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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (10/2/19)

TNT! It’s about to explode~!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

Are you ready for the revolution?

All Elite Wrestling starts things off with a bang! The Elite reunites in the ring to take on Chris Jericho and his new friends, Ortiz and Santana!



  • Cody w/ Brandi Rhodes VS Sammy Guevara; Cody wins.
  • MJF VS Brandon Cutler; MJF wins.
  • Hangman Adam Page VS PAC; PAC wins.
  • AEW Women’s Championship Inauguration Match: Riho VS Nyla Rose; Riho wins and becomes the inaugural AEW Women’s Champion.
  • Six Man Tag: The Elite VS Chris Jericho, Ortiz & Santana; Jericho, Ortiz & Santana win.


Cody w/ Brandi Rhodes VS Sammy Guevara!

The American Nightmare got this dream going, and now he opens the first episode of AEW TV. The Panda heard that Cody sees his “potential,” but Cody will see Sammy’s reality. Cody won’t let the young upstart upstage him, but can he focus on Sammy with the AEW World Championship match on the horizon? Or is he going to see that Sammy really is #TheBestEver?

AEW takes the action very seriously, so this match gets a 20 minute time limit. Cody makes his entrance with his wife and fans are already on fire! Cody and Washington DC revel in the history being made before Sammy makes his entrance. The bell rings and the premiere’s opening match begins!

Cody and Sammy circle fast then tie up. They go around and on the ropes, but Cody lets up. Sammy wants Cody to bring it, but DC says “Sammy Sucks!” Sammy headlocks Cody but Cody powers out. Things speed up and Sammy shows off his agility to then tackle Cody. Cody gets out, Sammy hops over the sweep, then he rolls Cody to another cover. They end up in ropes so Sammy lets up and Cody bails out. Fans cheer and Cody joins in. Cody gets in while Sammy shows off and even taunts Cody. Sammy tells Brandi to hush but tries to sucker superkick Cody! Cody gets back and applauds the tricks, but comes back to tie up with Sammy. Cody waistlocks, Sammy standing switches, but Cody elbows out. Cody runs but Sammy leaps over and over to dropkick! And kip up to a somersault moonsault! Cover, ONE!

Sammy keeps on Cody with a facelock, but Cody fights up as Sammy shifts to an armlock. Cody pries free and headlocks to a takeover. Fans cheer as Cody cranks on Sammy’s head. Sammy endures and gets up, then powers out. Cody shoulders Sammy down but Sammy kips right up, to SLAP Cody! Cody kicks and Rhodes Uppercuts Sammy back! Cody runs corner to corner but Sammy dodges. Sammy runs in, Cody goes up and over to get the powerslam! Cover, ONE! Cody is annoyed but he won’t let up. He turns Sammy over and steps through to get the leg, for the Figure Four! Fans “WOO~” as Sammy endures, but Cody puts as much pressure as he can. Sammy reaches but Cody rolls him away! Sammy goes to the other ropes for the ropebreak! Code lets up but comes right back to get an arm. He wrenches Sammy and then gives a shoulder breaker!

Fans rally for Cody, but perhaps some are cheering for Sammy? Cody clubs away on Sammy’s arm but Sammy chops! So Cody CHOPS and CHOPS Sammy! Sammy CHOPS back, but Cody just CHOPS again! Cody drags Sammy out of the corner to suplex, and hold him there for a count of 12! Cody covers, TWO! Cody keeps his cool, since he does have the cocky Sammy down. Cody gets some push-ups in! Cody drags Sammy up but Sammy swings. Cody dodges, but Sammy dodges to heel kick! Sammy runs, but Cody follows, springboard CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Sammy survives but Cody tries another cover, TWO! Cody’s Oscut- Er, American Nightmare Cutter… didn’t do it, but Cody dares Sammy to come up. Cody brings Sammy up and throws him out. Sammy kicks back, then springboards in, for a cutter of his own! Cover, TWO! The Guevara Cutter didn’t do it, either, and this match continues.

