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Mitchell’s NXT TakeOver: WarGames III Results & Report! (11/23/19)

WarGames III makes history!



NXT TakeOver WarGames III

Will WarGames once again be Undisputed?

There won’t be just one but TWO WarGames matches! The men and women of NXT will do battle inside the double cage just 24 hours before Survivor Series!



  • TakeOver Kickoff – Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Angel Garza; Garza wins.
  • Women’s WarGames: Team Ripley VS Team Baszler; Team Ripley wins.
  • NXT Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Pete Dunne VS Killian Dain VS Damien Priest; Dunne wins and will challenge Adam Cole for the title at Survivor Series.
  • Matt Riddle VS Finn Balor; Balor wins.
  • Men’s WarGames: Team Ciampa VS The Undisputed Era; Team Ciampa wins.


It’s the TakeOver Kickoff Show!

Join Charly Caruso, Sam Roberts and Pat McFee as they recap and predict the action.


Mia Yim was attacked backstage! Team Rhea’s Head Baddie in Charge is out in a daze, and the captain is pissed. They need an emergency fourth, but who will it be?!


TakeOver Kickoff – Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS Angel Garza!

Whose house? Swerve’s House! But it might be falling down after going up against the pride of the Garza dynasty! Who scores big on TakeOver’s first ever live kickoff match?

The bell rings and Garza wants to get those pants of already! Swerve stops him and whips, but Garza dodges. Things speed up, Garza rolls off the back but Swerve sweeps to a cover, ONE. Garza sweeps and covers, ONE, and BOTH men offer handshakes! Swerve knows Garza’s tricks, and they both SLAP each other! Swerve comes back with a twisting headscissors! Garza bails out, Swerve runs to Sasuke HURICANRANA! A rough landing but Swerve gets Garza up and in for the cover, ONE! Fans rally and duel as Swerve brings Garza up. Swerve wrenches and CHOPS Garza, then whips to CHOP again! Swerve hits a gourd buster, then uses the ropes for the cartwheel splash! Cover, TWO! Garza gets to a corner but Swerve runs in, only to get buckles. Garza hits back with a forearm smash!

Garza runs but sees Swerve follow. He puts Swerve up top, but Swerve comes back with the flying uppercut to the back! Fans rally, “Swerve! Swerve!” but Garza puts Swerve on the apron. Swerve forearms back then climbs up, big crossbody! Garza rolls through and deadlifts, to an overhead suplex into buckles! Off come the pants! Garza tosses them at Swerve, SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Garza is frustrated but he keeps his cool. Garza kicks Swerve while he’s down then drags him up for clubbing forearms. Garza dragon sleepers and suplexes, rebound to the impact! SUPERKICK again! Cover, TWO!! Swerve survives and Garza grows further frustrated. Garza stomps Swerve while he’s down. Garza taunts Swerve, “That’s it?” He toys with Swerve but fans rally up.

Garza runs in but gets an elbow! And then a boot! Swerve hops up but Garza trips him up, for a dropkick to the gut! Cover, TWO! Garza drags Swerve back to a drop zone and grins as he climbs up, MOUNTAIN MOONSAULT! But Swerve dodges to LARIAT! Then underhooks, butterfly sidewalk slam! Cover, TWO! Swerve grits his teeth as he drags Garza into a full nelson. Fans rally up but Garza fights out. Garza CHOPS but Swerve CHOPS! They CHOP back and forth! Double CHOP! Swerve throws body shots and shoves, but Garza uses ropes to rebound, POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Swerve survives again! Garza catches his breath, drags Swerve back to the drop zone, and hammers away to keep him down.

Garza climbs up top, but Swerve is right up! Garza catches him in a waistlock but Swerve fights out to the apron. Garza leaps into a fireman’s carry! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER to the apron!! But that’s not all, KILL STOMPS!! Swerve drags Garza into the ring, aims from the corner, and hits the HOUSE CALL! Cover, TWO!?! Garza survives Swerve’s best!? Swerve drags Garza back up, full nelson but Garza fights out again. They back into the referee! Garza goes to low blow but Swerve stops it! Swerve kicks but is blocked, Garza knees back! Underhooks, WING CLIPPER!! Cover, Garza wins!!

Winner: Angel Garza, by pinfall

Incredible! If this was just the kickoff, just imagine how great the rest of tonight will be! That, and is Garza going to climb his way back towards a title match with this huge win?


NXT goes backstage to check in with Mia and Team Rhea.

Medices help Mia to the ambulance as Rhea, Tegan, Candice and even Dakota Kai watch on. Mia gets up and in, and GM William Regal asks Rhea what her plan is. Dakota’s here, so she’s back on the team. But she’s not prepared. No, she is prepared. She wants after Shayna Baszler who bullied her. This is payback! This is Dakota’s time! Tegan has her friend’s back, too. Dakota agrees, she’ll be Team Ripley. Will Captain Kick help Captain Ripper rip into Team Baszler?


Tommaso Ciampa tweeted a statement towards tonight.

“We spoke to a potential 4th. No promises were made. If he decides to show up, he’s in. If not, nothing changes.” According to Sam Roberts, the fourth man Ciampa asked IS here! But who is it?! Will they still go to war along side the Blackheart, the Limitless and the Colossus?!


This ring is a battlefield.

“We! Are! N! X! T!” But there is still war within the brand. And the simply sadistic solution is WARGAMES! The lines are drawn. The grudges are rrrrreeeal. And the glory is within reach. Sacrifices meet opportunity. Destiny meets reality. Let the WarGames begin!!


Women’s WarGames: Team Ripley VS Team Baszler!

The Head Baddie was taken out and the culprit will be found, but for now she, Candice LeRae and Team Kick, Kai and Nox, are going 4v4 against the NXT Women’s Champion, the NXT UK Women’s Champion, the EST and the Evil Genius! History is being made to open the show, who survives to still go on to Survivor Series?

The sirens blare and the cage lowers. The rules are run down: each team sends a brave first volunteer in. Team Baszler has the advantage, meaning they will send a new member first each three-minute round. Only once all eight superstars are in can the match officially end.

Stepping up for Team Baszler, it is Io Shirai! For Team Ripley, it is Candice LeRae! Mrs. Wrestling wants payback on the Evil Genius for turning on her. The cage is closed, the bell rings and five minutes counts down. Shirai pie faces but Candice fires off! It is a furious brawl already! Candice tackles Shirai but Shirai turns it around. They get up, Shirai kicks Candice then throws her at the cage. Candice stops herself to hit Shirai back. Candice tilt-o-whirl headscissors but Shirai handsprings through! Shirai ducks the enziguri to waistlock. Candice blocks and standing switches, full nelson and lift, to a DDT! Shirai crawls away to the second ring, but Candice just builds speed! Candice DIVES, into a forearm! Candice gets stuck in the middle, Shirai runs to 619 her in the back! Candice flounders but Shirai goes again, redial the 619!

Shirai soaks up the cheers and jeers as she has Candice stuck in the alley, METEORA! Candice flops and crawls back to the first ring as Shirai takes aim. Shirai hops up and springboards in to missile dropkick Candice down! Fans are fired up as Shirai toys with Candice. Shirai neck wrenches but Candice fights up. Shirai bumps Candice off buckles then runs corner to corner, a big corner dropkick! We reach the two minute warning as Shirai grinds her boot into Candice. Fans duel as Shirai brings Candice back to the middle. Shirai whips Candice but Candice blocks! Candice reverses but Shirai drop toeholds Candice onto the steel! Shirai grinds Candice’s face into the cage wall! The time is almost up, and Shirai is just toying with Candice at this point. Candice hits a jawbreaker!

