingshots over to enziguri Hangman out! Pac goes after Omega, corner to corner whip but Omega reverses. Pac springboards up and over but runs into a boot. Omega hits a Kotaro Krusher bulldog! Fans fire up as Omega runs to run Moxley off. Pac grabs Omega’s hair and Moxley tags in. They mug Omega in the corner, but then back off at the ref’s count.

There’s tension as Pac hops out of the corner, but Moxley grinds his boot into Omega. Moxley lets up at 4 to then drag Omega up. Moxley hits a forearm smash, rolls back and hits a clothesline! Snapmare to a cover, TWO! Moxley stomps Omega’s hands then boots him down! Fans rally with Terminator drums but Moxley brings Omega up. Omega fights back and CHOPS again. And again! Then runs, but into Moxley the kitchen sink knee! Moxley drags Omega up, but Omega snap suplexes first! Fans rally as both men head for their corners. Hot tag to Hangman, and he hits Pac while rallying on Moxley! Triangle jump lariat takes Pac down! Hangman boots Moxley then pescados onto Pac! Hangman gets up top and shoves Moxley away before leaping with a flying lariat! Cover, TWO!

The Problem Solver keeps going, Alabama lift but Moxley resists. Hangman dumps Moxley onto the apron, then runs, to BOOT Moxley down! Hangman climbs up top again, and fans know what this means. But so does Pac, and Pac is on the apron to distract. Moxley shoves Hangman off the top and Hangman crashes and burns off the apron! Hangman writhes while Pac grins. Moxley tags Pac as AEW goes picture in picture, and Pac FLIES onto Hangman! Philly loves the Flosbury Flop!

Pac and Moxley pace about while Omega checks on Hangman. But Moxley ax handles Omega down, and then throws him into barriers! Omega clutches the bad arm, maybe Moxley watched AEW Dark. Moxley then goes to Hangman and gets him in the ring. Moxley has Hangman in a corner while Pac takes Omega to throw him into more railing. Moxley whips Hangman corner to corner hard, and Hangman bounces off buckles to hit the mat. Moxley drags Hangman back up to whip him corner to corner again! Moxley drags Hangman around to then stomp him down, and cover. TWO, but Moxley drags Hangman over. Pac tags in and they mug Hangman in their corner. Pac snapmares to dropkick Hangman in the back of the head! Pac soaks up the heat before stomping Hangman more. Pac drags hangman up to put him in the corner and tag in Moxley.

Moxley and Pac work together but still tensely. They double suplex Hangman with no problem, though. Pac relishes the heat as he goes after Hangman with more stomps. Pac runs to drop a leg! Then he stays between Hangman and Omega, all while taunting. Pac drags Hangman up to back kick and bring him back to the corner. Tag to Moxley and they mug Hangman more. Moxley snapmares Hangman and AEW returns to single picture as Moxley hits a basement lariat! Cover, TWO! Moxley has the legs laced up, for a Cloverleaf! Pac keeps his eyes on Omega as Hangman endures. Omega still gets in and clubs Moxley off! Pac goes after Omega to throw him out hard. The referee tries to restore order, but Moxley whips Hangman to the apron. Hangman holds on, and boots Moxley away. Slingshot, Buckshot misses! But Hangman ducks to reel Moxley in for a clothesline! Moxley stays up stiffly so Hangman rabbit clotheslines then front DISCUS lariats!

Both men are down but fans rally up. Both men crawl, hot tags to Pac and Omega! Omega rallies on the Bastard with ax handles! Pac dodges a third to back kick. But Omega reels Pac into the fireman’s carry, “You Can’t Escape!” Rolling Senton, to moonsault! Cover, TWO! Omega slashes the throat and drags Pac up to a full nelson. Pac resists, and then Omega has to dodge Moxley. Omega full nelsons Moxley, SNAP DRAGON! Pac whiffs on his dropkick, and gets a SNAP DRAGON, too! Moxley is back up Omega has him again, another Snap Dragon! Fans fire up with Omega as he kneels. The Terminator drums start up and Omega rises. Omega runs and FLIES onto Pac! Direct hit at the ramp! Omega drags Pac up but Moxley DIVES Onto them both! Wait, Hangman is up top again… MOONSAULT! Hangman bowls Moxley and Pac over!

