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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (11/8/19)

205 Live is at Full Sail!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

Friday Night at Full Sail Live!

Sorry UK, but the Cruiserweight Division takes a detour through Orlando! Will Lio Rush have a response to Angel Garza’s bold faced slap?



  • Mansoor VS THE Brian Kendrick; Mansoor wins.
  • Replay from NXT – NXT Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Tony Nese VS Angel Garza; Garza wins and will challenge Lio Rush for the title on next week’s NXT.
  • Lio Rush VS Raul Mendoza; Rush wins.


Mansoor VS THE Brian Kendrick!

The pride of a nation is up against The Man with a Plan! Will Mansoor take that Crown Jewel momentum and beat a former Cruiserweight Champion?

The bell rings and fans duel between the young superstar and the veteran. Kendrick dares Mansoor to approach, and they tie up. Kendrick knees low then clubs Mansoor down. Kendrick puts Mansoor in a corner to fire off haymakers, then he backs off to run back in. Mansoor dodges but Kendrick pops him up, only for Mansoor to headscissor him away! Kendrick puts Mansoor back on the apron but Mansoor sunset flips, ONE, kip-up dropkick! Fans cheer as Kendrick goes to the apron. Mansoor grabs at Kendrick but Kendrick holds ropes. The ref backs Mansoor off but Kendrick is working on a buckle. Mansoor walks over but Kendrick hotshots the arm! And then laces the arm in the corner crossbar to KICK it! Fans cheer Kendrick’s savagery as he drags Mansoor through the ropes and to the floor. Kendrick puts the arm in the gap between barriers, to kick the arm again!

Mansoor clutches that arm while Kendrick gets into the ring. The ring count climbs but Mansoor is in at 5, and shoves Kendrick away. Kendrick spins Mansoor around to Code Breaker the arm! Kendrick stands on the bad arm as fans rally up, and Kendrick drops a knee! Mansoor gets to a corner but Kendrick grinds his boot in. Kendrick drags Mansoor out to shart arm scissor the bad arm. Fans rally up a Mansoor endures, and then bridges back to flip over. Mansoor gets free, but Kendrick blocks the kick. Kendrick throws Mansoor down, but Mansoor catches himself with his hands, but the bad arm gives out and he falls over! Mansoor sits up fast, trying to get feeling in the bad arm, but Kendrick swaggers about. Fans cheer as Kendrick laces the arm against ropes! The ref counts but Kendrick kicks the arm again. Kendrick drags Mansoor into a Fujiwara Armbar!

Fans rally up and duel again as Mansoor endures. Mansoor powers up, rolls, but Kendrick goes for the arm scissors again. Mansoor resists, rolls Kendrick up, TWO! Kendrick lets Mansoor go and gets a jawbreaker for it! Mansoor grits his teeth as he CHOPS and CHOPS with the good arm! Mansoor CHOPS again but Kendrick boots the bad arm! Mansoor uses the momentum to LARIAT back! Fans fire up as Mansoor aims from a corner. Mansoor’s kick is blocked again, and Kendrick throws him down again, but this time Mansoor uses the good arm to catch himself! Mansoor springs up to enziguri back! Mansoor hurries to roll and dead lift FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Kendrick survives Mansoor’s innovation, but Mansoor will not be deterred.

Fans rally up as Mansoor brings Kendrick up. Mansoor fireman’s carries but Kendrick fights out. Kendrick boots from the corner, cravats and climbs, but Slice Bread turns into a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Kendrick survives again but Mansoor grits his teeth. Mansoor drags Kendrick up, dragon sleeper and inverted suplex, but Kendrick slips out! Mansoor fights the full nelson off, but the Half ‘n’ Half suplex hits! Fans are loving this while both men are down! Full Sail rallies up and Kendrick drags Mansoor by his hair, into the takedown, but no Captain’s Hook! Mansoor runs, but into a powerslam! Mansoor rolls through to a cradle! Mansoor wins!!

Winner: Mansoor, by pinfall

The Man with a Plan got caught off guard and Mansoor gets another big win for his young career! If Mansoor can beat a former Cruiserweight Champion, is there promise for him in the Division?


205 Live gives us a FULL replay of the #1 Contender’s match!

NXT Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Tony Nese VS Angel Garza!

The Man of the Hour has got targets on his back from both the black ‘n’ gold and the purple ‘n’ orange. The Premier Athlete is a 205 Live pillar while the pride de La Familia de Garza looks to make himself a cornerstone of this Cruiserweight Division. Who will be meeting Lio Rush for the title in the near future?