Shirai staggers, but sends Candice into the corner! Then snap suplexes! Shirai grinds Candice down, and fans want to know what time it is on the clock. The clock returns for the countdown as Candice puts Shirai in a corner. The cages open up, and here comes Bianca Belair! Candice climbs up, leaps over her, then turns around into a shoulder block! Bianca chicken wings Candice to Glam Slam and shooting star! Bianca dares Candice to get up, but reels her in for a powerbomb lift, only for Candice to huricanrana her into buckles! Candice CHOPS Shirai and backs her down with forearms! Candice fires off, then dodges to send Bianca into her! Candice fires off on both of them! Candice runs in but only gets Shirai. Bianca DECKS Candice! And then another lift, POWERBOMB! But then a second! And a third, into the cage! Fans fire up for the pure power of The EST!

Shirai and Bianca bully Candice with stomps, then Bianca puts Candice in a camel clutch. Shirai builds speed, faster and faster and faster, to basement dropkick Candice down! Fans are loving this action already, and the countdown returns! Here comes Team Ripley’s… TEAM CAPTAIN! Rhea herself rushes to the ring! And she stops by under the ring to get a trash can! Chicago loves things getting extreme! Rhea tosses the can in, Bianca just gets clear, but then Rhea slams the door shut on Bianca! Rhea hurries to get more goodies, and brings out even MORE trash cans! Rhea puts those in, but goes back for even more, and has kendo sticks! And then chairs! Fans of course want tables, but Rhea gets more chairs first. Rhea gets in and looms over Bianca. Rhea drags Bianca up and atomic SLAMS Bianca on one of those trash cans!

Candice and Shirai brawl in the second ring while Rhea goes to get a chair. Rhea sits that chair up and Candice comes over to borrow one. Rhea bounces Bianca off whatever is around, and then works with Candice to make a chair square. Rhea and Candice go after Bianca together, and they double suplex, but Shirai saves Bianca! The four brawl all over, Bianca knees and clubs Rhea down hard! The countdown returns already, and Baszler adds KLR! She goes under the ring to bring out even more chairs! And then, as Chicago wants, a table! Only to put that back. KLR doesn’t care what fans want,s he gives Rhea and Candice some chair shots! And then Rhea gets a tornado DDT to a chair! KLR grins as she looms over Rhea and Candice. Team Baszler regroups and decides to use Rhea’s work against her.

Bianca is up top, KLR decks Rhea onto the chairs. Candice hurries to stop Bianca, elbows KLR away, and climbs up to join Bianca! Rhea helps out, but Shirai jumps in! Shirai throws Bianca away and KLR gets Candice. Rhea is thrown into the cage wall and KLR folds up all the chairs. KLR and Shirai go after Candice, aiming at the pile they’ve made. Rhea gets in and gets KLR and Shirai! TOWER OF DOOM! Double Powerbomb German Superplex, all onto the chairs!! Bianca stays on the top rope as fans cheer, “NXT! NXT!” 450 onto Rhea and the chairs!! All five women are down and the countdown returns! Team Ripley now sends in Dakota Kai! Captain Kick BOOTS Tegan Nox?! She’s beating up her best friend! She grabs Tegan’s arm from the outside to YANK her into the bars! And then SLAMS the door closed on Tegan’s bad legs!! It was Dakota who attacked Mia, wasn’t it?! But why!? Why is she doing this now!?

William Regal pulls Dakota off Tegan but Dakota shoves him back! Dakota has lost her damn mind! But Shayna just laughs. Now Team Ripley is down two women! Dakota come back!? Regal drags Dakota off Tegan, and Dakota shouts at Rhea. This is all because Dakota wasn’t chosen in the first place! And the countdown returns, so obviously, who is left to enter? The Queen of Spades! She grins and does the math for us: 4v2! Shayna leaves Tegan behind, Dakota did enough. Shayna takes her time as her team beats down Rhea and Candice. Shirai keeps Candice down while KLR and Bianca drag Rhea up. Rhea fights out and fights back! But that’s 3v1! Shayna knees Rhea down! Bianca goes to fetch a trash can and wedges it into a corner. KLR borrows a kendo stick as she helps Shira beat down Candice.

This match finally can start and finish, as KLR and Shirai double suplex. But Candice double DDT’s! Those there are down but Candice crawls her way over. Shayna and Bianca beat Rhea down, and then Shayna handcuffs Rhea! But Candice saves Rhea from being trapped! The two regroup in the middle, but Team Baszler flanks them on both sides… WIth no choice, they fight! Candice uses a trash can lid to SMACK away while Rhea takes Shayna down! Candice has KLR and Shirai down, but Shirai hits back. Bianca helps Shayna get back at Rhea, but Rhea throws her into that wedged can! Rhea hurries to help Candice, she dropkicks KLR into Shirai on the top rope! KLR turns Rhea around, but the tornado is blocked! Rhea suplexes KLR into the steel! KLR grinds down the cage wall!

Rhea sees Shirai stuck up top and heads right over. Rhea climbs up but Shirai fights back. Rhea stomps Shirai down, then laces the legs, for a HANGING Inverted Cloverleaf! Shirai endures, but Shayna has Candice in a HANGING KIRAFUDA! Who gives up on their hold? Candice fights out to SHORYUKEN! KLR KICKS Rhea down! ICONOCLASM onto a chair for Shayna! Candice LIONSAULTS! Cover, but Bianca uses a trash can to break it! Bianca drags Candice up to trophy lift, and long dart at Rhea! KLR drags Candice up, Gory BOMB! Shirai is up top, DESCENT INTO DARKNESS! Cover, but Rhea barrels through KLR to break it! Rhea throws KLR hard into steel! And BOOTS Shirai! Bianca HAIR WHIPS Rhea over and over and over! Candice kendo SMACKS away on Bianca over and over and over!

Shirai ducks the kendo to kick, TIGER BACKBREAKER! Shirai drags Candice into a drop zone, climbs up, and then climbs ALL the way up! But Candice pursues right after her! KLR goes after Candice, and the three are way up top. KLR has the Electric Chair, but gets a SUPER POISON RANA!! Cover, but Bianca breaks it! Those three are down, as are Shayna and Rhea in the first ring. Bianca gets up and brings Candice into the torture rack. Candice slips out of the KOD! She has the hair, but Shirai FLIES!! SUPER DESCENT INTO DARKNESS!!! Chicago is thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” while losing their minds! “MAMMA MIA!” echoes out as all six women are down. But Rhea rises to go after Shayna with a SMACK of the chair! Chair shot after chair shot, and then Rhea sits this chair up. She sets two together and sits a can in place.

But KLR leaps in, only to get SMASHED by the can! KIRAFUDA KLUTCH!! Rhea is caught, there are no ropebreaks in this match, but Rhea pries the hold open. Shayna switches hands, Rhea starts fading, but Rhea remembers the handcuffs! She cuffs herself to Shayna?! And then just knees away on her!! Rhea kicks a leg out, but her buzzsaw misses. Pumphandle, RIPTIDE ONTO CHAIRS!! Cover, Team Ripley wins!?

Winner: Team Ripley, Rhea Ripley by pinfall

The irony is that Dakota gets the win for the night because she was on the team! But in the end, history is still made as the team of only two wins! Is this going to lead the Mosh Pit Kid and Mrs. Wrestling back to some gold?


NXT Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Pete Dunne VS Killian Dain VS Damien Priest!

There will be no rest for the wicked. The Bruiserweight, the Beast of Belfast and the Archer of Infamy will all attempt to annihilate each other for a chance at gold! Who will meet Adam Cole BAYBAY on Survivor Series Sunday?

