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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (10/23/19)

A truly massive main event title match!



NEW NXT Coverage

Will the North American Championship stay Undisputed?

Roderick Strong really stepped in it when he interfered with Keith Lee’s and Dominik Dijakovic’s business. Now he’ll have to face BOTH behemoths in one match! Will he win? Will he survive?



  • Bianca Belair VS Rhea Ripley; Ripley wins.
  • Matt Riddle VS Cameron Grimes; Riddle wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Forgotten Sons VS Breezango & ???; Breezango & Isaiah “Swerve” Scott win.
  • Angel Garza VS Jack Gallagher; Garza wins.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Match: Dakota Kai & Tegan Nox VS Marina Shafir & Jessamyn Duke; Kai & Nox win and will face The Kabuki Warriors for the titles next week.
  • NXT North American Triple Threat: Roderick Strong VS Keith Lee VS Dominik Dijakovic; Strong wins and retains the NXT North American Championship.


Bianca Belair VS Rhea Ripley!

The EST says she won’t let anyone else get to Shayna Baszler before her, but the Mosh Pit Kid is ready to change those plans! Will Bianca be able to deny the inaugural UK Women’s Champion her shot at the Queen of Spades? Or will she be dragged under by the Riptide?

The fans duel as the bell rings and the two powerhouses circle and tie up. Bianca powers Rhea back but Rhea turns her into the corner. Bianca powers her way out but the two separate. Rhea and Bianca circle again to tie up again. Bianca powers Rhea back again, but Rhea manages to push Bianca. The two are deadlocked, so Rhea shifts to a knuckle lock. They go shoulder to shoulder, and Bianca starts bending Rhea back. But Rhea uses leverage to her advantage and she trips Bianca! But Bianca kips right up! They go shoulder to shoulder again, but Rhea bends Bianca. Bianca trips Rhea now, but Rhea rolls back to reverse the knuckle locks. Bianca breaks free to kick low, then she whips Rhea to a corner. Rhea reverses but Bianca goes up and over and handsprings to then tackle Rhea in the corner! Fans fire up as Bianca fires off shoulders! Bianca backs off to say “kiss this,” but she kisses boots!

Rhea glares as Bianca backs off. The two circle again, and tie up a third time. Bianca gets to a waistlock and slams Rhea down! Rhea fights her way up and pries the hold apart, to wrench and whip. Bianca reverses but Rhea breaks free. Bianca ducks one kick, then the other, but not that BOOT! Rhea runs in, but misses in the corner. Bianca rams her into buckles, then reels her in for a suplex. Rhea fights it off, tries to suplex Bianca back, but Bianca blocks! Bianca almost gets Rhea, but Rhea comes back to get Bianca! Fans fire up for this display of power, and Rhea roars. But Bianca tosses her out! Rhea is on her feet and decks Bianca to bump her off buckles. Rhea climbs up, drags Bianca up, and then dead lifts. But Bianca fights Rhea off to then TOSS Rhea off the top! Bianca shows her own brutality as she stomps away then covers. TWO, and Bianca is angry.

Bianca puts Rhea in a full nelson and grinds her down, but Rhea fights her way up. Rhea breaks out, fireman’s carry, but Bianca slips off and shoves her to a corner. Bianca has Rhea again, for a suplex of her own! Cover, ONE!? Rhea annoys Bianca, but Bianca clubs Rhea down. Bianca brings Rhea up for more, then throws her down by her hair. The ref reprimands but Bianca covers, TWO! Bianca drags Rhea up and gut wrenches to a cobra twist! Rhea endures as Bianca thrashes her about. Fans rally up and Rhea pries her way out to a hip toss! Rhea biels Bianca to a corner! Rhea tires another, but Bianca handsprings through! Bianca dodges a boot, but both women grab hair for a facebuster! Both women are dazed as NXT goes picture in picture!

