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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (10/14/19)

Who goes and who stays?



NEW Raw coverage

The 2019 WWE Draft finishes up!

The Man thought she was facing The Boss, but Sasha Banks could not be cleared to compete. So instead, it will be Charlotte Flair! Which brand wins the first pick this night?



  • WWE Draft Opening Pick: Raw’s Becky Lynch VS SmackDown’s Charlotte Flair; Lynch wins and Raw has the first pick of the night.
  • Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega VS ???; Almas wins.
  • Raw Tag Team Championships: Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler VS The Viking Raiders; The Viking Raiders win and become the new Raw Tag Team Champions.
  • Aleister Black VS Eric Young; Black wins.
  • Ricochet VS ???; Ricochet wins.
  • Buddy Murphy VS Cedric Alexander; Murphy wins.
  • The Kabuki Warriors VS Natalya & ???; The Kabuki Warriors win.


Previously on Firefly Fun House!

“Oh my lucky stars!” Bray Wyatt proclaimed. He and his “future best friend” Seth Rollins had so much fun! The Fiend never forgets, but Ramblin’ Rabbit warned Rollins to stay away. The Hell in a Cell match was as dark as the imagination of the Face of Fear, and The Fiend would survive an endless string of stomps from Rollins. But Rollins would go to an even darker place, and nearly MURDERED the Fiend! Only for the Fiend to rise again and attack Rollins! And then on SmackDown, The Fiend attacked and nearly dragged Rollins to the underworld! With The Fiend going to SmackDown, is this the last Raw and Rollins have seen of his wickedness? Or will fate and the WWE Draft have different plans?


WWE Draft Opening Pick: Raw’s Becky Lynch VS SmackDown’s Charlotte Flair!

The Man is still on Raw as Raw Women’s Champion! The Boss couldn’t take this title from Becky in the Cell, and the WWE Draft kept Becky on Raw as THE #1 overall pick! But while Becky was all ready for a rematch, she’ll have to deal with a different Four Horsewoman tonight.

Before the match, Becky has the mic to shout out Denver. And as the top draft pick, Becky is here, fully expecting to kick Sasha Banks all around Colorado. But she can’t make it because of that last beating. Becky wants after Sasha but she can’t seem to get away from Charlotte. But when the two step in this ring together, there’s always a war! Becky is ready for war and to rip someone’s arm off! The Queen comes out, and that war is ready to begin! Charlotte takes up a mic, and who knows. Maybe Charlotte gets drafted to Raw and they can #FightForever. Charlotte doesn’t want to take opportunity after opportunity away, making everyone think she’s selfish. She’s not! She doesn’t even want to have this match tonight. She wants to be friends again. Becky isn’t so sure. Charlotte says she misses Becky, but then she doesn’t miss with that sucker punch! The brawl is on but there’s no ref ready for this!

Becky clubs Charlotte but Charlotte trips Becky over! Referees finally appear, and work to pull the two apart! Charlotte bails out, only to tackle Becky when she follows! Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” but the brawling won’t stop. Raw goes to break while things calm down.

Raw returns and this match officially starts where it left off! The brawl goes to a corner and Charlotte rams her shoulder in over and over. But Becky clotheslines Charlotte down! Then bumps Charlotte off buckles, and then more buckles. Becky stomps a mudhole into Charlotte but lets up at 4. Becky goes back to Charlotte but Charlotte elbows back and gives Becky stomps. Charlotte pulls Becky backwards against the ropes but lets up at the count of 4, to stomp Becky more! Charlotte calms down enough to scoop, but Becky slips out and throws uppercuts! Charlotte CHOPS! Becky uppercuts! Charlotte CHOPS! Then she counters the uppercut to a backslide, TWO! Becky waistlocks but Charlotte bucks her off. Becky stands and catches a kick to a dragon screw! Firearm in the corner, rocket kick, but that’s blocked! Charlotte throws Becky by her hair!

Charlotte drags Becky up to then lock on a headscissors hold, and jam Becky’s head into the mat over and over! Charlotte grins as she squeezes Becky’s head. Then she jams Becky’s head over and over again! She returns to the squeeze but Becky endures. Denver rallies up and Becky makes it a cover, ONE! Charlotte throws Becky into a corner! Charlotte kips up to then run in, but she blocks boots to give a forearm! Charlotte drops a knee but misses! Charlotte blocks the mule kick to clobber Becky from behind! Fans boo and “WOO” as Charlotte covers. Becky slips out to dropkick! But Charlotte baits her into a corner for more CHOPS! Becky flops and crawls but Charlotte pushes her around. Charlotte drags Becky up but Becky fires body shots. Charlotte clubs Becky down then whips her corner to corner. Becky reverses, Charlotte tumbles out and kicks in. Charlotte brings Becky to a corner but Becky blocks the buckle bomb! Rocket kick sends Charlotte down!

