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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (11/20/19)

Onward to Survivor Series Weekend!



NEW NXT Coverage

The door is wide open! Who will drop by Full Sail?

Triple H’s NXT army ravaged Raw, and now he welcomes any and all who want to fight back! Will Raw and SmackDown respond this close to the war that is Survivor Series?



  • Becky Lynch VS Rhea Ripley; No Contest.
  • Kona Reeves Ricochet VS Matt Riddle; Riddle wins.
  • The Undisputed Era VS The Revival; The Undisputed Era wins.
  • Kay Lee Ray VS Dakota Kai; KLR wins.
  • The Viking Raiders VS The Forgotten Sons; The Viking Raiders win.
  • Ladder Match: Adam Cole VS Dominik Dijakovic; Cole wins advantage for his team in WarGames.


GM William Regal waits at the entrance.

And who walks in through Full Sail’s “open doors”? BECKY LYNCH! The Man is back on NXT! And she heads right for the ring! The Raw Women’s Champion has answered the open challenge and Full Sail is happy she did! Becky has the mic and hears the fans chant her name. “It’s been awhile.” Becky remembers walking down the ramp. She remembers sitting in the one corner, defeated, while fans sang her song. “It’s been awhile since you’ve watched me kick someone’s ass here live!” But the wait is over, because Becky is issuing an open challenge right back! HHH sent out the open invitation, but she was going to show up anyway.

For weeks now it has been Champ VS Champ VS Champ. Bayley cries like a teenage girl with an old lady haircut, saying she’s overshadowed. Bayley, you destroyed all the Bayley Buddies except for the blue-haired one holding you back! It is not Becky’s fault that Bayley is a champ while Becky’s THE Champ! And speaking of champs, Shayna shows up to Raw to “introduce” herself. Fans sing “Shayna’s gonna kill~ you!” Becky likes the sound of that. Becky is here to remind Shayna who the hell The Man is! Fans like the sound of that! Becky doesn’t need to run and hide. “Mary and Jessica” can join Shayna if it helps Shayna feel safe. But Becky is on Shayna’s show in her ring, what’s she gonna do about it?!

But it isn’t Shayna, it’s RHEA RIPLEY that answers the call! The original NXT UK Women’s Champion and the other WarGames captain makes her way out. Fans are loving this showdown already! The Mosh Pit Kid has herself a mic and the song changes to “Rhea’s gonna kill~ you!” “So you’re the Man?” Rhea wants to see if Becky has a set of balls. Fans are even more excited, and this match is happening right now!

Becky Lynch VS Rhea Ripley!

The bell rings and it’s on! The two tie up and Rhea powers Becky to a corner. Rhea lets up and Becky gets away to circle with her again. They tie up, Rhea headlocks but Becky powers out. Things speed up, Becky forearms Rhea down! Rhea bails out and fans are divided. Becky slides but into an Electric Chair thrown into the apron! Rhea shouts “Welcome to my show!” as NXT goes picture in picture.

Rhea drags Becky up to put her back in the ring. Rhea sees Becky get to a corner and storms over, but Becky hits back. Rhea throws big body shots and clubbing forearms in return. Rhea clubs Becky more, drags Becky up and throws her down by her hair. She stalks Becky to ropes and brings her up, to throw her into buckles. Rhea goes to throw Becky at buckles again but Becky turns it around to bump Rhea off them! Becky fires forearms and goes to bump Rhea off more buckles, but Rhea turns things back around on Becky! Rhea stomps away on Becky but the ref counts. Rhea lets up but Becky elbows back! Becky throws uppercuts, but Rhea blocks one! Rhea cravats Becky for repeated knee strikes to the head! Then snapmares for the basement dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Rhea keeps her cool as she stalks Becky to the ropes. Rhea chokes Becky but lets up at the ref’s count. Rhea throws big forearms on Becky then an overhand CHOP. Rhea throws Becky down and then turns her around for a thrashing chinlock. Becky endures, fights her way up, but Rhea wrangles her back down. Rhea grinds Becky down but Becky fights up again. Becky fights out with body shots but Rhea throws her down by her hair again. Cover, but Becky Matrix slides out to mule kick back! Becky gets to a corner but Rhea runs in, to miss! Becky runs back in but Rhea pushes her away, to then dropkick her down! Cover, TWO! Rhea grows frustrated while NXT returns to single picture.

Rhea toys with Becky as fans rally up. Becky throws body shots and forearms back! Rhea kicks and clubs Becky then whips her. Becky turns it around but Rhea reverses back. Rhea runs in but gets a kick! Becky keeps kicking, then climbs up top. Rhea staggers but haymakers Becky back! Then TOSSES her off the top rope! Becky clutches her back but slips out of the scoop to hit an inverted DDT! Both women are down but fans are cheering “NXT! NXT!” for giving us this great match. A standing count begins but the two women stir. Rhea and Becky head for each other at 6 and start brawling from the mat. They throw forearms as they slowly rise, and those turn to haymakers. Becky blocks to counter punch! Becky back kicks then runs, into a pop-up flapjack! Rhea covers, TWO! Rhea is furious but she won’t let up.

