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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (10/30/19)

Will Finn Balor tell us why?



NEW NXT Coverage

Is NXT about to get RRRRREEEAL?

Finn Balor shocked the world when he attacked Johnny Gargano! And all he had to say after was that “The Prince” was back. What does this mean for NXT?!



  • Io Shirai VS Candice LeRae; Shirai wins.
  • Shane Thorne VS Bronson Reed; Reed wins.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: The Kabuki Warriors VS Team Kick; The Kabuki Warriors win and retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.
  • Tyler Bate VS Cameron Grimes; Grimes wins.
  • Matt Riddle & Keith Lee VS The Undisputed Era; The Undisputed Era wins.


Poppy opens NXT!

“I Disagree” is the new hit that makes NXT rrrreal! But it even segues into “Scary Mask,” and the Evil Genius!

Io Shirai VS Candice LeRae!

Things are wild already as Poppy and the Evil Genius rock out in the ring. But Mrs. Wrestling cuts off the headbanging good time so that she and Shirai can settle things. With the NXT Women’s Champion still needing a contender, who moves one step closer to a second chance?

The bell rings and Shirai SLAPS Candice! So Candice DECKS Shirai! The chase is on outside the ring, but Candice catches up to Shirai at the ramp. She throws Shirai at the apron but Shirai tiger feints back! Shirai then DIVES! Direct hit takes Candice out at the ramp! Full Sail fires up as Shirai puts Candice in, but Candice DIVES right back! Candice drags Shirai up and into the ring and knees the shoulder back. Neckbreaker hotshot takes Shirai down, then Candice step-stool sentons! Cover, TWO! Fans are fired up as Shirai dodges Candice in a corner, only to get an elbow. Candice hops up, Shirai trips her up, draping code breaker! Shirai drags Candice back up to throw her across the way and stomp her down. Shirai stomps a mudhole but the ref counts. Shirai lets up, just to come back with grinding boots. And a swinging meteora! Shirai drags Candice to a cover, TWO!

Shirai keeps on Candice with a chinlock but fans rally up. Candice fights her way up but Shirai throws her down. Shirai basement dropkicks Candice back down! Fans duel hard as Shirai sits Candice up. Shirai wrenches the hair to simply toy with Candice. Candice gets up to throw haymakers! Shirai gives them back, then Alabama lifts, but Candice sunset flips! TWO, and Candice jawbreakers back! Shirai staggers, Candice tilt-o-whirls but Shirai handsprings through! Only to get Candice’s enziguri! Fans are fired up as Candice, bloody nose and all, brings Shirai up on the apron. Shirai resists the suplex, then throws hands and boots. Candice SLAPS back, so Shirai clubs her down. Shirai pulls on hair and even goes after that bloody nose. Shirai waistlocks but Candice elbows free. Shirai ends up back in the ring, and Candice heads up top. But Shirai uppercuts Candice down!

Shirai climbs up to join Candice, but Candice resists the superplex. The two fight up top and Candice shoves Shirai down! Candice adjusts, but Shirai trips her up again! Candice crashes and burns to the floor! Mrs. Wrestling is down while NXT goes picture in picture.

The referee checks on Candice’s bloody nose while Shirai catches her breath in the ring. Candice is okay to continue, but Shirai Tiger Feints her on the apron! Shirai shoves Candice back in, then springboard missile dropkicks her back down! Cover, TWO! Shirai is furious but she keeps on Candice with furious forearms and a rain of rights. But Candice catches her in a victory roll, TWO! Shirai mule kicks then DECKS her with a right hand! The ref checks again but Candice refuses to stay down. Shirai drags Candice up the rest of the way to throw another hand, but Candice counter punches! Candice brings Shirai up, but gets caught into the AIR RAID! Into buckles, then to the mat! Cover, TWO! Shirai is seething and Candice is crawling. Shirai aims, runs in, but misses the meteora! Candice throws big hands and CHOPS, only to wing into a CROSSFACE!