Fans fire up as Becky builds speed, to slide, but miss! Charlotte swings, Becky dodges and fires back! But Becky gets caught, backbreaker to a post Complete Shot! Becky is rocked while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Charlotte has Becky in a corner. She whips Becky corner to corner and CHOPS her down on the rebound! Charlotte toys with Becky and starts slapping her around. Charlotte forearms but Becky reverses the whip to then clothesline Charlotte down! Becky rallies, and hits a calf kick! Fans fire up with Becky as she back kicks and runs, to hit a leaping forearm smash! Becky runs into the corner but is put on the apron. She kicks Charlotte back, then high, then climbs up top. Missile dropkick hits! Cover, TWO! Charlotte survives, and clutches a knee as she gets to ropes. Fans fire up for Becky but Charlotte elbows her away. Becky dodges the boot to give uppercuts, but her dropkick is caught! Charlotte turns Becky over for the Boston Crab!

Becky flails, reaches, but Charlotte drags her away! Charlotte turns her over, steps through but Becky pushes her away! Charlotte ends up outside, and Becky wrecks her with a kick! Becky is on the apron, and leaps off for another forearm! Becky throws Charlotte back in, hops up top, but misses her forearm shot! NATURAL SELECTION! Cover, TWO!! Becky lives and shocks Charlotte! Charlotte grows frustrated as fans rally up for Becky again. Charlotte drags Becky to a drop zone and heads up top. But Becky gets up to yank her down! And then loops the arm, but gets school girl’d into buckles! BOOT! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte is losing her cool as she has yet to put Becky away. “This is Awesome!” for Denver as Charlotte drops knees on Becky’s knee.  She steps through but gets pushed off again! She hits buckles, Becky rolls her, TWO! Charlotte scoops but Becky slips out, reverse DDT! Becky climbs again, The Man’s Leg Drop! Cover, TWO!! Now Becky is shocked!

Becky keeps herself fired up, and gets at Charlotte’s arm. Charlotte whips out, and SPEARS! Cover, TWO!! Becky still lives! Charlotte is furious, and has a manic grin as she laughs to herself. But she gets caught in a crucifix!! Becky wins!!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by pinfall; Raw earns the first pick

That’s twice that Raw gets to go first! Becky holds up her title as she takes a quick lap around the ring. Charlotte is losing her cool, but who is SmackDown losing out on with Raw getting another first pick?


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins!

The WWE Universal Champion could easily be a top pick for either brand, but what are his thoughts on Bray Wyatt going to SmackDown? How does Rollins keep his mind clear should he still go over to SmackDown with him? Well today is a good day because it is Draft Day in Denver! And Bray doesn’t seem to care where he goes, he just goes where Rollins goes. That’s no good for anyone. Rollins thought he ended this at Hell in a Cell given that dark place he went to. Rollins isn’t proud of that moment, but he isn’t ashamed, either. But the nightmare is still there. The Fiend may not even be human, since he got back up. Rollins escaped, for now. But then Rollins realized he has this all wrong. Rollins has been trying to move forward and The Fiend shows up when he wants. “That ends tonight.” Tonight, Rollins goes “fiend hunting.” Rollins promises to find Bray wherever he is, and #BurnItDown.


The WWE Draft has special stipulations this year.

There is a draft pool of 40 superstars tonight on Raw, and Raw still gets three picks at a time for being three hours, while SmackDown still gets two for two hours. Tag teams are one pick, unless a network wants just one member of that team for whatever reason. And then any undrafted are free agents to sign with the brand of their choosing.


Jim Cramer goes Mad Money on the WWE Draft!

Seth Rollins, Andrade Almas with Zelina Vega, and the One and Only Ricochet are hot hot choices!


The War Rooms are discussing their picks.

Raw has a lot of great choices left to them, and that is what SmackDown is worried about! But the picks are in!


Stephanie McMahon is here to announce the picks!

She welcomes us all to the second and final night of the 2019 WWE Draft! She reminds us that the USA and Fox networks are part of the decisions. And Raw takes SETH ROLLINS! It was only natural to keep the Universal Champion! With that, SmackDown takes WWE Champion, BROCK LESNAR! Another natural choice for Fox to lock down The Beast. Raw takes Charlotte Flair! The Queen’s strange prediction came true, she and Becky might #FightForever after all. SmackDown takes The New Day to feel~ the power~, and Raw rounds out this opening round with Andrade Almas with Zelina Vega! Will El Idolo prosper now that he’s officially Raw?


Renee Young and the Draft Panel are back!

She is again joined by Booker T, Beth Phoenix and Samoa Joe to recap and analyze the picks. #ShuckyDuckyQuackQuack! Booker loves that The New Day are SmackDown again, that is a huge keep! Beth has been amazed the draft choices from all sides. The Raw Women’s Division is star studded now! Joe feels the big pick is Brock Lesnar. Joe has his personal feelings towards The Beast, but from a business standpoint, this is smart. Lesnar VS Cain is going to be a great match to represent SmackDown at Crown Jewel.


Andrade Almas w/ Zelina Vega VS ???

El Idolo makes his presence on Raw known already! And La Muneca says they need to get something straight: “We were not drafted into the same round as the Universal Champion, Seth Rollins, or the WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar.” Or even taking it back to Friday, the Raw Women’s Champion, and one of the Four Horsefaces- Er, Horsewomen, sorry. They were all drafted in the same first round as them, Andrade and Vega! “Things are about to change.” This is a message to everyone else on Raw: rejoice! Now you will all have the privilege of losing to ANDRADE~! But who is he up against first?