The referee checks and starts a standing count. Rhea and Bianca rise, and Bianca clobbers Rhea back down. Cover, TWO! Bianca pushes Rhea around, then brings her up. Rhea hits back and rolls Bianca, ONE! Bianca runs Rhea over with a shoulder! Cover, TWO! Bianca keeps her focus and cools herself off. She trash talks Rhea as she stands her back up. Bianca throws Rhea into buckles, then claps back at her. She pulls Rhea’s hair to then bump her off more buckles. Bianca toys with Rhea, but Rhea blocks the buckle bump to give it back! Rhea scoops but Bianca slips out to shove Rhea hard into buckles! Bianca stands on Rhea but Rhea kicks out. Bianca puts Rhea on the ropes to grind her face! The ref reprimands Bianca but she brings Rhea up for a surfboard stomp! Bianca toys with Rhea as she straddles and knocks her down. Bianca wants to go again, but Rhea grabs a leg. So Bianca stomps her down! Cover, TWO!

Bianca keeps on Rhea with a cravat. Rhea endures as Bianca thrashes her around. Rhea works her way up, throws body shots, then rams Bianca into buckles! Rhea is free, but Bianca is back on her fast with another cravat! Bianca cranks but Rhea arm-drags her off! Bianca returns with a LARIAT as NXT returns to single picture! Bianca whips Rhea hard into buckles, then stomps a mudhole in. The ref counts as Bianca hammers away on Rhea in the corner, and he backs her off. Bianca argues but walks into a BOOT! Rhea runs, Bianca hurdles, but leaps into a BOOT from Rhea! Fans fire up as Rhea catches her breath. Bianca gets up but swings into Rhea’s spin. Rhea has a cravat to throw knees, then she snampares and basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Rhea reels Bianca in for a clothesline, then another! Rhea keeps going, but she ducks Bianca’s counter attack to then dropkick Bianca down!

Fans fire up again as Rhea roars. Rhea has the legs, and has Bianca in the inverted cloverleaf! Bianca scrambles to a ropebreak, and Rhea lets go. Bianca tumbles out of the ring but Rhea is on her with an apron CANNONBALL! Full Sail is fired up again as Rhea puts Bianca back in. But wait, IO SHIRAI runs in and tiger feint kicks off the apron! The ref didn’t see it, he was checking on Bianca! The Evil Genius feeds Rhea to the EST, SPEAR!! Cover, TWO!?! Rhea still lives and Shirai is furious! The ref realizes she’s there, but here comes Candice LeRae! Candice attacks Shirai, Bianca has Rhea, but Rhea breaks free! Rhea ducks a kick, pump handles to RIPTIDE!! Cover, Rhea wins!!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall

The Aussie gets the win! Candice shrugs at Shirai, whose scheme fell through completely. Things are only getting more heated in the NXT Women’s Division, who will be the one to meet Shayna Baszler for the title?


Cathy Kelley catches Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate as they arrive.

Two-thirds of British Strong Style are at Full Sail, and she wants to know how the Bruiserweight feels after his less than clean loss to Damien Priest. Dunne says Priest did what he had to do, and Dunne won’t make any excuses. But he also promises there’s a receipt coming. Cathy also asks about the encounter Dunne had with Killian Dain during Dunne’s entrance and Dain’s exit. Dunne doesn’t care about Dain. British Strong Style takes their leave, but will Big Damo give them a reason to care?


NXT takes a look at Tommaso Ciampa and his return.

Another injury and another surgery took the Blackheart out of action, and his most valued possession was stripped from him. “Doubt and regret, ‘What if?’ Lots of unanswered questions.” Depression, a downward spiral, a major moment missed. But it is up to him to determine his legacy, and he’s only getting started. The Psycho Killer fought hard to get back, and was able to shock the world when he showed up the night he did. How long will Ciampa have to wait to get back what he never truly lost?


Tyler Bate is in the crowd!


Matt Riddle VS Cameron Grimes!

Bro… Though he didn’t win THE NXT Championship nor the North American Championship, Riddle has been a strong competitor no matter what. Meanwhile, the Carolina Caveman has been impressive despite not winning the Breakout Tournament. Who will make a new splash to head for their next big opportunity?

The bell rings and Grimes rushes Riddle! But Riddle’s ready and he dodges the Carolina two step that are those double stomps! Riddle spins Grimes around but Grimes avoids the Final Flash knee trigger! Grimes keeps his space before rushing back in. Riddle fights off the leg takedown to get a waistlock and slam! Riddle slams Grimes again, but Grimes pulls hair. The ref reprimands but Grimes switches to get a thrashing hold all over Riddle. Riddle goes to ropes but Grimes rolls him back, but Riddle pops out! To the Bromission! Grimes slips out, but Riddle has the cross armbar! Grimes makes it a cover, TWO, and Riddle waistlocks Grimes again. Grimes holds ropes then elbows Riddle away. Grimes walks into a chest kick! And another! And another! Riddle pushes Grimes to a corner for more Bro Kicks! Riddle runs side to side, forearm smash! Then another! BROSPLODER!