Shriai cranks back but Candice rolls it to a cover, TWO! Candice wrenches to a Russian leg sweep! And a grounded Octopus! Shirai endures, rolls it back to a cover, TWO! Candice lets Shirai go to kick low then run. Shirai dodges, they both crossbody! NXT returns to single picture as both women are down! Fans rally up and Candice throws more forearms, and a clothesline! Candice runs to basement dropkick Shirai into a corner! She goes back in, big back elbow! She snapmares Shirai down then hops up top, to get the tornado DDT! Cover, TWO!! Shirai survives and Candice can’t believe it. Fans are still fired up and dueling as Candice drags Shirai back up. She powers Shirai to a corner and then hoists her up top. Candice climbs up to join Shirai, but Shirai denies Ms. LeRae’s Wild Ride! Shirai turns around, DESCENT INTO KNEES!! Candice blocks the moonsault!!

Shirai staggers about while Candice catches her breath. Shirai is on Candice but Candice hits back. Candice fires off more, but Shirai cradle counters! TWO, SHORYUKEN! Armbar takedown, headscissors! Shirai squeezes tight while Candice endures, but Shirai traps an arm! Candice kicks with her legs to reach, ROPEBREAK! Shirai lets go and is losing her grip on her sanity. Shirai hurries out to find a CHAIR! The referee reprimands Shirai then snatches the chair away! Candice rolls Shirai, TWO!! Full nelson, pop-up, facebuster! SUPERKICK! Candice has Shirai on the chair, LIONSAULT! But Shirai dodges, Candice gets steel chair! Shirai covers, Shirai wins!!

Winner: Io Shirai, by pinfall

Her evil plot worked out in the end, and Shirai has another win over Mrs. Wrestling! Will the Evil Genius find her way back to the NXT Women’s Championship?

But Shirai won’t leave it at this! She rains down rights on Candice, but here comes Rhea Ripley! Rhea BOOTS the chair away from Shirai, then takes it for her own! Shirai runs away to avoid the chair shot! Fans cheer Rhea on, but will she be able to rip down the Evil Genius on the way to the title?


Finn Balor is here!

The spotlight shines on the Extraordinary Man, who has made NXT all about him. Finn takes up the mic as fans are divided. “It’s funny how things work out, isn’t it?” Two months ago, Finn is laying down “what’s supposed to be the hottest new thing in the business, just because he put on a new mask.” Finn’s taken his mask off and now he’s the hottest thing in the business! And yet, everyone has an opinion. Fans have opinions, the office has its opinions, the boys in the back have their opinions, “a bunch of Twitter tough guys out there on social media” are in the locker room when they should be in the bleachers with the fans. Finn doesn’t watch the business, the business watches him!

Which brings Finn to Johnny Gargano. “The Heart of NXT,” huh? Gargano, congrats on getting out of the hospital. Finn makes this very clear: If Gargano wants to go again, Finn will send him straight back. Then he won’t be Johnny Wrestling, he’ll be Johnny Watches Wrestling, “exactly the way it’s supposed to be.” Whether or not Finn answered the question, “Why?”, he just gave us all a reason why we should want to see him and Gargano face each other! Will “The Prince” ascend to the throne of NXT?


Shane Thorne VS Bronson Reed!

The Worst is back and is ready to do the worst to his opponent. But he and Aussiezilla have already had a go. Will things go the same way? Or will Aussie Strong Style get even?

The bell rings and Thorne DROPKICKS Reed right away! And then hits a corner calf kick! Reed sits down, and Thorne hits a CANNONBALL! Fans boo as Thorne aims at Reed. Reed LARIATS Thorne back down! And drops a senton! Fans rally up for Reed and he drags Thorne up. Thorne CHOPS but Reed doesn’t flinch. Reed CHOPS back, so Thorne CHOPS again. They trade more CHOPS, and Thorne starts stinging. Reed doesn’t slow down as he and Thorne just keep giving CHOPS! They speed up, even! Thorne slows down but both men are turning into ground beef. They won’t stop, and Reed gets an edge! Reed fires up but Thorne uppercuts! Reed clubs away his clothesline to hit a rolling elbow!