Raw returns, and Almas’ opponent is… Mustafa Ali! And we return as the match has already started, and Almas whips Ali corner to corner. Ali goes up and over to run and dodge and huricanrana Almas! Then dropkick him down! Almas gets out but Ali builds speed. Vega blocks Ali’s path from the apron, but Ali sees Almas coming. Ali hits first then whips Almas corner to corner. Ali hits a forearm smash, then whips again. Almas goes up and over then basement dropkicks Ali as he drops down! Ali writhes and Almas stomps him around. Almas has Ali in a corner and kicks him down again. Almas drags Ali up and CHOPS him to ropes. Almas wrenches, shoulder breaker and whip, but Ali kicks back hard! Ali elbows from the corner, then hops up, only for Almas to shove him outside! Ali crashes and burns while Almas soaks up the heat.

Almas goes out to take his time fetching Ali. The ring count climbs but Almas stalks Ali and stomps him down. Almas drags Ali up and wrenches an arm, to throw it into the post! Ali flops through the corner and back to the floor as Almas rests. Almas comes back out to fetch Ali again, putting him in the ring. Almas has the arm on the ropes for an armbar! The ref counts and Almas lets up at 4. Ali writhes while Vega cheers. Almas stomps Ali down, but Ali gets up to CHOP! And CHOP! Almas knees low, then whips Ali to a corner. Almas runs in to KNEE Ali in the head! Cover, TWO! Ali lives and Almas is seething. Almas grabs the arm and wrenches it hard. Ali endures as fans rally up and duel. Ali stands up and fights free, but Almas knees low. Almas wrenches again, but Ali slips out of the back suplex! Ali puts Almas on the apron, but gets caught into a hanging armbar! Almas holds on until 4 and then soaks up more heat.

Ali gets to a corner, Almas runs in, but Ali dodges! Almas crashes and burns off his own knee strike! Ali builds speed and Vega panics, but she again blocks his path. So Ali just FLIES over her! Ali takes Almas out! It’s a good thing Vega’s so tiny. But as Ali puts Almas in, Vega hits Ali with a flying huricanrana! Almas puts Ali in now, drags him up, hammerlock and LA SOMBRA DDT! Cover, Almas wins!

Winner: Andrade Almas, by pinfall

Vega pays dividends again, this devious duo is going to surely cntinue their streak on Raw!


The next round of picks are in!

Raw selects the Women’s Tag Team Champions, the Kabuki Warriors! Asuka and Kairi Sane have a new attitude and a new edge! Of course, these titles go to both brands, so SmackDown’s tag teams better stay sharp for a chance at taking the titles away. Then SmackDown goes green with Daniel Bryan! USA’s War Room is bummed they missed out on the Goat. But Raw recovers with RUSEV! SmackDown takes “the new and improved” Bayley! And Raw wraps up this round with Aleister Black! It is time for the red roster to #FadeToBlack!


Raw Tag Team Championships: Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler VS The Viking Raiders!

The war is still on Raw as Erik and Ivar are red brand all the way! But will they get the gold they’ve sought after tonight? Or will the GLORIOUS Show-Offs hold tight and give Raw a reason to keep them on-board?

Raw returns as the champions make their entrances. The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we begin with Erik and Ziggler. Erik shotgun knees Ziggler at the bell! Then hip tosses Roode to toss him back out, and Ivar runs in to DIVE! He wrecks Roode! Erik gut wrenches Ziggler, Ivar tags in. Gut wrench bomb to Ivar’s VIKING SPLASH! Cover, but ROode yanks Ivar off! Ivar glares at Roode while Ziggler rolls away. Ivar chases Roode around the way and into the ring. Ziggler dropkicks, but Ivar rebounds to run Ziggler over! Tag to Erik and Erik clobbers Roode with forearms! Roode swings into the scoop, but Ziggler chop blocks Erik! Ziggler stomps away on Erik but Erik throws haymakers. Ziggler kicks Erik’s legs out to tag Roode in.

Ziggler keeps Erik down for Roode to stomp. Roode drags Erik up to CHOP, then throw haymakers. Tag to Ziggler and the champs stomp a mudhole into Erik. Ziggler throws hands but Erik fights back with big elbows! Erik staggers out but Ziggler dumps him out! The ref argues with Ziggler while Roode throws Erik into a post! Ziggler goes out to then ZIGZAG Erik into the timekeeper’s area! Both men are wrecked as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again as Ziggler drops an elbow on Erik! Cover, TWO, but Ziggler keeps Erik down with a sleeper hold and body scissors. Erik endures and pries his way free. Fans rally up and Ivar is chomping at the bit. Ziggler holds on and keeps Erik away! Tag to Roode and the champs mug Erik on the ropes. Roode CHOPS Erik and throws hayamkers in a corner! The ref counts as Roode stomps but Roode lets up at 4. Roode grinds his boot into Erik but Ivar protests. Erik CHOPS Roode back! Erik throws haymakers but Roode dropkicks the legs out! Roode drags Erik over and Ziggler tags back in. Roode wrenches the knee while Ziggler drops an elbow! Ziggler toys with Erik now, “Do something!” He pushes Erik around, but Erik gets mad! Erik pushes back and then ROCKS him with a right! Both men fall but Denver fires up!