Rhea looms over Becky and drags her up, but Becky cradle counters! TWO, Rhea blocks a kick but not the enziguri! Becky hops up, for The Man’s Leg Drop! Cover, TWO!! Rhea survives, showing Becky why she’s the original United Kingdom Women’s Champion. Fans are dueling as Becky gets back up. Becky waits for Rhea to get up, and she goes after the arm! Rhea whips Becky off, follows and rolls her up, TWO, into DISARM-HER! Rhea reaches, powers up and around to get the ropebreak! But then she dead lifts Becky up, but Becky turns the powerbomb into a headscissors! Becky runs in at Rhea, but Rhea puts her on the apron. Becky forearms back then climbs again. Rhea rocks her with a right! Rhea climbs up, clubs away, but Becky hits back. Rhea still gets Becky up to the very top, for a SUPERPLEX! Fans are loving “NXT! NXT!” while both women are down and writhing.

But here comes Shayna and her Horsewomen! They couldn’t resist a chance to attack two birds with one stone!

No Contest

Shayna, Jessamyn and Marina beat Becky down and get her out of the ring. Then they focus on their WarGames opponent, only for Becky to return! Becky fights off Shayna, and then Marina and Jessamyn are alone with them! Becksploder and an atomic FACEBUSTER! The Queen of Spades is in retreat, but will she be able to focus on one event while worrying about the other?


Kona Reeves VS Matt Riddle!

The Finest is back after a long hiatus, but he gets WRECKED with a dropkick outta nowhere by RICOCHET! The King of Flight is back in Full Sail, too! Raw’s real-life superhero doesn’t care about The Finest, but he might reconsider given it’s The Bro he’ll be up against now. Will Ricochet gain momentum and retribution for Raw? Or will Riddle be all revved up and ready to face the rrrrreeeal Finn Balor?

Ricochet VS Matt Riddle!

The bell rings on this new match, and Ricochet dodges the Final Flash to mule kick and whip. Riddle reverses but Ricochet rolls off his back to handspring and headscissor. Kip up and dropkick! Riddle bails out but Ricochet DIVES! Tope somersault hits! Ricochet drags Riddle into the ring and then standing shooting stars, into a triangle hold! Ricochet flails, rolls around, and dead lifts. Riddle lets go to get an Alabama but Ricochet sunset flips. Riddle rolls through but the Penalty Kick and moonsault miss. The Broton hits! Ricochet crawls to a corner as Full Sail fires up again. Riddle runs side to side to forearm smash! And again! Then a BROSPLODER! Cover, TWO! Riddle keeps his cool as he watches Ricochet roll and writhe.

Riddle kicks Ricochet while he’s down then drags him up again. Ricochet forearms but Riddle haymakers. Riddle lifts but Ricochet slips out. Ricochet bobs ‘n’ weaves, but Riddle avoids a clothesline. Riddle ripcords but Ricochet breaks free, Riddle leaps up but into a Northern Lights! Ricochet floats over to dead lift into a twisting suplex! Standing shooting star hits! Cover, TWO! Ricochet takes a moment to catch his breath then put Riddle in a drop zone. Fans rally and duel as Ricochet climbs. Ricochet Phoenix Splashes but has to roll out! He uppercuts Riddle back but Riddle SUPER FOREARMS! SUPERKICK from Ricochet! FINAL FLASH KNEE! Dropkick-flip to enziguri! Dead lift German Suplex!! Both men are down and Full Sail is thunderous! “This is Awesome!”

But wait, another opportunity that a common enemy can’t pass up! SMACKDOWN appears! Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro are here, but they take too long on the ambush and each get a knee trigger! Then Riddle goes at Ricochet, roundhouse but Ricochet ducks it, only for Riddle to reel Ricochet into a crucifix cover! Riddle wins!!

Winner: Matt Riddle, by pinfall

But the Swiss Cyborg and King of Strong Style attack! They stomp away on Riddle and Ricochet as Full Sail boos. Cesaro keeps Ricochet in the corner but Riddle FINAL FLASH knees Shinsuke! Cesaro EuroUppers Riddle but Ricochet puts him on the apron. Cesaro hits back but gets a triangle Final Flash! Cesaro ends up all the way out past the railing, but Ricochet springboards for a HUGE crossbody to the outside!! Full Sail loses their minds but the fight continues in the ring! Shinsuke gets Riddle with the feint to heel kick! Then from the corner, Shinsuke aims, YAO~ But Roderick Strong attacks Shinsuke! The North American Champion couldn’t let the Intercontinental Champion pass! But then Riddle ROUNDHOUSES Strong!