Hangman puts Pac in for Omega as fans chant for “A E Dub!” Tag to Hangman and the Elite work together. Hangman whips Omega in to back elbow Pac, then Hangman adds a corner clothesline! Omega lifts Pac, buckle bomb! Feed to the rolling elbow! POP-UP SPINEBUSTER! Standing shooting star! Cover, but Moxley breaks it up! All four men are down but fans fire up. Moxley tosses Omega out but brawls with Hangman. “This is Awesome!” as Hangman runs, but into a scrapbuster! Omega V-TRIGGERS Moxley! Omega sees Pac, but misses in the corner. Pac slingshots for a CUTTER! Pac BOOTS Hangman, then runs but is tossed out! Hangman keeps moving, to DIVE Pac right into barriers! Omga and Moxley flop around but soon go forehead to forehead. And the brawl is on! Fast and furious with forearm after forearm, then big knees from Moxley. Omega CHOPS back but Moxley headbutts! V-TRIGGER! Omega boots, then hits another V-Trigger! But he runs into a LARIAT!!

Philly is at a fever pitch as both men are down! Moxley stirs but Omega follows. They both bail out on opposite ends, and decide to ditch the rules! The barbed-wire bat and broom return! They never did get to go mano a mano last week, and the referee is chased off! He’s not going to deal with this, he checks on Pac and Hangman. Omega swings but misses, Moxley jabs Omega with the butt of the bat! But then Pac ruins the fun again when he stomps Omega down! Pac dumps the broom and the bat out, because this match has to end the right way! “Use your head!” Fans don’t want that, and neither does Moxley! Moxley double dirty birds, to Dirty Deeds! Moxley ditches Pac and that leaves him alone with Omega and Hangman! Pac staggers up, turns around, BUCKSHOT! Omega says “BANG!” V-TRIGGER! Then, Alabama lift, DEADEYE! Cover, The Elite win!

Winners: Hangman Adam Page and Kenny Omega, Page pinning

There’s just some semblance of payback here, but the Cleaner won’t be satisfied until he has Moxley all to himself. Will Full Gear go to the extreme with these two?


BREAKING NEWS for next week’s episode!

Given the falling out between them, Pac will get his chance at payback against Jon Moxley! Will the Bastard make the Death Rider regret ditching him like that?


AEW World Championship Philadelphia Street Fight: Chris Jericho VS Darby Allin!

AEW fans, do you know what happens when an undead underdog defies Le Champeon? Do you know what happens when a young upstart thinks he can punk out the one and only Y2J? Darby Allin may have beat Jimmy Havoc to have this opportunity, but he’ll have to go to extremes in the birthplace of extreme wrestling! Will Darby survive the Painmaker to become only the second AEW World Champion? Or will he be just the newest name on the List of Jericho?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and fans are already fired up for this one! The bell rings, and the biggest match in Darby’s career begins!

Philly chants, “Thank You, Jericho!” for this one. Jericho and Darby rush each other, and Darby dropkicks! Darby throws fast hands from all sides, and keeps Jericho on the mat. Jericho pushes him away but Darby whips. Jericho holds ropes, dodges Darby’s first clothesline, but Darby gets him on the second go! Darby slingshots to fake Jericho out, but then avoids Jericho’s sweep to slingshot in, and come back with a LOW-PE! Direct hit and Jericho is rocked. Darby hammers away on Jericho then puts him back in the ring. Darby walks right into a low kick! Not that a low blow would be illegal in such a match, but it wasn’t quite that yet. Jericho hauls Darby up for a big back suplex! Jericho wants the fans to make noise, so they do as Jericho CHOPS Darby in a corner. Jericho whips Darby corner to corner hard, and then clobbers him from behind with a clothesline!