Erik and Ziggler crawl, hot tags to Roode and Ivar! The Warbeard rallies, back drop for Roode and a sidewalk slam for Ziggler! BASEMENT SPLASH! Fans fire up as Ivar runs at Roode. Roode dodges, but runs into the seated senton! Ivar cartwheel clotheslines Ziggler! Ivar tags Erik back in and they target Roode. Waistlock, but Ziggler BOOTS Ivar mid springboard! Erik hits Ziggler but Roode rams Erik into the post! Roll up with tights, TWO!! Ziggler tags in, Roode gets Ace Ten- GLORIOUS ZIGZAG!! Roode wrecks Ivar, Ziggler covers Erik, TWO!! Erik survives and Roode-Dolph can’t believe it! Both Erik and Ziggler are down as Roode is furious. Fans rally as Erik and Ziggler rise. Ziggler aims as Erik stands, but he kicks into a spin. Ziggler rakes eyes, FAMOUSER! Cover, TWO!! Ziggler is too tired to be furious, so he heads for Roode.

Tag and Roode goes at Erik in a corner with Ziggler. They throws haymakers then double whip corner to corner. Ziggler whips Roode for Roode to whip Ziggler, but Erik dodges Ziggler to ROCK Roode! Ziggler SUPERKICKS, GLORIOUS DDT!! Cover, but Ivar breaks it up! Fans are fired up again as the Raiders stay alive! “Let’s Go, Vikings!” Roode crawls and tags in Ziggler, and they go after Erik again. They double back suplex, but Erik slips out! Tag to Ivar! The Warbeard is back, and he barrels through both Roode and Ziggler! DOUBLE HANDSPRING BACK ELBOW! Tag back to Erik and Denver is thunderous as Ziggler gets THOR’S HAMMER!! Cover, The Viking Raiders win!!

Winners: The Viking Raiders, Erik pinning; NEW Raw Tag Team Champions

And the raid has taken the treasure! Erik and Ivar are truly red through and through, but who will there be for them to pillage next?


NBC Sports have their own panel!

The NHL experts like Rollins and the New Day for some board crashing hockey players.


The Viking Raiders speak.

It was on SmackDown three days ago that they said Monday Night Raw is exactly where they belong. And tonight, they proved it by capturing the Raw Tag Team Championships! “It’s one thing to win these. It’s another to defend them.” But the Raiders are the first undefeated WWE tag team to also have been IWGP Heavyweight, ROH World, NXT and Raw Tag team Champions! “WWE Universe! The Raid is here!”


The next round of picks are in!

Raw starts this third round of night two with Cedric Alexander! The Ebony Lion looks to roar back as 2019 comes to a close. SmackDown takes and keeps Shinsuke Nakamura! And with him, Sami Zayn also goes to SmackDown, which pleases Fox. Raw has another 205 Live standout, HUMBERTO CARRILLO! Ultimo Ninja is ready to graduate from the Cruiserweights! SmackDown takes the Beacon of Light, Mustafa Ali! And Raw wraps this round up with… ERICK ROWAN! Big Red is on the red roster now, ready to unleash the Iron Claw!


Aleister Black VS Eric Young!

The Embodiment of the End introduces himself to Raw looking for a fight! Will the sly EY be able to avoid fading into the shadows?

Te bell rings and the two tie up. They go around and around and end up in a corner. EY knees low then clubs away on Aleister’s back. EY runs but Aleister sweeps the legs and drives in a knee! Aleister handsprings up to then springboard, QUEBRADA! Fans fire up as Aleister aims, but EY runs out of the ring! Aleister sits down as EY slides in, but then slides out. EY isn’t sure what to make of the Dark Dutchman, but he tries to ambush him. Aleister is ready with a counter punch and kick! But EY hotshots, only to run into a knee trigger! Aleister whips EY corner to corner, EY tumbles out and shoulders in. EY slides under but Aleister blocks that, to the Dragon Sleeper! EY taps out, Aleister wins!

Winner: Aleister Black, by submission

Surprising to think the sinister striker wins with his new “Dark Ritual” twice! But that only makes him more dangerous! Will anyone be ready for the Embodiment of the End’s evolution?


The next round of picks are in!

Raw starts this fourth round of the night with the Best Kept Secret, Buddy Murphy! The Aussie Juggernaut is ready to be let loose! SmackDown takes the GLORIOUS Roode-Dolph now that they’re no longer tag team champions. Raw takes the Modern Day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal! Mahal is back off injury, will he be able to rise back to his former glory? SmackDown takes the FABULOUS Carmella! The Princess of Staten Island is a big get given the history she’s made before. Raw wraps up this round with THE 24/7 CHAMPION, R-TRUTH! The FABULOUS Truth has been broken up, who will help Truth retain that anytime-anywhere-anyone title now?


The Street Profits are hyped!

And they’re officially Raw! Tyson Fury might cause a fury when he and Strowman sign their Crown Jewel contract tonight. But let’s take a step back to celebrate Friday’s big news. If it isn’t obvious, the USA Network executives took the Street Profits! Ford and Dawkins are Raw, yes sir! The OC come in applauding, happy to have the Profits here, too. They love these two are here, because whatever they have, they’ve got it! But, to be honest… Styles isn’t sure why the USA Network wanted it. Excuse me? Is this beef, fam? No, no beef. Why have the unofficial hosts be the Profits when USA has the OC? But enjoy the niche you’ve carved out, because Raw belongs to Styles and the Good Brothers. Welcome to the fam. And they brawl! Styles rams Dawkins with a cart of pipes! Security and referees run in to break this up! Dawkins and Ford are seething, but will their time on Raw be anything but Too Sweet?