The bell rings and Full Sail is on Garza’s side. Garza counts his own abs and sees he’s not too far off Nese’s 8-pack. The two tie up and go around into a corner. Nese and Garza both pull hair! They tell each other to let go, but Garza shoves Nese away. They go again, Nese waistlocks but Garza leg trips to a leg lock! Garza has Nese in the Trailer Hitch, but Nese slips out to cover, ONE and Garza facelocks. Nese slips out but Garza powers him over, but the two separate. Fans cheer this opening exchange! The two get up and go again, and Nese kicks to wrench Garza to the mat. Nese grinds a knee into Garza’s shoulder, but fans rally. Garza rolls up and around to wrench but Nese rolls to a waistlock and slam! Nese flexes on Garza as fans boo and jeer.

Garza and Nese get up and go again. Garza ducks to shove, hurdle but Nese leaps over. Things speed up more, Garza huricanranas! And… No! Nese denies the pants removal with a CHOP! Fans boo but Garza CHOPS back! Nese CHOPS, and Garza eggs him on! Nese CHOPS but Garza wants more. Nese trips him to throw hands but Garza turns it around to throw hands of his own. Both men break and end up in corners. Nese runs in but Garza dodges, only to walk into an elbow! Nese bumps Garza off buckles then throws body shots. Garza turns it around to put Nese up top, but Nese boots him away. Garza enziguris back! Garza climbs up to join Nese, clubs away on Nese first, then wants the superplex. Nese fights back, adjusts, sunset flip but no bomb! The pants come off!! Garza then missile dropkicks Nese down! Garza grins as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Garza fights out of Nese’s hold. Nese pulls hair again to whip Garza. Garza rolls, rebounds and forearms! Garza is rallying, and he dropkicks Nese down! Nese is reeling, and is sent to the apron. Garza sweeps to WRECK Nese with the dropkick! Garza then goes out and climbs up top, SUPER MOONSAULT! And he’s right back up! Fans cheer for “NXT! NXT!” as Garza puts Nese in. Nese misses his kick, Garza underhooks, butterfly backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Nese lives, showing that toughness that made him a champion. But Garza drags him up to slap Nese around. Nese slips under, pump handles, and scoops to a SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Nese is learning how tough Garza is, but he drags Garza up to pump handle again. Another lift, but Garza slips out to inverted gut wrench, falling lung blower!

Garza has Nese in the drop zone and fans rallying behind. Garza is up top, SHORYUKEN from Nese! Garza shoulders in but into a kick! Nese roundhouses then sweeps the legs, then slingshots. Nese fakes Garza out and cartwheels over to run into a tilt-o-whirl DDT to the floor! Nese puts Garza in, climbs up top, 450 SPLASH! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Garza knew where he was and Nese can’t believe it! Nese drags Garza up and chops, but Garza CHOPS. Nese haymakers but so does Garza. Garza gets an edge, but Nese ROCKS him at the ropes. Nese runs into a SUPERKICK! Garza spins Nese, but they both CHOP! Both men are stinging, but Nese back drops Garza at the ropes. But perhaps too close, as Garza rebounds to powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Nese lives but Garza won’t stop!

Garza puts Nese in a drop zone, corner LIONSAULT! But Garza catches Nese’s boots, and sits him up to mule kick! Garza underhooks, lifts, Wing Clipper! Cover, Garza wins!!

Winner: Angel Garza, by pinfall; NEW #1 Contender to the NXT Cruiserweight Championship

The butterfly sit-out driver is what grounds Nese and now Garza is going for gold! But Lio Rush appears to meet his new challenger face-to-face. Lio offers a handshake, saying he looks forward to this match. Garza SLAPS Lio instead! Lio manages to laugh it off. But will Lio give that back in spades on next week’s NXT?


Danny Burch is on his way back to 205 Live!

“I didn’t come from much.” Born and raised in the east end of London, Burch is proud to have fought, scratched and clawed for his opportunities. From NXT to NXT UK and the Cruiserweight Division, Burch has hit hard but has yet to hit the big time. 15 years of business is a lifetime of experience, will that be the difference maker when Burch fights his way back up?


Lio Rush VS Raul Mendoza!

The Man of the Hour managed to laugh off the bold slap from his new contender, but he does want to send a message of his own. Can Lio make it 2-0 against Mendoza? Or will Mendoza get back to the Mendoza Line while adding his name to the title hunt?