Reed runs but into a roundhouse! Thorne manages a SAIDO SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Thorne is frustrated but fans rally up as he gives Reed Yes Kicks. And No Kicks. Just a lot of kicks all over! Thorne shows no mercy as he just fires off, but Reed is just firing up! Reed blocks a boot to give a big right! Reed clotheslines, goes to a corner, and goes up and over Thorne to get a German Suplex! Reed Alabama lifts, for a DRIVER! Cover, TWO!? Thorne survives!? Reed is shocked, but he won’t let up. In fact, he brings the straps down! Reed goes to the top rope, but Thorne manages to kick him down! Thorne throws haymakers then climbs up to join Reed. Thorne throws slapping chops, hops up, but Reed SHOVES Thorne down! AUSSIEZILLA SPALSH!! Cover, Reed wins!!

Winner: Bronson Reed, by pinfall

The earth shakes and the Worst got bested by the Breakout star! Will Reed continue to crush it on his way towards a title?


Backstage interview with Team Kick!

Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox are excited to face the Kabuki Warriors for the Women’s Tag Team Championships. They’re nervous, but in a good way. They’ve both overcome knee injuries, and are ready for Asuka and Kairi Sane. These two are ready to win the titles alongside their best friend, but will they be able to kick the Empress of Tomorrow and the Pirate Princess to the curb?


The Head Baddie in Charge is on her way back.

Mia Yim can do bad all by herself, but will she get back on track when she returns to Full Sail?


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: The Kabuki Warriors VS Team Kick!

NXT finally gets to see these historic titles come to Full Sail, and it will be courtesy of two great former NXT Women’s Champions! Asuka and Kairi have sharpened their edge on the likes of the IIconics, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, and even their manager, Paige! Will they use that edge to cut down Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox?

Fans are still happy to see Asuka and Kairi and cheer, “Welcome Back!” The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and fans duel as the teams sort out. Tegan starts against Asuka and fans sing, “Asuka’s gonna kill~ you~!” Asuka and Tegan circle and tie up, and Asuka headlocks to grind Tegan down. Tegan powers out but things speed up, and Asuka kicks the somersault apart! Asuka drags Tegan up and tags in Kairi. Kairi winds up and puts some stank on her CHOP! Tegan falls back, gasping for air, but fans want “One More Time!” Kairi gives Tegan another CHOP! Kairi eggs Tegan on and Tegan CHOPS! But Kairi CHOPS again. It’s a CHOP fight! Until Kairi stomps on Tegan’s foot and throws her down by her hair. Kairi drags Tegan up and whips but Tegan reveres to dropkick her down! Asuka runs in but Dakota dropkicks her down!

The Kabuki bail out but Team Kick double baseball slide. The Kabuki get clear, and Asuka decks Dakota. Tegan rocks Asuka but Kairi hits Tegan, and sends her into steel steps! Full Sail is all fired up while NXT goes to break.

NXT returns as Tegan fires back CHOPS on Asuka! Tegan traps Asuka’s arms and sweeps the legs to tag Dakota. Team Kick whip Asuka into the corner and throw forearms. Dakota sweeps the legs, and whips Tegan in for the CANNONBALL! Dakota covers, TWO! Kairi was ready if need be, but she backs off for now. Asuka gets up but Dakota arm-drags her around. Dakota snapmares and runs to Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO! Dakota grows frustrated while fans rally up and duel. Dakota runs to get around Asuka, and is on the apron as she kicks, into a wicked Dragon Screw! That bad leg is a target, Asuka hip attacks Dakota down! Tegan checks on Dakota while fans are fired up for Asuka. Asuka goes out to fetch Dakota while also intimidating Tegan. Asuka puts Dakota in, then stands on her head to toy with her. Asuka also gives Dakota furious and fast kicks to the face!

Dakota scrambles to ropes but Asuka has the legs, for a heel hook! Asuka tortures Dakota but fans rally up. Dakota endures and kicks at Asuka. Asuka kicks back, but Dakota gets an edge! Asuka just wrenches on the foot! Dakota reaches, Tegan coaches her on, but Asuka shifts to an ankle lock! Dakota stands, reaches, but enziguris, to whiff! Asuka stomps her down, then has her in a corner. Asuka fires forearms then wraps the leg on ropes! The ref counts and Asuka lets up at 4. Asuka brings Dakota over and tags in Kairi. The Kabuki Warriors mug Dakota but let up at 4. Kairi marches the plank, pokes at Tegan, and hits Dakota with the Sliding D! Cover, TWO! Kairi is a bit too cocky, but she goes into a Stretch Muffler! Dakota endures as Kairi also clubs at the hip and thigh. Kairi shifts to the figure four Deathlock!