Ricochet VS ???

The One and Only knows his brand is the one and only Raw! Will he be reinvigorated and overcome all obstacles to show us all that superheroes are real?

Raw returns and Ricochet’s opponent is Shelton Benjamin! Will the Gold Standard make an impression with more rounds and free agency on the horizon?

The bell rings and Ricochet can’t outrun Shelton. He does go up and over to then dropkick Shelton! Shelton is a bit surprised, but he slides and grabs a leg. He flips Ricochet, Ricochet lands on his feet to roll off the back and tilt-o-whirl headscissor! Ricochet is up and fans are fired up! Ricochet waits for Shelton to stand, then he runs, roll sunder and handsprings back. Shelton shoves the headscissors away to back suplex Ricochet down! Ricochet bails out and Shelton paces. Shelton goes out to fetch the King of Flight into the ring. Shelton has Ricochet on ropes, whips and flapjacks Ricochet high! Cover, TWO! Ricochet crawls but Shelton is on him with a mounted chinlock. Denver rallies up for Ricochet as he fights his way up. Ricochet hits back and throws forearms, but Shelton keeps hold of him. Ricochet sees the Dragon Whip coming, but not the BOOT! Matchbox cover, TWO!

Shelton drags Ricochet into a sleeper hold and body scissors to grind Ricochet down. Ricochet endures the squeeze and fans rally up. Ricochet fights his way up and around but Shelton holds on. Ricochet elbows free, but Shelton clubs him down hard. Shelton runs, but into the dropkick-flip! He blocks the next kick, dodges the enziguri, but Shelton comes back with the mule kick! Ricochet gets to a corner, hops up and dodges Shelton to shoulder in. Buckle bump and roundhouse rocks Shelton! Shelton sits down, Ricochet aims and springboards, flying clothesline! Fans fire up with Ricochet, standing shooting star! Cover, TWO! Ricochet keeps his focus and he drags Shelton to a drop zone. Ricochet heads up top and fans fire up. Shelton runs over and knees Ricochet back. Shelton gets space, but runs into a roundhouse! Ricochet climbs, aims, but Shelton is up fast! SUPER ARM-DRAG! But Ricochet lands on his feet!? RECOIL! Cover, Ricochet wins!

Winner: Ricochet, by pinfall

The real-life superhero was able to overcome a veteran very much his equal. Will Ricochet continue to fly high and reach the top of Raw’s ranks?


Lana is getting a massage.

The Ravishing Russian isn’t satisfied. She likes it harder. But will Lana find satisfaction before the night is over?

Raw returns and Lana’s massage continues. The masseuse could go deeper. Yes, Lana likes it deeper. But the masseuse is replaced by Bobby Lashley! He takes care of getting deeper for Lana. Lana likes his gentle touch. Rusev was never this good. Lashley enjoys it, too. Maybe not as much fun for Rusev, though. But that’s enough in this position. Lana flips over, and Lashley gets to help her with her towel. Will Rusev be able to keep his cool seeing this?


Jerry “The King” Lawler presides over tonight’s contract signing!

The undefeated Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World will go up against the Monster Among Men! Never before has such a match happened, so King introduces first BRAUN! Strowman heads right to the ring, and King introduces the Gypsy King, Tyson Fury! Strowman says that while Fury is great, he also has a massive ego. The reason Fury was at SmackDown’s premiere was that he just wanted to steal some of the WWE’s spotlight, and some of Strowman’s spotlight! So listen up: Fury is stepping into Strowman’s world! Strowman will pick Fury up, slam him down, and give him his first loss anywhere! And there ain’t a damn thing he can do about it when he #GetsTheseHands! Strowman signs his part, and Fury signs his.

Fury then says he is actually a fan of Strwoman’s. He was at SmackDown to see the Monster Among Men. All the kids could talk about is Strowman smashing tables and flipping trucks. Strowman claims to know a lot of Fury, but Fury explains he’s never out of his element in the ring. Fury proves at Crown Jewel that when he steps into Strowman’s ring, he will still knock him out! Both towering men stand up and King gets a little worried. Speaking of smashing tables, Strowman smashes this one! Fury still has a pen in his hand, and snaps- Wait, it doesn’t break? Fury takes a couple tries, but he gets it to snap. Fury just shrugs it off, the pen is mightier than the sword. But will Fury need a sword to slay this Monster at Crown Jewel?


NBC Today also talk the WWE Draft.

Al Roker can predict that there are seismic shake-ups coming! And here is the next round of picks!

Raw takes the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe! Fans chant “JOE! JOE!” as Raw gets ruthless. SmackDown takes The Miz! Now Fridays are must-see! Raw takes Akira Tozawa from 205 Live! SmackDown takes the 2019 King of the Ring, Baron Corbin! And Raw wraps this round up with the Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin! It seems he made a good impression even in losing.


Buddy Murphy VS Cedric Alexander!

The Best Kept Secret is out once again, and looks to prove himself worthy of having been drafted to Raw! But he’s against a familiar foe from their days on 205 Live! Which former Cruiserweight Champion makes the biggest impact tonight?