Wait, Finn Balor goes after Riddle! They brawl, Balor trips Riddle and rains down rights. Riddle boots Balor off him to fire off, but Balor boots back and trips him up, DOUBLE STOMPS! Then, BLOODY SUN- NO! Riddle slips out, ripcords, FINAL FLASH! Balor gets away, but is he in for a bloody Saturday on behalf of the Bro?


The Undisputed Era VS The Revival!

While the faction as a whole is getting ready for WarGames, reDRagon are the NXT Tag Team Champions and need to be ready for Survivor Series. Will Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish use Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder as warm-ups for the weekend?

The teams sort out and fans are dueling as Dawson starts against Kyle. Kyle already drops down to use a leg guard, but Dawson doesn’t play along. Kyle gets up and ties up with Dawson, and the two go around. Kyle puts Dawson in a  corner but backs off, to shove hard. So Dawson CHOPS harder! Dash even mocks the leg guard stance. Kyle and Dawson tie up and Dawson headlocks, but Kyle powers him to the Undisputed corner. Dawson gets out as Fish and Kyle give chase. They go back into the ring and Dash is there to back Dawson up. The two teams stand off and reDRagon bails out to regroup. Fans still duel as The Revival backs off.

Fish gets in and Dawson tags Dash. Dash circles with Fish but Dawson gives some quick pointers. Dash and Fish approach and Fish gives some quick kicks. Dash goes after Fish but gets a knee. Tag to Kyle but Dash CHOPS away on reDRagon! And EuroUppers, too! But Kyle grabs an arm and Fish knees low. Dawson saves Dash from the double suplex, but reDRagon ducks double clotheslines. The Revival duck double roundhouses, and we have another stand off! Full Sail loves it! Because the brawl is on! Fish shoves Dawson and tackles him out while Dash and Kyle suplex themselves out on the other end! All four men are down as NXT goes to break!

NXT returns as Kyle powers out of Dash’s headlock, Fish tagging from behind. Things speed up and Dash hits Fish. Dash clotheslines Kyle and ducks Fish, only to get Fish’s back elbow! Fish puts Dash in the corner to fire off fast hands and grind in a knee! The ref backs Fish off but Fish is all fired up. Fish goes back to tag Kyle, and Kyle kicks away on Dash. Fans still duel as Kyle kicks away. Tag to Fish and reDRagon brings Dash up for that double suplex. Fish covers, ONE, but Fish keeps between Dash and Dawson. Fish drags Dash up to muay thai knee. Fish snapmares Dash down to senton atomico! Fish taunts Dawson but then forearm Dash to the corner. Tag to Kyle but Dash fights back! Kyle tackles Dash down to ground ‘n’ pound! Kyle kicks Dash then rolls him away for clubbing elbows and heavy knees. Kyle runs to slide a knee into the ribs! And he keeps Dash down with a facelock.

Fans rally up and Dash powers Kyle back! Kyle knees away on Dash, then tags Fish. Fish wraps Dash up in body scissors and throws clubbing crossface forearms. Dash is protecting his head but Fish squeezes the ribs. Fish still wraps on a chinlock but Dash endures. Dash grabs at hair but Fish won’t let go. Fish crossface forearms again and again, then drags Dash up for a standing facelock. But Dash gets the ropebreak! Fish lets up, and Dash flops out of the ring! Tag to Kyle and he kicks Dash in the back! Dash CHOPS back! Kyle kicks again and again, then puts Dash in to drop knees. Cover, TWO! Kyle drags Dash up as fans rally. Dash hits back but Kyle knees low. Dash comes back to inside cradle, TWO! Kyle knees Dash down hard! Tag to Fish and he drags Dash up for more knees. Fish headlocks but Dash back suplexes him down! Both men are down but fans rally up!

Dash crawls but Fish anchors a leg. Dash boots Fish away, but Fish tags Kyle! Kyle runs in at Dash but is put on the apron. Kyle dropkicks Dawson for good measure, and Fish goes after Dash. Dash throws big hands on Fish, then runs, but into a pop-up double kick! Then staggers into CHASING THE DRAGON! Cover, TWO!! Dash survives and Kyle is furious! Fans rally up, Kyle runs in to basement dropkick Dash out of the ring. Kyle aims from the apron, flying knee knocks Dash down! Dash is in a daze as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns as Dash fights out of Kyle’s headlock. Kyle knees back and fires off more strikes. Dash hops the sweep to headlock but Kyle powers out, to leap into Dash’s powerslam! Fans fire up again as Dash and Kyle crawl for corners! Hot tag to Fish and he runs in, only for Dash to dump him out! Kyle goes after Dawson but Dawson ducks. Kyle turns around into Dash’s huricanrana?! Tag to Dawson! Dawson DECKS Fish then puts him in the ring. Kyle slingshots, his Pescado FLOPS! Dawson goes after Fish with jabs and haymakers! Dawson whips Fish, Fish dodges but gets a big dropkick! Fans fire up as Dawson drags Fish up to whip. Fish reverses, kicks back and forearms Dawson down. Dawson goes to a corner and elbows back. Kyle runs in but is put on the apron. Dawson knocks Kyle down, running neckbreaker on Fish! Dawson heads up top, a rare move from this team, for the FALLING HEADBUTT! Cover, TWO!!