The bell rings and fans are strongly behind the Bruiserweight. Dunne, Damien and Dain glare at each other. Dain boots at Damien, who dodges. Damien roundhouses at Dunne, who dodges. Dunne enziguris at Dain, who dodges! Fans cheer this stalemate, but Dain points at Dunne. Dunne grabs the fingers, but Dain whips Dunne into Damien’s boots! Damien dodges Dain to kick away from all sides. Damien whips, and back elbows Dain down! Fans cheer as Dunne gets back and kicks away on Damien’s leg. Damien shoves, Dunne dodges and things speed up. Dunne hurdles, ducks and clotheslines! Dain clotheslines Damien out! Dunne dropkicks Dain’s leg out, then goes after the fingers! Dunne hammerlock STOMPS! Fans cheer, but Damien DECKS Dunne! Damien grins as he also DECKS Dain!

Dunne goes around the way, Damien builds speed, but Dunne body shots him out of the tope! Dunne runs in but Damien steps aside, to get Dunne in the crucifix lift. Dunne slips out and Dain uses the DIVIDE to tackle Damien! Dain scoops Dunne, and stands over Damien, Michinoku Driver! Dunne collides with Damien and Dain covers, TWO! Dain covers Dunne now, TWO! Dain throws Damien out then goes out to follow. Dain bounces Damien off a desk, then off steel steps! Dain hauls Damien up to a fireman’s carry but Dunne runs over. Dain catches Dunne, Fall Away Samoan Drop! Fans are fired up for the furious Belfast brute as he goes to the Bruiserweight. Dain drags Dunne up to put him in the ring. Dunne hobbles to a corner and Dain whips him corner to corner hard! Dunne falls to the mat but fans rally up.

Dain drags Dunne back up, but Dunne kicks and punches back! Dain knees low then hauls Dunne up to a fireman’s carry. Dunne slips out to fire off fast hands! Dain blocks the whip and sends Dunne to a corner, but Dunne goes up and over. Dunne enziguris Dain, then dodges Damien to send that splash into Dain! Dunne waistlocks Damien but Damien standing switches. Damien German Suplexes but Dunne lands on his feet to buzzsaw Damien down! Dain runs in but Dunne side steps for a SNAP GERMAN! Dunne stomps the hands and buzzsaws Dain down! Damien walks into an armbar takedown! Dunne wants the triangle, but Dain goes after Dunne. Dunne gets Dain’s fingers but Dain and Damien work together to DOUBLE BOMB Dunne down! Fans boo but the two big men are now alone.

Dain and Damien circle and start throwing big forearms! They pick up speed, hitting harder and faster. Dain gets the edge but Damien gives knees and elbows. Both men clothesline, but neither falls. They try again, still neither falls. Dunne returns to throw clotheslines all around! Dunne goes back and forth between the two, but then it becomes a triangle brawl! Damien kicks Dain, discus ELBOWS Dunne! Dain headbutts Damien, Dunne knees Dain! Both Dain and Damien are down, Dunne stomps their hands! Dunne aims, Dain ducks and the buzzsaw gets Damien! Dain boots Dunne, but Damien ear claps Dain! Damien ripcords Dain, Dain elbows Dunne away, Damien roundhouses Dain! Damien choke grips and lifts but Dunne enziguris! Dunne fires up, everyone kicks! All three men are down and Chicago fires up!

Damien is first to rise but Dain and Dunne slowly stir. Damien is heading up top as Dunne kicks away on Dain. Dain fights back, Damien CANNONBALLS onto them both! Damien hauls Dunne up to Falcon Arrow onto Dain! Then, SOUTH OF HEAVEN for Dunne! Cover, TWO! Dunne survives and Damien is losing his cool. Damien drags Dunne back up, throws him out hard, then follows him. Damien grins as he brings Dunne over, powerbomb lift to a Canadian rack. Razor’s Edge onto the announce desk!! Damien roars, but Dain DIVES onto him! Damien bounces off a desk and flounders, Dain CANNONBALLS through Damien into the timekeeper’s area!! Chicago loses its mind as all three men are down! Dain drags Damien up and into the ring to cover, TWO! Damien still lives, and Dain is furious. Dain drags Damien back up but Damien fights back with body shots.

Dain fireman’s carries to a wasteland slam, and back senton! But Dain isn’t done there, he climbs up. Damien stops the Vader Bomb to then get up and kick Dain back. Damien gets Dain in the crucifix, RAZOR’S EDGE!! Cover, but Dunne breaks it in time!! Dunne returns to keep the match going! Dain flops out of the ring but Damien goes after Dunne. Dunne grabs Damien’s arms to stomp from below! And then he gets on top to stomp from above! Damien gets away from the Danielson Stomps but Dunne runs in to forearm smash! Dunne goes corner to corner, Damien follows to elbow! Damien runs, but he DIVES out onto Dain! Even Dunne is a bit stunned. But Dunne won’t be outdone, he climbs up top. Damien and Dain stand, Dunne SUPER MOONSAULTS! Dunne, Damien and Dain are down on the outside and the referee checks on them all. They’re all okay to continue somehow, and fans rally up.

Dunne gets into the ring first, Damien follows but Dain stays out. Dunne glares at Damien as Damien dares him to bring the fight. The two start brawling, Dunne CHOPS over and over! Damien fires off strikes but gets a forearm for it! Damien LARIATS Dunne! Damien drags Dunne up, dragon sleeper, but no Reckoning! No Bitter End, either! Dunne snampares Damien but Damien choke grips. Damien lifts but Dunne headscissors to an armbar! Damien reaches for ropes, but the ropebreak doesn’t matter! Dunne has the arm! Dain drops in!! Dain fires up, has Damien in the Electric Chair, ULSTER PLANTATION! Cover, TWO!? Damien survives and Dain can’t believe it! Chicago is first up again as Dain drags Dunne up. Dain puts Dunne up top, and then into a Tree of Woe.

Dain goes back to Damien to throw him into Dunne! Then with both in the corner, CANNONBALL! Dain squashes both men, then climbs up over Dunne, to VADER BOMB Damien! But Dunne sits up as Dain covers Damien, MOONSAULT breaks it! Dunne pump handles Dain, for a BITTER END! Cover, but Damien kicks it apart! All three men are down again, but Chicago is rallying up again. Dunne crawls to a corner as Damien and Dain rise. Dunne climbs up but gets a cyclone kick! Damien climbs up to join Dunne, SUPER STEINER sends Dunne into Dain! Cyclone kick for Dain! Another for Dunne! Damien dragon sleepers Dunne, THE RECKONING! Cover, but Dain falls onto them to break it!

Damien is just frustrated, but he drags Dunne back up. Damien whips Dunne, Dunne goes up and over, but Dain chop blocks Dunne! Dain runs at Damien on the apron, shotgun dropkick drops Damien! Dain hurries up top, but Dunne gets up to PELE! Dain sits back, Dunne climbs up top, but Damien is returning. Damien joins them and choke grips them both!? But Dunne and Dain take the fingers to DOUBLE SNAP! Dain headbutts him away, Damien falls and hits the apron on the way down! But that leaves Dunne to get Dain with a SUPERPLEX! Dain writhes but rolls away. Damien returns, pump handle, BITTER END! Cover, but Dain back sentons onto them both! Dain drags Dunne to the Electric Chair, but Dunne slips out to a sleeper hold. So Dain backpack sentons onto Damien! But it’s Dunne who shoves Dain away?! Dunne covers Damien, Dunne wins!!

Winner: Pete Dunne, by pinfall; NEW #1 Contender to the NXT Championship

The Bruiserweight triumphs in Chicago again! The Windy City is practically Dunne’s second home! But will he be leaving it after making history by going from United Kingdom Champion to THE NXT Champion?


