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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (10/18/19)

It’s a fresh start for many on Fridays!



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A big night for The Big Dog and more!

Six women fight for a chance at Bayley’s SmackDown Women’s Championship! Tag teams join forces for an epic 8 Man! And Roman Reigns is coming back for some gold against The King of Strong Style!



  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn VS Roman Reigns; Reigns wins by disqualification, Nakamura retains the WWE Intercontinental Championship.
  • “Shorty” Chad Gable VS Curt Axel w/ Bo Dallas; Gable wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: The New Day & Heavy Machinery VS Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler & The Revival; The New Day & Heavy Machinery win.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship #1 Contender Six Pack Challenge: Carmella VS Nikki Cross VS Dana Brooke VS Lacey Evans VS Mandy Rose VS Sonya Deville; Cross wins and will challenge Bayley for the title.
  • Braun Strowman VS Drew Gulak; Strowman wins.
  • Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan VS King Baron Corbin & Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn; Reigns & Bryan win.


WWE Intercontinental Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn VS Roman Reigns!

The King of Strong Style wants to prove HE is the top dog on SmackDown! But will The Big Dog show that SmackDown is then, now and forever His Yard?

Introductions are made, the belt is raised and we open this new era on SmackDown!

Nakamura and Roman slowly circle, and Indy is on the Big Dog’s side. The two tie up and go power for power. Neither budges so Sami joins commentary. Nakamura and Roman end up in a corner but Roman lets up. Roman gives Nakamura space and the two circle again. Sami speaks his mind against Roman being taken the top pick while Nakamura knees Roman down, then rams knees into his shoulders and head. Nakamura stands to drop a knee on Roman’s head! Nakamura drags Roman up and whips him corner to corner, but Roman boots back! Indy fires up but Nakamura kicks back. Nakamura whips, Roman reverses and elbows Nakamura down! Roman roars and fans fire up as he puts Nakamura in a corner. Roman bumps Nakamura off buckles, then more buckles. Roman whips Nakamura to ropes but Nakamura holds them. Nakamura kicks back, but Roman uppercuts! Samoan Drop! Cover, TWO!

Roman keeps his cool and Sami goes to Nakamura’s side. Sami has Nakamura get out of the ring, but the referee starts a count. Roman goes out and Sami sees him coming. Roman runs in, Drive-By MISSES thanks to Sami! Nakamura dropkicks Roman down! SmackDown goes to break as Sami plays innocent.

SmackDown returns and Nakamura has Roman in a chinlock in the ring. Fans rally up as Roman endures. Roman fades a little as Nakamura leans on him. But Roman finds a second wind and fights his way up. Indy fires up as Roman fights off the exploder with elbows! Roman elbows Nakamura back, then runs in, but into boots! Nakamura hops up, but leaps into an uppercut! Roman rallies with clotheslines, and then whips Nakamura. Nakamura reverses, but gets the leaping lariat! Indy and Roman fire up again as Nakamura gets to a corner. Roman throws those point-blank lariats in the corner, all the way to 10! Roman then runs to BOOT Nakamura down! Roman goes to a corner and fans know what’s coming. Roman locks ‘n’ loads, but no Superman punch! Armbar takedown!

Roman flails to resist, but Nakamura drags him into a triangle hold! Roman reaches for ropes but he starts fading again. Nakamura squeezes but Roman rises, for a dead lift POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Sami is relieved that Nakamura survives. Sami wants Michael Cole to be less biased towards Roman and give Nakamura his due. Roman stands as fans rally up again. Sami springs into action again, but Roman still sees Nakamura coming. Even so, Nakamura blocks the boot, turns Roman sideways, and hits the Sliding German Suplex! Sami loves this as Nakamura takes aim from a corner. “YAO~!” SUPERMAN PUNCH! Cover, TWO!! Nakamura survives again and Sami is losing his mind! Roman fires up now, and goes to a corner. But BARON CORBIN attacks!?

Winner: Roman Reigns, by disqualification; Nakamura is still WWE Intercontinental Champion

The Lone Wolf King has helped the King of Strong Style, and then gets Roman with DEEP SIX! Nakamura and Corbin are also Team Flair for Crown Jewel, but wait! Here comes DANIEL BRYAN! The Planet’s Champion has been a new ally to Roman, and he fights off Nakamura and Corbin! Corbin goes to throw Bryan out but gets sent out instead! Bryan fires back on Nakamura, climbs up top and the hits a missile dropkick! Fans are fired up with Bryan! Bryan takes aim, but Sami hooks his leg. Bryan struggles against Sami, Nakamura returns with the KINSHASA! Sami, Nakamura and Corbin leave the Big Dog and the Goat down and out. Will Team Hogan be finding some new recruits thanks to this?