Fans rally up as Dakota continues to endure. Kairi kicks away at the leg then drags Dakota back. Asuka tags in and the leg is again laced in the ropes. Asuka lets go at 4, then hooks the leg for a modified STF! Dakota endures while Kairi taunts Tegan. Fans rally and duel more as Dakota fights her way up. Dakota rolls Asuka up, TWO! Asuka boots Dakota down just inches from Tegan! Asuka has both legs now, and stomps Dakota, before pulling her all the way away. Kairi tags in then keeps between Dakota and Tegan. She eggs Dakota on but Dakota starts firing forearms. It isn’t enough, and now it’s a brawl! Kairi CHOPS Dakota down! Full Sail fires up as Kairi pulls on Dakota’s hair. She snapmares Dakota into a headscissor hold. Dakota endures the squeeze as fans rally again. Kairi thrashes about but Dakota pushes her way back. Bridging cover, TWO!

Kairi lets Dakota go to ax kick her down! Tag to Asuka, the Kabuki double knee smash Dakota down! Asuka toys with Dakota more, wanting to see the fighting spirit. Dakota fires forearms but Asuka just clobbers her back down! Asuka stays between Dakota and Tegan as she cravats, snapmares and kicks Dakota in the back! And again! Cover, TWO!! Dakota survives but Asuka won’t leave her be. Asuka puts Dakota against the ropes and pulls, but the ref pulls her off. Asuka kicks Dakota around more, and gives more fast kicks to her face! Fans still cheer as Asuka sits down and pulls back on Dakota’s leg! It’s almost a Calf Crusher! Dakota endures the pain while NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and now Kairi has Dakota in the Calf Crusher! She shifts to a cover, TWO! Kairi throws Dakota into the Kabuki corner and Asuka tags in to throw Dakota down. Asuka has the leg again, and hooks it for a standing deathlock! Dakota endures all over again, and then Asuka shifts to get the Boston Crab! Tag to Kairi, and she waistlocks Dakota, Asuka code breakers, to Kairi’s BLOCK BUSTER! Sliding wizard and jackknife cover, TWO!! Dakota survives the onslaught, but she ends up in Kabuki territory! Kairi throws forearms but Dakota fights back! Dakota throws elbows and forearms and then dumps Kairi out! Fans fire up as Dakota crawls, but Kairi gets around to intercept! But the scorpion kick takes her down! Both Dakota and Kairi crawl, hot tags to Asuka and Tegan!

Tegan rallies on Asuka and CHOKE SLAMS Kairi! Tegan runs into the corner, big uppercut for Asuka! Corner to corner, uppercut for Kairi! Another for Asuka! Another for Kairi! Tegan whips but Kairi reverses, but Tegan still uppercuts Asuka! Tegan sends Kairi into Asuka then enziguris Asuka down! Tegan climbs up, BIG crossbody! Cover, TWO!! Asuka survives but Tegan won’t lose her focus. Fans rally for Team Kick as Tegan takes aim, but the Shiniest Wizard is turned into a KNEEBAR! Tegan endures, Asuka thrashes about, but Tegan fights her way up to her feet, and gets an ARMBAR! Asuka flails now, but Kairi ax kicks her free! Dakota BOOTS Kairi! But Asuka counters Dakota’s kick to a German Suplex! Tegan SUPERKICKS Asuka! Full Sail is loving “NXT! NXT!” as all four women are down!

The teams regroup while fans rally. Tag to Dakota, and Dakota runs to rally on Asuka with furious forearms! Swinging knee strike!Dakota goes Around the World for the boot! Fans fire up again, and Dakota drags Asuka up. Kairi distracts the ref, Asuka escapes the fireman’s carry to MIST!! ROUNDHOUSE! Tag to Kairi, Asuka hip attacks Tegan! INSANE ELBOW!! Kairi makes sure to hide Dakota’s face as she covers! Kabuki Warriors win!!