The bell rings and this rematch begins. Murphy wrenches to a wristlock but Alexander rolls and handsprings to wrench back. Murphy rolls and handsprings to wrench then he throws Alexander down. Alexander kips up, Murphy throws him, so Alexander kips up again, only for Murphy to throw him by his hair! Murphy has the wristlock but Alexander headscissors. Murphy pops out, Alexander sweeps the legs, cover, ONE! Murphy reverses the roles as he sweeps and covers, ONE! Both men handspring up and Denver likes what they see. Alexander offers a handshake, but Murphy just flicks sweat at him. The two waistlock and standing switch, Alexander slips out of the suplex but gets a big back elbow! Murphy throws Alexander to turnbuckles! Alexander is down while Murphy smirks and paces about.

Murphy drags Alexander up to CHOP Alexander but Alexander chops back. Murphy kicks low then throws Alexander out. Alexander shoulders in but his springboard gets tripped up! Alexander crashes and burns as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again as Alexander runs at Murphy in a corner. Murphy puts him on the apron but Alexander kicks back! Alexander boots then steps in, into a knee trigger! Alexander falls back out, Murphy builds speed to FLY! Direct hit from the Juggernaut! Murphy puts Alexander back in and then heads up top. Murphy aims, leaps and hits a METEORA! Cover, TWO!! Alexander lives and Murphy grows frustrated. Murphy drags Alexander up and puts him in a corner, facing buckles. The ref counts, Murphy runs corner to corner, but he blocks the superkick! Murphy throws the foot down but gets Alexander’s elbow! Alexander gets up while Murphy rolls out. Alexander scrapes Murphy away to then wreck him with a dropkick. And then he DIVES to wipe him out! Alexander puts Murphy back in, step-board COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!! Murphy lives and reminds Alexander why they had such a hard fought rivalry on 205 Live.

Fans rally up as Alexander drags Murphy up. Murphy resists the Lumbar Check, then slips out of the back suplex. Murphy boots then hops up but Alexander enziguris! Alexander climbs up top, but Murphy slips out! Murphy tucks Alexander in for a SUPERKICK! Then POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Murphy keeps going, pump handle to MURPHY’S LAW! Murphy wins!!

Winner: Buddy Murphy, by pinfall

The Juggernaut is building momentum like his days on 205 Live! Will he repeat that history and become a champion here on Raw? Will the Age of Alexander still be resurrected on Raw?


Breaking news for Crown Jewel!

First, Team Hogan gains the One and Only Ricochet, while Team Flair officially recruits Bobby Lashley and Shinsuke Nakamura! Who else will join these two teams captained by living legends?

PLUS, even after the 5v5 Elimination Tag match, Seth Rollins defends his Universal Championship against The Fiend! But this time, instead of being confined inside Hell in a Cell, it will be Falls Count Anywhere! Where won’t the Architect and the living nightmare go to settle things between them?


The Street Profits are pissed!

And they’re looking for The OC. The OC didn’t prove nothing with that strength in numbers. The Profits are ready to pop off, but they do need a third. They’ll get some M. Night by keeping it a mystery. But what isn’t a mystery is that #WeWantTheSmoke. Who will join Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins in giving Styles, Gallows & Anderson some payback?


NBC Sports’ Premier League talks WWE.

Futbol/Soccer loves their chants, and WWE of course has many iconic chants. “This is Awesome!” is much like “Allez, Allez, Allez~!”

The final picks are in!

Raw takes Rey Mysterio! The King of Lucha is a big hit with USA Network! SmackDown takes “Shorty” Chad Gable, a true underdog fans can get behind. Raw has the Real Deal, Titus O’Neil, a great choice both in and out of the ring. SmackDown takes The Drifter, Elias! Will Fox #WalkWithElias? And Raw closes out the 2019 WWE Draft with… LIV MORGAN! Ms. Irrelevant will look to take this opportunity and run with it!


The Draft Panel talks out the last few choices.

Samoa Joe’s “value pick” is Buddy Murphy! That huge chip on his shoulder will motivate him. Beth Phoenix likes Joe is going to Raw, but her choice is Baron Corbin. Corbin isn’t well liked but he is talented in the ring so there’s no denying him. Booker T talks the blockbuster trade coming up, more on this on WWE Backstage tomorrow night on Fox Sports 1!


The Kabuki Warriors VS Natalya & ???

The #JoshiRoyalty is Raw with their new attitudes and WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. But the Queen of Harts could stake her claim to a title shot with her mystery partner. Who did Natty recruit to Raw for this opportunity? Natty has a mic to explain how she was asked to find someone to face the champs. She knew she’d need the best, the most motivated, and someone who has taken Natty to her own limits. And the only woman that comes to mind is… LACEY EVANS?! But she’s on SmackDown! Not to mention, the Sassy Southern Belle tried to destroy Natty. But perhaps they found mutual respect for each other through all that fighting. Will these two be able to work together to defeat the Empress of Tomorrow and Pirate Princess?