Fans fire up as Riddle runs and Penalty Kicks, but Grimes ducks it! Grimes avoids the moonsault, but not the Broton! Now Riddle hits a Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO! Grimes crawls away but Riddle looms over him. Riddle gives toying kicks now, and a CHOP! Grimes goes to a corner, but he turns things around to push Riddle. Riddle slips out to give another kick! Grimes falls and Riddle hits an ax kick! Cover, TWO, but Riddle keeps his cool. Riddle brings Grimes up to suplex, to a JACKHAMMER! Cover, TWO!? A certain living legend isn’t going to like that. But Riddle grimaces as he drops another Broton! Cover, TWO! Grimes slowly rises but Riddle gives him Bro Kicks! Grimes catches one but he gets a CHOP! Riddle Penalty Kicks again, then covers, TWO! Riddle is on Grimes’ arm, but Grimes resists and covers, TWO!

Riddle kicks Grimes more, up and down his body. Grimes ducks another kick to roll Riddle up, but Riddle slips out and ducks a buzzsaw! Grimes standing moonsaults, but as a way to get a wasitlock and dead lift GERMAN! Bridging cover, TWO!! Riddle flounders and Grimes grits his teeth. Grimes rams in a knee into Riddle’s ribs as NXT goes to break.

AEW returns as Riddle fires off palm strikes! Riddle boots Grimes, Grimes rebounds into a PELE! Riddle kips up and waistlocks, ripcord to FINAL FLASH! Fireman’s carry, BRO TO SLEEP! German Suplex! Bridging cover, TWO!? Riddle grows frustrated as Grimes survives! Fans rally up with “BRO! BRO! BRO!” and Riddle stalks Grimes to the ropes. Grimes holds on but Riddle lets go at 4 to drop another Broton! Riddle has the legs but Grimes BOOTS Riddle away! PENALTY KICK! Riddle scoops Grimes but Grimes kicks to gut wrench Riddle, tilt-o-whirl sidewalk slam! Cover, TWO!! Grimes cant’ believe how close he was just there! But he keeps his focus and heads to a corner. Grimes climbs up top, but Riddle stops him with a forearm. Riddle climbs up to join Grimes, SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Riddle hurries up top, FLOATING BRO onto knees!

Grimes runs in, but Riddle slips around, powerbomb but Grimes slips out! Grimes forearms Riddle, Riddle Final Flash knee triggers! Grimes roundhouses, misses, but SUPERKICKS! Riddle rebounds, into a SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!?! Riddle still lives! Grimes grits his teeth in rage but Full Sail loves “NXT! NXT!” Riddle is up, and he catches the double stomps, for a POWERBOMB! He flips Grimes over, FINAL FLASH! Then, gut wrench to BRO DEREK! Cover, Riddle wins!!

Winner: Matt Riddle, by pinfall

Bro…! Grimes shows just how tough he is to beat, but Riddle proves he’s even harder to stop. Will Riddle find his way back towards a title match?

Riddle wants a bro fist from Grimes but Grimes refuses. Tyler Bate doesn’t! The Big Strong Boy and the Bro fist bump and Riddle takes his leave. Grimes gets up and shoves Bate! Grimes gets his top hat and turns around to see Bop up. And that means BANG comes in! Bate just punches the hat off Grimes’ head! Will Grimes find himself on the sour side of the inaugural United Kingdom Champion?


Six Man Tag: The Forgotten Sons VS Breezango & ???

After eliminating Ever-Rise from being their opponents, Fandango and Tyler Breeze took on Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake instead. However, Jaxson Ryker was again a factor, and he helped his savage brothers win the match. But now the Fashion Police will recruit a friend to help them forget that loss. This week, Breezango and their leading ladies are flying high and cleared for landing! Who joins the ultimate wing men tonight? It’s SWERVE! Isaiah Scott substitutes in while Kushida is out with injury, will this new formation make sure Ryker, Cutler & Blake #StayForgotten?