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors, by pinfall; still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

The Empress and the Princess hold onto the gold! With a sinister edge and malicious mist, will their reign be the biggest of these young titles?

But wait, are those the Horsewomen? Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir mock Team Kick while heading down to the ring. They flank the ring as Dakota is still blinded and Tegan is still sore. But Tegan attacks first! She gets Shayna down but Jessamyn and Marina go after her 2v1! But Tegan fights out, only to get Shayna’s step-up knee! Shayna kicks Dakota out of the ring, and then goes after Tegan’s arm! But here comes RHEA! The Mosh Pit Kid already saved Candice from Shirai’s violence, she looks to do the same for Tegan. Tegan tackles Marina and Jessamyn out of the ring! But wait, Shirai just attacks out of nowhere!!

Shirai wants payback on Rhea, but here comes BIANCA BELAIR?! The EST and the Evil Genius beat Rhea down, but Candice returns! Candice throws Shirai into railing, but Bianca runs Candice over! Rhea BOOTS Bianca, and decks the Horsewomen! Shayna tries to sneak up but Rhea is ready! The Queen of Spades backs off to let Rhea into the ring, and fans want to see this fight go down. Rhea tackles Shayna and rains down rights! But Bianca, Shirai, Candice, the Horsewomen, they all run in! But so does Team Kick! The referees hurry in, and William Regal appears on the upper deck! He shouts for these forces to be separated, and it is Candice, Rhea and Team Kick left in the ring while the rest are outside. Fans hope this means, “WarGames~! WarGames~!” Regal says his simply solution to this is… WARGAMES!! A Women’s WarGames match!? Fans want to see this!

Rhea suddenly boots a security guard down! She doesn’t want to wait, she wants to fight tonight! The lines have been drawn, but what happens when all these combustible elements are locked inside the double-cage?


Tyler Bate VS Cameron Grimes!

The Big Strong Boy was just saying hey to the Original Bro, but the Country Caveman took offense. He also didn’t like getting tricked by the Bop ‘n’ BANG combo. Will the young man from Moustache Mountain show Grimes he isn’t ready for the inaugural United Kingdom Champion? Or is this the Breakout moment he’s been looking for?

The bell rings and the two tie up. Bate wristlocks and wrenches but Grimes slips through to back drop. Bate lands on his feet to trip Grimes and get a foot. Grimes rolls but Bate cartwheels through, and Grimes is surprised! Fans cheer as Grimes gets up and ties up with Bate. Grimes wrenches and pulls hair to bring Bate down. Bate endures the armlock and works his way up, but Grimes wrenches harder. Bate rolls and slips out of the hold to get Grimes back with the wristlock! Grimes grits his teeth as Bate steps over to straddle the arm. Bate wrenches but Grimes powers Bate to a corner. Grimes swings on Bate but Bate arm-drags him down! Grimes kips up and hooks Bate’s nose! He powers Bate to a corner but Bate dodges the punch to arm-drag again!

Bate keylocks but Grimes gets up to facelock. Bate slips out to arm-drag again, but Grimes reaches up to headscissor. Grimes drags Bate down, but Bate works his way out with a kip-up! Things speed up, Bate handsprings and hurdles then dropkicks Grimes down! Grimes staggers up but into the fireman’s carry! And the Airplane Spin! Bate gives Grimes a short trip before setting him down and dropkick’ing him out! But Grimes gets in as Bate builds speed, tilt-o-whirl powerslam! Cover, TWO! Bate survives taking a spin of his own while NXT goes to break.

NXT returns as Grimes dodges Bate, only to run into a boot! Bate hops up, but leaps into Grimes’ arms. Bate tries to elbow free of the waistlock, but Grimes throws him into the corner first. Bate goes up and under, but Grimes back flips to get behind Bate for a DEAD LIFT GERMAN! Bridging cover, TWO!! Grimes keeps his cool as he runs and rams his knee into Bate’s head! And again! Cover, TWO! Grimes grinds a knee into Bate’s head while torturing the arm very much like the Bruiserweight would. Bate endures and works his way up, but Grimes wrangles him back down. Fans rally up as Bate endures and fights his way up. Bate powers Grimes into a corner but Grimes chinbars him to a takedown. But then Bate BOOTS from the mat! Bate gets to a corner and boots back to also knee lift! He hops up, flying uppercut hits!