Fans rally up and Cody gets to his feet. Sammy goes at Cody in the corner, shoulder tackle and big enziguri! Cody staggers but BOOTS Sammy down! Brandi laughs at silly Sammy, then Cody runs to build speed. Sammy uses Brandy as a shield as Cody DIVES! Cody wipes out his wife! Fans boo Sammy’s cheap tactics but Cody worries about getting his wife to her feet. Brandi says she’s fine so Cody goes at Sammy. Sammy rams Cody into the post! Fans tell Sammy what they think of him but Sammy just climbs up top. Sammy adjusts and MOONSAULTS, but lands on his feet as Cody moves! Sammy moonsaults again, but Cody still evades, but the Shooting Star hits! Cover, TWO! Cody made Sammy do a lot of work for that one, and Sammy grows frustrated. Sammy drags Cody up, torture rack but Cody slips out. Cody drop toeholds Sammy onto ropes, and Brandi SMASHES Sammy with a heel! Beautiful Disaster Kick! Cover, TWO!! Sammy survives the Rhodes’ teamwork as a couple!

The 10 minute mark passes and Cody drags Sammy up. Sammy is dead weight but Cody still gets him up top and backwards. Cody climbs up and has Sammy in a dragon sleeper, INVERTED SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!? Sammy survives and frustrates Cody, but DC is loving this opening match! Cody fires up with the fans as he drags Sammy up. Cody has Sammy in the inverted chicken wings and lifts him up, but Sammy slips out to shove Cody at a corner. Cody elbows back, then climbs up top, but Sammy jumps up! And has Cody in a SUPER SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!! Cody survives and Sammy is shocked! This is what the opener means to Cody! Sammy climbs up, takes aim, SHOOTING STAR onto knees! Cradle cover, Cody wins!!

Winner: Cody, by pinfall

Cody’s win surely means his AEW World Championship match with Chris Jericho is still on! Cody gives a fan a free souvenir as he tosses that AEW on TNT branded weight belt to the crowd, because he can surely get another. Will Cody keep a winning record so that he can face Y2J at AEW Full Gear?


Cody gets a congrats from Tony Schiavone in the ring.

Fans cheer but Sammy interrupts the celebration. Cody says it’s okay, and lets Sammy… offer a handshake. Cody takes it, and fans cheer for the respect earned between both men. But wait, here comes CHRIS JERICHO! Was this a set-up from Sammy!? Is Sammy suddenly Team Jericho?! Y2J is beating Cody down while wearing his AEW World Championship belt. Jericho whips and LARIATS Cody down! Jericho holds up the AEW World title, then gives Cody a CODE BREAKER! Or perhaps Jericho will rename it the Cody Breaker for Full Gear. AEW goes picture in picture as Brandi shouts at Jericho. The referee keeps Brandi from getting in while helping Cody get up. Jericho encourages fans to boo before giving Cody another Code Breaker! Jericho flexes before mockingly checking on Cody’s condition.

Brandi is beside herself with anger as Jericho takes his time leaving. The referee reprimands Jericho, but then Jericho returns! He takes up the title belt and aims at Cody. A classic attack, the belt smash to the head! Jericho grins and laughs even as the referee reprimands him again. Jericho still does Jericho things as he confiscates a camera to capture Cody’s pain his way. Jericho even takes a selfie! Jericho won’t be stopped, he goes out and follows Cody to the timekeeper’s area. Jericho shoos the staff away before he SMACKS a chair on Cody’s back! AEW returns to single picture as Jericho drags Cody up to SLAP him into the timekeeper’s table. Jericho sits a chair up, then another chair, and drags Cody over. Jericho lifts, POWERBOMB on the chairs!! Jericho won’t stop, he buries Cody n chairs and the timekeeper’s table.

Jericho shoves Tony away to take his mic! Fans boo as Jericho says, “I am Chris Jericho, and I am Le Champion of AEW!” He encourages fans to boo, jeer and whatever else while AEW TV recaps this ambush. Will Cody be able to compete come Full Gear? Or will someone else have to be named a contender to Y2J?


MJF VS Brandon Cutler!

The Salt of the Earth takes on a debuting AEW star, a man once again bit by the wrestling bug wanting to live a dream. These two had social media disagreements from the moment this match was announced, mostly over how much of a “nerd” Maxwell Jacob Freeman thinks Cutler is. MJF has a mic and tells DC to shut up while he talks. Fans boo instead. “Ladies and gentlemen, just in case you live under a rock, or you’re poor–and by the looks of it, check–you are looking at the youngest and fastest rising star in the history of wrestling!” Fans think he’s something else.