The teams sort out and Ryker the gunner starts against Prince Pretty. Ryker glares at Breeze as he dares him to bring it. Breeze does, they tie up, but Ryker shoves him away. They tie up, Ryker shoves Breeze, repeat, until Ryker shoves Breeze on his butt! Breeze backs away to gather himself, and Swerve tags in. “Whose house?” “Swerve’s House!” Swerve and Ryker tie up and Swerve gets an arm. Swerve waistlocks but Ryker tosses him off! Ryker is all riled up, but Fandango tags in. Now Ryker gets to dance with NXT’s Lord of Dance! Fandango rips off his shirt and ties up with Ryker, but he also gets shoved away. Fandango keeps trying, Ryker headlocks, and Fandango powers out. Ryker runs Fandango over, then hauls him up to the Forgotten corner. Cutler tags in and mugs Fandango to a headlock takeover.

Fandango fights his way up, powers out, but Cutler sunset flips. But Fandango flails and swivels to drop a leg! Fandango clotheslines Cutler out, and the Fashion Fighter Pilots stand tall with Swerve while we go to break.

NXT returns, and Ryker kicks Breeze into a corner. Ryker drags Breeze up to club away and rip off his shirt. Ryker clubs away until the ref counts and he stops at 4. Ryker drags Breeze over and tags in Blake. Blake whips Ryker in for a big shoulder tackle! Ryker then slingshot suplexes Breeze down! Blake covers, TWO! Blake keeps between Breeze and his corner to then wrap on a vicious chinlock. Fans rally up and Breeze endures. Breeze feeds off the energy from the fans, and he reaches for his corner. But Blake rakes eyes while Cutler distracts the ref! The Forgotten have Breeze again and Ryker tags in. He mugs Breeze, covers, TWO! Ryker drags Breeze to an open corner and stomps away. Ryker clubs Breeze down, then taunts him on the ropes. The ref reprimands him so Ryker lets up to whip Breeze to ropes. Double ax handles clobber Breeze, Ryker covers, TWO!

Ryker keeps on Breeze and tags in Cutler. Cutler whips Ryker in, but Breeze dodges! Ryker only gets post, and then Breeze throws Cutler out! Blake hurries to help his team and get Cutler in. Tag and Blake intercepts Breeze, only for Breeze to sunset and hot tag Fandango Fandango CHOPS away on Blake! And then rallies with clotheslines and a whip! Blake kicks back then tags Cutler. But Blake runs into a spinning powerslam! Cutler kicks, snap suplexes, but can’t stop Fandango from tagging in Swerve! Swerve climbs up, and crossbodies Cutler down! Cover, TWO, but Swerve whips Cutler to ropes. Cutler reverses, kicks, and butterfly backbreakers! Tag to Ryker as Cutler puts Swerve up top. Blake tags in and climbs up to join Swerve. Cutler and Ryker climb to the adjacent corners, SUPER STEINER to DOUBLE FLYING HEADBUTTS! Cover, but Swerve and Dango barrel in to break it up!

Fans are loving this as all six men are down! Swerve and Blake rise, and Swerve throws haymakers! Swerve swings into Bake’s trap, then a CHOP and hammerlock to atomic drop and dropkick! Tag to Cutler, and the Forgotten double whip. Swerve dodges and shoves the Sons into each other, roll up, ONE! COMPLETE SHOT for Blake! Swerve back drops Cutler out but Ryker tags in! Swerve dropkicks the legs out, and now all three Sons are together. Swerve climbs but Ryker trips him up! Ryker clubs Swerve and climbs up, wanting to superplex! Swerve fights that off, and boots Ryker back. Swerve climbs, and uses Ryker to SUPER ASAI MOONSAULT onto Cutler and Blake!! Fans are thunderous for Swerve as he goes after Ryker. But Ryker gets him with a slingshot suplex, only for Swerve to sip out! Swerve breaks free and SUPERKICKS, hot tag to Breeze!