Raw returns as Kairi knocks Lacey down and Asuka says to “kiss this.” Kairi kicks Lacey around then brings her up for some slaps! Kairi whips, Lacey reverses and arm-drags! Lacey facelocks and drops Kairi with a DDT! Cover, ONE, but Lacey keeps her cool. Lacey runs and Kairi keeps up, only for her Thesz Press to get booted down! Lacey goes out to fetch Kairi but Kairi BACK HANDS! Kairi gets space to take aim, BLOCKBUSTER! Kairi stomps Lacey then gets in the ring to stop the count. Asuka takes Lacey and throws her into barriers! Asuka plays innocent while Kairi goes out to fetch Lacey. Fans oddly rally for Lacey, if only for being Natty’s partner. Kairi CHOPS Lacey against the apron, then drags her into the ring. Kairi grinds Lacey down with a facelock, but Lacey fights her way up. Kairi body scissors to keep Lacey down, but Lacey keeps working against the hold. Lacey pops out to club Kairi back! Kairi SLAPS Lacey again!

Kairi drags Lacey up and wrenches, and Asuka tags in. Asuka climbs up while Kairi holds Lacey still, for ax handles! Asuka dances about as she drags Lacey up. Asuka wrenches and kicks that arm, then gives toying kicks to Lacey’s face. Fans like the aggression, and Asuka grinds Lacey down with an armlock. Fans rally up both ways and Lacey powers her way up. Lacey arm-drags free! And drop toeholds Asuka! She elbows Asuka away, hot tag to Natty! Natty rallies on Asuka, DISCUS! Natty whips but Asuka reverses, only to run into a German Suplex! Natty hits Kairi away, then grabs Asuka’s legs! Sharpshooter, into a kneebar! Asuka has the leg and wrenches but Natty powers up and back, to another German Suplex! But Asuka wheelbarrows to a cover, TWO! Natty sits on it, TWO!

Natty has the legs, steps through, Sharpshooter is back! Asuka endures, Natty sits deep, Kairi hurries around the way. Lacey keeps her eyes on Kairi, and Natty drags Asuka away! But Kairi slips in to bulldog Natty! The Kabuki Warriors regroup as Lacey protests. Asuka hip attacks Natty out of the ring! The tag team champions are rolling as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns once more, and Asuka has Natty in the Iron Octopus! Natty endures as Asuka talks trash and pulls hard. Natty powers out and flips Asuka around, but Asuka sunset flips! Natty slips out, basement dropkick! Both women are down but crawling for their corners. Kairi and Lacey are chomping at the bit, but Asuka gets Natty with a modified STF! Asuka has an arm and pulls back, but Lacey coaches Natty. Denver cheers for “NAT! NAT!” but Natty is fading. Asuka gets the other arm for an armbar! Natty endures the new hold, rolls over to a cover, TWO! Natty is free but Asuka stomps her down! Asuka stands on Natty while staring down Lacey. Asuka stomps Natty over and over while grinning, then she drags Natty up and away from Lacey.

Asuka is on Natty again with a new armlock. Asuka stomps more, but Natty slips away. Asuka kicks Natty down quick then toys with her more. Natty SLAPS Asuka! Natty crawls for her corner but Asuka ax handles her down! Asuka hits Lacey for good measure! Lacey is furious but Asuka grins as she goes back to Natty. Asuka gives Natty toying knees to the forehead, then brings her up. Natty SLAPS Asuka again! But she ends up in enemy territory and Kairi tags in. The Kabuki Warriors double suplex Natty down, and Kairi covers with a salute. TWO, but Kairi drops on Natty with a body scissor! Natty endures the squeeze as fans rally up. Natty powers her way up and around to throw hands on Kairi! Kairi fires hands back! Kairi guillotines but Natty sits up. Natty powers her way to her feet, and pops Kairi off for a suplex! Both women are down, crawling, hot tag to Lacey!

The Sassy Southern Belle rallies on the Kabuki Warriors, swinging neckbreaker for Kairi! Somersault splash, TWO! Lacey throws Kairi into buckles hard! Then swinging bronco buster! And a swinging wrecking ball dropkick! Slingshot elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Lacey keeps her cool as she goes back to the corner. Lacey climbs up, but Asuka runs over. Lacey kicks her away  but Kairi clubs Lacey into the Tree of Woe! Basement dropkick! Kairi gets mad and climbs up top, WOE STOMPS! Cover, but Natty breaks it fast! Natty drags Kairi up but Kairi throws her out. Kairi runs at Lacey, Sliding D! Lacey is in the drop zone, Kairi climbs up top, and Asuka tags in. InSANE Elbow, misses! Lacey hits the WOMAN’S RIGHT! But Asuka rolls her up!! The Kabuki Warriors win!!

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors, Asuka by pinning

The unlikely duo didn’t work out here, but they came really close. Is this the last time Natty and Lacey work together? Will the Kabuki Warriors be able to keep up the win streak now that they’re on Raw?


Raw presents a new Firefly Fun House!

Bray knows Seth is looking for him! Yowie Wowie~! People sure say some mean things about Rollins, but Bray knows Rollins is strong and brave, and definitely smart. But “he” never forgets. Ramblin’ Rabbits says he spotted Rollins! Rollins is so angry! It’s fine, they’re safe in here. So go play, okay? It’s fine, really! But Bray remembers, “He” keeps us safe- ROLLINS FOUND THEM!? Rollins attacks Bray and the puppets are crying! Rollins throws the pictures off the Wall of Friendship! Especially the one of himself. What has Rollins done?! Bray gets up and doesn’t understand what’s going on. Rollins just keeps attacking! Rollins smashes Bray through a wall! Rollins says, “Burn It Down!” And with a lighter, that is exactly what he does! The Firefly Fun House is up in flames!! Bray’s laughter still echoes out as the flames grow, but how will The Fiend respond?