Matt Riddle VS Finn Balor!

The Prince is back, he’s free of the burden that is the “main roster,” and he wants to make NXT rrrreeeal. He wanted to do that by beating Johnny Wrestling in the match, but his dropkick seemed too much for “Johnny Watches Wrestling.” In Gargano’s place, The Original Bro stepped up! Will Riddle get the Finn we always wanted to see? Will he regret it when he does?

The bell rings and fans are already fired up and dueling. Riddle circles with Balor and they approach. They tie up, Riddle gets a leg but Balor gets to ropes. Riddle still wants to lift and throw but Balor holds on. Riddle honors the break and circles with Balor again. They tie up, Riddle reels Balor in for a monkey lift then takedown into the armbar! Balor resists and rolls Riddle up, TWO! Riddle and Balor stand up and fans cheer the exchange. Balor and Riddle tie up again, Riddle gets the leg but Balor sprawls and facelocks. Balor floats but Riddle rolls to get the arm again! Balor uses a leg to pry Riddle off, but Riddle pops out. Balor ducks the Penalty Kick and they stand off again.

The two circle again and tie up. Balor headlocks and grinds Riddle down. Riddle fights back but can’t power out. Balor grinds Riddle down, but Riddle headscissors back. Balor flips around to pop out and get the headlock back. Riddle gets up and throws more body shots. Riddle still can’t power out as Balor holds on tight, so Riddle gut wrenches and suplexes! Then rolls through to gut wrench suplex again! And again! But Balor slips out of that to roll Riddle up, TWO! Balor boots but gets caught and gets ROCKED! Riddle whips but Balor reverses, Riddle sunset flips but Balor slips out to basement dropkick! Cover, TWO, but Balor is on Riddle with a chinlock. Fans rally up slowly as Riddle endures. Riddle gets his way up, but Balor throws him down! Cover, TWO!

Balor CHOPS Riddle in the corner then stomps, then CHOPS and stomps. Balor sweeps the legs to stomp away on Riddle’s face. Balor backs off, to then run in and dropkick! Cover, TWO! Riddle is gasping but Balor goes after his nose! Balor drives an elbow in, then warps on a new headlock. Fans rally for the Bro and Riddle fights his way up. Riddle fights back but Balor knees low to throw Riddle out. Balor keeps moving, and wrecks Riddle with a dropkick! Balor drags Riddle up and onto the apron to bounce him off the edge over and over! Balor shoves Riddle in, covers, TWO! Balor keeps his cool but Riddle hits back. Balor forearms Riddle then stomps him down. Balor stalks and stomps Riddle over and over, then soaks up the cheers and jeers.

But Riddle fires off fast hands and a boot to then roundhouse Balor down! And big forearm smash in the corner, BROSPLODER! Riddle keeps moving, Penalty Kick to Broton! Cover, TWO! Balor sits up but gets Bro Kicks! Riddle chops Balor to a corner for more kicks! Riddle lets up to run side to side, big forearm smash! Riddle goes the other way but Balor boots! Balor whips, Riddle reverses, flying forearm from Balor drops Riddle! Balor runs in but no slingblade. ROUNDHOUSE! PELE- NO! It was caught to an Ankle Lock! Balor rolls and kicks, but Riddle just gets that foot in the Ankle Lock! Riddle ax kicks Balor as he holds on, but Balor crawls. Fans rally both ways as Balor gets the ropebreak! Riddle lets go and gets a stomp in. Balor hobbles to a corner but Riddle is on him fast with a deadlift waistlock! Balor holds onto the ropes for dear life but Riddle knees away.

The ref calls for the ropebreak so Riddle does, to kick Balor off the ropes. Balor elbows back, but his legs won’t let him run. Riddle forearm smashes, runs, but Balor manages to dropkick Riddle! Balor hobbles back up to waistlock Riddle now, for a German Suplex! But Riddle is right up, FINAL FLASH! Deadlift German with the bridge, TWO! Fans keep rallying and dueling as Riddle drags Balor back up. Ripcord, FINAL FLASH! Powerbomb but Balor slips out to trip and double stomps! SLINGBLADE! Fans fire up again as Balor aims from a corner. Riddle flounders into Balor’s sights, but he SPEARS Balor! And we know who that is a shout out to! Riddle drags Balor up, suplexes, and JACKHAMMERS! Cover, TWO!?! Balor survives and Riddle can’t believe it!

The chants echo out as Riddle drags Balor up. Gut wrench, but Balor fights out! Dragon sleeper, elbow drop DDT! Then another dragon sleeper, 1916!! Cover, TWO!! Riddle survives and Balor is furious! Balor stomps away, drags Riddle up, but Riddle scoops back! Fireman’s carry, BRO TO SLEEP! But Riddle doesn’t cover, he goes to the corner. Riddle climbs up, FLOATING BRO! But into knees! JOHN WOO DROPKICK! Balor climbs up top now, COUP DE- NO! Takedown, BROMISSION! Balor is so close to the ropes but Riddle rolls him away! And hammers away, too! Balor pries free, rolls out, but gets a Pele from the mat! Riddle drags Balor up, ripcord, but into BLOODY SUNDAY!! Cover, Balor wins!!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

That was definitely rrrreeeal! The Prince returns and throws up the Too Sweet in victory. But will Finn Balor be #JustTooSweet for anyone to stop now that he’s his old self again?


Update on Tegan Nox.

After what Dakota Kai did in that vicious betrayal, the Shiniest Wizard needs an MRI scan on her legs to see the extent of the damage. Will Tegan be able to come back yet again after what Dakota did to her, both physically and mentally?


Men’s WarGames: Team Ciampa VS The Undisputed Era!

The sirens blare and the cage lowers again. Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish hold all the gold in NXT, the advantage in this match, as well as experience advantage in this match type. But the Blackheart has the Limitless One, the Croatian Colossus, and his fourth man. But before even learning who that man is, team captain Ciampa volunteers to be first! Strong volunteers for the Undisputed Era, and says, “You’re gonna get it!” But what will be left of all of these men with Survivor Series still to come?

Ciampa tosses the crutch aside so Strong won’t stay away. Strong picks the crutch up and the door is closed. The five minute countdown begins, and Strong tosses the crutch out of the cage! Ciampa fires off fast hands! Strong knees then whips but Ciampa kicks back. Ciampa throws haymakers then whips corner to corner but Strong reverses. Strong shoves but Ciampa rallies with lariats! Ciampa whips Strong into the steel but Strong catches himself. Strong dodges the boot then gets back in, to scoop and backbreaker! Strong has Ciampa in the second ring and CHOPS! Strong clubs Ciampa around then goes to suplex. Ciampa blocks, body shots then suplexes Strong to hang him out to dry. And then rams a knee into him! Ciampa CHOPS Strong into a corner but Strong knees low.

Ciampa blocks a cage bump to elbow Strong and throw hands. Ciampa climbs up to rain down rights! Ciampa gets 9, cusses Strong out, and then goes way past 10! To then go side to side, Psycho Knee! Fans are fired up as Strong gets up and boots back. Strong haymakers and CHOPS, then climbs up to rain rights back on Ciampa. Ciampa turns things around, tucks Strong in, and KNEES Strong down! Ciampa drags Strong up to whip, but Strong holds ropes. Strong tries to get away but gets caught between the ropes. Strong powers Ciampa into the middle section and the two brawl with CHOPS and forearms. Ciampa clotheslines Strong into the first ring, and then takes a moment to steady himself. Ciampa drags Strong up, underhooks, but Strong resists. Strong slips out, fireman’s carry, gutbuster drop!