Breeze tags Dango, and Breezango has Ryker with DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Fandango covers, but the other Sons break it! Everyone is down again, but fans rally up. Fandango has Ryker and they brawl with forearms on the mat. They brawl to their feet, Fandango forearms and CHOPS! Cutler tags in as Fandango runs, but Swerve tags in before Ryker clobbers Fandango. Ryker runs, but Fandango crossbodies out with him! Cutler LARIATS Swerve inside out! Cutler whips Swerve out ONTO Ryker and Fandango! Cutler puts Swerve back in, tag to Blake, and the Sons coordinate. But Breeze dropkicks Cutler down off the top! Swerve back drops Blake sunset flips, Swerve killshot calf kicks! Cover, Swerve & Breezango win!!

Winners: Isaiah Scott & Breezango, Scott pinning

A huge victory for this impromptu trio! Swerve even shows he can swivel with the best of them! Will Swerve be the ace Fandango and Breeze need to trump the Forgotten?


Lio Rush returns to NXT!

The Man of the Hour is the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion, and will join commentary to watch some Cruiserweight action, after the break.


Killian Dain speaks.

The Beast of Belfast tapes the fingers Pete Dunne went after as he addresses the Bruiserweight. “You tried to break my fingers. But I’m going to break you!” The message is clear, will Dunne listen to Big Damo now?


Angel Garza VS Jack Gallagher!

The talent trade initiative between NXT and 205 Live begins tonight! The grinning Garza is ready to take on the Extraordinary Gentleman, but will he be ready to rise in the ranks of the Cruiserweight Division? Or will one of the pillars of the Purple Brand show Garza there is still much to learn?

The bell rings and Lio is excited to see both men in action. Gallagher and Garza circle and fans are on Garza’s side. Garza offers a handshake, but then takes it back to leave Gallagher hanging. They tie up, Garza wrenches, but Gallagher rolls, pries at the hold, and reverses the wrench. Now Gallagher shakes his hand. But Garza rolls and trips Gallagher to roll him around to a headlock. Gallagher trips Garza to get a headlock of his own. Garza trips Gallagher, covers, ONE, and Gallagher reverses the roles to trip and cover Garza, ONE. Gallagher crucifix covers, ONE, but Gallagher rolls Garza around and around in the cross. Cover, ONE, and they roll more! Garza gets free and wants Gallagher to await a moment. Gallagher refuses to let Garza tear those pants away, and he waistlocks to yank them off by accident! Garza dropkicks Gallagher down and soaks up the cheers!

Lio is rather surprised by that tear away trick, and is impressed by the inverted slingshot suplex! Garza SUPERKICKS then covers, TWO! Garza keeps on Gallagher but Gallagher wraps onto a leg to block the suplex. Gallagher throws body shots free but both men throw forearms! They start brawling, and Gallagher windmill forearms over and over! Gallagher hauls Garza up to show his strength! Lio likes that Gallagher holds Garza for 10! Cover, TWO! Gallagher keeps on Garza with an armbar! Garza blocks, rolls, TWO and Gallagher keeps on the arm. Garza gets the ropebreak so Gallagher lets go. Gallagher returns but Garza monkey flips Gallagher OUT! Garza builds speed, slides and SLAPS Gallagher on the back! Garza puts Gallagher in, powerbomb lifts but Gallagher slips out to HEADBUTT! Gallagher runs in, but Garza dodges the dropkick to SPIKE Gallagher into the mat! And hits a LIONSAULT! Cover, Garza wins!!

Winner: Angel Garza, by pinfall

Garza names his moonsault Cerro de la Silla, for he has climbed the summit. Will he truly reach the highest point when he goes after the title? Or will the Living Piece of Gold keep his gold?


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Match: Dakota Kai & Tegan Nox VS Marina Shafir & Jessamyn Duke!

After being confronted and talked down to by Shayna Baszler, Team Kick unites in the ring! And not only that, but they could accomplish two things at once: they could shut up Shayna by beating her fellow MMA Horsewomen, and they could become contenders to the Kabuki Warriors! Will Kai & Nox kick things into a new gear here tonight?