Dawson keeps his cool as Fish bails out. Fans are loving this display of “Tag Team Wrestling!” as Dawson suplexes Fish back in. Fish slips out and waistlocks, O’Conner roll, TWO! Into Dash’s uppercut! Dawson BRAIN BUSTERS! Cover, TWO!! Fish still lives! Dawson catches his breath while resting in a corner. The fans still duel as Dawson calls Dash in. The Revival aim at Fish, copying their old rivals, DIY! But Kyle gets in and takes the double knee attack for Fish! But Fish is alone, Dash runs in but is tossed out! Fish dodges Dawson and lets him hit buckles! Fish goes up top, but Dawson rocks him with a right! Dawson CHOPS Fish then climbs up top. Kyle helps Fish stay on the corner but Dash comes over. Fish fights Dawson off with forearms and Kyle kicks Dash. And again! And again! But Dash gets Kyle with an apron DDT!

Dash goes at Fish but Fish kicks him away. Dawson goes up top again, Dash tags in, SUPERPLEX! Dash is up top, FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Fish survives again! Full Sail is thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” all over again! Dash grits his teeth as he drags Fish up. Dash Electric Chairs Fish and Dawson tags in. Fish starts fighting out and shoves Dash out. Fish goes to kick Dawson’s legs but Dawson leaps over, inadvertently hitting Fish in the face with a foot! Both men are down after that one, but especially Dawson with a bad leg. Fish gets up and spins Dawson around to fire off strikes. Dawson rocks Fish with a right! Uppercut, but then Fish Samoan Drops Dawson! Fish calls for Kyle, and reDRagon regroups. They go after Dawson, Fish runs, but Dash pushes Kyle out of the way! Fish runs into SHATTER MACHINE!! Cover, but Kyle yanks Dawson off it!

Kyle wrecks Dawson into railing and Dash into a post! Fans are dueling strong as ever as Kyle lines up a shot. Kyle knees Dash into the timekeeper! Kyle puts Dawson into the ring, then climbs up top. SUPER KNEE DROP on the back! Cover, TWO!?! Dawson survives that?! Fans hope these two “Fight Forever!” Kyle and Dawson are slow to stand, but Kyle knees hard. Ax and SMASH! Cover, TWO!! Dawson still lives and Kyle is frustrated further. Fans build to a rally as Kyle tags Fish in. They drag Dawson up, but Dawson fights out. Kyle and Dawson both evade strikes, but Dawson fakes Kyle out into a DDT! Fish knees Dawson now, but Dawson cradle counters, TWO! Fish kicks, punches, punches and kicks Dawson down!

Tag back to Kyle and reDRagon wants to finally end this. Dawson sees Dash crawling up, and Dawson tells reDRagon to “Kiss my ass!” He gets TOTAL ANNIHILATION! Cover, reDRagon wins!

Winners: The Undisputed Era, Kyle O’Reilly pinning

The NXT Tag Team Champions stand tall for Team NXT as well as the Undisputed Era! Will they be able to survive WarGames for a third year in a row to then make it to Survivor Series?


There’s something going outside in the plaza!

The Raw Tag Team Champions, the Viking Raiders, are here! And they’re wanting after the Forgotten Sons, if not for security standing between them all. Erik and Ivar want after Cutler, Blake and Ryker and vice-versa, but will these two teams of savages get at each other in a match?


WarGames history is being made!

That’s because a Women’s WarGames match is finally happening! Rhea recruited Tegan Nox, Candice LeRae and Mia Yim while Shayna Baszler has Io Shirai, Bianca Belair and NXT UK Women’s Champion, Kay Lee Ray. Shayna says everyone was picking a fight with her so bad, it has led to this. Rhea says that in Chicago, they’ll lock it down. The brawls we’ve had so far will not compare. Shayna equates it to a “two year old’s tantrum” but Rhea won’t be cutting in line in front of the Evil Genius, EST or KLR. Rhea says Shayna just thinks she has a tough team, but the Shiniest Wizard, Mrs. Wrestling and the Head Baddie have shown what tough means. Io Shirai is manic over this historic match! WarGames isn’t about friendships, it’s about risk versus reward. But it’s Rhea’s team that’s locked inside with Shayna’s, and her fearsome foursome hold the keys to the entire future of the NXT Women’s Division. “let’s make some history, and let’s go to war.”