But MJF continues to say DC will witness a star being born against “the guy that clearly got lost on the way to his seat behind the guard rail.” Cutler reminds MJF of the fans watching at home: “a complete loser.” Cutler is the guy who will learn Dungeons & Dragons isn’t real, and that MJF is better than him. MJF gets in the ring, the bell rings, and this match begins!

MJF and Cutler tie up, MJF claims hair pulling, but then powers Cutler to the corner. MJF backs off but Cutler comes out, only to get tripped. MJF mocks Cutler then he SLAPS him! Cutler runs into a kick, then MJF whips. Cutler goes up and over with a flip to then SLAP MJF! MJF wobbles but still puts Cutler on the apron. Cutler shoulders in, slingshots and sunset flips, TWO! Not the smoothest but Cutler’s up to get MJF with a fireman’s carry. MJF rakes eyes to escape to the apron! MJF says his back hurts but Cutler drags him up. MJF hotshots the arm and then throws Cutler into the post! Cutler ends up on the apron and MJF soaks up the heat. MJF drags Cutler in and shouts right in his ear, “You’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons for too long! This is real life!” Then he stomps Cutler’s arm! MJF drags Cutler up and hammerlocks to then scoop slam Cutler on said arm. Fans boo as MJF flexes, but Cutler gets to ropes.

MJF is on Cutler with a wrench, then yanks on the arm. MJF whips but Cutler holds onto the ropes. Cutler glares at MJF as he tries again, so MJF kicks low. MJF backs off, but Cutler tosses him out! Cutler builds speed to DIVE! And fast hands! Cutler drags MJF up and in to then go up top. Cutler slips, his knee giving out. MJF still uses the ref as a shield to get a sucker punch! And then a Fujiwara on the bad arm! Cutler taps, MFJ wins!

Winner: MJF, by submission

MJF doesn’t let go until he’s made Cutler pay! Then he wants the ref to raise his hand. The ref does, which is a normal courtesy anyway, but MJF makes it so obnoxious. Will MJF only get worse the more times he wins?


Chris Van Vliet points out some stars in the crowd.

AEW Dynamite’s premiere is already getting some big names showing up. It’s Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes! That’s right, Jay & Silent Bob are All Elite! The reboot is coming, starring than none other than Chris Jericho! What was working with him right? Well believe it or not, he’s a bad guy in the movie, too. Type casting, apparently. But movie aside, which comes out on October 15th, this is great! But who are these guys coming out to ruin the fun? It is Jack Evans and Angelico! They talk smack to Jay & Silent Bob, but Jay says those two aren’t even winners. The neon green goons are upset over that, but look who helps back Jay & Silent Bob up! It’s Private Party! Evans and Angelico back off to get ready for their match.


The AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament is just one week away!

And what incredible matches there are in store! The Dark Order won their first round bye at All Out, but the Best Friends are still in the running. Trent Barreta & Chuckie T will have to get through SoCal Uncensored, specifically The Addiction, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian, if they want revenge on Evil Uno and Stu Grayson. Meanwhile, The Young Bucks and Private Party are sure to give us an amazing opening round match, as will the Lucha Brothers when they go up against the #JurassicExpress, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus! This tournament concludes on October 30th, who gets to go trick or treating with titles around their waists?


SoCal Uncensored tours Washington D.C!

The SSU, the Secret Service Uncensored, make sure the President of Flight, Scorpio Sky, is safe as he addresses the nation. “My fellow Americans. Thank you for being here today for this special announcement.” SCU has researched the DC area, and they have found that… This is the worst town they’ve ever been to! But SCU brings the SoCal love to those unfortunate to have lived in the Golden State. Daniels raps that when you see these three bad brothers come across the way, the three letters you better say are S, C, U. The trio heads out, but will they be heading on through the AEW tag team tournament?


Tony Schiavone has SCU on stage!