Strong rains down rights on Ciampa, then knees. Fans are divided as Strong drags Ciampa around for stomps. Strong tells Ciampa to stay down but the countdown begins. Ciampa fires hands with Strong, the Undisputed Era sends in Kyle! Ciampa is ready and he chops away on Kyle and Strong! Kyle gets the legs to get Ciampa down for ground ‘n’ pound! He runs, into Ciampa’s BIG right! But Kyle comes back with strikes, sweep the legs! Kyle and Strong stomp Ciampa then drag him up. They mug Ciampa against the ropes with CHOPS and kicks! They push Ciampa to the second ring, stomping him as they go. Ciampa fights back as best he can, but fans rally and sing for Keith Lee. Ciampa fights Strong and Kyle off, Kyle ends up in the middle.

Ciampa elbows whoever, but Kyle catches his arms for Strong to give endless elbows! Side to side and back again, and then Strong half nelson backbreakers! Kyle drops knees to add on! Ciampa is down as Kyle and Strong circle him. They stomp him on occasion as fans duel. Strong fish hooks Ciampa’s face then stomps him down. The countdown returns, and Team Ciampa sends Dominik Dijakovic! Big Double D gets in quick, and rallies with a Cyclone BOOT on Strong! Kyle boots but runs into a BOOT! Dijakovic throws big hands and elbows, then knee smashes, but Kyle boots. Kyle sweeps but misses, Dijakovic SUPERKICKS and LARIATS! Fans rally as Dijakovic back elbows Kyle over and over in the corner. Dijakovic SUPERKICKS Strong, then says, “TIME TO FLY!” He suplex TOSSES Kyle onto Strong!

Strong’s leg takes the damage, but that’s not all! Torture rack, but Strong fights out. Strong CHOPS back but Dijakovic just glares. Dijakovic tosses Strong into steel! And again! And again! Kyle comes back to leap on for a guillotine! Dijakovic stays standing, powers Kyle out for standing knees and a swing into steel! Dijakovic helps his captain up, and they keep on Strong and Kyle at corners. Ciampa bounces Strong off steel while Dijakovic clubs Kyle into the middle gap. Dijakovic forearms Kyle, Kyle rebounds off ropes and Dijakovic forearms him again. This repeats over and over and over until Dijakovic DECKS Kyle. The countdown returns, and that means Undisputed Era sends in Bobby Fish! Fish runs in and elbows Ciampa down! Fish has Ciampa stuck in the ropes for kick after kick! Dijakovic comes over but Fish kicks away on him. Then he gets Dijakovic down for haymakers!

Fish hits Ciampa over and over, then back kicks Dijakovic. Fish BOOTS Ciampa, but Dijakovic chokes grips him! Kyle climbs onto Dijakovic, Fish fights out and runs side to side, reDRagon hits TOTAL ANNIHILATION! Strong has Ciampa draping on the ropes, underhooks to tiger backbreaker! Then reDRagon gives Ciampa CHASING THE DRAGON! The Undisputed Era has 3v2 as fans rally and duel again. The Undisputed Era stomp Dijakovic against steel, then throw in big forearm smashes! Strong adds a shining wizard! Then all three go after Ciampa all the same! Strong even mocks Dijakovic, “Feast Your Eyes, DORK!” But fans sing for Keith Lee, the last man waiting. The 3v2 stomping and bullying continues as Kyle slides a knee into Dijakovic’s ribs. The countdown returns, and finally, KEITH LEE is released!

Lee gets in and starts throwing big hands! He clotheslines every man, Grizzly Magnum for Strong! But reDRagon goes after him, only for Lee to hurdle BOTH of them! DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Chicago is fired up for the #FirstOfHisKind! Lee drags Strnog up for another Grizzly Magnum! But reDRagon manages to put Lee in the middle zone. Lee knocks them into each other to double PESCADO! “Oh~ Bask in His Glory~” echoes out as Lee hauls Fish up. But Kyle saves Fish, only for Lee to go after him. Kyle slips out so Lee pops Strong up. But reDRagon double kick the legs to save Strong from a Spirit Bomb, and then Strong hits a basement boot! The Undisputed Era have evened things with Lee and go after him 3v1! But Ciampa is back up and rallies! Ciampa throws wild hands but he’s still in a 3v1. Dijakovic rises to scoop Kyle and slam him into the second ring!

Fish hits Dijakovic but Dijakovic hits back. Dijakovic clubs Strong into the second ring, and Lee follows his lead over. The two biggest men in this match work together but Fish hops on Lee! Fish has a sleeper and Kyle brawls with Dijakovic. Strong helps Kyle out as the countdown returns again. Finally, it is Adam Cole BAYBAY! And Cole heads over, to get a TABLE! Chicago loves Cole for this! The Undisputed Era manages to get the table inside, but Cole isn’t done, he gets a second table! But for some reason, he sets that up outside? Cole gets a third table! That table goes into the ring, and then Cole brings out a fourth table! That’s three tables inside and one outside, but now we have a FIFTH! The Undisputed Era keeps Team Ciampa down and Cole just keeps going! How many tables are under the ring?! This is a total of six tables, but still one set aside.

Ciampa hurries to the door to shove Cole, Cole crashes through that other table!! Cole is destroyed by his own arrogance! Ciampa fetches Cole into the ring while Dijakovic and Lee fight back. The cage closes, it is still 4v3, but we need to wait and see if there is or isn’t a fourth for Team Ciampa. The teams end up in separate rings, but Team Ciampa has the Undisputed Era backing down. Fans rally up, and it fires off! The brawl is hectic but still 4v2. Lee takes on reDRagon alone as Strong back drops Dijakovic. Lee has Kyle in a fireman’s carry, but Fish LOW BLOWS! Kyle kicks Lee down, but there is one more countdown! Who is Ciampa’s fourth? The Undisputed Era laugh when no one shows up. Guess the person Ciampa talked to decided not to-

Wait! KEVIN OWENS?! The Prizefighter returns to NXT in the biggest way!! No one can believe it, but Chicago is loving it! Kevin dodges Strong, rallies on Fish and O’Reilly! Kevin is getting them all back for Raw’s sneak attack! POP-UP BOMB for Fish! Kyle kicks and whips but Kyle ducks, pump handles, USHIGOROSHI! Strong fireman’s carries but Kevin slips out for a SLEEPER SUPLEX! Kevin then dead lifts Fish to bomb him onto Kyle’s back! Cole and Kevin stare down and Chicago is thunderous! Cole says Kevin should’ve joined when he had the chance. Kevin says “SUCK IT!” A kick but no stunner. No superkick, either. Another kick, there’s the Stunner! Cover, but Strong breaks it! This match can finally end and Strong fires off on Lee and Dijakovic. But they fire back.

Lee and Dijakovic have Strong and take aim at the Undisputed Era. Together, they DOUBLE TOSS Strong through the ropes and into the Undisputed Era’s legs! Kevin has Chicago all fired up as he shakes the steel! Kevin slaps Cole over and over while the others go back for those tables the Undisputed Era brought in. Willow’s Bell DDT for Kyle! The tables are being set up near corners, but Cole goes after Kevin. Kevin brawls with him while Ciampa goes after Strong. Dijakovic stomps Kyle and Lee bounces Fish off steel. They move from the second ring to the first, brawling back and forth, here and there. Strong CHOPS on Dijakovic while Cole throws Ciampa into steel. Lee knocks Kyle down then climbs up to the top rope. Lee LEAPS onto Dijakovic, Cole, Strong and Fish!