Kay Lee Ray VS Dakota Kai!

Speaking of the NXT UK Women’s Champion, she’s willing to take on Captain Kick as a warm-up for WarGames. But will Dakota kickstart her way to a title match if she wins here?

The bell rings and Dakota goes right at KLR! KLR shoves her away but he superkick is blocked. Dakota headbutts KLR to a corner! Then goes Around the World, only to get caught! KLR gets Dakota up fast, but Dakota turns Gory Bomb into DESTROYER! Cover, TWO! KLR gets to a corner, Dakota runs over but KLR puts her on the apron. Dakota drops down to drag KLR out, around and BOOT her back in! Fans fire up for Dakota as she gets in and covers, TWO! Dakota keeps her cool and drags KLR up to a fireman’s carry. But KLR slips out to SUPERKICK Dakota’s arm! Then SUPERKICK the back of her head! KLR puts Dakota on ropes to club her down! KLR stomps away on Dakota in the corner, but the ref backs her off at 4.

Fans boo Scary Queen of Scots, but she’s back on Dakota with a snap suplex! Cover, TWO, but KLR argues with the ref. KLR drags Dakota up to whip her to a corner. Dakota slips up and rolls KLR, TWO! KLR kicks low then suplexes to a gourd buster! Cover, TWO! KLR grows frustrated as she looms over Dakota. She drags Dakota up to grind her boot on the bad leg. The ref counts and KLR lets up at 4 but with an evil grin. KLR comes back but Dakota fights her off. KLR clubs Dakota down, stomps her around, then toys with her. Dakota hits back but KLR stomps her down again. KLR drags Dakota up to put her in a corner with a buckle bump. KLR CHOPS Dakota, but Dakota CHOPS back! KLR kicks low then fires off hands. KLR puts the bad leg on the ropes and pulls! Fans boo and KLR lets up at 4.

KLR returns but Dakota bumps KLR off buckles! Dakota gets away, and DOUBLE STOMPS KLR down! Fans fire up with Dakota as KLR rises. Dakota dodges a clothesline to give a clothesline! Dakota redirects and shotgun dropkicks KLR down! Dakota gives kicks to KLR’s face over and over. Then she goes to the apron, but KLR counters the forearm with a SLAP! Dakota staggers away, KLR goes out, but Dakota sends KLR into steel steps! Then BOOTS her against the apron! Dakota puts KLR in and covers, TWO!! KLR lives and Dakota grows frustrated. Dakota drags KLR up, though she’s dead weight. KLR cradle counters, TWO!! Dakota BOOTS KLR again! Then fireman’s carry, but KLR rakes the face! SUPERKICK! Chicken wings, GORY BOMB! Cover, KLR wins!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray, by pinfall

The NXT UK Women’s Champion rolls on towards WarGames! Shayna’s team is double tough and double golden, will having this ace on her team help the Queen of Spades trump Team Rhea?

But wait, the Princess of Staten Island is here! And she’s moonwalking on the apron! So that KLR doesn’t see Sonya Deville before the SPEAR! Meanwhile, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke drag Dakota up. Dana sets Dakota up for a FABULOUS Kick! But here comes the rest of Team Shayna! Bianca Belair and Io Shirai go after Dana, Carmella and Fire & Desire! But then, so does Team Rhea’s Tegan, Candice and Mia! Fighting a common enemy unites the two teams! But speaking of common enemies, here comes TEAM RAW! Sarah Logan, Natalya and Kairi Sane add to the mix! Kairi gets Tegan down in a drop zone, anchors aweigh with the InSANE Elbow! But oh no! Former friends, Kairi and Io, lock eyes! They never thought they’d meet like this. But then Sarah and Natty go after Shirai!

Wait, that’s Nikki Cross! She has a trash can lid and just starts SMACKING enemy superstars! She gets in the ring and goes after everyone in there, too! Rhea has returned to fight with her team, only for Nikki to SMACK her! Nikki clears the ring! And Full Sail loves it all either way! With action this wild, which women’s quintet conquers the rest?


The Viking Raiders VS The Forgotten Sons!

The showdown of savages is happening, after all! Erik and Ivar never did lose those NXT Tag Team Championships, but they’re returning to Full Sail the Raw Tag Team Champions. Will they be rolling on towards that tag team triple threat? Or will Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler make the Raiders remember them forever?

The teams sort out, and Erik shotgun KNEES Blake out of the ring! Erik then hip tosses Cutler in, to run him over! Tag to Ivar, scoop slam! And then Ivar is the human weapon, scoop slam senton! Blake gets back in but he gets caught! Gut wrench powerbomb to a WARBEARD SPLASH! Cover, but Cutler breaks it! Erik throws Cutler out hard, Ivar drags Blake up. Fans chant “War! War!” as Ivar fires off on Blake with hands. Tag to Erik, and Erik drags Ivar up for a big knee to the gut! Then he suplexes, but Blake slips out. Cutler tags in as Erik bucks Blake off. Cutler stops the Exploder, Blake has Erik around the head, Cutler goes up top. Missile dropkick Complete Shot combo! Cover, TWO!