One week from that very first tag team tournament, Scorpio tells Tony that they’re on DY-NO-MITE! The big question really is, which two members of SCU compete? Scorpio is sure any combination does the job, he thinks ol’ Scorp should let the experienced four-time tag team champions take the ring! This now confirms what the graphic already spoiled, but wait! The Lucha Brothers walk on stage despite security advising otherwise. Fenix takes the mic and says there’s just one thing. They remind everyone why he and Pentagon are the “best tag team in the universe!” Pentagon says it’s because they have #CEROMIEDO! That doesn’t compare to “S, C, U!” But then Pentagon spits on Daniels, and a fight greats out! Security reinforcements hurry out but fans want to “Let Them Fight!” The teams are pulled apart, will they meet in the tournament? Or will they settle this even before then?


Jericho talks with Ortiz & Santana backstage.

Y2J wants to let the Boricua Bad Boys know he knows their work. He also makes sure they understand the historic magnitude of tonight’s show and their main event together. It is perhaps the most important night in all of wrestling history, but will they be on the winning or losing side of it?


Hangman Adam Page VS PAC!

The match that was always meant to happen finally happens! The Problem Solver wants to show the world what would’ve happened at Double or Nothing tonight on Dynamite, but will he really be able to beat “The Bastard” That Gravity Forgot?

AEW returns from break and Pac has bailed out of the ring. The bell compels him to return, but he avoids Hangman’s stomp to kick him away! The two brawl with forearms back and forth, with fans strongly on Page’s side. Pac keeps hitting Hangman but Hangman keeps hitting back. Hangman gets an edge, then runs, but into the back kick! And front kick! Pac back kicks again then runs, into a boot! Hangman runs into a boot! Pac runs, Hangman follows, discus clothesline clobbers Pac! Hangman puts Pac in a corner and throws more haymakers, then CHOPS Pac hard. Pac bails out again but Hangman pursues, only to get a kick. Pac whips but Hangman reverses to send Pac hard into barriers! And then other barriers! Fans fire up as Hangman walks around. Hangman follows Pac but Pac hits back and tosses Hangman in. But Hangman DIVES and rams Pac into more barriers!

DC is fired up but the ref cautions Hangman. Hangman puts Pac back in and aims, but Pac intercepts with a forearm. Pac runs but into a scoop, for a Fall Away Slam! Kip up to shooting star! Cover, TWO! Hangman keeps cool as he drags Pac back up. Hangman suplexes but Pac slips out. Pac clubs Hangman on the back, then aims from a corner. Pac baits Hangman in and puts him on the apron to hotshot Hangman down! Pac fetches Hangman to bump him off the apron, then stomp him away! Pac then springboard ASAI MOONSAULTS! He wipes Hangman out at the ramp but is still glaring daggers at him. Pac drags Hangman up for big knees then throws him in the ring. Pac climbs up while Hangman is down but the referee warns him. Fans duel and rally as Pac springboards for a 450 splash! Cover, TWO! Pac is frustrated already, but he goes at Hangman on the ropes. Pac back kicks hard, but fans rally up again.

Pac stomps Hangman down and taunts the fans. Fans boo and jeer but Pac climbs up top. Hangman rolls far away and that annoys Pac. Pac hops down, runs in, basement dropkick! Then he puts Hangman in the drop zone, climbs up, but Hangman anchors Pac’s feet. Pac punches Hangman until he lets go, but Hangman SUPERKICKS back! Hangman climbs up to get Pac for a SUPER FALL AWAY! Hangman runs corner to corner, big dropkick! Then a whip, to a scoop, to a pop-up cutter! Cover, TWO!! Pac survives but Hangman keeps his cool. Fans rally up and Hangman stands up. But Pac flapjacks him onto buckles! Pac whips Hangman into the post! Hangman flops out of the ring, clutching that shoulder, while AEW goes picture in picture.

Pac goes out to fetch Hangman, and whips him into barriers! The referee hops out to tell Pac to bring this back into the ring, and Pac obliges. Pac taunts the fans as they boo and jeer, then he climbs back up. Hangman is far away as he slowly stands up, but Pac doesn’t care. Pac watches closely as Hangman hobbles over, to take him out with a missile dropkick! Pac kips up just to show off, and he sneers at the fans as he looms over Hangman. Pac stomps Hangman at the ropes, then chokes him. The ref counts and Pac lets up, to then taunt Hangman. Pac then boots Hangman to a corner, and runs in for another boot! He pushes Hangman out of the corner to the center of the ring. Pac eggs the fans on as they boo and jeer. Pac takes his time circling Hangman like a shark. Pac keeps toying with Hangman as AEW returns to single picture.