Grime staggers but Bate rallies! Bate gives more European Uppercuts, then whips Grimes corner to corner. Bate runs in for another big uppercut! And an exploder! Bate kips up as fans cheer for the “Big Strong Boy!” Standing shooting star! Cover, TWO! Grimes survives and bails out. Bate takes aim and builds speed, but Grimes is in again. Bate waistlocks, Grimes standing switches, but Bate hops up onto Grimes’ shoulders! Spinning HURICANRANA! Cover, TWO!! Grimes still lives and fans are loving this! Bate grits his teeth as he stands back up. He drags Grimes into the underhooks, but Grimes powers out. Bate still lands on his feet, and puts up Bop, to get Grimes’ SUPER FOREARM! Grimes still walks into BANG! Bate runs, rebound- COLLISION COURSE! The Spanish Fly hits, Grimes covers, TWO!! Bate survives again and Grimes can’t believe it!

Grimes drags Bate up and scoops, but Bate slips out to O’Conner roll. TWO, Bate rebounds to the LARIAT! Jackknife cover, TWO!! Both men are down but fans are still rallying. Bate brings Grimes up again, but Grimes powers him around to ropes. The ref calls for the break, Grimes drops down, but Bate has his legs! Bate drags Grimes back, waistlocks, for his dead lift. But Grimes elbows free, only to miss the clothesline. Bate clotheslines Grimes out and runs, but he sees Grimes getting in again, so he hits the ROLLING KICK! Grimes wobbles, Bate runs to FLY! Direct hit from the tope conjilo! Fans are fired up as Bate puts Grimes in, but is that Killian Dain? Why is he talking trash to Bate? Bate gets in, to get the CAVE-IN!! Cover, Grimes wins!!

Winner: Cameron Grimes, by pinfall

And the Beast of Belfast attacks Bate with a senton! This must be revenge on Pete Dunne through his British Strong Style brother! CANNONBALL into steel steps! “You tell your friend, Pete Dunne, we have unfinished business!” The message was sent, but how will it be received by the Bruiserweight?


NXT profiles Angel Garza.

Representing the Garza Dynasty, which includes the great Hector Garza and even his cousin, Humberto Carrillo, family is the most important thing in Garza’s life. Garza wants to follow in his uncle’s footsteps to make Hector proud, to make the family and future generations proud, and to show the world the greatness of Angel Garza.


Breaking news regarding the Women’s WarGames match!

Shayna Baszler and Rhea Ripley have been named team captains, and their interviews on this announcement can be found at CBS Sports’ website.


Matt Riddle & Keith Lee VS The Undisputed Era!

After Roderick Strong survived the titanic Triple Threat, the Limitless One was a target of an Undisputed beat down. Wanting payback, Lee recruited the Original Bro to help him in this fight. Will the #LimitlessBros make reDRagon #BaskInTheirGlory? Or will it simply be Total Annihilation instead?

The teams sort out while fans sing “Oh~ Bask in His Glory~, BRO!” Lee and Kyle are ready to start, but at the bell, Fish attacks Riddle! Lee was ready for Kyle’s kick and grabs him with both hands! But Fish kicks Lee’s legs and now reDRagon attack Lee together. They double whip, but Lee crisscrosses them into each other! Lee shoves reDRagon together, and hurdles over both! Then he double crossbodies them down! Fans are thunderous already with that one! Lee has Fish now and wrenches to a whip. Kyle saves Fish, but Lee sees them going for the low bridge. He tosses Fish then DECKS Kyle! Fish ducks under and bails out to regroup with Kyle. They go around the way, but Riddle is there with kicks! Fish backs off, but ends up in the ring with Lee. Lee runs Fish over then tags in Riddle.

Lee hauls Fish up for Riddle to CHOP! Fish is stinging, but now he gets the Grizzly Magnum DOUBLE CHOP! Kyle runs in, but he gets a Grizzly Magnum, too! And a SPEAR from Riddle! Fish gets fed to the JACKHAMMER! Cover, TWO! Fish survives but fans are chanting “Ri~ddle~! Ri~ddle~!” while NXT goes picture in picture.