Cutler stomps Erik and drags him up for a mudhole stomp. Cutler whips and elbows Erik down, then suplexes him up and over. Cover, TWO! Cutler stomps Erik down, and chokes Erik on the ropes. Cutler lets up at 4 but Blake gets a cheap shot in. Cutler brings Erik up for body shots but Erik fights back! Erik throws big elbows and forearms, and rocks the Forgotten Sons. Cutler redirects Erik, Erik goes up and over to roll and tag Ivar! Ivar rallies on Cutler with big hands and back hands! He whips Cutler but Cutler reverses. Ivar tumbles out to forearm Cutler back. Blake runs over to get clothesline’d in to the ring! But Ryker yanks Ivar off the apron! And Cutler KNEES Ivar down! The Forgotten Sons’ number advantage is at work as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns as Erik endures a chinlock from Cutler. Fans rally up and Erik fights up to ROCK Cutler with that right! Hot tags to Blake and Ivar! Ivar back drops Blake! Sidewalk slam for Cuter! BASEMENT CROSSBODY! Ivar runs to splash Blake and Erik tags in. Ivar goes corner to corner to bronco bust Cutler! Erik uses Ivar as a weapon again, hip attack! Erik urenages Cutler hard! Tag to Ivar, and they have Blake, springboard lariat GERMAN! Blake flounders but Ivar covers, Ryker rigs the ropebreak! Fans boo and Erik confronts the big guns. But Cutler throws Erik into a post! Blake chop blocks Ivar, but he can’t get Ivar up in the bomb. He almost gets Ivar up but Ivar slips out. Ivar whips Blake but Cutler tags in. Blake gets caught up in the ropes but it helps him avoid the heel kick. Ivar whips him but Blake DIVES onto Erik! Cutler BACKSTABBERS Ivar!

Tag to Blake, Cutler helps Blake get Ivar up for the Backstabber Bomb! Cover, TWO!! Ivar survives and fans rally up again. Blake tags Cutler and the Forgotten Sons work together. Ivar gives Cutler a seated senton! Then he dodges to tag in Erik! Erik has Blake for an EXPLODER! Erik clotheslines Cutler out then DIVES into Ryker’s forearm! Cutler capitalizes, fireman’s carry, Death Valley Driver to the apron! Cutler throws Erik in, covers, TWO!! Erik somehow survives, but now Ryker gets on the apron. But the referee isn’t having it! The referee EJECTS Ryker! Ryker argues but Ivar DIVES onto him! The Warbeard wrecks the Gunner! But Cutler rolls Erik up, TWO! Ace Ten MAO! Ivar returns and tags back in. They haul Cutler up but Blake goes after Ivar. Cutler fights Erik, Blake SUPER STEINERS Ivar onto Cutler and Erik!

Blake regroups with Cutler in their corner while the Raiders regroup by theirs. The Raiders and Forgotten Sons brawl all out! Erik and Ivar rock Blake and Cutler, but Blake rebounds to LARIAT Erik inside-out! Ivar BOOTS Blake, but Cutler cartwheels! But so does Ivar! Ivar and the Forgotten Sons all cartwheel! But it’s Ivar who runs them over, to handspring DOUBLE back elbow! Tag to Erik, they have Cutler, THOR’S HAMMER! Cover, the Viking Raiders win!

Winners: The Viking Raiders, Erik pinning

This is one match Full Sail is happy to see the invaders win! The Raw Tag Team Champions had a victorious return, but will they continue that warpath through Survivor Series?


Cathy Kelley has big news!

The massive melee between Pete Dunne, Killian Dain and Damien Priest is going to come to a head at WarGames in a Triple Threat match, and the winner will be the #1 Contender to THE NXT Championship, at Survivor Series! But if you asked said champion, Adam Cole believes this is just “bad timing” for them. This run Cole is on is unstoppable. He will arrive at Chicago champion and vows to leave as champion. Who between Bruiserweight, Beast of Belfast and brutal Archer of Infamy will be the one to go after the cocky leader of the Undisputed Era?


Ladder Match: Adam Cole VS Dominik Dijakovic!

The Undisputed Era is the faction that practically brought WarGames back, as they’ve been part of the first two. The third time is no different, but it does help if the Undisputed Era can have the advantage. With Team Ciampa still not complete, can Cole put a nail in the coffin by winning this match? Or will the Croatian Colossus climb up higher than ever before to make sure their future fourth man will have an even bigger impact?