But Kyle climbs up to SUPER KNEE DROP Lee’s leg! Kyle has a heel hook and Lee writhes! Fish hits Kevin, Lee grabs ropes to drag himself over. Strong is in Lee’s way, but Dijakovic SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULTS Kyle! Cover, but Fish moonsaults onto Dijakovic! Ciampa drags Fish up, underhooks, Fairy Tale Ending! Kevin adds the SWANTON! Cover, SUPERKICK! Cole SUPERKICKS Kevin, too, and is the last one standing. Cole hops up the ropes and aims at Lee. Lee disrupts the Sunrise! Lee climbs up to join Cole, brings Cole up, but Strong clubs Lee’s back! Cole hops down and Strong clubs away on Lee. Strong climbs up behind Lee, SUPER OLYMPIC SLAM!! Kyle and Strong, Ax ‘n’ SMASH! Cover, but Dijakovic breaks it! Strong goes after Dijakovic and Kyle helps out.

Fans chant “This is Awesome!” as Dijakovic choke grips. They break out, STRONG ANNIHILATION! Kevin SUPERKICKS Kyle, back drops Strong into steel, then whips Kyle into steel! “Oh no, did that hurt?” Kevin goes to Cole in the middle gap, fireman’s carry, but Cole fights out. Cole suplexes but Kevin blocks. Kevin fights back and brings Cole in, underhooks, PACKAGE- NO! Cole saves himself so Kevin knees him hard. Kevin tries again, but Cole slips out to SUPERKICK! Cole hops up and lines up his shot, PANAMA SUN- NO! Kevin blocks, but not forever! PANAMA SUNRISE TO STEEL! It proves to be double-edged and Chicago loses its mind! “MAMMA MIA!” echoes again as the Undisputed Era regroups. Strong and Fish set up tables together, side by side. They go after Ciampa and bring him onto the wood.

Ciampa fights back and throws Strong into wood. Ciampa throws Fish into steel, then Strong. Kyle runs into a KNEE! Ciampa lifts, PROJECT CIAMPA! Then it’s an endless string of psycho knees! Strong, Fish, repeat, until Cole comes in to SUPERKICK! Cole fireman’s carries but Ciampa slips out to send him into steel. And then Ciampa KNEES Cole! And again! And again! Fans fire up with Ciampa but he’s not done with the Undisputed Era. Ciampa drags Cole over and punches him towards a corner. Ciampa drags Cole up top but Cole fights back. Cole clubs Ciampa down, adjusts, but Ciampa holds on for dear life! Ciampa rams Cole into the steel posts behind him! Cole pulls Ciampa’s beard to bounce him off the steel! Ciampa staggers back, but now the Undisputed Era has Lee up top near a different table.

Cole climbs up higher and Ciampa follows. This is deja vu from WarGames past. Strong and Fish have Lee, and Dijakovic gets Strong! CHOKE SLAM through a table! Dijakovic has Kyle for a choke grip, but Kyle turns the slam into a triangle hold! Fish and Lee fight while Ciampa and Cole brawl on that corner top. Dijakovic dead lifts but Kyle fights back. Dijakovic sets Kyle on a table, Kevin FROG SPLASHES Kyle through that table! Lee gets Fish, SPIRIT BOMB THROUGH A TABLE! The only two still fighting are Cole and Ciampa! If one of them falls to the floor, that is the one and only disqualification in this match. Ciampa adjusts, fireman’s carries Cole, and then SUPER AIR RAID CRASHES THROUGH THE TABLES!! Cover, Team Ciampa wins!!

Winners: Team Ciampa, Tommaso Ciampa by pinfall

As Mauro Ranello says, “There are no words.” All eight men are down, but only four are victors. However, what about survivors? NXT still has to wage war against Raw and SmackDown, can these eight men stand their ground? Can these eight even stand?

Kevin stands in the second ring. Lee gets to his feet and helps Ciampa to his. Dijakovic joins them, and the four stand victorious! Will any of them be survivors after Survivor Series?



My Thoughts:

What a great WarGames! And a really quick TakeOver, too, not even three hours for the main show. Adding the kickoff show still didn’t quite make three hours, but that’s more a pro than a con. NXT knows how to trim out the fat and just get to the good stuff. Listening to the kickoff show, Sam Roberts is going a little too hard being the Heel panel personality, he is starting to get Go Away Heat from me. Pat McFee was awesome as a hype man to bridge into the main show. Swerve VS Garza was a really great match, and it was pretty big for TakeOver to have their first match like this. Garza wins and could move up the ranks in the Cruiserweight Division and NXT in general. I am sure this will help Garza in his argument for a rematch with Lio Rush after the controversy from their title match.

What wasn’t good in the Women’s WarGame and overall story? Well, Mia Yim’s attacker being Dakota Kai may have been a bit obvious, but it was also the only logical move. And then Dakota really cashed in and milked the moment on that Heel turn. She brutalized poor Tegan Nox, which sadly means Team Kick is already done with. That just made an already crazy WarGames even crazier. I was really impressed by them going to the extreme with Rhea bringing out the trash cans, kendo sticks and chairs. Fans get too into wanting tables, so it’s good Heel work for KLR to trick Chicago. And it was insane that Rhea and Candice pulled off the 4v2 comeback! Both of them have to be going after the NXT Women’s Championship, even if it means having to go through each other. Additionally, who from Team Ripley won’t want after Dakota on the way? I feel like Dakota VS Tegan should be the blow-off there.

The #1 Contender’s Triple Threat was really great, even after following such an awesome WarGames match. NXT does great with triple threats, Dunne’s previous triple threat with Velveteen Dream and Roderick Strong was great, this one was on par if not better. But I was right in thinking Dunne would win. He is a Face, Cole is a Heel, it’s just standard procedure. Balor VS Riddle was pretty good but could’ve been flashier. But for the first match Finn’s had in months, this was a pretty great starting point. And for that reason, Balor wins, and we can circle back to Balor VS Gargano for the next TakeOver. The Men’s WarGames was also amazing, and booked brilliantly for that fourth man reveal. Kevin Owens being the fourth was a great surprise, and they did set it up brilliantly with what happened on Raw.I am surprised the Faces won here, but the math is so that the Undisputed Era members are going in with less momentum.

And of course, WarGames directly impacts NXT’s Survivor Series plans. Cole VS Dunne is going to be great, but I bet Cole still finds a way to win. Ciampa still wants after Cole and “Goldie,” so they can feud on the way into the New Year. Of the men and women from tonight that could go to Survivor Series tomorrow, Rhea is revealing her team as we speak on WWE FaceBook, but I would think the women not on the team are Mia, Tegan and Dakota. Rhea, Candice, and we saw Toni Storm on Friday so that’s 3. I would hope she chooses Io Shirai and Bianca from Team Baszler, out of a respect for them found in this match tonight. Plus, Shirai needs to have her moment with Kairi Sane like was teased last Wednesday. The NXT Men’s Team could easily just be Team Ciampa and two others. I feel like Finn should try to be on that team, just so he can stick it to the two brands that dropped the ball on him.

My Score: 9.2/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (10/18/21)

One more stop before Crown Jewel!



Coverage Raw 2021

This could be the wildEST Raw in a long time!

Bianca Belair goes after Charlotte Flair’s Raw Women’s Championship, RKBRO takes on The Street Profits, and two tournament semifinals, all on one night!


  • King of the Ring Semifinals: Jinder Mahal w/ Veer & Shanky VS Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston; wins and advances to Crown Jewel.
  • Queen’s Crown Semifinals: Shayna Baszler VS “Doudrop” Piper Niven; wins and advances to Crown Jewel.
  • RKBRO VS The Street Profits; win(s).
  • Drew McIntyre & Big E VS The Dirty Dawgs; win.
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair VS Bianca Belair; wins and


Charlotte Flair heads to the ring!