Jericho walks around, soaking up all the cheers and jeers as he holds his hands up victoriously. Jericho drags Darby up but hears the fans rally for the younger wrestler. Darby escapes the back suplex, slides, redirects and fires off palm strikes! Darby headbutts low, runs and hops on, DESTROYER! Cover, TWO! Jericho LARIATS Darby right back! Jericho toys with Darby now, but Darby throws body shots back. Darby fires off forearms but Jericho knees low and clubs him on the back. Jericho brings Darby up to throw him into a post! Darby bounces off and flies to the floor! The referee checks on Darby while Jericho revels in the moment. AEW goes to break while Darby crawls his way back.

AEW returns, and Jericho is the first to use weapons as he holds up his black-wrapped kendo stick high in the air. He already used it on Darby during the break, but now he SMACKS Darby on live television. Jericho sits Darby up to choke him with the stick! Jericho lets go of Darby for a moment, to then bring him up and whip. Jericho SMACKS Darby on the run, right in the stomach. Darby doubles over and has a scrape on the back of his head. Jericho hops up and takes aim, to hit a flying- No! Darby body shots Jericho back! Darby takes the fight back to Jericho with fast hands! Jericho pushes Darby into the corner but walks into boots. Darby leaps over but runs into an elbow. Jericho swings but into a crucifix takedown! Cover, TWO!! Jericho escapes but Darby SMACKS him with the kendo stick! And again! And again!

Jericho ducks to waistlock but Darby standing switches and O’Conner rolls, TWO, springboard splash! Cover, TWO!! But Darby has the arm! He wants a Fujiwara but Jericho resists! Fans rally as Jericho rolls over and gets Darby’s legs! Walls of Jericho, but a ropebreak! But Jericho doesn’t let go, so the ref pulls him off. He glares at the ref, but this allows Darby to get the kendo stick. Jericho runs into a SMACK! Darby hops up, flying crossbody! Cover, TWO!! So close! Darby flounders into a CODE BREAKER! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Darby saves himself, but Jericho won’t let him alone. Philly wants tables but Jericho finds a chair. Jericho aims at Darby, to JAM the chair into his ribs, and SMACK him on the back! Those chair shots leave Darby writhing, but Jericho wedges the chair into a corner. Jericho stalks Darby as fans still call for tables. Jericho whips Darby but Darby slides and stops, only to run into a scoop. Jericho heads for the chair, but Darby flips over for a stunner! Cover, TWO!!

Both men are down but fans are still rallying up. Darby drags himself to ropes but Jericho is up first. Jericho walks into a kick, but then he grabs the legs to yank Darby off! Walls of Jericho are back on! Darby endures, reaches, but Jericho sits deep. Darby reaches, ropebreak! Jericho lets go eventually, but he’s getting annoyed. Jericho goes looking for things, and finds duct tape! He clubs Darby down, to then use that tape to bind Darby’s hands behind his back! Jericho toys with tossing the tape to fans, only to drop it outside the ring. Jericho then attacks the defenseless Darby with stomps and slaps, and then whips Darby to the other corner, And then he tosses Darby around! Fans are divided as Jericho toys with Darby and throws haymakers. Jericho whips again, Darby dodges! And springboards with NO HANDS for the QUEBRADA! Cover, TWO!!