Pac still toys with Hangman, daring him to get up. “Is this it?!” Fans boo and jeer but Pac brings Hangman up, just to push him over. Hangman comes back with haymakers from all sides! Hangman whips, and gets Pac up for a SPINEBUSTER! Jackknife roll to Alabama position but Pac grabs ropes to save himself. Pac hits Hangman away, springboards, but into a rolling elbow! Then a powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Pac survives and shocks Hangman, but Hangman heads to the apron. Fans know what’s coming, but so does Pac. Pac gets out but Hangman climbs, and fans still know what’s coming. SUPER MOONSAULT! Hangman wipes Pac out and puts him in, for the slingshot, BUCK- No! No Buckshot lariat, but Pac waistlocks. Hangman standing switches, but they both end up heading for the ref. The ref shields himself, but that allows Pac to low blow mule kick Hangman!

Fans boo and jeer as Hangman falls to the mat. Pac swears he did nothing of the sort, even though the ref suspects. But there’s nothing that can be done as Pac puts Hangman in a drop zone. Pac climbs, Hangman shits up, BLACK ARROW! Into the Brutalizer submission!! Hangman can’t even signal, the referee calls it!!

Winner: PAC, by submission

Undefeated in AEW! First Kenny Omega, and now Adam Page. Will the Bastard continue to do whatever it takes to become the best?


Britt Baker joins commentary!

The Doctor wants to watch the AEW Women’s Championship match with her own eyes, since she just missed out on this opportunity thanks to Bea Priestly at the All Out Casino Battle Royale.


AEW Women’s Championship Inauguration Match: Riho VS Nyla Rose!

The Wrestling Idol won in a very competitive 1v1 match. The Native Beast started the All Out Casino Battle Royale and she finished the battle royale. But only one can win to be the very first to hold the AEW Women’s Championship!

AEW returns, and the introductions are made. There is no time limit because there must be a winner! The belt is presented and raised, and this battle of big heart and big muscle for the big prize begins!

Nyla rushes Riho but Riho dodges to then fire off forearms. Nyla shoves her away but Riho just comes right back with more! Nyla clubs and runs but Riho dropkicks her back! Riho runs to dropkick again! Nyla is against the ropes but she reverses the whip. Riho dodges, tilt-o-whirls and headscissors Nyla! Nyla wobbles back up but Riho runs in, only to get run over. Nyla says this is her house, then she runs, to drop a big splash! Cover, but Riho Matrix bends out! And then stomps away on Nyla! Riho runs and drops a double stomp, but Nyla just gets up and shrugs it off! Riho is shocked, and then Nyla stomps her right in the face! Nyla also chokes Riho on the ropes, to let up at 4. Nyla drags Riho up and snapmares her for a swift kick to the back!

Nyla hooks a leg and puts a crossface on, STF! Riho endures and fans rally up as Riho crawls. Riho reaches, Nyla pulls back as hard as she can, but the fans give Riho the strength to get the ropebreak! Nyla lets go but comes back to haul Riho up. Nyla suplexes and holds Riho up for a count of 10, before Riho escapes! Riho waistlocks but Nyla elbows her off. Nyla waistlocks, lifts, but Riho resists the suplex! Riho elbows away on Nyla until she’s free, but runs into Nyla’s elbow. Nyla runs but into Riho’s knee! Riho runs to knee Nyla out of the ring! Fans fire up as Riho has Nyla down! Nyla shakes the cobwebs out but Riho is climbing up. Riho aims and LEAPS! But Nyla catches her!? And then carriers Riho around the way, for a backbreaker! Riho writhes but the ref tells Nyla to give her space. Nyla goes looking, and finds a chair!