The New Day is still on SmackDown!

They are met by Heavy Machinery! Crown Jewel sets all the tag teams in the WWE against each other, but tonight is about working together. Tucker Knight wants to lift Kofi’s spirits after losing to Brock Lesnar, but Kofi’s doing just fine. Even so, Otis Dozovic has some batter with special ingredients. Like protein powder! “Want a sip?” No! They can’t eat before matches, they’ll cramp up. More for Otis! Oh goodness. “Oh yeeeeeah!” Blue Collar Solid and the New Day are comiiiin~! This! Team rocks! This! Team rocks!


Backstage interview with Baron Corbin.

What does he have to say about attacking Roman Reigns? The King puts on his crown to say, “No.”


“Shorty” Chad Gable VS Curt Axel w/ Bo Dallas!

The underdog is turning a negative into a positive! So what if he’s the smallest dog in the fight when he’s got the biggest fight in his heart?

The bell rings and Axel pats Gable on the head. Gable shrugs it off, to then tie up with Axel. Axel wrenches, Gable rolls and bridges and handsprings and spins to get free to arm-drag Axel down. Gable has Axel’s arm but Axel puts him in the corner. BO Dallas swipes at Gable and Axel fires off stomps! Bo brags for Axel as Axel snapmares Gable, to a neck snap! Cover, TWO! Axel drags Gable up to ram in his knee and then put on an armlock. Axel grinds his forearm on Gable’s face, but Gable gets up and body shots back. Axel knees low then whips, but Gable goes up and over to sunset flip! Cover, TWO! Axel flounders up but dodges Gable. Gable dodges BO to mule kick him, then slides under. Axel kicks low and hooks but Gable spins out, spins around and drop toeholds to the ANKLE LOCK! Axel taps, Gable wins!!

Winner: Chad Gable, by submission

Gable made short work of Axel with that one! Will everyone have to look up to Gable as he keeps rising through the ranks?

In-ring interview with Gable.

Superstars always seem to make fun of Gable’s height. Gable isn’t being held back by his height, his height makes him who he is! Being yourself is absolutely okay! People will always make fun of you for something, but Gable says, “Thank you.” That is the motivation that made Gable look at himself and embrace who he was! Everyone has insecurities, but Gable says you CAN overcome! Don’t run, don’t hide, but accept it all! Indy likes that “Shorty Gable” is going with this. In fact, he shortens it to “Shorty G.” Will Shorty G make that G soon stand for “Gold”?


Team Hogan is in trouble!

With Seth Rollins having to defend his Universal Championship against The Fiend, Bray Wyatt, he has dropped out of the match! So Hogan himself is here via Skype to say, “What’s up, Maniacs?!” The Hulkster only has a couple weeks left to finalize his team. Hogan has confidence he’ll beat Flair, because he has people knocking down his door to be on the team. Then who is going to join Hogan’s team now? Here’s a teaser: the highlights are Shorty G and Mustafa Ali, but Hogan will have an announcement to reveal the new members! So whatcha gonna do, Flair, when Team Hogan runs wild on you!?


8 Man Tag: The New Day & Heavy Machinery VS Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler & The Revival!

Awwwww~ INDYYY~! Clap for this massive team-up, and feel~ the power~! Will Tucker & Otis mesh well with the six-time tag team champions? Or will Scott Dawson, Dash Wilder and the GLORIOUS Show-Offs be the #TopGuys tonight?

SmackDown returns as the former Raw Tag Team Champions and current SmackDown Tag Team Champions make their entrances. The teams sort out and Tucker starts against Ziggler. They circle and tie up, and Ziggler has a leg. Tucker blocks and they end up in a corner. Ziggler backs off but throws a sucker punch! Ziggler throws haymakers then dropkicks Tucker down! Ziggler runs, but Tucker dropkicks in return! Tag to Otis, and Heavy Machinery bring Ziggler up. Roode runs in to help, but he just gets suplexed along with Ziggler! Stereo suplexes slam Roode-Dolph, then Otis tags Big E. The two big men swivel them hits, before splitting the wishbone on ZIggler! The Revival run in, for double belly2belly suplexes! The Revival bail out as Woods comes in, and the New Day combine for WOods to FLY! Down go the Revival! Woods aims at Roode, but he gets the GLORIOUS ZIGZAG! It’s a SmackDown Tag Team demolition derby as we go to break!

