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Chris King’s NXT UK Takeaways

NXT UK presented another big show this past week, and Chris King checks in with his belated Takes!




NXT UK presented another big show this past week, and Chris King checks in with his belated Takes!

The show opens with a massive tag team match to pump up the NXT UK Universe!

Rhea Ripley & Piper Niven vs. Jinny & Jazzy Galbert

Both Niven and Jinny started the match for their teams. Galbert tried to cause a distraction but the Scot stopped Jinny in her tracks. It was all Niven until Ripley got the tag and beat the hell out of “The Fashionista” inside and outside of the ring. Finally, Galbert entered the match and began pounding away at Ripley.

The finish saw both Ripley and Niven take control sending the heels outside. Ripley delivered a scary splash wiping out the opponents. She rolled Galbert back inside and Niven executed a Michinoku Driver for the win.

Takeaway: In what was a shock to everyone, Ripley and Niven gelled well as a team. This was their first tag match together and it was impressive. Galbert is a beast and very soon she’s going to get tired of Jinny calling the shots and turn on her and I can’t wait.

A-KID vs. Kassius Ohno

A-KID is labeled as the first-ever Spanish born superstar in WWE history. The match began with a series of tie-ups and headlocks until the young up-and-comer took him down to the mat. The wily veteran caused a distraction and hit KID with a punch to the throat.

The action spilled outside where Ohno tried to get the better of KID but a tiger kick off the ropes allowed him to defeat “The Knockout Artist” by countout.

After the match, an irate Ohno blasted KID from behind and locked in the Kassius Clutch until Tyler Bate made the save.

Takeaway: I was incredibly impressed by KID’s performance here going toe-to-toe with Ohno is not an easy task and the Spanish superstar did it convincingly. He delivered hard knife edge chops to the big man on the outside that showed his resiliency. Bate making the save for someone he’s admired and respected might set up a tag team match for next week.

Backstage interview with Killer Kelly where she says she’s finally cleared to compete. She’s ready to pick a fight with someone in the women’s locker room.

“Big Wavy” Roy Johnson vs. Joseph Conners

The announcers state that these two superstars competed in the inaugural United Kingdom Championship Tournament.

The match started with both competitors countering each other until Johnson delivered a shoulder tackle. His opponent answered back with a vicious lariat. Conners relentlessly punched Johnson in the corner. Conners punished “Big Wavy” with a series of basement dropkicks right into the ribs.

Johnson finally mounted a comeback dropping Conners with his brute strength. “Big Wavy” went to deliver his finisher but Conners stopped him dead in his tracks which allowed him to execute Don’t Look Down for the 1.2.3.

Takeaway: Conners looks like a force to be reckoned with. He brutalized Johnson through the entirety of the match. I didn’t get much time to experience what “Big Wavy” can bring to the table but I’m sure he has some explosive offense.

The NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray is here to remind everyone that Tony Storm is gone after she took her title. Ray addressed Xia Brookside’s claims that she stole her chances at the first-ever women’s battle royal but the champion says she was smarter than the young up-and-comer.

Gallus continues the menacing war with IMPERIUM with some strong words. Joe Coffey claimed that this is their kingdom and the quartet doesn’t hold all the gold in NXT UK.

Next week Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews will battle Grizzled Young Veterans

Main Event: “The Bomber” Dave Mastiff vs. “The Irish Ace” Jordan Devlin

I’m excited to finally see Devlin get his mouth shut after weeks of belittling the entire UK roster.

As soon as the bell rang, Devlin delivered a stiff right hand to Mastiff and began unloading on him in the corner. The “Irish Ace” took him outside to continue the brutal onslaught. “The Bomber” caught Devlin as he slapped Mastiff in the face. “The Irish Ace” immediately paid for it with a devastating back body drop.

The dastardly heel attacked Mastiff and walked all over his face while wrenching at his arm. Mastiff finally overpowered him with a thunderous overhead belly-to-belly suplex. “The Bomber” Irish whipped Devlin right over the corner turnbuckle.

Mastiff executed a massive rolling senton onto the floor. Devlin caught Mastiff with a rolling cutter over the ropes and landed a moonsault for a long near-fall. He went for a second but caught knees to the face. The big man delivered Into The Void but the wily heel slipped outside. Both competitors were on the turnbuckle, Mastiff was attempting a rolling senton but Devlin reversed hitting a MASSIVE Devil Inside for the 1.2.3!

Backstage Alexander Wolfe trying to coerce Ilja Dragunov to make a decision in regards to IMPERIUM but the young up-and-comer wasn’t ready to commit.

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