The ref reprimands Nyla, this won’t get her the title. The ref takes the chair away, and Riho fires off forearms! Only for Nyla to shove her into barriers. Nyla whips Riho into more barriers, then walks off her frustration. She still wants chairs?! So many chairs! Nyla piles the chairs together then drags Riho over. Nyla puts Riho on the chairs, then climbs up on the apron! Nyla CANNONBALLS, but Riho evades! Nyla only gets chairs! Nyla’s vicious plan backfires and DC loses their mind! Riho climbs up to leap for DOUBLE STOMPS! She makes Nyla pay extra for plotting her destruction. Riho gets Nyla in the ring and climbs again, dumdum stomps to the back! Cover, TWO!! Riho can’t believe it, but Nyla is just that tough. Riho keeps on Nyla with a chinlock, and hooks a leg for the crossface! Nyla endures but pries against the hold as AEW goes picture in picture.

Nyla endures as Riho pulls back with all her might. Nyla rolls to a cover, ONE, and Nyla is free. Riho runs in to shining wizard in the corner! Then attempt a Northern Lights? Nyla is too big and strong for that, and she clubs Riho off her. Nyla runs, but into Riho’s wheelbarrow and double stomps! And she tries the Northern Lights again! Nyla is still too strong, but Riho runs to crucifix, only for Nyla to make that a sidewalk slam! Nyla crawls to a cover, TWO!! Riho still lives and Nyla is shocked! But Nyla drags Riho up for a suplex, and she hangs Riho out to dry on the ropes. Nyla knees Riho then goes to a corner. Nyla climbs, fans anticipate what’s coming, and Nyla leaps for a flying knee! Riho flops down, Nyla covers, TWO!! The little idol with a big heart continues to shock Nyla! But Nyla returns to the STF! She grinds Riho down but Riho refuses to quit.

Fans rally for Riho but she’s spending a lot of time in the hold. Nyla won’t let up, but Riho won’t give in. Riho is fading, but Nyla lets up before the ref can make a decision. Nyla drags Riho up but Riho revives! And starts lifting Nyla! But that’s still too much weight and she topples over! Nyla laughs, she almost got caught there. Nyla drags Riho up again, but Riho fires forearms off! Nyla ROCKS Riho with one big right, and Riho sits down. Nyla drags Riho up again but Riho fires off again! Riho runs, but into a boot! Nyla dead lifts Riho up, but Riho slips out, to leg capture clutch! Cover, TWO!?! So close and yet still so far! But Riho doesn’t care, she gets up again, only to get clothesline’d down! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO?!? DC is thunderous, even as Nyla drags Riho to a drop zone. Nyla climbs up again, but Riho sits up. Riho hurries over and swats at Nyla. Riho climbs and forearms away on Nyla! DC is stunned as Riho tires, AND NORTHERN LIGHT SUPERPLEXES NYLA!! Cover, TWO!!

The Native Beast is tough but the Wrestling Idol has determination! But her knee strike misses from the front, so she circles back to knee Nyla from behind! Riho aims from a corner now, and runs out again, meteora knees from the front! Cover, Riho wins!!

Winner: Riho, by pinfall; INAUGURAL AEW Women’s Champion

Absolutely incredible! History has been made in the most surprising way! Britt Baker is ready to get back in the ring, especially with such an inspiring inaugural champion.

Michael Nakazawa interviews and congratulates Riho. The people are so proud of her, he is proud of her, and the Japanese fans must be proud of her. Nakazawa wants to interview Riho in Japanese, but he can’t even begin a question before Nyla CLOBBERS them both! Nyla is a sore loser, and she takes it out on Nakamzawa with a BEAST BOMB! The referees get Riho out of the ring, but Nyla chases her down! Kenny Omega saves Riho! After all, she was his protege for a long time. He shoves Nyla, not standing for this, but she shoves him back. Omega still defends Riho, and the referees back Nyla away. Nyla storms out, clearly not satisfied. Will Nyla come back for revenge in a match? Or is AEW going to be very careful with the contender process for Riho’s sake?


Six Man Tag: The Elite VS Chris Jericho, Ortiz & Santana!

The chant that started it all, “The! Elite! The, the, Elite!” echoes out in DC as Kenny Omega once again teams with Matt & Nick Jackson! But they’re going to make history alongside guys they don’t get along with in “The Alpha” and #PNP, the Proud ‘n’ Powerful Puerto Ricans. But will the AEW World Champion still be proud after tonight? Or will The Elite get some payback for what happened to Cody earlier tonight?