Darby gets up and hits a dropkick! Jericho bails out, but Darby DIVES! A No Hands Tope!? Philly loses their minds over that one! Jericho gets in the ring but Darby flops in, and climbs with no hands, too! MARIPOSA SENTON! Cover, TWO!! If only Darby has his hands free! “This is Awesome!” as Darby fights with just kicks. But Jericho clotheslines Darby down, and then confiscates Darby’s own skateboard! Jericho brings Darby up, underhook, Tiger Bomb on the skateboard! Cover, TWO!? Darby survives and Jericho is getting mad. Jericho has a chair and waits for Darby to stand. Darby dodges to dropkick the chair into Jericho! Fans fire up as Darby climbs up with no hands again. But her comes Jake Hager! Sucker punch and then Jericho has Darby in the Walls of Jericho again! Darby verbally quits, Jericho wins!!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by submission; still AEW World Champion

To think the Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla would need help on this one. But a win is a win, and the Inner Circle celebrates with a little bit of the bubbly! Will there be a lot more of the bubbly to come as the Inner Circle continues to take over AEW?



My Thoughts:

An incredible night for just the third AEW Dynamite episode! That was a great twist to start the show, I didn’t think Lucha Brothers would go Heel/Rudo that hard. They take Daniels out, thinking SCU would lose, but nope. Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian are still a strong combo of their own, and it made for a great moment for the fans with Scorpio having to be in normal clothing and the stuff about the shoes. I figured SCU would’ve won either way, but this will surely give them more of a reason to want after Lucha Brothers, regardless of the results. Lucha Brothers also had an easier time than I expected, I feel like I heard about Luchasaurus not being health in real-life but who knows. Stunt and Jungle Boy still did great, but obviously they weren’t going to win against Pentagon and Fenix. There was some great stuff in that match, though. But now, Lucha Brothers VS Private Party, that’s going to be amazing.

Now it seems that while AEW takes records seriously, and doesn’t want to be the normal wrestling promotion, there are still going to be what feel like squash matches with jobbers. “The Beaver Boys,” Reynolds & Silver, were essentially jobbers for Santana & Ortiz. But that’s fine, it gives fans something fun to watch, as well as serve as a quick debut win for #ProudAndPowerful. But man, stepping it up right away, they want the Young Bucks at Full Gear! That is going to be a great match, and the Bucks are clearly going to respond next week with a match of their own. Then we got a great and very cinematic video package to hype Cody’s part in the Full Gear AEW World Championship match. It didn’t necessarily give away if Jericho was winning, but we all had to figure Jericho was retaining tonight so that Cody’s story with him could have a real ending to it.

Riho VS Britt was really great, and obviously with being as small as she is, Riho is almost always going to be the underdog champion. Britt did well being the bigger of the two competitors, probably not very common for her to do. It was good story to see her get frustrated more and more, despite the respect she has for Riho. A bit of a mixed bag, Riho retaining by so easily figuring out Britt’s unique submission move. I was honestly surprised we got a first defense so soon, but either way, really great for Riho to retain to start building that reign. We got a great tag team grudge match out of Omega, Page, Mox and PAC, and it was smart for Pac to not let things go to a DQ. Omega VS Moxley at Full Gear should really be when all that happens, but this was a good tease. Pac VS Moxley next week will be great, but I wonder if Moxley will resort to going extreme then, too.

We didn’t really go as extreme as I thought in the Philly Street Fight, though. Chair shots are pretty good for the most part, but there wasn’t nearly as much brutality from Jericho as he shows even in non-DQ matches. Was there perhaps time constraints on this that kept Jericho from going all over, hijacking cameras or fan signs? I do appreciate the skateboard spot and the taped up hands, though. One other gripe that was so obvious that fans picked up on it and hated it, was that this Street Fight had ropebreaks! There shouldn’t be ropebreaks! Was this just because they couldn’t think of other ways to stretch this match out to then fit the time constraints they had? At that point, have them brawl up the ramp more, or get into the front row of the crowd. Having ropebreaks save Darby rather than his own youth and exuberance is just not in the spirit of No DQ matches, especially in Philly.

And to make Jericho seem a little weaker, he still needed Hager to attack Darby for him. I suppose there is the excuse of Jericho’s age, but he never needed that stuff in NJPW. This also takes the sting of such a move happening at Full Gear against Cody. That would make a lot of sense for The Inner Circle to help Jericho screw Cody over, because Cody has been built up a lot more in this than Darby. I wouldn’t say these are the only mistakes AEW has made, but I didn’t expect such missteps in their moves. It doesn’t hurt the hype, it just hurts the story they were telling.