The teams sort out and Dakota starts against Duke, but gets a cheap shot BOOT at the bell! Cover, TWO! Duke grins as she drags Dakota over. Tag to Marina and the Horsewomen mug Dakota! The ref keeps Tegan out as Shafir drags Dakota up. Marina gives Dakota knees and Sambo hip attacks. Dakota blocks one throw but not the other! Cover, TWO! Shafir drags Dakota over to tag Duke back in. Shafir holds Dakota up for Duke’s running knee, and then she swings Dakota around to a gut buster! Duke rams in another knee, cover, TWO! Dakota is literally on the ropes but Duke brings her up. Duke shoves Dakota back into ropes to kick her hard in the back! Shafir tags in, and she goes after Dakota’s arm. The fans rally as Dakota endures. Dakota fires back and reaches for Tegan. Shafir holds on, but then she swings a punch and Dakota dodges!

Dakota hits Duke, then ducks Shafir, only to get caught again. Dakota scorpion kicks! Tags to Duke and Nox! Tegan rallies on the Horsewomen, and gives Duke a choke slam! And then gives one to Shafir! Tegan runs and uppercuts Duke in a corner, then fires off an enziguri! Duke sits down, Tegan CANNONBALLS! Tegan climbs up, flying crossbody! Cover but Shafir breaks it up. Dakota bicycle BOOTS Shafir down! Dakota brings Shafir up but Duke rolls up Tegan! TWO, and Tegan headbutts! SHINIEST WIZARD! Cover, Team Kick wins!!

Winners: Dakota Kai & Tegan Nox, Nox pinning; NEW #1 Contenders to the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

They’re back and perhaps better than ever! But wait! The Kabuki Warriors communicate via titantron!

“Tegan. Dakota. Congratulations! Omedeto!” Kairi and Asuka applaud, but then talk trash in Japanese. Team Kick thinks they’re going to be tag team champions? No way! They laugh at Tegan and Dakota. Because when these two return to NXT, they’ll beat Team Kick down! “Next week, you have no chance.” Will Team Kick show the Empress of Tomorrow and Pirate Princess they don’t know what they’re talking about?


Cathy Kelley makes announcements for next week’s episode!

Given the encounters we’ve seen tonight, there are two big matches made for next week! Tyler Bate will take on Cameron Grimes while Io Shirai will take on Candice LeRae! What will these matches mean for the rankings in NXT on the winding road to WarGames III?


NXT North American Triple Threat: Roderick Strong VS Keith Lee VS Dominik Dijakovic!

The Savior of the Backbreaker wants to keep 2019 the Undisputed Era’s year, but he’ll have to defeat the Limitless One and the Croatian Colossus. Both Lee and Dijakovic have been hungry for opportunity and determined to do their families proud. Will that hunger lead one of them to taking the title away from the champion? Or will Strong find a way to use them against each other and survive?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this truly titanic triple threat begins!

Strong bails right out, already trying to use the two against each other. But Lee and Dijakovic know to go after him as the smaller man. They flank Strong on the outside, so Strong has no choice but to go back in the ring. Dijakovic chases but Strong stomps him down. Lee gets in but Strong dodges and runs, only to bounce off Lee! Strong ends up outside while Dijakovic gets inside. Dijakovic fires off on Lee, their score far from settled. Dijakovic has Lee in a corner and throws big elbows. He runs, but into Lee’s SPINEBUSTER! Fans rally for Lee as NXT goes picture in picture.

Lee stalks Dijakovic, but Strong attacks Lee from behind! To no effect… Strong throws a forearm, but Lee DECKS him with the return. Lee goes back to Dijakovic, and gives him a Grizzly Magnum CHOP! Lee wrenches, whips Dijakovic corner to corner, but runs into a boot! Dijakovic clubs Lee into a corner and stomps a mudhole in. Dijakovic grinds his boot into Lee’s chest, but Lee fires back with body shots. Dijakovic knees low then runs to kick Strong back out. Dijakovic clubs Lee but Lee powers up! Dijakovic throws forearms in the corner, and then CLUBS him in the chest. Dijakovic drags Lee out, suplexes, but Lee is too big and strong! Lee pries out to throw more body shots. Dijakovic falls to his knees, Lee brings him up, but Dijakovic gives body shots back. Dijakovic again kicks Strong out, then throws forearms at Lee.