SmackDown returns and Dash has Woods in a chinlock. Woods endures and fights his way up as fans rally. Dash pulls hair but Woods gives Dash a back suplex! Both men are down and fans rally with “New! Day Rocks!” But Dawson tags in, intercepts Woods and whips, but Woods blasts Roode-Dolph! Woods boots then chops then haymakers then chops, but Dawson kicks low to chop! Woods hits an enziguri! Now Dawson is down with Woods, and fans rally up again. Both men head for their corners, but Roode-Dolph trip up Tucker, Otis and Big E! Dash tags in and the Revival combine, backbreaker elbow drop! Cover, TWO! The Revival can’t believe it! Roode argues with the ref on their behalf, but Dash tags in Ziggler.

Ziggler drags Woods up, scrapes his foot on Woods’ face, then hoists him up top. Ziggler climbs up to join Woods but fans rally for the New Day. Woods resists and punches back! Woods clubs away on Ziggler’s back, then headbutts him down! Ziggler reaches but Woods adjusts, BIG missile dropkick rocks Ziggler! Fans fire up as Otis is back on the apron! Woods and Ziggler crawl, hot tags to Roode and Otis! The Dozer rallies! He runs over Roode, then scoops, spins and slams Ziggler! He hits both Revival members, but Roode kicks low. Otis pumps up! Roode CHOPS, but Otis starts gyrating! Otis headbutts Roode down, then he brings Ziggler over to send into Roode. But Dawson tags in as Ziggler SUPERKICKS! But Otis flapjacks Ziggler! Then tosses Roode with an exploder!

Dawson runs in but gets run over! Otis squashes Roode in a corner, and Roode is in the drop zone. Fans fire up as Otis hits the Caterpillar elbow! Dawson climbs, leaps, but into Otis’ arms! Tucky comes in, but Ziggler trips him up! Dash slingshots to tackle Otis down! Cover, TWO!! Tucker BLASTS Roode-Dolph! Dawson kicks Otis, but he can’t lift Otis! Otis lifts Dawson with the suplex! And holds him as Big E tags in. Big E takes the hand off and tags in Woods. Woods hops up, MIDNIGHT HOUR! Cover, The New Day & Heavy Machinery win!!

Winners: The New Day & Heavy Machinery, Xavier Woods pinning

An incredible combination wins tonight for big points in the SmackDOwn Tag Team Division! But will either team become the newest Best Tag Team in the World at Crown Jewel?


BREAKING NEWS: Shinsuke Nakamura and Baron Corbin must face ROman Reigns and Daniel Bryan!

That attack and teamwork from earlier tonight will not go unpunished! Will the Kings of SmackDown have to face their comeuppance already?

Backstage interview with Daniel Bryan.

Knowing he has to again team with Roman Reigns, Bryan has never been affected by being beat up and beat down. It doesn’t matter about kings and draft picks and Twitter. This is Bryan’s first fight back on Friday Night SmackDown! And he and Roman will take those kings and make them look like jokers!


Mustafa Ali has a calling.

He has an “insane desire to shred labels.” It is why his heart beats so hard for this. The Beacon of Light shines in the darkest nights as he fights for change. Ali knows he’s an underdog, but he hopes his heart will carry him through.

Miz TV returns to SmackDown!

The Most Must-See WWE Talk Show and its host are once again on the blue brand! Let’s not waste any time welcoming out the bold new SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley! The new attitude even has a new theme song to go with it. And she is also accompanied by her best friend, Sasha Banks. The Boss walks with No More Hugs Bayley to the ring, and Miz’s stage hand gets a third chair. Fans have mixed reactions to this, and Miz is also surprised. Sasha says she is here to support her best friend. Bayely cuts Miz off in recapping her defeat of Charlotte Flair. And that again solidifies Bayley as a Grand Slam Champion. But Miz wants to talk more about the “shocking behavior” from last week.

A recap highlight reel plays. Hell in a Cell was a defeat that left Bayley throwing a tantrum, but within just a few days, Bayley broke the habit, and attacked her wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube men! Shockwaves were sent through the WWE Universe, especially the young fans. And if that wasn’t enough, Bayley brought the fury to Flair! It was another instant classic in their long rivalry, and as we already know, Bayley would find a way to win! And the cherry on top was Bayley shouting, “Screw ALL of you!”