Before putting her title on the line, the Raw Women’s Champion opens the show for her last Raw before moving back to SmackDown! Sacramento is a bit torn about The Queen as she gets the mic. She asks where are the balloons and champagne, and why isn’t the roster out here for farewell hugs? Where are her “Thank You, Charlotte” chants? This is her last night on Raw before she is officially drafted to SmackDown, and she has to defend her title against Bianca Belair? A rookie? “Some flash in the pan?” No, seriously, this is crap! Charlotte really thinks there’s a conspiracy here. Number one, Bianca isn’t officially on Raw yet, and then she has another title opportunity at Crown Jewel! And people say Charlotte is entitled?

All Charlotte wants is a ceremony. She hears fans chanting, “You Suck!” and she tells them to sit down, hush and listen. Charlotte uses the “What?” on the fans, then says she just wanted a fitted farewell for the most decorated woman in sports entertainment history! She finds it convenient that Bianca gets this match just before the switch. Talk about favoritism! Bianca couldn’t win two weeks ago, she needs to get her ass to the back of the line! You can’t beat this opportunity! Not this time, not any time! And tonight, Bianca learns how far she still has to go. Bianca may have beaten Bayley and Sasha, but Charlotte is the mountain she can’t climb!

And save the EST stuff for someone who isn’t the GOAT! But speaking of Bianca, here she comes! Fans cheer for the EST as she tells Charlotte, “A conspiracy?” No, this isn’t that. This is just desserts. The way Bianca sees it, she’s done nothing but prove she belongs. She deserves this rematch! And Charlotte wants to bring up two weeks ago? Bianca had Charlotte beat until she got saved by Big Time Becks. But Bianca can’t even believe Charlotte talking like this! She’s throwing a tantrum all for defending her title and leaving Raw. “Baby, it’s okay.” Bianca says she is the EST, and no matter what brand she’s one, she knows she’s the one to watch because she always shines.

Lucky for Charlotte, after tonight, Bianca won’t be Charlotte’s probably because Charlotte no longer goes here. Charlotte’s literally begging for a farewell, so take your time to say good-bye to the title. Bianca has some advice: After Charlotte takes the L, she can dust herself off and hold her head up high. This life brings trials and tribulations, but Charlotte can use that to make her stronger, rougher, tougher and maybe even kinder. Try that one. Bianca’s gonna take the title to Crown Jewel and return to Raw with a belt on each arm! “Now how’s that for a rookie, Charlotte?” Charlotte sucker punches Bianca! The heels come off, but Bianca dodges the boot to torture rack!

Charlotte scrambles away and to the apron but Bianca handspring heel kicks her down! Charlotte is flustered and frustrated, is this just the beginning of a bad night good-bye?


Backstage interview with the New Day.

Kevin Patrick asks Woods about this big opportunity. This is of the utmost importance, Sir Kevin. Woods will be one step behind some of the greatest King of the Ring winners ever! From King Mable to King Ken Shamrock to King BOOKAH! When Woods wins, he’ll be one step closer to fulfilling his destiny. Kofi says we all know how important this is, so that’s why Kofi will watch his back. No repeats of last week where Veer & Shanky get in the way. Martin Luther King had a dream but Woods’ dream is to be a king! All about that crown~!

Woods makes a royal decree here in the “castle” of the Sacramento Kings! And that is that this Thursday, Woods will sit on the crown as King Xavier, first of his name. “HAIL! KING WOODS!” But will the Modern Day Maharaja leave Woods on the outside looking in? We find out, after the break!

King of the Ring Semifinals: Jinder Mahal w/ Veer & Shanky VS Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston!

Raw returns and Jinder makes his entrance, with his minions by his side. The bell rings and Mahal circles with Woods. They tie up, Woods waistlocks but Mahal throws Woods off. Mahal gloats but Woods keeps cool as he circles with Mahal again. They tie up, Mahal powers Woods back but Woods turns things around to have Mahal in the corner. The two get scrappy and the ref has them back off. The two go again, Mahal kicks low and shoves Woods to ropes. Woods boots back, Mahal elbows but Woods drop toeholds Mahal onto ropes! Woods runs to dropkick Mahal in the back! Woods CHOPS and throws hands in the corner, then climbs up. Mahal slips out and gets away.

Woods pursues, throwing haymakers and CHOPS! Woods climbs up another corner now and rains down rights on Mahal. Mahal stops that at 4, runs and runs Woods over with a shoulder! Mahal hits a headlock takeover as his henchmen applaud. Woods endures, fights up, throws body shots and then forearms. Woods runs but Mahal reels him in. Woods breaks free to then ENZIGURI! Woods runs but Mahal scoops, Woods tilt-o-whirls out to a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Fans fire up as Woods runs, slides and basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Woods keeps cool as he headlocks, but Mahal powers up to a BIG back suplex!

Mahal stomps Woods, drags him up and CLUBS him down. Mahal JAMS his knee into Woods’ back, then brings him up for a headlock. Woods throws body shots as fans rally but Mahal knees low. Mahal scoops, Woods slips off and rolls him up, TWO! Mahal kicks low again, whips Woods to a corner, but Woods goes up and over to sunset flip! TWO! Mahal runs in but is sent into buckles! Woods runs in but is TOSSED out, and he SMACKS off the steps! Shanky & Veer cheer while Mahal soaks up the heat, and Raw goes to break.


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Andrew’s G1 Climax 31 Day 17 Results & Match Ratings: 10.18.2021

A Block Finals Day! My pick has been Shingo and he’s still got a shot! Who wins A Block!?



A Block Finals Day! My pick has been Shingo and he’s still got a shot! Who wins A Block!?

Alright let’s assess my quick and dirty math on how the top guys can win and get on with the show!

  • Kota Ibushi vs KENTA: Is probably the main event looking at the shake out.
  • For Ibushi to win Block: If Shingo wins, Ibushi needs to win and ZSJ needs to lose or draw.
  • For KENTA to win Block: If Shingo loses & Zack wins, KENTA needs to win. If Zack loses and Shingo Draws, KENTA needs to win.
  • Tomohiro Ishii vs Toru Yano: This will either be right before or right after Intermission probably. Ishii doesn’t really have an angle to win the Block because he lost to both KENTA and Ibushi. I suppose if we go with Suzuki’s old comment of both getting struck by lightning and Ishii wins, then there might be some math there. But Ishii is out regardless of Kevin Kelly’s sus arithmetic.
  • Shingo Takagi vs Yujiro Takahashi: For Shingo to win the Block: He needs to win, Ibushi needs to Lose or Draw, ZSJ needs to Lose or Draw, KENTA is a non-factor because of tie breaker.
  • Zack Sabre Jr vs Tanga Loa: For ZSJ to win Block: He needs to win and KENTA needs to Draw or Lose. ZSJ has tie breakers over everyone else.
  • So KENTA is really the biggest factor on this final day. If KENTA can beat Ibushi that opens things up to however the rest of the day shook out. This is shaping up to be interesting.

Now on to the A Block Finals!


  • Great-O-Khan vs Satoshi Kojima: O-Khan wins via Eliminator @10:25 – ** ½
  • Tomohiro Ishii vs Toru Yano: Yano wins via Blackslide @11:08 – **
  • Yujiro Takahashi w/Pieter vs Shingo Takagi: DOUBLE COUNT OUT / DRAW @13:36 – ***
  • Zack Sabre Jr vs Tanga Loa: Loa wins via Deep Cradle @17:31 – *** ½
  • Kota Ibushi vs KENTA: Ibushi wins via Kamigoye @26:16 – *** ¾



Great-O-Khan vs Satoshi Kojima

Because of Naito’s injury, we are all used to a non-tournament match during A Block. But the fun part here is that O-Khan and Kojima do have a little history this year when the United Empire went against TenCozy.