Lee hits back with more body shots as NXT returns to single picture. Fans rally for Lee as he ROCKS Dijakovic with that left! Strong gets in again and goes after Lee, but is TOSSED away! Lee goes back to Dijakovic for a corner splash, and Full Sail is fired up as Lee puts Dijakovic on the top rope. Lee climbs up but Strong returns to shove him off the top! Lee crashes and burns, Strong hits Dijakovic then climbs up. Strong SUPERPLEXES Dijakovic! Cover, TWO!! Strong knees Lee out then stomps away on Dijakovic. Fans rally up as Strong fish hooks Dijakovic’s face. Strong CHOPS Dijakovic, then clubs Lee off the apron. Dijakovic mule kicks, front kicks and ELBOWS Strong back! Dijakovic has Strong but Lee gets back in. Dijakovic SUPERKICKS Lee away! But Strong knees Dijakovic low. Dijakovic hits Lee in the corner, Strong runs in and gives Lee a strong knee! Dijakovic lifts Strong to knee and TOSS Strong!

Dijakovic clubs away on Lee, then brings him over, to suplex onto Strong! Dijakovic covers Strong, TWO!! Fans love “NXT! NXT!” Dijakovic drags Strong to a drop zone and then climbs up. Strong stirs and gets far, far away from there. Dijakovic hops down and aims at Lee, to CANNONBALL, but he’s caught?! Lee brings Dijakovic up, but Strong runs and wrecking ball dropkicks them over! Dijakovic lands on his feet, but then Strong leaps. Dijakovic catches and discus DECKS Strong! Dijakovic puts Strong in, drags him up and puts him in a corner. Fans are still fired up as Dijakovic puts Strong on the top rope. They brawl as Dijakovic climbs up to join Strong. Fans duel as Dijakovic has Strong wobbling up top. Dijakovic brings Strong back up, but Lee joins in! Lee has Dijakovic, TOWER OF DOOM!! That was a SPIRIT BOMB Superplex!! Lee practically sends himself out of the ring! All three men are down and Full Sail is at a fever pitch as we go to break!

NXT returns again, and both Dijakovic and Strong elbow away on Lee’s back. But Lee powers up to DOUBLE back drop them down! All three men are down again and the fans are giving a standing ovation for “NXT! NXT!” The three rise, and Dijakovic kicks Strong but Lee punches Dijakovic. Strong CHOPS Lee, but Dijakovic kicks Strong again. Strong punches Dijakovic, but Lee jabs Strong. Strong CHOPS Lee, punches Dijakovic, and fires off on both giants. Strong dodges and Dijakovic’s BOOT hits Lee! Strong lifts Dijakovic for a backbreaker! Strong runs to forearm smash over and over on Lee! It’s an endless forearm chain, then a strong knee! OLYMPIC SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Strong gets hang time out of that one!

“This is Awesome!” but still not over. Strong clobbers Dijakovic, but turns around into the GRIZZLY MAGNUM! Lee runs in but is sent out! Strong runs, but his wrecking ball is caught by both men. He fights free, throws kicks, but Lee pops him up onto Dijakovic’s shoulders!! FEAST YOUR EYES!! And a POUNCE!! Strong is down, and fans lose their minds as the towering titans finally get to settle the score! They circle in the ring, Full Sail is thunderous with the flying fists! Lee knees and headbutts! Dijakovic flounders but Lee hops up top. Lee drags Dijakovic over, but Dijakovic almost falls! Dijakovic steadies himself and throws elbows, to then flip away and SUPERKICK! Lee is down, DISCUS BOOT! Dijakovic use the ropes to help get Lee up, and then climbs up to clamp on. Dijakovic has Lee for a SUPER CHOKE BOMB!! Cover, TWO!?! Lee lives and no one can believe it!

Full Sail will not stop chanting for “NXT! NXT!” Lee and Dijakovic slowly stir as fans build up to a new rally. Lee goes out but Dijakovic FLIES! Lee gets out of the way, STRONG takes the Fosbury Flop! Fans chant “Mamma Mia!” for that one. Dijakovic catches his breath, gets back to the ring, but Lee is on his feet. Fans chant “Keith Lee! WOOP WOOP” as Keith Lee FLIES!?! Tope conjilo hits and fans are losing their minds! Lee hops up, brings Dijakovic up, and has him in powerbomb position, SUPER SPIRIT BOMB!! STRONG KNEE OUTTA NOWHERE! Cover, Strong wins!?!