The bell rings and Cole goes right after Dijakovic! He stomps away on Dijakovic in the corner, then hurries away. But Dijakovic comes back with CLUBBING forearms! Cole hits back but Dijakovic DECKS him! Dijakovic throws elbows from all sides, then smashes Cole’s face with a knee. Dijakovic spins to DISCUS! Fans chant “Feast Your Eyes!” as Dijakovic skips the ladder that’s present to get a ladder from under the ring. Dijakovic brings that ladder up, but Cole dropkicks it into him! Dijakovic avoids getting a broken nose like Mia Yim, but Cole takes his ladder to put it in. Cole hurries to get the ladder up but Dijakovic returns to CYCLONE BOOT the ladder into him! The ladder pins Cole down, but Dijakovic lifts it, to SLAM IT onto him!

Dijakovic puts the ladder in a corner and then whips Cole into it! The ladder even falls over onto Cole! Cole clutches his leg but Dijakovic drags the ladder up. Dijakovic stands the ladder up, climbs up already, but Cole yanks him down to throw a forearm. Dijakovic does the same thing back! Dijakovic climbs but Cole hurries up to SUPERKICK out the legs! Dijakovic clutches his own bad leg, but Cole takes it and swings it into the post! And again! And again! Cole shows no mercy to Dijakovic as NXT goes picture in picture.

Cole watches Dijakovic writhe while going for the big ladder by the ramp. Cole puts this ladder in, but then sees Dijakovic get up. Cole BOOTS Dijakovic down, and then folds up the standing ladder. No sense in giving Dijakovic an easy way to win. Cole SLAMS the ladder on Dijakovic’s back! Dijakovic writhes while Cole wedges that ladder in a corner. Cole brings Dijakovic over, but Dijakovic blocks the suplex! Dijakovic says “TIME TO FLY!” and suplex TOSSES Cole in the other direction! Cole bails out of the ring while Dijakovic picks up the extra big ladder. Dijakovic stands this ladder up, and it’s so tall, it’s practically touching the briefcase. But Cole brings out a third ladder and hurries to get it in the ring.

Dijakovic climbs but he sees Cole coming. Dijakovic hops down to stop Cole. They fight over that third ladder, and Dijakovic rams it into Cole’s stomach. Dijakovic wedges this third ladder into another corner. Then he makes it a bridge between the corner and the standing ladder. Dijakovic choke grips and lifts, but Cole fights out with elbows! Cole backs Dijakovic down but Dijakovic wrenches, kicks and ELBOWS. Dijakovic sees the first ladder, “TIME TO FLY!” But Cole turns it into Last Shot Ushigoroshi! Fans are fired up for “NXT! NXT!” as Cole heads up the standing ladder. But Dijakovic clamps his hand on again! Cole hammers back but Dijakovic still CHOKE SLAMS Cole onto the first ladder!! Fans chant “MAMMA MIA!” as Cole writhes in agony!

Dijakovic is up and he heads up top. Cole hurries to anchor a foot, but Dijakovic hops down to torture rack. Cole fights with fists, and then gets to the ladder! He is already halfway up and reaching for the briefcase! Dijakovic yanks Cole off, but Cole uses it for a PANAMA SUNRISE! Full Sail is fired up all over again as Dijakovic flops out of the ring. Cole sees his opening and scurries up top! Cole is almost there but Dijakovic returns! Dijakovic clubs Cole down and has the torture rack, FEAST YOUR EYES! But that turns out double-edged for Dijakovic’s bad leg! Fans rally up and Dijakovic hobbles up. The ladder bridge helps him get up part of the way. Dijakovic has to hop rather than climb, but Cole returns! Cole gets up and they both grab at the briefcase! Cole uses the case to SMASH Dijakovic in the head! And then Dijakovic falls through the ladder bridge!! Cole unhooks the briefcase, COLE WINS!

Winner: Adam Cole; The Undisputed Era have WarGames Advantage

And he didn’t even need the Undisputed Era to help him! Now Cole, Strong, Fish & O’Reilly will have the leg up on Dijakovic, Tommaso Ciampa, and Keith Lee. The Undisputed Era come out to celebrate with Cole, but the SmackDown superstars have regrouped. As have the Raw superstars, which include Zack Ryder and the Street Profits! The Undisputed Era is surrounded, and the fight is on! SmackDown and Raw put the Undisputed Era down, and then go after each other! But then more NXT superstars appear! This is a lot like what Raw was like! But wait, is that Drew McIntyre?! He gives Dijakovic a CLAYMORE!! And he says “SUCK IT!”