O-Khan dominates early but Kojima fires up with a Lariat and turns it into an Apron Piledriver, so the great leader of Bread Club is finally starting to put things together. Since O-Khan’s points are counted for, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kojima pulls out an upset here. It would be nice for a non-tournament upset, which could also give Kojima an entrance into next year’s G1 as his swan song.

A few close flashes with calls to the Cozy Lariat, his statue lariat and the crowd rallied behind Kojima…but O-Khan doesn’t fall to a non-G1 participant. One Eliminator later and the replacement matches go 8-0 in favor of the tournament wrestlers. It would’ve been much better if there was a surprised upset or two.

Tomohiro Ishii vs Toru Yano

Yano tries an early sneak attack using the gimmick bag, an extra t-shirt, a few interesting little things. Ishii does his best to fight through the Yano Sublime Master Thief shenanigans but eventually falls victim to a Low Blow into a Backslide.

There were a few interesting moments, but the usual Yano stuff of exposed buckles, Low Blow attempts, Roll Ups and Referee dancing.

Yujiro Takahashi w/Pieter vs Shingo Takagi

Yujiro goes for the attack as Shingo is coming to the ring, but Shingo quickly turns things around and starts murdering Yujiro. Shingo chucks Yujiro to the outside and Pieter tries to distract Shingo instead of the referee. Shingo is having none of Pieter’s coy feminine wiles, he asks her to move, she tries to act cuter and then Shingo brushes her to the side as Yujiro catches him with the pimp cane.

Shingo takes control back, but then Yujiro bites his hand in the classic Yujiro move. Yujiro goes for a Fisherman Buster, but Shingo bites Yujiro’s hand. The referee tries to admonish Shingo, but Shingo points out he wears a mouth guard, so it’s not a full bite. Shingo rallies the crowd, but Yujiro counters and impressively gets Shingo over for the Olympic Slam. It was impressive because Shingo was fighting/sandbagging but Yujiro was determined and it looked a little wonky, but Yuj did it. It’s always interesting when Yujiro puts in effort since he’s not a bad wrestler, just very indifferent.

Last of the Dragon is called for, but blocked. Yujiro goes for a kick, Shingo catches the foot and just pulls Yujiro into the Made in Japan/Last Falconry. Yujiro kicks out, powders to apron, Shingo charges but gets low bridged. The fight goes on out of the ring, but they break at 19 and Yujiro pulls Shingo back out. Noshigami attempt, Yujiro counters, into Pimp Juice, Shingo stops Yujiro, hits the Death Valley Driver on the outside. He tries to slide back in but Yujiro grabs the foot and won’t let go. DOUBLE COUNT OUT!

Shingo’s draw…technically still keeps him alive. If Kota and KENTA go to a no contest, and ZSJ loses, Shingo. If KENTA and Ibushi goes to a Draw…it should be a Triple Threat Match playoff for the Finals winner. Ibushi has the breaker over Shingo, Shingo has the breaker over KENTA, and KENTA would’ve drawn with Ibushi…so I feel like that would be a bonus triple threat match. Though I agree with Chris Charlton’s initial idea, most other tournaments a Double Count Out is counted as a loss for both men, but here it’s a Draw.

Zack Sabre Jr vs Tanga Loa

ZSJ comes out quick realizing he needs to win. Because if he wins he eliminates Shingo and is in a very good place to win the block. Loa reels a little early, and starts to slow things down with a few impactful power moves and Slams. Loa does a great job at keeping it simple to not give ZSJ many chances to catch him unaware or in an awkward position.

Zack has to fire up with a few quick counters tying Loa in the ropes with a Rear Naked Choke, running through, doing the Neck Twister and then taking a second to breathe. A small strike exchange that Zack has the advantage in, results in ZSJ trying to step up on the corner and do the Tornado DDT, but Loa catches him and hits a T-Bone Suplex, followed by a Diving Headbutt. This becomes a much more back and forth match than anyone expected. Sabre tries a Crucifix pin, but Loa rolls and powers through, ZSJ stays attached in an Octopus but Loa reaches the ropes.

Big strike exchange, ZSJ throws everything, but Loa fires and for every 2 or 3 ZSJ strikes, Loa lands a Haymaker that sends the soy boy flying. Zack talks crap, baits Loa into attempting an Enzuigiri, dodges, then goes for the European Clutch. At 2, Loa slides him down, turns it around and sits back deep in a Cradle of his own. ZSJ can’t get out and gets beat! ZSJ is eliminated!

Kota Ibushi vs KENTA

After an early attempt by KENTA to win via a cheeky Count Out, which feels like it was the Bullet Club game plan all day. Ibushi beats that attempt, but then we get the KENTA style of this tournament where he cheats at opportune times and really only removes the turnbuckle pad.

Things play through well as Ibushi powers through the first chairshot, and then stops the next attack and takes the chair from him. Threatens it, but tosses it down and hits a Buzzsaw Kick. However, Ibushi was not above using furniture. He finds a table and we get an interesting moment. He lays out KENTA, puts KENTA on the table, and then one set of legs folds, so it’s awkwardly angled. Ibushi doesn’t care, adjusts his trajectory and pulls off more of a Stuka Splash which just looks rough cause it’s sandwiched almost totally against the guardrail.

We get back in the ring and KENTA lands a flush overhand right, and the aggression appears. We continue to see flashes of NOAH KENTA with the Bullet Club/WWE sprinkles. Green Killer, Diving Lariat and a Double Footstomp put KENTA in the driver’s seat. A fun thread was when KENTA finally drives Ibushi into the exposed turnbuckle, but Ibushi does something no one else has done, and that’s kick out. So KENTA is shocked and starts trying to put more together, but he can’t land Go 2 Sleep.

Ibushi catches the knee, V Trigger, Reverse Kamigoye, and followed with the exposed knee Kamigoye for the win. Conceptually good, execution was a little lacking.

Meme credit to Mathew Sarpraicone

Overall Score: 7.75/10

Well look at that, Kota Ibushi makes history as the first person in G1 history to make 4 consecutive Finals. I’m not happy since that means my pick of Shingo Takagi came just short in second place. I am however happy to see tweets about this match claiming that even Japanese fans are getting tired of Ibushi.

Even though the match was good and the night was generally interesting, I feel running back Ibushi again is boring and lazy booking. Especially since he already has a win over the champion, so he doesn’t need the G1 briefcase for a shot. So he’ll probably lose to Cobb or Okada…and given the two options…Okada makes the most sense. A redemption seeking Rainmaker would draw a crowd for Wrestle Kingdom far more than tweener Gaijin.

Here’s the final standings!

Meme Credit to AJ Balaz

A Block:

  1. Kota Ibushi/ 7-2/ 14 Points – Winner
  2. Shingo Takagi/ 6-2-1 / 13 Points – Eliminated
  3. Zack Sabre Jr/ 6-3 / 12 Points – Eliminated
  4. KENTA/ 6-3/ 12 Points – Eliminated
  5. Toru Yano/ 5-4/ 10 Points – Eliminated
  6. Tomohiro Ishii/ 5-4/ 10 Points – Eliminated
  7. Great-O-Khan/ 4-5 / 8 Points – Eliminated
  8. Tanga Loa/ 3-6/ 6 Points – Eliminated
  9. Yujiro Takahashi/ 2-6-1 / 5 Points – Eliminated
  10. Tetsuya Naito/ 0-9/ 0 Points (Eliminated Injury)

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