Back in the present, Miz simply asks, “Why?” Bayley takes her time thinking on her answer. And eventually, she says, “I don’t owe you or anyone an explanation.” Maybe not Miz, but what about the kids who were her biggest fans? Bayley shrugs. Wow a champion that doesn’t talk. is she Brock Lesnar? Does that make Sasha her Paul Heyman? Changing everything about her, what was it? Was Bayley not getting respect? Getting love? Having insecurities? Maybe it was that no matter what Bayley did, she was always second fiddle to The Boss. Sasha speaks up and tells Miz that some fifth round draft pick should be talking. It doesn’t matter what round he was, fans listen to Miz. And he didn’t need to change his looks or slash up “Bayley Buddies” to be relevant. Bayley didn’t slash them to be relevant. She slashed those “stupid” things because that’s how the fans and the company saw her. Something fun and colorful.

But what about the real Bayley? Bayley gave and gave and gave. Merch, high-fives and hugs, and all anyone did was take. No one saw her be a real role model and a real hero. The night Bayley first won this SmackDown title, she said she would elevate the division, and she did that! And then at Hell in a Cell, when she lost it to Flair, she was heartbroken and in pain. But what did the fans do? Did the fans hug her back? NO. Bayley put herself second just to be a role model, and then when she needed the fans, where were they!? “They destroyed me.” But like a role model, she picked herself up and won HER title back! Sasha applauds. Bayley didn’t get any congrats that night, either, though. She thought the division lacked opportunity, but this division is lazy! There is no passion anymore! Bayley used to be what “they” wanted. But the truth is, Bayley has outgrown “them.” Fans boo, but Bayley doesn’t care. Do the fans want inspiration? “Life sucks, and then you die.”

But wait! Here comes Crazy Nikki Cross! The Loony Lass is back on SmackDown after a trade, and she has had enough out of bitter Bayley. Nikki speaks for Indy when she says the time for talk is over, and the time for action is NOW! So Bayley and Sasha should get comfortable to watch the Six Pack Challenge. Nikki will win and give Bayley a big ol’ hug! But wait! Dana Brooke wants to share her own thoughts. If anyone wants to talk about passion and desire, just look at what fuels Dana. She is underutilized and overlooked, but that was the past. Dana marks a new beginning for herself. And the WWE Universe will see something to cheer for. The #FlexAppeal is here on Fridays! But then the Sassy Southern Belle joins in, to simply swagger by to the ring. They will be joined by the FABULOUS Princess and both members of Fire & Desire, after the break.


SmackDown Women’s Championship #1 Contender Six Pack Challenge: Carmella VS Nikki Cross VS Dana Brooke VS Lacey Evans VS Mandy Rose VS Sonya Deville!

Bitter Bayley has riled up the roster with her words, but only one gets to face her for the title! Will the FABULOUS Princess, the Loony Lass, Ms. Flex Appeal, the Sassy Southern Bell, the Golden Goddess or the Gladiator Gal be heading for the champion?

The bell rings and all six women stare down. Lacey bails out, she’s too classy for this chaos. Fire & Desire throw Dana out but then they brawl with Nikki and Carmella! Carmella rolls Mandy, TWO! Mandy elbows back while Sonya clubs Nikki down. Mandy suplexes and holds Carmella, and Sonya watches with pride as Mandy drops Carmella down. Sonya adds a sliding knee, but then Carmella bails out. Fire & Desire go after Nikki with stomps, willing to work together still. They mug Nikki while Lacey watches with a smile. Nikki fights back and clobbers Fire & Desire with forearms! Fans fire up for Nikki but the numbers are too much. Fire & Desire double whip but Nikki crossbodies, only to be caught. But she slips out to whip Sonya into buckles! Mandy clotheslines Nikki, but Nikki bails out. Fire & Desire are left together, but they decide to focus on Carmella on the outside. They mug Carmella and talk smack.

Mandy throws Carmella into barriers and Carmella tumbles over! But Dana handsprings to elbow them both down! Lacey picks her spot to attack Dana! Lacey goes after Nikki and puts her in the ring. Lacey takes some time to wipe herself off before throwing the hankie at Bayley. Nikki wrecks Lacye with a dropkick. Carmella LEAPS in outta nowhere on Lacey, Mandy and Sonya! Dana also gets up, and she stands tall with Carmella and Nikki as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Fire & Desire still work together to mug Carmella. They whip and kick then throw Carmella down. Dana, Lacey and Nikki are down and out somewhere around the ring as Carmella is put in a corner. But Carmella slips out to fight back! She boots Sonya and arm-drags Mandy into her! Carmella runs in, FABULOUS Bronco Buster! But Nikki rolls her up! TWO, but Nikki keeps on Carmella with a headbutt and whip. Carmella uses that to DIVE onto Fire & Desire! But Dana throws Carmella into barriers to then go after Mandy. Nikki climbs up to LEAP! Crossbody bowls her, Mandy and Sonya down! Nikki chases Lacey but Lacey whips Nikki into steel steps!