Riddle grits his teeth as he looms over Fish. He brings Fish up for forearms and puts him in the corner. Riddle CHOPS Fish then tags in Lee. Fish hits back, but Riddle says that was a mistake. Fish keeps trying, but Lee ROCKS Fish with that left! Lee brings Fish up to wristlock and wrench. Fish throws back elbows but Lee lifts him up with one arm! Fish fights back and tags in Kyle, but Lee just runs Kyle over! Lee wrenches Kyle to a wristlock but Kyle throws forearms. Lee lifts Kyle now! Kyle keeps hitting back but Lee just lifts him again. Fish runs in but Lee easily bumps Fish down with a shoulder. Then he suplexes Kyle onto Fish! Lee brings Kyle over and tags in Riddle. Riddle gives Kyle kicks but Kyle kicks back. They brawl but Riddle gets the edge, until Kyle kicks the knee out. Kyle hurries to tag in Fish, but Fish just runs into Riddle’s forearms!

Riddle kicks but Fish counters and retaliates as NXT returns to single picture. Riddle answers back but fish slips around to forearm and kick. Riddle counters with a gut wrench suplex! He holds on to gut wrench again! Kyle runs in but he gets a gut wrench suplex! Fish runs Riddle over with a back elbow and drags him to the Undisputed corner. Tag to Kyle and Kyle fires off kicks and knees. Kyle tags Fish again, and Fish throws big hands. Riddle CHOPS back but Fish just throws more forearms. Tag to Kyle, and reDRagon double suplex Riddle down. Cover, TWO! Kyle knees and elbows Riddle form all sides, then runs to ram a knee into Riddle’s ribs! Fans are divided as Kyle drags Riddle over. Tag to Fish and he senton atomicos! Cover, TWO! Fish brings Riddle back up for knees, then back suplexes Riddle down! Cover, TWO!

Fish keeps Riddle away from Lee with a sleeper hold and body scissors. Fans rally and duel as Riddle fights his way up. Fish is a backpack as Riddle stands, but Fish knees Riddle in the back. Fish drags Riddle up but Riddle fires off strikes, to get around for a sleeper hold of his own! Fish backs Riddle into buckles and tags in Kyle. Fish runs in but is put on the apron. Riddle dodges and Kyle’s boot gets Fish! Kyle hurries after Riddle for a leglock! Riddle SLAPS and ax kicks over and over, but Kyle drags Riddle away. Riddle is up, but he can’t reach Kyle with his fists, so he jumps up to kick! He’s free, but Fish sweeps Lee’s legs! The ref reprimands Fish but Kyle forearms Riddle. And hits a running BOOT!

Tag to Fish, and reDRagon hauls Riddle up. But Riddle fires off kicks on them both! Kyle catches one kick, but Riddle breaks free to DOUBLE knee trigger! Then he runs, but into double pop-up kicks! Kyle brings Riddle up, CHASING THE DRAGON! Fish covers, but Lee breaks it up! Fish tags Kyle and Kyle grabs Riddle with a guillotine. But Riddle powers up again! Fish runs in to hit Lee, but that only angers him. Riddle slips out, boots Fish but Kyle German suplexes! Riddle lands on his feet! He dodges the kicks to tag in Lee! And Lee rallies on reDRagon! Shoulders and elbows, and then Lee gives Kyle a corner splash! A corner splash for Fish, and then he runs at them both. He busts through the kicks to double clothesline them down! Full Sail fires up as Lee DOUBLE back drops reDRagon!

Lee drags Kyle up into position, but Fish runs in. Lee elbows Fish away but Kyle slips out. Fish runs in but Lee pops him up, only for Kyle to sweep the legs! Fish gets a seated senton for free! Kyle tags Fish in and Fish runs, into a POP UP SLAM from Lee! Lee sneers as he goes up top, but Kyle joins him. Lee pushes Kyle away and MOONSAULTS, but flops! Ax ‘n’ SMASH, then Fish manages a SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO! Lee lives but Kyle has the cross armbreaker! Fans rally as Lee fights his way up and around. Lee dead lifts Kyle with that one arm! Kyle pulls harder but Lee just powers through, to POWERBOMB! Both men are down, hot tags to Fish and Riddle! Riddle rallies and leaping forearms Fish down. Riddle blocks Kyle’s kick into the PELE! Riddle handsprings to forearm Fish to a BROSPLODER! Then a Brosploder for Kyle! Broton for Fish! Broton for Kyle!