My Score: 8.9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (2/7/23)

Konosuke Takeshita gets Dark!



The future of wrestling could be defined in the Dark!

Konosuke Takeshita is going strong in AEW, but he takes on MLW’s EJ Nduka! Will Konosuke still be The Future? Or will The Judge bring down the law?


  • Blake Christian VS Serpentico w/ Spanish Announce Project; Blake wins.
  • Rush w/ Jose the Assistant VS Aiden Park; Rush wins.
  • Kiera Hogan VS Megan Meyers; Kiera wins.
  • Dalton Castle w/ The Boys VS Dante Casanova; Castle wins.
  • Slim J w/ The Trustbusters VS Mascara Dorada; Dorada wins.
  • The Outrunners VS Logan Cruz & Tyshaun Perez; The Outrunners win.
  • Baliyan Akki VS Rico Gonzalez; Akki wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS EJ Nduka; Takeshita wins.


Another pretty good line-up, but the highlight is of course Konosuke VS Nduka. Both are great, having been champions outside of AEW. In fact, Nduka will be featured on tonight’s debut edition of MLW Underground on the Reelz channel. Nduka is challenging Alex Hammerstone for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship in a Last Man Standing match. Between AEW Dark on YouTube and the MLW television debut, Nduka is going to get noticed by a lot of wrestling fans, and he very well could be the new MLW Champion the next time he’s in AEW.

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Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (2/6/23)

Dayton gets Elevated!



Tag teams tune-up in Dayton!

While The Acclaimed defend their AEW World Tag Team titles against Austin & Colten on Dynamite, many teams fight tonight to see who’s got next!


  • Matt Menard & Angelo Parker VS The Boys w/ Dalton Castle; Menard & Parker win.
  • Juice Robinson VS Jake Crist; Juice wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Dark Order VS Renny D, Matt Brannigan, & Crash Jaxon; The Dark Order wins.
  • Yuka Sakazaki VS Billie Starkz; Yuka wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Best Friends VS Zack Clayton & Chaos Project; Best Friends win.
  • “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs VS Corey Calhoun; Hobbs wins.
  • Top Flight VS The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny; Top Flight win(s).
  • 8 Woman Tag: Nyla Rose, Marina Shafir, Diamante & Emi Sakura VS Madison Rayne, Queen Aminata, Skye Blue & Hyena Hera; Nyla, Shafir, Diamante & Sakura win.
  • Wheeler Yuta & Claudio Castagnoli VS Ari Daivari & Tony Nese w/ Mark Sterling; Yuta & Claudio win.


A good line-up, and plenty of great tags and trios going on. Menard & Parker are tuning up for the big gauntlet Ricky Starks is taking on this Wednesday, so the team formerly known as 2Point0 and Ever-Rise will surely beat The Tate Twins. Dark Order can get a good win here tonight to stay afloat as we wait on Hangman Page’s story of mending fences with old friends. Best Friends will definitely win against Clayton & Chaos Project. Not sure why it isn’t Spanish Announce Project, but maybe Angelico needs to be on Spanish commentary. Top Flight will have a hard match against Butcher & Blade but they’ll surely win going into their AEW World Trios title match.

I really like the 8 Woman Tag we’re seeing. That really is the Vicious Vixens faction I was hoping AEW was going to give us, as we’ve seen Diamante and Emi Sakura each team with Nyla Rose over the years. They’ll surely get the win here, and maybe they can convince Tony Khan to get them involved in the larger AEW Originals VS Outsiders story that we’ve got with Britt Baker, Ruby Soho, Saraya and Toni Storm. And I would think Yuta & Claudio, the top ROH champions, will win as they’re just up against Daivari Dinero & The Premier Athlete. Why it isn’t the Varsity Athletes, no idea.

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