Lacey puts Dana in to slingshot dropkick her down! Cover, TWO! Lacey whips Dana but Dana reverses, only to run into headscissors. But Dana turns them into a POWERBOMB! Dana climbs up top, SWANTON! Cover, but Carmella AND Mandy break it up! Mandy and Carmella talk trash and SLAP away! They cat fight! Corey Graves can barely contain himself. Mandy comes out on top to jackknife cover, TWO! CODE OF SILENCE!! But Sonya saves Mandy by hitting Carmella with a sliding knee! Dana rolls Sonya, TWO! WOMAN’S RIGHT! FABULOUS KICK! Another FABULOUS KICK! KISS FROM A ROSE! THE PURGE!! Nikki wins!!

Winner: Nikki Cross, by pinfall; NEW #1 Contender to the SmackDown women’s Championship

Bayley eyes Nikki from the ring and Nikki is furiously ready to fight again. Bayley just holds up her belt, but will it be hers for much longer?


Braun Strowman VS Drew Gulak!

The Monster Among Men is ready to throw hands with Tyson Fury, but he still needs to keep his skills sharp. How will he welcome the Philly Stretcher tonight?

The bell rings and Strowman chases Gulak to a corner. Gulak stays safe in the ropes, and grabs a mic to quickly address Strowman. This is Gulak’s debut, so he needs time to introduce himself. “My name is Drew Gulak, I am a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion,” and is quite a sports historian. Going the same ol’ “BRAUN” act won’t win at Crown Jewel. Strowman takes offense but Gulak stays safe in the corner. Fans chant “Get These Hands!” but Gualk’s point is proven. Fury will knock him out cold. Gulak doesn’t want to see that. Gulak is from the same cloth as Strowman as a pro-wrestler. SO Gulak has something special. He has 345 slides in a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION! If Strowman follows this plan, he will win. Look to the tron at slide 1. The first way Strowman can win against Fury- Strowman TOSSES Gulak! Then puts him in the corner, to toss him again!

Gulak flounders around but Strowman BOOTS him down! Strowman drags Gulak up but Gulak throws hands. Gulak doesn’t budge Strowman, Strowman headbutts Gulak out of the ring. Strowman decides to take a lap! Strowman runs around the ring to RUN Gulak over! Strowman puts Gulak in the ring, runs corner to corner and corner splashes GUlak! To then club him down with one arm! Strowman drags Gulak up for the scoop, and wants Fury to see the MONSTER SLAM! Cover, Strowman wins!

Winner: Braun Strowman, by pinfall

Gulak needs a presentation on what to do after you #GetTheseHands! Maybe Fury will take note.


Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan VS King Baron Corbin & Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn!

The Kings of SmackDown took offense to the Big Dog overshadowing them, but now they’ll have to face him and the Planet’s Champion! Will Corbin and Nakamura regret riling up two of the biggest names in SmackDown history? Or will they be rolling into Crown Jewel as part of Team Flair?

SmackDown returns as Corbin and Nakamura make their entrances. Roman comes out last, and is announced as Team Hogan’s new captain!! The Hulkster was right about that incredible announcement! But for tonight, teams sort out and Roman starts against Corbin. They start throwing hands and Roman rocks Corbin with uppercuts! Roman throws corner punches but Corbin shoves him away, only to run into another uppercut! Tag to Bryan, and Roman holds Corbin in place for Bryan’s dropkick! Bryan hits another, and then another! Bryan headlocks to bulldog Corbin down! Fans fire up as Bryan gives Corbin Yes Kicks! Bryan misses the buzzsaw and Corbin tags in Nakamura. Nakamura and Bryan circle, and Nakamura throws forearms. Bryan responds with EuroUppers, but Nakamura knees low, only to run into a kitchen sink knee! Bryan hops up but Sami distracts, and Nakamura kicks Bryan down! Bryan crashes and burns to the floor while SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns once more, and Corbin gives Bryan a ride in the DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO! The ref defends his count to Corbin, so Corbin goes back to Bryan. Corbin mocks Bryan to reach for Roman before he stomps him out. Then Corbin decks Roman for good measure! Tag to Nakamura, and the kings work together to double suplex. Bryan slips out, and boots Nakamura. Bryan dodges Corbin and sends him into the post! Bryan rests while Nakamura stands, but Nakamura is on him with elbows and knees. Nakamura whips but Bryan goes up and over to build speed and clothesline! Sami panics while Bryan fires himself up. Roman is on the corner again, and reaches for his tag! Bryan crawls, but Corbin trips Roman up, tot hen whip him into steel steps! Those steps are blasted apart and Sami loves it!