But Keith Lee gets in, and McIntyre turns around for a SPIRIT BOMB!! But Ivar circles with Lee now. But instead of brawling with each other, they both see the chaotic crowd of other superstars outside the ring. These two behemoths build speed and they BOTH FLY!! The Limitless One and the Warbeard bowl over Raw, SmackDown, and NXT! Cole pops out, grinning that he’s the last one standing. But then he turns around, and it’s SETH ROLLINS! SUPERKICK! Full Sail erupts with both cheers and boos as Rollins stomps “Burn It Down!” Rollins aims at Cole, but here comes Ciampa! The Psycho Killer is here, because this is Daddy’s Home. Rollins wants Ciampa to bring the fight, and Ciampa goes to the ring. But then he doesn’t get in, he gives Cole the PSYCHO KNEE! The Blackheart settles things with his enemy first, then gets in the ring with Rollins.

Fans feel “Seth’s Not Cool!” as he and Ciampa stare down. Rollins and Ciampa throw hands! Ciampa knees low, runs, but into a forearm! Rollins runs but into a back elbow! Ciampa sees Fish coming but gets him with Willow’s Bell, his draping DDT! NXT goes off the air, but thankfully WWE YouTube has the rest!

Roderick Strong gets in, but gets a Fairy Tale Ending! Rollins adds the CURB STOMP! Fans are cheering, and suddenly some think, “He’s the Fourth! He’s the Fourth!” Rollins leaves without confirming or denying, and Ciampa waves him good-bye. Rollins says “See you Sunday,” as he assumes Ciampa will lead Team NXT into the 15-Man Elimination match. If Rollins isn’t the surprise fourth man, then who is? It seems we won’t find out until WarGames has begun!



My Thoughts:

THIS is what a go-home should be! NXT may be pulling double duty for Survivor Series Weekend this year, but you’d think they’d done this before. Everything was smooth, nothing was outright filler, and it all works out so that the math keeps all three brands strong without weird finishes and inexplicable camera cuts. Becky starts things off with straight fire, her match with Rhea was great, and in this situation, an attack to end the match makes a lot of sense. Shayna doesn’t like Becky, she doesn’t like Rhea, of course she and her Horsewomen will take advantage of both women being down. Then later in the night, another great match for KLR and Dakota, but naturally the UK Women’s Champion wins to help Team Shayna. That brawl of all the women was great, and Nikki Cross is a Full Sail favorite so it was great for her to just wreck shop with that trash can lid. I really liked that Kairi and Shirai got a moment, too. Maybe that plays into the match, and either Kabuki Warriors defect to NXT or Shirai joins them. Either way I want them all to reunite now that they’re all Heels.

The men also had great parallels to such action, and played off it so it wouldn’t be an exact copy. Ricochet wrecking Kona Reeves was great, because it just felt like a set-up. Reeves wasn’t going to last against Riddle, and the match we got instead was great. The parallel being that superstars from SmackDown, or more specifically, Team Sami, attacked. The difference was them being thwarted and Riddle still getting a win. His brawl with Balor was great, their match is going to be an instant classic. We got an amazing match for The Revival and reDRagon, a rare Heels VS Heels. With talk of Revival still wanting out, why can’t they defect to NXT and be the new Gallows and Anderson for Finn? Then we got a great surprise match, Viking Raiders VS Forgotten Sons. Forgotten Sons may have red hot go-away heat, but they can put on a great match. Raiders win so that NXT isn’t pulling away in the race, and this ups things for the tag champions triple threat.

I am glad to hear that we are getting that triple threat of Dain-Dunne-Damien, and glad to know it will be to give Adam Cole a challenger. I still feel like WWE is having NXT do too much if it’s going to be Cole VS one of them at Survivor Series after a literally brutal match for WarGames. Hell, after what Cole just went through in the ladder match, I’m surprised his leg is okay. My guess is Dunne wins as the one Face in it all, and we can at least tease history being made, Dunne becoming first man to hold both WWE United Kingdom and THE NXT Championship in his career. Cole VS Dijakovic was great, because again, this match parallels Mia VS Shirai from last week, in concept at least. The execution was great, I was really impressed they didn’t parallel the interference. But then it all came out with yet another triple threat brawl to end the show.

I really expected A) Ciampa to be accompanied by the fourth man, or B) offer Rollins that spot after fighting off Undisputed Era. I feel like being in WarGames would’ve gotten Rollins his cool edgy quality back but no, Rollins needs to be able to compete at Survivor Series against NXT as enemies. Unless he defects, which is seemingly less likelier by the moment. My money is on Velveteen Dream being the fourth man because he’ll want revenge on Undisputed Era for (kayfabe) taking him out of action. And I would still hope NXT doesn’t directly copy and paste WarGames match competitors for the 5v5v5 matches, certainly not in the men’s. Use that match to highlight superstars still really great but not all banged up to hell. Now that Riddle isn’t in it, he can be on Team NXT with Ciampa, and perhaps get some NXT UK guys if possible so that it keeps continuity with the invasions. Walter getting in there with Strowman from SmackDown and McIntyre from Raw would be so good!

My Score: 9.2/10

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