The trios sort out, and Omega starts against Santana. But Jericho suddenly wants in because of that? Fans do want to see that, so Santana tags Jericho in. Alpha and Omega circle, but then Jericho tags back out to Santana. Omega should’ve expected that, so he just goes after Santana with forearms! Fans drum already as Santana reverses the whip. Omega kicks then CHOPS Santana! Santana comes back with a low headbutt, then whips. Omega dodges, redirects and dropkicks the legs out. Omega keeps moving, Kotaru Krusher bulldog! Santana bails out but Ortiz runs in, only to get a huricanrana! Jericho runs in to CHOP Omega! Jericho CHOPS more, then whips, but Omega reverses to huricarnana, into Walls! But Jericho gets SUPERKICKS from the Bucks! PNP hop up but get SUPERKICKS, too! Fans are fired up for The Elite as Matt tags in. Matt wrecks PNP then helps Nick get clearance to FLY!

Omega gets in and fans fire up. The Terminator drums begin as Omega kneels. The Bucks hold onto PNP, but who is this coming up behind?! That’s JON MOXLEY!! Omega realizes something is wrong, but turns around to see it for himself. Moxley attacks! The ref isn’t sure what to do as Omega and Moxley brawl! Moxley throws Omega out and goes after him with stomps! And then throws him into the crowd! Moxley pursues Omega through the crowd and they brawl in front of fans! Omega hits Moxley back with a trash can! Moxley knees Omega down! The brawl continues and Moxley throws Omega into barriers. But back in the ring, the match somewhat continues as Jericho clobbers Matt Jackson! Moxley mugs Omega against more barriers, and things have turned into an unofficial handicap match.

Moxley bites and punches Omega to the back entrance. Omega uses a mop to jab and smack Moxley! Yes, the Cleaner is back as he SMACKS Moxley again! They brawl in the VIP lounge but Moxley rams Omegea into the door over and over and over! Moxley tips chairs over and brings Omega over to a table. DEATH RIDER THROUGH THE GLASS TABLE!! Omega is wrecked but Moxley is relishing in it! AEW goes to break to sort out all this chaos!

AEW returns once more, and it is still 3v2 in the ring. Ortiz rains down rights on Matt but the fans are rallying for the Bucks. Tag to Santana and he suplexes Matt up and over. Cover, TWO, but Santana drags Matt over to tag Ortiz. PNP double whip but Matt stops himself. Santana runs in but is tossed out. Ortiz swings, misses, and Matt SPEARS him down! Both men are crawling for their corners, but Santana trips up Nick! Matt is alone now as Ortiz shoves him at Santana. Santana sunset flips over and Ortiz rolls Matt for Santana’s crossbody! Ortiz sentons, then is Santana’s step stool for the moonsault! Ortiz drops the planking splash and covers, TWO! Ortiz is a bit surprised, but he scoops and slams Matt down. Tag to Jericho, and Jericho takes time to soak up the heat. Jericho runs, LIONSAULT, onto knees! Matt crawls for his corner and Nick slowly returns. Fans rally up and Jericho tags in Ortiz. Ortiz clobbers Matt down then hits Nick for good measure.

Fans boo and jeer as PNP brag. Ortiz whips Matt corner to corner but Matt boots him away. Matt hops up, twisting cutter! Ortiz spasms from the Mariposa, but he still tags Santana. Santana clobbers Nick but runs into Matt’s Northern Lights Suplex! Matt gets the Polar Express going, but Ortiz runs in. So Matt just adds him to the suplex! Matt fires up and Nick is back on the corner. Fans are fired up as Nick tags in! Nick hits Jericho then rallies on PNP! Kick, kick and shining wizard! Bulldog clothesline combo! Nick goes out to the apron to Penalty Kick Jericho! Then he dumdum stomps Ortiz! Nick gets back in, triangle jump crossbody onto Santana! Nick puts Santana in, tags Matt, and Matt scoops Santana. Jericho runs in, Nick springboards, CODE BREAKER! Santana switches with Matt, Ortiz gets in, and they put Matt in a corner. Calf kick, Poetry CANNONBALL in Motion! PNP get Matt up for Y2J, they whip into the JUDAS EFFECT! Cover, Jericho’s team wins!