The bell rings and Mendoza rushes Lio but Lio hops over. Lio kicks but is blocked and Mendoza flips him. Lio lands on his feet and things speed up already. Lio redirects on a dime, but Mendoza still gets him with a running enziguri! Lio bails out, Mendoza FLIES! The corkscrew splash takes Lio out and fans chant for “205! 205!” Mendoza puts Lio in, dodges the handspring kick, and then springboards to missile dropkick! Mendoza drags Lio up, twisting suplex! Mendoza LIONSAULTS! Cover, TWO!! Lio survives but Mendoza grins as he stalks Lio to a corner. Mendoza drags Lio up, and CHOPS! Lio staggers away but Mendoza says “I want your championship!” Lio hits back with haymakers and kicks, then whips, but Mendoza slips out. Lio stops himself, Mendoza leaps over, but Lio enziguris back! Lio hurries up top but Mendoza leaps to enziguri again! Cover, TWO!

Mendoza drags Lio out and turns him around. Mendoza hooks the legs and pulls the arm, Romero Special surfboard! And Mendoza starts rolling with it! Mendoza then pulls Lio back with a chinlock modification, but Lio fights back. Fans rally and duel as Lio pops free. Mendoza drags Lio up to suplex again, but Lio slips out to waistlock. Standing switches back and forth, Lio rolls Mendoza, TWO! Lio rolls again, handsprings to a spinning enziguri! Mendoza is down and Lio catches his breath but Full Sail does not slow down with their chanting. Lio and Mendoza stand and Lio throws counter punches. Lio shoves, runs to ram his shoulder in, but Mendoza knees back. Mendoza whips, Lio rebounds to whip back and rally with clotheslines! Lio whips again, but Mendoza reverses, handspring back elbow hits!

Mendoza goes to the apron as Lio kips up, and Lio handspring kicks Mendoza down! Lio LOWPES! Direct hit wipes Mendoza out, but Lio grits his teeth as he drags Mendoza up and in. Lio runs, basement springboards, for the COME UP! Cover, TWO!! Lio is frustrated and he glares at Mendoza as he stirs. Fans rally up again and Lio gives a Yes Kick! Mendoza grits his teeth so Lio kicks again. Mendoza catches the leg, grabs Lio, Fisherman Buster! Cover, TWO!! Lio lives and Mendoza is shocked! But Mendoza puts Lio in a drop zone and fans fire up as he climbs. Mendoza Phoenix Splash! But he bails out and rolls as Lio evades! Mendoza turns around, catches Lio, but Lio escapes the swing only to get a ROUNDHOUSE! Mendoza runs, into a mule kick and heel kick! Lio chicken wings and spins Mendoza, sidewinder Unprettier! Cover, Lio wins!!

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall

The Champion of the Hour turns the Hands of Time to get another win! Mendoza keeps coming so close, but what will it take for him to break through? As for Lio, will he still have his newly won Cruiserweight Championship after going head-to-head with Angel Garza?



My Thoughts:

I’m very confused. Why didn’t 205 Live join SmackDown for the UK tour? Did WWE think it wasn’t feasible to send the Cruiserweights over for just Friday? Was there no way to line things up with the Cruiserweights of NXT UK? Will we ever get an answer to it? Because clearly, they didn’t have a lot prepared for this episode staying in the states. We had a full replay from NXT to fill for time. Why? Does NXT not have any other Cruiserweight Division stars? They couldn’t whip up an interview promo for Lio or Garza or both? This just exposes that 205 Live got gutted by the previous WWE Draft to bring Carrillo, Tozawa, Gulak and Lucha House Party completely out of the roster. And other than Carrillo, what have the others even gotten to do? Fill up a battle royal and lose? Well, this was just the one night so maybe things get right with next week.

What we did get was a lot of fun, though. Mansoor VS Kendrick was good, and it was smart that while Mansoor wins, it wasn’t with a finisher. He gets a quick win, and Kendrick’s promo about “earning the right to be a professional wrestler” could definitely steer itself towards Mansoor. Good to see a Danny Burch vignette, I wonder if this new phase in 205 Live can be Burch’s way to a title. He’s always come up short in both NXT and NXT UK, so if a Heel takes the Cruiserweight title, perhaps Burch can give them a go. Then Lio VS Mendoza in a rematch from last week, what a great match! This was practically a title match in itself, but Lio wins to roll his way into NXT’s title match. Lio VS Garza is going to be great, it will definitely have all the time it deserves as opposed to the shortened PPV Kickoff Show matches the title has gotten. I feel like it’d be a 51-49 split, Lio retains.

My Score: 7.9/10

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