Winner: Roderick Strong, by pinfall; still NXT North American Champion

Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, Strong celebrates with the Undisputed Era! They are still #DrapedInGold, and now they go after Lee with stomps and punches! They sent him up for TOTAL ANNIHILATION! Fans boo and jeer, and chant “We Want Balor!” The Era hold up the gold, but wait! Tommaso Ciampa is here! And he has his camouflage crutch again. The anti-hero of NXT aims at the Era as he heads to the ring. The Era welcome him into the ring, and fans chant, “Daddy’s Home! Daddy’s Home!” Ciampa stands before the four, but he has back-up! Johnny Wrestling and Ciampa’s one true frenemy is here! Fans now chant, “DIY! DIY!” because they stand together again. And now we get Finn Balor! The Extraordinary Man and historic champion in his own right has joined DIY! Full Sail is going wild as it is 4v3.

But then Balor PELES Gargano?! And the Era attacks Ciampa!! Full Sail has no idea what this means! Strong low blows Ciampa for Adam Cole’s Last Shot shining wizard! And then Finn runs and shotgun dropkicks Gargano hard into railing! Gargano bowls over the barrier and the people behind it!! Finn throws Gargano back to ringside, and fans want to know “Why, Finn, Why?!” But Finn’s answer is BLOODY SUNDAY to the ramp!! DIY is down and out, and the Era salute Finn. Finn double guns at Gargano, because his future is his past, and his past is his future. Is this going to be the future of NXT?



My Thoughts:

Holy crap that was a great NXT! Nothing was filler about this episode, and it was just go, go, go until the very end. Rhea VS Bianca was incredible, especially with throwing Shirai and Candice on top. Rhea wins to take pole position towards the NXT Women’s Championship, but you can bet Shirai VS Candice next week will give us another contender, so either Rhea faces winner or they both face Shayna. The Women’s Tag Team title contenders match was also great, as we finally get to see Team Kick in the WWE. For years, fans wondered what “Team Kick” was, and now they get to see it. Team Kick really helped Duke and Shafir look good, and I really liked the promo from Asuka and Kairi. It’s also great that Asuka and Kairi are the ones getting to do what Bayley and Sasha always wanted to do with these titles, and they’re going to have a great match with Team Kick next week.

Riddle VS Grimes was great. It’s awesome that Grimes wants to get those shockingly fast wins, going for his double stomp move right away. Apparently it is being called the “Cave-In” to go with his “country caveman” nickname. I suppose that works. But in the end, Riddle wins to keep up in the upper midcard, just outside of title contention. Grimes and Bate have a great little exchange to set up next week’s match, that should be another great one. I can’t be sure who wins, though, both could use this win. Swerve was a great choice to team with Breezango against Forgotten Sons for a great Six Man. It works for the rivalry that Breezango and Swerve win to keep things going, but I wonder if Swerve will stick around, or the “third man” position is a revolving door, much like how Breezango keeps switching professions. I wonder what they’ll be next.

Garza VS Gallagher was a great showcase for Cruiserweights tonight, already plugging the now kayfabe official connection of 205 Live and NXT. I wonder if Garza will have another match this Friday to introduce himself to the 205 Live/main roster audience. Garza naturally wins here to put himself on the map towards Lio Rush’s title reign, and that would definitely make for a great match. I hope we get even more integration, so that we can start seeing things like Kendrick VS Gallagher on NXT or even the Bollywood Boys bring that 24/7 Championship with them here, assuming R-Truth doesn’t take it back this Friday. And then, there is just not enough time to talk about how great that Triple Threat main event was. Naturally, adding Roderick Strong on top of an already amazing match-up like Lee VS Dijakovic was going to take this into TakeOver tier, and it was honestly a great move for Strong to be the opportunistic winner. It doesn’t take anything away from either Lee or Dijakovic, and it might give at least Lee reason to come back for more.

And then the real shock of the night, the real big thing to give NXT some buzz again: HEEL BALOR! The Prince of Bullet Club, the Real Rock ‘n’ Rolla, might very well be back. What a great set up, giving us the tease of DIY and the Era, and then Balor shows up because we all just figured he’d want to be champion again or something. NOPE. He may not be Undisputed but this was definitely Too Sweet. Balor VS Gargano will make for an amazing story going into WarGames III to be on the side as Ciampa tries to find a way back to “Goldie.” Ratings will be what they are, but NXT has made itself must-see again.

My Score: 9.2/10

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