Winners: Chris Jericho, Ortiz & Santana, Jericho pinning

But this trio is not done! They’re beating the Bucks down, but here comes Cody! Cody wants revenge on Jericho already! He even swings on PNP! But here comes Sammy! Sammy kicks Cody in the balls! But here comes DUSTIN! Big brother helps Cody, and he rallies on PNP! Spinning powerslam! Sammy gets kicked in the balls now! Fans are all fired up, but then JACK SWAGGER attacks Dustin!? Or rather, Jake Hager! And he slams Dustin down! Hager is in AEW!? DC can’t comprehend any of this! But Hager clotheslines Cody, then Nick! Then he knees away on Nick! Then he VADER BOMBS Cody! He Hager Bombs him!! This insane collection stacks The Elite up in the ring as fans chant, “We The People!” for the savage Hager.

PNP brings the AEW timekeeper’s table into the ring while Jericho makes sure The Elite are still down. Jericho chooses Dustin for Hager to GUT WRENCH BOMB on the table!! The table breaks, but perhaps so does Dustin! Jericho throws down the AEW banner before Santana and Hager drag Cody up. Jericho slaps Cody around while the Bucks are kicked out of the ring. They feed Cody to the JUDAS EFFECT! Fans aren’t so excited to see Hager anymore, but everyone must ask: Is this the beginning of a new faction in AEW? Is the acronym going to be changed to ALPHA Elite Wrestling?



My Thoughts:

What a premiere! Dynamite was truly explosive to start its run! It went pretty hard right from the start as Cody VS Sammy was a really good opener, but then the Jericho attack was a shocker. It made sense with Jericho still expected to defend his AEW World title against Cody, and it clearly foreshadowed Sammy becoming a protege. MJF VS Cutler was not the best match, but it had plenty of story to make up for it. MJF is a great Heel on the mic, he has a point that he will be a star. Cutler shows promise, though, so he just needs some more reps to have a better match. Hangman VS Pac was some great stuff, but seemingly paced to favor some of the picture in picture needed at that point in the show. Still good story being told, and Pac’s overall story is intriguing. He has beat two big names, and is himself a big name, it is only a matter of time before he gets a shot at the title.

We got some great plugs for the AEW Tag Team Division. Private Party counters the Evans-Angelico duo during the celebrity plug segment, those two teams might face off even without the tournament. The brackets really did spoil SCU’s official announcement to the crowd, but it really was a natural choice in and out of kayfabe. The Addiction will certainly be the ones going for tag team gold to add to their great résumés. And adding the Lucha Brothers and a brawl to their on-stage segment definitely teases the possibility of them facing off at the very end. However, that would require SCU to get through Best Friends and The Dark Order. AEW might work to be unpredictable so that a Dark Order VS Best Friends rematch happens separate of these titles. Lucha Brothers certainly will make it through Jurassic Express and Young Bucks will surely make it through Private Party, so perhaps Lucha Bros make it to meet SCU after all. But then, AEW wouldn’t be unpredictable because they set this up tonight… Well, let’s not dive into a logic loop, the entire tournament looks to be a lot of fun.

The AEW Women’s Division is very strong from top to bottom, in the ring. Britt Baker making an appearance was nice, but did she even do anything on commentary other than watch? It’d be some sad irony if she talked during those picture in picture parts. But the AEW Women’s Championship match was great! Obviously this was going to be a “David VS Goliath” format, but let that not take away from anything. If fans didn’t think Riho was a star before, she is now that she’s the champ! And Nyla is playing up the Heel role quite well, and what great continuity for Omega to come to Riho’s aid. There are a lot of contenders in AEW, and Riho will be quite the underdog champion.

Then an already awesome main event on paper gets really, really wild with Moxley showing up and going after Omega. We haven’t gotten Omega VS Mox like everyone wanted, but now that might be coming, maybe on Full Gear. And the bigger shock was Jake Hager returning to pro-wrestling via this attack. This was some great stuff to close out the show, getting some big Heel heat on the new faction. I expect no less than an 8-Man match, Jericho letting Sammy, Hager and PNP take on The Bucks & The Rhodes Brothers at some point before Full Gear. If anything, Jericho’s team cost Bucks and they’re shockingly not going to face Lucha Brothers in the tournament.

My Score: 9.1/10

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