Nakamura swings one kick but hits the second, then hits a sliding knee! Cover, TWO! Bryan still lives and Sami is upset. Corbin position steel steps and drags Roman over. Corbin brings the other piece while Nakamura mugs Bryan. The ref reprimands Corbin, so Corbin puts the steps down. Nakamura whips Bryan, Bryan dodges to wreck Corbin with a dropkick! Nakamura rolls Bryan, but Bryan reverses into the LeBelle Lock!! Nakamura endures, but Corbin gets in to break it up! Corbin stomps Bryan then puts him in the kings’ corner. But Bryan dodges, Corbin slides out, but Roman SUPERMAN PUNCHES Corbin down! And then SPEARS Corbin into the timekeeper’s area!! Indy loses their mind while Sami panics! Bryan gives Nakamura Yes Kicks! And the Buzzsaw! Fans fire up with Bryan while Sami is freaking out. But Nakamura knees Bryan first! And then takes aim, KINS- No, KNEE PLUS!! Cover, Bryan & Roman win!!

Winners: Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns, Bryan pinning

The Planet’s Champion pins the Intercontinental Champion! Will Bryan have himself a title match in the near future? Will Roman be able to conquer the kings and Team Flair alongside Team Hogan?



My Thoughts:

SmackDown has recovered! The move to Fox and the WWE Draft were some speed bumps in the road, but SmackDown feels like it’s back on track. Apparently Roman Reigns’ mission statement that it isn’t about titles for him now still holds true, since his title match with Nakamura was more about setting up some Crown Jewel story. That’s fine, actually, there needed to be more of that story on TV rather than online through social media. Rollins being out, Roman is a natural replacement for him, and we also hear that Mustafa Ali and Chad Gable are in. Now we just need Flair to announce his fifth and final man, which might come on next week’s SmackDown when he and Hogan meet face to face again. The main event tag match tonight was pretty great, too. Corbin and Nakamura are working well together, and it was great for Bryan to get the win. That way, it can be Bryan and Nakamura for the title, and Roman can focus on star power feuds instead.

I suppose they’ll have to refer to Gable as “Shorty G” now. It seems those rumors from some time ago were right all along. The irony is that this counts as long term booking. Gable had a quick match tonight for a good win, just didn’t think this name thing was real. Who knows where it goes from here. The 8 Man Tag tonight was a lot of fun, too. New Day pins Revival, that could bring us a new rivalry for them. The Crown Jewel Tag Team Gauntlet will be a pretty great match, and there are a lot of great choices in that match for Best Tag Team in the World to essentially replace that whole thing with Shane and Miz from last year. I would also like to think that if the winning team isn’t a championship team, they can use being Best Tag Team in the World as a way into a tag title match before Survivor Series. And then, while Strowman was of course going to squash whoever to stay strong towards his match with Tyson Fury, it is a bit of a shame it’s Gulak. Gulak was strong coming out of 205 Live but oh well. At least we got a giggle out of the PowerPoint Presentation making a return.

The best stuff tonight was probably the SmackDown Women’s Division. Miz TV was a really good segment, but Miz is always good on the mic. Bayley’s motivation was easy to understand, and her line, “Life sucks and then you die,” was amazing. It has been used so many times in so many things, and so it was incredible to hear Bayley use it. The Six Pack Challenge was pretty good, too, though I would’ve appreciated something more from Fire & Desire. Them working together is natural, but there should’ve been either tension over who gets a cover, or the reverse and they’re both too nice offering the other the cover to the point it turns into tension. But anyway, while I was expecting Carmella to play off the NXT “Baymella” days and have Sasha get in on the mix, I was pleasantly surprised to see Nikki Cross win this. This probably brings Alexa Bliss around into this to counteract Sasha Banks, a tag team match acting as a warm-up for whenever the SmackDown Women’s Championship match happens. Maybe the SmackDown after Crown Jewel can act as a pseudo-Evolution all-women’s show?

My Score: 8.6/10

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