My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode, and Raw’s half of the draft felt better than SmackDown’s. For one, there were some actual surprises in this half, such as splitting up Truth and Carmella. Hopefully this means on one end, Carmella is getting a push back to the SmackDown Women’s Championship as perhaps the only healthy Face on the roster right now. Sure, Ember Moon will be back and Naomi could be moved over with the Usos in the supplemental “signings,” and there is perhaps a development with Lacey Evans, but it isn’t clear yet. On the other end, Truth is going to be without an ally on-air, so I would like to see something from WWE’s social media about the 24/7 Championship very quickly so we can mostly get his reaction.

And while on the subject, I was already expecting something like an alliance between Natty and Lacey out of a newfound respect, but boy did Denver not care. I suppose that’s actually a credit to the Heel Heat Lacey built to this point, it basically neutralized her Face Turn, if that’s what this is. I’m sure I said this at least once for her time in NXT, but Lacey could make the shift to face if her character focused more on her real-life military service and being a working mother. There is a way for people to relate to those things, but it will take a lot of work to get out from the heat she gathered. As for her match alongside Natty against the Kabuki Warriors, that was a pretty solid match despite fans not caring for Lacey. The Kabuki Warriors stay strong, and with those tag titles, will surely still show up on both shows since SmackDown has more obvious Women’s Tag Teams. Unless the Riott Squad reunites, as Liv Morgan was drafted to Raw, and Sarah Logan will be Raw by default with husband “Erik” Ray Rowe on Raw.

The Viking Raiders were of course winning those Raw Tag Team Championships, or else they wouldn’t be drafted to Raw. It was a great match and Denver loves them. I’m really happy that they were allowed to reference their non-WWE history, and it’s great to make that distinction for a team that for a while felt like they were just for Vince’s love of “BEEF!” And naturally, Roode-Dolph now goes to SmackDown since they’re free of the tag titles. SmackDown keeps a strong tag division with The New Day, The Revival, Heavy Machinery, and now Roode-Dolph. Sadly it sounds like Rowan and Harper are separated again, unless Harper comes over to Raw as a “free agent.” Raw’s own tag division is still building, as we’re going to get a great Six Man out of The OC and Street Profits, plus whoever Ford & Dawkins recruit to help out. It might be obvious but I feel like Ricochet would work given his history against The OC.

We get a lot of good “showcase” matches, which were basically filler. Naturally, Almas wins with help from Vega and Aleister wins against Eric Young. It was also natural, if not obvious, that with Charlotte coming to Raw, those three would follow, given the real-life relationships that link them all. Charlotte VS Becky was a pretty great match as substitute for Sasha VS Becky. It seems the Queen and the Man really might #FightForever. Who knows if we immediately get those two in another title match on the road to Survivor Series or the PPV’s thereafter, but it is highly likely to happen time and again if they keep giving us these great matches. Murphy VS Alexander was another great match in a revisit of their Cruiserweight Championship feud. 205 Live is getting picked apart with Tozawa and Carrillo going to Raw, and now Mike Kanellis apparently wanting out of the WWE entirely. Perhaps the purple brand really is being closed down in the near future.

The contract signing segment was alright, for one that doesn’t turn into brawling. Apparently that pen wasn’t gimmick’d, or else it would’ve snapped a lot easier for Fury. Maybe it was to be a moment of slight embarrassment for him that Strowman broke the table but Fury couldn’t deal with something far smaller with as much ease. The Lana-Lashley segment wasn’t necessarily needed, but it was dripping with innuendo meant to further the homewrecker story. Rusev should surely demand a match with Lashley before Crown Jewel has them be part of Team Hogan VS Team Flair. Also, they sure didn’t do much in the way of announcing new members. We should’ve at least gotten Orton talking with Shinsuke through Sami to recruit Shinsuke to the team. Lashley does make sense, though, he was basically signed the same night as everyone else when we first learned he and Lana were taunting Rusev with their relationship. Ricochet should’ve been asked by Rollins, or came to Rollins in person to ask him to be on Team Hogan.

And Rollins actually finding Firefly Fun House, that was actually pretty great. I thought there we going to be more to their brawl but they were only given so much time. Bray’s things sure get burnt down a lot, though. Orton burned up Sister Abigail’s shack where she was buried, and now Rollins burns down the Fun House set. I feel like WWE showed their hand saying Crown Jewel would have a Falls Count Anywhere match for the Universal Championship, this moment should’ve been what sparked that to be announced on SmackDown or just through social media. Also, how does it not take Rollins off Team Hogan and put someone else in? Rollins is the “workhorse,” sure, and can surely do two matches because of moments like the Raw Gauntlet in the past. But shouldn’t there be enough kayfabe at Crown Jewel to say Rollins needs to focus on Bray and another big name like Roman Reigns could take the Team Hogan role?

My Score: 8.4/10

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