Riddle gives a Penalty Kick to Fish then German suplexes him away! But here comes Adam Cole and Roderick Strong! Riddle forearm Cole away, then triangle knee triggers Strong! Riddle runs at Kyle but is put on the apron. Riddle hits Kyle away, and Penalty Kicks Cole! Kyle gets dumped out, and now the entire Era gets a CORKSCREW SENTON! Riddle puts Fish in, slips around, reel out for the Final Flash Lee POUNCES Cole into Strong!! Riddle powerbombs, but into TOTAL ELIMINATION! Cover, reDRagon wins!!

Winners: The Undisputed Era, Fish pinning

And deja vu, they go after Lee! They beat him down like piranha, but here comes Tommaso Ciampa! Ciampa has the crutch and he WRECKS Strong! He SMACKS Kyle and JABS Fish! Cole is all alone so he runs away. Kyle runs in but gets a knee! Ciampa stomps away on Kyle while Cole regroups with Fish and Strong. Ciampa feeds Kyle to the Final Flash! And then Lee gets to give Kyle the trophy lift, to TOSS him onto the Undisputed Era! Full Sail is loving this, but look at what Cole left in the corner. Ciampa sees “Goldie,” and tells her she’ll have to wait a little longer. “Daddy’s going to war!” Is the Blackheart going to join forces with the Bro and the Limitless One if it means taking down the Undisputed Era?



My Thoughts:

A really great episode to finally give us some real WarGames progress! The women’s matches were clearly connected, and in a great way I didn’t expect. Shirai wins against Candice, but again not the cleanest way. At first, we think it’ll just be a set-up for Shirai VS Rhea, #1 Contender’s match. Then we get an amazing women’s tag title match for Team Kick and the Kabuki Warriors. Obviously that mist was going to show up, and it was done in another very clever way. That brawl after was amazing, it was so great to see Rhea basically be the magnet that brought out Bianca Belair and Io Shirai. This wasn’t quite the Women’s WarGames I imagined, but this is still pretty great. I assume a Face like Mia Yim joins Team Ripley so that it is 5v5 with Team Baszler, which is the three MMA Horsewomen, Bianca and Shirai. Mia also has history with Shayna, and I could see both sides having dysfunction since so many want after Shayna’s title.

Reed VS Thorne was a pretty fun filler match, though this could be the beginning of a feud for the two Aussies. I was still wondering why Thorne wasn’t just going through the Breakout tournament superstars, but maybe he’ll focus on Reed now. Grimes VS Bate was great, but I suppose we should’ve seen Killian Dain getting involved. It also seems interesting of the connection with Dain and Grimes, Grimes is always the one benefiting from Dain’s appearances. This definitely has to get Dunne’s attention so that he can go after Dain. And if need be, send Trent Seven over. British Strong Style VS Dain, Grimes and Damien Priest, the only other superstar with connection to Pete Dunne right now. Finn Balor’s promo was pretty great, and it essentially goes after the push, and then lack of push, he got on the main roster. Balor VS Gargano is going to be amazing to say the least.

Then the main event, what a great tag team match. The ending announcement weirdly said the Undisputed Era’s Fish & O’Reilly were still NXT Tag Team Champions, but I don’t remember anyone saying anything about this being for the titles. In fact, commentary said this wasn’t for the titles at all, so the ring announcer must’ve been a little confused. Either way, Strong and Cole getting involved should’ve also been easy to see coming. Ciampa helps Riddle and Lee out, and I wonder if WarGames III would be up for giving us two WarGames matches. All they’d need to do for Team Ciampa is add Velveteen Dream. This way it’s #WinnersTakeAll for the titles, Ciampa getting “Goldie” back while Dream gets the North American Championship, while Lee and Riddle might become the tag champs. This would be something to really give WarGames III the oomph to outdo Survivor Series (again).

My Score: 9/10

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